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MintCast Interviews Abby Martin About Her Anti-BDS Lawsuit & the Israel Lobby
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Welcome to the re-launch of MintCast, the official weekly MintPress News podcast hosted by Mnar Muhawesh and Whitney Webb. MintCast is an interview podcast featuring dissenting voices, independent researchers and journalists who the establishment would rather silence.

One such voice is journalist and filmmaker Abby Martin. She joins MintCast to discuss her free speech lawsuit against the state of Georgia after she was banned from giving a keynote address at Georgia Southern University last month for refusing to sign a loyalty oath to the apartheid state of Israel as part of Georgia’s newly passed anti-BDS law. Ironically, she was scheduled to give a presentation about critical media literacy and free speech.

Over the past six years, 28 states including Georgia, have adopted anti-boycott laws. The majority of states have already mandated loyalty pledges to Israel as a means of outlawing dissent.

The non-violent Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement is the latest target of the pro-Israeli lobby, which is now trying to make support for the movement illegal. It’s no wonder since BDS is possibly the most powerful non-violent tool that places economic pressure on Israel to follow international law and end its apartheid system and military occupation of Palestine.

In their joint lawsuit, CAIR Legal Defense Fund Senior Litigation Attorney Gadeir Abbas said: “There is no place where free speech is more important than on campus. And this attempt to suppress Abby’s views–denying students, academics, and others from hearing her lecture–is as brazen as it is illegal.”

Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, Executive Director of the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, added: “In 1956, Martin Luther King, Jr. was criminalized for leading a boycott against Jim Crow apartheid in Alabama. Southern states enforced anti-boycott laws to punish and derail civil rights organizing. The Supreme Court eventually made clear that peaceful boycotts are a protected form of political speech and expression.

Abby Martin is an outspoken critic of Israeli apartheid and it’s colonialism and occupation of Palestine. She recently highlighted Israel’s ongoing aggression and human rights abuses against Palestinians in Gaza in her documentary “Gaza Fights For Freedom”.

This program is 100 percent listener supported! You can join the hundreds of financial sponsors who make this show possible by becoming a member on our Patreon page.

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(Republished from MintPress News by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Abby has such a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome; We cam only hope and pray that someone cures her, She used to be a journalist, but now she is just an emotion based woman,. What a way to destroy a career: give up logic for feelings,. You go Abby.. Go into the stupidity of the feels.

    • Disagree: Haxo Angmark
    • Troll: TimeTraveller
    • Replies: @joe2.5
  2. Why would any ethical person buy goods from Israel? And before you compare them to Red China, at least we’re not sending the Chinese billions of taxpayer dollars. Down with the Zionists, especially the Christian variety.

    • Agree: Realist
  3. Abby Martin is a courageous hero.

  4. Obviously-anyone-who-did-or-does-sign-such-an-oath-for-Israel-or-any-other-government-or-

  5. Abby Martin is a righteous Jew.

  6. joe2.5 says:

    So the way to avoid being an emotion-based woman and to avoid giving up logic for feelings is to kiss Zionist a$$ like you’re doing. Good to know.
    Admirable, in fact: you sure know which side your bread is buttered on.

  7. Only listened to half of interview but Martin should know that the Presidency has been pretty much under Zionist Jew control since Wilson. The ignorant adolescent Trump has always been under the Jews paw. Bernie Kibbutz Sanders is just another Zionist tool as is most of Congress. The propaganda about so called white supremists and hate legislation is just a way to deflect attention away from the aPAC, ADL lobbies goal of eliminating your right to free speech and the exposure of their litany of lies going back to the 6 million crap they were shouting even before WWI. They have made incredible mileage on the phony Holocaust easily debunked. The Jews are driving all our wars and Trump is just their latest flunky to do their bidding. It won’t make any difference which political actor is voted into the Presidency but it can still make a difference by getting Constitutionalists into the House. The Senate is also mostly under Jew control. Lastly the Zionists are using lots of false flag events to get the public to consent to giving up their liberties. Miles Mathis has exposed much of this so you may want to ck. on this.

    • Agree: TimeTraveller
  8. Great podcast. I’m happy to see mintpress featured here on unz.

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