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Who Is A “Terrorist” In Biden’s America?
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Far from being a war against “white supremacy,” the Biden administration’s new “domestic terror” strategy clearly targets primarily those who oppose US government overreach and those who oppose capitalism and/or globalization.

In the latest sign that the US government’s War on Domestic Terror is growing in scope and scale, the White House on Tuesday revealed the nation’s first ever government-wide strategy for confronting domestic terrorism. While cloaked in language about stemming racially motivated violence, the strategy places those deemed “anti-government” or “anti-authority” on a par with racist extremists and charts out policies that could easily be abused to silence or even criminalize online criticism of the government.

Even more disturbing is the call to essentially fuse intelligence agencies, law enforcement, Silicon Valley, and “community” and “faith-based” organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League, as well as unspecified foreign governments, as partners in this “war,” which the strategy makes clear will rely heavily on a pre-crime orientation focused largely on what is said on social media and encrypted platforms. Though the strategy claims that the government will “shield free speech and civil liberties” in implementing this policy, its contents reveal that it is poised to gut both.

Indeed, while framed publicly as chiefly targeting “right-wing white supremacists,” the strategy itself makes it clear that the government does not plan to focus on the Right but instead will pursue “domestic terrorists” in “an ideologically neutral, threat-driven manner,” as the law “makes no distinction based on political view—left, right or center.” It also states that a key goal of this strategic framework is to ensure “that there is simply no governmental tolerance . . . of violence as an acceptable mode of seeking political or social change,” regardless of a perpetrator’s political affiliation.

Considering that the main cheerleaders for the War on Domestic Terror exist mainly in establishment left circles, such individuals should rethink their support for this new policy given that the above statements could easily come to encompass Black Lives Matter–related protests, such as those that transpired last summer, depending on which political party is in power.

Once the new infrastructure is in place, it will remain there and will be open to the same abuses perpetrated by both political parties in the US during the lengthy War on Terror following September 11, 2001. The history of this new “domestic terror” policy, including its origins in the Trump administration, makes this clear.

It’s Never Been Easier to Be a “Terrorist”

In introducing the strategy, the Biden administration cites “racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists” as a key reason for the new policy and a main justification for the War on Domestic Terror in general. This was most recently demonstrated Tuesday in Attorney General Merrick Garland’s statement announcing this new strategy. However, the document itself puts “anti-government” or “anti-authority” “extremists” in the same category as violent white supremacists in terms of being a threat to the homeland. The strategy’s characterization of such individuals is unsettling.

For instance, those who “violently oppose” “all forms of capitalism” or “corporate globalization” are listed under this less-discussed category of “domestic terrorist.” This highlights how people on the left, many of whom have called for capitalism to be dismantled or replaced in the US in recent years, could easily be targeted in this new “war” that many self-proclaimed leftists are currently supporting. Similarly, “environmentally-motivated extremists,” a category in which groups such as Extinction Rebellion could easily fall, are also included.

In addition, the phrasing indicates that it could easily include as “terrorists” those who oppose the World Economic Forum’s vision for global “stakeholder capitalism,” as that form of “capitalism” involves corporations and their main “stakeholders” creating a new global economic and governance system. The WEF’s stakeholder capitalism thus involves both “capitalism” and “corporate globalization.”

The strategy also includes those who “take steps to violently resist government authority . . . based on perceived overreach.” This, of course, creates a dangerous situation in which the government could, purposely or otherwise, implement a policy that is an obvious overreach and/or blatantly unconstitutional and then label those who resist it “domestic terrorists” and deal with them as such—well before the overreach can be challenged in court.

Another telling addition to this group of potential “terrorists” is “any other individual or group who engages in violence—or incites imminent violence—in opposition to legislative, regulatory or other actions taken by the government.” Thus, if the government implements a policy that a large swath of the population finds abhorrent, such as launching a new, unpopular war abroad, those deemed to be “inciting” resistance to the action online could be considered domestic terrorists.

Such scenarios are not unrealistic, given the loose way in which the government and the media have defined things like “incitement” and even “violence” (e. g., “hate speech” is a form of violence) in the recent past. The situation is ripe for manipulation and abuse. To think the federal government (including the Biden administration and subsequent administrations) would not abuse such power reflects an ignorance of US political history, particularly when the main forces behind most terrorist incidents in the nation are actually US government institutions like the FBI (more FBI examples here, here, here, and here).

Furthermore, the original plans for the detention of American dissidents in the event of a national emergency, drawn up during the Reagan era as part of its “continuity of government” contingency, cited popular nonviolent opposition to US intervention in Latin America as a potential “emergency” that could trigger the activation of those plans. Many of those “continuity of government” protocols remain on the books today and can be triggered, depending on the whims of those in power. It is unlikely that this new domestic terror framework will be any different regarding nonviolent protest and demonstrations.

Yet another passage in this section of the strategy states that “domestic terrorists” can, “in some instances, connect and intersect with conspiracy theories and other forms of disinformation and misinformation.” It adds that the proliferation of such “dangerous” information “on Internet-based communications platforms such as social media, file-upload sites and end-to-end encrypted platforms, all of these elements can combine and amplify threats to public safety.”

Thus, the presence of “conspiracy theories” and information deemed by the government to be “misinformation” online is itself framed as threatening public safety, a claim made more than once in this policy document. Given that a major “pillar” of the strategy involves eliminating online material that promotes “domestic terrorist” ideologies, it seems inevitable that such efforts will also “connect and intersect” with the censorship of “conspiracy theories” and narratives that the establishment finds inconvenient or threatening for any reason.

Pillars of Tyranny

The strategy notes in several places that this new domestic-terror policy will involve a variety of public-private partnerships in order to “build a community to address domestic terrorism that extends not only across the Federal Government but also to critical partners.” It adds, “That includes state, local, tribal and territorial governments, as well as foreign allies and partners, civil society, the technology sector, academic, and more.”

The mention of foreign allies and partners is important as it suggests a multinational approach to what is supposedly a US “domestic” issue and is yet another step toward a transnational security-state apparatus. A similar multinational approach was used to devastating effect during the CIA-developed Operation Condor, which was used to target and “disappear” domestic dissidents in South America in the 1970s and 1980s. The foreign allies mentioned in the Biden administration’s strategy are left unspecified, but it seems likely that such allies would include the rest of the Five Eyes alliance (the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand) and Israel, all of which already have well-established information-sharing agreements with the US for signals intelligence.

The new domestic-terror strategy has four main “pillars,” which can be summarized as (1) understanding and sharing domestic terrorism-related information, including with foreign governments and private tech companies; (2) preventing domestic terrorism recruitment and mobilization to violence; (3) disrupting and deterring domestic terrorism activity; and (4) confronting long-term contributors to domestic terrorism.

The first pillar involves the mass accumulation of data through new information-sharing partnerships and the deepening of existing ones. Much of this information sharing will involve increased data mining and analysis of statements made openly on the internet, particularly on social media, something already done by US intelligence contractors such as Palantir. While the gathering of such information has been ongoing for years, this policy allows even more to be shared and legally used to make cases against individuals deemed to have made threats or expressed “dangerous” opinions online.

Included in the first pillar is the need to increase engagement with financial institutions concerning the financing of “domestic terrorists.” US banks, such as Bank of America, have already gone quite far in this regard, leading to accusations that it has begun acting like an intelligence agency. Such claims were made after it was revealed that the BofA had passed to the government the private banking information of over two hundred people that the bank deemed as pointing to involvement in the events of January 6, 2021. It seems likely, given this passage in the strategy, that such behavior by banks will soon become the norm, rather than an outlier, in the United States.

The second pillar is ostensibly focused on preventing the online recruitment of domestic terrorists and online content that leads to the “mobilization of violence.” The strategy notes that this pillar “means reducing both supply and demand of recruitment materials by limiting widespread availability online and bolstering resilience to it by those who nonetheless encounter it.“ The strategy states that such government efforts in the past have a “mixed record,” but it goes on to claim that trampling on civil liberties will be avoided because the government is “consulting extensively” with unspecified “stakeholders” nationwide.

Regarding recruitment, the strategy states that “these activities are increasingly happening on Internet-based communications platforms, including social media, online gaming platforms, file-upload sites and end-to-end encrypted platforms, even as those products and services frequently offer other important benefits.” It adds that “the widespread availability of domestic terrorist recruitment material online is a national security threat whose front lines are overwhelmingly private-sector online platforms.”

The US government plans to provide “information to assist online platforms with their own initiatives to enforce their own terms of service that prohibits the use of their platforms for domestic terrorist activities” as well as to “facilitate more robust efforts outside the government to counter terrorists’ abuse of Internet-based communications platforms.”

Given the wider definition of “domestic terrorist” that now includes those who oppose capitalism and corporate globalization as well as those who resist government overreach, online content discussing these and other “anti-government” and “anti-authority” ideas could soon be treated in the same way as online Al Qaeda or ISIS propaganda. Efforts, however, are unlikely to remain focused on these topics. As Unlimited Hangout reported last November, both UK intelligence and the US national-security state were developing plans to treat critical reporting on the COVID-19 vaccines as “extremist” propaganda.

Another key part of this pillar is the need to “increase digital literacy” among the American public, while censoring “harmful content” disseminated by “terrorists” as well as by “hostile foreign powers seeking to undermine American democracy.” The latter is a clear reference to the claim that critical reporting of US government policy, particularly its military and intelligence activities abroad, was the product of “Russian disinformation,” a now discredited claim that was used to heavily censor independent media. This new government strategy appears to promise more of this sort of thing.

It also notes that “digital literacy” education for a domestic audience is being developed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Such a policy would have previously violated US law until the Obama administration worked with Congress to repeal the Smith-Mundt Act, thus lifting the ban on the government directing propaganda at domestic audiences.

The third pillar of the strategy seeks to increase the number of federal prosecutors investigating and trying domestic-terror cases. Their numbers are likely to jump as the definition of “domestic terrorist” is expanded. It also seeks to explore whether “legislative reforms could meaningfully and materially increase our ability to protect Americans from acts of domestic terrorism while simultaneously guarding against potential abuse of overreach.” In contrast to past public statements on police reform by those in the Biden administration, the strategy calls to “empower” state and local law enforcement to tackle domestic terrorism, including with increased access to “intelligence” on citizens deemed dangerous or subversive for any number of reasons.

To that effect, the strategy states the following (p. 24):

“The Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Department of Homeland Security, with support from the National Counterterrorism Center [part of the intelligence community], are incorporating an increased focus on domestic terrorism into current intelligence products and leveraging current mechanisms of information and intelligence sharing to improve the sharing of domestic terrorism-related content and indicators with non-Federal partners. These agencies are also improving the usability of their existing information-sharing platforms, including through the development of mobile applications designed to provide a broader reach to non-Federal law enforcement partners, while simultaneously refining that support based on partner feedback.”

Such an intelligence tool could easily be, for example, Palantir, which is already used by the intelligence agencies, the DHS, and several US police departments for “predictive policing,” that is, pre-crime actions. Notably, Palantir has long included a “subversive” label for individuals included on government and law enforcement databases, a parallel with the controversial and highly secretive Main Core database of US dissidents.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas made the “pre-crime” element of the new domestic terror strategy explicit on Tuesday when he said in a statement that DHS would continue “developing key partnerships with local stakeholders through the Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships (CP3) to identify potential threats and prevent terrorism.” CP3, which replaced DHS’ Office for Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention this past May, officially “supports communities across the United States to prevent individuals from radicalizing to violence and intervene when individuals have already radicalized to violence.”

The fourth pillar of the strategy is by far the most opaque and cryptic, while also the most far-reaching. It aims to address the sources that cause “terrorists” to mobilize “towards violence.” This requires “tackling racism in America,” a lofty goal for an administration headed by the man who controversially eulogized Congress’ most ardent segregationist and who was a key architect of the 1994 crime bill. As well, it provides for “early intervention and appropriate care for those who pose a danger to themselves or others.”

In regard to the latter proposal, the Trump administration, in a bid to “stop mass shootings before they occur,” considered a proposal to create a “health DARPA” or “HARPA” that would monitor the online communications of everyday Americans for “neuropsychiatric” warning signs that someone might be “mobilizing towards violence.” While the Trump administration did not create HARPA or adopt this policy, the Biden administration has recently announced plans to do so.

Finally, the strategy indicates that this fourth pillar is part of a “broader priority”: “enhancing faith in government and addressing the extreme polarization, fueled by a crisis of disinformation and misinformation often channeled through social media platforms, which can tear Americans apart and lead some to violence.” In other words, fostering trust in government while simultaneously censoring “polarizing” voices who distrust or criticize the government is a key policy goal behind the Biden administration’s new domestic-terror strategy.

Calling Their Shots?

While this is a new strategy, its origins lie in the Trump administration. In October 2019, Trump’s attorney general William Barr formally announced in a memorandum that a new “national disruption and early engagement program” aimed at detecting those “mobilizing towards violence” before they commit any crime would launch in the coming months. That program, known as DEEP (Disruption and Early Engagement Program), is now active and has involved the Department of Justice, the FBI, and “private sector partners” since its creation.

Barr’s announcement of DEEP followed his unsettling “prediction” in July 2019 that “a major incident may occur at any time that will galvanize public opinion on these issues.” Not long after that speech, a spate of mass shootings occurred, including the El Paso Walmart shooting, which killed twenty-three and about which many questions remain unanswered regarding the FBI’s apparent foreknowledge of the event. After these events took place in 2019, Trump called for the creation of a government backdoor into encryption and the very pre-crime system that Barr announced shortly thereafter in October 2019. The Biden administration, in publishing this strategy, is merely finishing what Barr started.

Indeed, a “prediction” like Barr’s in 2019 was offered by the DHS’ Elizabeth Neumann during a Congressional hearing in late February 2020. That hearing was largely ignored by the media as it coincided with an international rise of concern regarding COVID-19. At the hearing, Neumann, who previously coordinated the development of the government’s post-9/11 terrorism information sharing strategies and policies and worked closely with the intelligence community, gave the following warning about an imminent “domestic terror” event in the United States:

“And every counterterrorism professional I speak to in the federal government and overseas feels like we are at the doorstep of another 9/11, maybe not something that catastrophic in terms of the visual or the numbers, but that we can see it building and we don’t quite know how to stop it.”

This “another 9/11” emerged on January 6, 2021, as the events of that day in the Capitol were quickly labeled as such by both the media and prominent politicians, while also inspiring calls from the White House and the Democrats for a “9/11-style commission” to investigate the incident. This event, of course, figures prominently in the justification for the new domestic-terror strategy, despite the considerable video and other evidence that shows that Capitol law enforcement, and potentially the FBI, were directly involved in facilitating the breach of the Capitol. In addition, when one considers that the QAnon movement, which had a clear role in the events of January 6, was itself likely a government-orchestrated psyop, the government hand in creating this situation seems clear.

It goes without saying that the official reasons offered for these militaristic “domestic terror” policies, which the US has already implemented abroad—causing much more terror than it has prevented—does not justify the creation of a massive new national-security infrastructure that aims to criminalize and censor online speech. Yet the admission that this new strategy, as part of a broader effort to “enhance faith in government,” combines domestic propaganda campaigns with the censorship and pursuit of those who distrust government heralds the end of even the illusion of democracy in the United States.

(Republished from The Last American Vagabond by permission of author or representative)
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  1. The early 1990’s the FBI ran an undercover infiltration operation aimed at patriot-themed organizations known as PATCON. The PATCON (Patriot Conspiracy) undercover operation was revealed through access to information requests in 2007.

    Level 1 UCO’s (Under cover operations) derive their funding by claiming the possibility of criminal convictions. The charges related to the Stop the Steal protest in the Capitol building on January 6th were the culmination of years of FBI UCO work. It was not about January 6th, but about an operation which was begun years before. Charging hundreds of people masks the real intent to shut down organized patriot groups.

    Whether it was called PATCON II or some other code name is a matter for Congress, lawyers for the defendants, and non-governmental sleuths to reveal. The FBI and DHS will stonewall like their lives depend on it.


    When I see propaganda of this level being spread my inclination is to suspect the United States capitol building incident of January 6 2021 was a fabrication to intimidate the citizens. See Dirty Harry on our rights.

    Kudos to Ms. Webb. As usual. She is amassing a kudos collection.

  3. Trinity says:

    Well all those Black thugs beating up Asians don’t appear to be labeled as “terrorists,” they blame that one on White Supremacy. The Black thugs beating and raping Whites? All that has been routinely covered up for decades and when they do cover it for all of 2 minutes on the Jewtube, race is never an issue.

    And the Jewish controlled, owned, and run legacy media both film and print spews anti-White hatred around the clock, hell, they have been doing it for decades along with telling everyone how bad and evil Murica has always been, but of course, (((the legacy media))) is not an enemy of the state. Hell, didn’t some paper quote some dot Injun saying she fantasized about killing White folk a week or so ago? And it wasn’t like they were condemning her either.

    I guess it must be those “White Supremacists” because that is who Honest Joe said were the biggest terrorist to “our democracy.” Hmm, “democracy” and Honest Joe should never be mentioned in the same sentence nor should Honest Joe ever carry or place his hand on a Holy Bible either for that matter. Honest Joe? Good ole Honest Joe lies like a rug.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
    , @profnasty
  4. 9/11 and 1/6 were false flag attacks. The former made it possible for the government to designate certain groups and individuals as “terrorists” and subsequently to kill them with no questions asked. The later will enable an open season on domestic “Terrorists”, namely Trump voters or anyone in opposition to the woke Cultural Revoloution.

    Ours is not a Communist or Socialist revoloution but a Cultural Revoloution like Mao’s Cultural Revoloution with Antifa and BLM as Red Guards.
    A journalist in the United Kingdom wrote about the Reign of Terror in The Times newspaper, and created the word terrorism as a way to describe the actions of Robespierre. The word became so popular it was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary three years later.

    So the Jackobins brought the word “terrorism” into our language. In the War On Domestic Terrorism (WODT) the FBI (national police) will play the role of the Jackobins. Elite whites and Jews are leading a Maoist/Jackobin Cultural Revoloution on behalf of Globalists or “the DAVOS crowd” under the banners of Equity, Sodomy and Anti-White Racism.

    Who Is A “Terrorist” In Biden’s America?

    They were Traditional Americans. Self respecting White people. Politically they may have been Populists, Nationalists, Conservatives or Deplorables. After the false flag attack attributed to them they are now merely Terrorists and may be disposed of by any means necessary or expediant.

  5. Sorry you seem to skate over the Jewish Connection including the nutbag AG Merrick “The Super Jew” Garland. The Jews are running this operation and they won’t quit. We don’t have capitalism; we have Corporate Fascism. Benito Mussolini would be proud. This is part of the super plan to destroy whites, Western Civilization, individualism and replace it with some form of Neo Marxist Collectivism.

    And guess what? They are succeeding.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @Rufus Clyde
  6. Cowboy says:

    Poor Unz will lose most of his readership base.

    • Replies: @Hannah Katz
  7. Richard B says:

    Even more disturbing is the call to essentially fuse intelligence agencies, law enforcement, Silicon Valley, and “community” and “faith-based” organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League

    Went to a lecture way back when given by the Israeli statesman Abba Eban. At one point he thundered Israel must be Jewish and democratic!, to equally thunderous applause.

    One of my professors seated near me rocked in his chair in suppressed laughter. Since I knew he was Jewish and had lived for a time in Israel, I asked him why he thought Eban’s statement was so funny and he said, How can anything Jewish be demoratic?

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  8. Exile says:

    The “public private sector partnership” we see in modern America is what Eisenhower and Truman both warned of (notwithstanding what may be said for their own entanglements with what became today’s power structure).

    The private sector acts as cover to subvert the few remaining restrictions on government power in return for rent-seeker’s privileges like giving Blackrock de facto control over the “free world” economy.

    “Government should be run like a business” is a horrible idea. Unfettered business drives out good government. What we’re left with is essentially a partnership of organized crime and the cops in which all of their collective power is dedicated to oppressing and exploiting the populace.

  9. Anon[313] • Disclaimer says:

    ”Stratfor writes in an April 2011 email, the time BlackRock is establishing its Mexico plans, that a US DEA Special Agent, William F. Dionne confirmed Carlos Slim’s ties to the Mexican drug cartels. Stratfor asks Dionne, “Billy, is the MX (Mexican) billionaire Carlos Slim linked to the narcos?” Dionne replies, “Regarding your question, the MX telecommunication billionaire is.”

    ”Notably, BlackRock’s Mexican “friend” Peña Nieto was also “friends” not only with Carlos Slim but with the head of the notorious Sinaloa Cartel, “El Chapo” Guzman. In court testimony in 2019 in New York Alex Cifuentes, a Colombian drug lord who has described himself as El Chapo’s “right-hand man,” testified that just after his election in 2012, Peña Nieto had requested \$250 million from the Sinaloa Cartel before settling on \$100 million. We can only guess what for.”

    Excerpts from: There is More to BlackRock Than You Might Imagine

    • Thanks: Morton's toes, Thomasina, Bubba
    • Replies: @profnasty
  10. Franz says:

    For instance, those who “violently oppose” “all forms of capitalism” or “corporate globalization” are listed under this less-discussed category of “domestic terrorist.”

    I knew it. Sooner or later they were going to cancel Jack London, and they just did.

    The Iron Heel, by Jack London

    • Replies: @PJ London
    , @frontier
  11. As a life long, peaceful adherent to the law, I am increasingly terrified of the US government.

    I try to keep my comments short. And that’s my position currently.

  12. Considering that the main cheerleaders for the War on Domestic Terror exist mainly in establishment left circles, such individuals should rethink their support for this new policy given that the above statements could easily come to encompass Black Lives Matter–related protests, such as those that transpired last summer, depending on which political party is in power.

    I stopped reading right here because this is 100 percent politically correct bullshit. Totalitarian repression will not be applied to BLM, only to those defending traditional values and White survival. BLM is allied with the Demoncrap Party, while Repunkblicans are much too afraid to be called “racist” to ever move a finger against BLM. The author is engaging in the classic cowardly, cuckservative tactic of arguing that something shouldn’t be done because it will bad for Sacred Blacks too. If not for cuckservatives like this guy taking the place of a real opposition, we wouldn’t be where we are.

    The US is going to hit bottom and disintegrate before central North America returns to any semblance of sanity, if it ever does. There is no stopping that. Don’t ride the “democracy” train to hell. Don’t try to save this country, which, in any case, should not be saved. Just save yourself. You might be able to do so by “living off the grid”, but emigration is a much better option. There are plenty of almost entirely White countries that are much saner than the US. Even many minority-White countries, such as those in Latin America, are better options than the US for those who want to live a normal life and raise a family. If that is true today, it will be even truer in the near future because the more the US sinks into the sludge of “diversity”, the weaker it will become and the freer other countries will be to go their own way.

    • Agree: Dutch Boy
  13. gatobart says:

    Terrorist (new official U.S. definition):

    Anyone who by his actions, legal or not, or by what he says, forces me, the government, to act, legally or not, to shut him up or to make him keep quiet for good.

  14. Toza says:

    Are there any means left to resist totalitarianism?

    • Replies: @Chris Cosmos
  15. Renoman says:

    Unz won’t loose me!

    • Replies: @Katrinka
  16. After 20 plus years of failed Middle East wars, Jewish globalists have now directed their sights on the most venerable race in the world, whites. Talk about back stabbing, Jews even had Jesus crucified for speaking truths.
    It wasn’t enough to bomb the shit out of Muslims countries, sending their displaced people to every white majority country in Europe and America, no, they now want to displace whites by declaring them white Supremacists and domestic terrorists.
    You don’t have to be an Ivy leaguer or rocket scientist to see through this despicable bs. They even have that babbling buffoon in DC trying to make simple statements to their agenda.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams, Katrinka
  17. This is Zionazism’s answer to the BDS movement. The key to understanding Judaic behaviour is to recall that hatred, rage and vengeance are unbounded in their cult. Threatening the right of the Israeli State to murder Gazan children whenever they feel like it, and keep the ‘two-legged animals’ in perpetual imprisonment, until their expulsion and/or slaughter is possible, is a crime which the Zionazis will never forgive. You’re just gonna get the Palestinian treatment.

  18. Dumbo says:

    Who is a terrorist today in America? Very simple!

    a) anyone who refuses his Covid jab.
    b) anyone who doesn’t pledge allegiance to the Rainboy Fag, I mean, Flag
    c) anyone who doesn’t kneel to Knee-grows
    d) anyone who doesn’t support Israel 100%
    e) anyone who doesn’t want his children to become transgender
    f) anyone who doesn’t want gay sex in his butt

  19. John Hagan says: • Website

    Forget the terrorist at home just concentrate on the invincable Chinese war machine. The Chinese are rediscovering their empire and soon the world will crumble particularly when the opposing military forces first clap eyes on their enemy. The most likely response will be to offer to buy them a drink,

    When they turn about and consider their own leaders they will be even more inclined to completely surrender.

    To find out why you will need a stiff drink then watch this …


    • Replies: @denk
    , @rgl
  20. …it seems likely that such allies would include the rest of the Five Eyes alliance (the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand) and Israel, all of which already have well-established information-sharing agreements with the US for signals intelligence.

    Looks like maybe can toss China in as a partner too — at least in 2016 before we were at war with Eastasia again…

    New Zealand contributes to developing norms of state behaviour online, including through regular Five Eyes cyber groups, the inaugural cyber dialogue with China (Wellington, February 2016), ASEAN Regional Forum workshops, in other forums including Singapore International Cyber Week, and through active participation in relevant UN fora.

    Russia still bad – forever.

  21. Andreas says:

    Further debate on the ideological condition of the US is not even necessary.

    The US has cracked. It is no longer about We the People, freedom or democracy. In light of recent events, those are legacy terms best accompanied by a Three-Stooges laugh track.

    Rather the driving force is the insatiable accumulation and consolidation of wealth and power by the forces of unaccountable globalist Zio-Corporatism. The language in these statements has enough vagaries and loopholes such that a “terrorist” will simply be anyone who opposes their machinations.

    In effect, any semblance to rule of law will soon be gone in the US, if it hasn’t disappeared already, as might be evidenced by the virtual kangaroo court of the Chauvin trial.

    The political nature of such language guarantees that no “terrorist” can expect a fair trial. A simple phone call or visit to the judge or defense attorney will be all that it will take for the authorities to achieve what ever charges they seek; all accompanied, of course, by the loud, incessant and hysterical, guilty-before-innocent bleating of the Corporate mass media.

    The message to citizens is clear, “do as you are told and comply or face an eternity behind bars with incorrigible savages in a hellish, stinking US prison”.

    No wonder suicide has become a “rational choice” for those facing the US “justice system”.

    No one will have your back.

    But these edicts are also signs of panic and fear by the ruling class. They are losing control. Doubling down on social control mechanisms means that the system is becoming less bound by organic cohesion. Doubling down on social control mechanisms indicates instead that the system is increasingly bound through coercive cohesion.

    It bears repeating. Coercive cohesion.

    In other words, the system is less and less held together by any natural affinity citizens might have for the system. Instead, the system is more and more held together through coercion mechanisms, outright intimidation and force. Very little, that any reasonable person would consider good, can be inferred from such a system.

    This is a devastating inversion. And it confirms the ideological collapse.

    But the worst news of all is that totalitarian regimes can last for generations.

  22. onebornfree says: • Website

    Real world fact (1) :

    government “solutions” to _anything_, always make any situation even worse than it was before.

    So naturally, any new “war on domestic terrorism” will only escalate both real , and government manufactured “terroristic” events, guaranteed.

    Real world fact (2)

    Because of fact (1), the government itself caused the rise in anti- government sentiment , both via government manufactured events (false flags) , to justify its existence, and via its unending stream of completely unconstitutional laws, mandates and edicts enforced by completely unconstitutional federal agencies (e.g. FBI, ATF, CDC, EPA etc. etc. ad infinitum).

    Given that Biden has just recently threatened the American people with the use of F15s and nukes against them, it seems to me that the government is deliberately attempting to increase anti- government sentiment even further, in order to start another civil war in the US , in the mistaken belief that it will win such a war.

    “Stupid is as stupid does”, I guess.

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Agree: Agent76
  23. annamaria says:

    New evidence: The FBI, led by Obama, had used their kindred spirit, “a diagnosed sociopath, a convicted conman, and sex criminal” to ensnare Julian Assange. The US ‘legal’ system and the snooty Albion (governed by the Friends of Israel in the UK) have no honor:

    At the beginning of June, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer called on the UK government to release the journalist, condemning his incarceration as “one of the biggest judicial scandals in history.”

    The Banksters wars must continue.

    Meanwhile, the major war criminal Hillary Clinton has issued a televised plea in support of refugees. The geriatric curiosity has forgotten that it was she and Obama who had destroyed millions of humans lives in Syria and Libya during Obama’s hopey regime. The refugees and slave market in Libya are the major achievement of the Obama/Clinton administration. In the ‘righteous” US, the obvious war criminals like Madeleine Albright and Samantha Powers are feted and protected and the profiteering Bidens are untouchable.

  24. I hope everyone that votes is happy. This is what voting gets you, an expanding police state.

    You, the voter, are responsible for this. By voting, you grant your support for the ever expanding gov’t to continue to take away the rights of all. By deluding yourself that voting matters, you provide the aura of respectability to a system designed to treat you as a slave.

    Everyone should stop voting in all elections because every politician is just a parasite that wants to grow in power. There is no way to vote for a good guy because the system doesn’t contain one.

    • Replies: @Realist
  25. Kali [AKA "Unpersoned by fb"] says:

    The United States of America needs to be undone right now! – By those directly subject to its jurisdiction. – Or it needs to be wiped out by war (sadly resulting in the deaths of millions of its people).

    Either stand and opose this rapidly accelerating tyranny right now, whilst there is still a small window of oportunity to do so, or watch as every right and freedom “guarunteed” by its constitution is finally and permanently inverted and weaponised against you.

    The consequenses of fighting against this assault on your god-given freedom now, however painful, will be far less than the consequenses of doing nothing.

    Increasingly, the “USA” is a threat to every single person on the planet and it must be stopped! Secession of the states from the federation is the first logical step.

    (Unless hanging out in shadowy corners of the internet crying about blacks, immigrants or “the jews” is your thing. In which case, expect the worst as a consrquence of your inaction.)

    Peace is more than the absense of violence, it is the absence of threat!

    Peace, love and freedom!

  26. Didn’t AG Barr turn on his own prince in the end? He was no different from other court Jews of the centuries gone past. The Tribe comes first and all else be damned but in the meantime, we’ll milk them for all that they have. A case of the eating the cake and keeping it too!

  27. @Toza

    Yes–we still have the freedom to express ourselves in places like this and among friends and relatives if that is realistic. But even if we can’t because our job or business could suffer our views of things are clearly written on our faces, body language and our general energy field. I’ve noticed an increasing number of people have stopped paying attention to the mainstream narratives and I see a lot of non-compliance with laws and government decrees. I believe this trend will continue at least in my region (the American South). Resist in whatever way you can–if we all do it I believe things will turn out well. The old forms of resistance, demonstrations, political organizations and so on will not work this has been ganed by the System.

    • Replies: @Toza
  28. Gotta stop pretending that it’s even nominally “Biden’s America” or “Trump’s America”. It’s simply the terrorist Ziocorporate globalist regime, which includes the US as a military primus inter pares among other components of the very same conglomerate, in a permanent process of chaotic organisational readjustment to achieve their goal of complete dominance wherever possible.

    Misundertanding that conceptual approach is what leads people astray and right into the color-coded pens the same Zioterrorist regime has created for the classification of the taxcattle along partisan and ideological lines, something easily doable given people’s cognitive bias and deficencies in conceiving and compartmentalising different issues: The corporatisation of mankind’s mind.

    Meanwhile, their warfare on humanity, psychological, biotechnological, or whatever, is never gonna be defeated anywhere, as they already have a controling stake almost everywhere, and where they don’t, like the so-called “antiglobalist Russia”, foreign and socioeconomic policy operate under the constraints of Ziocorporate globalist realities to secure “business and partnership”.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  29. MLK says:

    . . . when one considers that the QAnon movement, which had a clear role in the events of January 6, was itself likely a government-orchestrated psyop . . .

    This is notable coming at the end of a perfectly serviceable article. What explains this author tossing this in right at the end?

    The devil isn’t in the details when it comes to “Q.” After all, it’s been memory-holed by one and all that “Q” started out claiming Mueller was a “White Hat” working with Trump to take down the “Black Hats.”

    . . .likely a government-orchestrated psyop. . .

    That’s downright childish. A factional war has been raging, including not the least within the letter agencies. To say “Q” is “government-orchestrated” is meaningless.

    Intentionally or not, this author misses the core of “Q’s” message: “Trust the plan.” In other words, patriotic elements of the USM will take down the Swamp when the time is right. “Sit back and enjoy the show.”

    As I’ve explained before — and it’s so obvious anyone who purports to be an informed observer (and writer) on this subject is engaged in her own propaganda, whatever “Q” is and from whence it came, it’s effect culminating on 1/6 was monumental.

    Trump and “Q” messaging non-violence saved this great republic (at least in that round) and MAGA from a False Flag mass causality event to be used to pass the Patriot 2.0 law they’ve got in the can ready to go.

    Regardless of how bad it makes you feel about yourself, just accept that The Unstoppable Force (the anti-Trump alignment of anyone who is anybody, foreign and domestic) wasn’t going to give way to the Immoveable Object (Trump and MAGA) the way they had to in 2016. As the kids say, what is it about ‘By Any Means Necessary’ that you still don’t understand?

    For months they loudly and proudly promised/threatened a “siege” in DC and all 50 state capitals if Trump won the election. That was held in abeyance while they effected the steal. When Trump refused to concede, and they faced Congress delaying certification by sending one or more state certifications back to the state(s), they reactivated their plan. This is why Trump drew MAGA to DC, mere days before 1/6 confirming he would speak at the Ellipse. In doing so he saved the nation from what was planned nationally. Just go back and watch Fake News CNN and MSDNC’s live coverage from that day. Both were screeching about how multiple state capitals were under assault for Trump supporters. CNN put on the former DC Metro Police Chief to call for the military to “restore order” at the Capitol by any means necessary. You probably don’t know how to fog a mirror if you couldn’t figure out they were calling for a mass casualty event against MAGA protesters.

    No longer is the Constitution and Bill of Rights (Obama calls it “just a piece of parchment”) fit for [their] purpose. They’ve substituted “our democracy” — with the “our” thingie never defined.

    Consider the following catch-all rationale for any and all national security state measures from the GWOT: “Terrorists Have to Be Lucky Once; Targets, Every Time”


    That has now been reversed as counter-terrorism operations are now being brought home. That’s a sad story that we’ve gotten to the point where those who seek to undermine and destroy the Constitution and Bill of Rights keep trying to get “lucky” when it comes to rationalizing pretexts, and the rest of the republic have to get lucky every time in foiling their malefactions.

    • Thanks: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @InnerCynic
  30. @Andreas

    Wait for consumer prices to get to the point where the average person can’t properly support himself because the Dollar is rapidly losing its purchasing power through inflation.

    All the free currency and other UBI schemes can keep the lid on for a while, but when inflation accelerates to seriously reduce purchasing power is when things will start to collapse. The Fed has painted itself into a corner. They can’t raise interest rates to attract treasury purchasers or else the stock market would collapse, so they keep monetizing debts. More and more currency chasing a relatively fixed amount of goods is the classical definition of inflation. At this point, the Fed is well on the way to produce a hyperinflation since they’re injecting currency directly at the lowest level of the economy, into people’s pockets and they can’t stop that at this point either.

    Foreign governments are trying to limit their exposure to dollar transactions because the dollar has been weaponized via sanctions. Foreign investors will at some point realize that holding dollar denominated debt and investments is a bad idea and start dumping them. All those world reserve currency dollars will rush back to the US and fuel an inflation that no one can contain.

    That’s when it all hits the fan and I think we’ve already experienced the first splatter.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @Old and Grumpy
  31. Katrinka says:
    @Ray Caruso

    I agree. I applied for legal residency in Panama. It has a multi racial population with a strong American influence due to the canal. I can’t tell you how much safer I feel walking the streets and riding the buses and new light rail system in Panama City. The U.S. is beyond “saving”. The bloodshed that would be required to clean house would make the French revolution look like a child’s birthday party. Americans have had their brains turned to mush by watching the television and playing with their smart phones. People in the U.S. will wake up when life becomes unbearable, and I have decided not to stick around for that eventuality.

    • Agree: Ray Caruso
  32. Katrinka says:

    It’s “lose” not “loose”!!!

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  33. @Andreas

    It’s remarkable how off the rails they go if you suggest pysop Trump won the election. Seriously why care? You got away with yet another election cheat. Not only that it was the biggest cheat ever. We the little people can’t stop the cheaters. So why not just merely giggle at our silly memes? Why the outrage? Why dare I say fear the outrage? Any ideas what our side has going for it? It is neither Trump or MAGA.

  34. @RoatanBill

    Oh the power outages are going to be more fun then consumers shortages. So are collapsing buildings and crashing bridges.

  35. Apparently in Biden’s America I am a terrorist. Little old me who pays her taxes and bills on time. Has no debt. I do have cats, so there is that. Besides the cats, I am from the original American stock. Not a bit of Jewish blood flows thru my veins. Not Democrat either thank goodness. So it must be politics and heritage, and of course the cats along with a crazy collie. Oh well, as I learned years ago one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Who knew at my age I could be a bad azz. Should I send Mr. Merrick a thankyou note for the complement?

    • LOL: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  36. Leo Den says:

    Maybe it’s about more than what you think.

    These demonstrators were against Unending Wars in the Middle East for APARTHEID Israhell, and both Biden and Trump are Israhell-firsters. No wonder Trump hightailed out of there and left them hanging.

  37. Realist says:

    Man, you hit the nail on the head. No truer words were ever written. I get so disgusted with most Americans and their idiocy.

    In addition to not voting Americans should take action.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  38. gottlieb says:

    It’s ironic and/or hilarious that 30 years later the Fema Camp/Boxcar/Militia crowd are proved right in their paranoia if not their timing. I imagine Preppers are going to be proved right too. There are two camps from which to choose – the cozy and compliant, or the rebellious and outcast.

  39. This war on domestic terrorists is a trojan horse for the war on America patriots and the constitution and it is a war that has been in effect since the zionists got their privately owned FED and IRS saddled on the American people in 1913, that and the fact that the US is a corporation not a country which was done by the Act of 1871, doubters can research this, it is a fact.

    The real terrorists operate out of DC and Langley and have done false flags continually across America for decades, including the attack on the WTC on 911, which was done in concert with Israel, and every thinking American knows it and congress aka the lower house of the knesset knows it, but is afraid to do anything about.

    We are in a time where this government is under zionist globalist control and is out to crush dissent in any form and especially against their covid-19 scam and psyop and genocide agenda, which is a myth created to drive people into getting the genocide injections of mRNA which changes the DNA and destroys the immune system. This coupled with their attack on the food system is going to lead to a hunger games planet and this is a deliberate agenda to destroy humanity aka the so called useless eaters. Their main playbook is the Protocols of Zion and UN Agenda 2030.

    If these bastards suceed they will make Orwells 1984 look like a paradise.

    • Agree: Agent76
  40. @Realist


    As far as taking action, I would suggest taking action by not taking action as in sitting on your ass and not going to work. The only way to slow this down and stop it is to throw sand into the gears that the controllers and everyone else depends on. Taking any overt action will put a target on your back. Sitting down isn’t illegal. Forcing people to work against their will is something I’d like to see the regime try.

    Stop the trucks from moving for all deliveries. Stop chemicals from reaching water treatment facilities. Stop the delivery of gasoline and diesel. Stop the most low level activities and watch everything grind to a halt. This has to be accompanied by demands and they’re relatively easy to make as some crucial ones will cascade to get rid of huge portions of the current system.

    I’d suggest the first demand be the termination of all civil rights and other discriminatory legislation immediately. Specifically, any and all laws that uses any characteristic to single out a class of people be made null and void. This can be done by a law student with a word processor looking for words like ‘trans’, ‘black’, ‘gay’, ‘woman’, ‘man’, etc. All these terms need to be replaced with the word ‘person’ or ‘people’ and with that change, if the law doesn’t make sense, terminate it. Gov’t has been in the business of handing out privileges to purchase votes for too long and it needs to stop.

    The second should be terminating the concept that a corporation is a person under law. That’s blatantly idiotic and needs to go to reign in the power corporations have. Along with that, eliminate corporate taxes resulting in the gov’t having to ask the people directly for the money they steal without having a corporation as a hidden middle man tax collector.

    Third, put ‘none of the above’ at the very bottom of absolutely every ballot. I believe that would kill the political parties and their monopoly on power.

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Thanks: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @Realist
  41. Pablo says:

    And so the proverbial ‘Chickens’ are coming Home to Roost. The US War Machine is looking inwards, to their “host” Country to justify its existence. The “Terror Target” is not White Supremacists; it is all White People who are Heterosexual. The Rulers know better than to come right out and say it though.

  42. Toza says:
    @Chris Cosmos

    I hope you are right. I’ve been resisting as much as I can by writing for an internet site about all this, but they have all the levers for forcing the majority to comply and the media for convincing the intellectually challenged to believe in their cheap propaganda. Enforcement will probably only get more overt, though, and the new generation might comply more easily.

  43. Agent76 says:

    JUNE 15, 2021 Biden Administration Asks Americans to Report Radicalized Friends and Family

    “This involves creating contexts in which those who are family members or friends or co-workers know that there are pathways and avenues to raise concerns and seek help for those who they have perceived to be radicalizing and potentially radicalizing towards violence,” the official said.

    Jun 23, 2021 President Biden on 2nd Amendment and Zero Tolerance Policy for Gun Dealers

    President Biden on 2nd Amendment: “If you think you need to have weapons to take on the government? You need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.”

    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
  44. frontier says:

    Strategy: For instance, those who “violently oppose” “all forms of capitalism” or “corporate globalization” are listed under this less-discussed category of “domestic terrorist.”

    Pay attention to the legalese here, there’s some Orwellian hairsplitting as in most laws these days. Politically motivated violence can be considered terrorism if it goes beyond certain threshold of losses. However, instead of defining that threshold, the Strategy (NSFCDT… WTF) is using a rather split-tong language to label terrorism “the violent opposition to corporate globalization”… while the violent support of it is apparently kosher NON-terrorism….

    • Agree: Franz
    • Replies: @annamaria
  45. JLK says:

    Should law enforcement devote resources to watching groups that have access to particularly divisive information?

  46. chris says:

    … the original plans for the detention of American dissidents in the event of a national emergency, drawn up during the Reagan era as part of its “continuity of government” contingency, cited popular nonviolent opposition to US intervention in Latin America as a potential “emergency” that could trigger the activation of those plans. Many of those “continuity of government” protocols remain on the books today and can be triggered, depending on the whims of those in power. It is unlikely that this new domestic terror framework will be any different regarding nonviolent protest and demonstrations.

    I actually suspect that it’s exactly under the “continuity of government” secretive and extra-constitutional organization that the massive, Trump administration derailment (2015-2020), 2020 voter fraud, and 2021 “domestic terrorism” coordination was (and will continue to be) perpetrated.

    It seems to me to be the most likely vehicle for the perfect coordination of these treasonous activities and the umbrella under which all the perpetrators could be shielded from prosecution. To include the (very willing) enlistment of big tech in the endeavor. The “media” didn’t have to be enlisted as it already functions as the indispensable propaganda arm of any major empire enterprise.

    If you look into the CoG, you will realize how well it is suited for such operations and how no other governmental entity could fulfill that role. Their ability to enlist ex- and non-state actors in order to reassure the population of their coordinated activities is a key feature of its unfolding take-over in cases of national emergencies.

    All they have to do to unleash their own power is to designate somethings as a “national emergency.” And those Obama, Brennan, Comey sessions of 2015 would seem to have been how the ball was started rolling.

  47. @Old and Grumpy

    Who knew at my age I could be a bad azz.

    I was thinking the same thing. We should get together and blow up a mail box or something. After, we could tie one on at the Old Terrorists Sports Bar.

  48. There is literally not one single issue of importance to the citizens of the U.S., that the establishment media DOESN’T LIE ABOUT. They lie about everything, simply because everything that happens, every fact, must be squeezed into a narrative that that media is instructed to follow by its puppet masters.

    If it serves their purpose to barely cover the issue, they shorten the report. If however, the issue is important to them, they will drone on forever about it, like for example “insurrection”. Who cares if Chuck Todd, or Nora O”Donnell, or George Stepanopol, whatever, or David Muir, or any other clone like clown reporter is broadcasting the news. IT ISN’T NEWS. IT’S PROPAGANDA THAT IS IDENTICAL WITH EVERY ISSUE THE DEMOCRATS PUSH. IN FACT, THE TWO ARE INDISTINGUISHABLE.

    Now, I’m not so naive, as to not realize that every poster reading this on this forum of people who, for the most part, seem well informed don’t know all of this. The reason I repeat it is as a reminder to myself and others that, NO MATTER how sincere, or serious or thoughtful, this establishment media presents most political issues, IT COMES FROM THE STANDPOINT OF OBEYING AN AGENDA, AN AGENDA THAT IS LARGELY UTTERLY TOXIC TO THE AVERAGE CITIZEN OF THE COUNTRY.

    • Replies: @JLK
  49. Realist says:

    As far as taking action, I would suggest taking action by not taking action as in sitting on your ass and not going to work. The only way to slow this down and stop it is to throw sand into the gears that the controllers and everyone else depends on. Taking any overt action will put a target on your back. Sitting down isn’t illegal. Forcing people to work against their will is something I’d like to see the regime try

    Yes, civil disobedience is always a good first choice. If that appears to be ineffectual, guerrilla tacts may be necessary. But as you have said before direct confrontation with heavily armed government goons is a fool’s errand.

    The second should be terminating the concept that a corporation is a person under law. That’s blatantly idiotic and needs to go to reign in the power corporations have.

    This is a delight for the Deep State (wealthy/powerful). It allows them to use their wealth to overwhelm the actions of private citizens. Furthermore, in that same vein, the SCOTUS has passed down egregious decisions that abridge the First Amendment and show contempt for the concept of representative democracy. Buckley v. Valeo, 424 U.S. 1976 and exacerbated by continuing stupid SCOTUS decisions First National Bank of Boston v. Bellotti, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission.
    These decisions have codified that money is free speech thereby giving entities of wealth and power total influence in elections.

    This bullshit should be terminated.

    Not that I am a fan of democracy, but if you are going to have a democracy…it should not be bastardized from the Bill of Rights.

    • Agree: frontier
  50. Thim says:

    This period reminds me of the early 1600’s in England. There raged a political war between the people and the Anglican government for a couple decades. The Anglicans eventually arrested and murdered the popular leadership, and used fierce torture on any dissidents, confiscation of property, slitting of the nose, cropping of the ears, cutting out the tongue, the rack, the gibbet, and more.

    Suddenly the popular party, called puritans by their enemies, fell quiet. It was an eery silence, but the Stuarts thought they had won.

    On the contrary. The people saw that words were of no use. The civil war soon followed. And that tyrant lost his head

    As an aside, in defense of the people, it is small wonder they governed so poorly once in power. Nearly all their best leaders had been murdered in the years of terror .

    And we don’t need nukes or fighter jets. The Taliban defeated ZOG without any of that. We are just here waiting, when will the States realize, there is no hope within the current framework, and begin seceding?

    • Replies: @InnerCynic
  51. @Ray Caruso

    Argentina is a majority “White” (European descended) Latin American country, topographically the eighth largest country in the world, nearly all in the temperate zone, with nearly 80% of its population living in Buenos Aires and its suroundings; lots of empty space to be occupied. That said, it’s not an easy country with respect to immigration, particularly to a rural area.

    If one doesn’t speak Spanish, best not to come here; there’s no “press 2 for English” option; neither are there translators at the immigration offices. Younger folks without income, unless they have a steady job on offer, will not be granted residency unless they have Argentine family or an Argentine spouse. It’s a shame, really, because it’s a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  52. JLK says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    There is literally not one single issue of importance to the citizens of the U.S., that the establishment media DOESN’T LIE ABOUT. They lie about everything, simply because everything that happens, every fact, must be squeezed into a narrative that that media is instructed to follow by its puppet masters.

    Some of them don’t like it either. Watch carefully for how they phrase things, the names of the people they interview, the background art, what’s in the book cases in the background, etc.

  53. Dutch Boy says:
    @Ray Caruso

    Anyone who thinks they’ll go after BLM or Antifa has not been paying attention. They are the unofficial goon squads that work in harness with the official federal law enforcement/intelligence agency goons.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Ray Caruso
  54. @Cowboy

    Wondering if I might be in trouble for remarking that I would like the United States to have a lean, efficient and honest government.

    • LOL: InnerCynic
    • Replies: @Cowboy
  55. Fraudsident biden (Codename: Peepads) is the Numero Uno terrorist.

    Kameltoe Harass (Codename: Kneepads) is #2.

    • LOL: annamaria
  56. @Dutch Boy

    Antifa/BLM are simply arms of the jewish government that rules over us.

    In fact, Kamala Harris and co. bailed out violent rioters if they were arrested. Of course, most of the violent assholes were not arrested or charged anyway.

    Nadler, Wray, and the rest of the DNC scum claim that Antifa is a “myth.”

    You have to understand that we are dealing with lying SCUM….human FILTH…..they do nothing but lie, gaslight, and spew blood libel on innocent whites…..the jewish left is demonic….satanic.

    “Rules For Radicals” was dedicated to Lucifer.

    I’m not exaggerating. I’m stating facts. The people now in control of the USA are neo-Bolshevik scum…..hateful, murderous, lying, violent SCUM……and they have targeted innocent white people for genocide. All of the rhetoric coming from Biden and Garland and Milley…’s all viciously anti-white.

    Their agenda is the socially engineered plan for the ethnic cleansing of white people. Part of that plan is the implementation of anarcho-tyranny, where non-whites are free to burn, loot and murder, while whites are not even allowed to defend themselves.

    Essentially, whites have been de-personed. We have no rights, no voice, no recourse.

  57. It’s all a about the “long con” until it isn’t. At which point you’ll have fed goons at your doorstep telling you that they’re not “the bad guys”. Yeah…right. If you’re drawing salary off of the backs of the citizenry and then using your cushy job to round up innocents then yes… you ARE the bad guy.

  58. @Thim

    Seccesion is the only answer. But watch out!…. the ones who don’t want to let go will be the first to fire a shot.

  59. @MLK

    The Constitution and Bill of Rights were destroyed long ago. What exactly are you trying to “defend” but the dessicated corpse of what once was. And even at that what once was wasn’t very much. So let’s get over that dead document and start fresh. Lets quit appealing to something nobody gives a shit about anymore and didn’t stop what has happened from happening. Quit performing some necrophilic resurrection dance for what never loved nor defended you in the first place.

    • Replies: @profnasty
  60. Phibbs says:

    Jews have hated truth since the time they rejected Jesus. They brought down Caucasian, Christian Russia in 1917 and are determined to bring down what remains of white Christian America. The worst part is that evangelicals, 30% of the U.S. Population, worship Jews and Israel. There really is no hope when 30% of the population is comprised of Satanists.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  61. @Agent76

    I already reported my nephew to the FBI for going to the 1/6 insurrection on the behest of Nick Fuentes, but I will gladly do so again now that the gun grab is in full force. He regularly posts Facebook statuses about ammo prices which I’ve screen capped and saved.

    The Feds already visited his mother once — and he has had issues with his bank. I’m sure they will follow up with him again.

    • Troll: profnasty
    • Replies: @Agent76
  62. @Phibbs

    I have never seen that 30% figure before…..I hope it’s wrong…..because they ARE the dumbest fucks on earth.

    On the bright side, there are pastors like Chuck Baldwin that climbed out of the CZ hole to preach the truth. Steven Anderson is good too.

  63. Kali [AKA "Unpersoned by fb"] says:

    How’s this for an idea?

    White armbands (or similar) as a visdual statement reflecting your unity of purpose, not to mention uour current status as targets of a tyranical regime/collective punishment.

    Add in RotanBills “idleness” initiative. I.e.
    Choose and announce a day/week, month of in-action.

    Gather IN SILENCE (avoids “hate-speach” charges) outside public, government, media offices, etc.

    Say nothing.
    Simply Stand Together.
    Fill the streets.
    Starve the economy.
    Boost your own morale.
    Do it regularly and often, if not continuously.

    After a sufficient amount of time (werks, not hours)) elect spokesmen (Philip Geraldi and PCR, spring to mind, alongside others) to calmly address the media.

    This could run alongside other actions (petitions for secession and the like).

    Just and idea. Hopefully one of some value, if only as food for thought.

    Peace, love and freedom,

  64. Che Guava says:
    @Morton's toes

    I dsagree. Whitney sure deserves kudos at times, though never for conciseness, falsely conflates this with Trump admin. policies.

    Hello? Notice that events or non-events in your hideous (I am reliably informed)capital city are the prime pretext?

    Extinction Rebellion as a potential target, that whole section of the article is just such direct disinfo., or to be overly kind, odd fantasy.

    They and their ilk are precisely the shock troops for the New Way, to frame it otherwise is at best, hopelessly naive, at worst, wilfully disingenuous.

  65. @Morton's toes

    Kudos to Ms. Webb. As usual. She is amassing a kudos collection.

    Kudos always to Ms Webb. She has a way of pulling all of the facts together and painting the Big Picture. She exploded on the scene just a few years ago, yet she rivals the finest investigative journalists. Yet everything she writes has to be open source, working from her remote location.

  66. Agent76 says:
    @Supply and Demand

    In Texas and other states we will not be complying anytime soon. Texas becomes the 21st Constitutional Carry state.

    Jun 16, 2021 TEXAS GETS CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY! – Tap-Rack-Bang! w/ Frasor & Witzke TEXAS SPECIAL!

    TEXAS! By signing constitutional carry into law, Texas becomes the 21st Constitutional Carry state, protecting Texans’ rights to carry their guns how they see fit!

  67. Who is Lisa Monaco

    Assistant Attorney General

    a 2017 Bilderberg attendee

    Several members of a Committee on this list also.

    Remember Merrick Garland ? cover-up of who really did Oklahoma City.

  68. @beavertales

    The intent is not to shut down patriot groups, any more than the War on Drugs was about shutting down the narcotics trade, or the War on Terror was about eliminating a threat posed by moslem terrorists.

    The Mighty Wurlitzer had been pumping the White Supremacist/Nazi/Christian Fundy/Militia tune for years precding 9/11. For the first few hours on 9/11 I just assumed that the event would be pinned on a Timothy McVeigh-type faction, as this theme had been blaring for nearly ten years at that point.

    The patriot groups are a joke, just as Moslem fundies are a joke. But they serve as great props in the “divide et impera” theatrical production that constitutes the princial strategic thrust of the degenerate Empire in the face of it’s decline. You’re with us or agin’ us.

  69. @niteranger

    Sure it is. Blackrock, Citi, etc. are all about Collectivis, right? Universal healthcare, free higheer education, free recreation and leisure programs for all, guaranteed housing, etc., right? That’s what the tiny billionaire elite intend to produce for us? Keep up the good work.

  70. @Robert Dolan

    We only have no voice if we tolerate this shit.
    If we locked and loaded and marched to Washixngton it would be over in a week.
    10, 000 guys, fully armed. One city at a time.
    Fuck all the jew scum and their servants.

    If we wait they will starve us out.

  71. The terrorists in America are the traitor Biden and the kike scum cabinet of tyranny.
    This shit is ridiculous and these jew filth have overstayed their welcome.
    We.either take back this country or they will kill every last one of us from the conjob19 death injections or famine (they are paying farmers to NOT plant crops).
    We have at most, 1 year to respond adequately or we are going to lose our civilization. If we allow this to happen we deserve to be hated and despised by our ancestors and our children.

  72. annamaria says:

    Please do not forget the non-Jewish psychopaths who have been destroying the US with gusto while benefiting financially: Cheneys, McCains, Clintons, Pelosi, the dishonorable zionized brass, and other Obamas.

    It is true that the US has been lacking immunity against the tribal parasites, but the main harm has been done by the willing non-tribal enablers, by the ‘local’ opportunists of all stripes.

    The root of all problems is cowardice. This is why the ZUSA and the Friends of Israel in the UK have such a rabid hatred of Assange. He is fearless. The principled and courageous people are the greatest danger to the Gangster Empire of ZUSA/City of London.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  73. @Richard B

    Of course it is de-moratic: f**k morals!
    It just caint be democratic.

  74. @Katrinka

    No really, Renoman is completely tied up at the moment, hoping to be unleashed soon.

  75. lavoisier says: • Website

    Whitney, another great article.

    People like you are likely to soon become outlaws for exposing government corruption.

    Keep up the good work but watch your back.

  76. RobinG says:

    Biden is the terrorist [latest in a long line] across the globe. The invading army takes “defensive action,” lol. Stealing Syrian land/wheat/oil, trying to strangle the country they couldn’t regime-change.

    US carries out air raids on Iran-backed militia in Syria, Iraq
    “President Joe Biden directed U.S. military forces to launch airstrikes Sunday in Syria and Iraq against two Iran-backed militia groups, according to the Pentagon.”
    “In a statement, the US military said it targeted operational and weapons storage facilities at two locations in Syria and one location in Iraq. It did not say whether it believed anyone was killed or injured.

    “The attacks came at the direction of President Joe Biden, the second time he has ordered retaliatory attacks against Iran-backed militia since taking office five months ago. Biden last ordered limited bombing against a target in Syria in February, that time in response to rocket attacks in Iraq.”

  77. @Andreas

    Totalitarian regimes can last for generations only if they have taken generations to be built, and are sold to a people nostalgic of another totalitarian regime they mourn. That was the case in Russia, who mourned Ivan the Terrible and had dreamt only of more totalitarian regimes. That was the case in China. The totalitarian regime they will build in America will just crumble the country into one thousand warring fiefs.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  78. I must have missed all the White supremacist terror attacks that forced the FBI to make White Supremacy our most wanted terrorism network.

  79. profnasty says:

    Well said.
    There is only one answer to Domestic Terrorism. Open the borders to every one toothed drywall hanger in South America. Replace White workers and put the remnant into Internment Camps.
    There is still time.
    Kill Witey!!

  80. profnasty says:

    Is ElChapo waiting for trial in the US?
    If so, he will certainly be placed in a lucite box.
    Yay US!

  81. profnasty says:

    A good start would be Omar Gadhafi’s Little Green Book. He cared for the Common Man.

    • Replies: @InnerCynic
  82. Athena says:

    The foreign allies mentioned in the Biden administration’s strategy are left unspecified, but it seems likely that such allies would include the rest of the Five Eyes alliance (the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand) and Israel, all of which already have well-established information-sharing agreements with the US for signals intelligence.


    Excerpts from: Prepping for a cyber pandemic: Cyber Polygon 2021 to stage supply chain attack simulation

    ”The World Economic Forum (WEF) will stage another cyber attack exercise as it continues to prep for a potential cyber pandemic that founder Klaus Schwab says will be worse than the current global crisis.”


    ”The SolarWinds hack served as a wake-up call to the supply chain attack vulnerabilities still present in public and private organizations, and it served as a warning that the next breach could be exponentially worse in spreading through any device connected to the internet.”

    ”Following up on last year’s Cyber Polygon cyber attack exercise and event aimed at preventing a digital pandemic, the WEF has announced that the 2021 edition will be taking place on July 9.”

    ..As the digital world encroaches on our physical and biological worlds, an effective cyber attack could compromise anything connected to the internet, including:

    Medical devices that keep people alive
    The Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem of connected devices that run smart homes (i.e. cameras, microphones, sensors, etc.)
    The Internet of Bodies (IoB) ecosystem of digitally-connected humans
    Global financial systems
    Energy grids
    Water treatment facilities
    Government IT systems
    Military and defense infrastructure
    And more”

    ‘Currently, “The only way to stop the exponential propagation of a COVID-like cyber attack threat,” according to the WEF, “is to fully disconnect the millions of vulnerable devices from one another and from the internet.””

    1) Governments Will Inevitably Move Towards Digital Identity Schemes

    Speaking at Cyber Polygon 2020, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair stated with confidence that governments are “absolutely, inevitably” moving in the direction of digital identity adoption.

    “Digital ID for me is a very big part of the future” — Tony Blair

    2) ‘Fake News’ Is a Digital Pandemic & the Majority of Citizens Are Incapable of Thinking Critically

    These scenarios depicted:

    Governments implementing lockdowns worldwide
    The collapse of many industries
    Growing mistrust between governments and citizens
    A greater adoption of biometric surveillance technologies
    Social media censorship in the name of combating misinformation
    The desire to flood communication channels with “authoritative” sources
    Mass unemployment
    Rioting in the streets
    And a whole lot more!..”


    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  83. Oh muh God bruh, this is just like the USSR, this is communism bruh! We just had a cultural revolutions just like the Chicoms bruh! This is straight out of the communist manifesto bruh! We gotta vote Trump Desantis 2024 to stop this Radical Communistmarxistzionistleftistsocialist tyranny bruh!

    Keep chasin them boogeymens, race hustling and grifting off the days fake outrage. It worked well for you so far. Goddamn the left has some retards, but at the very least, for the most part, many somewhat know what the problem is. Rightwingers gladly jump in bed with the devil and swear they done found Jesus.

    Don’t yall ever get tired of being 100% wrong? Getting lied to, led by the nose. Bout to do it all over again huh? Learning nothing from past psyops……… Think workers losing more rights, more austerity, more censorship. If you’re a true dissident, white nationalist, populist or whatever you like to call yourself, this is going to come back to bite you, your folk in the ass, go ahead and write that down. and yes same goes for any retards on the left who partake and cheer it on!

  84. denk says:
    @John Hagan

    Forget the terrorist at home just concentrate on the invincable Chinese war machine

    gringo complaining about the chicom

    YOu just couldnt make this shit up !

    Are these clowns for real ?

    Whatever happens to HIQ whiteys ???

  85. Who is a terrorist in Biden’s America? Well, it’s clear who is not a terrorist in Biden’s America—–People who burn down small businesses as well as whole city blocks, people who maim the police by pointing lasers at their eyes, people who have murderous intentions towards those they don’t agree with. These are the true citizens of the OBiden administration. Pelosi and Schumer like these people. Then other dems like Jerry Nadler claim that the mayhem last summer did not even happen. But back to the question which is answered very simply, Trump supporters are the “supposed” terrorists according to the Biden administration. And the democrats personal Establishment media, will even confirm it to you. Now that would exclude SHILLS LIKE ROMNEY, RYAN, MURKOWSKI, etc.etc. These people are also NOT terrorists. In fact, they are not Republicans either…Take it or leave it. Trump, by virtue of the fact that he was voted for by 75plus million people, IS THE LEADER OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. PERIOD!!!

  86. denk says:

    300 millions to drag China thru the mud…again ?

    With 95% of gringos already lobotomised,
    who needs propaganda ?

  87. @annamaria

    Absolutely annamaria. You revealed a hard fact to face for most of us human beings, to wit, the root of all problems is cowardice. Thank you. Here in the U.S. we have a lot of cowards, to wit, people who for their own personal profit have sold out this country to China. Sad, very sad.

  88. Che Guava says:
    @Morton's toes

    She does, at times, in an extremely verbose manner, express something relevant to politics in your U.S.A.

    This not one of those times, it is just dirty propaganda, wrapped in verbal diarhoea.

  89. R.C. says:

    I just discovered that someone stole my password and everything I’ve ever written here was created by them. ;-| . . . Trust me on this. ;-D
    P.s., Excellent article and points about the historical ignorance, generalized cluelessness and dumbed down nature of a huge percentage of the proles. Thanks.
    Pps, I see that my deep state digital doppelganger just added a P.S. What’s a poor pro ‘Biden is our hero’ boy to do? ;-O!

  90. @Athena

    How do they fit the Alien Attack 9/11 into the Cyber 9/11?

  91. @Francis Miville

    Dumb and brainwashed. China’s democratic polity was built through over one hundred years of hard, hard, graft.

  92. @Montefrío

    Despite all the noise about Argentina’s financial troubles, Buenos Aires looks and feels far better than any of the BLM-ruled cesspools that pass for cities in the US. A lot of typical Americans would have their eyes opened if they were to visit.

  93. Cowboy says:
    @Hannah Katz

    With a name like Katz you should be ok.

    To the CIA agent assigned to me:

    I’m sorry, I didn’t really mean that

  94. “Who Is A “Terrorist” In Biden’s America?” Look no further then the BLM, Antifa, Democratic Mayors and Governors..!!! Cities that are burned, looted and assaults on law enforcement officers are ALL lead by democrats…! And, those are the terrorist that make up Biden’s America..!!

  95. @profnasty

    I’m not aware of it… don’t shoot me. I’ll have to look it up and see what it’s all about.

  96. @Dutch Boy

    I doubt even the guy who wrote the article thinks they will. He was just engaging in cuckservative virtue-signaling by moaning, “But think of the black people!”

  97. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    The ADL is nothing but an SPLC wearing a yarmulke. Both are themselves terrorist organizations, by my definition.

  98. jsigur says:

    It is far easier to fool the ppl than to convince them they have been fooled. 90% of the ppl will gladly or desperately believe anything the government says no matter how articulate any neigh-sayer be.


  99. What label has been bestowed on BLM and Antifa..?? Terrorist would be a fitting label to say the least. Watching cities being looted and burned while law enforcement officers are assaulted can be ALL attributed to democratic governed cities. I guess you can call a percentage of democrats domestic terrorist..!!

  100. Merrick Garland, Israel and Palantir…. I wonder what those three things could possibly have in common….

  101. Since the White House hasn’t done anything about the riots, which includes looting, burning of businesses and assaults on law enforcement officers, one would have to point a guilty finger at the head of the snake, which is this current inept administration led by President Biden..!!

    Also, ALL the crippled cities that were attacked by these brainless low-left, bottom feeders were governed by DEMOCRATIC governors and mayors..!! Biden the puppet should look in the mirror to see who is the actual Terrorist..!! Let that sink in for a minute..!!

    • Replies: @Jett Rucker
  102. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    The War on Terrorism, the War on Climate Denialism, the War on COVID Denialism, the War on White Supremacy, the War on Right-Wing Extremism, the War on Antisemitism – it’s ALL the same thing.
    And in wars, people get killed. Mostly innocents.

  103. Jett Rucker says: • Website
    @Sam Spader

    Use more exclamation points! They’re free, after all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And we’ll KNOW you’re excited.

  104. Ragno says:

    It’s Never Been Easier to Be a “Terrorist”

    Never, never, never. All you have to do is question the conventional wisdom – or (gasp!) say ‘no’.

    Well, it’s no banner headline that America is dead; even those of us who won’t say it out loud suspect it, and those who don’t suspect it’s already here suspect just as strongly that it’s now just a matter of time. Meaning months; if not weeks.

    Alas, the America that can tax you to death – or imprison you in a Jan 6th-style gulag – that America is alive and well, never stronger than now. And about to impose once-unthinkable punishments and restrictions on ordinary citizens: where you can and can’t live, how you can and can’t travel, where you can eat, if you’re allowed to work, and on and on.

    We’re all about to learn the hard way what government and media and schools (and – church?) are actually good for in time of domestic tyranny. (Don’t hold your breath waiting for a Hollywood ending.) It will be far simpler for them to capitalize on four years of TDS already dividing friends and families – by prompting the citizenry to turn on one another – than to get their hands dirty converting local police into Stasi and Gestapo units. After all, a lot of local police would conceivably refuse and resist – but you would be amazed at how many people out there, pumped full of agitprop and empty virtue-signaling, cannot wait for the green light to “do the right thing”, God help us, and inform on their neighbors; many will begin with members of their own families. (They’re champing at the bit right now to splash red paint on the door of anyone choosing to take a pass on The Jab.)

    Of course, when the Best Laid Plans of our unholy globalist-socialist alliance backfire catastrophically, as they’ve already begun doing, you may rely with complete confidence that the screechiest finger-pointerwil merely swerve somewhat to demonize a new target. No chance those fingers will ever be pointed at a mirror, however.

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