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The Israel Lobby’s Hidden Hand in the Theft of Iraqi and Syrian Oil
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The outsized role of U.S. Israel lobby operatives in abetting the theft of Syrian and Iraqi oil reveals how this powerful lobby also facilitates more covert aspects of U.S.-Israeli cooperation and the implementation of policies that favor Israel.

Kirkuk, Iraq “We want to bring our soldiers home. But we did leave soldiers because we’re keeping the oil,” President Trump stated on November 3, before adding, “I like oil. We’re keeping the oil.”

Though he had promised a withdrawal of U.S. troops from their illegal occupation of Syria, Trump shocked many with his blunt admission that troops were being left behind to prevent Syrian oil resources from being developed by the Syrian government and, instead, kept in the hands of whomever the U.S. deemed fit to control them, in this case, the U.S.-backed Kurdish-majority militia known as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Though Trump himself received all of the credit — and the scorn — for this controversial new policy, what has been left out of the media coverage is the fact that key players in the U.S.’ pro-Israel lobby played a major role in its creation with the purpose of selling Syrian oil to the state of Israel. While recent developments in the Syrian conflict may have hindered such a plan from becoming reality, it nonetheless offers a telling example of the covert role often played by the U.S.’ pro-Israel lobby in shaping key elements of U.S. foreign policy and closed-door deals with major regional implications.

Indeed, the Israel lobby-led effort to have the U.S. facilitate the sale of Syrian oil to Israel is not an isolated incident given that, just a few years ago, other individuals connected to the same pro-Israel lobby groups and Zionist neoconservatives manipulated both U.S. policy and Iraq’s Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in order to allow Iraqi oil to be sold to Israel without the approval of the Iraqi government. These designs, not unlike those that continue to unfold in Syria, were in service to longstanding neoconservative and Zionist efforts to balkanize Iraq by strengthening the KRG and weakening Baghdad.

After the occupation of Iraq’s Nineveh Governorate by ISIS (June 2014-October 2015), the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) took advantage of the Iraqi military’s retreat and, amidst the chaos, illegally seized Kirkuk on June 12. Their claim to the city was supported by both the U.S. and Israel and, later, the U.S.-led coalition targeting ISIS. This gave the KRG control, not only of Iraq’s export pipeline to Turkey’s Ceyhan port, but also to Iraq’s largest oil fields.

Israel imported massive amounts of oil from the Kurds during this period, all without the consent of Baghdad. Israel was also the largest customer of oil sold by ISIS, who used Kurdish-controlled Kirkuk to sell oil in areas of Iraq and Syria under its control. To do this in ISIS-controlled territories of Iraq, the oil was sent first to the Kurdish city of Zakho near the Turkey border and then into Turkey, deceptively labeled as oil that originated from Iraqi Kurdistan. ISIS did nothing to impede the KRG’s own oil exports even though they easily could have given that the Kirkuk-Ceyhan export pipeline passed through areas that ISIS had occupied for years.

In retrospect, and following revelations from Wikileaks and new information regarding the background of relevant actors, it has been revealed that much of the covert maneuvering behind the scenes that enabled this scenario intimately involved the United States’ powerful pro-Israel lobby. Now, with a similar scenario unfolding in Syria, efforts by the U.S.’ Israel lobby to manipulate U.S. foreign policy in order to shift the flow of hydrocarbons for Israel’s benefit can instead be seen as a pattern of behavior, not an isolated incident.

“Keep the oil” for Israel

After recent shifts in the Trump administration in its Syria policy, U.S. troops have controversially been kept in Syria to “keep the oil,” with U.S. military officials subsequently claiming that doing so was “a subset of the counter-ISIS mission.” However, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper later claimed that another factor behind U.S. insistence on guarding Syrian oil fields was to prevent the extraction and subsequent sale of Syrian oil by either the Syrian government or Russia.

One key, yet often overlooked, player behind the push to prevent a full U.S. troop withdrawal in Syria in order to “keep the oil” was current U.S. ambassador to Turkey, David Satterfield. Satterfield was previously the assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs, where he yielded great influence over U.S. policy in both Iraq and Syria and worked closely with Brett McGurk, the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq and Iran and later special presidential envoy for the U.S.-led “anti-ISIS” coalition.

Over the course of his long diplomatic career, Satterfield has been known to the U.S. government as an Israeli intelligence asset embedded in the U.S. State Department. Indeed, Satterfield was named as a major player in what is now known as the AIPAC espionage scandal, also known as the Lawrence Franklin espionage scandal, although he was oddly never charged for his role after the intervention of his superiors at the State Department in the George W. Bush administration.

David Satterfield, left, arrives in Baghdad with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, right, and Joey Hood, May 7, 2019. Mandel Ngan | AP
David Satterfield, left, arrives in Baghdad with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, right, and Joey Hood, May 7, 2019. Mandel Ngan | AP

In 2005, federal prosecutors cited a U.S. government official as having illegally passed classified information to Steve Rosen, then working for AIPAC, who then passed that information to the Israeli government. That classified information included intelligence on Iran and the nature of U.S.-Israeli intelligence sharing. Subsequent media reports from the New York Times and other outlets revealed that this government official was none other than David Satterfield, who was then serving as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Near East Affairs.

Charges against Rosen, as well as his co-conspirator and fellow AIPAC employee Keith Weissman, were dropped in 2009 and no charges were levied against Satterfield after State Department officials shockingly claimed that Satterfield had “acted within his authority” in leaking classified information to an individual working to advance the interests of a foreign government. Richard Armitage, a neoconservative ally with a long history of ties to CIA covert operations in the Middle East and elsewhere, has since claimed that he was one of Satterfield’s main defenders in conversations with the FBI during this time when he was serving as Deputy Secretary of State.

The other government official named in the indictment, former Pentagon official Lawrence Franklin, was not so lucky and was charged under the Espionage Act in 2006. Satterfield, instead of being censured for his role in leaking sensitive information to a foreign government, was subsequently promoted in 2006 to serve as the Coordinator for Iraq and Senior Adviser to then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

In addition to his history of leaking classified information to AIPAC, Satterfield also has a longstanding relationship with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a controversial spin-off of AIPAC also known by its acronym WINEP. WINEP’s website has long listed Satterfield as one of its experts and Satterfield has spoken at several WINEP events and policy forums, including several after his involvement with the AIPAC espionage scandal became public knowledge. However, despite his longstanding and controversial ties to the U.S. pro-Israel lobby, Satterfield’s current relationship with some elements of that lobby, such as the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), is complicated at best.

While Satterfield’s role in yet another reversal of a promised withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria has largely escaped media scrutiny, another individual with deep ties to the Israel lobby and Syrian “rebel” groups has also been ignored by the media, despite his outsized role in taking advantage of this new U.S. policy for Israel’s benefit.

US Israel Lobby secures deal with Kurds

Earlier this year, well before Trump’s new Syria policy of “keeping the oil” had officially taken shape, another individual with deep ties to the U.S. Israel lobby secured a lucrative agreement with U.S.-backed Kurdish groups in Syria. An official document issued earlier this year by the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), the political arm of the Kurdish majority and U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a New Jersey-based company, founded and run by U.S.-Israeli dual citizen Mordechai “Motti” Kahana, was given control of the oil in territory held by the SDC.

Per the document, the SDC formally accepted the offer from Kahana’s company — Global Development Corporation (GDC) — to represent SDC in all matters pertaining to the sale of oil extracted in territory it controls and also grants GDC “the right to explore and develop oil that is located in areas we govern.”

The SDC’s formal acceptance of Global Development Corporation’s offer to develop Syrian oil fields. Source | Al-Akhbar
The SDC’s formal acceptance of Global Development Corporation’s offer to develop Syrian oil fields. Source | Al-Akhbar

The document also states that the amount of oil then being produced in SDC-controlled areas was 125,000 barrels per day and that they anticipated that this would increase to 400,000 barrels per day and that this oil is considered a foreign asset under the control of the United States by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

After the document was made public by the Lebanese outlet Al-Akhbar, the SDC claimed that it was a forgery, even though Kahana had separately confirmed its contents and shared the letter itself to the Los Angeles Times as recently as a few weeks ago. Kahana previously attempted to distance himself from the effort and told the Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom in July that he had made the offer to the SDC as means to prevent the “Assad regime” of Syria from obtaining revenue from the sale of Syrian oil.

The Kurds currently hold 11 oil wells in an area controlled by the [Syrian] Democratic Forces. The overwhelming majority of Syrian oil is in that area. I don’t want this oil reaching Iran, or the Assad regime.”

At the time, Kahana also stated that “the moment the Trump administration gives its approval, we can begin to export this oil at fair prices.”

Given that Kahana has openly confirmed that he is representing the SDC’s oil business shortly after Trump’s adoption of the controversial “keep the oil policy,” it seems plausible that Kahana has now received the approval needed for his company to export the oil on behalf of the SDC. Several media reports have speculated that, if Kahana’s efforts go forward unimpeded, the Syrian oil will be sold to Israel.

However, considering Turkey’s aversion to engaging in any activities that may benefit the PKK-SDF – there are considerable obstacles to Kahana’s plans. While the SDF — along with assistance from U.S. troops — still controls several oil fields in Syria, experts assert that they can only realistically sell the oil to the Syrian government. Not even the Iraqi Kurds are a candidate, considering Baghdad’s firm control over the Iraq-Syria border and the KRG’s weakened state after its failed independence bid in late 2017.

Regardless, Kahana’s involvement in this affair is significant for a few reasons. First, Kahana has been a key player in the promotion and funding of radical groups in Syria and has even been caught hiring so-called “rebels” to kidnap Syrian Jews and take them to Israel against their will. It was Kahana, for instance, who financed and orchestrated the now infamous trip of the late Senator John McCain to Syria, where he met with Syrian “rebels” including Khalid al-Hamad – a “moderate” rebel who gained notoriety after a video of him eating the heart of a Syrian Army soldier went viral online. McCain had also admitted meeting with ISIS members, though it is unclear if he did so on this trip or another trip to Syria.

In addition, Kahana was also the mastermind behind the “Caesar” controversy, whereby a Syrian using the pseudonym “Caesar” was brought to the U.S. by Kahana and went on to make claims regarding torture and other crimes allegedly committed by the Assad-led government Syria, claims which were later discredited by independent analysts. He was also very involved in Israel’s failed efforts to establish a “safe zone” in Southern Syria as a means of covertly expanding Israel’s territory from the occupied Golan Heights and into Quneitra.

Notably, Kahana has deep ties — not just to efforts to overthrow the Syrian government — but also to U.S. Israel lobby, including the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) where Satterfield is as an expert. For instance, Kahana was a key player in a 2013 symposium organized by WINEP along with Syrian opposition groups intimately involved in the arming of so-called “rebels.” One of the other participants in the symposium alongside Kahana was Mouaz Moustafa, director of the “Syrian Emergency Task Force” who assisted Kahana in bringing McCain to Syria in 2013. Moustafa was listed as a WINEP expert on the organization’s website but was later mysteriously deleted.

Kahana is also intimately involved with the Israeli American Council (IAC), a pro-Israel lobby organization, as a team member of its national conference. IAC was co-founded and is chaired by Adam Milstein, a multimillionaire and convicted felon who is also on the boards of AIPAC, StandWithUs, Birthright and other prominent pro-Israel lobby organizations. One of IAC’s top donors is Sheldon Adelson, who is also the top donor to President Trump as well as the entire Republican Party.

Though the machinations of both Kahana and Satterfield to guide U.S. policy in order to manipulate the flow of Syria’s hydrocarbons for Israel’s benefit may seem shocking to some, this same tactic of pro-Israel lobbyists using the Kurds to illegally sell a country’s oil to Israel was developed a few years prior, not in Syria, but Iraq. Notably, the individuals responsible for that policy in Iraq shared connections to several of the same pro-Israel lobby organizations as both Satterfield and Kahana, suggesting that their recent efforts in Syria are not an isolated event, but a pattern.

War against ISIS is a war for oil

In an email dated June 15, 2014, James Franklin Jeffrey (former Ambassador to Iraq and Turkey and current U.S. Special Representative for Syria) revealed to Stephen Hadley, a former George Bush administration advisor then working at the government-funded United States Institute of Peace, his intent to advise the KRG in order to sustain Kirkuk’s oil production. The plan, as Jeffery described it, was to supply both the Kurdistan province with oil and allow the export of oil via Kirkuk-Ceyhan to Israel, robbing Iraq of its oil and strengthening the country’s Kurdish region along with its regional government’s bid for autonomy.

Jeffrey, whose hawkish views on Iran and Syria are well-known, mentioned that Brett McGurk, the U.S.’ main negotiator between Baghdad and the KRG, was acting as his liaison with the KRG. McGurk, who had served in various capacities in Iraq under both Bush and Obama, was then also serving Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq and Iran. A year later, he would be made the special presidential envoy for the U.S.-led “anti-ISIS” coalition and, as previously mentioned, worked closely with David Satterfield.

James Jeffrey, left, meets with Kurdish Regional Government President Massoud Barzani, April 8, 2011, at an airport in Irbil, Iraq. Chip Somodevilla | AP
James Jeffrey, left, meets with Kurdish Regional Government President Massoud Barzani, April 8, 2011, at an airport in Irbil, Iraq. Chip Somodevilla | AP

Jeffrey was then a private citizen not currently employed by the government and was used as a non-governmental channel in the pursuit of the plans described in the leaked emails published by WikiLeaks. Jeffrey’s behind-the-scenes activities with regards to the KRG’s oil exports were done clandestinely, largely because he was then employed by a prominent arm of the U.S.’ pro-Israel lobby.

At the time of the email, Jeffrey was serving as a distinguished fellow (2013-2018) at WINEP. As previously mentioned, WINEP is a pro-Israel foreign policy think-tank that espouses neoconservative views and was created in 1985 by researchers that had hastily left AIPAC to escape investigations against the organization that were related to some of its members conducting espionage on behalf of Israel. AIPAC, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, is the largest registered Israel lobbyist organization in the US (albeit registration under the Foreign Agents Registration Act would be more suitable), and, in addition to the 1985 incident that led to WINEP’s creation, has had members indicted for espionage against the U.S. on Israel’s behalf.

WINEP’s launch was funded by former President of the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, Barbara Weinberg, who is its founding president and constant Chairman Emerita. Nicknamed ‘Barbi’, she is the wife of the late Lawrence Weinberg who was President of AIPAC from 1976-81 and who JJ Goldberg, author of the 1997 book Jewish Power, referred to as one of a select few individuals who essentially dominated AIPAC regardless of its elected leadership. Co-founder alongside Weinberg was Martin Indyk. Indyk, U.S. Ambassador to Israel (1995-97) and Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs (1997-99), led the AIPAC research time that formed WINEP to escape the aforementioned investigations.

WINEP has historically received funding from donors who donate to causes of special interest for Zionism and Israel. Among its trustees are extremely prominent names in political Zionism and funders of other Israel Lobby organizations, such as Charles and Edgar Bronfman and the Chernicks. Its membership remains dominated by individuals who have spent their careers promoting Israeli interests in the U.S.

WINEP has become more well-known, and arguably more controversial, in recent years after its research director famously called for false-flag attacks to trigger a U.S. war with Iran in 2012, statements well-aligned with longstanding attempts by the Israel Lobby to bring about such a war.

A worthy partner in crime

Stephen Hadley, another private citizen who Jeffrey evidently considered as a partner in his covert dealings discussed in the emails, also has his own past of involvement with Israel-specific intrigues and meddling.

During the G.W. Bush administration, Hadley tagged along with neoconservatives in their numerous creations of fake intelligence and efforts to incriminate Iraq for possessing chemical and nuclear weapons. Hadley was one of the promoters from within the U.S. government of the false claim that 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta met with Iraqi officials in Prague.

Hadley also worked with then-Chief of Staff to the Vice President, Lewis Libby — a neoconservative and former lawyer for the Mossad-agent and billionaire Marc Rich — to discredit a CIA investigation into claims of Iraq purchasing yellowcake uranium from Niger. That claim famously appeared in Bush’s State of the Union address in 2002.

What this particular claim had in common with the ‘Iraq meets Atta in Prague’ disinformation, and other famous lies against Iraq fabricated and circulated by the dense neocon network, was its source: Israel and pro-Israel partisans.

The distribution network of these now long-debunked claims was none other than the neoconservatives who act a veritable Israeli fifth column that has long sought to promote Israeli foreign policy objectives as being in the interest of the United States. In this, Hadley played his part by helping to ensure that the United States was railroaded into a war that had long been promoted by both Israeli and American neoconservatives, particularly Richard Perle — an advisor to WINEP — who had been promoting regime change in Iraq for Israel’s explicit benefit for decades.

In short, for covert intrigues to serve Israel that would likely be met with protest if pitched to the government for implementation as policy, Hadley’s resume was impressive.

Israeli interests pursued through covert channels

Given his employment at WINEP during this time, Jeffrey’s intent to advise the KRG to sustain Kirkuk’s oil production despite the seizure of the Baiji oil refinery by ISIS is somewhat suspect, especially since it required that 100,000 barrels per day pass through ISIS-controlled territory unimpeded.

Jeffrey’s email from June 14, therefore, demonstrated that he had foreknowledge that ISIS would not disturb the KRG as long as the Kurds redirected oil that was intended originally for Baiji to the Kirkuk-Ceyhan export pipeline, facilitating its export and later sale to Israel.

Notably, up until its liberation in mid-2015 by the Iraqi government and aligned Shia paramilitaries, ISIS kept the refinery running and, only upon their retreat, destroyed the facility.

In July 2014, the KRG began confidently supplying Kurdish areas with Kirkuk’s oil per the plan laid out by Jeffrey in the aforementioned email. Baghdad soon became aware of the arrangement and lashed out at Israel and Turkey, whose banks were used by the KRG to receive the oil revenue from Israel.

One would normally expect ISIS to be opposed to such collusion given that the KRG, while a beneficiary of the ISIS-Baghdad conflict, was not an ally of ISIS. Thus, a foreign power with strategic ties to ISIS used its close ties to the KRG and assurances that it was on-board for the oil trade, to deliver a credible guarantee that ISIS would ‘cooperate’ and that a boom in production and exports was in the cards.

This foreign power — acting as a guarantor for the ISIS-KRG understanding vis-a-vis the illegal oil economy, represented by Jeffrey and clearly not on good terms with Iraq’s government — was quite clearly Israel.

Israel established considerable financial support as well as the provision of armaments to other extremist terrorist groups active near the border between the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and Southern Syria when war first broke out in Syria in 2011. At least four of these extremist groups were led by individuals with direct ties to Israeli intelligence. These same groups, sometimes promoted as ‘moderates’ by some media, were actively fighting Syria’s government – an enemy of Israel and ally of Iran – before ISIS existed and eagerly partnered with ISIS when it expanded its campaign into Syria.

Furthermore, Israeli officials have publicly admitted maintaining regular communication with ISIS cells in Southern Syria and have publicly expressed their desire that ISIS not be defeated in the country. In Libya, Israeli Mossad operatives have been found embedded within ISIS, suggesting that Israel has covert but definite ties with the group outside of Syria as well.

Israel has also long promoted the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan, with Israel having provided Iraq’s Kurds with weapons, training and teams of Mossad advisers as far back as the 1960s. More recently, Israel was the only state to support the KRG independence referendum in September 2017 despite its futility, hinting at the regard Israel holds for the KRG. Iraq’s government subsequently militarily defeated the KRG’s push for statehood and reclaimed Kirkuk’s oil fields with assistance from the Shia paramilitaries which were responsible for defeating ISIS in the area.

A 2014 map shows the areas under ISIS and Kurdish control at the time. Source | Telegraph
A 2014 map shows the areas under ISIS and Kurdish control at the time. Source | Telegraph

This arrangement orchestrated by Jeffrey, served the long-time neoconservative-Israeli agenda of empowering the Kurds, selling Iraqi oil to Israel and weakening Iraq’s Baghdad-based government.

WINEP’s close association with AIPAC, which has spied on the U.S. on behalf of Israel several times in the past with no consequence, combined with Jeffrey’s long-time acquaintance with key U.S. figures in Iraq, such as McGurk, provided an ideal opening for Israel in Iraq. Following the implementation of Jeffrey’s plan, Israeli imports of KRG oil constituted 77 percent of Israel’s total oil imports during the KRG’s occupation of Kirkuk.

The WINEP connection to the KRG-Israel oil deal demonstrates the key role played by the U.S. pro-Israel Lobby, not only in terms of sustaining U.S. financial aid to Israel and ratcheting up tensions with Israel’s adversaries but also in facilitating the more covert aspects of U.S.-Israeli cooperation and the implementation of policies that favor Israel.

Yet the role played by the U.S. Israel lobby in this capacity, particularly in terms of orchestrating oil sale agreements for Israel’s benefit, is hardly exclusive to Iraq and can accurately be described as a repeated pattern of behavior.

Agha Hussain is an independent researcher based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He specialized in Middle Eastern affairs and history and is an editorial contributor to Eurasia Future, Regional Rapport and other news outlets.

Whitney Webb is a MintPress News journalist based in Chile. She has contributed to several independent media outlets including Global Research, EcoWatch, the Ron Paul Institute and 21st Century Wire, among others. She has made several radio and television appearances and is the 2019 winner of the Serena Shim Award for Uncompromised Integrity in Journalism.

(Republished from Mint Press News by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Everything to do with our utterly incoherent and foolishly destructive policy in Syria starts with Israel, and naturally, this does not exclude oil.

    But good info–especially the details on the egregious Moti Kahana and his place in the Jewish network of networks.

    • Agree: Colin Wright, Ace
  2. The author neglects to mention that when Iranian oil was embargoed the last time around — guess who got what was slipped past the embargo?

  3. Rebel0007 says:

    The war against ISIS is far more than a war for oil. It is a war for Wall Street! Since the 9/11 attacks over \$19 trillion has vanished from the Pentagon. Money is being diverted from the Pentagon to the Good Jobs First Program created by the Rockefeller’s Study Institute, who hired Ralph Nader to put a PR spin on the heist, in which nearly every publicly traded U.S. company, and even small companies that nobody has ever heard of, and foreign corporations are listed as U.S. Defense Contractors, receiving enormous “defense” contracts from the Pentagon.

    The Good Jobs First Program was created after the 2008 crash when Obama was just beginning his first term.

    That is what this is really all about, Wall Street! This allows Wall Street to seize tax payer money and blame it on war.

    The math doesn’t add up! The military is also importing about \$400 billion in heroin a year into America, and probably Europe too, in lesser quantities, based on their rates of addiction compared to the U.S.

    The Pentagon is handing money over to thieves, and the Pentagon is the one with the weapons!

    Just give us your money and walk away! Love Wall Street and the Federal Reserve!

  4. Rebel0007 says:

    Expounding on my previous comment, it is great that the alternative media has been exposing the lies of the establishment media. It is perhaps even greater that former government intelligence employees like Philip Giraldi, John Lear, Ray McGovern, and former legislators like Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan have been exposing the lies of the government and the 9/11 attacks.

    The recent NBC sexual harrassment suits caused NBC to issue a statement saying that anyone coming forward with sexual harrassment claims would be released from the NDA ( non-disclosure agreement) signed by NBC employees.

    All illegal activity is not covered under ANY NDA! The NBC employees cannot claim, we couldn’t tell the truth about 9/11 or that the DNC engaged in a conspiratorial anti-Russian hoax, because of the NDAs that we signed, just as all corporations and government employees cannot claim, we didn’t tell the truth about these government and corporate crimes because of the NDAs that we signed.

    All criminal activity is null and void regarding any NDA obligation!

    Don’t be a dope and fall for expert bias! The amendments in the constitution are quite clear. The constitution is also. The government signing acts of treason does not excuse people from committing treason. To hell with the gang of eight and all of congress pretending that they do not know that the gang of eight and secret laws are in and of themselves acts of treason!

    Conveniently and willfully ignorant is obviously more like it, pretending that they have been released from all obligations!! Like Hell!

  5. None of this is secret! The US Congress and media just ignores it. This explains all the unrest in Iraq. Iraqis know their nation is oil-rich, but all that wealth is stolen.

  6. hidden??

    anybody with an IQ over room temp knows that Drumpf’s Imperial Stormtroopers,

    thousands of whom now occupy Syria’s easternmost Oil Province,

    are hijacking that oil and shipping it gratis to Israel.

    same as Isramerica’s pet terrorists, ISIS, were doing when they occupied the Oil Province.

    only dif is that then it was trans-shipped via Turkey, now it goes direct.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  7. GMC says:

    Agree , but if you read the new Iraq Constitution, that was put together by the World Bank people , Iraq’s ” New Puppet Government” itself, gets only about 40% of all its natural resources and the rest goes to the NWO. Larry Romanoff details this in his article on Global Research. There is No Iraq Government for their people, as Ukraine, Bolivia, Libya and others, will also find out the hard way or the NWO Way.

  8. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    What’s taking place in Syria is the work of US gangsters–who pose as politicians–in service to Israel.

    When Tubby the Grifter stated that US troops were in Syria for the oil, not much happened in the MSM, since they were too busy repeating impeachment lies.

    Such is life in the USA, which is a colony of Israel and as such, we are required to gladly do the Zionist gangsters bidding, regardless of how many of our troops get killed or how much money it costs.

    Like that one meme said, the coming war against Iran will cost many American lives and that is a sacrifice Israel is willing to make.

    • Replies: @Moi
  9. mcohen says:

    Those pesky Israelites are at it

    • Replies: @Poco
    , @anon
  10. The question that remains is What are Russia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey and the United Nations going to do about this?

    • Replies: @Moi
  11. I keep saying where the Root of ALL Evil comes from and what USA needs to do in order to solve 99% of the today problems, but Mr. Unz ad Co are deleting my comments.

  12. anon[680] • Disclaimer says:
    @Adam Smith

    “Hidden” maybe protective ‘code speak’ by a prudent author to preserve his job, life, protect everyone in his/her circle.

  13. Moi says:

    Making speeches at the UN.

  14. Moi says:
    @Greg Bacon

    Zionist Israel + Zionist USA = Marriage made in heaven (hell?).

    • Replies: @tomo
  15. Poco says:

    The big boy israelites are definitely pesky. But of course the big boy gentiles are pesky as a pet coon too. This article didn’t exonerate the gentiles just because it pointed out that the state of israel and a subset of israelis and gentiles benefit from all of the peskiness.
    What is your objection? Is the article false in it’s assertions or facts?

    • Replies: @mcohen
  16. Israel and the zionists not only run the ZUS government but they did the attack on the WTC and blamed it on the Arabs, to have the excuse to destroy the mideast and be in a position to loot the oil, this was the whole game and further more, Israel and the ZUS and Britain created AL CIADA aka ISIS and all off shoots thereof, so the ones that created the terrorists are the terrorists along with their created terrorists!

    When the Israelis and the ZUS got away with their joint attack on the USS Liberty , they knew that they could get away with anything and so the attack on the USS Liberty laid the groundwork for the attack on the WTC!

    Zionists are destroying America!

  17. Durruti says:

    The Israel Lobby’s Hidden Hand in the Theft of Iraqi and Syrian Oil

    Nice expose’ by Hussain & Webb.

    American policy does not change – regardless of which Hollywood political gang (democraps, or republicants) is allowed to pretend-rule.

    The Zionist Financial Oligarchs are omnipotent. They Control All; they rule all. We Americans are slaves. At least Toussaint L’Ouverture and Spartacus /b> resisted. We Americans have “not yet begun to fight.”

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  18. anonymous[307] • Disclaimer says:

    [Kirkuk, Iraq — “We want to bring our soldiers home. But we did leave soldiers because we’re keeping the oil,” President Trump stated on November 3, before adding, “I like oil. We’re keeping the oil.”]

    Trump is a criminal Jewish mafia Thief. He and his family are servant of the Jews interest. Trump and Jewish tribe are fifth column and working for the criminal Rothschild family. All traitors must be executed now.

    Bring down the Evil Empire now. People in the Middle region must force the invaders out, all options are on the table until these scums are out of the region,.

    Down with the Jewish apartheid entity. They must be wipe off the region. New York is a Jewish state where these criminals must go now.

    Kill the zionist scums by voting for Elizabeth Warren.

    • Agree: Desert Fox, renfro
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  19. @Durruti

    Agree, when the zionist banking kabal fastened their Feral Reserve aka the FED on America in 1913 along with their IRS, they took control of America and the US gov and made America a zionist colony!

    I call the politicols , demon-rats and republicons, both are zionist controlled.

    • Replies: @Durruti
  20. tomo says:

    yes – very easy to bribe Anglosheeple meet the masters of bribing and fraud
    The marriage in hell indeed

  21. @Haxo Angmark

    anybody with an IQ over room temp knows that Drumpf’s Imperial Stormtroopers,

    I guess my IQ isn’t over room temperature. They aren’t “Drumpf’s Imperial Stormtroopers”. The US had troops in Syria before Obama’s second term, starting with “Special Forces” – the snipers shooting both sides in the 2011 demonstrations. Not all were US, of course, because they were working hand in hand with the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.
    This has been a long standing plan. Note the date on this article.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Haxo Angmark
  22. aandrews says:

    Trump Executive Order Makes It Illegal on a College Campus to Say That Jews Killed Jesus

    Andrew Anglin
    Daily Stormer
    December 16, 2019


    President Donald Trump, often called “The King of the Jews,” recently signed an executive order making it illegal to criticize Jews on college campuses.

    The media is framing this as adding the Jews to Civil Rights Act Title VI protections, which protect other racial groups. In actual fact, all Title VI does is “prevent discrimination” against people based on race by programs receiving federal funding.



    Because this Jew order that Trump signed contains the “working definition of anti-Semitism,” which includes a whole list of different forms of political speech and advocacy, it effectively makes it completely illegal (just on campus, for now) to criticize Israel, Jews as a group, or individual Jews.

    It also bans such things as “Holocaust denial,” claiming that Jews are over represented in the media, or saying that Jews killed Jesus.

    Kenneth Stern, the Jew who wrote this “working definition,” has written a piece in The Guardian where he says that using it in this fashion is basically insane. He says he created it to define anti-Semitism and track anti-Semitic acts.

    He says that “right wing Jews” as he calls them are specifically using this to chill speech. He says it will be used to prevent the organization of pro-Palestinian groups, to shut down speaking events and even to prevent teachers from discussing Israel for fear of government reprisal.


  23. Did McCain partake in the feasting of heart? Wake me up when the evidence emerges!

    As to selling, not giving away for free or discounting it heavily”, what’s the problem? If Israel is paying a fair price for the import of that oil then so be it because if they can’t get it from Kurds, they will get through other sources. Your issue is with the corrupt individuals…

  24. I was told by the media that the electricity to the oilfields was in the hands of Assad and without electricity, the US couldn’t extract oil.

    • Replies: @JamesinNM
    , @J. Gutierrez
  25. This statement was part of Trump’s effort to get us out. Every previous try at removing troops ended with the hysteria we are leaving ‘fill-in-the-blank cohort’ to die at the hands of ‘fill-in-the-blank’ ruthless cohort.

    Now the next time he tries to pull the troops, the media/cabal will have to defend big, bad Oil.

    Greases our way out.

    • Replies: @TimeTraveller
  26. JamesinNM says:

    Pray for Christ’s return and the destruction of all evil.

  27. JamesinNM says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    Sure hope that is true. But US will simply move in generators and create power. Maybe Assad and Russia should destroy those oil f1elds.

    • Replies: @bikeanarkist
  28. Seems like these writers are glossing over the truth by focusing on the Israeli Lobby, a group that doesn’t really seem to exist the way it’s mentioned here. However, we live in a nation of Zombies called the voting class so something imaginary has to be blamed for the warmongering and pro-surveillance government that they vote for. The masters have succeeded in getting every spectrum of opinion to agree on the general necessity of perpetual war and theft from the poor.

  29. Durruti says:
    @Desert Fox

    when the zionist banking kabal fastened their Feral Reserve aka the FED on America in 1913 along with their IRS, they took control of America and the US gov and made America a zionist colony!

    Desert Fox: My good friend from the Hill Country. Unz took a shot at you the other day. That proves:

    1. You are important.

    2. You are made of tough material, as you picked yourself off the floor, and continued the fight.

    I would slightly differ with your view on the FED. The Zionist Financiers’ take over of America was accelerated on 1913. Yes, in 1913, like blood sucking bats, they fastened their teeth onto our American nation (causing great robbery/looting, and pain).

    The Complete takeover of America by the Zionists, was accomplished on November 22, 1963, when our Last Constitutional President, John F. Kennedy, and our last Constitutional Government, were assassinated – in a hail of bullets.

    Subsequently, Robert Kennedy & his political associate, Martin L. King, were eliminated, as further crimes were necessary – in order for the Rothschilds and other Zionist Oligarchs to be able to control all American politicians, and suck every last drop of our Blood, and our Liberty.

    Bullets Count! Takeovers of Nations by other Nations, or entities, are usually and definitively accomplished – through Violent Means. Financiers cannot finalize takeovers of Countries – on their own. There must be blood! A long list of subsequent assassinations and violence by the Zionist Oligarchs followed.

    Assassinations of Malcolm X, and John Lennon followed. Malcolm X was the leader of the African American community, and Lennon, and his friends, represented a ‘Youth’ – Resistance Culture – that was politically independent of the Zionist Dem & Repub Gangs.

    The Zionist takeover of the Federal Government’s finances was important, as it opened the door for their subsequent Political Domination, but the Violence sealed their domination. Subsequently, millions of killings in Indonesia-1965, Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Lebanon, PALESTINE, Ukraine, 9/11, the Liberty, and many other tragic events, were orchestrated by the Zionist Oligarchs.

    Political analisis is the key and often forgotten component of economic analysis: They both must be combined. Economic control leads to what? Bribery, implants in Tel Aviv, Prayers at the Wailing Wall, and loss of Liberty, and even lives (in the case of one Senator, 6 broken ribs & one perforated lung). And Fear! Do not forget Fear!

    Follow the Money\$. But, more importantly, follow the trail of BLOOD!

    We must Restore Our American Republic!

    Freedom is not free! We must Pay for it!


    • Replies: @Desert Fox
    , @Daniel Rich
  30. @Durruti

    Thank you. Telling the truth in a world of deceit is a revolutionary act – George Orwell

    A time comes when silence is betrayal – Martin Luther King

  31. @GamecockJerry

    Many call this the “4d chess” meme.

  32. smimkle says:

    how long to put up with this ?

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  33. Wally says:

    Yep, leave it to clueless Haxo Angmark, a True Believer in the impossible ‘Nazi gas chambers’, to distort the record of US troop deployments.

    Trump’s a piker in comparison to empty suit Obama’s use of US troops for Israel.

  34. ΑΖ says:

    Properety is theft (Proudon). That is how America the beautiful gets rich.

    • Agree: bikeanarkist
    • Replies: @bikeanarkist
  35. renfro says:

    Remember when..?

    The Us delivered billions from an account of Iraqi funds accumulated during the years of sanctions. Delivered in cash in shrink wrapped 100 dollar bills to the Us provisional officials in Iraq.
    Then it all disappeared.

    It shouldn’t have been that hard to find out who stole it…the provisional officials knew everyone who had access to the money and who it was handed out to. BUT …the US called off an investigation into it…..WHY ?…I wonder.

    Iraq hunting \$ billions missing after U.S. invasion – Reuters › us-iraq-usa-money-idUSTRE75I20S20110619
    Jun 19, 2011 – BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq’s parliament is chasing about \$17 billion of Iraqi oil money it says was stolen after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion and …
    Stuart Bowen, a former special inspector general who investigated corruption and waste in Iraq, said he found about 1 billion in a bunker in southern Lebanon. When he reported this back to US government his investigation was shut down and the US took no action on it.
    This was in 2014. Bowen previously claimed no money was stolen and it was accounting errors.

  36. renfro says:

    Clean out the penton.
    This is your tax money folks.
    It is impossible to say how many trillions of our money have gone down the toilet in our politicians ME wars.
    And yet we keep putting up with it.

    U.S. Army Lost Track of \$1 Billion Worth of Weapons › … › Isis › Trade › Amnesty international
    May 24, 2017 – The U.S. Army failed to properly monitor more than \$1 billion worth of arms transfers in Iraq and Kuwait, according to a declassified government …
    ”The U.S. Department of Defense audit from September 2016 shows that the DoD “did not have accurate, up-to-date records on the quantity and location” of equipment pouring into Iraq and Kuwait to supply the Iraqi Army in helping to degrade ISIS. The transfers included tens of thousands of assault rifles (worth \$28 million), hundreds of mortar rounds and hundreds of Humvee armored vehicles destined for use by the central Iraqi Army. In 2015, Congress devoted \$1.6 billion to combating the advance of ISIS.

    A previous DoD audit, in 2015, pointed to even less rigorous stockpile monitoring procedures being enforced by the Iraqi armed forces. In some cases, the Iraqi army was unaware of what was stored in its own warehouses, and some military equipment—which had never been inventoried—was stored out in the open in shipping containers.
    Meanwhile, the Pentagon has overbilled the U.S. military for fuel by almost \$6 billion over the past seven years, and then used the money to bolster underfunded or mismanaged defense programs, according to a report in The Washington Post on Saturday.

  37. mcohen says:

    I do not believe one word of anything i read on the middle east in the media. Strictly for entertainmemt purposes and great for banter at the pub while downing a wheat beer with pistachios.
    Preferably a belgium white or maybe a kaiser ludwig.

  38. Arnieus says:

    Indeed, why bother with the petro-dollar method of tribute to the empire. Just take the oil like a gang of pirates and get all the loot?

  39. Anon[379] • Disclaimer says:

    Brundle and Doovid discuss Jewish Power

  40. How much more proof do we need before we recognize that the US government is run by ORGANIZED CRIME, for the benefit of ORGANIZED CRIME.
    wake up Ameica or we’re all through.
    We are at PEAK JEW.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  41. @anonymous

    ‘…Kill the zionist scums by voting for Elizabeth Warren.’

    …who might win if she signs off on the terms offered by the Zionist scums.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @renfro
  42. After the the US invaded Iraq in the 90s, it was reported that US oil companies were paying \$6 per barrel at the well head. Now, I doubt that has changed much, and is probably less, now that they control Libya’s oil, Iraq’s, and much of Syria’s. It’s nothing short of armed robbery, murder and mayhem. All done in our name without compensation. As long as the corporations use our name we should be paid what Qadhafi paid his citizens. Freedom from usury, free education, free health care, \$50k to families buyong a house, and there was more…. but then our President would end up on world wide television too, with an iron bar shoved up his anus.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  43. anon[117] • Disclaimer says:

    Just like the pesky ISIS is at it again. This time in the city of London .

    • Replies: @mcohen
  44. For the thieves grabbing land and stealing oil and selling it or both is the same! They are learning from their big brother how to steal resources from the owners. They do steal resources because they can and the rest of the world is watching the show!

  45. KA says:

    David Satterfileld will go to heaven for doing rabbinical works despite such strong negative reaction from the pursuers of Rosen and Weissman .

    BTW did he also suggest Lawrence Franklin to disappear so that they can actually kill him and claim that Franklin committed suicide ?

    Franklin himself told that he was approached for disappearance – suicide stuff from AIPAC .

  46. @Durruti

    The Zionist Financiers’ take over of America was accelerated on 1913. Yes, in 1913, like blood sucking bats, they fastened their teeth onto our American nation (causing great robbery/looting, and pain).

    Established just in time to finance ‘The Great War’ – aka WWI [and every war/skirmish/democracy inserting conflict ever since]. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

    Unfortunately, the taxpayer is forced to keep on funding it.

    Nationalize all banks.

    • Replies: @Durruti
  47. anon[117] • Disclaimer says:

    Then-Sen. and now Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said the same in 2007: “People say we’re not fighting for oil. Of course we are.”

    Upon leaving office, Bush and Obama administration officials have even worked for oil companies as advisers on their Iraq endeavors. For example, former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad’s company, CMX-Gryphon, “provides international oil companies and multinationals with unparalleled access, insight and knowledge on Iraq.”–

    Did CNN mention that the Jewish neocons started supplying “expert’ on democracy ,demolishing Saddma’s army for sole purpose of creating chaos which was predicted by Powell and foreigners and yearned by neocons like Michael Ledeen and angling for war expansion to Iran?

    Did CNN report that Netanhu said” It wont be long before you see Iraqi oil flowing to Israel”- 2003 Reuters and Haaretz ? Did it quote Hagel on what Israel tries to get out of US by forcing US Senators?

    Oil was in the minds when Iraq war were planned but it was on Israeli minds.

  48. Barr says:

    Apparently the opening ” would enhance regional cooperation” Telegraph (UK ) June 2003

    Now decapitating Assad would do – bring cooperation. After that, decapitating Iran would do. Next another Gaza war would bring stability . Then would be Pakistan .Once Pakistan is dealt with the sword would fall on Saudi for publishing same Koran and for not allowing flights to Medina and for not following Spain’s examples of offering citizenship to those whose ancestors were thrown out of Medina in 7 th century.

    Once those are achieved, Israel would says’ Move on Nothing to see here .US has delivered freedom to Syria and Iran. Has liberalized Islam They are ungrateful in asking Israel to compromise on peace -land -security ”

  49. Durruti says:
    @Daniel Rich

    Established just in time to finance ‘The Great War’

    Yes. Chronology: Very important reminder. First financial control – Then the Bloodshed.

    Nationalize all banks.

    The only solution. Individuals cannot be trusted to manage a People’s wealth. The Government officials appointed to operate the Nations’ finances, might be corruptable, but under the law they may be prosecuted for thievery, as they are only salaried bureaucrats – who must serve the people.

    But if the Oligarchs own the banks, then the Citizenry are less able to interfere with any decisions made, or Foreign Powers served, as the Banks are the property of private wealthy elites, who have most of the leverage to do whatever they wish with the – our Wealth.!!! They might even bribe the politicians.

    Nationalization of Banks is a moral, as well as physical necessity, that empowers the Citizenry of a Republic.

  50. @Adam Smith

    And another traitor Jewess involved in AIPAC espionage scandal: I.e., How israel first jews hijack our foreign policy: [Jewish Congresswoman] ‘Jane Harman Caught on Tape Agreeing to Lobby for Alleged AIPAC/Israel Spies’. Harman was allegedly heard saying she’d ‘waddle into’ the AIPAC case in return for support for her bid to become chair of the Intelligence Committee.

    Jane Harman..was overheard on an NSA wiretap telling a suspected Israeli agent that she would lobby the Justice Department to reduce espionage-related charges against two officials of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, the most powerful pro-Israel organization in Washington.

  51. @smimkle

    As long as you are driving a car, duh.

  52. anonymous[307] • Disclaimer says:
    @Colin Wright

    Since The US regime runs by the Jewish mafia scum, thus, all candidates have to cooperate with the fifth column, the Jewish Tribe. Few may cooperate to be selected, but many, like fifth column Trump, does it for his family business interest.
    I wonder, why the Jewish Mafia Adam Schiff does not charge Trump a traitor and fifth column who is working for a foreign country, Israel. All the goodies he has given to the criminal Tribe so far where is AGAINST LAW and International law show that he is in the service of a FOREIGN nation Israel. Neither party willing to mention the name of Israel where has the highest influence in the SELECTION process and every candidate must go to ISRAEL, kiss zionists’ behind, to be allow to run.
    This is a shame for a nation.

    Elizabeth Warren has to follow. Give her a chance, you have no better choice than Warren.

    The American ‘elite’ willingly is at the service of the Jewish Tribe to keep their advantages and make money. They are very corrupt where nothing but large protest nationwide can remove these criminal thieves out of power. They have to be removed by FORCE.

    Trump was brought up among these criminals, where he DO business with them and has MARRIED into the tribe. He is surrendered by Jewish mafia members every move he makes, which is chosen by Trump himself, because he TRUSTS only Jewish Tribe and NO ONE else. According to mafia Schiff, who said Trump runs the office like a MAFIA. They know each other.
    What he cares is his Jewish family’s interest, NOT the interest of the American people. When he says ‘america first’ Trump knows he is lying, and DECEPTION is the signature of this criminal Tribe.

    his business is with these criminals and his entire campaign is funded by these criminal Jewish Tribe.

  53. Sheikh Imran warns the Muslims should not come close to the mountain of Gold. He warns 99 out of every 100 combatants shall die fighting for the black gold.

  54. renfro says:
    @Colin Wright

    I could be wrong but I think Warren is the least likely of the bunch to become a Israel toddy.
    Biden is already and always has been a Israel tool…..he would be another disaster for the US.

  55. It is now abundantly clear that the American public is being rendered complicit in the surrender of their sovereignty to the Jewish state. Their being kept in the dark by the MSM is as inexcusable as that of willful ignorance. Washington’s surrender to Israel and their lobbies is nearing completion. Never in the history of nations has a small nation so thoroughly controlled another vastly more powerful than itself and done so more comprehensively than has Israel done to the United States. And never has such a state obtained where the controlled nation remains as oblivious to the forces that control it as stupefied American citizens are held in a permanent state of stupor by their “free press”. A remarkable achievement really to the extent that any new development – no matter how evil or bizarre, how cruel or malicious, whether of robbery, genocide or the wanton and wholesale destruction of societies — now scarcely causes raised eyebrows, save in marginalized groups whose voices of conscience are cries in the wilderness. Evil is now thoroughly normalized.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  56. @Patrikios Stetsonis

    Aside from mentioning that your post was deleted, the rest of your post doesn’t seem to make any sense.

  57. @Curmudgeon

    you’re correct…it isn’t above room temp:

    because they’ve been Drumpf’s troops since he became Prez,

    3 long years ago. And this

    despite all his “I’ll bring the troops home” promises. And now

    he’s pumping thousands more ZOG stormtroops into Saudi Arabia.

    As to Wally and the 2 or 3 other Drumpfaholics still hanging on here:

    the more Drumpf sucks Jewish d*ck, caresses Israhell, and shits on White America,

    the more you love him for it. Confirming

    what I’ve said all along about your “Holocaust Denial” claptrap:

    it’s a Zionist hasbara aimed at making the hardRight look stupid.

  58. @Patrikios Stetsonis

    Well….I am commenting for those who have above average IQ.

  59. @Colin Wright

    Part of the embargo motive is definitely for Israel to get cheaper, back door oil deals. Very corrupt and very predictable.
    The whole Islamic world is aware of Jewish/Israeli ‘ethics’. China and other asians, like the Japanese, seem wise as well. Europe is catching on. America is just starting to catch on.

    What will the Jews do when everyone on the planet is aware of the ‘ethics’?
    Where will they go?
    Patagonia, Ukraine and Israel.
    Imagine being so hated you need 2 plan b’s?

  60. barr says:

    Israel is preparing to claim a total of \$150 billion in compensation for the property of Jews who migrated from Arab countries to occupied Palestine, Israel Today has reported.

    The process of estimating the property values started in 2002, the newspaper pointed out. It noted that the law to claim compensation for Arab Jews was passed by the Israeli parliament in 2010 as a condition of a regional peace deal; negotiations began with the Arab countries in 2017.

    According to media reports, the compensation claimed will include assets from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya. — Middle East Monitor

  61. While proud American servicemen have been reduced to stealing oil on behalf of Israel, Russia is building, building, building energy infrastructure into Europe. But, it gets worse……Japan is now negotiating with the Russians on energy projects in the Far East. Meanwhile, North Dakota is still flaring Natural gas off and moving oil to market in trucks and trains. In Washington, we have a full cast Clown show that gets more hysterical by the day. No wonder they want more gun control legislation.

  62. this is fucking depressing…
    Rev 22:20 Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

  63. gomer says:

    Can you imagine if peak oil were true? If Peak Oil was proved beyond a shadow of a doubt just imagine what the consequences and repercussions would be for a nation like Israel and the Zionists? No people and nation would have more to lose than them, no one! Can you imagine all the blood, sweat and tears of Hertzl and his children only to wake up to the fact that their future and precious promised land is at the mercy of foreign owners of oil? Yep, munch on that for awhile?

    But here’s the thing to we have or are arriving to a point where oil extraction is getting very expensive and finding new reserves is causing the world terrible headaches. Debt is spiralling out of control really. That is why Gail Tverberg over at ourfiniteworld teaches we are approaching a breaking point of affordability. Spend some time there and you will not be sleeping very well at night.

  64. @ΑΖ

    I call it legislative theft.

  65. its not hidden its open and Russia’s jewish zog is fully on bored just as GASPROM plunders the Palestinans

  66. @Rev. Spooner

    I{m sure the US was informed when ISIS handed over those 50 tons of gold stolen from Iraq and Syria. Payment for being airlifted out of the Syrian-Russian advance. Those convoys usually include generator sets to power their weapons and of coarse AC units.

    The oil will flow and the Israelis will say, Lets do this in Latin America! Yesum masta anythang ya say, will be the US response!

  67. @Justsaying

    What is even worse than anything you so eloquently described, is they have the masterpiece of all evil acts yet to bring to completion, The destruction of their current host! And they know it has to be total, so they can move on to the next host without having to look back! I wonder who will play the roll of the US, the UK and Russia when they completely destroyed their previous host, Germany. China, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Germany, Syria, Libya, if they get the US to invade Venezuela, Cuba and Mexico, you might as well hang it up, there would be nothing left but the crying for Mystery Babylon!

    Trumps job was to isolate the US from its allies in order bring about the death of the host. No one can piss’off so many countries unless that was the plan. Every country I listed have had US-UK power used against them and would welcome some payback!

    I would be looking to find some immigrants that wanted to take my place if I lived in the US. Argentina is looking mighty good, right now, but we know how quickly that can change.

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