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Ukraine and the New al Qaeda
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The eruption of war between Russia and Ukraine appears to have given the CIA the pretext to launch a long-planned insurgency in the country, one poised to spread far beyond Ukraine’s borders with major implications for Biden’s “War on Domestic Terror”

As the conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues to escalate and dominate the world’s attention, the increasing evidence that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is and has been working to create and arm an insurgency in the country has received considerably little attention considering its likely consequences. This is particularly true given that former CIA officials and a former Secretary of State are now openly saying that the CIA is following the “models” of past CIA-backed insurgencies in Afghanistan and Syria for its plans in Ukraine. Given that those countries have been ravaged by war as a direct result of those insurgencies, this bodes poorly for Ukraine.

Yet, this insurgency is poised to have consequences that reach far beyond Ukraine. It increasingly appears that the CIA sees the insurgency it is creating as more than an opportunity to take its hybrid war against Russia ever closer to its borders. As this report will show, it appears the CIA is determined to manifest a prophecy propagated by its own ranks over the past two years. This prediction from former and current intelligence officials dates from at least early 2020 and holds that a “transnational white supremacist network” with alleged ties to the Ukraine conflict will be the next global catastrophe to befall the world as the threat of Covid-19 recedes.

Per these “predictions”, this global network of white supremacists – allegedly with a group linked to the conflict in the Donbas region of Ukraine at its core – is to become the new Islamic State-style threat and will undoubtedly be used as the pretext to launch the still-dormant infrastructure set up last year by the US government under President Biden for an Orwellian “War on Domestic Terror.”

Given that this CIA-driven effort to build an insurgency in Ukraine began as far back as 2015 and that the groups it has trained (and continues to train) include those with overt Neo-Nazi connections, it seems that this “coming Ukrainian insurgency,” as it has been recently called, is already here. In that context, we are left with the unnerving possibility that this latest escalation of the Ukraine-Russia conflict has merely served as the opening act for the newest iteration of the seemingly endless “War on Terror.”

Insurgency Rising

Soon after Russia began military operations in Ukraine, Foreign Affairs – the media arm of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) – published an article entitled “The Coming Ukrainian Insurgency.” The piece was authored by Douglas London, a self-described “retired Russian-speaking CIA operations officer who served in Central Asia and managed agency counterinsurgency operations.” He asserted in the article that “Putin will face a long, bloody insurgency that will spread across multiple borders” with the potential to create “widening unrest that could destabilize other countries in Russia’s orbit.”

Other notable statements made by London include his assertion that “the United States will invariably be a major and essential source of backing for a Ukrainian insurgency.” He also states that “As the United States learned in Vietnam and Afghanistan, an insurgency that has reliable supply lines, ample reserves of fighters, and sanctuary over the border can sustain itself indefinitely, sap an occupying army’s will to fight, and exhaust political support for the occupation at home.” London explicitly refers to models for this apparently imminent Ukrainian insurgency as the CIA-backed insurgencies in Afghanistan in the 1980s and the “moderate rebels” in Syria from 2011 to the present.

London isn’t alone in promoting these past CIA-backed insurgencies as a model for “covert” US aid to Ukraine. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whose State Department helped to create the “moderate rebel” insurgency in Syria and oversaw the US and NATO-backed destruction of Libya, appeared on MSNBC on February 28th to say essentially the same. In her interview, Clinton cited the CIA-backed insurgency in Afghanistan as “the model that people [in the US government] are now looking toward” with respect to the situation in Ukraine. She also references the insurgency in Syria in similar fashion in the same interview. It is worth noting that Clinton’s former deputy chief of staff when she was Secretary of State, Jake Sullivan, is now Biden’s National Security Adviser.

The Afghanistan insurgency, initially backed by the US and CIA beginning in the late 1970s under the name Operation Cyclone, subsequently spawned the US empire’s supposedly mortal enemies – the Taliban and Al Qaeda – who would go on to fuel the post-9/11 “War on Terror.” The US’ campaign against the descendants of the insurgency it had once backed resulted in horrific destruction in Afghanistan and a litany of dead and war crimes, as well as the longest (and thus most expensive) war and occupation in American military history. It also resulted in the bombings and destruction of several other countries along with the whittling down of civil liberties domestically. Similarly, in Syria, the US and CIA’s backing of “moderate rebels” was and remains incredibly destructive to the country it supposedly wants to merely “liberate” from the rule of Bashar al-Assad. The US military continues to occupy critical areas of that country.

With these openly touted as “models” for the “coming Ukraine insurgency,” what is to become of Ukraine, then? If the history of CIA-backed insurgencies is any indicator, it heralds significantly more destruction and more suffering for its people than the current Russian military campaign. Ukraine will become a failed state and a killing field. Those in the West cheering on their governments’ support for the Ukrainian side of the conflict would do well to realize this, particularly in the United States, as it will only lead to the escalation of yet another deadly proxy war.

However, in addition to the above, we must also consider the very unsettling reality that this Ukrainian insurgency began to be formed by the CIA at least several months, if not several years, prior to Russia’s currently ongoing military campaign in Ukraine. Yahoo! News reported in January that the CIA has been overseeing a covert training program for Ukrainian intelligence operatives and special ops forces since 2015. Their report explicitly quotes one former CIA official with knowledge of the program as saying that the CIA has been “training an insurgency” and has been conducting this training at an undisclosed US military base. This training of Ukrainian “insurgents” was supported by the Obama, Trump, and now Biden administrations, with the latter two expanding its operations. While the CIA denied to Yahoo! that it was training an insurgency, a New York Times report also published in January stated that the US is considering support for an insurgency in Ukraine if Russia invades.

Given that the CIA, at that time and prior to this year, has been warning of an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine up until the current escalation of hostilities took place, it is worth asking if the US government and the CIA helped “pull the trigger” by intentionally crossing Russia’s “red lines” with respect to NATO encroachment in Ukraine and post-2014 Ukraine’s acquisition of nuclear weapons when it became clear that the CIA’s repeated predictions about an “imminent” invasion failed to materialize. Russia’s red lines with Ukraine have been stated clearly – and violated repeatedly by the US – for years. Notably, the US’ efforts to provide lethal aid to Ukraine have coincided with the winding down of its lethal support to Syrian “rebels”, suggesting that the US war and intelligence apparatus has long seen Ukraine as the “next” on its list of proxy wars.

However, more recently, the CIA’s warnings of an imminent invasion of Ukraine were scoffed at, not only by many American analysts, but also apparently by both the Russian and Ukrainian governments themselves. It is alleged that this all changed, at least from the Russian perspective, following Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s claim at the Munich Security Conference that his government would seek to make Ukraine a nuclear power in violation of the 1994 Budapest Memorandum. Surely, Zelensky and his supporters in Washington DC and Langley, Virginia would have known that such an extreme claim from Zelensky would elicit a response from Russia. One need only consider the reverberations that follow any country announcing its intentions to become a nuclear power on the world stage. Russian leadership has since made the case that they felt compelled to act militarily after Ukraine, which has been regularly attacking separatists along its border with Russia with embedded paramilitary units that have called for the “extermination” of ethnic Russians who live in those regions, announced plans to acquire nukes.

In addition, given Ukraine’s growing ties to NATO and its desire to integrate itself into that alliance, these theoretical nuclear weapons would be NATO-controlled nukes on Russia’s border. Zelensky, the US, and their other allied parties surely knew that this intention, particularly its admission in public, would push an already tense situation to the next level. Of course, this statement from Zelensky followed a US-led airlift of weapons to Ukraine early last month, weeks before the current Russian military campaign. US lethal aid to Ukraine has previously been described as being tantamount to a “declaration of war” on Russia by the US, per members of Russia’s Ministry of Defense as far back as 2017.

It is worth considering that these red lines and the potential to cross them was discussed by Zelensky and representatives of Ukraine’s intelligence services when they met with the head of the CIA, William Burns, in January. The CIA, at that time, was already claiming a Russian invasion of Ukraine was imminent. Given the events described above, could it be possible that the CIA wanted to bring about the insurgency they have been preparing for, potentially since 2015? Would they have done so by pushing their allies in Ukraine’s government to manifest the conditions necessary to begin that insurgency, i.e. prompting them to cross Russia’s “red lines” to elicit the reaction needed to launch a pre-planned insurgency? With the CIA also training Ukraine’s intelligence operatives for nearly seven years, the possibility is certainly one to consider.

If this theory is more than plausible and close to the truth of how we got here, we are left with more questions, mainly – Why would the CIA look to launch this insurgency in Ukraine and why now?

The apparent answer may surprise you.

Manufacturing the Narrative and the Threat

In May 2020, Politico published an article entitled “Experts Knew a Pandemic Was Coming. Here’s What They’re Worried About Next.” The article was written by Garrett Graff, former editor of Politico, a professor at Georgetown’s Journalism and Public Relations program, and director of cyber initiatives at The Aspen Institute – a “non-partisan” think tank funded largely by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Carnegie Corporation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Graff’s introduction to the piece states the following:

“Every year, the intelligence community releases the Worldwide Threat Assessment—a distillation of worrisome global trends, risks, problem spots and emerging perils. But this year, the public hearing on the assessment, usually held in January or February, was canceled, evidently because intelligence leaders, who usually testify in a rare open hearing together, were worried their comments would aggravate President Donald Trump. And the government has not yet publicly released a 2020 threat report.”

In 2020, the CIA did not release a “worldwide” threat assessment for the first time since it first began annually releasing them decades ago. This article published by Politico was intended by Graff to serve as a “Domestic Threat Assessment” in the absence of the CIA’s Worldwide Threat Assessment and is styled as a “list of the most significant events that might impact the United States” in the short, medium and long terms. Graff created this Threat Assessment document after interviewing “more than a dozen thought leaders,” many of whom were “current and former national security and intelligence officials.” A few months later, the Department of Homeland Security, for the first time since its creation in 2003, would publish its own “Homeland” Threat Assessment in October of that year. As I noted at the time, this signalled a major shift within the US national security/intelligence apparatus away from “foreign terror”, its ostensible focus since 9/11, to “domestic terror.”

Just months after this Homeland Threat Assessment was published, the war on domestic terror would be launched in the wake of the events of January 6th, which itself was apparently foreseen by then-DHS official Elizabeth Neumann. In early 2020, Neumann had presciently stated: “It feels like we are at the doorstep of another 9/11—maybe not something that catastrophic in terms of the visual or the numbers—but that we can see it building, and we don’t quite know how to stop it.”

Indeed, when January 6th took place, no real effort was made by Capitol Police or other law enforcement officials present to stop the so-called “riot”, with plenty of footage from the event instead showing law enforcement waving the supposed “insurrectionists” into the Capitol building. This, however, did not stop top politicians and national security officials from labelling January 6th as the “another 9/11” that Neumann had apparently predicted. Notably, the DHS’ first-ever Homeland Threat Assessment, Neumann’s warning, and the subsequent official narrative regarding the events of January 6th were all heavily focused on the threat of “white supremacist terror attacks” on the US homeland.

Returning to the May 2020 Politico article – Graff notes that many supposed pandemic “experts”, which – per Graff – includes Bill Gates and US intelligence officials James Clapper and Dan Coats, had “projected the spread of a novel virus and the economic impacts it would bring as well as “details about the specific challenges” the US would face during the initial phase of the Covid-19 crisis. Graff then asks “What other catastrophes are coming that we aren’t planning for?” According to the “thought leaders” he consulted for this piece, which included several current and former intelligence officials, the most immediate “near-term threat” likely to disrupt life in the US and beyond following Covid was “the Globalization of White Supremacy.”

In discussing this imminent threat, Graff wrote:

“‘Terrorism’ today conjures images of ISIS fighters and suicide bombers. But if you ask national security officials about the top near-term terrorism threat on their radar, they almost universally point to the rising problem of white nationalist violence and the insidious way that groups that formerly existed locally have been knitting themselves together into a global web of white supremacism. In recent weeks, the State Department—for the first time—formally designated a white supremacist organization, the Russian Imperial Movement, as a terrorist organization, in part because it’s trying to train and seed adherents around the globe, inspiring them to carry out terror attacks…” (emphasis added)

Graff then adds that “There are serious—and explicit—warnings about this coming from U.S. government and foreign officials that eerily echo the warnings that came about for al Qaeda before 9/11.” He then quotes FBI Director Christopher Wray as stating:

“It’s not just the ease and the speed with which these attacks can happen, but the connectivity that the attacks generate. One unstable, disaffected actor hunkered down, alone, in his mom’s basement in one corner of the country, getting further fired up by similar people half a world away. That increases the complexity of domestic terrorism cases we have in a way that is really challenging.”

This quote from Wray was first published in a piece Graff had written a month prior to publishing his Politico piece. The focus of that interview centered around domestic terrorism in the US, with extensive discussion about the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and the Russian Imperial Movement. In that article, published in Wired, the State Department’s coordinator for counterterrorism, Nathan Sales, characterized that movement as “a terrorist group that provides paramilitary-style training to neo-Nazis and white supremacists, and it plays a prominent role in trying to rally like-minded Europeans and Americans into a common front against their perceived enemies.”

This Russian Imperial Movement, or RIM, advocates for the re-establishment of the pre-1917 Russian empire, which would exert influence over all territory inhabited by ethnic Russians. Their ideology is described as white supremacist, monarchist, ultra-nationalist, pro-Russian Orthodox, and anti-Semitic. They are not considered neo-Nazi, but have worked to build ties with other, far-right groups with neo-Nazi connections.

RIM was allegedly responsible for training a bomber whose acts resulted in no deaths in Sweden from 2016-2017. The bomber, Victor Melin, was not an active RIM member but was reportedly trained by them, and he conducted 2 of his 3 bombings with an individual completely unaffiliated with RIM. Melin was, however, a member of the Nordic Resistance Movement at the time.

A few years later, in April 2020, RIM became the first “white supremacist” group to be labeled a Specially Designated Global Terrorist Entity (SDGT) by the US, despite not being tied to an act of terror since 2017 and despite those previous acts resulting in no deaths. The acts of terror cited as justification by then Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were those perpetrated by Melin. However, the Nordic Resistance Movement, of which Melin was an active member at the time of the bombings, did not receive the SDGT label, even though it is significantly largely in terms of membership and reach than RIM. The decision to label RIM this way was considered “unprecedented” at the time.

It has since been claimed that the group now numbers in the “several thousand” worldwide, though little publicly available evidence exists to support this statistic and that statistic notably only emerged roughly a month after the US terror designation and originated from a US-based institute. There are also no statistics available on the number of individuals they have allegedly trained via their paramilitary arm, known as the Imperial Legion.

Per the US government, RIM’s reach is global and extends to the US. However, its US ties are based on dubious allegations of a relationship with Atomwaffen Division’s Russian affiliate and a “personal relationship” with the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally organizer Matthew Heimbach. However, this again is based on the allegations (not direct evidence) that Heimbach received funds from RIM. Heimbach’s group, the Traditionalist Workers’ Party, has been inactive since 2018, two years before the US SDGT designation for RIM. It is also alleged that RIM offered to train other “Unite the Right” figures, though RIM and the “white supremacists” who supposedly received this offer deny the reports. Furthermore, there remains no evidence of any US citizen ever participating in paramilitary training with RIM. This contradicts Nathan Sales’ April 2020 claim that RIM plays “a prominent role in trying to rally like-minded Europeans and Americans into a common front against their perceived enemies.” Despite the lack of evidence left-leaning, non-partisan, and right-leaning think tanks have continued to use RIM as proof of a “large, interconnected, transnational network” of violent white supremacists.

It seems odd that a group that is apparently small and very limited in terms of its presence in the US and that is responsible for no deadly terror attacks would earn the honor of becoming the first US-designed, white supremacist Specially Designated Global Terrorist Entity. This is especially true when the acts cited as justification for the SDGT designation were committed by a member of a different, larger group, a group that did not receive this designation at the time or in the years since. However, in the context of current events in Ukraine, the 2020 designation of RIM begins to make more sense, at least from the US national security perspective.

RIM is alleged to support separatists in Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk regions since 2014 and has been described by the US as “anti-Ukrainian.” These regions are at the center of the current conflict and its most recent escalation last month. The US government and pro-Western think tanks list RIM’s “first attack” as its involvement in the conflict in eastern Ukraine. According to Stanford University’s Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC), the number of fighters sent by or trained by RIM in Eastern Ukraine is unknown, though one report states RIM sent “groups of five to six fighters” from Russia to Eastern Ukraine in mid-June 2014. RIM’s paramilitary arm, the Imperial Legion, has not been active in Ukraine since January 2016. However, some reports have asserted that “some individuals opted to stay and continue fighting.” Claims have also been made in more recent years that RIM members have fought in the Syrian conflict and in Libya on the side of General Haftar.

Following this “first attack,” Stanford’s CISAC claims that, from 2015 to 2020, they have been “building a transnational network,” though as previously noted – their success in that endeavor is based on reports of dubious authenticity and/or significance, particularly in the United States. However, their alleged role on the side of separatists in the Donbass has been used by US think tanks to argue that RIM advances Moscow’s policy goals, which they say include “seeking to fuel white supremacist extremism in Europe and the United States.”

Some think tanks in the US, like Just Security, have used RIM to argue that Russia’s government plays a major role in “transnational white supremacy” due to “a mutual affection between Western white supremacists and the Russian government.” They claim that because Russia “tolerates” RIM’s presence domestically, “the Kremlin facilitates the growth of right-wing extremism in Europe and the United States that exacerbates threats to the stability of democratic governments.”

However, what Just Security fails to mention is that RIM has vocally opposed and protested against Putin’s government, has been labeled an extremist group by the Russian government and has even had its offices raided by Russian police because of their opposition to Putin’s leadership. Notably, Just Security’s advisors included former CIA deputy director and Event 201 participant, Avril Haines as well as former deputy chief of staff to Hillary Clinton at the State Department, Jake Sullivan. Haines and Sullivan now serve as Biden’s Director of National Intelligence (i.e. the top intelligence official in the country) and Biden’s National Security adviser, respectively.

The Dawn of “Domestic Terror”

As a result of the current escalation of events in Ukraine, it appears inevitable that the effort to use RIM to paint Russia as a driving force behind “transnational white supremacism” are due to resurface. This effort appears to have as one of its goals the minimization of the role that neo-Nazi groups like the Azov Battalion, the Neo-Nazi paramilitary unit embedded within Ukraine’s National Guard, are actively playing in the current hostilities.

In January of this year, Jacobin published an article about the CIA efforts to seed an insurgency in Ukraine, noting that “everything we know points to the likelihood that [the groups being trained by the CIA] includes Neo-Nazis inspiring far-right terrorists across the world.” It cites a 2020 report from West Point which states that: “A number of prominent individuals among far-right extremist groups in the United States and Europe have actively sought out relationships with representatives of the far-right in Ukraine, specifically the National Corps and its associated militia, the Azov Regiment.” It adds that “US-based individuals have spoken or written about how the training available in Ukraine might assist them and others in their paramilitary-style activities at home.”

Even the FBI, though more publicly concerned about RIM, has been forced to admit that US-based white supremacists have cultivated ties with the group, with the Bureau stating in a 2018 indictment that Azov “is believed to have participated in training and radicalizing United States–based white supremacy organizations.” In contrast, there remains no proof of any concrete ties of a single US citizen to RIM.

With the CIA now backing an insurgency that prominent former CIA officials are claiming will “spread across multiple borders,” the fact that the forces being trained and armed by the agency as part of this “coming insurgency” include Azov battalion is significant. It seems that the CIA is determined to create yet another self-fulfilling prophecy by breeding the very network of “global white supremacy” that intelligence officials have claimed is the “next” big threat after the Covid-19 crisis wanes.

The injection of the group RIM into the narrative should also be of concern. It seems plausible, given the pre-conflict terror designation for the group and its alleged past ties to the Ukraine conflict, that a CIA-trained Ukrainian insurgent, perhaps from a group like Azov or an equivalent, would willingly pose as a member of RIM, allowing RIM to be labeled as the “new Al Qaeda”, with its base of operations conveniently located in Russia and its presence there “tolerated” by Moscow. It certainly would serve the now, rather pervasive narrative equating Putin with Adolf Hitler in the wake of Russia’s decision to launch its military campaign in Ukraine. It would also serve to launch, in earnest, the up-until-now largely dormant War on Domestic Terror, the infrastructure for which was launched by the Biden administration just last year.

While January 6th was used to equate support for former President Donald Trump with neo-Nazism and white supremacism, recent articles that have followed Russia’s recent military campaign against Ukraine deliberately link this “Putin as Hitler” narrative with US Republicans. US conservatives have long been the focus of “domestic terror” fear-mongering over the past several years (They are also, incidentally, the majority of gun owners).

An editorial by Robert Reich published in The Guardian on March 1st claims “the world is frighteningly locked in a battle to the death between democracy and authoritarianism.” Reich goes onto to state that Russia’s incursion into Ukraine “is a new cold war… The biggest difference between the old cold war and the new one is that authoritarian neo-fascism is no longer just an external threat to America and Europe. A version of it is also growing inside western Europe and the US. It has even taken over one of America’s major political parties. The Trump-led Republican party does not openly support Putin, but the Republican party’s animus toward democracy is expressed in ways familiar to Putin and other autocrats.” Other articles making similar claims have appeared in The New York Times and The Intercept, among others, in just the past week.

On March 2, Salon followed Reich’s piece with a similar editorial entitled “How white supremacy fuels the Republican love affair with Vladimir Putin,” which concludes with the assertion that “today’s Republican Party is America’s and the world’s largest white supremacist and white identity organization” and “that “conservatism” and racism are now fully one and the same thing here in America.”

As this muddying of the waters regarding the relationship among Putin, the US Republican Party, and white supremacism escalates, we also have intelligence agencies in Europe and the US increasingly linking opposition to Covid measures, like lockdowns and vaccine mandates, to neo-Nazism, white supremacism and the far-right, frequently with little to no evidence. This recently occurred with the Freedom Convoy in Canada and, more recently, German security agencies and officials asserted just days ago that they can no longer distinguish between “far-right radicals” and those who oppose vaccine mandates and Covid restrictions. However, these efforts to link opposition to Covid measures with “domestic terrorism” and the far-right go back to 2020.

In addition to these trends, it also seems inevitable that the “Russian misinformation” label, used and abused for the past several years so that any dissenting narrative was often labeled “Russian” in origin, is likely to make a comeback in this context and provide the justification for a zealous censorship campaign online and particularly on social media, where this “transnational white supremacist network” is said to be dependent upon for its supposed success.

The coming “global white supremacist” terror threat, if we are to believe our unusually prescient intelligence officials, appears to be the “next thing” to befall the world as the Covid crisis wanes. It also appears that the CIA has crowned itself the midwife and chosen Ukraine as the birthplace of this new “terror threat,” one which will create not only the next proxy war between US empire and its adversaries, but also the pretext to launch the “War on Domestic Terror” in North America and Europe.

(Republished from The Last American Vagabond by permission of author or representative)
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  1. anon[230] • Disclaimer says:

    Nailed it.

    • Agree: Erikassimo2, Realist
    • Replies: @Abbybwood
  2. Great article! Good job, well done.

    • Agree: Erikassimo2
  3. onebornfree says: • Website

    W.W.: “The coming “global white supremacist” terror threat, if we are to believe our unusually prescient intelligence officials, appears to be the “next thing” to befall the world as the Covid crisis wanes. It also appears that the CIA has crowned itself the midwife and chosen Ukraine as the birthplace of this new “terror threat,””

    Oh, fer chrissakes! The “covid crisis” hasnt “waned”, it’s been deliberately removed from the MSM conversation _because_ the official narrative has almost completely collapsed worldwide- more and more “normies” have at long last woken up to the simple truth that the whole thing was a scam, from top to bottom.

    Right on time, exactly as per script , the “Ukraine crisis” has now magically swum into view in order to make those same “normies” forget all about what they’ve just come to understand about CV 19.

    All courtesy of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, the CIA,NATO, the WEF, Davos, Soros, Gates and all the rest of the NWO scumbags, all of whom deserve to be hung, or put through a wood- chipper feet first, one by one.

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Agree: Robert Dolan, Agent76
    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @sally
  4. thanks, WW. And that’s Whitney Webb, not Woodrow Wilson….

    who today would be considered a dangerous White Supremicist

    by ‘Murka’s Zionist Occupation Gub’mint. As to

    the current Ukraine War, yes, those hundreds of thousands

    of Uke “refugees” streaming across the NATO border into Poland

    will be a fertile recruiting groud for the ZOG’s “Ukrainian Insurgent Army”.

    • LOL: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @anonymous
  5. lloyd says: • Website

    When a country is in an existential war, voices that challenge the official narrative are silenced. The unique aspect of the Ukraine war is, we are in a world war control of the narrative when the conflict has so far not extended outside Ukraine. Or perhaps the world war has already started via cyberattacks and sanctions. As if when Germany invaded Belgium in 1914 and Poland in 1939, the entire Western media went immediately into lock step propaganda against Germany. Jewish organisations have rewritten history to give that impression. Decades ago, when CNN was still relatively news objective, a Jewish organisation said in shocked tones, “CNN in 1939 would have interviewed the Nazis”. That made a CNN CEO say in surprise. “In 1939, we would certainly have wanted an interview with Goebbels.” That was the golden age of Western legacy media now gone to the trash.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
    , @nietzsche1510
  6. There is a scene in Woody Allen’s Bananas where American troops are being shipped to an unnamed Latin American country where there is a revolution and one of the grunts asks another grunt if they are fighting with the rebels or against the rebels. The other grunt replies that the Commanders are taking no chances this time–some of them are going to be fighting for and some are going to be fighting against.

    This was intended as farce. Not a documentary of actual policy!

    Did you know there is a monument to Bandera in Ellenville NY put up by some Ukraine-Americans?

    • Replies: @anonymous
  7. Anglo goys are like putty in the hands of Jews.

    • Agree: spacewanderer
    • Thanks: JimDandy
    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  8. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Sounds like they’re going to label anything or anyone opposed to the Biden regime as Russian agents. This war on domestic terror is particularly troubling. Incarceration, persecution, show trials perhaps?
    For Ukraine the possibility of terrorism is quite real with the US sponsoring it. How troublesome it could get is hard to gauge. One supposes the Russians could retaliate elsewhere, doing things like bolstering Iran’s air defenses and their stock of weapons, helping eject the US from Iraq and Syria, sabotaging whatever move the US might make anywhere else and so on. There’s a lot of possibilities for them to consider. Of course that would ratchet up tensions between the US and Russia to unbearable levels but this is all the result of US expansionism. Perhaps the domestic clampdown is in anticipation of an actual military acton that’s already planned and so they’re making sure they have a tight grip on the home front.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Abbybwood
    , @GomezAdddams
  9. Wielgus says:

    True. I have noted elsewhere that the British did not try to jam Lord Haw-Haw during WW2 although they sometimes said it was not patriotic to listen to him. After the war they went out of the way to hang him but they had still treated their own populace like adults, compared to today.

    • Agree: 36 ulster
  10. The reason the Left has been going on about “our democracy” so much lately is because they know the demographics are going their way.

    Back when Whites were a larger percentage of the population the Left used to insist that _minority rights_ were the most important thing. Allowing the majority to get it’s way was just mob rule and populism. Defending the interests of minorities was number one.

    Now that they have successfully used immigration to reduce the White percentage of the population they can sense that demographic victory is on the way. So now _majority rights_ are the most important thing. Majority rule must be respected. Hence all the talk about “our democracy”.

    It’s really all just part of the Great Replacement.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @G J T
  11. bwuce wee says:

    this is a police action- not a war. what, you don’t beleive this is the same as vietnam where technically WAR WAS NEVER DECLARED BY CONGRESS?!?!? exactly the same: police action. this police action is designed to take the heat off tthe perpe-traitors of the last 2 years of fake plandemic. one year from now, we are all supposed to have forgotten that the coronavirus(the common cold) shut down business, forced everyone to lockdown/social distance/mask up, take toxic bogus swab tests, get vaccinated with a cocktail of experimental mRNA and nanobots that cause permanent health defects, all because they were deathly afraid that trump would be re-elected and they would have to pay for their crimes. now we have non-stop ukraine to force us to forget…

  12. Ed L. says:

    The Russians have been down this road before in having to deal with an insurgency or guerrilla war in the Ukraine.

    Soviet Russia, in the years immediately following the end of World War II in Europe, had to deal with the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). The UPA had been fighting the Germans, but once they were pushed to the west, the UPA turned their guns on the Soviets.

    It was a costly battle, but after years of combat (lasting from 1945 until the early 1950s), as well as offering some economic reforms, the Soviets put down the UPA.

    Unlike the Soviet situation in Afghanistan, which the MSM talking heads delight in referring to as their model, the Russians will have an advantage they could not readily exercise in the Hindu Kush. Due to ethnic and language commonalities which did not exist in Afghanistan, the Russians would be able to infiltrate any 21st Century Ukrainian insurgency and work from within to destroy it.

    Both the CIA and MI6 supported the UPA.

    • Replies: @Adam J. Smith
  13. Wielgus says:

    (Translation from Deepl edited)

    The ZNPP

    March 4, 7:51 a.m.

    The fire was extinguished at about 6-20 (5-55 according to official data).
    The administrative building next to the nuclear power plant was on fire. No victims according to Ukrainian reports.
    Some Ukrainian channels say that the plant is under Russian control. But we are still waiting for more details.
    Video of the night’s events can be viewed here

    Which does not stop the Ukrobots from whipping up hysteria about the “nuclear threat”.
    A few days ago they already practiced this methodology. Twice.

    1. Raising the background radiation at Chernobyl.
    2. Falling into the nuclear waste repository.

    ZNPP, this is the third episode of this fake series about the nuclear threat to Ukraine. Apparently there will be a fourth…
    Why this is being done is clear. After reports that “Russian tanks are shelling ZNPP power units, calls to introduce a no-fly zone immediately sprang up. You get the idea…
    The threat, if there is one, is that the Nazis will blow up one of the remaining NPPs themselves in order to blame the Russian Federation.

  14. Jon Chance says: • Website

    Excellent update.

    But the false-flag terrorist threat of “White Supremacism” is nothing new.

    In 1995, Timothy McVeigh was a pasty for the ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) bombing in Oklahoma City:

    As many of us have been learning in recent decades, even Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were a Jewish-engineered false-flag terrorist movement that began in 1917.

    Here’s some of their best propaganda:

    • Replies: @Kurt Knispel
    , @RockaBoatus
  15. Anon[231] • Disclaimer says:

    Washington is content to fight Russia to the very last Ukrainian. Their grand strategy is to sow chaos and instability within Europe. This has been the strategy since 1991

  16. Sloopyjoe says:

    Here is a link to Oliver Stone’s film “Ukraine on Fire” which gives a historical account of what led up to the present day situation. This film has been heavy censored by the usual suspects. Enjoy.

    BTW: Is Fauci now aspiring to be Waldo, as in “Where’s Fauci?”. Covid death / injury cover-up in full swing.

    • Thanks: Arthur MacBride
  17. Franz says:

    The coming “global white supremacist” terror threat, if we are to believe our unusually prescient intelligence officials, appears to be the “next thing”

    Isn’t it more the same-old same-old threat, re-booted?

    Good article, but some things percolate quietly then get sprung on us quickly:

    After this crises, or the next, or even three crises from now, it’ll be the LAW.

  18. anonymous[260] • Disclaimer says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    France just identified 1/3 of its ‘Ukrainian refugees’ as not from Ukraine, and instead from places like Algeria, Morocco, India, Congo, Cameroon …

    But the ones who really are from Ukraine – given the Zelensky order to arrest or shoot males 18-60 to prevent their departure from military service – the real Ukrainians arriving in Europe are greatly female … women who know this is a perhaps brief chance to get an EU meal ticket

    But funny how these now often-young female Ukraine ‘refugees’, are getting a cold shoulder from female European government ministers … a group that was by contrast, mostly quite welcoming of the nearly-all-male million-plus ‘Syrians’ (haha) who arrived in Europe in 2015

    The left-side heading below refers to the world’s singular and most influential political free speech forum, 4chan /pol/

  19. JWalters says:

    We need a Global War on Jewish Supremacist Terrorism.

    Jewish supremacists injected the tactic of terrorism into the Middle East.
    Terrorism: How the Israeli state was won

    Then they camouflaged their own terrorism by accusing the Palestinians of terrorism.
    War Profiteers and the Roots of the ‘War on Terror’

    Their coverup included a massive propaganda campaign aimed at American Jews.
    It’s time for American Jews to recognize they have been duped

    And now they are gutting Americans’ 1st Amendment Constitutional right to freedom of speech, with phony claims of “anti-Semitism” wrapped in a phony “War On Domestic Terror”, in which they treat American dissenters as Middle Eastern “terrorists”.

    This cabal of criminals, infused with their Talmudic belief that they have a God-given right to treat Gentiles as livestock, lying to them, cheating them, robbing them, and even killing them with impunity, must be stopped.

    They must be called out at every turn. The taboo and silence must be broken before they destroy civilization. In their deep arrogance they do not see how insane they are, how out of touch with reality they are, and how they could drive humanity over a cliff with their appalling stupidity.

    My deep thanks to Whitney Webb for another research classic, deep with details, and profound in understanding.

    • Agree: AndrewR
  20. Anglos are scum of the earth for handing supreme power to crazy people like this. It’s like the police handing control of the city to Charles Manson.

    Welcome to Talmudocracy. Like Talmudists, globalist Jews play endless games with international laws to maintain the illusion of rules-based order while breaking all the rules. It’s like Talmudists finding ways to get milk from cows on sabbath without technically breaking the rules. Jewish legal culture developed not out of respect for principles of the law but how to circumvent them.

    Video Link

    • Replies: @ld
    , @Curmudgeon
    , @Iva
    , @Badger Down
  21. bert33 says:

    I think we should hear russia’s side of things. We are kind of at a moment of truth in all of this and if it’s true that neonazis have established themselves in the ukraine then russia’s not going to spare the ordnance or the jet fuel and there will be civilian casualties.

    If zelensky cares about his people then he will surrender himself to russian authorities so they don’t have to fetch him up out of whatever hole he has crawled into to hide.

    There are other questions about what has gone on in ukraine these last 8 years and maybe russia will be able to help shed some light and present the truth to the public. CNN certainly can’t(won’t?).

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  22. Dumbo says:

    What about those scary American bio-labs in the Ukraine?
    Why was the American government admittedly funding bio-weapon research in the Ukraine?
    Can we get an update on that?

    • Agree: Abbybwood
    • Replies: @Realist
  23. Rothschild’s poofter’s head is aching. Seems Russia is doing right.
    Or is Mackerel remembering “the right thing”?

    If the Mackerel talks even more with Putin Mackerel might marry and have a French family cooking mackerels.

    • Replies: @michael888
  24. They have plenty of terrorist veterans that they transferred to Europe disguised as refugees. I suppose these are now being recruited for the mercenary armies heading to the Ukraine. The Saker claims that captured Nazis and foreign mercenaries will be interrogated and shot. But considering how many there could be incinerating entire units from the air or from a distance would be more appropriate.

  25. muh democracy

    • Agree: ld
  26. Nothing says entrapment than the confession from GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM’s number one propaganda whore Victoria Nulandbitch.
    Here’s how it’s done. Setup military grade bio weapons labs in Ukraine, then blame Russians when Bolshevik Ukrainians release the next global pandemic.
    Now you’ve got Holocaust 2.0.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  27. Exile says:

    Great piece.

    America’s Deep State has created and maintained the problems it exists to “solve” domestically and internationally since it was first created, starting with Hoover and the FBI and exponentially abroad with Truman’s creation of the CIA and its related agencies.

    The FBI, who will handle the domestic arm of this kabuki show, is America’s most prolific and successful criminal organization, directing and supporting the commission of almost 24,000 crimes over a recent four-year span in America:

    If the US government identifies anything as a problem on the horizon, assume the government created it. Given the track record, the burden should rest on them to prove they didn’t.

  28. @Jon Chance

    …says a twister’s whack minder, yawning a Chance while working on his PhD in spinning and mixing and messing. Give Jon a furthering chance with a handful of fives.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  29. sonny six says:

    Fire and Brimestone, the world will see the first use of tactical nuclear weapons on the battle field. Good luck heathans, get on your knees and pray to jew god, Yahweh, for mercy.

  30. White Supremacism is the very predictable backlash to the overdose of Black, Pervert & Muslim Supremacism we have been spoon-fed for years. The odd thing is rather that there is still so little of it.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  31. Saken2 says:

    Really good article. Exatcly this has been the plan. Stupid neo-nazis cant see they are being used and abused by the same people they are ‘supposed’ to be fighting.

  32. Patric says:

    Good article. In broad terms isn’t this the Jews attempting to do to the White world what they have already done to the Islamic world. We are due to have our very own version of Al Queda, ISIS etc. We will have Azov brigades etc. What’s sad to see also is that even Putin seems to fall for this ‘thinking’. One of the stated goals of his war is to root out ‘Neo Nazis’ I guess this is an example of (((their))) control of the propaganda at every level. We are ALL fighting ‘Nazis’ and by inference then we are with the Jews. Same in Canada, Trudeau was fighting ‘Nazis’ and the truckers accused him of being a Nazi. In a world of total dis-information where can one turn?

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  33. Once the democratic process has been exhausted due to electoral fraud, terrorism is the only way to impose governments and money against their own peoples, you just have to look south around the world.

  34. Swedish nationalists* of “The Free Sweden” organized volunteers to go help Ukraine in 2014. Earning their leader a banning from ever visiting Russia**. However, this time round they organize sending humanitarian aid to Ukraine throught their own network but want no part in the fighting.

    I think this is an important article and it is particularly important for European nationalists to be aware of the obvious risks or the CIA will macinate a few terror attacks and then ban nationalism in Europe completely, along with the rest of the civil liberties that survived the islamic terrorism.

    *Swedish “nationalists” no longer strive to take power i Sweden as this is deemed as impossible. So “nationalist” might not be the best word. “Identitarians” might be more suitable.

    **This was a bit of trolling from Russia as it was quite amusing to put a (former) neo nazi with a swastika tattoed on his chest on the same list as Carl Bildt and such mega rich establishment types.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @nokangaroos
  35. G J T says:

    You’re giving “the left” far too much credit. The mob of dopamine-addicted, virtue-and-status-signaling NPCs that collectively make up most of “the left” are not acting out anything on their own accord. They are simply amplifying the message being given to them without giving it a second thought.

    “Preserving our democracy and values” simply means securing absolute Jewish power, and demographic replacement is just one (albeit very important) facet of achieving this. With the exception of a handful of diehard ideologues, the leftist mob is merely parroting the slogans they’ve been trained to internalize.

    • Agree: Levtraro
    • Replies: @peterAUS
  36. “Given that this CIA-driven effort to build an insurgency in Ukraine began as far back as 2015 and that the groups it has trained (and continues to train) include those with overt Neo-Nazi connections,”

    We have neo-nazis, weapons ;abs, bioweapons, transgender advocates, same sex practitioners, and Ukrainians . . . though I am not sure how many of them are Nazis in the United states . . I take it Russia is coming to rescue me as well from the hands of Al Queada.

  37. gotmituns says:

    The worst thing about our “leadership” isn’t that they’re “bad, but that they’re inexperienced people. Inexperience is far worse than bad.

    • Replies: @michael888
  38. Wokechoke says:

    Zelenskyy isn’t a Slav, he’s Jewish. These people are his cattle. He declared that no male citizens in Ukraine 18-60 are civilian.

  39. Wokechoke says:

    I’d be very careful about volunteering on behalf of the Zelenskyy Regime. You are one two lists as a result and probably, if a veteran, going to get killed. You can’t expect to live through several police actions and then an actual war. Russia has artillery, missiles and jets. They are not Arabs. You’ll get your real war with them and more besides. At a certain point the western media will disown you for being on a losing team.

  40. @Sloopyjoe

    Ukraine on Fire also recently popped up on Bichute and Rumble. Excellent, but no doubt will be censored again as Russian disinformation, as was any dissent from the Covid narrative, or any coverage of crack-head Hunter’s “stolen” computer hard-drive revelations.

    • Replies: @Emil Nikola Richard
  41. @Priss Factor

    Anglo goys are like putty in the hands of Jews.

    Yes (sort of)
    The question must inevitably arise about how said putty is not just pliable, not even just willing, but actively enthusiastic about committing grotesque acts all over the world.
    Not only recently, but for long decades past over generations.

    This is the history of USA for at least 100 years past.

    Americans (not all but most) that I have known like to see themselves as reasonable mediators between “far left” (as they label so-called communism) and “far right” (anything with the label Hitler attached). China is far-left because it is “communist” and therefore an enemy to be crushed. Hence Americans have user names like Bomb 3-Gorges Dam … American fire DU into civilians in Iraq, Agent Orange in VN, run Abu Ghraib and Gitmo. Not content with massive slaughter of the past (and piracy/murder today) Americans long for the return of the Donald, the foremost servant of their ruler Naftali in Tel Aviv and Mr Rothschild in England.

    Most of the CIA/whatever names in WW’s excellent report are Anglo-Celtic.
    Does this relay anything at all to dumb-ass murderous Americans ?
    It is not “the jews made us do it”.
    It is Americans per se enthusiastically wrecking the world.

    • Thanks: ld, ld, spacewanderer
    • Replies: @Swaytonious
  42. @Erikassimo2

    They have not evidenced any problem with their own swastika daubings and toppled
    tombstones whenever needed, why would they have one with their own bombs?
    If Europe is to survive, the US must burn.

    • Replies: @Swaytonious
  43. Excellent article. So typical of Biden to trash “white supremacists” out of one side of his mouth, then fully support NAZIs, Azov Battalion, Benderas, Right Sector white supremacists out of the other side of his mouth (with his clueless critical thinking-challenged woke supporters clamoring for War). The CIA “invented” Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda under Carter (Wahhabi fundamentalism destroying the Secular, Westernized society from which the Afghan women and girls heavily benefitted.) The CIA “invented” ISIS, the reviled head-choppers who turned out to be Saudi funded, CIA and Israeli-trained, and “our” allies fighting the Pentagon-funded Kurds in Syria. Now the CIA have “invented” Ukrainian neoNAZIs, raising such disturbed people to high positions throughout Ukraine, to fight “to the last Ukraine”. The NAZIs have brought in ISIS fighters; the Russians are countering with Chechens. May the more evil win!
    While Western media is trashing Russians for “medieval” war and slaughtering civilians (where were they when Americans were slaughtering 80-90% civilians for the last twenty years in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria and much of Africa beyond Sudan and Somalia?), several ex-military analysts have applauded the Russian approach. They surround the cities, leave a corridor for civilians to leave and soldiers to surrender, and generally spare most infrastructure. Unlike the CIA-supported Galician NAZIs, most of the Eastern half of Ukraine are closely related to Russians, and Putin wants to spare them as much as possible. An exception will be Mariupol, which the Azovs “captured” from pro-Russian, anti-Maidan Ukrainians in the SouthEast region in 2014. The NAZIs have made this their major base in the area; they have shot civilians who tried to leave. They may escape by wearing dresses and wigs, but most will die there, probably from shelling or bombing. But they likely won’t be herded into buildings and burned alive as they did to anti-Maidans in Odessa.
    Expect Russians to briefly take the whole country, slaughter NAZIs summarily, and destroy bioweapon labs and military equiment, capturing nuclear bombs if the US was stupid enough… hopefully not likely. I expect demilitarization, de-NAZIfication, and “disappearance” of CIA-related peoples. Then partition of the country with the pro-Russian East and South (and coast through Odessa) being (briefly?) a separate country, and Galicia and West Ukraine being the EU’s problem.

  44. @gotmituns

    Inexperienced?? Biden was elected to the US senate in 1972, and has been in DC for 50 years (when not in his Delaware basement).
    Without fear of contradiction: Joe Biden has forgotten more ‘experience’ than almost anyone else in DC. The Establishment has joined hands with the DNC, CIA and other Police State agencies, Wall Street/ the FED and the MIC.

    Trump was inexperienced, and thus incompetent. Biden and his sea of corruption swallowing America, is based on his long experience in POWER.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @JimmyS
  45. Colonel Wilma Deering says shut down the labs. She was right about Syria and its false flags.

    • Thanks: Agent76
    • Replies: @Abbybwood
  46. Realist says:

    The State Department and the CIA have been inextricably entwined since the inception of the CIA.

    • Agree: Agent76
    • Replies: @Spanky
  47. Realist says:

    Biden and his sea of corruption swallowing America, is based on his long experience in POWER.

    I agree with that, to some degree, but now Biden is brain dead (he never was intelligent) and is a titular President. As a matter of fact, the last number of Presidents were puppets of the Deep State.

    Biden was involved in the power structure, but only as a useful idiot.

  48. “As many of us have been learning in recent decades, even Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were a Jewish-engineered false-flag terrorist movement that began in 1917” – Oh yeah, for sure. Adolf and the Rothchild’s were tight homies. Please put away your crack pipe.

    • Agree: Ulf Thorsen, Levtraro
    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  49. sally says:

    All courtesy of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, the CIA,NATO, the WEF, Davos, Soros, Gates and all the rest of the NWO scumbags, all of whom deserve to be hung, or put through a wood- chipper feet first, one by one.

    I cannot disagree with your comment and I thank WW for his very detailed explained of who terror is to be used as a means to establish totalitarian war mongering and dissent stifling policies, but your comment good as it is, fails to identify where the parties you name get their stuff? None of the them are by themselves smart enough nor do they have enough to work the details of this tighten down the control on human activity programs.

    There is also the digital platform which allows these same ethics lacking scumbags to discover and to classify every living human and the algorithms, AI, and stuff is far over their heads. Collectively they can’t add two and two.. So the question WW leaves us with, is who developed these ideas, where where they developed, and how can we get the developers..

    WW outlined the end results(practical application) of various people’s academic work but where is such work originated and how is it developed, and who paid for the development, how many people are involved? What university department, what military department, what department in whose political science department and how was it transmitted to the courtesy group you identified above? ..Maybe it was Miss Jones Kindergarten but for sure it is being developed and worked on somewhere.

    The broad scope of the programs, their timing, one in sequence right after the other, suggest to me very few departments somewhere, create all of this divide and conquer scenarios. Basically every thing we see that causes the loss of human life in military action is over ideologies that really don’t matter to the business of living a human life.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  50. So our lunatic agencies are at it again, eh?

  51. @Jon Chance

    “As many of us have been learning in recent decades, even Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were a Jewish-engineered false-flag terrorist movement that began in 1917” – Oh yeah, for sure. Adolf and the Rothchild’s were tight homies. Please put away your crack pipe.

    • Replies: @Jon Chance
  52. Reaper says:

    In ukraine since 2013 the USA had a minor on place role.

    The whole coup/ “orange revolution” managed primary by the UK and Poland.
    Since 2019 stuff managed primary by UK, Poland, Estonia, Latvia (both Ukraine and Belarus).

    Recent new players are include Canada and Australia.
    But safe to say all the 14 eyes are present more or less.

    The US mainly uses the opportunity to pump the military complex with more money, and get a harder grip on Europe by occupy it by force, make new bases, etc… From a few countries like the Baltic States and Poland it is even a demand: get more US-NATO troops there.

    CIA there?
    Sure, off course.
    As does about 50 others.

    This proxy war partly similar to Poland 1939 (pushed the jewish-oligarchic elite to make tensions with Russia, and a false promise the west will defend it), and partly the Spanish Civil War where opposing sides from the world stage predominantly supply the local civil war forces – just look at the international legion and pmc groups.

    But the real goals from the shadow government are:
    – Collapse the russian ecomomy, and separate/ ban as much as they can what is Russian
    – Collapse the European economy and increase burdens on it`s population
    – Generate a large refugee crisis: depopelate Ukraine to make it a more easy target (no wonder they let out only jews, africans from there, and white refugees are limited to females (after all they are in demand to be infected ideologically at the west), and children who are easy to manipulate)
    – Make white man both in Ukraine and Russia occupied with a war, and the more deaths/ cripples/ and far from wifes/ white females thje better are the better – helps to extinct white men and white nations

  53. Killer Clown World

    • LOL: Levtraro
  54. @anonymous

    Yeah, those fat, tatted-up, feminist blue-haired freaks from Amerika and Europe are not going be too happy when a bunch of thin and feminine Ukrainian women who actually like men start to show up.

    This is the thing about the modern American woman. If she simply dropped the angry radical feminist nonsense, acted feminine, got rid of the tats and piercings, and actually attired herself in a respectable and becoming way, she’d have all sorts of men interested in her. And this is precisely why so many Russian and Ukrainian women are desirable. The same may be said about Asian women whom so many American and European men are turning to.

    Strange as it may sound to some, even a young woman with some weight on her will still be desirable to many men because of how she carry’s herself, particularly in her attitude and demeanor.

    • Agree: Ulf Thorsen, Levtraro
    • Replies: @Reaper
  55. The new AL CIADA is the same as the old AL CIADA aka ISIS aka DAESH, etc., all created with Israel and traitors in the ZUS governments attack on the WTC on 911, and then came the so called war on terror by the real terrorists in DC, London, Tel Aviv , Paris, etc., and then the destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria , where the destruction of Syria is ongoing and Syria is defended by Russia against Israels greater Israel agenda, which is the genesis of the war on terror by the real terrorsts, everything is inverted, as Orwell said, war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

    Zionists are wreckers and destroyers of nations and humanity, it is what they do, it is in their DNA, and the war in the Ukraine where the majority of the government is under zionist control, just like the ZUS government, America is being destroyed right before our eyes.

    • Agree: Ulf Thorsen
  56. All because no one dares to mention Jewish power



    • Replies: @Badger Down
  57. Agent76 says:

    June 10, 2021 How Organized Crime Infiltrated American Business After WW II and Corrupted National Politics from Truman to Trump

    Provocative new book documents the unsavory alliance between the Mafia, the CIA, and the corporate establishment that transformed America into “the world’s most dangerous nation”

    May 25, 2020 The CIA, Money Laundering, and Organized Crime w/ Economist Michael Hudson

    He was approached by an officer of the Central Intelligence Agency who enlisted him to study the economy of organized crime.

  58. GMC says:

    Very confusing – the Azov battalion and other ” Neo Nazis” in Ukraine have been killing white people , not jews, not blacks, not muslims, but white Russian/Ukrainians and With the help of a Jew Chka President. So, I guess the ” NeoNazis” are really just a bunch of CIA/Mossad mercenaries that like – to Pretend they are following in Banderas foot prints but in reality = are just using the names for a Jew front. Well, then those ” Neo Nazis ” in Mariupol just really screwed up by calling themselves – Nazis – in front of the Russian Army.

    But I stand with a past comment – the American public opened themselves up, for any type of False Flag, that will be created by their own USG , when they drank the Hate Russia Hate Russia – kool aid.
    But the Americans aren’t alone – most of te Ukies did too.

    • Agree: Ulf Thorsen
    • Replies: @Levtraro
  59. Spanky says:

    Hmmm, think the Dulles brothers had anything to do with that?

    • Replies: @Realist
  60. Realist says:

    What about those scary American bio-labs in the Ukraine?
    Why was the American government admittedly funding bio-weapon research in the Ukraine?
    Can we get an update on that?

    Indeed, more proof that the United States is the most corrupt, evil country on the planet.

    • Agree: Iva
    • Troll: Corvinus
  61. Given that this CIA-driven effort to build an insurgency in Ukraine began as far back as 2015 and that the groups it has trained (and continues to train) include those with overt Neo-Nazi connections, it seems that this “coming Ukrainian insurgency,” as it has been recently called, is already here. In that context, we are left with the unnerving possibility that this latest escalation of the Ukraine-Russia conflict has merely served as the opening act for the newest iteration of the seemingly endless “War on Terror.”
    My brain has been turned to mush trying to make sense of all this. I think we have landed in Orwellian lands.
    As a side note to Americans (US & Canada) do some prep and keep abreast (Suck suck sucking the \$ is over). The dollar is going to turn into mildly heavy millstone in the near future but it will keep getting heavier as time goes by.

    • Agree: Agent76
  62. Realist says:

    Hmmm, think the Dulles brothers had anything to do with that?

    Absolutely, they had everything to do with it.

    You must have read one of my comments about them a while back.

    Did you read up on them? If not you should…very interesting and a very interesting time. I am in my upper seventies and was a child at the time, but I was very aware of the news and what was going on because my family was news savvy. Anyone interested in how we got where we are should read factual information about this country after WWII.

    • Agree: Spanky
    • Replies: @Spanky
    , @Mault
  63. Abbybwood says:

    With one disagreement:

    The CIA is not the midwife.

    It is the mother and father of the Nazi spawn.

  64. Reaper says:

    Those feminine Ukrainian women actually have expectations as well.

    For starters they are not interested in the average Western European sissies, weaklings, and sub males. So yes they wish to be the woman in a relationship, not the boss at home in pants.

  65. Abbybwood says:

    I wonder if Maduro will take the Biden/Blinken bait?

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  66. anonymous[386] • Disclaimer says:
    @Emil Nikola Richard

    Exactly right. Set up and supported by the CIA , investigated in the US by the FBI.

  67. Publius 2 says:

    There was never a thing called “Covid 19” that caused any threat to anyone.

    All threats were and are caused by governments.

  68. Abbybwood says:
    @Priss Factor

    Tulsi is a Klaus Schwab new leader. So is Ivanka.

  69. Corvinus says:

    “As the conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues to escalate and dominate the world’s attention, the increasing evidence that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is and has been working to create and arm an insurgency in the country has received considerably little attention considering its likely consequences“

    Probably because you are engaging in a digital false flag operation.

  70. ld says:

    The payroll of Ukrainian contractors clearly demonstrates how they are financed. It has been confirmed that the US Department of Defence paid the money for research participation directly, without the involvement of intermediaries. The extremely modest pay, by US standards, is noteworthy. This indicates a low estimation of the professionalism of Ukrainian specialists and the neglect of their American colleagues.

    In addition, the studied materials contain proposals for the expansion of the US military-biological program in Ukraine. Thus, there was evidence of the continuation of completed biological projects UP-2, UP-9, UP-10, aimed at studying the pathogens of anthrax and African swine fever.

    The Pentagon is also interested in insect vectors capable of spreading dangerous infectious diseases. The analysis of the obtained materials confirms the transfer of more than 140 containers with ectoparasites of bats – fleas and ticks from the biolab in Kharkov abroad.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  71. aandrews says:

    Tucker Carlson Goes All In, Calls Out US Biowarfare Labs in the Ukraine
    Andrew Anglin
    March 10, 2022

    Even I wondered what direction he would go, but this week he proved he’s got 2Pac on in the background when he and his team are putting together these scripts, like “I ain’t a killer but don’t push me.”

    On Wednesday, he basically had my exact take on the biowarfare labs thing. The idea that the US was funding these labs in the Ukraine, and then failed to destroy them before the Russian invasion – or, you know, after it started and they knew the Russians were going to be rolling in in a matter of days – sounds like a schizo fake news conspiracy theory.

    But then this week Victoria Nuland admitted to it at a Congressional hearing.

    Video Link

    • Thanks: Thomasina
    • Replies: @Thomasina
  72. @Priss Factor

    Anglos are scum of the earth for handing supreme power to crazy people like this.

    This is incorrect. Some Anglos handed the supreme power to crazy people like this.
    They also invited the crazy people back into their country as a reward for lending them the money to overthrow the government.

  73. Iva says:
    @Priss Factor

    She is more evil than Putin. She has blood of 14 000 Russian speaking Ukrainians on her hands.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  74. Iva says:

    What was happening in Donbas and provoked war with Russia is nothing else than a globalist plan systematically killing thousands of people. Jimmy Carter and 44 different countries sponsored something called “THE GLOBAL 2000 REPORT ” in 1980.  Besides climate, this 5 volume report is supposed to also answer what to do to achieve world peace. They suggested that by 2000 there will be too many people so every so often there will be a need for conflicts that will kill 200/300K people. Ukraine is one of these conflicts with the purpose of killing people. In DPR and LPR in the last 8 years 14,000 people died and killing would be going on and supported by evil Victoria Nuland. Now, WEF and other globalist organizations see  the opportunity to kill even more by pushing for war with Russia. Hillary Clinton, Obama, Bush , Blair …and many more are criminals with blood on their hands. Covid pandemics probably serve the same purpose, besides ruining economies .

  75. @lloyd

    …”when Germany invaded Belgium in 1914 & Poland in 1939″. Before invading Belgium there wsa a Franco-British declaration of war against Germany because the thing was “manufacturing” in the City of London by the Anglo-Jewish couple in order to hinder Germany´s growing technological, economic & military progress. 1939 is another ball game: Germany was set up by the Anglo/Jewish bankers to push Russia againt communist URSS: invading Russia was the first step to get close to the Soviet border.

    • Replies: @nietzsche1510
  76. @nietzsche1510

    Correction: I meant “to push Germany against URSS”.

  77. ko says:

    Whitney Webb is deep state – unlimited hangout. Controlled opposition.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  78. It seems that the CIA is determined to create yet another self-fulfilling prophecy by breeding the very network of “global white supremacy” that intelligence officials have claimed is the “next” big threat after the Covid-19 crisis wanes.

    whoomp there it is. Whitney Webb is the best global analyst out there.

  79. peterAUS says:
    @G J T

    You’re giving “the left” far too much credit. The mob of dopamine-addicted, virtue-and-status-signaling NPCs that collectively make up most of “the left” are not acting out anything on their own accord. They are simply amplifying the message being given to them without giving it a second thought.

    Saved for future reference.

  80. @Sloopyjoe

    Thanks, Sloopyjoe.

    I managed to copy your link before it vanished.
    Here it is again (but with French subtitles) for any interested.

    • Replies: @Sloopyjoe
  81. Sloopyjoe says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    Narrative control in overdrive. Thanks for copying the link.

  82. Jon Chance says: • Website

    Action is eloquence.

    Adolf Hitler:

    Evil Genius or Zionist Idiot?

    Thirteen Nazi “Blunders”


    1 – Hitler admired and emulated the British Empire.

    2 – Hitler obstructed German development of nuclear technology.

    3 – Hitler declared war on the US rather than recruiting America as an ally with Germany, Spain, Italy, Romania, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, and other anti-Communist nations.

    4 – Hitler failed to recruit Japan in the war against the USSR.

    5 – Hitler obstructed German capture of the British Army at Dunkirk.

    6 – Hitler obstructed German production of jet fighters essential for effective defense against the UK’s bombings of Europe.

    7 – Hitler obstructed German targeting of the UK’s military targets during the Battle of Britain.

    8 – Hitler obstructed Germany’s liberation of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England from the UK.

    9 – Hitler obstructed Axis supply of fuel to General Rommel’s panzers in North Africa.

    10 – Hitler diverted Germany’s Eastern divisions to Leningrad and Stalingrad, thus obstructing Germany from capturing Moscow and liberating Eastern Europe from the Communists.

    11 – Hitler obstructed the continued deportation of Jews to Palestine (after 1941).

    12 – Hitler nationalized Germany’s central bank, but he neglected to prohibit fractional-reserve banking.

    13 – Hitler obstructed competent alternatives from leading Germany in its defense against Communism and the Franco-British Empires.

    As a result of Hitler’s incompetence, over sixty million (60,000,000) Gentiles were brutally slaughtered by Khazarian-ruled puppet regimes.

    At a minimum, Adolf Hitler and the German National Socialists (Nazis) were useful idiots for Germany’s strategic opponents (Royal Dutch Shell, the French Empire, the Rothschild Dynasty & the Bank of England).

    But it’s entirely possible that Adolf Hitler and other National Socialists were willing and intentional puppets and agents for the defeat of Germany by the UK, the USSR, and the World Zionist Organization (WZO), is it not?

    • Replies: @RockaBoatus
  83. @Kurt Knispel

    Most likely Macron and all Europe is worried about OIL/ GAS. He has already infiltrated and nullified the Yellow Vests, which started in response to high gas prices, by violence and arson from Police casseurs.

    When the Russian gas flow was spared initially from sanctions, many pundits were worried that Putin would cut off the gas and Europe would freeze. When instead BIDEN cut off the Russian gas, the pundits were magically happy, this was a good thing!

    Now they say it may be a bad thing, since Russia has potential customers everywhere, and may even get better deals for the low grade Russian oil.

    Of course, the only way Biden could do this, is if the CIA plans to sabotage all major Russian pipelines, pretending they are not involved.

    Biden’s War is spinning out of control. It’s looking that it’s no longer a question of IF but whether WHEN nuclear war begins and escalates.

  84. In addition, given Ukraine’s growing ties to NATO and its desire to integrate itself into that alliance, these theoretical nuclear weapons would be NATO-controlled nukes on Russia’s border.

    You bet, dingbat. Lots of them. Every other mile, in fact, and all pointing at Kremlin.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  85. @anonymous

    Look at the hag in Sweden. Photo says it all.

  86. Ukraine denuclearized over 20 years ago. Russians, who were all former Soviets, supervised the decommissioning and removal of the warheads from Ukraine. There are no nukes in Ukraine, although there are nuclear power stations, one of which is held by Russian troops, who are setting explosive charges throughout the station.

    There were never any missiles to be installed in Ukraine. There were never any nukes to be stored in Ukraine. Few NATO countries even have foreign troops stationed on their soil, much less missiles installed. NATO is a defensive alliance and was never a threat to Putin’s kleptocratic kakistocracy.

    The only nuke threat we have to worry about is what a Putin, who is losing his splendid little war, will do. It would appear the Zaporizhia plant is part of the black mail.

  87. Only sour cream emanates from Matzo Balls.

  88. Thomasina says:

    Tucker Carlson is to be highly commended. His nightly monologues are truly jaw-dropping. Everybody should be watching his show.

    That undercover Project Veritas recording of the New York Times reporter (Matthew Rosenberg) was hilarious. What an egotistical piece of sh*t, but at least he gave up the truth: that January 6th was full of FBI informants. It only a girl and a few drinks!


  89. RJJCDA says:

    It is a war between Globalism and patriots of individual countries. Putin is now the preeminent anti-Globalist. Globalism MUST have Russia (MacKinder) or they can never rule the planet. Rockefellers/Rothschilds are in danger of losing control, and so they act in desperation. But beware “false flag” chemical, bio-weapon event which they will blame on Russians.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  90. @RJJCDA

    False flag etc. may be expected in the short term but virtually WILL happen before the (S)election where the dems would hafta come up with some new strategies to rocket the vote.

  91. @Priss Factor

    05:25 “Ukrainions”!
    The evil that this woman does will live on after her, unlike the 13,000 Ukrainians who have been killed since her 2014 coup d’état. I hope Putin’s peace-restoring force succeeds. And I wish Americons would just butt out of Eurasia.

  92. Look at this. Jewish social media got banned from Russia so they’re now calling for murder of Russians and Putin

  93. @CelestiaQuesta

    ‘Bolshevik Ukrainians’???!! How many vaxx shots have you had?

  94. @Arthur MacBride

    Americans has been an isolationist country for most of her history.. of course that aspect came to an end with the coming of the juden.

  95. @Iva

    According to most Talmudiic authorities. Nudelman, being Jewish, is a different species from mere goyim like Putin. They got that one right.

  96. @nokangaroos

    Just take out the largest cities and all the demographic and political problems evaporate in a flash of light.

  97. @ld

    The use of arthropod vectors (including arachnids as well as insects)to spread bio-warfare agents, was studied by the infamous Japanese Unit 731 in Harbin in China, during the Japanese aggression. They used feathers and other non-living agents, as well.
    These were the monsters who practised vivisection, ie dissection of the victim while they were alive, on numerous unfortunates, including children. After the war, the Soviets wanted a trial before the hangings, but the US gave the leader, Shiro Ishii, sanctuary in return for his ‘research’. US bio-warfare efforts have NEVER looked back since. I rather think this may be the finest example of really existing ‘Western Moral Values’ one can think of.

    • Agree: emerging majority
    • Replies: @Badger Down
  98. Spanky says:

    Consider this crime-thought experiment. If you could return to any era in your country’s history and eliminate six people, to what time period would you travel and whom would you eliminate?

    • Replies: @Realist
  99. @Ed L.

    UPA has not fought a single battle against the Wehrmacht. Instead UPA engaged in systematic and atrocious genocide of the Polish and Russian farming populations between 1941 and 1946.

  100. Anonymous[203] • Disclaimer says:

    Muslim Scholar’s response to Russian military intervention in Ukraine

    • Thanks: GMC
    • Replies: @Levtraro
  101. Mault says:

    A couple books about Dulles:

    The Brothers by Stephen Kinzer

    The Devil’s Chessboard by David Talbot

    Excellent books!

    • Replies: @Realist
  102. JimmyS says:

    Even if Biden was lucid he’d be making as many decisions as the presidents before him.. NONE! Overpaid announcers would be a more accurate job description for all of the so called leaders in the west..

  103. JimmyS says:

    I’m sure there was never any provocation or ongoing stick poking from the day Biden was named president, though,

  104. @Kurt Knispel

    a handful of fives

    A bunch of fives?
    Sounds like a punch in the face.

    It’s good to see Victoria Nuland, or whatever her real name is, being blamed for the US mess in Ukraine. If Putin were evil, he might copy the US and sic Mexico onto el Norte, with lotsa nukes, of course. “israel” can help.

  105. @Patric

    It’s code for AshkeNAZI. They in a heap of trouble now.

  106. @Priss Factor

    WTF is a “kid thought to be gay”?
    No, don’t tell me.

  107. @Jon Chance

    “Hitler declared war on the US rather than recruiting America as an ally with Germany, Spain, Italy, Romania, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, and other anti-Communist nations” – Oh yeah, that’s it. Darn, Hitler should have got on the phone pronto with FDR!

    “Hitler obstructed German capture of the British Army at Dunkirk” – A good many who have looked into it think Hitler did so as an overture to Churchill that might have brought both parties to the negotiation table.

    “But it’s entirely possible that Adolf Hitler and other National Socialists were willing and intentional puppets and agents for the defeat of Germany by the UK, the USSR, and the World Zionist Organization (WZO), is it not?” – Possible?! What a stretch! My answer is NO! You read far too much into these events.

    There’s too much to extract and disentangle from each of your points. I don’t have the time or patience.

    One last thing. Albert Speer writes some interesting things, but he should be taken with a grain of salt. He comes out smelling a bit too rosey.

  108. @anonymous

    “Russia denies targeting civilians after bombing a maternity hospital and laying siege to the port city of Mariupol”—let us think –either White helmets in the hospital or the Nazis headquarters–or Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will step aside for Freeland ?

  109. Anon[354] • Disclaimer says:

    Looks like the CIA has a biggie false flag planned that they are going to blame white people for. January 6th wasn’t nearly enough bloodshed to get the ball rolling.

    White people: don’t break the law, continue to have families, don’t join the military, go to church, and just keep living.

  110. Realist says:

    If you could return to any era in your country’s history and eliminate six people, to what time period would you travel and whom would you eliminate?

    A very interesting proposal. Of course, that would depend on what your objective(s) were. To be relatively sure your choices produced the desired outcome, one would need to command an almost complete and accurate understanding of that era of history. The case is there are usually more than six people involved in any important event in history…would the six people you choose change the desired course of history?

    In the case of the Dulles brothers, I do not know if eliminating them would have significantly changed history…there were many others involved.

  111. Realist says:

    Excellent books!

    Indeed. I have read The Brothers by Kinzer, but not The Devil’s Chessboard by Talbot, but I see the reviews are very good.


  112. Smitty says:

    Jamie Gorelick runs the Biden regime, Gorelick was exposed as a Communist agent of Iran in 2015, FBI and USDOJ officials knew and covered it up.



    She was on the SLB board 2002- 2010 Gorelicks appointees and recommendees in the FBI USDOJ CIA NSA DOD didnt notice.

  113. anonymous[304] • Disclaimer says:

    The coming “global white supremacist” terror threat

    The coming terror threat?!

    The satanic whitevil supremacist roaches have been terrorising the world for centuries.

    The whitevils should go the way of the dodo, if the wretched humankind is to survive.

    Miscegenation, lower fertility rate, wars of attrition (you and him fight, such as Russia/Ukraine), etc., is key. The rest of the world should assist with these processes.

    • Replies: @Swaytonious
  114. whodat says:

    Scott and company hits it here! The nature of this war – !
    all is illuminated if the public could listen to this !

  115. anonymous[304] • Disclaimer says:

    Don’t fully understand the context in which that albino whore appears in your post.

    But, a more important point to ponder for you bastards would be, why are albino women such whores?

    Why do you take such pride in exhibiting these whores as a shining example of your degenerate evilisation? These are your sisters and daughters after all.

  116. Mefobills says:

    From Whitney’s text:

    This Russian Imperial Movement, or RIM, advocates for the re-establishment of the pre-1917 Russian empire, which would exert influence over all territory inhabited by ethnic Russians. Their ideology is described as white supremacist, monarchist, ultra-nationalist, pro-Russian Orthodox, and anti-Semitic. They are not considered neo-Nazi, but have worked to build ties with other, far-right groups with neo-Nazi connections.

    Russia is following Dugin’s theory of “civilizational poles,” which obviously includes influence from the former Russian Empire/Eastern Rome. The whole white men = evil is a way for the “ruling class” (who are mammonites) to continue their predations. Divide and Conquer.

    Globo-homo, which is one world order of Kleptocrats holding debt instruments against everybody, is a slavery system. The credit masters don’t want to let go of their easy life of rents and passive unearned income. This idea that economy can be local, and that money is to be sovereign, and that nation states can be viable, is like a wood stake through the CIA vampires heart.

    An editorial by Robert Reich published in The Guardian on March 1st claims “the world is frighteningly locked in a battle to the death between democracy and authoritarianism.”

    Well of course a Jew is going to spread disinfo.! Democracy is a hidden authoritarian system, string pulled from behind the scenes. The first creditor democracy, which ultimately took over the world, began in the Lowlands (Holland), went Amsterdam, and then jumped to London with the advent of the BOE in 1694. Debt spreading private creditors (who hypothecate money) moved throughout the western world, culminating in the DAVOS crowd. Of course our ((((friends))) profit from this, because they invented it. Finance Capitalism is a Jewish invention.

    The problem facing bankers was how to make loans permanent national obligations. Solving this problem gave an advantage to parliamentary democracies. It was a major factor enabling the Low Countries to win their independence from Habsburg Spain in the 16th century. The Dutch Republic committed the entire nation to pay its public debts, binding the people themselves, through their elected representatives who earmarked taxes to their creditors. Bankers saw parliamentary democracy as a precondition for making sound loans to governments. This security for bankers could be achieved only from electorates having at least a nominal voice in government. And raising war loans was a key element in military rivalry in an epoch when the maxim for survival was “Money is the sinews of war.”

    Our (((friends))) had been kicked out of Spain by Ferdinand and Isabella, and were now infesting the Lowlands. Of course they had a grudge against Spain, and the King who dared to kick them out. Modern creditor democracy is not the democracy of the popular imagination, or that promulgated by the likes of Robert Reich.

    So, this whole democracy vs authoritarianism argument is a ruse to confuse the sheeple. Keep voting for your dispossession. The electorates don’t actually have a nominal voice, usually the voting choice is two bad choices.

    Until one can define the problem, it cannot be fixed.

    CREDITOR DEMOCRACY is a better term than just DEMOCRACY. The word democracy is devoid of meaning, and is a catch-all phrase to elicit warm and fuzzy feelings in people who lack critical thinking skills.

    • Thanks: Spanky
  117. Levtraro says:

    Yeah it looks like those Azov hooligans are more like Yehuvah Skinheads.

  118. Levtraro says:

    I guess it depends on the bait. If the bait is dropping all sanctions, reneging of the random guy they were recognizing as president, “advising” London judges that in fact the law was on the side of Maduro regarding the gold they have confiscated, and a Biden visit to Caracas for photo sessions, well, why not sell them heavy oil at market prices?

  119. Levtraro says:

    Thanks. Interesting views from a Shia muslim scholar.

  120. Tsigantes says:

    Whatever low IQ BS the US and UK agencies dream up next will play to a limited audience only, ie an American one, and even there the demonised will mostly see through it. Basically this nonsense plays only to the ompholoscopic borg and its remaining trained monkeys.

    There is a wide world out here waiting for the liars’ journey to end, drowned finally in their sea of lies 😉 Perhaps some of them will one day be tried in court….a sideways hope.

    Let Hollywood-gorged Americans concentrate on working out their latest conundrum of jewish Zelensky and the Ukronazi stormtroopers funded by Ukrainian jewish oligarchs.

  121. @RockaBoatus

    actually, while the Third Reich rumpled a few Kaftans,

    it didn’t exterminate a single (((Rothschild))), tho there were

    plenty around. Wait….I stand corrected:

    the (((Rothschild))) who arranged the collapse of the Austrian

    Kreditinstalt was arrested after the Anschluss,

    but released shortly thereafter. Also, there’s a rumour

    that one of the younger French (((Rothschild)))s

    had to hide out in haystack for awhile,

    but this I don’t believe.

  122. @anonymous

    Oh look.. a Jew engaging in projection.

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