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Meet Ghislaine: Heiress to an Espionage Empire
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Despite being found guilty late last year for her role in sex crimes against minors, Ghislaine Maxwell, the “madam” and chief accomplice of the intelligence-linked pedophile and sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein, may soon walk free. A juror in the case, Scotty David, subsequently took credit for the jury’s decision to find Ghislaine Maxwell guilty and “inadvertently” revealed that he had incorrectly answered a pre-trial questionnaire. As a result, the possibility of a mistrial, and Ghislaine walking free, now looms large.

David has some interesting connections, as he currently works for the Carlyle Group – the global investment firm whose ties to the bin Laden family during the early 2000s have come under scrutiny. Carlyle’s executives often have ties to intelligence, with one example being its former chairman and then chairman emeritus, Frank Carlucci, who had been deputy director of the CIA and, later, Reagan’s Secretary of Defense. Carlyle’s current co-founder and co-chairman David Rubenstein, as noted in this article from Free Press Report, served on the board of the influential Trilateral Commission during the same time as Jeffrey Epstein, while his ex-wife Alice Rogoff (divorced in 2017) had a very close working relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell, including with her now defunct “charity” the TerraMar Project. Given the fact that there are known ties between David’s employer and Ghislaine Maxwell, why has this potential conflict of interest gone unmentioned by mainstream media?

Not only that, but – according to a family member of one of the women who testified against Maxwell during her trial – David was connected with the journalist who would publish the now infamous, post-verdict report via Vicky Ward. Ward has been denounced by Epstein victims and others close to the case for having had a past “chummy” relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell she declined to disclose for years and for subsequently telling Ghislaine that Epstein victim Maria Farmer had been the person who had first reported Maxwell and Epstein to the FBI back in 1996. Farmer later claims that Ward’s lack of journalistic integrity, after promising to keep Farmer’s identity secret, had put her life in danger and forced her into hiding.

It seems that there is, yet again, a major cover-up in the works, one which involves major centers of financial and political power in New York City and beyond. In order to fully understand the sexual trafficking and blackmail operation that Maxwell and Epstein oversaw, and why powerful forces apparently continue to intervene in the case, one must first understand its genesis, particularly how and why Ghislaine Maxwell arrived in New York City. In this second installment of “Meet Ghislaine” (read Part 1 here), the beginnings of Ghislaine’s career – closely controlled by her father, Robert Maxwell, until his 1991 death – are followed in detail.

The Young Ghislaine

Early on in life, Ghislaine Maxwell was surrounded by the rich and powerful figures who frequented her father’s offices as his publishing empire and political connections grew both in the UK and abroad. Her father, Robert Maxwell, was a dominant force in her life as he was for her siblings as well, though Ghislaine gained a reputation as his favorite child, despite having been neglected in the earliest years of her life.

However, Ghislaine did not escape the abuse that was known to befall Robert Maxwell’s other children. While brothers Kevin and Ian were well known to regularly receive tongue lashings from their father in full view of friends and business associates, Ghislaine received “prearranged hidings [beatings]” from her father, with a nine-year-old Ghislaine telling author Eleanor Berry, a friend and confidant of her father’s, that “Daddy has a series of things lined up in a row. There’s a riding crop with a swish to it, another straight riding crop and a few shoehorns. He always asks me to choose which one I want.”

By all accounts, Robert Maxwell had firm control over Ghislaine’s young life. This was particularly true when it came to her love life through her teens and into her time at university, when he reportedly would ban her boyfriends from the family home and try to keep her from being seen with them publicly. It appears that Robert Maxwell applied this rule uniquely to Ghislaine and not to his three older daughters. Though such behavior could be attributed merely to his being a protective father, he later went to great lengths—even involving his publishing empire—to promote Ghislaine’s affairs with certain individuals, particularly those who inhabited elite circles (explored in more depth later in this article). This behavior suggests that Robert Maxwell may have seen Ghislaine’s sexuality as a useful tool in growing his influence empire, beginning when she was quite young. It also may have contributed to Ghislaine’s willingness, years later, to sexually exploit and abuse the young women targeted by herself and Jeffrey Epstein.

In much the same way as Ghislaine’s young personal life was controlled by her father, her entry into the working world after her graduation from Oxford was directly facilitated and managed by her father, with Robert Maxwell setting her up “with a string of jobs across his business empire.” By 1984, at age twenty-two, she was serving as a director of the British football club Oxford United alongside her brother Kevin. At the time, Robert Maxwell held shares in the club through a company created explicitly for that purpose. He served as the club’s chairman beginning in 1982.

Ghislaine and her father at an Oxford United football match
Ghislaine and her father at an Oxford United football match

Prior to and during this same period, Ghislaine worked in various roles at her father’s companies Pergamon Press and the Mirror Group, with British media later describing her early career as “entirely dependent on her father’s patronage.” She was working for the Mirror Group by 1984 and possibly earlier. During this period, Robert often used Ghislaine to market and generally represent his newspapers publicly.

In 1985, and with Robert Maxwell’s full approval, The People — the Sunday edition of the Daily Mirror— ran a story claiming that efforts were being made to blackmail the paper’s publisher, Robert Maxwell himself. The blackmailer had reportedly threatened Maxwell with information regarding Ghislaine’s alleged relationship with David Manners, then-Marquis of Granby and the future Duke of Rutland. The article sought to paint Robert Maxwell as bravely resisting the “blackmailer,” but there is more to the story.

This astonishing article claimed that people connected with the British MP Harvey Proctor had tried to blackmail Maxwell via The People. The article claimed that a “sinister phonecaller” had warned that, if the newspaper continued its campaign to expose Harvey Proctor, they would “produce a story about Ghislaine and Lord Granby at Belvoir Castle with incriminating pictures of them in compromising positions.” Manners denied the claim, stating that he and Ghislaine were merely friends.

The bizarre decision to publish a front-page story exploiting his own daughter’s alleged sexual relationship because of an anonymous phone call was especially odd given that Robert Maxwell was known for his tight control over his youngest daughter’s love life. As previously mentioned, he had banned her boyfriends from visiting the family house and had gone to great lengths to prevent her from being seen in public with them. Yet, for whatever reason, Robert Maxwell clearly wanted information linking Ghislaine to the future duke put out into the public sphere. Though it is difficult to know exactly what was behind this odd episode in Ghislaine’s past, the situation suggests that Robert Maxwell saw Ghislaine’s young sexuality as a useful tool in building his influence empire.

The story is also odd for other reasons. The motive of the blackmailer was ostensibly to prevent Maxwell-owned papers from covering the Harvey Proctor scandal. But Manners (Lord Granby in the article), who was allegedly involved with Ghislaine, was also a close friend and later the employer of Harvey Proctor. Why would someone close to Proctor seek to blackmail Maxwell by putting the reputation of his own friend on the line?

In addition, the appearance of Harvey Proctor, a Conservative member of Parliament, in this tabloid spectacle is interesting for a few reasons. In 1987, Proctor pleaded guilty to sexual indecency with two young men, who were sixteen and nineteen at the time, and several witnesses interviewed in that investigation described him as having a sexual interest in “young boys.” Later, a controversial court case saw Proctor accused of having been involved with well-connected British pedophile and procurer of children Jimmy Savile; he was alleged to have been part of a child sex-abuse ring that was said to include former UK prime minister Ted Heath.

Of course, the Maxwell-owned newspapers, in covering the alleged effort to blackmail Robert Maxwell, did not mention the “young boys” angle at all, instead focusing on claims that distracted from the then-credible accusations of pedophilia by claiming that Proctor was merely into “spanking” and was “whacky,” among other things.

As was mentioned in Part 1 of this series, Ghislaine had also become involved with “philanthropy” tied to her father’s media empire during this period, which included hosting a “Disney day out for kids” and benefit dinner on behalf of the Mirror Group for the Save the Children NGO. Part of the event took place at the home of the Marquess and Lady of Bath, with the former known being for his strange obsession with Adolf Hitler. The gala was attended by members of the British royal family. The same evening that the Ghislaine-hosted bash concluded, the Marquess of Bath’s son was found hanging from a bedspread tied to an oak beam at the Bath Arms bar in what was labeled a suicide.

The attendance of royals at this Ghislaine-hosted gala was not some lucky break for Ghislaine or her “philanthropic” efforts, given that Ghislaine had been close to the royals for years, as some of her later employees and victims attested to having personally seen pictures of her “growing up” with the royals, a relationship allegedly facilitated by the Maxwell family’s ties to the Rothschild banking family. Ghislaine was heard on more than one occasion describing the wealthy and influential Rothschilds as her family’s “greatest protectors,” and they were also among Robert Maxwell’s most important bankers, who helped him finance the construction of his vast media empire and web of companies and untraceable trusts.

While Ghislaine was working in these capacities for her father’s business empire, there are indications that she had also, to some extent, begun to become involved in his espionage-related activities. According to former Israeli intelligence operative and associate of Maxwell in his dealings with Mossad, Ari Ben-Menashe, Ghislaine accompanied her father to events frequently, including the now-infamous 1989 party on Maxwell’s yacht where several key figures in the intelligence-related PROMIS software scandal were in attendance.

Ben-Menashe has also claimed that Jeffrey Epstein was brought into the group of Israeli spies that included himself and Robert Maxwell during this period in the mid-1980s and that Epstein had been introduced to Robert Maxwell after having been romantically involved with Ghislaine.

In 2019, Ben-Menashe told former CBS News producer Zev Shalev that “he [Maxwell] wanted us to accept him [Epstein] as part of our group. . . . I’m not denying that we were at the time a group that it was Nick Davies [foreign editor of the Maxwell-owned Daily Mirror], it was Maxwell, it was myself and our team from Israel, we were doing what we were doing.” He then added that Maxwell had stated during the introduction that “your Israeli bosses have already approved” of Epstein. Shalev later corroborated Epstein’s affiliation with Israeli military intelligence during this period with another former Israeli intelligence official. Epstein’s former business associate Steve Hoffenberg, who worked with Epstein from the late 1980s until 1993, has also stated that Epstein had boasted of his work for Israeli intelligence during that period and “rumors” of Epstein’s affiliation with both Israeli and US intelligence appeared in media reports as early as 1992.

Ari Ben Menashe in his office. He now runs a consultancy firm.
Ari Ben Menashe in his office. He now runs a consultancy firm.

Past reporting by Seymour Hersh and others revealed that Maxwell, Davies, and Ben-Menashe were involved in the transfer and sale of military equipment and weapons from Israel to Iran on behalf of Israeli intelligence during this period. Epstein is also have known to have been involved with arms dealers at this time, including with UK’s Douglas Leese and the Iran-Contra–linked Adnan Khashoggi. Ben-Menashe went on to tell Shalev that he had “met him [Epstein] a few times in Maxwell’s office, that was it.” He also said he was not aware of Epstein being involved in arms deals for anyone else he knew at the time but that Maxwell wanted to involve Epstein in the arms transfer in which he, Davies, and Ben-Menashe were engaged on Israel’s behalf. He later clarified that he had seen Epstein on several occasions after his initial recruitment, as Epstein “used to be in [Robert Maxwell’s] office [in London] quite often” and would arrive there between trips to and from Israel.

Moving On Up

Beginning roughly during this same period, in 1986, Ghislaine began dating an Italian aristocrat named Count Gianfranco Cicogna, whose grandfather was Mussolini’s finance minister and the last doge of Venice. Cicogna also had ties to both covert and overt power structures in Italy, particularly to the Vatican, to the CIA in Italy, and to the Italian side of the National Crime Syndicate. The other half of that syndicate, of course, was the Jewish American mob with its modern-day ties to the informal Mega Group, which itself was deeply connected to the Epstein scandal and whose members included business partners of Robert Maxwell.

Gianfranco Cicogna in an undated photo
Gianfranco Cicogna in an undated photo

Cicogna’s relationship with Ghislaine lasted throughout the 1990s, though numerous media outlets have misreported their relationship as having taken place only during the early 1990s. It was reported in the British media in 1992 that Cicogna had been Ghislaine’s “great love” and that he had “moulded the Ghislaine we now see. He told her where to get her hair cut, and what to wear.” It’s worth noting that Gianfranco Cicogna met a grisly end in 2012 when the plane he was flying exploded in a giant fireball during an air show, a morbid spectacle that can surprisingly still be viewed on YouTube.

Toward the end of her relationship with Cicogna, Ghislaine is said to have founded the Kit Kat Club, which she depicted as a feminist endeavor. Why Ghislaine chose the name “Kit Kat Club” is something of a mystery. The original Kit Kat Club was set up by a renowned pie maker named Christopher Catling in London during the eighteenth century to promote the freedoms obtained during the 1688 Glorious Revolution. Until the late 1800s, Catling’s organization was the only entity to use the name. Then, in the 1900s, various wealthy private clubs, music venues, and public houses adopted the name for establishments all around the UK. The original name of the club created by Catling was also the inspiration behind the naming of the famous KitKat chocolate bar produced by Nestlé. The name caught on, with independent music venues bearing the name in Wales, Northern Ireland, and the North of England; there was even a Kit Kat Club band in Scotland. Then came the 1966 musical Cabaret, which was set in the Kit Kat Club in Berlin. Cabaret had been turned into a movie around the time Ghislaine Maxwell supposedly founded and named her own Kit Kat organization, but her true reasons for choosing this name may never be known.

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald later described Maxwell’s Kit Kat Club as “a salon held in a variety of locations, designed to bring together women from the arts, politics and society.” The article goes on to quote an attendee of the events, author Anna Pasternak, who stated, “It was bright, wealthy and society women. Nowadays, it seems quite normal to be going to a meeting just for women, but 30 years ago it seemed exciting.” Of Ghislaine, Pasternak stated that she was “very mindful of who you were, your status, your importance. I think it was more a way of advancing herself, making contacts that could be useful to her.”

The Kit Kat Club, despite being described by other outlets as “an all-female debating society” and group meant to “help women in commerce and industry,” held functions that were hosted by Maxwell that often had many men in attendance. One apparently frequent attendee of the Kit Kat Club was Jeffrey Archer. Archer is a former Tory MP turned novelist who has been the recipient of various accusations of financial fraud over the years and who has served time in prison for perjury. He was another close colleague of Harvey Proctor and helped finance his business ventures following the latter’s conviction for acts of “gross indecency” with two teenage boys. In a 1996 article published by the Daily News, Archer said of his experience at the Kit Kat Club: “I had the time of my life, surrounded by women under 40. I had orgasm after orgasm just talking to them!”

Archer can also be seen in images taken at a Kit Kat Club event in 2004. Pictures from that same event show other attendees, including Stanley and Rachel Johnson, the father and sister of current UK prime minister Boris Johnson. Also seen at this 2004 Kit Kat function was former Tory MP Jonathan Aitken, who went to jail for perjury and is known for his close ties to Saudi royalty; former key figure in the Rupert Murdoch media empire, Andrew Neil; and Anton Mosimann, who has been called the “chef to royalty.”

There has since been speculation that Ghislaine’s Kit Kat Club is where Donald Trump met his future wife Melania. Although the New York Times and other outlets reported that, at Fashion Week 1998, Donald Trump first met Melania at the Kit Kat Club in New York, this locale was not related to Maxwell’s Kit Kat Club and is instead a famous club in New York that also got its name from Catling’s original Kit Kat Club. However, these same outlets also reported that Epstein and Maxwell claimed to have been the ones who introduced the Trumps to each other.

Soon after her “painful” split from Gianfranco Cicogna, Ghislaine was seen skiing in Aspen, Colorado—“where the rich and famous mix” during the winter season—with American actor George Hamilton, who was also seen escorting Ghislaine to the Epsom races in 1991. Hamilton, twenty-two years Ghislaine’s senior, is apparently much more than just an actor, as he allegedly played a major role in aiding Ferdinand Marcos, the former dictator of the Philippines, and his wife Imelda move billions of public funds out of the country and convert them into private wealth for themselves and their accomplices abroad. Marcos originally rose to power with the help of the CIA.

George Hamilton and Ghislaine Maxwell attend the Epsom races in 1991
George Hamilton and Ghislaine Maxwell attend the Epsom races in 1991

A NY prosecutor referred to Hamilton as a “front” for Marcos, and media reports at the time claimed he had also acted as Imelda Marcos’s financial adviser. The Associated Press reported that Hamilton had been an unindicted co-conspirator in the fraud and racketeering cases brought against Imelda Marcos after she and her husband fled their country in 1986. The congressional committee tasked with investigating the flight of billions from the Philippines just prior to Marcos’s ouster declined to investigate the financial transactions surrounding Hamilton, which were alleged to have been connected to that very crime. Notably, at the same time, the CIA refused to disclose what it knew about the capital flight. As mentioned later in this article, the private investigator hired by this congressional committee to track down the Marcos’s money was Jules Kroll.

In 1990, Ghislaine was added to the payroll of another of her father’s newspapers, the European, which had launched that same year. It’s not exactly clear, however, at what point she joined the company or in what role(s) she served. A website recently set up by Ghislaine’s siblings following her July 2020 arrest for sexual crimes related to minors states that she developed and created “advertising opportunities” in the newspaper’s supplement during her time there. This same year, she moved to the United States, first to Los Angeles after being “offered a small part in a movie” that was being filmed there.

Coming to America

During the late 1980s, Robert Maxwell’s media empire began to falter as he had overextended his finances by making massive purchases, including Macmillan publishing among many others. Part of the reason behind his rapid, and arguably hasty, expansion was related to his rivalry with fellow media baron Rupert Murdoch. Another factor was his desire to become ever more wealthy and powerful. Former British ambassador to the US Peter Jay, who had also served as Maxwell’s chief of staff, later said that these purchases were partially motivated by Maxwell being “offended and upset that he was seen as merely a printer. . . . He was determined to go and demonstrate to the world that he was a publisher as well.”

Given Robert Maxwell’s ties to intelligence and the role some of his media assets played in espionage-related affairs, such as the arrest of Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu, it is possible if not likely that some of these acquisitions during this period were motivated by more than just his ego. Indeed, some of the companies Maxwell purchased or created during this period played a role in his sale of the bugged PROMIS software, acting as fronts for Israeli intelligence in the process.

In the lead-up to the 1990s, some of Maxwell’s companies became increasingly linked to organized criminal activities, such as those of Russian mobster Semion Mogilevich, and to the effort of Bulgarian intelligence to plunder Western technology known as Neva. Some of the companies Maxwell created to operate the Neva program were also used as cover for Israeli intelligence. The ties between this Maxwell-operated web of companies to the interconnected worlds of intelligence and organized crime grew under the umbrella corporation known as Multi-Group. The FBI later referred to Multi-Group, cofounded by Maxwell, as giving rise to a global criminal syndicate that came to control a large percentage of the profits from major industries, including oil, telecommunications, and natural gas. The Maxwell model for moving and laundering money between a web of Eastern and Western banks was at the core of the criminal enterprise that lurked within the Multi-Group web of companies.

Years later, the FBI’s foremost counterintelligence expert, John Patrick O’Neill, described Robert Maxwell as being “at the heart of the global criminal network” and that his lasting contribution to the world was having been “the man who set in motion a true coalition of global criminals” through the creation of Multi-Group. O’Neill died in the attacks of September 11, 2001. His death was not only convenient for those constructing the official narrative of the attacks, as he had been the top expert in the FBI on Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, but it was also convenient for those who took the reins of Maxwell’s criminal enterprises in New York after Maxwell’s 1991 demise. Indeed, in the late 1990s, O’Neill had told author Gordon Thomas that he “had staff still trying to unravel the links from Maxwell’s legacy,” particularly his organized crime links and their operation in New York.

John P. O’Neill, the FBI counterintelligence expert, was the Bureau’s top expert on Osama bin Laden and was also attempting to track down the vestiges Robert Maxwell’s crime-linked enterprises in New York City before his death on September 11, 2001.
John P. O’Neill, the FBI counterintelligence expert, was the Bureau’s top expert on Osama bin Laden and was also attempting to track down the vestiges Robert Maxwell’s crime-linked enterprises in New York City before his death on September 11, 2001.

Robert Maxwell’s foothold in New York, which led to his establishing links to the city’s criminal underworld, appear to have gotten underway when he purchased Macmillan. He had little trouble raising money for a grander entry into New York business and society, despite his well-known past financial chicanery that had earned him the nickname “the bouncing Czech.” Investment banks such as Lehman Brothers, Rothschild Inc., Salomon Brothers, and Goldman Sachs lined up to represent and help finance Maxwell and his ever-growing web of businesses and corporate entities. Some speculated at the time that some of the funds Maxwell raised during this period and for this purpose had originated in the Soviet Union, where he had considerable connections, including to the KGB. There is also the possibility that some of the funds included proceeds from Maxwell’s sale of bugged PROMIS software to governments around the world.

Despite having opened a considerable new stream of revenue through Multi-Group and its legitimate and illegitimate businesses, years of financial fraud and stock-buying schemes caught up with Robert Maxwell’s empire, which began rapidly imploding in early 1991. In what is often considered a bizarre move by observers, given Maxwell’s dire financial situation and the poor state of the newspaper, Maxwell decided to expand his presence in New York by buying the New York Daily News in March 1991. However, Gordon Thomas later reported that the paper’s previous owners, the Chicago Tribune Group, had offered Maxwell \$60 million to take over the floundering paper. Regardless of the true story behind his acquisition of the paper, he chose to put his daughter Ghislaine in charge of “special projects” shortly after becoming its owner. That position, per London’s Sunday Times, “provided her with her entree to the power base of the city.”

In addition to her new role in charge of “special projects” for the paper, Ghislaine was also made managing director of a “ready-made” company based in New York and created by her father, Maxwell Corporate Gifts. The New York Post later described the company as Ghislaine’s “own fiefdom.” Little is otherwise known about Maxwell Corporate Gifts, with the Maxwell family subsequently describing the company as “a business that supplied long-term service awards for companies.” In 2021, Ghislaine’s siblings published a short biography of their sister that asserted that Ghislaine had founded Maxwell Corporate Gifts in the mid-1980s after her graduation from Oxford and before her move to the US. Their claim is at odds with past media reports that predate Ghislaine’s infamy by several years and even decades. It is also possible, however, that the entity’s creation preceded by several years its use by Ghislaine and her father in New York.

Because few or no public records remain accessible regarding the company’s activities, we can only speculate about its activities. Given that the creation of the company coincided with the Maxwells’ entry into New York as well as the fact that Robert Maxwell’s ambition to expand his influence throughout the city was quite clear at the time, it was most likely a part of the growing Maxwell influence network in the city. New York media outlets subsequently claimed that Robert Maxwell saw himself as “the patriarch of a dynasty that would wield financial and political power on a global scale” and that he additionally saw New York as where they would truly make their mark.

After buying the New York Daily News, and despite his mounting financial problems, Maxwell received such positive attention in New York City that it surprised even him. According to an anecdote from Robert Pirie, investment banker and the then-president of Rothschild Inc.:

After he bought the Daily News, I picked him up at his boat. He liked Chinese food, so I decided to take him to Fu’s, which is the best Chinese restaurant in the city. As we drove up First Avenue, people would recognize him, and open their car doors and come out and shake his hand. At Fu’s, the entire restaurant got up on its feet and started clapping. He was overwhelmed. He told me, “In my whole life in London, no one’s ever acted like this. I’m here a month and look what’s happening.”

This type of reception throughout the city led Maxwell to become even more determined to expand his presence there. He hired a “group of prominent consultants and lawyers to help him make his way in America.” These included former senator Howard Baker and former senator John Tower as well as Republican Party consultant and high-profile public relations executive Robert Keith Gray. The inclusion of these three men in advising Maxwell on his entry into the United States is highly significant, but each is important for a different reason.

Senator Howard Baker (R-TN)
Senator Howard Baker (R-TN)

Tennessee senator Howard Baker, best known for being the vice-chairman of the Senate Watergate Committee and subsequently Reagan’s chief of staff after the Iran-Contra scandal, had become Robert Maxwell’s business partner in 1991 in a venture called Newstar. Newstar focused on expanding investment opportunities for Americans in the former Soviet Union and was described by Richard Jacobs, who cofounded the company with Baker, as “an international merchant banking, investment and advisory company.” Jacobs also stated that Robert Maxwell was one of the major shareholders in the company. Newstar was just one of several companies that Maxwell used to enrich himself through privatizing assets of the former Soviet Union. Baker also attempted to recruit other respected public figures into Maxwell’s empire.

Senator John Tower (R-TX)
Senator John Tower (R-TX)

It appears that Maxwell first encountered Baker through his years-long relationship with Senator Tower, with whom Baker had had a decades-long partnership in the Senate. Maxwell had first gotten close to Tower years earlier, at Henry Kissinger’s behest, with the intention of advancing the Mossad goal of installing PROMIS software on the computers of top-secret US laboratories tied to the nuclear weapons program. It was Maxwell who placed Tower on the Mossad payroll, prompted his involvement in the Iran-Contra deal, and later added him to his own payroll via the company Pergamon-Brassey, which appears to have been strongly related to both the PROMIS scandal and the Bulgarian-led Neva program. Tower died just months before Maxwell, in early 1991, as the result of a suspicious plane crash, which at the time reportedly made Robert Maxwell fear for his own life.

Robert Keith Gray
Robert Keith Gray

Robert Keith Gray is perhaps the key to unlocking the truth about Robert Maxwell’s plans and ambitions for his future in New York City. Gray was a smooth operator, having worked on major presidential campaigns and as the top executive at the public relations firm Hill and Knowlton. Less known is the fact that Gray had extensive ties to US intelligence and also to a handful of call girl and sexual-blackmail rings that encircled the Watergate scandal of the Nixon presidency and the more obscure Koreagate scandal of the same era. He was also tied, through connections in his home state of Nebraska, to figures involved in the Franklin Scandal. One common thread throughout the sexual blackmail scandals that were linked in some way to Gray was the Georgetown Club, owned by South Korean intelligence asset Tongsun Park and whose president was Robert Keith Gray at the time when it was used by CIA and other intelligence-linked figures to acquire sexual blackmail. John Tower was a member of the Georgetown Club during this period, as were many other prominent politicians and power brokers in Washington, DC.

During the period where he sought these men’s advice about how to grow his influence in New York, Robert Maxwell was also eager to get closer to George H. W. Bush—then the US president—with whom he had cultivated a relationship decades earlier. The Bush White House later became embroiled in the pedophile, blackmail, and sex-trafficking scandal that enveloped former Washington lobbyist Craig Spence, a network later shown by journalist Nick Bryant to have been at the core of the Franklin Scandal network. The alleged contact Spence had at the Bush White House was former National Security Advisor Donald Gregg. Gregg denied these reports, and the story was quickly memory holed. In 1989 Spence was found dead in a Boston hotel room and his death was quickly ruled a “suicide.”

Soon after Robert Maxwell’s effort to expand his footprint in New York, which author Gordon Thomas alleges involved Maxwell’s desire to become “king” of the city, he was being “courted” by Edgar Bronfman, Laurence Tisch, and other “luminaries of the New York Jewish community.” Bronfman and Tisch were among the founding members of the informal Mega Group, founded that same year by Leslie Wexner and Edgar Bronfman’s brother Charles. Charles Bronfman had previously teamed up with Maxwell in 1989 in an ill-fated attempt to purchase the Jerusalem Post. In a previous report that I wrote for MintPress News, I noted how many Mega Group members, including Wexner and the Bronfmans, had clear ties to organized crime networks and/or intelligence (as was the case for Tisch). Maxwell himself, as explored in this article and Part 1 of this series, checked these boxes as well.

The Mega Group’s existence was not revealed to the public until seven years later, in 1998. At that time, it underwent a very public reveal in the Wall Street Journal, and the names of its most prominent members were disclosed. Given that Robert Maxwell was cozy with this network and was being “courted” by them the year of its founding and that he had died long before the publication of the Wall Street Journal article, it is worth considering the possibility that Maxwell himself was a Mega Group member and that the only reason his name was not included in the WSJ’s disclosure of the group is because he was no longer alive. Support for this thesis can be adduced in the subsequent team-up of sexual-blackmail influence operator Jeffrey Epstein, who had been a financial adviser to Wexner since 1987 and his money manager since 1990, and Ghislaine Maxwell, Robert Maxwell’s favorite daughter.

While Wexner is often considered to be an Ohio business mogul, he had become increasingly active in New York in the 1980s, particularly its real estate market, especially following his involvement with Epstein. For over a decade and up until the early 2000s, Epstein was frequently referred to in the press as a real estate mogul or “property developer,” and some of these early articles, including one that named Ghislaine as the “mysterious business queen” of social circles that spanned New York and London, also discussed allegations that Epstein was involved with both the CIA and Israel’s Mossad.

Rising from the Ashes

At the end of October 1991, Robert Maxwell contacted private investigator Jules Kroll and arranged a meeting to see if he could hire Kroll to investigate a “conspiracy” to ruin him financially and destroy his empire. Kroll told Maxwell he would take the case.

Jules Kroll
Jules Kroll

Jules Kroll’s involvement in this matter is significant for several reasons but chiefly because of the ties of his firms to US and Israeli intelligence. Kroll Associates, founded by Jules Kroll in 1972, became known as “the CIA of Wall Street” and was later alleged by French intelligence to have been used as an actual front for the CIA. The reasoning behind this nickname and such claims is partially related to the company’s penchant for hiring former CIA and FBI officers as well as former operatives of Britain’s MI6 and Israel’s Mossad. The successor company to Kroll Associates, K2 Intelligence, has similar hiring practices. In 2020, former Kroll Associates employee Roy Den Hollander was accused of murdering the son of New York judge Esther Salas at their family home just as Salas was due to preside over a case involving ties between Jeffrey Epstein and Deutsche Bank.

At the time that Robert Maxwell hired Kroll, the brother of then US president and former CIA director George H. W. Bush—Johnathan Bush—was on its corporate advisory board. Soon afterward, Kroll became employed by Bill Clinton in his first presidential campaign and later was hired to manage security for the World Trade Center in New York after the 1993 bombing. In addition, Kroll had been hired to investigate how money had been spirited out of the Philippines by the Marcos family. As previously mentioned, Ghislaine’s friend George Hamilton had played a significant role in that affair.

Furthermore, just weeks before 9/11, Kroll hired John P. O’Neill, with the involvement of Jerome Hauer—also a Kroll employee at the time, who would be one of the few, and possibly the only, high-ranking Kroll employee to die in the attacks. As previously noted, O’Neill was seeking to unravel “Maxwell’s legacy” in New York criminal networks at the time of his death on September 11, 2001. A report from January of that year noted that federal investigators were still trying to determine “how much of her [Ghislaine’s] father’s fortune is buried in the offshore trusts he used so freely for the benefit of his family.”

Kroll was unable to give Robert Maxwell the information he had wanted before Maxwell died under suspicious circumstances on his yacht in November 1991. Though media reports often say that his death was most likely a suicide, many biographers, investigators, and even Maxwell’s own family assert that he was murdered, having hit the end of the line in terms of his usefulness to those who had empowered his legal and illegal activities over the years. Ghislaine herself claims it was a group of “Mossad renegades” who took her father’s life.

Soon after news of Robert Maxwell’s death spread, his wife Betty Maxwell, accompanied by Ghislaine, headed to his place of death—his yacht, then located near the Canary Islands. As mentioned in Part 1, journalist John Jackson, who was present when Ghislaine and Betty boarded the yacht shortly after Robert’s death, claims that it was Ghislaine who “coolly walked into her late father’s office and shredded all incriminating documents on board.” Ghislaine denies the incident, though Jackson has never retracted his claim, which was reported in a 2007 article published in the Daily Mail. If Jackson is to believed, it was Ghislaine—out of all of Robert Maxwell’s children—who was most intimately aware of the incriminating secrets of her father’s financial empire and espionage activities. Betty Maxwell subsequently claimed that Ghislaine had been the child she chose to accompany her because she spoke Spanish and could help more than her other children in communicating with local authorities.

Ghislaine aboard the Lady Ghislaine shortly after her father’s death
Ghislaine aboard the Lady Ghislaine shortly after her father’s death

Following her father’s death, Ghislaine publicly claimed to know next to nothing of his affairs and to have no money herself, despite it being well known that her father had created numerous trusts in the Lichtenstein tax haven that were meant to fund the Maxwell family for “generations.” A New York detective who interviewed Ghislaine in Manhattan while trying to trace her father’s assets later stated:

She came in dressed in sackcloth and ashes. It was pathetic. She said she had no money. Yet here was this expensive lawyer arguing with us in a room so air conditioned we couldn’t hear what he said. In between claiming she had no money, you couldn’t but help warming to her, she was so solicitous. We hadn’t had any lunch and she was recommending restaurants here and there and where to stay and go shopping, and slipping in from time to time how she never had anything to do with her father’s affairs.

Another investigator said that “It is entirely possible, and we didn’t have the resources to check, that Maxwell could have siphoned off money from some of his 400 companies in America to her. She was living on something.”

In 1992, Ghislaine repeated the claims that she was destitute but promised her family would soon make a comeback. That year, she told Vanity Fair, “I’m surviving—just. But I can’t just die quietly in a corner. . . . I would say we’ll be back. Watch this space.” As I previously reported, it was during this same period that the Maxwell siblings were openly attempting to rebuild their father’s empire and legacy, which potentially included his intelligence activities.

It later emerged that during this period and the years that followed, Ghislaine had shifted from being dependent on her father to being “entirely dependent” on Jeffrey Epstein for her “lavish lifestyle.” Some acquaintances of Ghislaine have since claimed that “she started working for him [Epstein] immediately after her father died.”

Ghislaine and Jeffrey Epstein at a 1991 memorial event for her father at the Plaza Hotel
Ghislaine and Jeffrey Epstein at a 1991 memorial event for her father at the Plaza Hotel

Ghislaine and Jeffrey Epstein’s public relationship began in 1991 during a tribute dinner at the Plaza Hotel held in Robert Maxwell’s honor, where Epstein sat at the same table with Ghislaine and Betty. According to media reports, this was Ghislaine’s “first step in publicly announcing her deep affection for him [Epstein].” The choice of the Plaza would prove to be ironic given that Ghislaine and Epstein were launching an extensive sexual-blackmail operation that would go on for well over a decade. The hotel had previously been the site of a sexual-blackmail operation involving the infamous lawyer Roy Cohn and his mentor, the liquor magnate Lewis Rosenstiel.

The Plaza Hotel was purchased in 1988, not long after Cohn’s death, by Cohn’s protégé, Donald Trump, who had become close to Jeffrey Epstein beginning in 1987, when the two men, along with Tom Barrack, used to frequent New York nightlife hotspots together. The Plaza subsequently became the site of numerous parties attended by underage girls hoping to become “models.” Both Epstein and Trump, during this period and beyond, were known for their efforts to purchase, control, or have significant access to a variety of modeling agencies. Epstein was known to use the promise of modeling opportunities to either recruit or lure in young victims to his and Maxwell’s sexual-trafficking enterprise. Regarding Epstein, Trump stated in 2002: “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.” Years later, Trump claim ed to have had a falling out with Epstein over the latter’s behavior at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

In the year that followed his first public appearance with Ghislaine, Epstein was treated by both the press and those close to Ghislaine as her father reincorporated, with various media reports stating and/or quoting their associates comparing Epstein directly to Robert Maxwell. Some of these reports, as early as 1992, also openly discussed the possibility that Epstein, like Robert Maxwell, was working for Israeli intelligence as well as the CIA.

Reports throughout the 1990s would say that Ghislaine’s role in Epstein’s businesses was “nebulous” yet central, and she would later be described as having the role of “consultant.” Her own web of businesses was described “as opaque as her father’s,” and one described her as an “internet operator.” When asked about her work by reporters, she would refuse to confirm the nature of her businesses or even their names. The “internet operator” claim seems to be related to the “substantial interest” she possessed in the tech company founded in the 1990s by her twin sisters, Christine and Isabel, which produced the Magellan search engine. During this same period, Ghislaine and Epstein courted Microsoft executives, including Bill Gates, which led to a close relationship between Microsoft and Magellan and Isabel Maxwell’s subsequent business, CommTouch, which had deep ties to Israel’s national-security and intelligence apparatus.

Ghislaine and Epstein, as most now know, were also operating a sexual-trafficking and sexual-blackmail operation that involved the sexual abuse of minors, who were used to seduce and entrap powerful individuals, particularly Democratic politicians. Furthermore, the pair’s ties to intelligence have subsequently emerged and are alleged, including by eyewitnesses, to have begun in the 1980s with the direct involvement of Robert Maxwell. As noted in this article, Robert Maxwell at the time of his death was attempting to become “king” of New York high society.

Given the context surrounding the circumstances during which the Ghislaine-Epstein sexual-blackmail operation developed and launched, as detailed here, it appears more than plausible that this operation not only benefited certain intelligence agencies but also the organized crime–linked Mega Group and the Maxwell family itself. Ultimately, the activities that Ghislaine undertook alongside Epstein, as well as those of her siblings, fulfilled Robert Maxwell’s reported desire to become “the patriarch of a dynasty that would wield financial and political power on a global scale.” However, like the rise and fall of her father, Ghislaine’s power and influence was not meant to last.

In this light, it appears that the sexual-blackmail activities of these two individuals was an operation seeking to not only influence US policy on behalf of a foreign entity (as well as domestic entities such as the CIA) but to influence powerful individuals for the benefit of the Maxwell family itself as well as the organized crime web in which Robert Maxwell enmeshed his business interests in the latter years of his life.

To continue to claim that Ghislaine Maxwell’s activities were only performed to please Jeffrey Epstein who only sought to financially extort certain individuals for his personal gain is dishonest when faced with the facts of the matter and the context in which their operations took place. It also belittles the experiences of those who survived sexual abuse at the hands of both Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein, as the continued cover-up of their complex dealings means that justice will never be served for their enablers, while the names of those they unduly influenced will never become public. It is a revelation that those in power must prevent the public from understanding at all costs, lest Americans realize that the United States has long been a country ruled by backdoor dealings, illicit intelligence operations, and blackmail.

(Republished from Unlimited Hangout by permission of author or representative)
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  1. This has been one of the most informative articles I have ever read. Great work. I also want to mention mintpress news has a great series on the finders cult case, that was also incredibly informative.

    I really want to know about terramar, one alleged court transcript from the ghislaine case has her claiming terramar citizenship, I really want to know more about that.
    Great work, Whitney Webb. Keep it going. This journalism is excellent. I wish another journalism great Seymour Hersh was still active. Anyone know if he is working on a story and what about?

  2. Wow. Real journalism. It’s been so long. Thanks to Whitney Webb for writing the piece, and to Ron Unz for republishing it.

    • Replies: @Anon
  3. lloyd says: • Website

    “Influence US foreign policy on behalf of a foreign entity.” That can only be Israel. Only Israel’s Intelligence operatives figure prominently in this article. Whitney always gets uncharacteristically nervous when she approaches the role of Israel and Zionism. Is that fear or sentiment? As far as I can observe with the Maxwell family and Epstein it was all about Israel. Yet Whitney always fudges that in head spinning verbiage. The pedophile factor is also fudged. In the final sentence of this article, America is portrayed mildly as Byzantine.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  4. “United States has long been a country ruled by backdoor dealings, illicit intel operations, and blackmail.” Just to clarify:

    Jew-Zionist backdoor dealings,
    Jew-Zionist illicit intel ops, and
    Jew-Zionist blackmail.

    and “how long”?

    since the 1912 Prez election, when Zioni\$t money financed Teddy Roosevelt’s fake 3rd party bid that split the Republican vote with Taft – who had just vetoed the bill chartering a (((Rothschild))) Third National Bank – and put brother Woodrow in the WH with 40% of the vote. Who shortly thereafter signed the bill, thus unleashing WWI, the Balfour declaration, and (((all))) that followed.

  5. repugnant says:

    Amazing journalism. “What a tangled web we weave”.

    • Agree: Kali
  6. Whether the juror was a plant or not, a properly charged jury would likely not have convicted Maxwell. The case was built on the testimony of the women who claimed to be victims, none of whom were present when the other victim was allegedly abused or procured. Testimony only becomes evidence when it relates to documents. Any physical evidence, such as e-mails were prosecution theory, not prosecution fact. That, of course, does not mean Maxwell is not guilty, only that the case against her was won in the media, not the court room, with some help from a sloppy judge who ought to instructed the jury that a victim’s testimony, absent corroborating evidence, cannot be taken at face value.
    As for Maxwell’s hobnobbing, that is entirely natural for the moneyed class. They all know each other, and if they don’t, they move to do so, particularly in the UK where Jews have been intermarrying (occupying) the landed gentry for 200+ years. Again, that doesn’t mean Maxwell isn’t an agent or minimally a sayan, it only means that there is too much being read into it.

  7. Dear Mr Unz, my commentating ‘Handle’ is not being remembered on your system, hence the strange variations of the words ‘Jacob’ and ‘Adder’. You can probably bring up my history with a database/Query search etc using these terms – which I’m sure will be top of your ‘to do list’. My point is, I am a real human man and as such find accusations of ‘Sock Puppetry’ from other users, most upsetting. Where I’m from, being called ‘Comment Spamming Software’ of any kind is considered fighting talk. Please Help Sir!

    Regarding the death of Maxwell Senior. This guy was the archetype Corperate narcissist arse-hole who firmly believed the world was his for the taking. They are not suicidal types as their own hubris and self importance is too great. He obviously had money hidden all over the place and pre-911, money laundering and financial crime was much easier. Tax havens and corrupt states would happily accept ‘bags of cash’, take a hefty fee and block investigation requests from Law Enforcement Agencies as part of the service.

    My point is, I do not believe this guy had sufficient money problems to kill himself over. I certainly don’t believe he would have done it by jumping into the sea and swallowing water until he drowned. It’s a ridiculous way to commit suicide as you have to fight every natural survival instinct the body has.

    Epstein may well have been suicidal at the prospect of 20 years in a Federal prison as a known sex-offender but how it was allowed to happen is very suspicious. The public was curious for a few days but then reporting of the real crime of the century took precedent – Systemic Racism / Structural Racism Of Everything Ever.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Spanky
    , @Lysias
  8. fausto says:

    Despite their apparent polity, the English is actually a disgusting people who have been bred, over the centuries, to be butlers and maids. And that includes the royal families. Especially the royals, all of them.

  9. Alden says:

    ESAD you child molesting old pervert.

    As per usual the comment section will be filled with perverted old MEN OF UNZ ranting while yanking.

    That the age of consent should be lowered to the 12th birthday or day of first monarch whichever comes first. That pimping procuring and brothel keeping should be legalized. That the teen and younger prostitutes were just immoral sluts. Wank wank stroke stroke while denouncing the girls and defending Maxwell Epstein rapists and child molesters.

    The more I read the comments defending Maxwell Epstein while salivating and yanking about young teen prostitutes the less respect I have for the MEN OF UNZ and the publisher.

  10. Alden says:

    “Sloppy judge ought to instructed the jury that a victim’s testimony absent corroborating evidence cannot be taken at face value”

    Obviously you old pervert you aren’t an attorney never went to law school are ignorant of the rules of evidence and are just making it up to defend Maxwell Epstein. Because you only wish you were a pimp like them with hundreds of luscious young girls to do with as you wish.

    You probably sit in your car outside middle schools when school lets out trying to entice a girl into your car.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  11. Alden says:

    Read this book by Gordon Thomas. Robert Maxwell Israel’ Superspy.

    Thomas believes the Israeli Mossad murdered Robert Maxwell. He’d worked for Israel all his adult life. Israel lent, lent him money to take over the Mirror media group; steal the pension fund, liquidate the assets and give most of the money to Israel.

    Instead Maxwell kept the money he looted from Mirror Media Group to support his grandiose life style. Israel pressed for the loot. Maxwell refused to give it to Israel. Maxwell also threatened to report to British and other European authorities various crimes espionage etc Israel committed in Europe

    So Mossad killed him.

    Method. Maxwell was told to go sailing and rendezvous with an Israeli boat at night. And be at a certain point at the deck rails of his boat at 4AM. An Israeli boat nearby would unload frogmen who would meet with him on his deck with important messages. He did so. The Israelis climbed up on his boat grabbed and drowned him. As revenge for not sharing Mirror Group loot and to end his threats of exposing Israel’s numerous crimes committed against its UK and other European allies.

    Good book. Lots of direct and circumstantial evidence. Very believable. Especially if you’ve ever been on or seen a boat even one quarter the size of Maxwell’s and seen how difficult how impossible for someone to accidentally fall overboard.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
    , @jacob-adder-the
  12. Dumbo says:

    A lot of these people don’t have natural deaths. In the end, Satan comes to collect…

    • Agree: JR Foley
  13. IronForge says:

    Maxwell Family had ties to the Blinken Family, IIRC…

  14. Al Liguori says: • Website

    Truly Whitney Webb is the most courageous and thorough journalist of our times—bar none.
    May God protect her always and may she live to see the destruction of the evils she has exposed.

    • Replies: @Peterpetris
  15. Anon[231] • Disclaimer says:

    Samuel Pisar was Robert Maxwell‘s lawyer and consigliere for years and years. Samuel Pisar also happens to be Blinken‘s stepfather who raised Blinken.

    What are therefore the odds that Blinken and Ghisliane have known each other since childhood ?

  16. LondonBob says:

    Just found out Blinken’s father in law was Maxwells’ personal lawyer, I wondered what his credentials were for being appointed Secretary of State!

  17. Sarah says:

    There’s one thing you don’t talk about: what about the relationship between Victorias’ Secret, Leslie Wexner, L. Brands, Robert Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein?

  18. There seems to be an implication here that Robert Maxwell was likely sexually abusing his daughter Ghislaine. That would certainly explain a few things.

    • Agree: LondonBob
  19. Spanky says:

    My point is, I am a real human man and as such find accusations of ‘Sock Puppetry’ from other users, most upsetting. Where I’m from, being called ‘Comment Spamming Software’ of any kind is considered fighting talk. — jacobs-adder

    So let’s step out back. Behind the gym…

  20. the famous KitKat chocolate bar produced by Nestlé.

    invented by Rowntree 1935 and given name KitKat 1937

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  21. Publius 2 says:

    We are living through an attempted Purim.

    In fact, the Jews fight every day for only one thing: Purim.

    Think about it. It’s not hidden and it’s not a “conspiracy theory.”

    (Anyone who thinks uttering “conspiracy theory” is a legitimate thing to say in a debate deserves no respect whatsoever.)

    Read the book of Esther if you are confused by my comment.

    It’s so frustrating to be one of the goyim who has the IQ to see patterns and understand everything. The Jews have been given very little evidence to rebut their belief that goyim are stupid cattle.

    Everything they do is written in their books and openly celebrated in their holidays.

  22. Z talk says:

    Great article as always by WW. But what can be done to bring these people to justice?

    • Replies: @Bro43rd
  23. Richard B says:
    @anyone with a brain

    Despite being found guilty late last year for her role in sex crimes against minors, Ghislaine Maxwell, the “madam” and chief accomplice of the intelligence-linked pedophile and sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein, may soon walk free.

    Unfortunately, the least surprising thing I’ve read all year.

    The only good thing about the above quote is that it was taken from another excellent article from one of the most talented journalists in the United States today.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  24. Scotty David? He is most likely not a Scott to begin with but rather a Dovid, meaning a Jew, planted deliberately to suborn the jury by the Tribe for the benefit of one of their own. How unscrupulous could those SOBs be … it’s travesty of this great country. Wherever Jews go venal practices follow without fail!

    • Replies: @Alden
  25. anon[318] • Disclaimer says:

    The corruption runs so deep and has such strong roots that it will be impossible to correct. Everyone seems to be connected to everyone else and one hand washes the other. It looks like if you have powerful friends (better yet if they are your partners in sleaze or crime) the law means shit to you. Hence people like Jussie and Ghis do their thing and walk free but throw a banana skin at someone or do a little street pimping and its the Big House for you.

    I could never understand why these people dig itty bity titty. The world is filled with ladies who can be hired and be depended on to do a real professional job. Its a purely business transaction, discreet, confidential. They collect their fee and go home.

    It is even more astounding why the rich and powerful indulge in little girls and boys especially knowing their positions make them vulnerable to pressure. Correction, it is not astounding ! They know they can get away with their perversions because a lot of their Bros are in on the game and they know that if discovered there are no consequences. Creepy Joe can sniff and fondle the kids, girls and ladies and pretend he is a harmless Grandpa. Anyone else trying this especially in public with the cameras rolling will have the Police on his case and his balls in the wringer.

    The rich and powerful lecture us on righteousness but will do anything to keep their lack thereof under wraps. Its no wonder then that the little man, inclined to a life of mischief and wrongdoing, feels not the slightest remorse or revulsion to criminality. The people up on high do not set and example and Monkey see and Monkey do.

    In these times whoever said honesty is the best policy must twist in their grave !

  26. Anon[336] • Disclaimer says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    “. . . since the 1912 Prez election,”

    The Judaized Purim-tans were inspired & financed by, and the was slave trade run by, the kikes – to say nothing of the true identity of ‘Crypto’ Columbus.

    They’ve been working their particular brand of majik here from the very beginning.

  27. Che Guava says:

    I love the realistic photo of Maxwell fille, to the left in the collage, so appropriate.

    The teens she was acting as pimp for in Epstein’s blackmail mill were generally not underaged. I am sure some would have been.

    Then. when you get the famous photo of Virginia Guffries with camera-flash red eyes. and looking very pleased to be in the operation.   

    She is the only one to have any publicity, and to an extent a fake, scordes more, from my reading. the nicknames ‘Lolita Island’ and ‘Express’ are damning enough.

  28. Mevashir says:


    This movie appears to be an early effort to deflect attention from Epstein onto the “Russian Mafia”, led by a Mr Pushkin rather than Abramovitch, who runs a huge organization that Denzel reveals has ensnared countless American politicians in its sinister sexual web. According to this article, this is exactly the role Epstein and Maxwell played. We can see from this film, however, produced in 2014 the same time as the Maiden CIA coup de tat, that the American elites have been conspiring to falsely implicate the Russians from the beginning:

    In this scene where Denzel kills the entire leadership of the Boston branch of the Russian gang, there are frequent shots showing a Russian Orthodox Icon behind the sinister gang members, clearly trying to associate them with Christianity rather than the Judaism that most of the Russian gangsters follow:

    An additional form of cultural assault is Denzel as a black man destroying the totally white Russian criminal gang.

    I guess Americans are better at playing the long game than I had realized.

    • Replies: @Cohen
  29. Trinity says:

    The Jew bitch and Epstein both walk away unscathed. Epstein is still alive as well.

    America is run by these Khazars and pervert shabbos goy toy homosexuals, pedophiles, freaks, etc. Freaks and scum every last one of them. Remember reading a book about Nixon and the writer described a scene where these freaks in Washington would routinely swim laps naked in a pool provided for these pampered freaks. Who in the hell wants to be in a pool with a bunch of flabby, wrinkled ass, bitch tit politicians. These shabbos goy freaks are as fucked up in the head as their wacko Jew puppet masters.

  30. Che Guava says:

    I love the realistic photo of Maxwell fille, to the left in the collage, so appropriate.

    The teens she was acting as pimp for in Epstein’s blackmail mill were generally not underaged. I am sure some would have been.

    Then. when you get the famous photo of Virginia Guffries with camera-flash red eyes. and looking very pleased to be in the operation. Although   

    She is the only one to have any publicity, and to an extent a fake, scores more, from my reading. the nicknames ‘Lolita Island’ and ‘L. Express’ are damning enough.

    And, thanks to weird media dominance and choices,
    B. Clinton’s, and stupid Derkowicz, sp. error, Dershovitz, and others, what a joke that Dersowicz pretended
    to be a scholar, when he was just a pervert.

    As a Zio-agent from the start, however, Epstein’s blackmail ring would never have negative
    effects, although he tupped Ghislaine’s and ‘Jeffrey’s’ teen whores often enough.

  31. Last time I saw one of Ms. Webb’s article’s on here, she was ‘exposing’ 9/11 with information already provided by Christopher Bollyn dozens of times over. She never mentions Mr. Bollyn in the article. Not surprising really as Ms. Webb, from all appearances, is herself a Jew. As are many of the people posting above. That should be obvious from their comments. And it would appear that Mr. Bollyn is persona non grata here on Unz. It’s likely Ms. Webb’s article will blind most to the fact that she’s, in fact, part of the coverup she’s supposedly exposing. Unz Review itself is controlled opposition.

    Hopefully they’re are at least a couple of people who know this already.

  32. Wielgus says:

    Maxwell was naked when he was found. It was supposedly a habit of his to stand on his deck naked, especially at night. Not the (lack of) attire for a rendezvous with a ship, I would think. Of course if he was murdered his clothes could have been removed afterwards.

    • Replies: @Flo
  33. @Richard B

    ….from one of the most talented journalists in the United States today.

    Whitney Webb doesn’t live in the USA. She lived for many years in Chile and, apparently, in late 2020 moved to Britain.

    It is not lost on me that at least three American journalists willing to regularly vocalize against “official narratives” and put forth touchy facts do not live in the USA.

    — W. Webb – formerly of Chile. Now in the UK, apparently
    — Glenn Greenwald – lives in Brazil
    — Catherine Austin Fitts – has been residing in The Netherlands (not clear if she’s actually moved from the USA to there but, all the interviews I saw of her in 2020/2021 were filmed somewhere in Holland))

  34. Anonymous[203] • Disclaimer says:


  35. Europe into Negrope

  36. @anon

    In these times whoever said honesty is the best policy must twist in their grave !


    Or he was lying.

  37. Cohen says:

    For a change you should add some information instead of verbiage. Contribute some facts not from Google or your favorite Guardian. People want information.

    1. Go and listen to Whitney’s 2 hour tape on youtube with Maria Farmer (if i remember it right) who was trapped in Lex Wexner’s AKA and Child Molester house in Ohio. The young girl mentioned that Madam Maxwell told her that Jews had exclusive rights for the clubs where non Jews were not permitted.

    2. According to the young girl, Madame told her that Christians are to serve Jews. AS evidenced by the foolish Christian Zionist going to Israel to volunteer in wine manufacturing. The kicker is that these fools are not allowed to touch the wine barrels or enter certain areas because they are not clean (or sub human according to Talmud).

    If you really want to contribute then please ask your Rabbi or Israeli handlers if what I mentioned is true. I am just seeking information.

    You guys have succeeded to divert attention by made up stuff like Anti Semite or 6 millions or Swastika signs in US or UK cemeteries. Of course drawn by ADL devoted volunteers. This does nto happen in China, India, or other parts of the world. I even saw, on the internet, a picture of a clothing store “Hitler’s Clothing” in India. Let’s see if ADL can do anything to stop it.

    Stay tuned more to come.

  38. cohen says:

    Good to hear from Whitney. When is the book coming out. Hope you are enjoying the new addition in the family. Cong

    I wish you could teach the young journalist some of your investigative skills. And how you managed to such multi tasking.

  39. @anyone with a brain

    Whether she is set free or not, the fix is in.

    If she goes to jail, they will open the backdoor and quietly ship her to Apartheid Israhell. After all, who controls the USG? Everyone in the know knows.

  40. @fausto

    H is maid to M.

    Yes, I’ll see Oprah

    Yes, I’ll give all my cash to Afroc

  41. Agent76 says:

    Sep 22, 2020 Robert Maxwell money helped bankrolled Epstein’s sick crimes

    Now an insider has revealed that Epstein received a helping hand from disgraced British newspaper baron Robert Maxwell – his ‘madam’ Ghislaine’s dad.

  42. Wielgus says:
    @Priss Factor

    The mostly Russian-language but actually Swedish film Lilya 4ever has the title character trafficked to Sweden where she is raped and hired out as a prostitute before committing suicide.

  43. @Alden

    Thanks, although I grew up knowing who Maxwell was and remember his death, like a lot of people, I had no idea of his intelligence activities or the extent of his criminality. I doubt we will ever know for sure what happened or exactly what he was into, but the whole saga from his death to the Ghislaine and Epstein affair -is rotten to the core.

    If this alleged Mossad blackmail ring, using underage trafficked girls is proven and becomes public knowledge, I wonder if the ‘Me Too’ movement will be camped outside Israeli Embassies in protest. I won’t hold my breath…

  44. Flo says:

    He was also in the habit of urinating over the side of the yacht. There was only rope running along the sides, just a foot or so above deck level. He could easily have toppled in. But the Mossad theory is much sexier, I have to admit.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  45. Athena says:

    Rothschild’s and bB.-H. Levy’s Cheerleader:

    Pitiful hypocrite:

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  46. Pheasant says:

    ‘Testimony only becomes evidence when it relates to documents. ‘

    How dare you deny the holocaust!

    Up yours

  47. It’s just goes to show that being a Zionist pedophile Pimp to the rich and famous offers lucrative benefits, such as life long protection by GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM enforcement arms, and the complete eradication of physical evidence as time prevails.
    No other class of people receive this vast amount of protection. Mossad and their CIA deepstate cronies will make sure any dirt they have will be used to bury anyone not abiding by their rules of engagement.
    Has anyone noticed that those close to releasing evidence are all six feet under or have gone missing?

  48. @Athena

    Thank you, Athena, for the image of that creature which invoked in my mind the Rue Morgue of Edgar Allan Poe. Arielle seems to fit his description …

    … a time-eaten and grotesque mansion, long deserted through superstitions into which we did not inquire, and tottering to its fall in a retired and desolate portion of the Faubourg St. Germain.

    • Replies: @Athena
  49. Wielgus says:

    I heard about the urination habit. One attempt to explain his death was that, supposedly, urinating can on rare occasions trigger a heart attack and he may have had one and fallen overboard. Maxwell was obese but I doubt it was a heart attack. He was found floating in the sea face up which is apparently unusual.

    • Replies: @republic
  50. @Alden

    My brother was charged with attempted murder. The only evidence was the “victim’s” testimony. His defense lawyer called no witnesses because there was no evidence other than the victim’s testimony. The judge instructed the jury that, in absence of corroborating evidence, the victim’s testimony could not be taken as fact. Are you saying my brother’s lawyer and the judge didn’t know the rules of evidence?
    I have testified under oath more than a dozen times, although not in criminal matters. Where my testimony did not refer to documentation, the opposing lawyers were quick to state that my testimony was narrative not evidence. Do those lawyers not know the rules of evidence?
    There is a lot more to this crap than anyone will ever know. Quite frankly, I think that like the disgusting pig Harvey Weinstein, Maxwell is being offered up as a sacrificial lamb as a distraction to cover up something even bigger, like Pizzagate. On the balance of probabilities, Maxwell would be guilty, but this is a criminal matter and there is a lot of room for reasonable doubt. I’m all for prosecuting people who have committed crimes. What I am not for, is turning the justice system into a conviction system by corrupting the process by making an impartial jury impossible through a media blitz, withholding evidence from the defense, or making up crimes using bits of laws.
    Wishing for something does not make it true.

  51. republic says:

    At least 3 pathologists did autopsies with 3 different conclusions.

  52. “In these times whoever said honesty is the best policy must twist in their grave !”

    Emmanuel Kant says it the highest moral imperative.

    Jesus Christ, says “Let your yes be yes and your no be no.”

    • Replies: @anon
  53. R2b says:

    Epstien or Epstein, now thats the question!
    Ponder on that, but forget not that blackmail is the ground-work in contemporary politics.
    That is what propels action.
    Not always to the intended result, but make shit happen.
    By the way, there is nostalghia in all this, because the world seemed to be open and full of oppotunities.
    It wasn’t, and now there is just shabby old Klaus regurgitating the long planned destruction of something that actually looked good.
    Wake up all you in good old England, actors, musicians, painters, poets, writers, priests, philosophers, workers in all trades, your Island, merry England was so great, until the bat finally sucked your blood.

  54. When whites ceded power to Anti-White Jews, this was gonna happen.
    But even now, whites are most sentimental in their cuckery to Jews. Pathetic.

    Video Link

  55. “Investment banks such as Lehman Brothers, Rothschild Inc., Salomon Brothers, and Goldman Sachs lined up to represent and help finance Maxwell”

    Now what have they all got in common? Scratchin’ ma haid…..

  56. anon[318] • Disclaimer says:

    “In these times whoever said honesty is the best policy must twist in their grave !”

    Emmanuel Kant says it the highest moral imperative.

    Jesus Christ, says “Let your yes be yes and your no be no.”

    Well put Kant aside and lets talk about Jesus. They crucified him. If one reads about the process one would chose the firing squad, hanging or lethal injection.

    The lack of oxygenated blood would eventually cause each body system to fail and death would follow. It could take hours, or, in some cases, days, but it was only a matter of time before death would come. In the biblical accounts of Jesus’ death, the process took six hours, and, in the end, he cried out to God.

    There must be a moral, a lesson there somewhere would you not say ??

  57. Reading this brilliant article underlines the calamitous impact of the Tribe (with some honourable exceptions) on Western societies. They contaminate everything they touch.

  58. @anon

    “It is even more astounding why the rich and powerful indulge in little girls and boys especially knowing their positions make them vulnerable to pressure.”

    It could be a (Satanic?) right of passage willingly undertaken to gain entry to the world of riches and power. It’s been repeatedly claimed that secret societies like Skull & Bones require you to perform some gross and reprehensible actions which are witnessed and recorded by existing members as part of the membership ritual. Thus compromised ‘we’re all in this together, till death do us part’.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    , @Kali
  59. JR Foley says:

    Fall down and worship me —turn these stones into bread—-I will give you all of this —-broken commandments —worshipping golden calf ——CLEAR as day —

  60. Bro43rd says:
    @Z talk

    Unfortunately the best we proles can hope for is that history speaks unkindly of these despicable people. Articles like this is where those history lessons start. Hopefully truth has the antiseptic effects of sunshine.

  61. Al Liguori says: • Website
    @Haxo Angmark

    Hey Hax,

    Have you eschewed your koan/haiku style of comment? It was distinctive and elegant.

  62. Durruti says:

    Oh what fun. What depravity.

    The MOSSAD, the assassins of our last Constitutional President, John F. Kennedy, utilizing Foreign agents, Ehud Barak, Maxwell, Epstein, and others, ran our Government for 30 years.

    The prurient ‘oh look at those pedafiles, Oh! they just love those East European girls!‘ serves as a misdirection to cloud our understanding of just WHAT their service to the Money Changers was!

    For 3 decades they observed, served & orchestrated all major legislation through our gauleiter Congress, and our gauleiter Presidents. They knew the Clintons, Casino Trump, and Obomber, well. They chose not to hide those visits to the NY Mansion with the portrait of Bill in a blue dress, or the visits to the tropical ‘Virgin’ islands. Just the usual depravity -we are making you used to- Nothing to see here. Move on!

    Our Hollywood media disguised – both – the nature of their work, as well as the reason for their shutting down their SHADOW GOVERNMENT.

    The Shadow Government became redundant. It was a non-necessary extra expense. By 2020, the Money Changers so completely controlled our (Puppet) Government, that Maxwell, Barak & Epstein have been retired. They are resting comfortably in the Entity, or Monte Carlo.

    The last trip: 72 members of Congress traveled to the Entity – to kiss the Wall & swear their allegiance to a Foreign Power. Treason by any other name!

    • Agree: Al Liguori
  63. @Priss Factor

    Sexual obsession and perversion is what characterizes the West in general and not only Sweden. The Western civilization took the irremeable path to perdition once it abandoned its christian religion and culture based on it.

  64. gottlieb says:

    I remember an interview one of the Farmer sisters did with Ms. Webb (I believe). The Farmers were at the Wexner estate, and she made very clear in her memory of Wexner, Epstein and Maxwell that they were Jewish Supremacists. Just saying.

  65. Ron Unz says:
    @Irish Savant

    It could be a (Satanic?) right of passage willingly undertaken to gain entry to the world of riches and power. It’s been repeatedly claimed that secret societies like Skull & Bones require you to perform some gross and reprehensible actions which are witnessed and recorded by existing members as part of the membership ritual. Thus compromised ‘we’re all in this together, till death do us part’.

    I think the evidence is really quite strong, and I discussed it in an article a couple of years ago:

    • Thanks: Spanky
    • Replies: @Irish Savant
    , @Che Guava
  66. Athena says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    I believe the image Mrs Arielle projects resembles the western society: egoist, self-centred, delusional, and in adoration of the golden ”calf” while faking to care about all the dead soldiers.

    The government, politicians, judges, layers, and institutions are corrupt because the people are corrupt. Why don’t most people give a damn about the international ring of pedophiles? That’s monstrous. A society who isn’t able to protect its children has no future.

  67. @Haxo Angmark

    Actually Warburg and Baruch backed Wilson. TR’s big financial backers were Morgan partners, WASPs. Other Morgan partners “backed” Wilson (also) and Taft. Wall Street split the 1912 race three ways to prevent the re-election of Taft, which was otherwise in the cards — because Taft, though conservative, believed in law and practiced enforcing it, including anti-trust, child labor, safe food and drugs, an eight-hour day. The commie! He had to be done away with, and the populist progressive surge behind LaFollette had to be diverted by TR’s patrician pretend progressive hijinks — all talk and no walk at home, and the dawning imperial big stick overseas.

  68. My only whine here is . . . i didn’t learn much about Miss Maxwell . . . and i was looking forward to that.

    • Replies: @Kali
  69. @lloyd

    She has two small children and a knowledge of Zionazi methods-ie ‘..rise and kill first’. I find her reticence quite explicable.

    • Replies: @lloyd
  70. @Jon Doe Jones

    Slimy slander by a hasbara troll, projecting.

  71. Mr Anatta says:

    I hope poor Maxwell is let out as she did no wrong (as long as she wasn’t involved in blackmail).

    Remember folks,sex between people of a ‘sexually mature age’ is fun and clean and definitely not dirty and if you can earn some £€\$ in the process go for it but dont ever ever try scamming wealthy former clients for more £€\$ years later because that would be very dirty and very un clean and very liable to a negative karmic/mirror effect in a current or future incarnation in this dreamsphere and please dont listen to what a judge has to say about morality because surely you have worked it out by now that the legal system like the political system and financial system is corrupt to the core.

  72. Anon[277] • Disclaimer says:
    @anyone with a brain

    She walks. Was she the boss and Epstein the patsy? Mossad take care of their own – if they’re still useful. Will she be remodelled? The Epstein/Mossad/CIA blackmail game was very profitable. You don’t “kill” a goose that’s laying Golden Eggs. The sequel should be fun.

  73. Anon[277] • Disclaimer says:

    The Plaza Hotel was purchased in 1988, not long after Cohn’s death, by Cohn’s protégé, Donald Trump, who had become close to Jeffrey Epstein beginning in 1987,

    And this’s why Trump will walk, too. He’s a reusable “asset”…Like Ms Maxwell.
    Sorry folks, “law is where you buy it” -R. Chandler

  74. R2b says:

    For many years Germany was a heap of rubble.
    Our fathers went out to look.
    By car, by train by boat.
    An their children were airs to that fortune.
    The complete insanity of….the Anglo-American Establishment.
    The children were fooled into believe a new peaceful world was to come.
    Educate abroad, and see the world.
    By God I hope Putin is good.

  75. @Ron Unz

    Excellent article, thank you.

  76. Che Guava says:

    Wow, Whitney is thorough, I never knew the use of ‘Kit Kat’ as some kind of code word, haven’t finished reading the article, but will, just read past that section.

    I wonder if the Kit Kat Klubs were a front-end to something else, or a continuation of something else, in some places.

    When living overseas, a so-called Hellfire Club was having events. Never went. It would seem very likely to be connected with the Kit Kat Klub there.

    In Tokyo, until coronamania, possibly still, there was a monthly event called Department H, I am not sure, but it seems to be (have been, I hope)run by Jews with U.S. accents.

    The only interesting thing was people dangling from multiple fish-hooks, copying the originator of that, a few decades ago, a man calling himself Stelarc.

    I asked people watching, and a couple of the performers, if they had ever heard of him, none had.

    I attended thrice, it was such a bore. Yakuza
    occupied most seating, and the two hours before it was over and the first trains were running weie a series of ‘come to our overpriced bar, rented from Yakuza’ announcements.

  77. anon[440] • Disclaimer says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    Who will save us from these scheming Jews?

    • Replies: @anon
  78. Che Guava says:
    @Ron Unz

    Interesting, but I think you meant ‘rite’, not ‘right’, please correct it and delete this reply.

  79. I call Hypocracy.

    This is a supposed Human Trafficking case???????? Oh, the horror. Newsflash tweens are having anal sex in middle school. High School girls and boys are the leading demographic of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Why is this?

    Have you seen TikTok videos lately of teenage girls twerking, locking, and popping in skimpy bathing suits…and doing it so well they put any 30-year-old pole dancer to shame??? Where did they learn this??? Could it be that our Nation is overly sexualized with porn and debauchery and moral decay?

    This video is 8 years old. Do you think the sexualization of our youth has gotten worse since then?:

    There is legislation is in numerous states normalizing sex education and transgenderism for first graders. There are sexy panties being sold to 8-year-old girls. And their moms are lining up to buy them. But hey…those damn elites are scooping up our kids for spring break on a private island. Kill them ALL.

    But hey, let’s blame the elites for coveting young flesh. Every middle-aged married man watching teenage girls walking by his house in the summertime suddenly feels like having sex with his old battle-scarred wife with the busted uterus. Why is that…what is the attraction? Could it be a hard-wired biological drive to seek fertile eggs??? Is this something all men should be ashamed of???

    I ask, were these trafficked girls hogtied and smuggled onto the Lolita express in a large suitcase? Only to spring out of that suitcase like a jack-in-the-box. Miraculously smiling and giving massages while dressed like candy stripers?????

    What is the difference between an 18-year-old gold digger on a private jet filled with millionaires and a 17-Year-old gold digger on a private jet filled with millionaires? One is leveraging her youth and beauty for an easy life, and the other is being kidnapped?

    Child Marriage (below the age of 18) is currently legal in 44 States.

    Here are some additional notes by state:


    Arkansas: Age of consent to marry with parental consent for males is 17; for females is 16.
    Delaware: Age of consent to marry with parental consent for males is 18; for females is 16.
    Massachusetts: Age of consent to marry with parental consent for males is 14; for females is 12.
    Mississippi: Age of consent to marry with parental consent for males is 17, for females is 15.
    New Hampshire: Age of consent to marry with parental consent for males is 14; for females is 13.
    Ohio: Age of consent to marry with parental consent for males is 18; for females is 16.
    Rhode Island: Age of consent to marry with parental consent for males is 18; for females is 16.
    Puerto Rico: Age of consent to marry with parental consent for males is 18; for females is 16.

    Tracey Lords was 15 when she started doing PORN. She was a NATIONAL ICON, worshiped by millions of couples. Husbands and their WIVES were jacking off to her on VHS. UNTIL all of America learned she was only 15. Oh, the horror. The scramble to destroy those filthy pedophile VHS tapes was immense. How many Americans were unwittingly guilty of Pedophilia??? Will God forgive them???

    Elvis Presley’s wife was 14.
    Boe Derik was 16 and John Derreck 48.
    The “Mail Man”, Carl Malone fathered a baby with a 13-year old girl, and he abandoned her.
    Kobe Bryant started dating his future wife when she was 15.
    Woody Allen married his stepdaughter.
    How many cool hippy chicks in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s partying at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion were actually 16, 17..or younger????

    How many of these poor trafficked girls lost their virginity to a pimply-faced thirteen-year-old trailer park boy pulling up on his BMX bicycle???

    How many of these poor trafficked girls would have ever come forward if their acting careers did not take off, as promised?? Or their wealthy suitors never lost interest in them???

    The Hypocrisy is RICH. The mothers feign moral outrage but line up at the mall to buy sexy panties for their nine-year-olds. This shit has been going on for decades in Hollywood:

    • Thanks: Mr Anatta
  80. Lysias says:

    I think the “deaths” of both Maxwell and Epstein were staged. Israel and the CIA could not allow people who had done so much for them to die, if they had anything to do with it.

  81. I guess the point I am trying to make with my previous post is the Hypocracy and misdirection of the Epstein case.

    It really should be the Exposure and Prosecution of Israel. AIPAC owns all of our US Congress so the prosecution of Israel is a pipe dream.

    Israel should be exposed for its prolific theft, spying, subversion, and blackmail of America’s elites. Israel and its US-based Zionist NEOCONS should be exposed for 9/11 and their creation of “The War on Terror”.

    America should not be sacrificing our Elites to satiate the GUILT of a perverse, morally decayed society. A society created by the Zionists who own our Fashion, Hollywood, Music Industry, Advertising, Pornography, and All of our Social media outlets.

    I honestly don’t give a shit if a 17-year-old girl and her friends took their spring break on Epstein’s resort island. Though they now portray themselves as victims. Video evidence probably shows them partying like rockstars on that island.

    Why is it that Epstein vilified and Hugh Hefner was celebrated as a social sexual revolutionary?????? What is the difference between the Epstein mansion and the Playboy mansion???

    I don’t mean to in any way minimize the dangers of the very real Human Trafficking Industry. In which very young children are preyed upon by kabbalists / Satanists and Cannibals, US Congress members for sacrificial ceremonies, pornographic snuff films, induction into cults, and blackmail purposes. These types of Pedophiles absolutely deserved to be dropped into a wood chipper (12 and under…toddlers..etc).

    But the danger I see is the slippery slope of a sliding scale morality meter and a nebulous age bracket decided upon by independent states in determining who is a pedophile and who is not.

    I remember my high school years, all the hot girls were dating college-age guys who had cars. Even some freshmen girls (14, 15) were dating dudes in college. Those same young men (19-23) if they got crossways with that girl’s parents could be prosecuted for child rape and pedophilia. Many have been. Those same young men would be marked for the rest of their lives as Sex Offenders and Pedophiles, unfit to live in society.

    It is a broken system. We are a broken society. Until we clean up our media, our fashion industry, and Hollywood by instituting nationwide laws banning the sexualization of our youth, we will continue to see older men groping our daughters. The same daughters who we allow, through our cowardice as parents, to dress and behave like HOOKERS.

    For now, the responsibility for the protection of our children starts and ends with the PARENT.

    • Replies: @Kali
  82. lloyd says: • Website
    @mulga mumblebrain

    There is a line in movie Wag The Dog said to the actress. “If you do that,( put the movie on your CV), someone will come to your house and kill your family. The fellow who was going to imminently expose 911, suicided at his home with his two children.” People of Jewish descent somehow do seem to be immune from that termination. It can also be noted, they don’t report what has not already been exposed.” However that is always made as a revelation. I have been quite startled at Ron Unz’s continuous astonishment that the world is not as it seems. I will kindly say as this is his blog, he was so wrapped up in his soft ware development he did not follow alternate media not associate with “conspiracy theorists”.

  83. anon[286] • Disclaimer says:

    Why is it that Epstein vilified and Hugh Hefner was celebrated as a social sexual revolutionary?????? What is the difference between the Epstein mansion and the Playboy mansion???

    Well, Epstein is really not being covered that much by the mainstream media for (((obvious reasons))). The Epstein story has been covered up by the mainstream media and minimized as a sideshow. Just another sex scandal among the elite. To the extent that it hasn’t been covered up, the media frames the story to focus more on Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, less on Epstein. Hardly any mention is made of Epstein’s Jewish/Israeli connections.

    Hugh Hefner’s staff at Playboy was mostly Jewish, so you are right in the sense that they should both be vilified equally. Hefner was “celebrated” as a sexual revolutionary (to the extent that that is true) at a time when America was more conservative, so the goal was to normalize sexual degeneracy and corrupt American social mores. Epstein came on the scene well after the sexual revolution of the 1960s. By the time Epstein started his operation, America had already become corrupted.

    In the case of Epstein, there was trafficking of underage children and minors involved. That and Epstein was working for Mossad to help advance the political goals of Israel. Hefner was just an old perve, not working on behalf of a foreign government.

    It is a broken system. We are a broken society. Until we clean up our media, our fashion industry, and Hollywood by instituting nationwide laws banning the sexualization of our youth, we will continue to see older men groping our daughters. The same daughters who we allow, through our cowardice as parents, to dress and behave like HOOKERS.

    Just ban Jews. Problem solved. Have you ever heard of a political movement called National Socialism? Well, it’s a political program for disempowering Jews from public life. After Jews were disempowered in 1930s Germany, sexual degeneracy “miraculously” disappeared from public life. Coincidence? I don’t think so. The disappearance of sexual degeneracy was just one among many other benefits that accrued to German society at that time. Greater economic equality, the end of usury and worker exploitation, a higher quality of life for the working class, the end of rule by a privileged aristocratic elite, an economic policy focused on domestic industry and investment in the national well-being, better public infrastructure, social policies conducive to the growth of high culture, public subsidies for museums, orchestras, etc.

    • Replies: @Mike Fridelle
  84. @Mike Fridelle

    “Why is that…what is the attraction? Could it be a hard-wired biological drive to seek fertile eggs??? Is this something all men should be ashamed of??? ”

    The reason is perversion. For a pervert what is normal is not considered normal or exciting. A pervert is either born that way or develops his perversion with time. By perversion that develops with time I mean like that of a porn addicted person who begins with watching simple things like foreplay and sexual intercourse with a woman then goes to other videos which contain perversions, child abuse and bestiality.

    If you are a normal person and value sex and the company of women you do not need sexual perversions.

    • Replies: @Mike Fridelle
    , @Mr Anatta
  85. @Charles Martel France

    Agree somewhat. I think Porn affects people differently. If the person is prone to addiction (alcohol, drugs, sex…) then that personality type destroys their brain with porn.

    And you are right…to get the same fix, they spiral downward into debauchery, consuming more and more foul filth. Others do not.

    I grew up with PlayBoy books in the house. Fairly clean…nothing debauched. My dad had a whole collection, sorted by month. It was no big deal. I and my two brothers would raid my dad’s closet as soon as he left the house. The women were stunningly beautiful.

    It was a right of passage. And a lot of damn fun. 🙂

    Seeing a beautiful woman and being aroused and then having sex with your partner is not a perversion. It is how the world works. The visual imagery (the slide show) running through your spouse’s brain during sex with you….is not in fact pictures of YOU. Could be the pool boy, your auto mechanic, a coworker… those thoughts are hers. And you will never know.

    No amount of soul mate bullshit talk will ensure she does not have them. And ditto, Men often think of other women when having sex with their wives or long-term girlfriends.

    After all, Marriage is really just agreeing to eat the same damn Ham Sandwich over and over and over and over again. Only the variety your mind supplies…saves that marriage.

    In the immortal words of perhaps the most pious United States President:

    “I’ve committed adultery in my heart many times. This is something God recognizes I will do — and I have done it — and God forgives me for it.” Jimmy Carter

  86. Mr Anatta says:
    @Charles Martel France

    I disagree.

    Your idea of perversion is another’s idea of ‘normal natural behaviour by natures laws’ and just imagine the uproar if Elvis Presley was around today with everyone knowing about his 14 year old girlfriend.

    You have been conditioned to believe what you believe by the thought police but back in Presley’s day they were more free to make up there own mind’s naturally and that is why him having a teenage girlfriend like he did years ago was far far more acceptable than it would be today if he were around.

    Get out in the third world more and you will notice how no one gives a rats arse about seeing a 14 year old young woman carrying her baby because the thought police haven’t got to them yet.

    Also there is no connection at all with someone watching alot of porn and it making them want to watch nasty porn like you say as that real nastiness in an individual is there in their character anyway and as most avid porn watchers aren’t really nasty most avid porn watchers watch normal porn and it stays at that.

    • Replies: @Alden
  87. @Jon Doe Jones

    There’s a meme about “Everything I don’t like it Hitler”. Here we can flip that into “Everytthing I don’t like is Jew-secretly”
    Webb’s a millenial who dug into this stuff and probably just finds it easy to forget things like JFK, 9-11 and so on have been excavated pretty thoroughly by prior generations. To include theories about space based partical beams.
    If someone seems to use anothers’ work without attribution, how does this make them a secret jew? Or the entire aggragator site ‘controlled opposition?’
    If all opposition is controlled- and by crypto jews’ Then why bother complaining? Only angry gods or space aliens can help us. So go ask to be chipped now and save time, Mr Mathis.

  88. Kali says:
    @Irish Savant

    When I was a child growing up in 70’s England there was a popular childrens TV programme called Magpie.

    The theme song of Magpie went:

    “One for sorrow
    Two for joy
    Three for a girl
    Four for a boy
    Five for silver
    Six for gold
    Seven for a secret never to be told”

    It occures to me “they” were describing their ritual and their modus operandi through that theme song. – I actually wrote a blog piece about it once (long since lost to the archive) under my former name, Kazz.

    Best tegards,

  89. Kali says:

    I followed this link – – which comes under the word “neglect” early on in Whitney’s article.

    Very interesting.

    Best wishes,

  90. @Jon Doe Jones

    What are you guys ex-cops? If I’m a troll why’d you think you had to counter my comments?
    Rhetorical question guys, it’s obvious. I’m sure at least a couple of people on here know that already too.

  91. What are you guys ex-cops? If I’m a troll why’d you think you had to counter my comments?
    Rhetorical question guys, it’s obvious. I’m sure at least a couple of people on here know that already too. Amy Goodman’s aging out so why not grease the slides for Abby Martin, Ms. Webb and others? Someone’s gotta represent right?

  92. anon[777] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s amazing. So many triggered, ethnocentric Jews in this comments section trying to make excuses for Epstein’s perversion and minimize his dirty deeds.

  93. Kali says:
    @Mike Fridelle

    Thank’s for the clarification and the broadening of the discussion.

    You are absolutely correct in your description of the sexualisation of our children and our societies. Alongside the engineered debasement of the institutions of ‘family’ and ‘parenting’.

    I appreciate your possition as well as your passionate articulation of it.

    Kind regards,

  94. One has to balance out information from multiple sources and then come to some sort of working hypothesis in order to make sense of a situation. This means reading the popular and un-popular.

    Despite the fact I think that this fellow, although not stupid, is suffering from some sort of derangement either brought about by his predicament or exacerbated by it. He takes the author (Webb) of this piece to task.

  95. @anon

    If America adopted these today, we would save our country.


    1. We demand the union of all Germans in a Great Germany on the basis of the principle of self-determination of all peoples.

    2. We demand that the German people have rights equal to those of other nations; and that the Peace Treaties of Versailles and St. Germain shall be abrogated.

    3. We demand land and territory (colonies) for the maintenance of our people and the settlement of our surplus population.

    4. Only those who are our fellow countrymen can become citizens. Only those who have German blood, regardless of creed, can be our countrymen. Hence no Jew can be a countryman.

    5. Those who are not citizens must live in Germany as foreigners and must be subject to the law of aliens.

    6. The right to choose the government and determine the laws of the State shall belong only to citizens. We therefore demand that no public office, of whatever nature, whether in the central government, the province, or the municipality, shall be held by anyone who is not a citizen.

    We wage war against the corrupt parliamentary administration whereby men are appointed to posts by favor of the party without regard to character and fitness.

    7. We demand that the State shall above all undertake to ensure that every citizen shall have the possibility of living decently and earning a livelihood. If it should not be possible to feed the whole population, then aliens (non-citizens) must be expelled from the Reich.

    8. Any further immigration of non-Germans must be prevented. We demand that all non-Germans who have entered Germany since August 2, 1914, shall be compelled to leave the Reich immediately.

    9. All citizens must possess equal rights and duties.

    10. The first duty of every citizen must be to work mentally or physically. No individual shall do any work that offends against the interest of the community to the benefit of all.

    Therefore we demand:

    11. That all unearned income, and all income that does not arise from work, be abolished.

    12. Since every war imposes on the people fearful sacrifices in blood and treasure, all personal profit arising from the war must be regarded as treason to the people. We therefore demand the total confiscation of all war profits.

    13. We demand the nationalization of all trusts.

    14. We demand profit-sharing in large industries.

    15. We demand a generous increase in old-age pensions.

    16. We demand the creation and maintenance of a sound middle-class, the immediate communalization of large stores which will be rented cheaply to small tradespeople, and the strongest consideration must be given to ensure that small traders shall deliver the supplies needed by the State, the provinces and municipalities.

    17. We demand an agrarian reform in accordance with our national requirements, and the enactment of a law to expropriate the owners without compensation of any land needed for the common purpose. The abolition of ground rents, and the prohibition of all speculation in land.

    18. We demand that ruthless war be waged against those who work to the injury of the common welfare. Traitors, usurers, profiteers, etc., are to be punished with death, regardless of creed or race.

    19. We demand that Roman law, which serves a materialist ordering of the world, be replaced by German common law.

    20. In order to make it possible for every capable and industrious German to obtain higher education, and thus the opportunity to reach into positions of leadership, the State must assume the responsibility of organizing thoroughly the entire cultural system of the people. The curricula of all educational establishments shall be adapted to practical life. The conception of the State Idea (science of citizenship) must be taught in the schools from the very beginning. We demand that specially talented children of poor parents, whatever their station or occupation, be educated at the expense of the State.

    21. The State has the duty to help raise the standard of national health by providing maternity welfare centers, by prohibiting juvenile labor, by increasing physical fitness through the introduction of compulsory games and gymnastics, and by the greatest possible encouragement of associations concerned with the physical education of the young.

    22. We demand the abolition of the regular army and the creation of a national (folk) army.

    23. We demand that there be a legal campaign against those who propagate deliberate political lies and disseminate them through the press. In order to make possible the creation of a German press, we demand:

    (a) All editors and their assistants on newspapers published in the German language shall be German citizens.

    (b) Non-German newspapers shall only be published with the express permission of the State. They must not be published in the German language.

    (c) All financial interests in or in any way affecting German newspapers shall be forbidden to non-Germans by law, and we demand that the punishment for transgressing this law be the immediate suppression of the newspaper and the expulsion of the non-Germans from the Reich.

    Newspapers transgressing against the common welfare shall be suppressed. We demand legal action against those tendencies in art and literature that have a disruptive influence upon the life of our folk, and that any organizations that offend against the foregoing demands shall be dissolved.

    24. We demand freedom for all religious faiths in the state, insofar as they do not endanger its existence or offend the moral and ethical sense of the Germanic race.

    The party as such represents the point of view of a positive Christianity without binding itself to any one particular confession. It fights against the Jewish materialist spirit within and without, and is convinced that a lasting recovery of our folk can only come about from within on the pinciple:


    25. In order to carry out this program we demand: the creation of a strong central authority in the State, the unconditional authority by the political central parliament of the whole State and all its organizations.

    The formation of professional committees and of committees representing the several estates of the realm, to ensure that the laws promulgated by the central authority shall be carried out by the federal states.

    The leaders of the party undertake to promote the execution of the foregoing points at all costs, if necessary at the sacrifice of their own lives.

  96. @Al Liguori

    Why is your devil wearing an earring? Is he gay?

  97. DDearborn says:


    When is a statement a “lie”… Obviously, when it is not the truth.

    Here is an example of a “lie”: “Testimony only becomes evidence when it relates to documents. Any physical evidence, such as e-mails were prosecution theory, not prosecution fact”

    These statements are false, and therefore a lie as it applies to the cases of both Epstein and Maxwell with regards to “testimony and emails” which was presented, and accepted as evidence by the Courts used to convict them both…

    “…..Testimony is the evidence given by witnesses. Evidence is whatever may be given to the jury as tending to prove a case. It includes the testimony of witnesses, documents, admissions of parties, etc. Mann v. Hlggins, 83 Cal.

  98. anon[129] • Disclaimer says:

    They’re too smart, although a trained chimp could fool most Americans. You just had one for pres…

  99. Anonymous[201] • Disclaimer says:

    I started to read this article, but I’m too old to waste my time. Because if Ghaisine would be found guilty, and sentenced to prison, she would be released like Bill Crosby after a reasonable amount of time to make it look good, so no one would question it.
    Ghaisine’s father , Jewish, British Businessman Robert Maxwell said:
    “You will have a One World Government.
    You will have a One World currency.
    You will have a One world economy.
    You will have a One World education system.
    You will have a One World religion.
    You will have a One World military.
    You will have a One World Government whether you want it or not.
    And he should know.

  100. Alden says:
    @American Bulwark

    Fortunately the NY higher state court refused Maxwell’s appeal based in David’s bigotry and bias against child and teen molesters and rapists. So her conviction stands. And she will spend decades in prison. Because of the substandard health treatment in prisons she’ll probably die in prison.

    Still in a NYC jail not yet in a prison.

  101. Alden says:
    @Mr Anatta

    As I remember Priscilla was carefully kept out of the news till she was 17. Only her parents and Elvis’ inner circle knew she lived with him in Memphis at 14 while her parents lived in Germany. And they started dating as it was called then when she was 13 in the eighth grade. With her parents full encouragement.

    Remember that Elvis promised to marry her when she was 13. Her parents believed him and sent her off to live with him in Memphis as soon as he left the army. And he did marry her.

    Quite different from a pimp recruiting a 13 year old from a poverty or miserable home. Many young girls who become prostitutes were molested regularly and run away to pimps figuring might as well get paid for it.

    Elvis did right by Priscilla. Pimps like Epstein Maxwell don’t do right by the girls.

  102. Alden says:
    @Mike Fridelle

    Middle aged men are as pudgy and wrinkled as middle aged women. And balding. What makes you think any lovely teen girl would want a potbellied balding wrinkly middle aged man unless she was paid or raped?

    I was a teen girl and my sisters friends daughters and their friends were teen girls. And when we were approached by adult men creeps and perverts we were repulsed grossed out frightened and disgusted.

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