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Meet Ghislaine: Daddy’s Girl
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Absent from mainstream discourse on Ghislaine Maxwell’s ongoing trial is any mention of the ties, not only of herself, but her family, to Israeli intelligence. Those ties, forged by Ghislaine’s father Robert Maxwell, are critical to understanding Ghislaine’s history and her role in Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual blackmail and trafficking network.

The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged madam of Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual blackmail and sex trafficking network, has attracted considerable mainstream and independent media attention, though not as much as one might expect given the level of media attention that surrounded Epstein’s 2019 arrest and death or given the public interest in the Epstein/Maxwell scandal and its broader implications.

Unsurprisingly, the broader implications of the Epstein/Maxwell scandal have been largely, if not entirely absent, from mainstream media (and some independent media) coverage of Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial as well as absent from the case itself. For example, despite physical evidence of sexual blackmail stored at Epstein’s residences being shown by the prosecution (with the names of those incriminated being notably redacted), the prosecution chose not to mention even the potential role of blackmail in Ghislaine Maxwell’s activities and motives as it related to her involvement in sex trafficking activities alongside Jeffrey Epstein. Not only that, but the names of Ghislaine’s close contacts and even some of her defense witnesses, along with considerable information about her role in Epstein’s network that is very much in the public interest, is due to be filed under seal and forever hidden from the public, either due to “deals” made between the prosecution and the defense in this case or due to rulings from the judge overseeing the case.

Going hand in hand with the blackmail angle of this case is the specter of Ghislaine Maxwell’s family ties to intelligence agencies, as well as the intelligence ties of Jeffrey Epstein himself. Given that blackmail, particularly sexual blackmail, has been used by intelligence agencies – particularly in the US and Israel – since the 1940s and beyond, it is deeply troubling that neither the blackmail or intelligence angle has played any role in the prosecution’s case or in the mainstream media’s coverage of the trial.

To remedy this lack of coverage, Unlimited Hangout is publishing a 2-part investigative report entitled “Meet Ghislaine”, which is adapted from this author’s upcoming book on the subject. This investigation will detail key aspects of Ghislaine Maxwell’s links to intelligence agencies and sexual blackmail activities that are relevant to the case against her and perhaps explain the silence from the prosecution and their interest in sealing potentially incriminating evidence against Ghislaine from public scrutiny. Part 1 of this article will focus on Ghislaine’s father, Robert Maxwell, a “larger than life” figure who straddled the worlds of both business and espionage and whose daughters inherited different aspects of his espionage contacts and activities as well as his influence empire following his 1991 death.

The Making of a Maxwell

To understand Ghilaine Maxwell’s history, one must start with a hard look at the rise of her father, Robert Maxwell. Born in what is now part of Ukraine, “Robert Maxwell” was the last in a series of names he used, with Abraham Hoch, Jan Ludvick, and Leslie Du Marier among his earlier aliases. The name Robert Maxwell emerged at the behest of one of his superiors in the British military. Maxwell had joined the British military during World War II, having left the village of his birth prior to the war, when the Third Reich began its expansion. Maxwell’s parents and his siblings are believed to have died in the Holocaust.

Robert and Betty Maxwell pose at their 1945 wedding; Source
Robert and Betty Maxwell pose at their 1945 wedding; Source

Robert Maxwell was involved with the British intelligence service MI6 during the war and, after the war, was befriended by Count Frederich vanden Huevel, who had worked closely with Allen Dulles during the war. Dulles went on to be the first director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and, during the war, was busy running interference for prominent Nazis and actively undermining FDR’s “total surrender” policy for senior Nazi leadership.

The chaos of postwar Europe allowed Maxwell to plant the seeds for what would become his future media empire. Thanks to his contacts with Allied Forces in postwar Berlin, he was able to acquire the publishing rights for prominent European scientific journals and, in 1948, those interests were folded into the British publishing company Butterworth, which had long-standing ties to British intelligence. In the early 1950s, the company was renamed Pergamon Press, and this company became the cornerstone of Maxwell’s media empire.

Pergamon’s access to prominent academics, scientists, and government not only led to Maxwell acquiring great wealth but also attracted the interest of various intelligence agencies— British, Russian, and Israeli among them—all of which attempted to recruit Maxwell as an asset or as a spy. When MI6 attempted to recruit Maxwell for the service, it concluded, after conducting an extensive background check, that Maxwell was a “Zionist—loyal only to Israel.” His subsequent relationship with MI6 was choppy and largely opportunistic on both sides, with Maxwell later laying some of the blame for his financial troubles on MI6’s alleged attempts to “subvert” him.

Maxwell was not officially recruited to work for Israeli intelligence until 1961, but his critical role in securing weapons and airplane parts for the 1948 war that created the state of Israel suggests a strong relationship with prominent politicians and military figures in the nation from its beginning, as this was certainly the case with other prominent businessmen who had helped arm Zionist paramilitaries before and during 1948. In the early 1960s, Maxwell was formally approached by Israeli intelligence to make use of his access to the variety of prominent businessman and world leaders that he had cultivated while growing his media empire.

A few years after being officially recruited as an asset of Israeli intelligence, Maxwell ran for public office, becoming a member of the British Parliament for the Labour Party in 1964. His bid for re-election failed, which left him out of office by 1970. Around that same time, he also lost control of Pergamon Press, though he reacquired it a few years later.

Having nearly lost everything, Maxwell devoted his time to consolidating control over his ever-growing web of interlocking companies, trusts, and foundations that now encompassed much more than media concerns, while also developing his ties to prominent politicians, businessmen, and their fixers, a group that Maxwell proudly referred to as his “sources.” Among these early “sources” were soon-to-be UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher; Israel’s biggest arms dealer and one of its powerful oligarchs, Saul Eisenberg; financial behemoths such as Edmund Safra; and master manipulators such as Henry Kissinger. Another early “source” was George H. W. Bush, who was then part of the Nixon administration and soon served as CIA director before becoming Reagan’s vice president and then US president himself.

Maxwell’s sources and influence extended well beyond the West, with many of his most prominent contacts found in Eastern Europe and in the Soviet Union. He had cozy relationships with dictators, intelligence officials, and even organized crime lords such as Semion Mogilevich, sometimes referred to as the “boss of the bosses” of the Russian mafia. It was none other than Robert Maxwell who orchestrated the entry of Mogilevich-connected companies into the United States, a move that was accomplished after Maxwell successfully lobbied the state of Israel to grant Mogilevich and his associates Israeli passports, thereby allowing them easier access to US financial institutions.

The expansion of Maxwell’s prominent contacts paralleled the growth of his media empire. By 1980, he had acquired the British Printing Corporation, which he renamed the Maxwell Communication Corporation. Just a few years later, he bought the Mirror Group, publisher of the British tabloid the Daily Mirror. This was followed by his acquisition of US publishers Prentice Hall and MacMillan and later the New York Daily News. Much of the money Maxwell used to acquire the Mirror Group and several of these other companies came from financial backers of Israeli intelligence. Money “borrowed” from Maxwell-owned media outlets such as the Mirror Group and its pension fund was used to finance Mossad activities in Europe and elsewhere; then, the funds were restored before the absence was noticed by company employees not privy to these operations. Maxwell later derailed this well-oiled system by dipping into these same funds to finance his own ostentatious and salacious habits.

Robert Maxwell poses with the first edition of “The European” newspaper he founded in 1990; Source
Robert Maxwell poses with the first edition of “The European” newspaper he founded in 1990; Source

During this period, Maxwell’s ties to Israeli intelligence deepened in other ways, particularly during the time when Yitzhak Shamir was prime minister. Shamir, previously a leader of the Zionist terrorist group known as Lehi or the Stern Gang, deeply loathed the United States, a sentiment he confided to Maxwell during one of Maxwell’s visits to Israel. Shamir told Maxwell that he blamed the Americans for the Holocaust because of US failure to support the transfer of European Jews to Palestine prior to the war. Shamir’s views on the US likely informed Israel’s more aggressive espionage targeting the US that emerged during this time and in which Maxwell prominently figured.

Maxwell and the PROMIS Affair

Maxwell’s prominent roles in the PROMIS software scandal and the Iran-Contra affair during the 1980s were facilitated by his purchase of numerous Israeli companies, several of which were either fronts or “providers of services” for Israeli intelligence. The most notable of these was Scitex, where Yitzhak Shamir’s son Nachum was a major executive throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, and Degem, a computer company with a large presence in Central and South America as well as Africa.

Even before Maxwell’s purchase of Degem, it had been used by Mossad as a cover for agents, and particularly assassins, who would use its offices as a cover before conducting kidnappings and murders of individuals linked to groups with ties to or sympathies for Israel’s enemies, particularly the PLO. Some of the most notable events occurred in Africa, where Mossad assassins used Degem as cover to launch killings of members of the African National Congress. In Latin America, Degem was also used as cover for the Mossad to infiltrate terrorist and nacroterrorist organizations such as Peru’s Sendero Luminoso (known in English as the Shining Path) and Colombia’s National Liberation Army or ELN.

After Maxwell’s purchase of Degem, it served as the main vehicle through which Israel conducted what was arguably its most brazen and successful espionage operation of the era—the bugging and then mass marketing of the stolen software program known as PROMIS.

Rafi Eitan, the notorious Israeli spymaster who served as Jonathan Pollard’s handler and who played a key role in the creation of the Talpiot program, was serving as the head of the (now defunct) Israeli intelligence service known as Lekem when he heard of a revolutionary new software program being used by the US Department of Justice. The program was known as the Prosecutors Information Management System, better known by its acronym PROMIS.

Rafi Eitan with Israeli politician Ariel Sharon in 1987; Source
Rafi Eitan with Israeli politician Ariel Sharon in 1987; Source

Eitan had learned of PROMIS from Earl Brian, a longtime associate of Ronald Reagan who had previously worked for the CIA. PROMIS is often considered to be the forerunner of the PRISM software used by US and allied spy agencies today and was developed by former NSA official Bill Hamilton. Hamilton had leased the software to the US Department of Justice through his company, Inslaw Inc., in 1982.

Eitan and Brian hatched a plan to install a “trapdoor” into the software and then sell PROMIS throughout the world, providing Israel with invaluable intelligence on the operations of its enemies and allies while also netting Eitan and Brian massive profits. According to the testimony of former Israeli intelligence officer Ari Ben-Menashe, Brian provided a copy of PROMIS to Israeli military intelligence, which contacted an Israeli American programmer living in California. That programmer then planted a trapdoor or back door into the software.

Once the back door was installed, Brian attempted to use his company Hadron Inc. to market the bugged PROMIS software around the world. Having been unsuccessful at trying to buy out Inslaw, Brian turned to his close friend Attorney General Ed Meese, whose Justice Department abruptly refused to make payments to Inslaw that were stipulated by contract, essentially using the software for free. Hamilton and Inslaw claimed that this was theft. Some have speculated that Meese’s role in that decision was shaped not only by his friendship with Brian but also by the fact that his wife was a major investor in Brian’s business ventures.

Meese’s actions forced Inslaw into bankruptcy, and Inslaw subsequently sued the Justice Department, with the court finding that the Meese-led department “took, converted, [and] stole” the software through “trickery, fraud and deceit.” Meanwhile, with Inslaw seemingly out of the way, Brian sold the bugged software to Jordan’s intelligence service, which was a major boon for Israel, and to a handful of private companies. Eitan, nevertheless, was unsatisfied with Brian’s progress and quickly turned to the person he thought could most effectively sell PROMIS to governments of interest all over the world—Robert Maxwell.

Salesman and Spy

Through Degem and other fronts, Maxwell marketed PROMIS so successfully that Israeli intelligence soon had access to the innermost workings of innumerable governments, corporations, banks, and intelligence services around the world. Many of Maxwell’s biggest successes came in selling PROMIS to dictators in Eastern Europe, Africa, and Latin America. Following the sales, and after Maxwell collected a handsome paycheck, PROMIS, with its unparalleled ability to surveil anything from cash flows to human movement, was used by these governments to commit financial crimes with greater finesse and to hunt down and “disappear” dissidents.

In Latin America, Maxwell sold PROMIS to military dictatorships in Chile and Argentina. It was used to facilitate the mass murder that characterized Operation Condor, as the friends and families of dissidents and so-called subversives were easily identified using PROMIS. PROMIS was so effective for this purpose that, just days after Maxwell sold the software to Guatemala, this US-backed dictatorship rounded up twenty thousand “subversives” who were never heard from again. Of course, thanks to the back door in PROMIS, Israeli intelligence knew the identities of Guatemala’s disappeared before the victims’ own families. Both the US and Israel were also intimately involved in the arming and training of many of the Latin American dictatorships that had been sold the bugged PROMIS software. It is worth noting that Israel’s government and military-industrial complex was simultaneously involved in selling arms to many of these same governments.

Though Israeli intelligence immediately found obvious uses for the steady stream of sensitive and classified information, their biggest prize was yet to come. Eitan soon tasked Maxwell with selling PROMIS to top secret US government labs in the Los Alamos complex, including Sandia National Laboratories, which was and is at the core of the US nuclear weapons system. In order to plot how he would accomplish such a feat, Maxwell met with none other than Henry Kissinger, who told him that he needed to enlist the services of Texas senator John Tower, who was then head of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Kissinger has never been charged or even challenged for his role in facilitating a foreign-espionage operation targeting highly sensitive US national security information.

Maxell, using Mossad-derived money, paid Tower \$200,000 for his services, which included opening doors —not just to the Los Alamos complex but also to the Reagan White House. PROMIS was then sold to the laboratories through a US-based company that Maxwell had purchased in 1981 and transformed into a front for Mossad. That company, called Information on Demand, was headed by Maxwell’s daughter Christine Maxwell beginning in 1985 until Robert’s death in 1991, during which period she helped sell the bugged PROMIS software to several Fortune 500 companies. Isabel Maxwell, sister to Ghislaine and Christine, would also work at the company before its closure in 1991.

After the attacks of September 11, 2001, Christine Maxwell teamed up with CIA official Alan Wade to market homeland-security software known as Chiliad to the US national security state, while Isabel would work closely at the intersection between Israeli intelligence and its private technology sector around that same period. Ghislaine, along with her two intelligence and technology-connected sisters, would hold a significant stake in a technology company that appears to be the actual origin of the Bill Gates-Jeffrey Epstein relationship, as explained in this Unlimited Hangout investigative report from May.

A few years after its acquisition by the Maxwells, Information on Demand was investigated by the FBI for its intelligence links beginning in 1983. However, that investigation was repeatedly shut down by higher-ups in the Meese-led Department of Justice, which, as previously mentioned, had been complicit in the whole sordid PROMIS affair. The investigation was shut down for good in 1985. The cover-up, oddly enough, continues today, with the FBI still refusing to release documents pertaining to Robert Maxwell and his role in the PROMIS scandal.

At the time, the halting of the FBI investigation green-lighted Information on Demand’s sale of PROMIS to Sandia National Laboratories, which provided Israeli intelligence with direct access to the core of the US nuclear weapons programs and nuclear weapons technology. This was a boon for Israel’s still-undeclared trove of nuclear missiles and warheads and helped ensure that Israel would remain the only nuclear power in the Middle East. Israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons, seen in the light of the PROMIS scandal and the Pollard spy affair, shows that it was largely accomplished through trickery, deception and espionage rather than Israeli technical or scientific prowess.

This same year, 1985, is also when the CIA finally caught up with their Israeli equivalent and created its own back door into PROMIS, which it sold mostly to allied intelligence services in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere. It wasn’t nearly as successful as Maxwell, who sold an estimated \$500 million in bugged PROMIS programs for Israel. The CIA, on the other hand, only sold around \$90 million.

Heiress to an Espionage Empire

After Maxwell’s wild success in selling PROMIS on behalf of Israeli intelligence, he was recruited for another Israeli intelligence-driven operation—the Iran-Contra deal. It was through his Iran-Contra dealings that Robert Maxwell reportedly met Jeffery Epstein, whom he brought into the fold of Israeli intelligence that same year with the personal approval of the “higher ups” of Israeli military intelligence. The head of Israeli military intelligence at this time was Ehud Barak, who later come under fire for his well-documented and close ties to Epstein. The year 1985 was also the year when, conveniently enough, Epstein met Ohio billionaire Leslie Wexner and became intimately involved with his finances and affairs after Wexner’s previous fixer, Arthur Shapiro, was shot in the face in broad daylight before he was set to testify to the IRS on matters related to Wexner’s finances. Wexner would go on to co-found the Mega Group in 1991, several prominent members of which have close ties to Israeli political and intelligence figures and/or US-based organized crime networks like the National Crime Syndicate.

Epstein’s entry into this world was facilitated through his romantic ties to Ghislaine Maxwell, which had allegedly preceded Robert Maxwell’s successful efforts to bring him into the fold of Israeli military intelligence. Epstein was only one of several boyfriends Ghislaine is said to have had in the 1980s, but Epstein was certainly the most similar in terms of both behavior and “talents” to her father.

Ghislaine Maxwell and her mother Betty pose next to a framed picture of Robert Maxwell in Jerusalem, November 1991; Source
Ghislaine Maxwell and her mother Betty pose next to a framed picture of Robert Maxwell in Jerusalem, November 1991; Source

Ghislaine’s other boyfriends during and prior to this period certainly deserve mention. One of the more interesting was an Italian aristocrat named Count Gianfranco Cicogna, whose grandfather was Mussolini’s finance minister and the last doge of Venice. Cicogna also had ties to both covert and overt power structures in Italy, particularly to the Vatican, the CIA’s presence in Italy, and to the Italian side of the National Crime Syndicate. The other half of that syndicate, of course, was the Jewish American mob with its ties to the Mega Group, itself deeply connected to the Epstein scandal and whose members were frequent business partners of Robert Maxwell. It’s worth noting that Gianfranco Cicogna met a grisly end in 2012 when the plane he was flying exploded in a giant fireball during an air show, a morbid spectacle that can surprisingly still be viewed on YouTube.

Ghislaine and Robert Maxwell also had odd ties to the Harvey Proctor scandal in the United Kingdom, whereby a tabloid of Robert Maxwell’s—with Maxwell’s full approval—ran a story claiming that efforts were being made to blackmail Robert Maxwell with information regarding Ghislaine’s alleged relationship with the future Duke of Rutland. Maxwell clearly wanted the information linking Ghislaine to the duke put out into the public sphere, but the story is odd for a few reasons. The motive of the blackmailer was ostensibly to prevent Maxwell-owned papers from covering the Harvey Proctor scandal. But the son of the duke who was allegedly involved with Ghislaine was also a close friend and later the employer of Harvey Proctor.

The appearance of Harvey Proctor, a Conservative member of Parliament, in this tabloid spectacle is interesting for a few reasons. In 1987, Proctor pleaded guilty to sexual indecency with two young men who were sixteen and nineteen at the time, and several witnesses interviewed in that investigation described him as having a sexual interest in “young boys.” Later, a controversial court case saw Proctor accused of having been involved with well-connected British pedophile and procurer of children Jimmy Savile; he was alleged to have been part a child sex abuse ring that was said to include former UK prime minister Ted Heath. Savile’s close relationship with Prince Charles of the British Royal family is well known and, as will be mentioned shortly, Ghislaine is alleged to have been cozy with the Royals before Prince Andrew’s frequent public appearances with Ghislaine and Epstein, beginning around the year 2000.

Of course, the Maxwell-owned papers, in covering the alleged efforts to blackmail Robert Maxwell, did not mention the “young boys” angle at all, instead focusing on claims that distracted from the then-credible accusations of pedophilia by claiming that Proctor was merely into “spanking” and was “whacky”, among other things. It is hard to know exactly what was going on in this particular incident, but the whole bizarre affair paints an interesting picture of Ghislaine’s social circle at the time.

In this same 1985 period, Ghislaine also became involved with “philanthropy” tied to her father’s business empire by hosting a “Disney day out for kids” and benefit dinner on behalf of the Mirror Group for the Save the Children NGO. Part of the event took place at the home of the Marquess and Lady of Bath, a gala that was attended by members of the British Royal family. It’s worth noting that the Marquess of Bath at the time was an odd person, having accumulated the largest collection of paintings made by Adolf Hitler and having said that Hitler had done “great things for his country.” The same evening that the Ghislaine-hosted bash concluded, the Marquess of Bath’s son was found hanging from a bedspread tied to an oak beam at the Bath Arms in what was labeled a suicide.

The attendance of Royals at this Ghislaine-hosted gala was not some lucky break for Ghislaine or her “philanthropic” efforts, as Ghislaine had already been close to the royals for years, with subsequent employees and victims of Ghislaine having personally seen pictures of her “growing up” with the royals, a relationship allegedly facilitated by the Maxwell family’s ties to the Rothschild banking family. Ghislaine was heard on more than one occasion as describing the wealthy and influential Rothschilds as her family’s “greatest protectors,” and they were also among Robert Maxwell’s most important bankers, who helped him finance the construction of his vast media empire and web of companies and untraceable trusts.

It was also during this period that Ghislaine learned some unusual skills, including how to pilot airplanes, helicopters, and submarines, and became fluent in several languages.

Then, abruptly in 1991, Ghislaine and her entire remaining family saw their fortunes shift dramatically—at least in public—with the death of Robert Maxwell, a death that most of the Maxwell family and most of his biographers regard as a murder, an act allegedly performed by the very intelligence agency that employed him.

According to journalist John Jackson, who was present when Ghislaine and her mother Betty boarded her father’s yacht shortly after his death, it was Ghislaine who “coolly walked into her late father’s office and shredded all incriminating documents on board.” Ghislaine denies the incident, though Jackson has never retracted the claim, which was reported in a 2007 article published in the Daily Mail. If Jackson is to believed, it was Ghislaine – out of all of Robert Maxwell’s children – who was most intimately aware of the incriminating secrets of her father’s financial empire and espionage activities.

As Part 2 of this series will show, the evidence points to this being the case, particularly with Ghislaine’s entry into New York’s elite social circles having been planned by her father before his 1991 death. Of course, those social connections in New York, as well as those in Europe and elsewhere, would prove instrumental in the operation and protection of Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual trafficking and blackmail network. Ghislaine’s slippery behavior in the years that followed, including activities both related and unrelated to the sex trafficking of minors, show that Ghislaine inherited much more than her personality from her father as she, along with several of her siblings, played a key role in keeping alive various aspects of her father’s legacy, including his espionage activities.

Author’s Note: This 2 part article is an abridged version of content found in Whitney Webb’s upcoming book on the Epstein-Maxwell scandal “One Nation Under Blackmail.” The 2nd part of this article, a detailed investigation of Ghislaine Maxwell’s activities throughout the 1990s and beyond, may be delayed in release, along with the book itself due to Whitney being on maternity leave and the complications that situation presents to the research, writing and publication of investigative works. To be notified of the release of Part 2 of this article and/or the release date of One Nation Under Blackmail, please sign up for the Unlimited Hangout mailing list.

(Republished from Unlimited Hangout by permission of author or representative)
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  1. The Di\$trict of Corruption is larded with “players” who have been played by the likes of the Maxwells, most evidently working for Mo\$\$ad and a host more who have long been blackmailed by the FBI and the CIA.

    The entire system, whether at the Congressional or administrative levels features what now amounts to actors playing out scripts dictated by the financier elite. The latter, in turn, call the shots for the spy agencies, which themselves, the Agency in particular, pull the strings for the likes of the Departments of State and “Justice”.

    Don’t even dream of taking your complaints to the courts. To become a federal district judge, appeals judge and especially the Extreme Courtesans, one must be in tight with one or more of the Masons, the Vatican, City of London or Wall \$treet. As a result the court system, particularly on the federal level operates on a combination of bribery and blackmail.

    Bribery is especially virulent in the Bureau of Pri\$ons, a sub agency of the DOJ. Taxpayer dollars to the tune of a hundred dollars per day + per incarcerated inmate,and the necessity of letting out contracts for various service-providers allow for wardens and their top staffers to enjoy very comfortable retirements…comforts well beyond that set of pensions mandated by their pay-grades and time in service.

    Can any poster here name one major national institution, government; media; corporate; financial; educational or religious which does not reek with a reek of corruption? That, ladies and laddies, is the current state of the nation.

  2. Clear evidence of a Jewish blackmail ring designed to control global politicians. Also suggests that feminism, the raising of the age of consent and pedophile hysteria which has popped up in recent decades was socially engineered.

  3. Wow!

    No wonder the trial looks like a Chinese Fire Drill. One designed to fail to illuminate anything.

    • Replies: @Tjoe
  4. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    James Comey’s daughter is the lead prosecutor for this case. Seems as if it’s always a closed circle with the same names popping up. They just went for the pimping aspect and not the espionage. The prosecution is at the same time a cover-up. She and Epstein are revealed as just pervy sleaze wrapped in some fancy packaging enabled by large amounts of money. Her father turned out to be a fancy crook himself. They hobnobbed with people considered to be upper crust elites but who are probably just as stupid and tawdry underneath the glitter. Most are probably degenerates but with plenty of money to promote an image.

  5. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    Maxwell’s parents and his siblings are believed to have died in the Holocaust.

    Clever use of words.

    Believed to have died… them, and 6 millions others… by strangulation, electrocution, being steamed alive, auto-masturbated, suffocated with diesel exhaust (nearly impossible, or at least so improbable as the Audi commercial showed), gassed with tablets meant for lice delousing that must be heated to release gas in cold unsealed rooms with wooden doors that open the wrong way, skinned for lampshades, boiled down as soap feedstock, burned in a handful of ovens at a rate 24x faster than actual combustion physics might allow for after being lifted with a crank handled elevator by the millions by a handful of scrawny and underfed Jews tasked with the job that only teams of many dozens of elite athletes could possibly have managed to do, or over open grates without the dozens or hundreds of liters of petrol as accelerant per body that Adolf and Eva or Magda and Josef or their children were only partially charred with, instead burned by their own fat, or the fat of fellow fat women, all after having been rail transported to sites near the rail gauge transfer terminals in the East, where locomotives were supposedly not waiting to ship them into the Soviet Union… whew, yes, believed.

  6. That “the broader implications of the Epstein/Maxwell scandal have been largely, if not entirely absent, from mainstream media” is the main purpose of the trial in my view. She gets a sweetheart deal without incriminating anybody apart from JE, now conveniently unreachable. Just a bit of grubby sex, nothing else to see here, the law has taken its course. Now onto the real issues like how serious is Lebron’s injury and is Meghan Markle really pregnant?

    • Agree: haha
    • Replies: @Z-man
  7. Shpalone says:

    What was Epsteins role in all of this? Just a pimp who the “mastermind” Maxwell used?

    • Replies: @Fart Blossom
  8. anonymous[411] • Disclaimer says:

    Epstein, Maxwell belong to the USA.. America wants no part of them.

  9. cohen says:

    I dont know if justice will be served to those girls. My interest is in justice for society.

    Missing from prosecution witnesses are Clinton, Dersshowitz, Bill Richardson, George Mitchell, Trump, Prince Duke of Hazard and Les Waxner, Victoria’s secret guy etc.

    It was interesting to learn media’s propaganda techniques, words like Socialite, Bill Clinton falling in love with MS. Maxwell (to deflect his frequent flyer miles earning on Lotita express), poor girl living in rat infested cell and not getting her morning bed tea.

    I hope jury does its civic duty. That is my wish list for Christmas

    • Replies: @annamaria
  10. gotmituns says:

    Meet Ghislaine: Daddy’s Girl
    just the usual jewish malarkey. they couldn’t do anything on the up and up if it killed them.

  11. cohen says:

    Suffocated by a captured single Russian T-34 Tank engine diesel exhaust. while enjoying a quick swim in next door swimming pool.
    Yes of course. The prisoners were first tattooed, head shaved, stripped, clothes neatly folded and stored in a 25 FEET high mount, showered and then killed. Why all this trouble?

    I always wonder how the young holocaust survivors feel when such questions are put to them in debate/arguments.
    I always call young Lukud party members kids as young holocaust survivors or future recipients of free money from Wealthy Germans

    • Replies: @bike-anarkist
  12. Ned kelly says:

    Wow! Even as jaded ( you never really get jaded, because Jews will always beat anything you can conceive of) as I am, of Jewish malfeasance, I’ll have to read this twice, maybe more to even take it all in…

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  13. Anon[112] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s futile to write about these people. The money power and corruption controlling their lives is not surmountable by any of us. Only pure Divine Intervention can restrain this kind of evil.

    Reading about these disgusting people is like going to an x-rated movie combined with a murder mystery. It’s not edifying to the soul and it’s deeply depressing and distressing.

    Especially if the author is pregnant, she should not be spending her time delving into the miserable lives of these terrible people. She should be focusing on things of Goodness Holiness &Purity for the sake of the baby growing inside of her.


  14. Great article with lots of good information. One slight correction Count Cicogna was indeed a Venetian aristocrat who had Doges in his family line, but he was not the last Venetian Doge. That was Ludovico Manin who was deposed by Napoleon in 1797.

    • Replies: @Emil Nikola Richard
  15. Witney Webb is definitely one of the best actual anglo-saxon journalist. I a sane world she would be prized. Her work is most invaluable. Thanks

  16. GMC says:

    Some of these Eastern European and Russian Jews, seem to bounce around like ping pong balls, and where ever there is a buck to be made, or a power move that results in mass corruption, they pop up and there are No moral Rules of engagement. They have been so successful that millions of non Jews have joined them in their raping of any worth while country.
    Look at Russia – kicked them out a couple times , they go hang out in Britain, USA, Europe, etc. and then the jews wait – and bingo , they’re back running the Government. Then today , we see the grandkids like Cookie Nuland, A Blinkin, plus a hundred more, reliving the quest to ruin Russia – Again – while ruining the USA, Ukraine and any others in the way.
    These are serious F… up in the head people, not to mention the non jews that work for them. But they are like a protected species, because of all the corruption in the spineless governments in the world – including the countries they originated in, and destroyed at least once. We shouldn’t even be calling them Jews , we need another name for them, they are not like my friend and neighbor – of a Jewish Mother, who was a wonderful person. Great article !

  17. Webb’s article, including the links she’s provided, is superb as usual. Here’re some excerpts from one of them that provides some hints as to where many of us get our attitudes about supposed scientific research and our “elite,” including our politicians.

    Robert Maxwell, who turned scientific journals into a spectacular money-making machine that bankrolled his rise in British society. Maxwell would go on to become an MP, a press baron who challenged Rupert Murdoch, and one of the most notorious figures in British life. But his true importance was far larger than most of us realise. Improbable as it might sound, few people in the last century have done more to shape the way science is conducted today than Maxwell.

    After the war, government emerged for the first time as the major patron of scientific endeavour, not just in the military, but through newly created agencies such as the US National Science Foundation, and the rapidly expanding university system.

    Daan Frank, of North Holland Publishing (now owned by Elsevier) would later complain that Maxwell was “dishonest” for scooping up scientists without regard for specific content.

    By 1959, Pergamon was publishing 40 journals; six years later it would publish 150. This put Maxwell well ahead of the competition.

    If you control access to the scientific literature, it is, to all intents and purposes, like controlling science.

    These days, given a choice of projects, a scientist will almost always reject both the prosaic work of confirming or disproving past studies, and the decades-long pursuit of a risky “moonshot”, in favour of a middle ground: [pick] a topic that is popular with editors and likely to yield regular publications.

    “Academics are incentivised to produce research that caters to these demands,” said the biologist and Nobel laureate Sydney Brenner in a 2014 interview, calling the system “corrupt.”

    Quotes are from the 2017 article, “Is the staggeringly profitable business of scientific publishing bad for science?”

    It is an industry like no other, with profit margins to rival Google – and it was created by one of Britain’s most notorious tycoons: Robert Maxwell

    by Stephen Buranyi, Tue 27 Jun 2017

    All emphases FB’s.

    Trust the SoBs? Not me. Not on my life.

  18. Wishing Whitney Webb a joyous maternity leave and success in the upcoming book.

    For those who don’t know, his name was Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch; born in Slatinské Doly in Slovak Ruthenia, now called Solotvyno in Ukraine.

    His wife “Betty” Meynard was a French Protestant, born in La Grive. She received numerous awards from Jewish organisations for “Holocaust” research and was active in Christian- Jewish dialogue groups. Very idealistic, many would say very misguided idealism in view of the international criminality she was really serving and its outcomes even to this day. Betty is a lesson to ponder.

    • Thanks: David from Alaska
    • Replies: @Anne Lid
  19. Heiress to an Espionage Empire

    So she goes from this to procuring young girls for Epstein and his contacts. This is not believable. I fully accept that she and Epstein were being “run” by MOSSAD, but she was never more than a minion. The people pulling the strings are not on trial and never will be. These people want to close the Epstein case permanently by puting Maxwell away for a long time, and , of course, preventing any mention of links with Israel at the trial. It looks like they’ll get their way. If Maxwell “dies” in prison shortly thereafter, very few UR readers, myself included, will be surprised.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  20. lavoisier says: • Website

    Quite a sordid mess here.

    When one reads the extent to which Jewish organized crime has facilitated so much evil in the world it is hard not to become angry.

    So much evil, and so much of it totally unnecessary.

    And the readiness and willingness, indeed eagerness, of far too many Gentiles to sell out their nation and its people for the shekels is disgusting.

    We live in a swamp of corruption with integrity a disappearing virtue.

  21. Tjoe says:
    @Zachary Smith

    Epstein and Maxwell are a country, Israel, blackmailing US politicians (to the local level) not just perverts and sex addicts.

  22. @Shpalone

    What was Epsteins role in all of this? Just a pimp who the “mastermind” Maxwell used?

    I believe he started out as a boyfriend of the pig’s sow daughter but it went from there. If you’re really interested, this’ll probably do.

    • Replies: @CauCasiAnn
  23. Athena says:

    When Osama Bin Ladin Was Tim Osman
    By J. Orlin Grabbe

    ”Meeting Riconosciuto and Gunderson at the hotel were two representatives of the mujahadeen, waiting to discuss their armament needs. One of the two was named “Ralph Olberg.” The other one was called Tim Osman (or Ossman).”

    ”Gunderson and Riconosciuto were not on an altruistic mission. They had some conditions for their help. And they had some bad news to deliver. The mujahadeen needed to be willing to test new weapons in the field and to return a research report, complete with photos.”

    ”The Department of Justice consistently and maliciously lied to the jury, just as had been threatened by Justice Department official Peter Viednicks if Riconosciuto cooperated with the congressional investigation of PROMIS.”

    ”If the war against Osama Bin Ladin (Tim Osman) is not a total fraud, then what is Michael Riconosciuto doing in prison?”

    ”The same is true with respect to the recent plane bombings of the WTC. It wasn’t an intelligence “failure”. The terrorist acts were deliberately allowed to happen. The actors may have been foreign. But the stage directors appear to have been all along here in the U.S. Cui bono?

    ”This is not an academic argument. Sources say three dozen MANPADs have been imported into Quebec, Canada, from Colombia (where they arrived from Eastern Europe). The missile shipments followed the “northern” drug route—from Colombia into Canada. The missiles involved are Russian Strellas and Iglas. These will serve just fine to take down commercial airline flights”

  24. Z-man says:
    @Irish Savant

    Yeah, the cover up. Not much about the Mossad ‘angle’ even in the far leftie anti Izrael crowd.
    My man Tucker Carlson has covered the story, but no mention of Mossad because he knows to “…Beware the Power of The Cabal“.

    • Replies: @Irish Savant
    , @haha
  25. @parasite enthusiast

    It strikes me as the politicians and celebrities knowingly volunteered to provide the “blackmail.” Epstein and Maxwell just provided one of the big club’s initiation tests for the loathsome “elite”. Mossad just paid the bills for the Rothchilds. That family must be protected at all costs.

  26. @Anon

    Is that you, Wally. Great effort, man. You’ve really surpassed yourself. Death by auto-masturbation ? It’s a new one on me, but holohoaxers are so inventive. Was this death by having sex with a Volkswagen, or a Nazi version of the orgone accumulator ?

    • Replies: @Da's Reich
  27. Wokechoke says:

    You can meet Robert Maxwell in Evelyn Waugh’s Sword of Honour series. Corporal Ludovic. In Crete Waugh got to know Maxwell and almost broadcasts the eventual fate of Maxwell falling off the boat. No spoilers.

    • Thanks: Alden
    • Replies: @Alden
  28. lydia says:

    Voice For Children focuses on helping the victims of Jimmy Savile scandals.

    Sunday, 15 August 2021
    Advocate Philip Sinel: Restitution and How to Obtain It.

    Advocate Philip Sinel will need no introduction to regular readers of this Blog, nor for those who have watched the Storyville documentary Dark Secrets of a Trillion Dollar Island:Garenne.

    We have interviewed/Blogged about Advocate Sinel extensively over the years mainly concerning his speaking out over the Child Abuse cover-ups/corruption and (un)constitutional matters. We have reported on such topics as his submission to the CARSWELL REVIEW, the constant persecution he believes he has been a victim of from The Powers That Be where he told us in a Press Release:

    Advocate Sinel has been an avid supporter of Child Abuse Survivors over here, has worked Pro-Bono for a number of them, has helped, and continues to help, (pro-bono) a number of us who are victims of “The Jersey Way.” His submission to the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry can, and should, be read HERE.

  29. @Philip Giraldi

    It would be real easy to goof a detail like that in the middle of such as:

    It’s worth noting that Gianfranco Cicogna met a grisly end in 2012 when the plane he was flying exploded in a giant fireball during an air show, a morbid spectacle that can surprisingly still be viewed on YouTube.


    Also technically the airplane wasn’t flying any more when it exploded in the fireball and his body had already splattered into several different pieces when things got hot.

  30. lydia says:

    Was the Mirror pension fund that was robbed a second time by Maxwell ever replaced or did the employees sue or fight in any way for their pensions?

    • Replies: @republic
  31. @Verymuchalive

    I doubt Wally feels the need to post under a different name,

    So you believe the Holocaust story?


    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  32. republic says:

    The pensioners got about 50 percent .

  33. Here are some problems I see with the prosecution case, and Webb’s article.
    1) Aside from the accusations made by the accusers, there is no evidence to substantiate their allegations.
    2) Webb states several things about Ghislaine, and the Maxwell’s as if they are facts, when they are not proven as facts.
    3) The linked article leads to a story using dramatics – “We came with a saw”. Well, yes, that is how you get into a locked safe when you don’t have the combination. The photos may exist, but were the salacious ones taken secretly or knowingly? Was Maxwell or Epstein in any of them with the accusers? 4) If Maxwell was not in any photos that were salacious, how do the photos in Epstein’s safe prove that Maxwell was involved in anything Epstein was doing?
    None of the above means that Maxwell is innocent, but guilty beyond a reasonable doubt is not there either. Prosecution theory is not prosecution fact, and to date, there is very little fact.

  34. What was Epsteins relationship to Monica Lewinski and Linda Tripp who is also jewish?
    He did have a painting hanging in his house of Bill Clinton wearing a blue dress.

  35. Agent76 says:

    May 25, 2020 The Truth About The Jeffrey Epstein/Bill Gates Connection & Their EUGENICS AGENDA!!

    Bill Gates is a known eugenicist but what many people may not know is that Epstein was also a staunch eugenicists who dreamed of seeding the world with his DNA.

    October 13, 2019 Is Jeffrey Epstein’s Boss Ghislaine Maxwell Helping Mossad Run Pedophile Rings for Prince Andrew and the Ruling Elite

    The timeline generated many comments at Unz but surprisingly most of them dealt whether Epstein was a pedophile or not. This despite the overwhelming evidence of pedophilia.

  36. @Da's Reich

    So you believe the Holocaust story?

    You’ve not read carefully enough what I’ve written.
    It’s a new one on me, but holohoaxers are so inventive.

    Logical inference: I was calling it the Holohoax, not the Holocaust.

    As for Wally, I know that some Columnists and Bloggers at UR ( notably Steve Sailer and Anatoly Karlin) have banned his posts. Mr W does repeatedly mention how Mr Steve has banned him. I thought that maybe Ms Webb had done likewise and that Mr W was winding her up under an anonymous label.
    I hope that has made things clear.

    • Replies: @Da's Reich
  37. Wokechoke says:

    Ghislaine is obviously a spy.

  38. What a sordid 20th century story. I was familiar with some of it and that much is quite enough. Now that the juuz are intent on committing mass suicide by spike protein I expect the whole thing can soon be placed into an historical context.

  39. anon[139] • Disclaimer says:

    “Kissinger has never been charged or even challenged for his role in facilitating a foreign-espionage operation targeting highly sensitive US national security information.”

    Can the accusation be looked into by Congress or dept of justice?
    Think what those 2 organization would do if Abedin ,wife of Wisner and aide to Clinton were accused of facilitating release of nuclear secrets to China . Think of Curveball and Jeff Goldberg and the support for war by media .

    Media can talk . Media’s lips are scothtaped by Rafi Eitan and Kissinger types of many more ‘Maxwell ‘ in the US power structures .

    “Rafi Eitan, the notorious Israeli spymaster who served as Jonathan Pollard’s handler and who played a key role in the creation of the Talpiot program, was”
    He is still alive. Declare him to be persona non grata .

    Let Kissinger and Rafi Eitan sue UNZ or Wendy. Celebrities have sued many ( think of Hulk Hogan sueing the media over exposure of sexual conduct,) America organized Congressional hearing using unverified reports against Sudan, China, Iraq,Iran ,Syria and Russia

    G Maxwell posing with 17 years old girl hugged by prince Andrew is ground enough for investigation .

    “Ghislaine denies the incident, though Jackson has never retracted the claim, which was reported in a 2007″
    All you need is to force Jackson tesify to Congress or to Parliamentry committee and pursue . It is important because suicide vs homicide question remain unrelolved ,because Maxwel was known intelligence asset and because of his outsized role in scientufic community ,money making projects,and supplying intelligence to Israel,and connections to princes,prime ministers,and presidents.

    ” The cover-up, oddly enough, continues today, with the FBI still refusing to release documents pertaining to Robert Maxwell and his role in the PROMIS scandal.”

    Discuss in the congress. Ask the politicians contending for offices,and force Congreess to hold hearings.

  40. I’ll bet you one hundred shekels plus a dozen bagels thrown in for good will, that this trail is a Mossad/CIA orchestrated coverup for hundreds of high power sex perverts who will never be convicted.

    It’s like a domino effect, once one falls, they all fall.

    It’s a GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLMr extortion racket, and you ain’t in it.

    Now give me back my shekels and bagels, I’ve got bribes to attend to.

    You’d be surprised what a few shekels and a bagel will buy you these days.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  41. Please excuse an OT post

    Just received an appeal for funds from Wikipedia, aka (((Wikipedia))), while accessing via a link in online reading, happy to scroll it away with a laugh.

    Swiss Policy Research has been my go-to site for the “pandemic”, and it has an article on Wiki. Here’s a link for anyone interested, preaching to the choir for most here, but maybe some innocents who think Wiki is neutral/useful —
    (multiple languages if needed)

    In Germany, one of the most aggressive Wikipedia editors was exposed, after a two-year legal battle, as a political operative formerly serving in the Israeli army as a foreign volunteer.

    Moreover, studies have shown that 80% of all Wikipedia content is written by just 1% of all Wikipedia editors, which again amounts to just a few hundred mostly unknown people.

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
  42. JackOH says:

    The money power and corruption controlling their lives is not surmountable by any of us. Only pure Divine Intervention can restrain this kind of evil.

    A112, you’re likely correct, although I’d still like to believe in moral training when young, personal restraint and vigilance when older, a functional system of law enforcement, a judiciary that shuns temptation, etc.

    FWIW-I know a guy who confessed to me he’d thought momentarily of blackmailing a local organization, some of whose executives were engaged in dubious activities he believed to be criminal. (Backstory’s TL:dr.) He canked the idea: no skill, no guts, blackmail is illegal in its own right even if the blackmailee’s actions themselves are illegal. Plus, significantly, the organization “owned” local law enforcement and the judiciary—no prospective blackmailee would feel threatened at all.

  43. This story should be made into a movie, it has the potential to be one of the greatest spy thrillers ever written, produced, directed and acted. It would most certainly be a trilogy, how else do you pack 100+ years of treachery, extortion, human sex trafficking, blackmail, assassination and global wars into three two hour pictures about a small tribe calling all the shots.

    And since it will never be made without drastic reversal of role playing, (((Hollywood aka Film Actors Guild-FAG))) prevents self incriminating films of its top brass from ever seeing the light of even one tiny screen pixel, so just bow your heads and move on.

  44. LostBoy says:


    “Maxwell’s parents and his siblings are believed to have died in the Holocaust.” Whitney, you should at least put “holocaust” in quotes. To do otherwise undermines your article’s credibility. The article is, after all, about exposing falsehood.
    The piece is, as is all your stuff, detailed and well-done. I checked some of the references and found them valid. I like your stuff.
    Sometimes I wonder if ‘Whitney Webb’ isn’t actually a group of people. Or one guy with a research staff.
    Sometimes I wonder who pays ‘Whitney’ to write these pieces Why else would anyone do it?
    I think I could write them. But I would have to be paid.


    • Replies: @Irish Savant
  45. @Arthur MacBride

    Thanks, but I figured out (((who))) was writing what about whom when some of my favorite writers were characterized as “White Supremacists”, “Anti Semitic”, “Homophobic”, you name it, they were called it.

    There’s not much one can trust these days. This is a disinformation war and most are oblivious to it.

    • Disagree: Fart Blossom
  46. @Emerging Majority

    Consider yourself upvoted a gazillion times.

    • Replies: @Emerging Majority
  47. Sean says:

    Mossad tradecraft at its best. Barak made himself so inconspicuous entering Epstien’s mansion. Barak is a drunk, he dresses in women’s clothes when on secret missions as he did when assassinating, her PLO leaders in Lebanon. Ghislaine’ not only has a French passport mother was a French Gentile (who brought a huge dowry that explains much of Robert Maxwell’s business success), so all she had to do is travel to France during the many months when she was free to travel and she could not have been extradited. She is a naïve woman who married a fraudster that he committed suicide and left her holding the bag (just like her father did with his sons who were tried for stealing the money from the public company’s pension fund). I suppose all these CIA and Mossad delusions are the equivalent of the religious ones of yesteryear, for those with a schizophrenia spectrum disorder. Jews are not ten feet tall you know.

  48. The persecutor hasn’t even asked for videos and tapes confisticated by the FBI. This is a very delineated and limited persecution to rid the pesky abused women with ample damages and then memory hole the whole Jeffery Epstein saga.
    Ms Maxwell will be out within 5 years,

    • Agree: haha
  49. @Anon


    Where can a lazy gentleman purchase such an instrument?

    • LOL: TKK
  50. @Anon

    I don’t agree : there are characters like that all throughout the fabric of American society through all placid garden cities of California down to the poorest shantytowns of Appalachia and you have to see them coming soon enough before being caught in their networks of influence. Concentrating on positive visions alone by creative visualisation or otherwise is the hallmark of New Age thought, a deserters’ ideology that succeeded in making out the Babyboomers the first generation that agreed leaving to the following ones a worse America. What you say is political correctness who want to remove witches from all fairy tales for the children. Contrary to what you just stated, you can do something about those kinds of people though you must start at your humble inter-personal level before embarking into high politics. Murder mysteries are good for the brain as well as a reminder of what human nature is, and x-rated scenes should never be far from murderous ones.

  51. @Anon

    The money power and corruption controlling their lives is not surmountable by any of us. Only pure Divine Intervention can restrain this kind of evil.

    I think you are right – they control almost everywhere in the world, and they control almost everything. There is no competing power source.

    Maybe these are the End Times when Satan runs amok. The Jewish Sabbatean sect began its debauchery from the premise that the Messiah will only appear if things get so bad He has to appear.

    Personally, I don’t think anyone can compel God to do anything and it may just be the other side which puts in an appearance.

  52. @Fart Blossom

    I’ve always wondered why Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is locked in as absolute truth regardless of scientific proof that his theory has more holes than a gopher field.
    The same can be said of the Holocaust.
    All the silencing and censorship just shows how controlling they are of any narrative that conflicts with their GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLMr world domination.

  53. Anonymous[125] • Disclaimer says:

    You forgot the cage with an eagle and a bear. German efficiency in its purest form. Why shoot someone when you have a circus lying around.

  54. Bert says:
    @parasite enthusiast

    Clear evidence of a Jewish blackmail ring designed to control global politicians

    Apparently so, but there is a conundrum involved. Why were the targets willing to take such risk? Were they not aware that hundreds of thousands of attractive, even beautiful, young women offer themselves every day to any interesting and proficient man for a few hundred dollars on the SA website? Did the targets realize that they were in fact repulsive rather than interesting? Did they realize that they lacked the game for such adventures and so needed a pimp like Epstein? Basically, by their involvement with Epstein they admitted that despite their wealth or influence they were Omega males. This says a lot about the “elite.”

    • Replies: @parasite enthusiast
  55. @CelestiaQuesta

    OOPs! I meant “agree!” Is there a way to take back the button? Arrrrggghhh!

  56. @SunBakedSuburb


    Where can a lazy gentleman purchase such an instrument?

    Mossadazon probably has ’em, but you’ll have to be especially useful to them to get accees to one, I’d bet.

  57. Alden says:

    Thanks I have all the Waugh books and short stories. His Sword of Honour and Basil Seal series were great and so true to the chicanery that goes on in war. Just looting. The ever popular Catch 22 was the American version of Sword of Honour. There’s a YouTube 3 part Sword of Honour . Several chapters of
    Brideshead revisited relate the mess that is the military.

    • Replies: @nsa
  58. @CelestiaQuesta

    Most welcome, CQ, and thanks.
    You’re right abt the information war and most being oblivious, mainly perhaps b/c they can’t be bothered to find out … I know a lot of people like that …
    Sloth is an expensive mistake …

    I was sure that that article would be wasted on the Commentariat, as you show, but also know that the big majority reading UR never comment and some of them will not have seen a rational critique of Wiki such as that and the articles following it.

    All the best and a Happy New Year to you.

    PS How To Escape Google … (lol)

  59. In an interview Whitney did with Maria Farmer, Farmer mentions that Ghislaine and Co. were essentially jewish supremacists who tried to encourage her to allow Epstein to impregnate her with the following argument: You should be proud and honored to carry a jewish baby. In the interview, Farmer expressed genuine surprise that no one in the media seemed interested in what was to her a significant angle to the story (odd, for a society obsessed with identity politics). Whitney just kind of nervously verbally shrugged and has written nothing more about it.

    • Replies: @Alden
  60. Anonymous[225] • Disclaimer says:

    “Count Frederich vanden Huevel” should be “Count Frederich vanden Heuvel”.

    I wish someone would explain how the PROMIS backdoor worked before we had the internet. Not that I don’t believe, I just don’t understand.

  61. Anon[807] • Disclaimer says:

    Jews are not 10!feet tall , If you were Kristol , you would have said that neocons were not 2 horned goblins .

    Both are true
    If they were 10 feet tall or 2horned beasts , they would have long ago been erased .

    Is Omicron trying to say :we aren’t Delta Covid to the unvaccinated?
    Is Covid-19 trying to say to ACE 2 receptors: our viral -human common values are at threat like the Judeo Christian values ?

  62. @cohen

    I would hope Ron would put a gold border around your comment.

  63. sarz says:

    How come everyone forgets about the Moloch temple on the island? That’s for human sacrifice, the more innocent the better. Who says these two, Ghislaine and Epstein, were not first of all hierophants of Moloch? Underage sex and blackmail were the least of it. Think of it as deep Judaism. And remember the underground tunnel leading to the sea from under the temple. Whitney Webb mentions that Ghislaine was qualified to pilot both helicopters and submarines. As soon as Epstein knew of the new charges against him he ordered a large cement mixer truck for immediate delivery to the island. In her long interview with Whitney Webb, Maria Farmer, who was more or less a prisoner of Ghislaine for over a year, keeps coming back to the fact that thousands of the girls are just missing.

    • Agree: Franklin Ryckaert
    • Thanks: Emerging Majority, Alden
    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @lydia
  64. @Emerging Majority

    100% THIS. ^^^^^

    Let me, unfortunately, take it another wide step further. I’m convinced this drills down into state and some relevant, big city county Governments too. In other words, it’s national to some degree.

    I live in the upper corner of a Midwestern state . In 10 minutes, I can be in either of two other states. That means I get some amount of news from three states. Well, I can’t tell you how often I read about some attorney or D.A., a business guy or random dude who was arrested for pedophilia or human trafficking. It is really unsettling. Some of those creeps must be connected to larger networks and not simply doing that on their own.

    There isn’t a week that goes by now, when consuming news about events in America, that I don’t think of the word: triangulation. Because the USA is being squeezed like it never has been – minus a battlefield war on our shores.

  65. Wokechoke says:

    You mean the former girls school that Wexner gifted to Epstein as a private house on Manhattan?

  66. DDearborn says:


    Henry Kissinger has outstanding international warrants out for his arrest by a half dozen countries. There were international warrants out for his arrest before the turn of the century. At least according to those countries Henry Kissinger is a war criminal and terrorist…

  67. @SunBakedSuburb

    J. C. Rupp, “The Love Bug,” journal of Forensic Sciences 18 (1973)

    Not freely available on the internet. It is a memorable report. This guy’s thing was he got naked and chained himself to his Volkswagen beetle back bumper, cranked the steering wheel all the way, put it in first gear and ran around in circles behind it. The chain got caught in the rear axle and wound up and smashed him against the car and squashed him.

    Reprinted here:

    It’s a unique double entrende for auto-erotic-asphyxiation. The book is worth reading but not worth owning unless your taste is really weird.

  68. @Z-man

    In fairness Tucker has pushed it as far as he can, right up to the line. He’s was more effective on Fox than he’d be as an independent.

  69. haha says:

    Fully agree with you when you say (so well): “Reading about these disgusting people … It’s not edifying to the soul and it’s deeply depressing and distressing.”

    What has the world come to? Looks like He has abandoned his children.

    • Replies: @lydia
  70. haha says:

    Yeah, a grand cover up in plain sight.

    “The sorcerer dramatically lifts off the drape covering the ugly statue and proclaims to the crowd “See, I have revealed to you all that there is to see” even as he skillfully keeps under cover the ugliest parts of the statue”.

  71. @Rev. Spooner

    Thank you. Guess I’m mostly a synthesist…meaning it’s always a challenge to look at the big picture and not get too frequently mired down in details.

    It’s not a pretty picture, we face, is it? Thing is, you look at the suffering at Valley Forge and how Washington crossed the Delaware on Christmas Eve and managed to pull off surprise victories at both Trenton and Princeton—and that against the much despised Hessian mercenaries who had bayonetted to death perhaps hundreds of patriotic young Americans during the British Invasion of Long Island.

    Thomas Paine wrote about these things: “These are the times that try mens’ souls.” In a number of ways this era reflects many of the circumstances of the American Revolution.

  72. @The Real World

    Thanks. I’d considered bringing it all back home—local and regional levels—one example for now. Some years ago the youngish county attorney in the closest micro-metro to my home territory, was discovered dead as a doornail. He was in running gear and track shoes .Evidently out for a jog. In his late 30’s/early 40’s, that D.A. for that entire county was autopsied and it was revealed that a considerable toot of white powder was detected in his system.

    It makes one wonder as to just how many drug cases he prosticuted and how many convictions he nailed down, as well as the length of sentencing. Then too, how many of those cases involved cannabis or psychedelics, NOT addictive drugs. Is cocaine addictive? If you’re not sure, consult with your physician…oops. In the next larger town eastwards, a young man of my acquaintance bragged about the number of individuals in the medical profession for whom he provided their coke…and just occasionally cannabis colas.

    Then consider fusion centers. This is one which they prefer to keep under wraps. State fusion centers are commonly located in the FBI headquarters in the states. Usually, their are firstly partnered with the state’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, or suchlike. From there on, they make sweet with local and county L.E. agencies, in which the FEEBEES usually insert one of their own as that jurisdiction’s “drug Czar”.

    So the corruption emanates from the top down. Take a looksee at the ass-end of the \$1 Fed-note. Pay careful attention to the Eye of Horus (representing the leading Crime Clan Bank\$ters) and then to the pyramid. It’s all top-down. An old Russian proverb teaches that a fish rots from the head.

  73. @LostBoy

    True. Or just say Holocau\$t™.

  74. Icy Blast says:
    @Emerging Majority

    Obviously, Maxwell was an agent of the Vatican.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  75. anon[230] • Disclaimer says:

    Don’t leave it to God when we can challenge and correct . First start challenging anti -semitism as something unique special and is an organic crime which has no parallel . Parallel to it is seen in every anti -ethnic slurs and violences .Calling Covid Kung Fu virus as as anti Semitic as is associating the hooked nose with money is anti- Chinese or anti-oriental .Both are same and interchangeable . Holocaust was as dastardly as was the Opium mayhem . I don’t have to accept the arbitrary mystical ineffable attribute of Holocaust notoriety defined by the Holocaust victims when I dont accept the absolutely exceptional character or the mystical inexpressible notoriety of the opium victimhood of China.

    • Replies: @Anon
  76. @Bert

    Yeah… bit of a puzzle that one. Maybe they didn’t realise they were being filmed, or maybe they knew or suspected and just didn’t care because they never had much of a moral compass anyway. Epstein probably only brought the ones he was good friends with, whatever that tells you.

  77. Alden says:
    @Emerging Majority

    Except the we don’t have the wealthiest people most powerful people in the country behind us. And we don’t have a billion in currency lent to us by the French government. Including our first gold reserves already shipped and hidden in a staircase in Philadelphia And we don’t have the French navy and army on its way to help.

    We’re not even Wat Tyler and his men or the Pilgrimage of Grace or the Peasant’s and puritan revolt of Munster that took Luther’s speeches too literally and were destroyed by the ruling class.

    We’re just a few middle class people with no influence organization or money to donate to a cause.

    It was all over in 20 years. Brown vs Topeka 1951 Griggs vs Duke Power 1971

    Every revolution in human history has been one faction of the ruling class against another faction of the ruling class. And we the conservatives or White nationalists whatever we choose to call our selves are at the bottom of the caste system.

    • Thanks: JackOH
  78. Alden says:
    @Malcolm X-Lax

    Virginia Guiffre decided to run when they wanted her to have a baby. What did they want the baby for? Sex? Sacrifice? Nothing normal I’m sure. Epstein died in his 60s. He could have had 20 or more kids by his many sex contacts. Why didn’t he?

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @Sean
  79. This is pure antisemitism! Linking Ghislaine’s father to murders, spying, Pollard, “israel”, blackmail, corruption and assassins is antisemitic! You wouldn’t say this about regular criminals!

    And just because he stole from poor British workers doesn’t mean his daughter is a blackmailing, zionist spy!

  80. Anon[166] • Disclaimer says:

    I don’t know why you’re whining about anti-Semitism when every evil person in this saga is either Jewish or Israeli.

    Epstein and Maxwell confirm the adage that “anti-Semitism is a disease … that you catch from Jews.”

    • Agree: Wokechoke
  81. ivan says:
    @Fart Blossom

    It’s not that bad. Pergamon mainly published works on physics , control theory etc. Most of the works were from the Soviet Union, including the renowned Course on Theoretical. Physics by Landau and Lifshitz. Maxwell was a well known skinflint, he probably paid pennies. Prentice-Hall published mostly engineering textbooks, one can’t write too much bullshit in engineering. Maxwell was a typical businessman. That others didn’t pick on the fact that he was a Uber Zionist is just another facet of the large scale deception that the Zionists engage in.

  82. @ivan

    Pergamon also published a lot of chess books back in the 70s and 80s. I am a chess aficionado and have a bunch of them. Mostly things from behind the iron curtain, which was the place for chess back then. The books had really poor binding and used this old timey type set that made them look like 1950s government documents. But they were valuable to a niche audience.

    In Hellenistic greece pergamon in northern Asia Minor was the second greatest library behind the library of Alexandria. I suppose that’s what the name means.

    • Thanks: ivan
    • Replies: @Wielgus
  83. @ivan

    It’s not that bad.

    You have to be kidding. How could anyone doubt that’s not even beginning to scratch the surface?

    Corruption everywhere you look and it didn’t just start yesterday.

    Here’s more.:

    It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.

    It was from Dr. Angell’s review Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption.

    It echoed Richard Smith, 25 year editor of another top-tier journal (the British Medical Journal), in the first issue of our Journal of Participatory Medicine:
    …most of what appears in peer-reviewed journals is scientifically weak.

    • Replies: @JackOH
  84. Skeptikal says:
    @Fart Blossom

    The long-term strategic importance of controlling scientific discourse via controlling scientific publishing raises the possibility in my mind that this was a long-term goal set by the Israelis, and that they guided and financed Maxwell to succeed at this long-term strategic goal.

    The obvious question is: Where did Maxwell get the idea to become a science publishing tycoon? Was this really his own idea?

    • Agree: Fart Blossom
    • Replies: @Fart Blossom
  85. @ivan

    Here’s more from that same article.

    More recently, Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet, wrote that “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness” (2).

    Anyone who knows how people operate and especially those with even a passing acquaintance with those at the top knows that people can and eventually do pervert anything. None of this should come as a surprise to anyone over the age of 30 or so.

    • Replies: @ivan
  86. Skeptikal says:

    If this hypothesis is true, then it certainly would behoove GM to have her attorney or another trusted individual sequester in a very secret place or multiple very secret places compromising documents and videos—whose release to the public would be triggered by her death.

    In any case I do think it is believable that she would combine high- and low-level spying and entrapment activities. Plus there is the evidence that she herself had been abused by her father—she may have had a few of her own kinks to satisfy. This may also have made her more effective as a partner in entrapment of other kinky types.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
    , @Wielgus
  87. JM says:
    @parasite enthusiast

    Now that’s food for thought. Some were prepared to even fall on their swords to engineer the…traps and the fact that the mass media were so ‘hysterical’ in the propagation of numerous examples of these behaviors strengthen the possibility.

  88. @Arthur MacBride

    Wikipedia is an amazing trove of research and history that has changed everyone’s life for the much better. I wouldn’t go there for controversial subjects, but it’s basically got everything and everyone identified at the touch of a button. Name an obscure battle, an ancient tool, a tribe from 4600 BC… it’s there.

    TV, movies, culture, arts… it’s all there. Science, technology, biography, ad infinitum

    • Agree: Happy Tapir
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  89. nsa says:

    Waugh spent some time in Hollywood shopping Brideshead for film adaptation. His unpleasant stay resulted in the classic little sendup, The Loved One. Thin skinned literati like Waugh, Hemingway, Faulkner, Nabokov, etc grubbing around the publishing and film industries for money all ended up virulently hating on the jew. Nabokov relates how one publisher said he would print the book, Lolita, but only if the novel were rewritten with Humbert’s underage love object becoming boy.

    • Thanks: Alden
    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  90. JackOH says:
    @Fart Blossom

    Fart Blossom, Dr. Angell’s the real deal, but the evil genius that guides today’s version of Western “liberalism” gives some space to insider critics who are permitted to speak plainly as long as they don’t reach for the levers of power. I’m grateful she and other medical folks speak out, and hope they continue speaking out.

    “Controlled opposition” is too cruel a phrase to describe honest people such as Dr. Angell, who, I think, face the dilemma: do I say something publicly that is likely to be ineffective, or do I say nothing at all?

    • Thanks: Fart Blossom
  91. lydia says:

    Thank you for this reminder, I try to stay away from anything other than the vax mandates and the Palestinians and not too much of that it is heartbreaking and the signs of the times are that the Lord Jesus is coming soon to set up His eternal Kingdom. Many Advent, Christmas and Ephiphany hymns speak of the Second Coming as well.

    The evil ones, the sabbateans hate and try to destroy nativity scenes and the depictions of the Holy Cross, maybe they are more powerful than is generally supposed.

    Residents of an Indiana town have been threatened with legal action by an atheist group if they don’t remove their nativity scene.

    Brookville, Ind. has displayed the nativity outside the courthouse every holiday season for the last 50 years.

    But according to WLWT, residents of the Indiana town say that for the last three years, the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation has demanded they remove the scene, threatening them with a lawsuit if they fail to comply.

    According to the group, the nativity is displayed next to the Franklin County Courthouse and thus violates the separation of church and state.

    “If people don’t like the look of it I think they can look the other way, or don’t look at all,” Brookville resident Wayne Monroe told WLWT. “It’s been a tradition here for many, many years and I hope it’s for many more years. I think we deserve the right to put up what the community wants and I don’t think anybody else should tell us what to do.”

    “I think it’s going to take a lot more that some outfit from Wisconsin to have it removed,” Monroe added.

    ——at leastthey are not destroying the nativity scenes as they do in some places esp Europe and esp Italy—Wikipedia shows the amazing number of countries that have beautiful nativity scenes— the vatican under the antipope francis has had hideous scenes including globohomo for the past several years—but the Lord will laugh at them when He comes.

  92. lydia says:
    @The Real World

    Jesus said in the Olivet Discourse Matthew 24 on the endtimes that it will be worse than anytime from before there was a nation and directs people back to the Book of Daniel which speaks of the last earthy kingdom before the Lord Jesus comes to destroy the wicked and set up His eternal Kingdom as being diverse from all other kingdoms and made of iron which treads down the whole earth.

    The metal man symbol of the last kingdom shows iron feet mixed with clay and something about mixing the seed which will not adhere which sounds like transhumanism. The Rock torn out of the mountain not by hands will destroy the metal man symbol of all men’s kingdoms forever.


  93. lydia says:

    Catholics protest installment of satanic display in Illinois Statehouse
    A statue of baby Baphomet was placed next to the nativity display in the Statehouse Rotunda by The Satanic Temple.
    Why were you not present Bishop?
    Why not?
    My Lord, if you cannot show up for THIS, then what good are you?

    May the Holy Family be a consolation to victims of COVID tyranny this Christmas: Abp. Viganò

    ‘Turn your thoughts to the Holy Family, turned away from the inn and forced to find shelter in a cave. May their blessed poverty and their apparent segregation be a consolation for all of you.’

    “Come, O Wisdom, who orders earthly events; come to teach the way of prudence and of glory.”

    These words are taken from a very ancient hymn for Advent which dates to the eighth century. In them the Christian soul invokes the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Wisdom of the Father, so that he may show us how to pass through this valley of tears unharmed – the via prudentiæ – and attain eternal beatitude in heaven – la via gloriæ.
    Amen. Nourishment for the soul.

    The authorization of the gene serum for children, which today is presented as an indispensable and safe method for containing a virus that does not represent even a minimal threat to them and which instead puts their immune system and their health at irreversible risk, is the latest wicked decision made by people who are corrupt in soul and misguided in mind, for whom the innocent life of a child can be sacrificed on the altar of the health Moloch.

    Be intrepid defenders of your little ones, for whom you are responsible before God both for their physical health and for the salvation of their souls. Place them under the protective mantle of the Most Holy Virgin, consecrating them to the one who along with Saint Joseph succeeded in stealing away from the fury of Herod “the threatened life of the little baby Jesus,” fleeing to Egypt. Do not forget, dear parents, that the Lord looks at children with a special love, and he will not fail to assure them and you of His Holy protection.

  94. Athena says:

    Hastert Case: How the COINTELPRO II Bucket Turned into a Can of Worms


    ”Of course the new COINTELPRO collected a tremendous amount of dirt on some key elected Republicans. On top of that list was Dennis Hastert with criminal activities ranging from financial fraud, money laundering and bribery to partnership with criminal networks in Chicago, treason, and sexual violation of minor males-both domestically and internationally.

    But wait. Some elected Democrats ended up in this same bucket as well. They had Rep. Tom Lantos with implicating data gathered from counterintelligence operations targeting Turkey and Israel. They had Rep. Stephen Solarz through counterintelligence operations on Israel, Turkey and India. They had Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and her convicted husband Robert Creamer through counterintelligence operations involving Chicago political corruption cases, financial fraud and embezzlements, Israel and Turkey, with parallel operations conducted by the CIA involving Mullah Fethullah Gulen and his criminal network in Chicago.

    But wait again: Do dirties operate only within the elected officials circle? Of course not. The same exact operations producing a list of elected Republican and Democrat dirties also produced a list of high-profile appointed career bureaucrats.

    The FBI’s counterintelligence and counterespionage operations compiled much implicating data (implicating as in criminal) on individuals such as Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Eric Edelman, Marc Grossman, Graham Fuller, David Makovsky, and Alan Makovsky, among others. You are looking at a group of criminally-implicated individuals who have been in and out of various high-level executive positions regardless of their political affiliation or partisan label.”

    ”Add to that the fact that the new COINTELPRO had started per the Clinton White House directive, and that the dirt implicated many high-level elected Republicans in the US Congress.

    Additionally, this was post September 11 Terrorist Attacks. By late November 2001, with NSA’s new powers, the powers no longer needed the FBI for their COINTELPRO operations. They no longer needed to worry about FISA or specific directives. They had the NSA with access to anyone, everyone, everywhere, for anything and everything.”

    Interview 1104 – Philip Giraldi Breaks the Media Blackout on Hastert

  95. Wokechoke says:

    Cicero on Jewish organisational pressure in Roman Republic. The Empire had to do what it did before the ADL subverted it….

    It would appear, unless Cicero’s words are merely a rhetorical flourish, that the Jews, who insisted on being present on an occasion that concerned them, surrounded the platform, and, supporting each other, became formidable through their numbers, “You know,” he said, addressing the plaintiff, “how large the mob is, how it holds together, and what it accomplished in its assemblies.” Pro Flacco.

    Cicero is here telling you that Jews exerted great legal power in the Republic. There’s references to Jews smuggling gold out of the Imperial provinces to the temple in Jerusalem. Pro Flacco 66-69.

  96. Athena says:

    The Doctrine of ‘Superior People’: The Bond between Israel & World Zionism

    ”The latest fashion among Jewish Supremacist ‘geneticists’ is to extoll the discovery of uniquely special ‘genes’ predisposing Jews to experience the ‘holocaust’ and even inherit the experience of suffering from long dead ancestors.”

    ”In the past, a uniquely disproportional percentage of Jews chose to fight for universal humanist values – rejecting the notion of a chosen people.”

    ”Today a disproportionate percentage of educated Jews have chosen to embrace an ‘ethno-religious’ Supremacist dogma, which binds them to an apartheid, militarist state and ideology ready to drag the world into a global war.”

    ”Jews, especially young Jews, are increasingly repelled by Israel’s crimes against humanity. The next step for them (and for us) is to criticize, demystify and stand up to the toxic supremacist ideology linking the powerful domestic Zionist power configuration and its political clones with Israel.”

    ”The root problem is not genetic, it is collective political dementia: a demented ideology that claims a chosen elite can forever dominate and exploit the majority of American people.”

  97. Mevashir says:

    Thank you for this beautiful Nativity picture.

    Thank you for this reminder, I try to stay away from anything other than the vax mandates and the Palestinians and not too much of that it is heartbreaking and the signs of the times are that the Lord Jesus is coming soon to set up His eternal Kingdom. Many Advent, Christmas and Ephiphany hymns speak of the Second Coming as well.

    The evil ones, the sabbateans
    hate and try to destroy nativity scenes and the depictions of the Holy Cross, maybe they are more powerful than is generally supposed.

    But I don’t understand what you wrote above. David Duke says it’s just Jews who try to stop Nativity scenes. Why do you say sabbateans? Do you think that religious Jews allow Christian symbols because they support religion in general but the Sabbatean (atheists) don’t?

    Also what do you mean about “staying away from anything other than the vax mandates and the Palestinians”? Sorry I’m just trying to understand you.


  98. Mike Tre says:

    Jizzstain Maxwell was a child of elite privilege; a life long groupie and hanger on who would have pimped out her own mother and her dead father’s carcass if it meant she could continue to live the lifestyle she did. Was she an intelligence agent? I don’t know. Was she an asset? Probably.

    She should have any and all US assets seized and merely be thrown out of the country. This trial is a farce and a distraction and nothing about its outcome will change anything, regardless of verdict. Once again, the US taxpayer fits the bill for some filthy foreign mongrel and its criminal degeneracy.

  99. @Curmudgeon

    This is what I have been saying for months now: it’s a she-said-she-said thing and one of the shes is an admitted prostitute trying to cash in.

    I got a lot of emotional-based shit for what I said, but I just didn’t spend any time paying any attention to the trial. You’ve done that for me and I appreciate it.

    As I said a few weeks ago, the tell in this is that they tried to torture Maxwell into pleading by the things they were doing to her in prison while she awaited trial. Those things are way way beyond normal treatment for prisoners and there was no reason for it other than to try and make her break before they had to present (non-existent) evidence.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  100. Anonymous[125] • Disclaimer says:
    @simple mind

    I wouldn’t go there for controversial subjects, but…

    Don’t be naive. Everything is becoming “controversial” and the process is accelerating – battles, tribes, culture, science… ad infinitum. It’s all part of the Global Reset.

    Wikipedia is a rapidly metastasising cancer.

    • Agree: Fart Blossom
    • Replies: @Fart Blossom
  101. Sean says:

    But Virginia Giuffre named former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak as a man she was forced to have sex with by Epstein and Maxwell. And it was Alan Dershowitz who forced that fact into the public realm. How can anyone possibly think that Israel has influence over the criminal justice system when this trial is so inimical to Israel’s image?

    • Replies: @ivan
    , @Mulga Mumblebrain
  102. @lydia

    Is “israel” trying to “destroy the nativity scene”?
    You betcha:

  103. Alden says:

    I’m familiar with Freedom From Religion Foundation. It’s a Jewish front just like most pressure groups claiming to be atheist. Thanks for the picture.

  104. Mevashir says:

    Also what do you mean about “staying away from anything other than the vax mandates and the Palestinians”? Sorry I’m just trying to understand you.

    I figured it out. You mean you stay away from controversial subjects except for the vax mandates and the problems of the Palestinians. Is that correct?

  105. ivan says:

    They decided to sacrifice Barak a long time ago. Strange as it may seem there is no love lost between Barak and Netanyahu. It is I believe called “a limited hangout”.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  106. ivan says:
    @Fart Blossom

    I can go with that. Ironically it was the Lancet which published two articles rubbishing the very idea that CV-19 could have leaked from the Wuhan Lab. Had the hand of Peter Daszek all over it.

    • Replies: @Fart Blossom
  107. ivan says:

    I can go with that. Ironically it was the Lancet which published two articles rubbishing the very idea that CV-19 could have leaked from the Wuhan Lab. Had the hand of Peter Daszek all over it.

    No irony to me after all these years that the people loudest in proclaiming that they are “science based” are the ones who suppress alternate points of view.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  108. Druid55 says:

    I’m Muslim and I like the nativity scenes on behalf of true Christians. Keep them

  109. Druid55 says:

    The root problem is the talmudists teachings of jewish supremacism over one and all

  110. @Ned kelly

    I do think that it is unarguable that the Judaic elites are the oldest extant and most powerful, by far, Mafia operation in history. The only question is-to what end? Surely not the Talmudic lunacies of Earth ending after ‘6,000 years’ and 2,800 goy slaves for every Jew, stuff that I imagine was invented as a diversion from the real agenda.

    • Replies: @Ned kelly
  111. @ivan

    The idea was to denigrate the idea of a laboratory origin for SARS CoV2, because once that was conceded, once that ‘can of worms’ was opened, there was a very small risk that some of the proles might wake to the reality of a US laboratory origin, and a bio-warfare attack ON China. A slim risk, given totalitarian MSM propaganda control in the West, but you can never take the risk.

    • Replies: @ivan
  112. @Sean

    Dear me-another facet of the Sinophobe troll’s character emerges. An apologist for the Zionazis. My, my.

  113. Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, were sexual commandos carrying
    out a “honey trap” for Israel. Initially Robert Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein
    and later Ghislaine Maxwell lined up designated high level leaders in
    their respective fields and after identifying their particular sexual
    preferences(and weaknesses) enticing and compromising them. Once
    compromised, at a time of Israel’schoosing, Mossad did the rest.
    Attorney General Tony Acosta was made aware of the nature of the
    intelligence blackmail operation.


    Maxwell supplied the attractive female lures and Epstein(daily grind
    apparently) identified theirdesirability,docility, and test run them—up
    to three a day– and then once trained distributed to designated blackmail targets.
    Israel transfers to China top secret U.S.military technology, big time since 1992.
    Epstein silenced Bill Clinton and anyone else who mattered to keep the Israel
    China top secret military transfer going…CIA Chief James Woolsey said
    in 1993 that Israel was China’s primary source of top secret advanced
    defense technology, offering “advanced military technologies that U.S.
    and Western firms are unwilling to provide.”
    Bill Clinton was elected inNovember 1992, became President in January 1993,
    was briefed by the CIA of Israel/China prohibited technology transfers.
    Secret service reports revealed Jeffrey Epstein then becoming a regular
    visitor to the White House.
    China is now Israel’s third largest trading partner…Now you know…
    Lesley Wexner, a“sayanim” for Israeli operations,co-founder of “MEGA” with
    Edgar Bronfman, and sayanim Leon Black provided the money Epstein needed
    to maintain the aura and gazillionaire business front.
    They reported directly to Israeli Prime Minister(s) Shimon Peres, and
    subsequently Ehud Barak. The little victims did not stand a chance
    against these operatives and sexual commandos…
    Sources: Robert Maxwell and Mossad, Ghislaine’s “premium products” she wanted Trump to sample.
    See:U.S. Dual-Use Exports to China, Chinese Behavior, and the Israel Factor,
    See:Woolsey on Israel’s illegal transfers of U.S.Top secret Technology to Israel.In
    the early 1990s then-CIA Director James Woolsey told a Senate
    Government Affairs Committee that Israel had been selling U.S. secrets
    to China for about a decade. More than 12 years ago the U.S. demanded
    Israel cancel a contract to supply China with Python III missiles, which
    included technology developed by the U.S. for its Sidewinder missiles,
    The Associated Press reported in 2002.
    See: Secret U.S. missile and electro-optics technology was transferred to China recently by Israel, prompting anger from the U.S. and causing a senior Israeli defense official to resign.
    See:Israel secretly transfers Lavi jet built and financed by U.S. taxpayers, radar, missile technology, to China(CLINTON)
    See:NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans’ data with Israel…
    See: Report: Israel Passes US Military Technology to China…
    As Jagger might have sung, but didn’t. You can’t always know what you
    want, but if you try, sometimes you get to smell the coffee…Go figure…

    • Replies: @Fart Blossom
  114. mcohen says:

    epstein,maxwell and all the supporting cast were ruling elite way could they have carried on there shenanigans for 30 years without powerful backers.
    then the riff raff began to stir once the Internet become a useful tool in the hands of the riff raff or deplorable as cliton likes to call them.
    show trial.maxwell will walk with time served.epstein died in

  115. Anon[114] • Disclaimer says:
    @parasite enthusiast

    And the CIA knew nothing about what was happening in their own backyard? Mossad are tricky but bow to their boss.

  116. @Skeptikal

    …and that they guided and financed Maxwell to succeed at this long-term strategic goal.

    And I suspect it’s all done with stolen and “printed” money.

    Another good example of it is the story of Bill Gates. That goofus has “loser” written all over him; a wannabe somebody. Without buckets of cash being thrown his way he’d probably be living in a tent right now.

  117. @ivan

    You are correct and there have been other “prestigious” medical journals that have been in a similar situation and there will undoubtedly be more.

    Once a person starts digging into these things there can be no doubt that from religion to finance to “academoia” to the press and politics it all gets corrupted eventually. I find it fascinating but most people seem to find the situation terrifying which explains why so many do not even want to hear the truth and get upset when it’s served to them unadorned.

    It has always been thus and I don’t see how it’ll ever change. I’ve come to the conclusion that the best we can do is to speak the truth at every turn (at the least because it makes a few of the rascals squirm temporarily), to question everything, and learn to laugh while avoiding most of it as much as possible. Not much we’ll ever be able to do beyond that. There is no messiah, things come and go, and there is only one permanent solution at least from the standpoint of the individual.

    Merry Christmas! The sun will rise again and the cycle continues until it doesn’t.

    • Thanks: ivan
  118. @Verymuchalive

    It has Sir,

    “You’ve not read “

    I’m just guessing here but using the above rather than ‘You haven’t read’

    Are you English ?

    It is not a criticism at all it’s just a uniquely English way of putting things,

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  119. @El Disgustador

    Israel transfers to China top secret U.S.military technology, big time since 1992.

    You’re on the right track, but any big time US technology transfers were only a small part of the plan. Zionist/Communist globalist bankers have been bleeding the US dry for far longer than that. They not only transferred money to the Bolsheviks to initiate the USSR, but instigated the US Fed Reserve to fund it all including the wars that killed hundreds of millions and destroyed the West culturally and morally.

    The same tribe destroyed China, then crippled the nationalists while preserving their forces (Mao) before rebuilding it to what we see now. They have financialized and de-industrializd the West and have also brainwashed us to the point of near helplessness for the whole time.

  120. @Anonymous

    Wikipedia is a rapidly metastasising cancer.

    Just enough truth in Wiki to make it seem reliable. And dependable. For now. Anyone who’s ever done any trapping can understand how it works. It typically takes a lot of preparation, some experience and patience but with only a little luck the trapper usually gets what he wants. At least until there’s nothing left…

    I can see where things can get real exciting when the trappers start on each other. I hope I’m around to enjoy the show.

  121. Ned kelly says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    My advise is always: Stick to what is clearly known about Jews. Steer clear of conspiracy theories. The facts we do know about Jews is shocking and unbelievable enough… as this article shows.
    That we are not allowed (and never were) to talk about Jews… Tells you what?

  122. ivan says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    It never occurred to me that the Chinese deliberately leaked the virus. I always went by the theory that they were doing pointlessly dangerous experiments which had the potential to create chimeras.

    You have to agree that the loser in this was DJ Trump. His apparent mishandling of it cost him his reelection. There is no one in the world that could have foreseen the unfolding of events, but it is pretty clear to me as someone who has observed the American scene for decades, that the Democrats decided to hang the Covid albatross around Trump’s neck from say April 2020 onwards. For me I don’t care all that much about the origins, the damage has been done, but since it is a factor in the narrative that the Trump-haters spun, it becomes an issue in American politics.

  123. Wokechoke says:

    Waugh has a consistent history of using racial archetypes from before that visit to LA. Scoop and Black Mischief are very modern stories in that regard. All the stereotypes employed are valid to this day even though the situations are pre WW2.

  124. @Skeptikal

    In any case I do think it is believable that she would combine high- and low-level spying and entrapment activities

    I’ve got to disagree with you on that. But, in fairness, we won’t know either way until we find out much more about the MOSSAD connection. At the moment, that means sometime never.

    Plus there is the evidence that she herself had been abused by her father—she may have had a few of her own kinks to satisfy.

    I don’t know about that. An older friend attended Oxford University in the late 1960s and early 1970s. At the time she was a friend of the eldest Maxwell daughter ( I hasten to add that the 2 eldest Maxwell siblings had nothing to do with any of this business ) She was invited back to the large Maxwell mansion in Oxford on quite a number of occasions. Even then it was apparent that Ghislaine was Maxwell’s favourite, but my friend didn’t see anything untoward.

    The contrast between the Maxwell she knew and the corpulent old rogue 20 years later is striking. Maxwell in 1970 was slim, fit and youthful. He was thoroughly charming to my friend. He seemed as if he didn’t have a care in the world. My friend thinks that was in the 1970s that his frauds and involvement with MOSSAD and other intelligence services really took off. The overeating was obviously a reaction to the increasing stress he was under.

    • Replies: @Ned kelly
    , @Curle
  125. @Da's Reich

    It is very pleasing to hear from a commenter who is aware of the subtleties of colloquial English. Well spotted.
    PS I am not English ( but not too far away! )

    • Replies: @Da's Reich
  126. Ned kelly says:

    You are too kind, governor… Even the papers (even the ones he owned) will tell you he was born a prototypical Jew… and Maxwell’s story is a typical Jewish tale. Even in in the era you’re talking about–the late 60’s… he was tossed out of his company by his fellow Jews because he was too much of a shliemiel. His own journalist publicly denounced him as a “crook and liar”! it goes on and on… in a typical Jewish fashion.
    Then there’s his daughter… and she has somehow managed to even beat her father’s infamy.

  127. Ned kelly says:

    My former comments were addressed to you.

  128. @anon

    That’s ‘Weiner,’ not Wisner. Frank Wisner was one of the OSS-Allen Dulles inner circle.

  129. Richard B says:
    @Icy Blast

    Obviously, Maxwell was an agent of the Vatican.

    And the Vatican the property of Israel.

  130. Glad Whitney is as always, on ‘it.’ Now watch Ghislaine skate. The Fibbies have already ‘lost’ some of the most incriminating (to the Owners) evidence that would begin to bring down this corrupt and perverted kleptocracy. Bidness as usual. Bidenness as usual?

    Will we ever wake up to the facts regarding our stolen nation? Until we do en-masse, we are condemned to live in this fetid cesspool we have allowed by voting for this micro-managed duopoly.
    Voting will only ensure the longevity of this private enterprise we call the USA.

    One correction for Ms Webb. Allen Dulles was not the first official director of the CIA and in spite of that (because of that) he was able to covertly move all of the puzzle pieces into place from near anonymity—laying out the garden plot to his own satisfaction for his inevitable ascension to the Directorship in those years from 1947 to 1952. There were actually 2 if not 3 (depending on how you read the organizational structure) previous Directors.

  131. Curle says:

    “He was thoroughly charming to my friend.”

    You mean, just like a spy?

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  132. @Curle

    My friend agrees.
    When she saw the later Maxwell on television, however, she thought he was much more like Count Fosco, the villain of Wilkie Collin’s ” The Woman in White.”

    Having read the book, I think she’s right.

  133. Curle says:

    “of the large scale deception that the Zionists engage in.”

    Is it deception though when your gulls are throwing themselves at your feet? I’m reminded of confederate governor Zebulon Vance’s enthusiastic support for Jewish immigration rationalized as they’ll out Yankee the Yankees. Well, he was correct about that.

    Seems to me the US is full of gentiles who adore Jews for what they imagine they will do to disfavored gentiles. It is also full of gentiles who want to blame Jews for deprivations indistinguishable in type from those brought about by good old fashioned Yankee puritans.

    • Replies: @ivan
  134. @Ned kelly

    Thanks. You’re probably right, but he managed to present a facade of respectability until 1971, when he was adjudged unfit to be a director of a public company. After that, he went full Count Fosco. See my reply to Curle.

  135. @Sean

    Sean the fanatic, racist, Sinophobe, is an apologist for Zionazism, the CIA and MOSSAD, too. What a surprise!!!

  136. Wielgus says:
    @Happy Tapir

    It also published a book on Hungarian history, including a highly pro-Communist interpretation of 1956. Robert Maxwell, by the way, was a fluent Hungarian speaker.

  137. @Athena

    This sort of thing was dredged up to keep the Holocaust ‘survivors and victims’ rackets going beyond normal life-spans. To make it hereditary, using epigenetics as the reason. Fair enough, but can you imagine the epigenetic damage done to the Palestinians after generations of BRUTAL repression by fanatic racists who regard them as insects?

  138. @restless94110

    UTTER bullshit. Lying pilpul of the most odious kind.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  139. atyu says:

    quite a cozy little criminal cabal we have here

    how has this been allowed to happen AND how to break these bloodsuckers up

  140. ivan says:

    As soon as one mainlines
    Ziocaine, one’s mind is taken over by Jewish concerns, to the detriment of one’s own interests. The parasitism involved can bear comparison to what happens when a plague of fungi take over an ant colony, the ants being the Americans.

  141. anonymous[326] • Disclaimer says:

    This case is just another manufactured peice of theater that gives the American public the impression the system is legitimate and they’re not living under a foreign occupation. No justice nor revelations will be forthcoming let alone mentions of Israel, mossad etc. Everyone involved will stilll get payed regardless.

    Since the new year is fast approaching it may be a good time to reflect on the prorities of 2021

    • Agree: Orville H. Larson
  142. @Verymuchalive

    Many thanks for that Sir,

    Not too far away? could that stretch to Ireland?

    Where I’m from 😉

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  143. Pancho says:

    The Jeffrey-Ghislane operation is a typical example of what in intelligence and espionage is called a ‘honey trap.” Now, given the connections and ethnicity of both of the key operatives, one may safely surmise it was not a North Korean operation.

  144. lydia says:


    45 Now from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land unto the ninth hour.

    46 And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

    Jesus, whelmed in fears unknown,
    With our evil left alone,
    While no light from Heav’n is shown:
    Hear us, holy Jesus.

    Though no Father seem to hear,
    Though no light our spirits cheer,
    Tell our faith that God is near:
    Hear us, holy Jesus.

    Tenebrae: A Service of Shadows

    The service of Tenebrae, meaning “darkness” or “shadows,” has been practiced by the church since medieval times. Once a service for the monastic community, Tenebrae later became an important part of the worship of the common folk during Holy Week. We join Christians of many generations throughout the world in using the liturgy of Tenebrae.

    Tenebrae is a prolonged meditation on Christ’s suffering. Readings trace the story of Christ’s passion, music portrays his pathos, and the power of silence and darkness suggests the drama of this momentous day. As lights are extinguished, we ponder the depth of Christ’s suffering and death; we remember the cataclysmic nature of his sacrifice as we hear the overwhelming sound of the “strepitus”; and through the return of the small but persistent flame of the Christ candle at the conclusion of the service, we anticipate the joy of ultimate victory.

    God is light, in whom there is no darkness at all.
    Jesus Christ is the light of the world.

    And this is the judgment, that the light has come into the world,
    and we loved darkness rather than light.

    Father Thomas Pollack
    “Jesus, in Your Dying Woes” Lutheran Service Book LSB #447


    By Thomas Cosmades

    Every statement from the Incarnate Word bears timeless significance. However, in the last seven words which Christ pronounced from the cross there is historic, theological and existential relevance. From the hour they were first heard during the Savior’s tormenting agony, much has been communicated on the subject. Always some new light or insight emanates from these unfading pronouncements.

  145. @CelestiaQuesta

    Prince Andrew in Buckingham Palace and St Jimmy Saville on TV—-is is true Mr Roarke and Tattoo entertained Clinton- Epstein- Maxwell on Fantasy Island when the Lolita Express was fogged in?

  146. The American public will NEVER be privy to the particulars concerning this case; the judge has “sealed” the records, etc.

    Anyone wanting to know how the American justice system REALLY works should read Gerry Spence’s book, titled “With Justice for None. Mr. Spence is a very accomplished criminal defense attorney and with his many years of court experience, he should know how it works.

    The book states, in no uncertain terms, that the LAW in this country is whatever a particular judge, on any given day and time, decides that it is. PERIOD. The judge is free to overturn any verdict, to increase or decrease awards or to do away with them altogether.

  147. @Mulga Mumblebrain


    what is a pilpal? What about anything is utter bullshit exactly? What is there to lie about? What is most odious about whatever it is you are talking about? How can you smell words on a screen and determine they are the most odious? Give examples of other things that are less odious.

    What happened to you? Did you get dropped on your head every day for 20 years?
    You are obviously a victim of Krogers-Dilbert Syndrome. Get help, poor devil.

  148. @Da's Reich

    North, not West ! I don’t mean Iceland !

    • Replies: @Da's Reich
  149. Curle says:
    @Brad Anbro

    “the judge has “sealed” the records, etc.”

    Motions to open sealed records are granted all the time, but I doubt it will happen in this case.

  150. @Emerging Majority

    Happy 60th Birthday Maxwell —-December 25 Christmas Upgrade —-Jews for Jesus.. John Haggee- Donnie Trump–Kushner- Amtrak Joe –Chelsy Clinton–Blinken and Yellen–Soros and Netanyahu—-

  151. Anonymous[214] • Disclaimer says:

    Barak is detested in certain quarters for withdrawing from southern Lebanon.

  152. @Anon

    The bodies of the Romanovs and their retainers were burned, dipped in 400 pounds of sulfuric acid, thrown down a mineshaft, and remains were still found. 11 bodies in all, I want to say.

    Really makes you think.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  153. Wielgus says:
    @Brad Anbro

    US judges were once pretty powerful – Roy Cohn’s father was one and a force to be reckoned with in New York although he was henpecked by his wife. Notoriously, Roy Cohn thought the most important first principle in court was knowing in advance who the judge was.
    Nowadays, not so powerful.

    • Replies: @Brad Anbro
    , @Alden
  154. @CelestiaQuesta

    I see Catherine Zeta-Jones cast in the lead, if Jewface is still allowed.

  155. @Fart Blossom

    He appears to be a butt-ugly jew with a touch of warlock as he employs a lot of sex magic in his business dealings.

    Think about it – 3 times a day (sex, sex, sex in Latin) with nubiles and is chummy with the monarchy – in which fellow-Lolita-traveler, Mick Jagger dubbed, “the head witch”.

    He makes millions ‘magically’ appear (like his college degrees) to buy islands so he can “think the thoughts he wants to think” and ranches named after Zoroastrianism with naked photos everywhere and a giant gold cross featuring Jesus in the Egyptian bathhouse.

    The SOB is from Seagate, NJ, which basically looks like someone’s foreskin on a map, although I’m sure it’s mere coincidence.

    • Agree: Fart Blossom
  156. @Sean

    Shouldn’t he be sticking prayers in the cracks between the stones and davening?”

  157. @Emerging Majority

    Nobody ever talks about how Hessian mercenaries threw Colonialist’s babies in the air and bayonetted them for fun.

  158. annamaria says:
    @parasite enthusiast

    “Ghislaine was heard on more than one occasion as describing the wealthy and influential Rothschilds as her family’s “greatest protectors,” and they were also among Robert Maxwell’s most important bankers, who helped him finance the construction of his vast media empire and web of companies and untraceable trusts.”

    — Why this ghastly “influential” family of warmongers was never investigated and never ostracized? They are in charge of the Vanguard and BlackRock, which means that the Rothschilds are in charge of the printing press and western policies. When the “influential” family is upset, as this has happened due to reports by Julian Assange, the thoroughly corrupted US/UK judicial system and the presstituting media immediately fall over themselves to show their eager desire to make the “influential” family content.

    What is the name of the ‘inventor’ working for the London High Court of Justice, who has designed a petty contraption to humiliate Julian Assange?

    …during a court hearing, Julian was placed in a “glass box,” which had only a tiny slot in it, through which Assange could communicate with his lawyers.

    What is the role of this royal idiot in the persecution of Assange?

    The current Lord Chief Justice, [Dis]Honourable Lord Burnett of Maldon is the Head of the Judiciary of England and Wales and the President of the Courts of England and Wales.

    His place is in a kennel and not among civilized people.

  159. annamaria says:

    “Missing from prosecution witnesses are Clintons, Dershowitz, Bill Richardson, George Mitchell, Trump, Prince Andrew, Les Wexner,” Ronald Lauder, Abe Foxman, and other Mega Group members…

  160. Anne Lid says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    Just compare her eyes from the wedding photo to the one where she sits with Ghislaine by her late husband’s picture. Emptiness. All the richess of the world cannot fill it.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  161. @restless94110

    It’s ‘pilpul’ Zionazi. Look it up. Translating from 3500 years of hate-filled verbiage it means ‘bull-shit’. Or Talmudic casuistry (the Jesuits were beginners). A couple of paragraphs of stinking lies and slander of the victims defending sex trafficking, paedophile, Satanic, MOSSAD assets. I just have to see you ‘name’ and the stench of sulphur oozes out of the screen, and the gorge rises.

    • Agree: Badger Down
  162. @Brad Anbro

    THAT abomination, Brad, is the ‘Common Law’. It is the same in Austfailia, the UK (see the Assange lynching, or that of countless others)etc. Class-based legal thuggery, but the perpetrators have the despicable gall to call it ‘The Rule of Law’ and demand that the whole world imitates it. And the ‘judges’ are mostly hand-picked by their peers for total ideological reliability.
    One maverick, Lionel Murphy, made it to the High Court here in Austfailia, in the 70s, as a political appointment, from Attorney-General where he was a GREAT reformer, and he radically transformed the Court in ten years, by applying commonsense, a fierce intellect and human decency to his judgments. The powers that be moved Heaven and Earth to frame him for petty, unspecified, ‘crimes’ of influence and succeeded in driving him, apparently temporarily, from the Court, whereupon he conveniently died of a ‘highly aggressive cancer’. Now where have I seen that scenario play out, before and since? ‘ First thing we’ll do, we’ll hang all the lawyers’, if you pardon me mangling the Bard.

  163. @Ned kelly

    Yet the ‘schlemiel’ got a State funeral in Israel, with the eulogy delivered by the fascist, terrorist, murderer, Shamir. Go figure.

  164. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    No Dad, you tell me what a pilpul zionazi is. Don’t hide. Oh ok, so you are a Talmudic scholar now? Do you only know ancient languages and not modern English?

    No one is defending sex trafficking, Jesuit scholar, just saying that it is fake and does not exist. It’s just prostitution, Talmudic evangelical.

    No one knows for sure about anything about the case, least of all you. And a gorge is a crevice. It doesn’t rise. Finally if you are smelling sulfur coming out of your personal computer screen in your own space? That’s you.

    Finally finally, so, you must think that saying a girl does sex for money is a stinking lie? You believe that no one has sex for money? And anyone who disagrees with your naive belief that no one sells sex is a stinking liar? Got it. You also must believe that it is slander to say what has been said by females all over the world from the dawn of time: they take money for sex. By me saying what actually happened you believe I slandered someone? Isn’t slander, saying something about someone that isn’t true and therefore that somehow harms them?

    So when a girl says: I have sex for money. And I say: She had sex for money, that is me slandering her?

    Do you see how stupid, silly, and hysterical you are? If anyone says sex and money in the same sentence you go wild screaming and trolling.

    Just as you do with that climate change nonsense. Your MO is to slander and scream and not make any sense at all. You aren’t interested in debate and discussion. Only in name calling and emotional foolishness. Like a little kid screaming and holding her breath until she gets her way.

    You look for issues to get emotional over. I’ve seen your comments on other columns and you can be rational. But when it comes to this topic and climate? You are like a multiple personality.

    I’m done with your ridiculous ad hominem faulty logic. There’s nothing anyone could say to you to shake you out of your hysteria. You’re just a troll and now that that is known nothing more need be said to or about you.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Badger Down
  165. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Before I say adieu to your hysterics,, I wondered if you are aware that the only other group of people who believe as you so fervently do that females are too stupid, weak and muddle headed to think and act autonomously are Muslims and other male chauvinists. There’s them and you together. Infantilizing females is your clear ideal.

    Like Ron White said: you can’t fix stupid.

    • Troll: Druid55
  166. Alden says:
    @Brad Anbro

    I read Spence’s book. He’s right that the American old English Common Law the idiot conservatives and those afflicted with what Mark Twain called Walter Scott disease is judge made law. Not elected representatives made law but totally judge made law.
    Just like 5,000 years ago back wherever the Germanic tribes lived at the time. The biggest baddest bully in the village became judge and made up the laws as he went along. My opinion, it’s one of the worst legal systems in the world.

  167. @Wielgus

    I would say that judges are just as powerful as they ever were. There never was a REAL grand jury convened & a REAL investigation done in the deaths of JFK, RFK, Jr., MLK, Malcolm X James Hoffa or Walter Reuther (at the time president of the United Auto Workers union.

    I was in court a few years ago, on trumped-up charges of “trespassing” and engaged the services of a lawyer to the tune of \$500, to get out of the charge. I was around 62 years old at the time. Also in the court room were an older husband and wife and I could just imagine what stupid charges they were facing!

    Now I try my best to steer clear of any police and the court system!

  168. @Anne Lid

    Yes indeed, Anne, those dead eyes. And she came from a background familiar with Romans 6 v 23, Car le salaire du péché, c’est la mort …

    And now the daughter publicly exceeding the wickedness of the father.

  169. Alden says:

    You’re being rather hysterical yourself in defending underage prostitution. Are you a pimp aka escort agency entrepreneur? You do have an unseemly interest in the sexual activities of Epstein Maxwell’s 12-16 year old prostitutes. While completely ignoring the extortion blackmail espionage and financial crimes of Epstein Maxwell .

  170. Anastasia says:

    What low life pieces of junk. Is it any wonder how a country like ours so rich in natural resources can go down the drain. Who are these people?
    And by the way. If the name Maxwell is just another alias he used, it wasn’t his mother and fathers surname. What was this piece of crap’s real name

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  171. Alden says:

    Read about just brown vs Topeka Griggs vs Duke Power and Kaiser vs Weber and the effects of just those 3 findings and rulings.

    Then ask google how homosexual marriage was legalized. Not by elected governors and legislators you can be sure.

    1654 I believe. Was the year black indentured servants free to leave or stay when the 7 year indenture ended were made into human chattels who could be bred bought and sold just like animal livestock. And their children became slaves and valuable live stock just like the farm animals.

    One judge made that finding and ruling.

    English. Common law judges such as we have in America are the most powerful people on earth. Kings generals dictators like Hitler and Stalin come and go. But common law judge rulings last forever.

    For example, in 1654 Oliver Cromwell ruled as dictator of England and Ireland. The king had been executed and his queen and heirs were exiled. Where’s Cromwell now? Where’s his Puritan government ? Gone. But the great financial success* of black African slavery is still the biggest problem in America.

    * financial success for those who had some capital to invest. And enough good farmland to feel the slaves.

    Judges matter. Especially in English common law countries.

  172. @Alden

    You’re being rather hysterical yourself in defending underage prostitution.

    I am defending nothing. Check your reading abilities, then try to calm yourself with or without medication.

    Are you a pimp aka escort agency entrepreneur?

    No I am not. Are you a crazed witch from Hell aka a modern day feminist?

    You do have an unseemly interest in the sexual activities of Epstein Maxwell’s 12-16 year old prostitutes

    I have absolutely no interest at all in that issue, so it’s not unseemly or seemly. It’s nothing since it does not exist.

    I do have an intense interest in fairness under the law. I know, you don’t know what fairness under the law even is. But try to maybe read something on it? Start with, maybe the Constitution? Just a suggestion.

    While completely ignoring the extortion blackmail espionage and financial crimes of Epstein Maxwell

    Um, Karen? None of that has been proved true. So now you are imagining more things than you already imagine already. Your fantasy world of imaginary things is all kind of negative though. How bout you take a break and imagine nice things for yourself–like a nice dinner, a vacation to a spa, a long stay in a sanitarium?

    Good luck (and with apologies to Mulga Mumblebrain). I had forgotten about you. Stay forgotten, Karen.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  173. Wielgus says:

    She is a physically attractive woman in at least some of her photos, and may indeed have done some honey-trapping on her own account.

  174. Druid55 says:

    You just outed yourself as a zio troll, f-head

    • Agree: Alden
    • Troll: restless94110
  175. @restless94110

    Whereas you and your Zionazi brethren see them for a different purposes ie in pornography, sex trafficking, human organ trafficking etc, all those great Israeli cottage industries (such business acumen!) and, as for misogyny, your cannot go past your Talmudic colleagues, such regular patrons of the brothels, too.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  176. @restless94110

    Oh, dear! The Zionazi troll defending paedophilia (straight out of his well-worn, sticky, copy of the Talmud)and particularly its use for sexual blackmailing purposes, to the Greater Glory of Zion! What a putz!

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @restless94110
  177. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    What an interesting post! I read it a few times and I was going: who is this zionazi troll, Mumblebrain, even talking about?

    Then I realized you were describing yourself! Well, I sympathize with your sticky Talmud. I don’t know for sure but I think you can buy a new one from some place.

    I especially like how you finish off your comment with Yiddish words! Case closed, rabbi Mulga. Say Hi to Epstein the next time you are in the Old Country (Israel).

    • Replies: @Alden
  178. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Whereas you and your Zionazi brethren see them for a different purposes ie in pornography, sex trafficking, human organ trafficking etc, all those great Israeli cottage industries (such business acumen!) and, as for misogyny, your cannot go past your Talmudic colleagues, such regular patrons of the brothels, too.

    Right again, MM. Zionists are the same as radical Muslims very little difference. Thanks tho for filling in the blanks from your personal experience as a Talmudic High Counsel Member on what is done with all those fake, non-existent “victims” ! I had no idea that organ trafficking was a part of it, too! I’ll need a kidney soon, so my people will get in touch with your people.

    I love all of your posts today describing yourself so eloquently. You are such a meshuggana!

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  179. Alden says:

    Hey Zionist pimp, your martyr heroine Jew pimp Maxwell was just found guilty of 5 of 6 charges of sex molestation of minors and pimping of minors.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  180. @Alden

    Thanks for the news, hon. I’ll wait for the higher courts to reverse. The only benefit of this verdict is that it might just shut you up for a year or two.

    Happy 2022.

  181. @Brad Anbro

    The book states, in no uncertain terms, that the LAW in this country is whatever a particular judge, on any given day and time, decides that it is. PERIOD.

    Nah, the judge is just another hired hand. The LAW in this country is dictated by the CORRUPT MONEY which buys it. Any decisions being made are made in advance. In other words, the judge does as he’s told. Or else. Just like the rest of us.

    I’d provide evidence, but why bother? Few care, and even then, nothing will change.

    The hag will go free and we’ll be told she’s in some prison, while Jeffy isn’t dead, but basking poolside or on a beach on the Eastern Mediterranean coast where the two pig-clowns will meet again.

    • Replies: @Brad Anbro
  182. Two things I want to say about this case.. Epstein’s operation was big. In 1987 my then backpacker Danish girlfriend and I met a couple of girls who were 17 and 19, in Thailand, and who were there to see some local girls about modelling opportunities. We stayed at the same guesthouse as this pair. They weren’t that smart in our opinion, but they were pretty and well heeled. They had obvious financial backing, talked about rich and powerful people and an island. They also made mention of “Jeffery”. I recognised the younger one among the faces we’ve seen accusing Epstein. It’s a small world. Still this was a big operation is my takeaway. There’s a lot more than a small town’s worth of people on earth and I’m an Aussie boy.

    As an aside I caught a glimpse of something in the seventies with Rolf Harris at a Sydney Primary School which creeped me out as a nine year old. Today it has very dark implications though.

    The second matter is about the alleged death of Jeffery Epstein. This is bullshit. Jeffery Epstein is alive and well. Laughing it up on a beach in Tel Aviv or something. There’s more than enough wrong with the official story to question it and the answers as to how the following could have been achieved are absolutely able to be identified within these things. The lack of regular checks, the missing video footage etc. I never expected Epstein would stand trial in any sense, because it was too big to hide under the carpet by then and I never expected him to be killed or commit suicide frankly. One aspect of Epstein’s ‘career’ which is given too little, as in NO attention is his mathematics. Ron Unz who had more science background than I’d given credit, should know something of Epstein’s ability. I gather Ron’s strength is/was maths. That was my weakness which is why Physics got too hard too soon and I was always more into chemistry and the squishy sciences despite a love of physics. My physics love wasn’t deeper than my redox chemistry practice satisfies it’s premise. ie: I like things that go BOOM. Anyway, Jeffery was a Maths whizz kid and had a major role in some dark tomfoolery with AI and genetic engineering etc. The details escape me at this moment, as it was not the gist of the report from which I gleaned this. Much money involved and much interest of the top of the elite shitpile. He was as I understand it crucial to this program to the extent his “other activities” were merely a distraction.

    So upon hearing of his suicide, I had to balk. No way thinks I. He was not facing anything, they could have spirited him away and put a proxy in his place. Then it occurred to me maybe they never even had the real guy, or swapped him out. When you’re talking billionaires and the world’s most powerful people, Epstein was no more in custody than might be a fifth dimensional alien we though we’d plonked into a concrete and steel cell. I did a search of Epstein profiles and compared them to the most recent picture which had been conveniently provided, rather uncharacteristically I thought, of his body on the gurney.

    Not being a very good observer of details of human features I was expecting an arduous process of comparison. I was actually astonished at first glimpse to see how different they were. I have looked at the only picture of the dead guy I have found, but it is everywhere and the ONLY ONE and I have looked at over a dozen Epstein side profile pictures to compare and there are such glaring anomalies that I can only laugh at anyone who says they’re the same person.

    Therefore when a video emerged a couple of months later of that island and of a man of the right height and build who was directing earthworks but shielded his face and then got into the Jeep until the drone left the area, I had no problem believing it was him. However when I went looking for that video again, and ever since, I can only find a kind of ‘version’ of it which roughly matches the original but is not the same and it does not have the segment with the suspicious looking guy in it. That of itself convinces me it was indeed him and this is very, very deep.

  183. @Rabbitnexus

    Comparing the two profiles, pay attention to the shape of the inner ear. The nose. The facial lines. Epstein had very pronounced crow’s feet. The dead guy had a more careworn face and horizontal lines which would not have allowed crow’s feet even if he smiled. They are simply not the same guy. No evidence exists for Epstein’s death. My personal guess, is that he was in the cell until the last minute, and he did get removed from the prison the night of the corpse. Probably paid off the guards and or knocked out Eppy then did a body swap just before that picture was taken. He will have been driven out in the vehicle used to transport the body. Doesn’t matter. He is not dead. Ghislaine will probably not face much either. I’d been expecting her to go by COVID, and spirited away by the same process. Maybe she’ll do a year or two then die from inmate violence or COVID. They probably need some closure now so will have to go through with this one until all eyes are turned away.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  184. Biff K says:
    @Emerging Majority

    Wish I’d a known that 35 years ago when private groups would not hire a single guy over 30, with no wedding band, no matter your credentials; no matter how he looked or acted. I’d be three times as rich today. And 5/6 your salary retirement pay for the rest of your life. Those government jobs were made for me! But I was clueless. Little did I know that the demographic for getting bumped up in government- based enterprises had the reverse demographic in mind. Oh well. Maybe in my next life.

  185. @Fart Blossom

    You completely mis-understood what I had stated. The judge IS the law. He might have been bought off by the Big Money interests (and most likely was), but HIS WORD IS THE LAW. He might be “taking his marching orders” from higher-ups, but HIS WORD IS THE LAW.

    • Agree: SBaker
    • Replies: @Fart Blossom
  186. Meanwhile a disappointing development for the BBC (others also) as Ghislaine Maxwell is successfully headhunted by CNN after the 5/6 Guilty verdict.. The Jewish heads of dept at BBC said that they were very much looking forward to welcoming Miss Maxwell as she is more or less family and they share a great commonality of interests and values with her and did not anticipate difficulties ref US Court verdict.

    There were some (unconfirmed) reports of attempted suicide.

  187. Trinity says:

    I have yet to see anything other than a third grade art student’s drawings of ghislane Maxwell. The bitch is probably off performing some weird Talmudic ritual with fellow pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, who is alive and well in muh Israel.

  188. @Rabbitnexus

    Epstein did not purchase Pedo Island until 1998, so so the two girls in Thailand could not have been speaking of Little St James Island. In 1987, the year of your Thailand trip, Epstein was hired by Towers Financial, owned by Steven Hoffenberg, and worked on the ponzi scheme that led to Towers’s 1993 collapse and Hoffenberg’s conviction. Epstein left Towers in 1989. After that it was Wexner, with Epstein having power of attorney in 1991. This is about the time Ghislaine enters the picture. By 1995 Epstein was director of Wexner’s foundation and moved into the 71st Street mega-townhouse. All the minor girls trafficked mention the 71st Street place. It is clear the sex trafficking ring was financed by Wexner, with Ghislaine as Procuress In Chief and didn’t start until 1992 at the earliest but more likely 1995.

    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
  189. @restless94110

    I can’t see any grounds for Appeal. Coverage was sketchy, but I saw no report the defense objected to any ruling by the judge and was over-ruled, so that route towards an Appeal seems out. If you think there will be a successful Appeal, don’t leave us guessing.

  190. I didn’t follow the trial even the sketchy coverage of it.

    But the absurdity of the charges, the fragile nature of the prosecution’s “case,” and the–as you mention–curious lack of moves by defense attorneys, surely the best that money can buy, lead me to believe that something will be in the works in the coming months and years.

    My thought is it might be something like the Cosby reversal. I mean both cases were preposterous violations of justice and fairness.

    Statutes of limitations are a bedrock of English Common Law and America Jurisprudence for centuries now and for good reasons. Among others: evidence decays, witnesses die or are forgetful, and the idea of having to defend against a charge levied after a certain number of years is detrimental to everyone in the society. With the exception of murder, that’s how it was for most of the history of statutes of limitations.

    But in the hysteria of the past 40 years–with satanic day care centers, bogus recovered memory scams, and the feminist drive to infantilize women, statues of limitations have been wiped out for many sexual crimes.

    That would be bad enough–since many of these recent cases entail something that happened 10 to 40 years ago when not only were the social mores different but the “victims” behaved and thought differently–but apparently some courts and prosecutors are even preventing mitigating and impeaching evidence from the “victims” in.

    It is a perversion of justice but it’s becoming routine. It will lead to the collapse of the courts. But in order to “save the weak victims,” the whole framework must be destroyed.

    Is any of this grounds for an appeal?

    No. But call it what you will, I have a feeling the attorneys for Maxwell have a strategy. And higher courts are removed from street level mob rule, hysterical prosecutors, and judges who rule on feelings instead of points of law.

    We’ll have to wait and see.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  191. @Thomas Covenant Unbeliever

    It sure does. Where are the 6,000,000 bodies of the actual holocaust victims? I mean the 6m who are “believed” to have been murdered, not the other millions who feel victimised, even though they were born after, or survived, or whatever, the alleged event. It’s a miracle that the bodies were vaporised by the Germans!

  192. @restless94110

    The Mystery of the Month is why you didn’t copy that awkward new word and paste it in your reply. Instead you tried to spell it, and failed. pilpul, pilpul, pilpul! So simple! I thought it was a Cockney way of saying “people”, but I was mistaken. You’re welcome.

  193. @restless94110

    Oh dear! Just when I thought we had the Stupidest Comment of the Year sorted, your missive tikes the kike. Loved your “Krogers-Dilbert Syndrome”, by the way.

  194. @restless94110

    I agree with you regarding the statute of limitations. However the defense should have filed a motion for dismissal on those grounds with expectation to taking it to The Supreme Court. But the didn’t, so they can’t now. Ghislaine was prosecuted under special and exceptional legislation with extreme limitation on timeframe and but one applicable offence, that only applied to New York State jurisdiction, so I suspect a challenge on constitutional grounds, if it had been made, would fail. I do not agree the prosecution’s case was fragile. They proved that Ghislaine received \$30.7 million over eight years from Epstein, that overlapped the time of the charges. This was the critical evidence, it shows “Living On The Avails Of Prostitution”. The defense was unable to impeach the evidence that the minor girls were selected and groomed and delivered to Epstein for sex, this is “Procuring For The Purpose Of Prostitution”. After that it was all over for Ghislaine. That said I think this prosecution was part of the coverup, no prominent names surfaced, and the evidence was carefully circumscribed to show only delivery of services to Epstein alone. Certainly the lesbian judge was in on the coverup, I find her ruling that the jury couldn’t consider the evidence of the one victim that was over the age of consent to be bizarre. Age of consent has no bearing on a charge of Procuring. Procuring minors is especially egregious, and age of consent is generally lower than age of majority….bizarre. In my opinion, Ghislaine should have fled to France the day Epstein was arrested, she is a French citizen, extradition would have been likely impossible. Regarding Cosby, he was released because one of the charges, but not all, were based on evidence he gave under promise of immunity. He should have had his sentence reduced for the one charge, but not released unconditionally. His release was the perversion of justice. Likely large amounts of money changed hands with the added consideration of black privilege.

    • Agree: SBaker
    • Thanks: Alden
    • Replies: @restless94110
    , @Alden
  195. @restless94110

    You sound almost as if “,,” poor, uneducated, teenage girls couldn’t be conned by “Maxwell”, the recipient of generations of scamming skills, and “Epstein”, a real billionaire, both thoroughly trained by “mossad” the world experts in deception.
    I do not blame the victims. I don’t call them prostitutes. Children in the eyes of the law, these girls were duped by practiced criminals.

  196. @Rabbitnexus

    when i was a kid, my mama told me the dead-looking body on the stretcher aint dead unless it got a sheet over its face. that’s how you tell if its dead or not. in the US, would a dead prisoner be wheeled out without face covered?

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Rabbitnexus
  197. @Bombercommand

    Much of your comment belies your conclusion that all was correct. Obviously it wasn’t. You used the word bizarre several times. Furthermore you make assumptions that are not really evident. You say that Maxwell received money from Epstein, but then you claim it was proceeds from prostitution when there is no evidence of that, either that Epstein hired prostitutes or that the money he gave Maxwell was from that practice (a practice that does not exist).

    I’m not at all interested in whatever else was going on wit the Epstein operation. That’s all just more senseless speculation anyway, but it has nothing to do with the case brought.

    As for your claim that the defense was unable to impeach the “evidence” that the girls were groomed etc., etc…, so what was this evidence that was impossible to be impeached? I didn’t think there was any evidence of that sort at all. You say you barely followed the case yet you know about some kind of evidence of that kind? What evidence specifically?

    Finally the fact that Maxwell did not run, makes it clear that she believed firmly she had committed no crime whatsoever.

    I agree with Maxwell. She was right. Time will tell how this all works out.

    • Disagree: Badger Down
    • Replies: @Bombercommand
    , @Alden
  198. Alden says:
    @Badger Down

    In hospitals and nursing homes when someone is dying a nurse sits by the bed checking vitals until the person is dead. Immediately nurse notes the exact time and puts a cloth over the face. A dr is called to verify and the body is washed and a clean gown and a cloth over the face is put on the deceased. They are also covered with a clean blanket till the morgue arrives.

    The morgue has those plastic bags with zippers. Morgue workers put the body in the bag while it’s still in the room and zip it up.

    I doubt the morgue workers do it any differently when someone dies in a jail. They took him out on a stretcher face exposed blanket up to his neck. Whoever removed him from the jail it looked like an ordinary ambulance and EMTs.

    If Epstein were really dead he would have been taken out in a regulation body bag..

    • Thanks: Badger Down
  199. @restless94110

    You know nothing. Reread my comment carefully. If still in doubt have your lawyer read my comment and walk you through it.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  200. Alden says:

    Receiving the Avails of prostitution living on the proceeds of prostitution does not mean paying a prostitute. It means Maxwell received the profits of prostitution 30 million, a lot of money.

    Avails of prostitution living on a prostitutes earnings means running a prostitution business. Receive money from the customers who use your prostitutes. No different from using auto mechanics to repair your customers cars. No different from using cooks to prepare your customers meals. But running a restaurant or auto repair shop is legal. Running a prostitution business is not legal. The penalties for running an underage prostitution business are far more severe than if the prostitutes are adults. Maxwell was convicted of running a prostitution business.

    You should just go away. Your job performance as a Zionist Jew defending a Jewish criminal is sub standard here. Your ADL AJC employers should fire you for inadequate job performance. You haven’t convinced anyone that Maxwell is innocent.

    All you’ve done is convince everyone that every Jewish organization in the world and Israel was involved in the Epstein Maxwell criminal organization and profited from it. And that Jews think it completely OK for nasty creeps like Epstein Maxwell to pimp out 12-17 year old sub human 2 legged animal put on earth by G-d to serve Jews shiksas.

    Israel is at the top of both the United Nations and even the US State Department list of worst sex trafficking and abused prostitutes countries in the world. All you’ve done is reinforce the stereotype that Jews are heavily involved in prostitution

    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @restless94110
  201. Alden says:

    The statute of limitations on sexual molestation of minors was extended years ago. The charges against Maxwell were well within the limits. Maxwell was was found guilty of removing 16 year old Annie Farmer’s clothing, and touching her naked breasts and genitals . Illegal molestation of a minor.

    Whatever restless 94110 posts from his cubicle in Tel Aviv or an ADL office.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  202. @Alden

    Receiving the Avails of prostitution living on the proceeds of prostitution does not mean paying a prostitute. It means Maxwell received the profits of prostitution 30 million, a lot of money.

    So let me get this straight: Epstein had prostitutes that made him 30,000,000 dollars???????? Oh Lord. So does that mean that a blowjob cost \$200,000 a blow? And someone somewhere has proven that 30,000,000 dollars was paid to Epstein for prostitution? That does it! Everyone on Earth should immediately divert all time and attention to prostitution! This will save the economy.

    Avails of prostitution living on a prostitutes earnings means running a prostitution business. Receive money from the customers who use your prostitutes. No different from using auto mechanics to repair your customers cars.

    So Epstein lived on the avails of some 30 million dollar prostitutes? Wait. I thought he lived on the avails of blackmail. Or the avails of getting money from rich guys to invest. Or payments by Israel Mossad. But actually it was just these golden prostitutes? I tell you what: the next time I need my car repaired, I’m not taking it there! I blown head gasket will cost me 5 million.

    The penalties for running an underage prostitution business are far more severe than if the prostitutes are adults. Maxwell was convicted of running a prostitution business.

    Thanks, Ranger Karen, or should it be Captain Everyone Knows This. What is at issue is your assertions. They weren’t proven fact. And your assertions weren’t at issue anyway: she was charged with taking 2 girls across state lines.

    You should just go away. Your job performance as a Zionist Jew defending a Jewish criminal is sub standard here. Your ADL AJC employers should fire you for inadequate job performance. You haven’t convinced anyone that Maxwell is innocent.

    You should just sit calmly in the corner of your room. It might be harder for you to make stuff up about those who disagree with you. You haven’t convinced anyone that Maxwell is guilty. No one has to convince Maxwell or anyone else of innocence. In the American system, you are presumed innocent. Period. Read a book while in your corner.

    All you’ve done is convince everyone that every Jewish organization in the world and Israel was involved in the Epstein Maxwell criminal organization and profited from it. And that Jews think it completely OK for nasty creeps like Epstein Maxwell to pimp out 12-17 year old sub human 2 legged animal put on earth by G-d to serve Jews shiksas.

    In your addled head maybe. No one is “trying” to convince anyone of anything, you loon.

    Israel is at the top of both the United Nations and even the US State Department list of worst sex trafficking and abused prostitutes countries in the world. All you’ve done is reinforce the stereotype that Jews are heavily involved in prostitution

    While there is no doubt the first part of your paragraph is correct, the last part of your paragraph is nonsense. For one, the stereotype of a people heavily involved in prostitution is black pimps. Not Jewish ones. In fact, your statement is the first I’ve ever heard that everyone you know believes that Jews make 30,000,000 a year from a stable of prostitutes, every single Jew in Israel. I had no idea.

    What other cockamamie fantasies go through that mangled brain, Commander Karen?

    • Replies: @Alden
  203. @Alden

    Statutes of limitation on sex crimes was extended for no reason for all ages years ago. Everyone knows this, Karen. Thanks for making the point that that should never have happened as it violates the basis for English Common Law.

    I still wonder what evidence there was for Maxwell touching some sexually active prostitute’s breasts and genitals. Video? A photo of her hand on a breast?

    Or is it more like “she said-she said” and the jury chose to believe the “victim?” In other words, no concrete proof that 25 years ago some old hag (Maxwell), who is heterosexual, started feeling up teenage girls. I mean if you said she felt up the pool boy, I would believe you.

    And if she did so, I’m sure she should be charged with “molestation” which means to stop someone from doing what they would have normally done (like go to church, go to the mall, grow up a virgin, clean the pool, etc.) and by thus stopping them from what they are doing in their lives (a la Pool Boy Interrupted, starring Angelina Jolie), you have irreparably damaged them. In other words, if someone is having sex for money, what would it take to “molest” them? Touching a breast doesn’t cut it.

    Sincerely yours (from the ADL office, Tel Aviv Branch, the home country of the 30million dollar prostitution rings.)

  204. @Rabbitnexus

    Rolf was touchy feely, OK in the 60s and70s, but with gender and sexual hatreds now being a prime Divide and Rule tactic, he was a prime target for retrospective, retributive, injustice. After letting Jimmy Saville and the House of Commons paedos get away with it, the UK cops needed a scapegoat, so chose Rolf, and Cliff Richards. Even some of the women inveigled by BBC feminazis into accusing Harris stated that he was ‘the nicest person they ever met’, the universal opinion before his judicial lynching. Rolf got the Julian Assange treatment.
    If a person’s life goes awry, they often look for someone to blame, and with sexual relations so fraught in the West, a randy goat like Rolf is an easy target. Errol Flynn was framed similarly by cops, but a jury saw through the set-up, and he went back to being attentive to women who threw themselves at him. In Rolf’s case the summing-up by the feminazi prosecutor, Sasha Wass, who called him a ‘sinister pervert’ made him out to be a Jack the Ripper type, no doubt to inflame the jury. Perhaps she thought he was a friend of Jeremy Corbyn.

    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
  205. @restless94110

    More tribal allies on the higher courts, eh.

  206. Thanks for that Alden. On reflection I think I perhaps confused that special New York State legislation providing a temporarily extended period to seek civil relief with a special criminal statute. However, Ghislaine was not charged or convicted of molestation of a minor. All charges and convictions were for Sex Trafficking Of Minors and Mann Act violations plus Conspiracy for both those and a charge of “enticement of a minor to sex acts”(five counts in all). These are viewed as egregious crimes by the courts. Ghislaine’s flip attitude to her crimes and lack of remorse will not impress a judge, she is facing a sickener at sentencing. Ghislaine was acquitted of “enticement of a minor to travel for sex acts”. Ghislaine’s agony is not over as she faces another trial on two counts of perjury related to a civil action over the Epstein mess.

    • Thanks: Alden
  207. @restless94110

    Zionazis and Wahhabists are not only alike in ideology and barbaric behaviour, but are related through blood, too. The Wahhabi elite and the Saud Mafia family are descended from doenmeh, crypto-Judaic followers of the failed Messiah, Sabbatai Zevi. The Sabbateans also founded Frankism, that delightful Judaic sect that proposes committing all types of crime and depravity so as to hasten the Messiah’s return. Depravity, like paedophilia-I had you marked as a Frankist quite early on.

  208. @Verymuchalive

    Well my great grandfather was Scottish so perhaps we have something in common?

    If I’m right and you are a Scot tell me what the hell is wrong with the people of Scotland, they are as beaten as the Irish unfortunately, and yer wan Sturgeon? Jesus wept,

    Why are they tolerating all the covid restrictions without biteback?

    Do you speak any Gaelic? Apparently we essentially are the same, the Irish and the Scots, indeed the spoken language in Derry at the time of the siege of the city by King James, now celebrated by the Orangemen was Irish/Gaelic,

    Indeed even protestant east Belfast in the early 1900’s was choc o bloc with Irish speakers until the language became associated with Irish nationalism alone.

  209. Ghislaine and Epstein were not the only ones involved in this ring. What about all those politicians,, moguls, etc. who availed themselves of the services of the girls they were supplying? She should have been offered immunity to turn state’s evidence and brought all the others down. Or is she worried that there would be nowhere to hide even on any witness protection programme? Or maybe if she did offer to be a witness the state was not interested as its job is to protect the main culprits. This is a non-event. The real event would be seeing all the others in court, from Bill Clinton through to whoever else.

    • Replies: @SBaker
    , @Mulga Mumblebrain
  210. atyu says:

    the prosecution was a whitewash, there are hundreds of billions of dollars and markets at play here

    led by the white trash clintons, other crimes (ongoing) committed directly by the government have enabled criminals to sell out the best interests of the country for decades

    these greedy little power mongering asses should be exposed

  211. Alden says:

    Maxwell was found guilty of receiving 30 million dollars in 8 years from the Epstein prostitution business. You didn’t read the verdict did you?

    Maxwell was found guilty of 5 of 6 charges of pimping making money from prostitution and molestation of minors. All crimes. Go argue with the prosecutors and jurors, not me.

    I didn’t have to convince anyone Maxwell is guilty. The prosecutor in New York convinced the jury that Maxwell is guilty. The jury, not commenters in this site. And all your arguments didn’t convince the jury . They didn’t read your comments

  212. Maxwell was found guilty of receiving 30 million dollars in 8 years from the Epstein prostitution business. You didn’t read the verdict did you?

    Correct. Why would I read a verdict for a show trial? Do you think I’m nutz? But, for you, Karen, I went to the BBC site and here’s what they say say she was convicted of:

    Maxwell was found guilty of:

    sex trafficking of a minor
    transporting a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity
    conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity
    conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of minors
    conspiracy to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts

    Karen? Where’s the 30mil? This is exactly what I was saying. 4 of the charges are the same charge but with conspiracy added to double them up. And the Feds want to charge her for the same 2 “crimes” but this time they will try to convict her of perjury.

    Karen? I can’t read any of your nonsense any longer. I didn’t read past the first sentence and don’t care to. You are obviously emotionally invested in some ancient fake crime that no one with a lick of sense cares anything about.

    I’ve posted a possible scenario on how Maxwell got charged with those “crimes.” Steve Sailer’s article. Read it if you wish.

    It’s too bad the jury was so gullible, but perhaps that’s the way it is now in America. Perhaps higher courts will reverse on appeal. The reported laxity of her defense team could not be simply negligence. There has to be some plan.

    Meanwhile, banshees like yourself with blood dripping from your jowls crow for a 60-year old woman to spend the rest of her life in prison.

    Welcome to the new America I guess. I’m done commenting on any of this until there are appeals, if any.

    Good luck on doing your part, Karen. Now you can go back to calling 911 on jaywalkers.

  213. @Brad Anbro


    It’s not his word. It’s his boss’s word. He’s just some hired hand delivering the message. You can scream it and repeat it all you want, but facts is facts. But, whatever!

  214. SBaker says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Agree. Statutory rape is a felony. If ever there was a sexual predator besides Epstein, Bill Clinlton is it. Recall how Bill used Monica Lewinsky as a humidor for his cigar–what exactly did he get out of that act?

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  215. SBaker says:

    Oddly, you are the only one on the forum defending the statutory molestation of children. There is something missing in your character. The protection of children, across all races and cultures, is the top of the list in importance, and yet you defend a slut who is obviously mentally deranged and cruel beyond any semblance of decent human behavior. Many animals will defend their young to the death.

  216. @SBaker

    Read your Talmud, SB. Sexually interfering with children is fine, so long as they are shiksas, ie goyim. The troll is just a good, observant, Talmudic Jew.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  217. @Commentator Mike

    For Maxwell to turn State’s Evidence would be a vast ‘antisemitic’ conspiracy, a ‘Blood Libel’. Alan Dershowitz would bite his own head off in rage, and as for Deborah Lipstadt-the mind boggles.

  218. @SBaker

    Oddly, you are the only one on the forum defending the statutory molestation of children

    I know. It’s odd since I’m not doing anything of the sort. What is odd is your odd accusations.

    And it’s even more odd that you pretend that someone was threatening “children.” You know those adolescents who were considered adults just 80 short years ago? Now they are “children” and only old “sluts” like Maxwell are deranged and cruel? Hmm, have you seen Bill Gates’ datebook? Or anyone else on Earth?

    But you are right: many animals will defend their young to the death. When their young are 6 years old. When their young are 17? Not so much.

    Oddly, you appear to be completely out of touch with anything in the animal world. Why is that?

    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
  219. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    SB, as for MM: sometimes you just can’t fix stupid.

    • Replies: @SBaker
  220. SBaker says:

    Only you engage and defend the likes of sexual predators—Epstein, Maxwell, Dahmer, and Gacy. Are you defending those most like yourself? Manson was a saint by comparison to your cohorts.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  221. @SBaker

    Somehow I don’t think Bill Clinton was a member of the Lolita Airways Frequent Flyer Programme just to enjoy the view. I’m sure the FBI has all the sordid details on all the participants, but just like Edgar J. Hoover used to do it keeps the evidence strictly confidential until some agent destroys it.

  222. Mr Anatta says:

    why is that?.

    Its because the overwhelming majority are-yet to awaken in the dream robots dreaming that they are human and naurally a robot would be hopelessly lost in nature living by natural law, where sexual maturity always equates to adulthood and thats why most robots live in cities and tend to believe stupid things a corrupt and highly ignorant old wo/man fellow robot in a grey wig may tell them about law.

    But there is only one true law and that is the natural law of cause and effect/karma but most robots are too fast asleep to understand this simple matter.

    • Thanks: restless94110
  223. @SBaker

    SB: Change that last to: sometimes you just can’t fix batshit crazy.
    What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis? Put down whatever mind-altering wonderdrug you’ve been snorting, ok?

    Then meditate on this saying to yourself: when someone has a different opinion, if I then call them a serial killer, I may need to stop and think before I speak such idiotic nonsense.

    Then take two pills and get some sleep.

    • Replies: @Alden
  224. Alden says:

    Well, I guess when you’re writing defenses of soliciting for prostitution soliciting for prostitution of minors and for the elimination of laws against statutory rape and pedophilia and attacking commenters who believe the law is the law. You’re not sitting in your car outside the local middle school hoping to entice 6, 7, and 8 grade girls into your car.

    So that’s good. Any law enforcement worker can detect from your defense of pimping , statutory rape and pedophilia that you’re involved.

    Just as people who vociferously defend tax evasion are tax evaders themselves. People who defend shoplifting are shoplifters themselves. People who defend a bit of embezzlement are often steal from employers themselves

    People who defend blowing through red lights and speeding are the ones who violate traffic laws and cause accidents and injuries themselves.

    People who defend unchecked illegal immigration are the ones who employ illegal immigrants at \$100 a week cash for 70 hours a week work.

  225. SBaker says:

    Of course he is defending his own actions; we know and so does he. Thank you for the many examples. Not one will ever admit their guilt.

    • Thanks: Alden
    • Replies: @restless94110
  226. @Alden

    If you consult the Talmud, a risky endeavour as said tract decrees death for goyim who study it, you will find many injunctions in favour of what we would call paedophilia these days. The creep is just a good Talmudist, defending a fellow believer. We should acknowledge such loyalty.

    • Thanks: Alden
    • Replies: @restless94110
  227. Alden says:

    What’s TL:DR? Code to enter your child brothel?

    • Replies: @restless94110
  228. @SBaker

    What a stupid dope. Someone disagrees with you and you call them names. It’s far more likely that you are covering for your own despicable actions. You are like those idiots who claimed they could “cure” homosexuality only to have it come out much later that they were flaming homos themselves.

    The law is an ass. And you are just as liable as Maxwell to get snared in it. Calling someone names for stating tha basic fact makes you mentally ill. And that includes your Karen buddy, Alden, a total hysteric on this issue.

  229. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Oh I almost forget the other coocoo bird, MM. The constant references to the Talmud are obvious projections. I certainly have no idea what’s in the Talmud and don’t care at all, but you do. You bring it up so much it’s like you must be study9ng it in some underground coven somewhere.

    Listening to you guys going on and on and on about nothing is really an education in mass psychosis formation. Of course if you check the things I’ve said you will not see any trace of pedophilia or any admonition to violate any current law at all.

    But anyone has the right to say that the law and the process is unjust unfair and damaging to the society itself.

    And you guys are the perfect example of the damage caused by these processes and laws. It creates lunacy on full display. At this point anything you say is so obvious a projection of your own secret behaviors.

    I guess you are practicing for when you are called in for questioning or something. It’s so nutty and makes no sense, but hey, knock yourselves out. It’s obvious that you sound stupid. Obvious to everyone but you.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  230. @Alden

    Look it up, Karen. It’s been in the internet lexicon since the mid-90s.

    See ya, coocoo bird.

    • Replies: @Alden
  231. This article on The Secret Sun Blog is one of the most important having been written on the Epstein/Maxwell affair. Mant articles or work of investigative journalists have been done. Epstein has been very heavily involved in financing “science” the last decades and it has had a very deep impact on the actual covidian would be totalitarianism.

    A very good read

    • Thanks: Alden
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  232. Alden says:

    I see the sex offender is still defending statutory rape, prostitution pimping and brothel keeping.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  233. @Alden

    In your universe, anything is possible, Karen. Lay off the Coco Puffs.

    • Replies: @Alden
  234. Alden says:

    You must have an alert to notify you when a commenter replies to your defenses of prostitution and pimping.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  235. @Alden

    You must have an alert to notify you when a commenter replies to your nonsense.

  236. @restless94110

    You claim not to know your Talmud, yet constantly peddle its wares in defending these paederasts and sexual criminals. Perhaps you’re breaking the habit of a lifetime and actually speaking the truth, and then one can only see your defense as Judaic solidarity with fellow tribals, no matter what. The heavy representation of Jews in sex trafficking (in Israel your Talmudic friends are heavy and frequent customers)pornography and other sexual businesses implies, I would say, that Talmudic injunctions have percolated into the wider community, by osmosis, if not direct religious observance. And then there is the shiksa question, which tells you an awful lot about Judaic society. And I’m going to be ‘…called in for questioning or SOMETHING..’ am I? Like a Palestinian, I suppose.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  237. @Bugey libre

    The Epstein-Maxwell underage sex ring was just a social club for the perverted rich and powerful movers and shakers. Sure there was involvement of spy agencies to spy, blackmail or assist in the operation but it was mostly just people of a similar mindset with similar degenerate and depraved sexual pastimes getting together and discussing their business while enjoying their depraved seances. Surely someone else has taken over the operation to provide for the same clientele who were only a little excited and disturbed by the arrests of the kingpins, and there could be another wave of anxious excitement among them should another big name, two or three be brought down, but unlikely, and the show just goes on and on. Some more light may be shed on the sexual depravities of big names posthumously but even so much could be covered up and hidden from the public. Remember J. Edgar Hoover kept secret files, and after his death FBI agents went into his cabinet and destroyed the lot to protect the guilty.

    • Agree: Alden
  238. @mulga mumblebrain

    What happened to your name?
    Yes, you probably are afraid you will be called in for questioning. That’s one of the few reasons you would go on and on about non-existent nonsense, claiming and blaming someone else. No one knows what you are talking about. No one cares what you are talking about. You do though.

    Like Joe Biden, you continue to spout nonsense about many issues regardless of the facts and the reality.Addled much?

    Consult your Talmud for guidance.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @mulga mumblebrain
  239. Alden says:

    You’re the one on the sex offenders list. Not MM

  240. @Alden

    This proves it, Karen. You and MM are the same person.But the real question remains: can some entity that keeps talking utter lunacy even be a person? Many suspect that the Alden/MM thing is really a lizard.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  241. @Alden

    Times up, Karen. Ad Hominem is irrelevant to the Maxwell case. The 4 aspects of this odious fallacy frequently used by morons such as yourself are:

    I. Abusive — pure name calling: you are a dirtbag therefore your idea is false.
    II. Circumstantial — you live/work/are in this or that therefore your idea is false
    III. Tu Quoque.– You do it, too. You eat bugs therefore your argument that bug eating is wrong is false.
    IV. Guilt by Association — Since your argument is the same as [name your historical villain]. your argument is false.

    Note how none of these aspects of the ad hominem fallacy address the idea/argument. They are all just personal and have nothing to do with the issue at hand.

    And note further how that’s all you got, Karen. You just rattle on and on and on and on about me, but you are unable to address the ideas and arguments.

    Your diatribes have nothing to do with the topic. It’s the usual moronic nonsense that sub-humans like yourself engage in daily, thinking you have the moral high ground.

    Address my arguments, Karen, or just shut up.

    Enjoy a fuller explication of this brain fungus fallacy that has infected you:

  242. @restless94110

    I suspect from your relentless and deranged defence of the Epstein/Maxwell paedophile sex blackmail operation, that you might have these tendencies yourself. You protest too much, methinks.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  243. @restless94110

    ‘…called in for questioning’? By whom, Grendel? You Zionazis always tend to eventually move on to threats and menaces.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  244. Alden says:

    This is my address to your arguments.

    1 Prostitution is illegal
    2 Pimping is illegal.
    3 Brothel keeping is illegal.

    Maxwell had her trial and the most expensive attorneys around. She was found guilty of 5 of 6 charges of pimping.

    And if by now you still cannot understand the difference between the age of consent and prostitution and pimping you are indeed a moron.

  245. @mulga mumblebrain

    I suspect from your relentless and deranged defence of the Epstein/Maxwell paedophile sex blackmail operation,

    Since I am not defending anything, my “defence” is neither relentless nor deranged. Since neither Maxwell nor Epstein had a thing to do with paedophile sex (teen girls are not at all in that category) then you, as usual, make no sense. Since no one has ever proved that Epstein was blackmailing anyone, you make even less sense by the word.

    that you might have these tendencies yourself. You protest too much, methinks.

    Since everything you just said is provably untrue, methinks you scream too much about things that didn’t happen and don’t exist, leaving the distinct impression that you must be screaming about things happening in your own household.

    I understand. The stress of pretending there is a global warming catastrophe–all during a worldwide cooling period–has driven you to start a paedophilic sex ring.

    Poor poor pitiful you.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  246. @mulga mumblebrain

    Uh, crazy dude? It was just a suggestion. Maybe you will get away with it. Who knows? And really who cares? I recommend you start a church in order to run cover for your diddling. Benefits are: less menace. Consult your autographed copy of the Talmud for instructions. The Good Book has never failed you before.

  247. @restless94110

    Your fellow tribals had victims as young as twelve, perhaps younger. That may be OK for dedicated Talmudists, but others generally frown on that sort of behaviour. Your vigorous defence of such practises would lead those less cynical than I, and less acquainted with Talmudic beliefs, to suspect your own behaviour in this regard. And then you LIE that the world is cooling, which proves you are also either a cretin, or a cynical disinformer. An all-round shit, but there’s a lot of you about these days.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @restless94110
  248. @mulga mumblebrain

    Message to loony bird: I have no fellow tribals. Perhaps you need to look in the mirror. You are obviously describing yourself, especially the part about the Talmudists, which I have never read and don’t care about.

    My vigorous defense is over fair trials and justice and has nothing to do with whatever you continue to claim, leading those less cynical than I to suspect your own behaviour in that regard. And since Germany and England are experiencing some of the coldest winters on record, the only one who LIES is you.

    An all around shit, describes you perfectly, and yes those with your type of brain fungus? There are a lot of you about these days.

    Console yourself with your Talmud in your underground coven to understand what you must do next. Recommend you move to Finland to protect yourself against the global warming that is never ever coming. Use wind turbines to keep yourself warm. Perhaps you can burn the pages of your beloved Talmud to keep yourself warm.

    • Replies: @Alden
  249. @Bombercommand

    Thanks, that’s interesting. There are a lot of details that match up for me still but after this time I have gotten a few mixed up, because I had made associations already as you do. There was talk of an island and wild parties but I might be wrong about the name they spoke of. I doubt he was the only operation of its kind. he was like a clone of a different colour for Roy Cohen himself.

  250. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    I don’t know what to make of the scene with the three kids after the school concert. I never had any explanation and it occurred to me often as Rolf Harris was a big deal in my young years. Only in terms of organised pedo rings does it have a possible answer to me. I’ve seen enough and we all have now to know this is rife. It is the glue which holds the elite together. He and a few others too are just tokens, sure. Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial has as it’s prime goal, to bury anything that does not come to light from it. Which will be most of it. They can say ho ho, justice is done. Nobody is safe from justice. Nothing more to see here.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  251. @Badger Down

    The body wasn’t Epstein, alive or dead. That much is certain. I assume they uncovered him for the picture. It is a prison. They are taking someone out.

  252. Alden says:

    You’re on the wrong site to keep defending Epstein Maxwell. Everyone else is aware that the jury found Maxwell guilty of 5 of 6 charges. Maxwell’s a pimp. There are many levels. From a street thug with 2 retarded girls to very profitable escort agencies. To Maxwell, who’s been a pimp for at least 30 years.

    Whether their financial assets are an apartment in the projects and \$200 a night earned by the girls and spent on drugs by the thug pimp to tens of millions like Epstein Maxwell, a pimp is a pimp. And Maxwell was convicted. Go argue with the jury, the judge the investigators and the prosecutors .

    You’re just making a fool of yourself ranting away defending prostitution of minors to the Men of UNZ. A group who do not harass and attempt to have sex with underage girls.
    The law is the law.

    • Replies: @restless94110
    , @Mr Anatta
  253. @Alden

    Hmmm, since she was not convicted of pimping then she isn’t a pimp. You keep on yowling about things that you don’t know are true and screaming hysterically that I’m defending something I am not defending. You are completely delusional. This is why women shouldn’t be commenting about most issues of the day: they get hysterical, then they start hallucinating things.

    You are just repeating yourself over and over, Karen. You idea must be if you repeat a lie enough times it’ll be looked at as true. I’ve asked you repeatedly to calm down, but obviously that’s not happening for you ever.

    It’s so surprising to listen to a woman who hates women, Karen, but you surely fit the bill. I’m not into woman haters, girl. Take your troll show down the line.

    Recommend you move to Finland with Mumblebrain and use wind turbines and pages of your beloved Talmud to stay warm during the 30-year Solar Minimum. We can only hope there is no internet service up there.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  254. Alden says:

    Maxwell was convicted of pimping. Pimping of underage girls. Go help Maxwell’s attorneys with the appeal. I’m sure they’ll welcome a child molester and sex offender totally ignorant of the law to the team.

  255. @restless94110

    Maxwell was what is known as a ‘procureress’. I know that English is not your first language, but I’m certain that there is a Hebrew word for it. You don’t hate women, but you don’t mind them being used in underage sexual blackmail operations, to the Greater Glory of Eretz Yisrael.. I’d call that ‘Talmudic casuistry’, myself, or ‘pilpul’, or just self-serving bull-shit.

    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
    , @restless94110
  256. @Rabbitnexus

    Rolf gets all touchy feely with kids, as he did openly and happily for decades. Once not a problem, but today a sign, not of love of children, but of sinister creepiness. Decades later, the defaming of Harris begins, and some children he once hugged, now grown up, are persuaded by fanatical adults, akin to those who call Assange a ‘rapist’, that pervy old Rolf MUST have groped them. Children, not recollecting much of what happened decades before, are easily persuaded, as adults, at risk of falling out with friends and zealots, that creepy old Rolf MUST have groped them. Perhaps there’s a quid in it, too, if he’s sued.
    I well remember one BBC witch, interviewing one of Saville’s victims. She mentioned that, one night, when Saville made a visit to the ‘care facility’, he brought Rolf. The BBC feminazi was almost overcome with glee. ‘What happened?’ she demanded. Well, nassty old Rolf dragged along his wobble-board, and led the girls in a sing-along for ages, then he left, with hugs all round. The BBC she-hyena was audibly disappointed. Given enough malice, and an Evil, character-destroying MSM of infinite viciousness, anyone, even a stylite monk, can be framed. I’d bet that someone with some personal animus towards Rolf set this ball rolling, then the witch-pack joined in, because they could.

  257. Mr Anatta says:

    All these ex teenage prostitutes entered a mutual business agreement and got paid by Epstein/Maxwell for their work and it is very very highly unlikely that harassment had any part to play and the only ones doing the harassing in this saga are some of the ex teenage whores themselves who are still hustling the very wealthy for a quick \$\$\$ long after all those \$500 trips to a Florida mall for new clothes have ended.

    The law may be the law but as has already been mentioned by someone smarter and more awake than you,the law is an arse but you unfortunately have been programmed by sleeping hubotic programmers in grey wigs that are stupid and dont even understand that in nature adulthood begins with sexual maturity and i dont know about you but the last time i heard a teenage young woman has developed the ability of speech and reasoning and therefore can very easily always say flatly NO or even FUCK OFF, if she is approached and is asked if she would like to ‘massage a man for money’ but these ex teenage prostitutes didn’t,did they?.

    Until I see pictures of Maxwell and Epstein with former child prostitutes and not the famous pictures of ex teen prostitutes like Virginia Roberts(when she was an obviously sexually mature 17 year old) i will always maintain that Epstein and Maxwell did nothing morally wrong whatsoever but naturally any sexual black mail that may have gone on is a very different matter.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  258. Mr Anatta says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Those young women prostitutes used the very wealthy to fund shopping trips to the mall and in a business transaction both parties use each other and from what i can tell and from Epstein stating that he wasn’t a child molester, I consider them overage by natural law and if you trust the U.S justice system then you have no idea how corrupt to the core it is.

    I liked what you had to say about Rolf Harris though and he never once came across as creepy to me like Saville did and so you could be spot on there with your analysis.

    • Agree: restless94110
    • Replies: @restless94110
  259. @Mr Anatta

    As Maxwell- Epstein weren’t operating a licensed brothel in Nevada then Alden is correct. I just wonder why the members of the power elite who partake in this activity haven’t legalised prostitution elsewhere so they and their procurers won’t have to worry about arrests and court cases. And even in Nevada brothels they could have only provided adult prostitutes to their rich and powerful tricks but I guess their punters really wanted to go below the legal limit so it was bound to be an illegal operation wherever, even in a licensed Nevada brothel had they been running it with those specs.

    • Thanks: Alden
    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
  260. @mulga mumblebrain

    Maxwell was what is known as a ‘procureress’.

    What is known? Known by whom? What is clear is that you are what is known as a “make shit upess”.

    I know that English is not your first language, but I’m certain that there is a Hebrew word for it

    The only one in this exchange who knows the Talmud or Hebrew words is you, honey. And no one but you and that other loony tune cares what my first language is. My language has nothing to do with Maxwell. Try to stay focused. You are obviously also known as a “full of shitess”.

    I have nary an idea what the rest of your words are even about. They are completely detached from any recognizable reality and use references that I don’t know anyone that knows or understands.

    These are things for you to think about while you huddle in your underground coven in Finland under the shadow of a wind turbine for the next several decades during the cold of the latest solar minimum. It may be hard to survive, seeing as how it is clear that the fungus ate half your brain away, but you can depend on Alden (aka Karen I) for help up there. Send us a postcard.

    • Replies: @Alden
  261. Mr Anatta says:
    @Commentator Mike

    I disagree that Alden is correct for the reason i explained that the law and legal system are an arse set up by arse holes that know Jack shit and some laws like not allowing prostitution between consenting adults morally deserve to be broken and i say good luck to both parties that break that law anywhere as they are doing nothing wrong.

  262. Alden says:

    Yes prostitution is illegal. And those girls committed the crime of prostitution.

    And pimping is also illegal.
    Keeping a brothel is also illegal.
    Every Maxwell Epstein home was legally a brothel. And keeping, owning, managing a brothel is illegal.
    Soliciting pimping procuring pandering running an escort agency, creating, maintaining and using an internet prostitution website there’s various terms and they are all illegal.

    As for the girls freely entering a mutual business agreement . Not possible. Because minors are under age and in every state not legally able to enter into a business agreement.

    Minors can’t buy cars via down payments and a contract to make future payments. Minors can’t sign leases. Minors can’t rent cars or get credit cards in their own name unless a parent signs a contract to make the payments. Back when the military accepted 17 year olds; the military required parental consent. Upon the 18th birthday parental consent to join the military was, is no longer required.

    Reason is because minors are deemed by state and federal law unable to enter into a mutual business agreement.

    And you are a moron if you believe there is a special exemption in American that minors can enter into a business agreement to exchange sex for money. Minors cannot enter into mutual business agreements in America.

    I know Israeli sex traffickers of E. European filthy sub human shiksas claim their prostitutes signed contracts to pay transportation costs to Israeli brothels. And pay room board clothing and other costs out of their earnings to the pimps and brothel keepers. And the Israeli courts uphold the contracts. Thus keeping the filthy shiksas in slavery. But that’s your home country, Israel, not America. Different countries, different laws. Israel approves of not just prostitution pimping and even sex slavery. Such immoral activities are illegal in America.

    You can’t argue Israeli law in the Maxwell case.

    And the Maxwell case was not about prostitution at all. It was about Maxwell’s soliciting the girls to be prostitutes and arranging for the prostitutes to meet the customers.

    That’s the law. And I’m not brainwashed. I learned the law in law school and practiced it at 850 Bryant SF Ca the criminal court house of the City and County of San Francisco Ca.

  263. Mr Anatta says:

    You keep going on about minors but you should try asking a few 16-18 year old teenagers how they feel about being called minors or even children.LOL.

    I dont know at what age an adult needs to be to get married in U.S but it is 16 where i am and the same age for starting work and if work isn’t a mutually agreed contract between adults then I dont know what is and either way the law is still an arse.

    ‘It was about Maxwell soliciting the girls’

    You mean the young women and if they didn’t want to do as Maxwell allegedly asked of them then why the hell didnt they say ‘no thanks’?……its not like they weren’t sexually mature and didnt know what they were getting into,is it now.?.

    The true criminals in the eyes of nature are the scamming ex teen whores and sorry law graduate but the law really is an arse.

  264. Alden says:

    Yes, prostitution’s illegal in the American states of New York, Florida New Mexico Ohio and the Virgin Islands United States Territory in which Epstein’s Little St James Island is located.

    So is soliciting men and women, boys and girls of any age to be prostitutes. So is soliciting customers for the prostitutes. So is owning, managing operating a building aka brothel in which prostitution takes place.

    Soliciting pimping procuring pandering brothel keeping there are various terms used in various Penal Codes. If you know what a Penal Code is which you obviously don’t.

    Maxwell was found guilty of 5 of the 6 charges of pimping.

    In America, minors are not allowed to enter into mutual business agreements. Try to understand that American laws are not the laws of your primitive oooga booga land country.

    American minors are not allowed to enter into mutual business agreements. They are not allowed to buy a car with a down payment and agree to make payments. They are not allowed to sign an apartment lease. Which involves making rent payments. Minors can’t get credit cards in their own name unless a parent or guardian signs a contract or a mutual business agreement to make payment for what goods and services are purchased with the credit card Back when the American military accepted 17 year olds; 17 year olds were only accepted if a parent or guardian signed an agreement to allow their child to sign. Persons under 18 are allowed to marry in America only if parents or guardians sign their consent.

    All this because minors , because of immaturity and ignorance are not capable of making mutual business agreements . Imagine a 16 year old boy with a brand new drivers license looking at cars. Boys that age would sign anything to get cars of their own. I don’t know about your primitive country, but in America that agreement would be illegal. And a violation of the Business and Professions Code of the state in which the agreement was signed

    American law is very clear and has been very clear for 400 years since America was a British Colony. Minors cannot agree to mutual business agreements .

    It’s very obvious that the confusion between the age of consent and the crime of prostitution, refusal to recognize that pimping pandering soliciting for prostitution brothel keeping are crimes. And dirty filthy child molesters like you yammering about natural law age at which dirty old men can have their way with 11 and 12 year old girls upon first menstruation is just child and teen porn addicts using this site to justify their porn addiction and sex offender status.

    Law enforcement has programs that trawl the internet looking for people like you.

    Prostitution is a crime in America whether you approve or not.
    Soliciting for prostitution recruiting prostitutes and customers pimping brothel keeping pandering procuring maintaining an internet prostitution website operating an escort agency are all crimes in America whether you approve or not.

    • Replies: @Alden
  265. Alden says:

    Whoops this is my reply to Mr Anatta. I explained the laws to him. And he replied that he does not recognize the laws Re: prostitution pimping pandering soliciting and brothel keeping.

    Whether Mr. Anatta recognizes the laws or not they exist. He’s probably typing from a smuggled in cell phone from a prison where he’s confined for criminal sex offenses against minors.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  266. Mr Anatta says:

    And a teenage prostitute, by definition,enters into a business agreement,regardless of the law.

    • Agree: restless94110
  267. Mr Anatta says:

    ‘Because of immaturity’

    Only that teenage whores are sexually mature!.

    What do you mean a 16 year old isnt capable of making a business agreement???.

    Its what a 16 year old prostitute does you complete fool.

    What a fucking numpty you are.

    • Replies: @Alden
  268. @Alden

    Whoops this is my reply to Mr Anatta

    Whoops. You are replying over and over again to yourself. Whoops.

  269. @Alden

    What on Earth are you going on and on about? Who cares?

    This nonsense is TL:DR. I’m not going to read you repeating yourself over and over again!

    Take a break, girl. You stated your point. That’s it. Stating your point over and over and over and over and over over and over and over over and over and over over and over and over over and over and over over and over and over over and over and over over and over and over over and over and over over and over and over over and over and over over and over and over over and over and over over and over and over?

    It doesn’t mean your point has any meaning, veracity, focus, makes any sense, isn’t stupid, isn’t off topic, has nothing to do with points I’ve made, or anything else.

    It just means you sound like a crazed cockatoo screaming the same tired lines over and over. Like a washed up actress in a movie scene. We got your performance on Take 10, but you want to go to Take 96.

    That’s a wrap, Karen. You don’t like prostitutes. Everyone else does. The whores that are behind this case are just in it for the money. They are using you, Karen. And you love to be used.

    • Agree: Mr Anatta
    • Replies: @Alden
  270. @Mr Anatta

    From one of Giuffre’s “victims” : The female witness insisted the Prince’s accuser wasn’t “coerced into doing anything.” Giuffre was totally down with having sex with the Prince. She loved the sex, the money, the everything. That’s one of the many reasons this whole case is a sham.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Mr Anatta
  271. Alden says:

    Great. Now I won’t have to keep responding to your endless Talmudic arguments. I learned a long time ago to wear down a Talmud Jew at 850 Bryant Sf Ca the county criminal courts building

    Just keep repeating the facts and the applicable law codes. Till the Talmud Jew runs out of irrelevant arguments. Which they always do. This shiksa’s done it many times and always succeeded. Whether the criminal courts or this website.

    Prostitution is illegal.
    Soliciting pandering recruiting prostitutes arranging their services to customers procuring pimping and pandering are all illegal
    Owning renting operating managing a brothel or house of prostitution are all illegal.

    Maxwell was found guilty of 5 of the 6 charges. Even her 10 million dollar fee attorneys couldn’t save her.
    So keep up your comments. I’ll just keep repeating the laws under which Maxwell was convicted

    • Troll: restless94110
    • Replies: @Alden
    , @restless94110
  272. Alden says:

    Hey there retarded moron. Neither Andrew nor Virginia has anything to do with Maxwell’s trial and the charges against Maxwell. Typical Talmud Jew. Toss in something that has nothing to do with the Maxwell case. And believe it proves Maxwell innocent.

    You lose the argument I win

    You’re not even good at Talmudic arguments.

    Stick to the Maxwell case. Not Virginia vs Andrew Back to Talmud school for you.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  273. Alden says:
    @Mr Anatta

    Might be the law in your primitive oooga booga land. But it is the law in America. The only adult thing minors are allowed to do in America is dr licenses and work permits at 16. But not prostitute work permits. Because prostitution is against the law.

    I don’t care what the laws about age of majority are in your primitive country. Why do you care about laws about the age of majority are in America?

    Because you’re a sex offender in your own country.

    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
  274. @Alden

    Moron: This does address the character and motivations of the case. Virginia is the center and the genesis. Try to learn to read.

    Yeah, you won. The first prize.

    Why would I be good at something called the Talmud–something I don’t know about and don’t care about?

    The Maxwell case is over until overturned. Virginia, your Whore of Satan, played a key role. Try to keep up.

    Consult your Talmud for direction.

    • Replies: @Alden
  275. Alden says:

    Repeat repeat repeat. Virginia Guiffre has nothing to do with the case in which Maxwell was convicted. You can’t argue about the Maxwell case by bringing in Virginia who had nothing to do with Maxwell’s charges trial and conviction.
    Can’t argue the Maxwell case by bringing in Virginia who had nothing to do with it.
    Repeat repeat repeat.

    • Replies: @restless94110
    , @Mr Anatta
  276. Alden says:

    So all you’ve got in your Talmudic argument instructions is troll. I win you lose.

    How to win an argument. Repeat the facts and the law repeat repeat repeat. Maxwell was convicted of 5 charges of pimping. And there’s nothing you can do about it . Except making a spectacle of yourself on a website. Go argue with the jurors.

  277. I did not know there was such a thing as pimping under the law. I thought she was convicted in a fake show trial of taking minors across state lines. So, are you repeating that she was convicted of transporting minors across state lines? Or are you repeating she was convicted of pimping?

    There’s nothing you can do about it. She wasn’t convicted of “pimping.” And I know you don’t know this because you are buried deep in a coven studying your Talmud in Finland, but a juror has no decision-making power on what to charge a person with. Jurors decide guilt or innocence. Unlike you, they are supposed to be starting from innocent until proven guilty. There’s nothing you can do about it.

    Yes, you win and I lose. I represent the entirety of English Common Law, the basis of our American society. You represent the feminization of the law, thus the consequent complete destruction of American society. You win. I lose.

  278. @Alden

    You don’t have to respond to anything, honey. And yammering on about the Talmud is, shall we say, unhinged?

    As for the fake Maxwell convictions, let’s just say: it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

    Give it time, rabbi Karen. Give your motor mouth–spouting nothings repeatedly like a cockatoo on crystal meth–a break until after the Maxwell convictions are reversed. Then you will have plenty of time to go completely blabbermouth. Until then? Conserve your strength, Karen. You will need it for the coming cold days ahead.

  279. @Alden

    She stands in the middle in one of the most notorious photographs at the centre of the sex-trafficking allegations against Ghislaine Maxwell — which is something considering the trove of pictures released this week.

    In the photo, to her left, Ms Maxwell leans against the side of a doorway, to her right stands Prince Andrew, Duke of York, with his arm around her waist.

    She has also been mentioned numerous times on nearly every day to date of Ms Maxwell’s trial. So why isn’t Virginia Giuffre testifying?

    Given that she has been one of the most vocal people about Jeffrey Epstein, his crimes, and those who enabled him, it does seem surprising.


    She has also been mentioned numerous times on nearly every day to date of Ms Maxwell’s trial. So why isn’t Virginia Giuffre testifying?

    Repeat. Repeat.

    She has also been mentioned numerous times on nearly every day to date of Ms Maxwell’s trial. Virginia Giuffre

    Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

    Whore of Satan = Virginia Giuffre (the heart of the Maxwell persecutions)

    Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

    • Replies: @Alden
  280. Alden says:

    Virginia Guiffre did not testify or have anything to do with the Maxwell trial. Given your anger with Guiffre I wonder if you were one of the lesser pimps working for the criminal pimps Epstein Maxwell. You are defending your old employer aren’t you? Or do you work for one of the Maxwell siblings defending Ghislaine all over the Internet?

    It’s futile to argue the case on the internet. If you feel so strongly volunteer to work for the Maxwell attorneys on the appeal. Your ignorance of what you call old English Common Law is appalling. The essence of English Common Law is trial by jury. And the jury decided Maxwell is guilty of 5 of the 6 charges.

    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
    , @restless94110
  281. Mr Anatta says:

    Exactly and that photo of her in London with Andrew and Maxwell where she is smiling so happily just shows how she loved the money and sex and why wouldnt she as a sexually mature 17 year old ADULT?.

    • Agree: restless94110
  282. Mr Anatta says:

    You let your childish guard down with your ooga booga land comment that makes it clear to me how you have been brainwashed by your hubotic programmers to believe in the U.S exceptionalism hype that defines far too many ignorant Usaians.

    The article we are commenting about is about a U.S court case and so isn’t it obvious to you why i care?.

    Your wild and false assumptions about my sexual preferance are the height of stupidity and you seem clueless about the point we are making.

    Indeed it was a sham trial where the true criminal hustlers were made out to be poor victims and Maxwell was imprisoned for doing nothing wrong by natural law and if you can’t understand that ,then your law degree course hasn’t even begun.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  283. Mr Anatta says:

    Of course we can argue about Virginia being part of this whole saga because she was a very happily smiling former 17 year old teenage prostitute from Florida that was probably hired by Maxwell to give Epstein ‘a massage or more’ and it is Maxwell that was wrongly imprisoned as part of a fun triangle of money and sex between consenting adults that should have remained as what it was.

    Wake up you programmed hubot and try and remember that you are a naked animal and act as animals in nature do by natural law.

  284. Mr Anatta says:

    And that jury was made up programmed hubots like you who don’t even understand law and natural order in life.

    • Agree: restless94110
  285. @Alden

    My anger? LOL. I could care less about a 40 year old whore who now wants money. Why would I be angry at her? Or at anyone?

    The only reason this case was brought was because of Giuffre. It doesn’t matter what you or anyone else says. We all know it was her and her alone.

    You are right about one thing though. It is futile to argue the case on the internet. So, STOP DOING IT.

    Bye, Karen. Go back to Finland. Find some warmth.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  286. @restless94110

    When one of the tribe is in trouble, doing tribal business, the scum crawl out from under their rocks and begin spewing slander and lies-they can’t help themselves. This apologist for paedophilia, sex trafficking and blackmail is a particularly filthy example of the type.

    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
    , @restless94110
  287. Mr Anatta says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    ‘One of the tribe’ in this sham trial was a Jewish lesbian judge and so why would we go after one of our own,if either of us were one of the tribe?.

  288. @mulga mumblebrain

    When one of the tribe is in trouble, doing tribal business,

    Says the person who is double-teaming me in this comment thread. I reply to Alden, and Mumblebrain replies. I reply to Mumble, and Alden replies.

    If that’s not your tribe doing tribal business, what is?

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  289. @restless94110

    There is NO more likely rational explanation for your VILE lying and slander of victims, and slimy defense of the procuress, Maxwell, in this Zionazi sexual blackmail operation, than tribal defense. I could be wrong, but you ape the libels of the likes of Alan Dershowitz, recently featured on the Zionazi BBC sewer, and we know that any Jewish crook will be defended as a victim of ‘antisemitism’. Go on-roll that one out. You’re longing to, aren’t you.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  290. @Mr Anatta

    ‘…natural order’??!! You give yourself away, there, Anatta. The pathopsychology that the ‘elect’ may prey upon the lesser ranks, and it is those underlings who are always to blame, whereas the elite are always blameless, by virtue of racial, religious or ideological superiority, is literally Satanic. You and restless are quite Evil, but there is a lot of it about.

    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
  291. @mulga mumblebrain

    Just stop, you fool. Who cares what you think? And it’s all just you. You don’t know what you are talking about obviously. Capitalizing words? Talking about some idiotic conspiracy theories? Assessing words like procuress that have no meaning or truth to them? Nattering on and on about Jews?

    Just stop with the nonsense. Nothing will ever change what is just a witch hunt run by feminazis driven by a middle-aged whore looking for a payday. It will always be what it truly is: a fake out that damages women more than it damages men.

    Your hysterical ravings will not change any of that. Just like your hyper-emotional rantings about fake climate change will not change anything.

    You huff and you puff but you will never blow the house down, you screaming harridan. Give it a rest.

  292. Mr Anatta says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Thats not what I meant by natural law and order at all and i am referring to it as the law of cause and effect/karma but you wouldn’t understand due to the depth of your slumber as a programmed hubot and so i won’t be elaborating,

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  293. Mr Anatta says:

    ‘A fake out that damages women more than it damages men’.

    Aint that the truth and it should come as no surprise that our dear sweet and innocent victim Virginia is now a fat arse who clearly shows us that her greed for snacking is equal to that of her greed for sex and easy money,earnt fairly when she was a younger woman but also now very nastily scammed from the very wealthy,long past the agreed business contract with them has ended.

    Amazing how so many are taken in by this sham trial but i guess sleople are sleople and hubots are hubots and no amount of shaking will wake them up.

    • Agree: restless94110
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  294. @Mr Anatta

    What a vicious Zionazi misogynist you are, letting your hatred of the shiksas shine through. You and restless are prime examples of Jewish superiority, in the field of misogyny, at least.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @restless94110
  295. @Mr Anatta

    I know that for Talmudists like you, treating shiksas as pieces of meat, is as ‘natural’ as dropping white phosphorus on Gazan children.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
  296. @restless94110

    If you don’t know the word ‘procuress’ then you are pig ignorant, adding to your misogynist pigginess. As for Jews, this sexual blackmail ring was Jewish from top to bottom, so who should one blame? The Palestinians? These revelations of Judeofascist criminality and wicked behaviour really draw the hasbara insects out from ‘neath their rocks, but you are a really despicable example of the type.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  297. @mulga mumblebrain

    I have no ideas what a vicious Zionazi misogynist is. I have an idea that it is most likely you.

    And somehow I hate ‘shiksas”? I don’t even know what a “shiksa” is.

    Furthermore you assert I am a prime example of Jewish superiority? Hmm, how could that be true? I’m a prime? I am an example of superiority? Oh. But only in the well-developed field of misogyny?

    You are obviously, certifiably insane.

    Why do you keep talking, Chatty? Like a delusional parrot that ingested LSD, you keep crowing utter garbage.

    What is wrong with you, Chatty Cathy? Why do you keep talking?

    • Agree: Mr Anatta
    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
  298. Mr Anatta says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    I am white Irish you complete false assumption making numpty and am not Jewish and therefore have little idea about talmud and no idea what shikas is.LOL.

    And why would I hate someone I have never met or will never meet?…and the truth is I just pity Virginia for her general greed and ignorance.

    I would wager that you are probably a wobbly fat arse also and the truth is hitting home a bit hard about your own greedy lifestyle?.

    • Replies: @Alden
  299. Mr Anatta says:

    Of course Maxwell and Epstein should get blamed ‘if’ they were involved in sexual blackmail but it does not change the fact that the former teenage whores were not children by natural law at the time and therefore should not be treated as victims by ignorant fools wearing grew wigs and that the real victim in this recent court case(that actually had nothing to do with blackmail) was Maxwell and i couldn’t give a rats arse if she is Jewish or not in this regard and your obsession with Jews is completely blinding you to the angle that we are coming from.

    Quit wasting peoples time!.

    • Replies: @restless94110
    , @Alden
    , @Alden
  300. @Mr Anatta

    I think you might be speaking through me to Mumblrbrain and the other screaming witch, since they continue harping on Jewish themes. Not I, sir.

    Other than that, I agree with you: blackmail was never charged or proved. The deal was she was convicted of “taking” a minor across state lines. As I said before, that could be something as simple as, telling some teenager to take a plane to another state to meet a rich guy. If that teenage was then offered money, well, that’s your Federal charge right there. Period.

    All the questions and issues you raise–and everyone should raise–are relevant, but not to these nattering nebbishes screaming about zionazis and the Talmud.

    And now Ann Coulter has written a stupid column claiming that Epstein was a “pederast” (which is a person who is sexually attracted to young boys) who our “ruling class” has let get away (with?) and that Maxwell is also being given a pass. She claims that a juror has now come forward to admit he lied on his juror questionnaire and that this may invalidate the trial?

    That would be the most unlikely outcome in my view. I expected that Maxwell’s convictions will be thrown out for other, legal reasons. And I still do not understand: isn’t the entire case based on the hearsay of several now-older women? Is there any actual evidence other than that? Why would any jury convict based on what several women (or men or animals) say happened 20 years ago?

    Is this American justice now?

    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
    , @Alden
  301. @mulga mumblebrain

    If you don’t know the word ‘procuress’ then you are pig ignorant, adding to your misogynist pigginess.

    So I am a misogynist because I am for fighting against a woman being railroaded? And I am also pig ignorant? Could I be cow ignorant instead? What about cockatoo ignorant? Was Maxwell charged with being something called a “procuress?” No she was not. So you must be the ignorant one.

    As for Jews, this sexual blackmail ring was Jewish from top to bottom, so who should one blame?

    So someone somewhere proved in a court of law that there was a sexual blackmail ring? Or did you just make that all up? Obviously you have made that up. So now you ask who we should blame? Blame for what? You also claim that the whole thing you just made up in your head was Jewish from top to bottom. And you somehow know this too? Maybe you really should blame the Palestinians. After all, they are the ones responsible for spreading the “earth is flat” theories. Right?

    You finish your despicable, totally unhinged rant with more weird nonsense using terms and language that only jewish people are familiar with. Hey, energizer bunny, give your burnt out brain that is fueling your incessant name calling mouth a rest.

    • Agree: Mr Anatta
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  302. Mr Anatta says:

    Sorry,yes I made a mistake in who I pressed the reply button too and my words were definitely meant for mulga and not you.

    And i agree with you and any way you look at it it was a sham trial and yes the whole system is a farce and I feel sorry for Maxwell for being a victim of it and her being a Jew or not is not relevant in the slightest and i also actually feel sorry for Andrew as it looks like he will now definitely become a victim of Virginia’s greedy scamming and i say that as a staunch member of anti U.K royalty of whom i generally loathe but i will never take the side of a scammer on a case by case basis like this.

    • Agree: restless94110
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  303. Alden says:
    @Mr Anatta

    You’re not Irish or any kind of European White. You’re a filthy Muslim who buys 10 year old girls and 6 year old boys from their parents to have your filthy deprived way with. Your version of natural law is a filthy pervert like you can stick his prick into a child slave’s mouth vagina or anus any time he feels like it. You’re a pimp who buys or kidnaps the kids and rents them out to your perverted customers. After a few months of raping them in.

    Your Talmud says sex with babies aged one year and one day is perfectly legal according to ancient Jewish “ natural law”.

    You are just defending your own perverted unnatural sex preferences. Just as all criminals defend their crimes.

    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
  304. Mr Anatta says:

    So I am a filthy Muslim that goes by my Talmud am i now?.

    Heh heh heh heh.

    Thanks for the chuckles Karen.

  305. Alden says:

    What a totally ignorant moron you are. Here you are pontificating about the rules of evidence of which you know nothing nothing.

    Those women did not give hearsay evidence. They gave direct evidence. Direct evidence is; “this happened to me. “. Hearsay evidence is;
    “ someone told me that”. That’s hearsay evidence. Not what the witness saw heard observed. What a potential witness claimed another person. saw heard or observed is hearsay evidence and inadmissible.

    Every word from the Farmer sisters and other witnesses were “ this happened to me”. Not
    “ someone told me that happened”

    I suggest you ask google the difference between direct first person evidence and hearsay evidence.

    Google rules of evidence US Federal trials. You are such an ignorant moron you don’t even know what hearsay evidence is. And the Maxwell arrest, charges and trial were well within the statute of limitations.

    With all the information about American Penal and evidence codes available by typing a question into google you can’t even use google. You and Annata continue to insist your own perverted sex crime opinions should be American Rules of Evidence. American Rules of Evidence apply to all legal cases, both civil and criminal. Including the Maxwell criminal trial. .

    • Replies: @restless94110
  306. Alden says:
    @Mr Anatta

    “ Ignorant fools wearing wigs” applies to BRITISH judges and prosecutors. Not AMERICAN judges and prosecutors. Your ignorant moronic comments display total ignorance .

    You don’t even know in what country the Maxwell criminal trial was held. American judges don’t wear wigs. Neither do American lawyers. Neither do American elected legislators who make the laws.

    I doubt you can even read if you believe American judges wear wigs. You’re just dictating your diatribes to someone who can write and type.

    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
  307. Alden says:
    @Mr Anatta

    How ignorant about the Maxwell trial you are.
    “ ignorant fools wearing grey wigs”

    You don’t even know in what country the Maxwell trial was held. It was America, not the UK in which judges and barristers wear grey wigs during trials.

    • Agree: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
  308. @Alden

    Those women did not give hearsay evidence. They gave direct evidence. Direct evidence is; “this happened to me. “. Hearsay evidence is;
    “ someone told me that”. That’s hearsay evidence. Not what the witness saw heard observed. What a potential witness claimed another person. saw heard or observed is hearsay evidence and inadmissible.

    Anyone that says “this happened to me 20 years ago” should be indicted, tried, convicted, and imprisoned for perjury. There should be no basis in jurisprudence for any crazy to claim anything they say happened over 5 years ago. The memory, the society, everything changes. And it is common knowledge within law enforcement that over 50 percent if not more of sexual claims by women are false and made up.

    Your erect defense of liars and perjurers is despicable. I don’t need to read any more than the first paragraph of your evil nonsense.

  309. Alden says:

    It’s an ongoing case you ignorant moron who knows nothing about the case. Annie Farmer, one of the prosecution witnesses reported the unlawful detention and sex abuse of her and her then 16 year old sister to the FBI in the early 1990s when it was happening. The first law enforcement report about interstate sex trafficking from New York to Ohio to New Mexico occurred about 30 years ago.

    It’s an ongoing case. And some of the crimes for which Maxwell was convicted occurred about 30 years ago, not 20 years ago. On going case for about 30 years finally coming to trial.

    You don’t know the law. You claim the laws are wrong because you don’t agree with them. And you don’t know the facts that it is an ongoing 30 year old case.

    Your ignorance is obvious.

    The fact that you refuse to acknowledge the laws Maxwell violates does not mean the laws do not exist and were enforced in the Maxwell charges and trial.

    Go ahead and defend prostitution, pimping procuring soliciting and unlawful detention. But do not claim those criminal Penal Code laws do not exist.

  310. Alden says:

    You failed to answer the question. And amateurishly tried to switch the discussion from the difference between direct eyewitness evidence and hearsay evidence to unwarranted groundless accusations of perjury.

    The jury did not believe the statements by the prosecution witnesses were perjury. The jury believed the direct eyewitness testimony of the prosecution witnesses was the truth.

    It really doesn’t matter what you believe. All that matters is what the jury believed.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  311. @restless94110

    I see you have entered the hysterical phase of Judeofascist hate spewing, that your type inevitably reaches when confronted by truth and human decency, both anathema to your reptilian kind. Of all the vile trolls that appear here from time to time, you, in my opinion, in your arrogant lying, hatred and, most particularly, your deranged misogyny, and slimy defence of paedophile sex traffickers, are the very worst. An hasbara Alpha in every way.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  312. @Mr Anatta

    A liar so viciously brazen that he reduces the testimony over decades of scores of girls exploited by these sex traffickers, to just one, and then slanders her in the most villainous manner, just MUST BE a Judeofascist. The insane defence on the indefensible and the unhinged hatefulness and vengefulness have been practised and mastered over 3500 years.And, of course, you lie about yourself, in order to throw people off your trail, but the stench is overwhelming and awfully familiar.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  313. @restless94110

    I do like your filthy slanders and lies because I will point anyone curious about the ways and means of Judeofascist hatefulness to them. And the misogynistic slander of the shiksas is so very Talmudic. Which yeshiva do you dwell in? Are you one of those that regularly spits on shiksas, or even Jewish women, for dressing ‘immodestly’ in Jerusalem? You must be.

    • Replies: @restless94110
    , @Mr Anatta
  314. @Alden

    I did not see the question.
    But let me give you a few answers to possible questions you may have had:

    Question: Am I stupid?
    My Answer: Yes.

    Question: Is there any reason at all that I am squawking like a demented mynah bird on everything you say?
    My Answer: No. It appears that the brain fungus has spread to the entire brain and anything you say must be assessed in light of this new finding: you are totally demented.

    • Replies: @Alden
  315. @mulga mumblebrain

    What would any comment about female empowerment be allowed to exist without a putdown of all females by Mulga Mumblebrain?

    How dare any female be free to decide her own fate and life?


    I guess that whatever else MM is saying (didn’t read it) refers to some ancient jewish ritual that only MM knows about. It seems that MM hates women. But that is understandable. Her kind often does.

  316. @mulga mumblebrain

    So, let me get this straight: someone is a liar, but also a vicious liar. Apparently the liar is vicious. What part of the liar is vicious. Isn’t vicious a word used when someone does something that is vicious? What is vicious? Hmmm. If I stab you? If I shoot you? What else could be vicious?


    Therefore, accusing me of being “a liar so viciously brazen” is not describing any human on planet Earth.

    And then there are decades–decades I tell ya!– of scores–scores of scores of scores of scores–who are “exploited” by these sex traffickers…..Hmmm. These girls–the ones giving blowjobs to the entire high school football team–are exploited? By whom? These. Sex. Traffickers. These? Who are these? So they have an office in Lower Manhattan? On the door it says: Sex Trafficking Corporation.

    Who the fuck are these non-existent sex traffickers????????????????????

    How about a every teenage girl who knows a LOT about sex by the time she is 12?

    How about this concept, loony? Females should be allowed to make their own decisions?

    How about freedom for females from other females who want to control them?

    For 3500 years humans knew that females were too emotional to vote or to comment on the Unz Review. Then, suddenly, they allowed hysterical females to comment. We are all–males and females–worse off for it. Ask any female office worker which boss is best: a male one or a female one? All females choose the male boss.

    Females are toxic. You prove it with every post you make. You are completely unhinged but also are completely unaware.

  317. @mulga mumblebrain

    Why do my lies and slanders have to be filthy? What is judeofascitst and where do these people meet? Who or what is a shiksa and why is talking about females misogynist? Or a slander? What is the Talmud? What is a yeshiva? Why would I dwell in one? Why would I spit on a shiksa? What consists of dressing immodestly? Why is this a thing in Jerusalem?

    I have no idea what you are talking about. Explain.

  318. Alden says:

    You lost I won. You have no arguments left.

    Pimping is illegal
    The Maxwell trial was within the statute of limitations
    Maxwell was found guilty of pimping.

    The testimony of Maria and Annie Farmer and the other witnesses was not “ hearsay evidence” as you do ignorantly claimed. It was direct eyewitness testimony and evidence. You are a completely ignorant moron when you claimed that the witnesses testimony was hearsay evidence. It was not. In fact ignorant moron, hearsay evidence is not allowed in either trial or deposition testimony.

    You used the term hearsay evidence when you don’t even know what the term means.

    Proof you are an ignorant moron.

    Your total ignorance of the law and legal terms makes every post of yours ridiculous.

    Ask google the difference between direct evidence , forensic evidence circumstantial evidence and eyewitness evidence. Instead of displaying your profound ignorance of legal terms.

    Eyewitness evidence by the witnesses who saw what happened is what convicted Maxwell.

    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
    , @restless94110
  319. Mr Anatta says:

    Whatever Karen and so what if they don’t wear wigs because they are still ignorant fools and the trial was still a miscarriage of REAL justice.

    • Replies: @Alden
  320. Anon[391] • Disclaimer says:
    @parasite enthusiast

    Jewish blackmail ring? Do you really believe that Mossad would take a pee without CIA permission? Israel takes the money, it’s the servant. On US soil, the CIA calls the shots.

  321. Mr Anatta says:

    No Mulga its just you in a life long deeper than deep sleep where you can’t see the wood for the trees and they were young woman and most certainly not girls ot heaven forbid even children that incredulously some idiots claim that they were.

    Thanks for all the chuckles, with all your hysterical false assumptions and nonsense about me that just proves to me what a complete fool you are.

    • Replies: @Alden
  322. Mr Anatta says:

    How incredibly ignorant about ‘life’ you are.

    • Replies: @Alden
  323. Mr Anatta says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Mumbling nonsense as usual mumblebrain,like a Meerkat on MDMA or a pissed up Parakeet on Psilocybin.

  324. Mr Anatta says:

    Did you really need to call restless ignorant 6 times in one post???.

    Jesus wept Karen,once would have been enough,wouldnt it.?

    And the truth is,restless isnt ignorant and you are, for trusting in a corrupt legal system run by complete idiots who have no clue about life and why we are here.

    • Agree: restless94110
    • Replies: @Alden
  325. Alden says:
    @Mr Anatta

    Maybe raping children teens and women is legal in your primitive country. It’s not legal in America.

    In America:

    Prostitution is illegal
    Pimping is illegal
    The Maxwell trial was within statute of limitations.
    Maxwell was convicted of pimping on direct eyewitness testimony.

    That’s the law in America. In your primitive wretched country prostitution and pimping are legal. But not in America.

    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
  326. Alden says:
    @Mr Anatta

    Prostitution and pimping of men and women, boys and girls of any age, 5 years, 15 years, 25 years, 35 years, 45 years, 55 years, 65 years, is illegal in America.

    Maxwell was convicted of pimping a crime.

    Prostitution and pumping are legal in your primitive barbarian country. If you feel so strongly pimping and prostitution should be legal in America m. Move to Washington DC and convince Congress to make prostitution and pimping legal.

  327. Alden says:
    @Mr Anatta

    And thank God I am ignorant about the “ life” of which you speak. The “ life” of which you speak consists of pimps like you and Maxwell and slave prostitutes of all ages and both sexes.

    How do you acquire your stable of prostitutes? Buy them from their parents, their current pimps, or at the local slave auction? Kidnap them?

    Only a pimp would defend another pimp as emotionally as you and restless 94111 do.

  328. @Alden

    In the interest of being charitable to the severely retarded and permanently brain dead, I shall address Ms. Karen’s latest brain fungus.

    Pimping is illegal

    She was not charged with pimping, so it doesn’t matter if it’s illegal or not.

    The Maxwell trial was within the statute of limitations

    Only because the law has been perverted to artificially extend the statute of limitations, something that makes the law an ass.

    Maxwell was found guilty of pimping.

    Nope. Conspiracy is just a way to double charge a person. so she was charged for 3 so-called crimes–none of them pimping–and she was acquitted of one of the 3.

    The entire case against her was the testimony of several women, making it a “she said-she said” bit of nonsense. What they say happened may or may not have happened at all. And it was over 10 years ago, so memories are unreliable if not completely false. That’s why we had a statute of limitations for centuries–evidence older than a certain number of years is unreliable if not outright made up.

    You are right–it was not hearsay.But it was just as invalid as if it were. Maxwell could have easily been completely innocent. It was just as likely that she only offered the girls a job being a masseuse. That would have been completely legal.

    But it was the girl’s word against her word. And that just isn’t enough for guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

    An injustice was done in this case. It is very possible that the verdict will be thrown out on appeal.

    You are having great difficulty understanding what I am saying, Karen. Just because the statute of limitations was artificially extended does not make it just or right. And changing the word prostitution to sex trafficking does not mean anything. It’s still just prostitution.

    Just to help your poor self even more, here’s what a pimp does. He controls his stable of prostitutes, dictates when and where they will turn tricks, protects them if necessary, beats them if necessary, and takes all of their money they earn.

    Obviously, Maxwell did none of those things.

    Furthermore, it is obvious that the girls were completely willing to do what they say they did. Thus, they aren’t victims of anything.

    It is also just as easy to believe that Maxwell offered a girl a job being a masseuse and then when the girl was in a private area with a man, he could have offered to pay her for a sex act.This is what happens in many massage parlors.

    Thus, without any evidence, the jury took the word of a few women, all of whom stand to benefit monetarily by blaming Maxwell for their own acts (since prostitution is a crime they committed).

    These laws and these charges are all based on the theory that females do not have agency. They are weak, fragile creatures that can not be allowed to make their own choices and decisions. Since they are so weak-minded someone else must be blamed instead of them.

    That theory is not congruent with equality for women. It is literally a throwback to the 1890s when women were really considered weak, fragile beings. This is a product of 3rd/4th wave feminism. They have erased over 100 years of female progress.

    It is artificial, and it not only damages females, but also males and further damages male-female heterosexual relations. It also has severely damaged the courts and the American form of justice.

    Yes, Karen, you won. You won nothing good of course. The law suffers as it loses the respect of the people and is so easily perverted as it has been in this case and other recent cases.

    And I believe that it will be reversed on appeal.

    I may turn out to be wrong about that, but I’m not playing a game in order to win or lose, Karen. I’m just right, that’s all.

    You are so ignorant that you cannot understand all of the above. I’ve said it many times now to you and your sister MM. And you screaming hysterically and calling names changes nothing. I’m still right and always will be.

    If you disagree, then that’s your right. No one needs to hear that though. Neither do they need to hear you spewing a bunch of vitriol and smears. It’s childish and ignorant, Karen.

    • Replies: @Alden
  329. Alden says:
    @Mr Anatta

    You and restless are commenting from your primitive barbarian countries. You are so deeply ignorant you assume American judges lawyers and legislators wear grey wigs. British judges and lawyers still wear grey wigs. Their legislators stopped wearing grey wigs 120 years ago. That’s a perfect illustration of how ignorant you are.

    Restless94111 is so ignorant of the law he claimed the witnesses in the Maxwell trial gave
    hearsay evidence. They did not. They gave what is termed in the legal system direct eyewitness testimony.

    Since you are so completely ignorant and much too stupid to grasp the concept let me try once more to teach you.

    Direct eyewitness testimony. The witness testifies about (1) Something that happened directly to the witness. Or (2) something the witness saw with their own eyes.

    Hence the term eyewitness oh ignorant one.

    Hearsay evidence testimony. This testimony is not allowed in either trials or depositions. Hearsay evidence is not allowed. Hearsay evidence is the witness stated. “ I didn’t see the event. But I spoke with someone who told me about the event. “

    That’s hearsay evidence. And you and restless 94111 are so ignorant and stupid you claim the witnesses gave hearsay evidence.

    Which they did not.

    You’re both so stupid and ignorant you don’t even know the various types of admissible evidence in American law. And too stupid to go to google and learn about what kinds of evidence are admissible.
    Now go type hearsay evidence and deposition into google before you display more ignorance.

    Pimping and prostitution are legal in your country. Judges and lawyers wear grey wigs in the UK. Different countries different laws different legal customs.

    Don’t try to impose your primitive barbarian laws and customs on UNZ commenters.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  330. Alden says:

    Another ignorant statement. It’s been an ongoing case since the early 1990s when Maria and Annie Farmer first reported to the FBI the pimping and prostitution in New York, Florida and Ohio and New Mexico. And the illegal detention at the ranch in New Mexico.

    Every charge against Maxwell is a crime in both federal law and the laws of every USA state and territory including Little St James Island in the US Virgin Islands.

    Why do you keep claiming that pimping and prostitution are legal in the United States when they are not? Both are crimes.

    Just because you want \$10 dollar 14 year old prostitutes available on a moments notice doesn’t mean it’s legal.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  331. @Alden

    Calling me names does not make me wrong. It just makes you look immature. And you keep saying pimping even though you know (as you have been informed) what a pimp actually is. You also are screaming that I think prostitution is legal in the United States. Which I never said and know not to be true. This means you can’t read, Karen. I’ve never said the things you say that I “keep claiming.”

    The pimping term is not really in the law as far as I know, and it certainly was not one of the charges in the Maxwell case. Real pimps used to be charged with Soliciting. Whatever that is. But that is what pimps were charged with. Pimping does not exist in American law. Once again, Karen. I claim nothing that is illegal to be legal.

    Furthermore no one was detained anywhere. As for your claim that some claims date back to the early 90s: 1) I’d have to see something on that and 2) whatever someone claimed in the early 90s does not equate to what someone claims 30 years later. The age of the claim impeaches its veracity.

    As for your claim that prostitution is illegal everywhere, you are obviously wrong. Ever hear about the state of Nevada? You also seem to think you can ignore the rich history of prostitution–legal and illegal–in US recent history. Ever hear of the musical made into a move Best Little Whorehouse in Texas? Ever hear of Storyville in New Orleans? For many many many years there wee brothels nearly everywhere in the US. Were they legal? Mostly not. Did anyone care? No, they did not. They existed and they still exist, Karen. You may not like prostitution, but who cares? No one. Your point is pointless. We all know what is legal and what is not.

    Lastly, you commit the logical fallacy of falsely claiming I want to do this or that and therefore, what I say is not true. That’s called ad hominem, Karen. And since I don’t want to do what you claim, and there is nothing I’ve written that says I want a 10 dollar whore, you should be ashamed of yourself. You are a shameless hussy, who will scream and scream and scream. Everyone is just tired of your hysterical nonsense. You appear completely unhinged. You can’t read words, Karen. The words I write say the opposite of what you say you read.

    It’s time you retire from this thread. I will never ever stop saying Maxwell’s trial was not just, and it should be overturned. We will now have to wait to see if it is.

    That’s all, Karen. I pity anyone who is in a relationship of any kind with you. That goes even for the milk man. Good luck in all your endeavors.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @mulga mumblebrain
  332. @Alden

    What a crazy bellowing ignorant troll. Hang your head in shame.

    • Replies: @Alden
  333. Alden says:

    Soliciting procuring pandering running a disorderly house brothel pimping it’s all the same crime and Maxwell was found guilty by 12 jurors.

    Annie Farmer was illegally detained at the New Mexico ranch. She was told she was being taken to Thailand for a high school summer program with a short stop over at the New Mexico ranch. She never got to Thailand and was not allowed to leave the ranch. Considered illegal detention in the Penal Code of New Mexico and the federal criminal codes.

    Maria and Annie Farmer reported the Epstein Maxwell criminal prostitution pimping organization to the New York FBI in the early 1990s. They reported to the New York City FBI office because Epstein’s NYC brothel home was the headquarters of the organized crime operation. You’re so mentally ill you believe FBI records of the report don’t exist. And that news of the report was never made to news outlets. Look it up If you can possibly find google

    Milkman? How old are you? 120? Milk delivery to homes went out of business before I was born.

    Once more

    Prostitution is illegal
    Pimping is illegal.
    Maxwell was convicted of pimping

    Hearsay evidence is not admissible in trials depositions motions hearings or any other legal proceedings

    You claimed the witnesses in the Maxwell trial gave hearsay evidence. They did not. Their testimony was direct eyewitness testimony.

    Prostitution is not legal in the State of Nevada. It’s legal in one or two counties in Nevada.

    Before your next abysmally ignorant post, ask google about any statements you plan to make.

    Every statement you have made about the laws, the trial hearsay evidence is completely wrong. Because you are ignorant of the law the rules of evidence and the trial.

    You’re wrong and I’m right.

    If you want pimping and prostitution legalized; move to Washington DC register as a pimp lobbyist rent an office and attempt to convince Congress to legalize prostitution and pimping.

    Don’t proclaim your prostitution pimping yearnings on the internet. Contact your Congress critter.

    • Replies: @restless94110
    , @Mr Anatta
  334. Alden says:

    I know the facts of the case, and the laws; the Federal and State Penal codes and the rules of evidence

    You don’t know the facts, the law , the rules of evidence or anything about the case. You don’t even know the difference among direct evidence circumstantial evidence forensic evidence direct eyewitness testimony and hearsay evidence.
    Contrary to your ignorant claim, there was no hearsay evidence testimony in the Maxwell trial. Because hearsay evidence is inadmissible in trial.

    I know the facts, the law and the rules of evidence. You are ignorant of all of them.

    I won you lost.

    • LOL: restless94110
  335. @Alden

    Not interested in anything you say any longer. You just repeat yourself, like a hysterical coocoo.

    I’m right, you are wrong. End of story. Move on.

    • Agree: Mr Anatta
    • Replies: @Alden
    , @mulga mumblebrain
  336. Alden says:

    You are dead wrong about both the facts and the laws of the Maxwell case.

    Prostitution is illegal
    Pimping is illegal
    Hearsay evidence is not admissible.

    Maxwell was convicted on direct eyewitness evidence.

    You don’t even know correct legal terms to type into google to learn their meaning. That’s how ignorant you are.

    Whatever you believe about prostitution and pimping the laws are different.

    You are wrong and ignorant.

    • Troll: restless94110
    • Replies: @Alden
    , @mulga mumblebrain
  337. Alden says:

    That’s your only response restless94111


    • Disagree: restless94110
  338. @Alden

    Restless follows the Talmd, not mere goyish ‘law’. All those are not just permissible, but mitzvot. Quite devout is restless.

    • Troll: restless94110
  339. @restless94110

    ‘Coocoo’?? English not your mother tongue?

    • Replies: @restless94110
  340. @restless94110

    Brothel-keeping was a very profitable business for Jews in Eastern Europe, and elsewhere. Restless is nothing if not loyal to such traditions. Talmudic Jews, of which group I suspect he is a member, are avid visitors to the brothels in Israel. Sex trafficking shiksa is, for the likes of restless, almost a religious observance, hence his deranged rage at Maxwell’s conviction, and bitter and vicious misogynistic slandering of her victims.

    • Replies: @restless94110
    , @Alden
  341. Mr Anatta says:

    America isn’t a country you fool and how deluded you are to fall for the U.S exceptional crap of seperation.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Alden
  342. Mr Anatta says:

    Funny how you mention that the ex teenage whore farmer sisters only reported the brothel keeping in NYC but somehow mysteriously one of them didn’t bother reporting the ‘alleged’ forced detention of them in New Mexico on the way to Thailand,which is a real crime,unlike prostitution involving sexually mature people.

    Its hilarious how some will only believe what they want to believe.

    • Replies: @Alden
  343. @mulga mumblebrain

    Image result for Coo coo or cuckoo
    The English spelling is a cuckoo clock, although many opt for the more phonetic version of coo-coo clocks.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  344. @mulga mumblebrain

    Hey coo coo. It’s not about me. It’s not about brothels. It’s not about Eastern Europe. It’s not about traditions. It’s not about Talmudic Jews. It’s not about membership. It’s not about Israel. It’s not about shiksas. It’s not about religious observances. It’s not about rage, deranged or otherwise. It’s not about feelings. Try to focus on Maxwell.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
    , @Alden
  345. @restless94110

    You list ALL the things it IS about, but deny it, the oldest hasbara trick of all. . You are so full of shite that I can smell it from here.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  346. @restless94110

    Bullshit-or should I say ‘pilpul’. I have never seen even the most intellectually challenged write ‘coo-coo’ instead of cuckoo, but you are a new low in all things. .

    • Replies: @restless94110
  347. @mulga mumblebrain

    Try . To. Focus. Coo coo. It’s not about me. It’s about Maxwell. Try. To. Focus. Coo coo people call names in every comment, coo coo. Try. To. Focus. Think: Maxwell. Maxwell. Maxwell. I no longer am interested in you making things personal. It’s inappropriate and irrelevant. Moreover, it is coo coo. Try. To. Focus.

    • Agree: Mr Anatta
  348. Alden says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    The Bronfmans if E Europe migrated to Canada because of outstanding warrants and criminal charges. They continued their usual business, brothels. In those days medium and high brothels sold drinks cigars and snacks as well as sex to the customers. And encouraged them to hang about before and after. Instead of a quick in and out.

    Drinks and snacks are very cheap to make to sell and extremely profitable. That’s why American gas stations ended car repairs and now are combo gas stations convenience stores. The big profit is on 1 1/2 ounce packages potato chips sold for \$2.50. It was the gas companies forced the gas station franchisees to make the switch.

    Soon the Bronfmans were buying liquor wholesale for their brothels. And found liquor to be just as profitable but far less trouble than pimping and prostitution.

    Whatever the arguments for and against legalizing prostitution and pimping what Maxwell Epstein did were then and are now crimes in every state and territory in America.

    This hysteria about the age of consent in State A is 17 and 18 in State B. The lechers who rant about that obey all the nitpicking ordinances and laws. They don’t park their cars in no parking areas. They drive around the block to find a space where parking is permitted. They don’t smoke cigarettes in buildings. They go outside where smoking is permitted.
    But become hysterical about the age of consent.

    It’s especially unseemly when 60 year olds carry on about how they should be able to have sex with 14 year old prostitutes. . They want cheap easily available teen prostitutes because every teen girl they approach either screams and runs or laughs at them.

    Plus this insane defense of Maxwell Epstein. It was a major blackmail extortion money laundering financial crime operation.
    Epstein never made any money working in finance. He was fired for orchestrating a major financial fraud. Could not get another finance job because no one would hire him.

    After that he somehow acquired hundreds of millions . His NYC house was 77 million. Under age prostitution pimping and brothel keeping was just one of the crimes Maxwell Epstein committed.

    Everyone of the numerous Maxwell Epstein homes was a brothel. Brothel keeping Illegal in Paris London Little St James Island New York Ohio Florida and New Mexico.

    When restless94111 finally gave up the Jews brought in Mr. Annata. Probably spends much of his time in poverty stricken Eastern Europe kidnapping buying and selling pretty 11 year old shiksas and breaking them in.

  349. Alden says:

    Prostitution is a crime
    Pimping of adult prostitutes is a crime.
    The pimping of under age prostitutes is another and separate crime

    Maxwell was convicted of the crime of pimping prostitutes and under age prostitutes.

    You are claiming that prostitution and pimping should be legal. But those activities are crimes. If prostitution and pimping were legal in the United States there would not have been arrest trial and conviction for the crime of pimping.

    It’s not what you think about it . It’s what the law is. .

    • Replies: @restless94110
    , @Mr Anatta
  350. Alden says:
    @Mr Anatta

    The United States of America officially became a sovereign nation January 14 1784 Mr. Anatta.

    Pimping is a crime.
    Maxwell was convicted of pimping
    America has been a country and a sovereign nation since January 14 1784.

    That’s the truth. Deny those 3 facts all you wish. You are wrong You deny the most obvious truths. Your statement that America is not a country is ridiculous. And wrong wrong wrong like every comment you have made on this site.

  351. Alden says:
    @Mr Anatta

    Annie Farmer never got to Thailand. She was illegally detained in New Mexico. Have you never heard of google? It can help you get the names timelines and facts straight.

    It’s very obvious you were completely ignorant of the ongoing case. Then your boss transferred you to this site to defend Maxwell Epstein. You’re so ignorant you only know about the case from the comments.

    Did you even read the article you are commenting about? Are you so retarded you are unable to read? Read the article before you begin making your ignorant comments. “ America isn’t a country” you must be severely retarded and mentally ill.

  352. @Alden

    Prostitution is a crime

    Only in some areas of the world and only in some periods of history. So what?

    Pimping of adult prostitutes is a crime.

    No it isn’t.

    The pimping of under age prostitutes is another and separate crime

    No it isn’t. And underage is a fluid definition throughout the world and throughout time. Depends on where ya are and depends on when ya were living.

    Maxwell was convicted of the crime of pimping prostitutes and under age prostitutes.

    No she was not. You have been given the definition of a pimp in earier replies. She fits none of those criteria. Furthermore, pimping is not on the books in the US. As said before, you have not read carefully the charges she was convicted of. Try to read it again. Pimping is not a word in the charges. If it’s not in the charging documents, she wasn’t convicted of it. Try to focus. Try to keep up.

    You are claiming that prostitution and pimping should be legal.

    I have never claimed any sucha thing. You are just making shit up for no reason. It’s not about me, Karen, try to keep your focus on Maxwell.

    But those activities are crimes.

    Only in some parts of the world and at some times. If they happen to be called crimes now well that’s what they are called. Does that mean anything? No it really means nothing, Karen.

    If prostitution and pimping were legal in the United States there would not have been arrest trial and conviction for the crime of pimping.

    Since there was no pimping charge, you as usual make no sense at all. She was charged with bogus crimes, the trial was phony, it will be reversed in higher courts, there was a reasonable doubt on all of it, and the whole matter had little do to with Maxwell and was just a gigantic exercise in Stalinist show trials. Nonsense from start to finish.

    It’s not what you think about it . It’s what the law is. .

    What I think about it is what I think about it. Any pressure groups in America can get any law passed nowadays. Hiding behind “it’s what the law is” is obvious nonsense. The entire thrust of my comments is: the law is an ass.

    If the law is an ass, people lose respect for the rule of law. Then they stop caring about the law, Karen. You Karens think that if you have the “law” on your side then you can just hide behind it. But you have to go beyond that, Karen. I know you are unable to. at this point in time. But as time goes by, when fewer and fewer people give a shit what your “law” says about anything (already happening), you will come to regret your stupid posturing.

    The law has to be fair and enforceable, Karen. Mark my words.

    And this is it for this discussion. You’ve said your piece and it’s very clear what your piece is. I’ve said mine. I’ve clarified for you what I have and what I have not said.

    You are unable to grasp the subtle concepts of what I say? Who gives a shit?

    I’ll have no more to say until Maxwell’s appeals are ruled on..

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
    , @Alden
  353. @mulga mumblebrain

    So an article about Maxwell is not about Maxwell in your brain? Ok. I’ll write an article about plumbers and you will claim it is about whorehouses in Chili. Do crazy people like you ever get challenged by those who know you?

    Somebody at your workplace says they were late to work because the traffic light was broken at the corner of Main & First and you start telling them that they go to 20 dollar hookers on the poor side of town.

    With that kind of attitude, how could you have any friends? Do your relatives have restraining order against you? No one knows what you will get angry about next.

    The issue is Maxwell, boobie.That’s what it IS about, Karen. You have said your thing your theory. I’ve said mine We have a difference of opinion. I have a right to mine; and you, yours.

    Contrary to your claim, none of what you say is true or relevant to the subject of the article. It’s all about you, Karen. It’s always about you. Your life is all about Karen. You are so far gone that you don’t comprehend basic concepts of logic. You seem to be a different species of human, one so devoid of any logic that it is doubtful Western Civ will survive.

    With utterly hysterically crazy out of touch with any reality beings (not human) on the scene? There is little hope for Western civilization.. Be careful of what you wish for, Karen, you just might get it.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  354. @restless94110

    The hereditary Zionazi and procuress got a fair jury trial. I’m sure you would have preferred twelve Talmudic Rabbis or MOSSAD agents, or paedo apologist creeps like you, but, stiff cheese. So crawl back to your yeshiva Moshe, and throw your neck out head-bobhing and ululating.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  355. @restless94110

    Of course you are ANGRY, Moshe, because US law does not conform to Talmudic Judaic Law, where paedophilia and the abuse of shiksas is quite OK. Get back to your head-bobbing, before the Rabbi notices that you are missing-or have you all been recruited to hasbara duties?

    • Replies: @restless94110
  356. @Alden

    Maxwell was guilty of sex trafficking, which is a giant, Zionazi cottage industry, inside Israel (where Talmudists like restless are BIG customers)and around the world. No wonder the hasbara trolls have been mobilised to defend this HIGHLY LUCRATIVE business. In this case, of course, money may have changed hands for ‘specialties’ like twelve year old triplets ( a ‘birthday present’ to Epstein from Maxwell), but it was mostly a sexual blackmail operation of the type that Jewish Mafiosi have run in the USA at least since Meyer Lansky’s time. Who knows-restless may even be a disgruntled procurer itself, pissed that the gravy train has been stopped. For now.

    • Agree: Alden
  357. @mulga mumblebrain

    The issue is Maxwell, boobie.That’s what it IS about, Karen. You have said your thing your theory. I’ve said mine We have a difference of opinion. I have a right to mine; and you, yours.

    Contrary to your claim, none of what you say is true or relevant to the subject of the article. It’s all about you, Karen. It’s always about you. Your life is all about Karen. You are so far gone that you don’t comprehend basic concepts of logic. You seem to be a different species of human, one so devoid of any logic that it is doubtful Western Civ will survive.

    • Replies: @Alden
  358. @mulga mumblebrain

    And this is it for this discussion. You’ve said your piece and it’s very clear what your piece is. I’ve said mine. I’ve clarified for you what I have and what I have not said.

    You are unable to grasp the subtle concepts of what I say? Who gives a shit?

    I’ll have no more to say until Maxwell’s appeals are ruled on..

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  359. Alden says:

    Prostitution is a crime everywhere in the United States and it’s territories including Little St James Island Pimping is also a crime everywhere in the United States. Maxwell was convicted of pimping. A crime.

    You advocate de criminalization of prostitution and pimping. Until you succeed they are both crimes everywhere in the United States. And it really really doesn’t matter what you think about it. Especially as you’re an Israeli and can’t vote to legalize prostitution and pimping in America.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  360. Alden says:

    Your grasp of logic is non existent. You are so stupid actually retarded that you believe that just because you are a customer of pimps and prostitutes pimping prostituting and soliciting for prostitution should become legal.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  361. @Alden

    Your grasp of logic is non existent. You are so stupid actually retarded that you believe that just because you are a customer of pimps and prostitutes pimping prostituting and soliciting for prostitution should become legal.

    There is absolutely nothing about what you said that is true. I’ve never said any such things ever. Are you done yet, Karen? You just keep repeating nonsense over and over again. Don’t you ever get tired of lying?

    We are done here.

  362. @Alden

    The law has to be fair and enforceable, Karen. Mark my words.

    And this is it for this discussion. You’ve said your piece and it’s very clear what your piece is. I’ve said mine. I’ve clarified for you what I have and what I have not said.

    You are unable to grasp the subtle concepts of what I say? Who gives a shit?

    I’ll have no more to say until Maxwell’s appeals are ruled on..

    • Replies: @Alden
  363. Mr Anatta says:

    Notice the ‘of ‘America.

    As in the country that is the United states OF America……America being continent/s.

    So many Mexicans just laugh at you for your yanqui arrogance emrita.

    • Replies: @Alden
  364. Mr Anatta says:

    You are just immature with all your silly assumptions about me and also grossly lacking in life experience to understand me and all I can do is smile at you and the mumbling one, like a parent does to their child knowing that they have so much to learn about life.

    And where did i say farmer went to Thai??

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
  365. @restless94110

    As Foghorn Leghorn said, ‘You’re as subtle as a hand grenade in a barrel of oatmeal’. You are a vicious misogynist, paedophile apologist and probably some sort of hasbara troll ie a compleat shit.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  366. Alden says:
    @Mr Anatta

    Pimping is illegal.
    Maxwell was convicted of pimping.

    Your opinions about the law, the evidence and the jury verdict mean nothing.

    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
  367. Alden says:
    @Mr Anatta

    The United States of America is an older sovereign independent nation than Mexico. , And any other nation in all of the Americas. And many European sovereign nations.

    Mexico would be much much better off had it remained a colony of Spain. Mexicans laugh with joy when they manage to crawl under the fence and reach America instead of remaining in Mexico. Soon there will be more Mexicans in America than in Mexico

    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
  368. Alden says:

    After 30 years of pimping underage girls, including at least 3 12 year old French girls, the laws against pimping were finally enforced against Maxwell.

    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
    , @restless94110
  369. Mr Anatta says:

    Mexicans living in Mexico ARE living in America and its called North America where they share the same continent as the United States and Canada to the north.

    I know for a fact that many Mexicans resent the fact that so many Usians call their country America because they know for a fact that America isn’t a country (by very definition) ‘but i do understand’ that its not so easy calling yourself a United States ian but nevertheless America or American is used far too often,where instead U.S is correct and for example the owner of this site loses alot of respect from me for his constant reference to ‘America’ or ‘American’ where he should state U.S instead and its not me being anti Usaians because I really dont like ignorant Europeans who act the same way with their constant American this and America that.

    There is no point in you arguing because you must know that i am factually correct.

    • Replies: @Alden
  370. Mr Anatta says:

    You can keep droning on about the law until the Cows come home but it won’t change the fact that the law is an arse and you are a fully paid up member of an extremely corrupt U.S legal system run by spiritually dead fools out for number one and my opinion about the law means more than you could ever imagine.

  371. Mr Anatta says:

    Three 12 year old French girls.

    LOL…..if this was really true then they would be even more world famous names than Virginia is now and in for an even bigger pay day than Virginia but they remain unknown about because they very likely dont exist as a part of this saga.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  372. @Alden

    Focus, loca, focus. Maxwell was not charged with pimping.
    What she did with someone else you heard some hearsay about was not in the trail, therefore it means nothing except in your excitable, hysterical, feral mind.
    Nothing was finally enforced against Maxwell. All the phony stale-dated testimony related to 30 years ago, meaning Maxwell had done nothing to anyone for decades and probably did nothing even then.
    Focus, loca, focus. You can’t can you? Not able to understand basic concepts.
    Your made up mind has to be right or else.
    The mind of the lynch mob, modern day version.
    Hang ‘er high.
    Focus, loca, focus.

    These concepts protect you, too.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Alden
  373. @mulga mumblebrain

    Foghorn Leghorn never said anything like that.
    What exactly is a vicious one (misogynist)?
    What does compleat mean?
    Since the case had nothing at all to do with paedophilia, why would anyone least of all me apologise?
    Only Jews know what hasbara even is so stop pretending. I’m on to you.
    You should stop sleeping in the oatmeal barrel. Well, if it calms you down from whatever it is you are on (meth? xanax? viagra?), sleep in the oatmeal barrel. Do less overtime in their Tel Aviv office, little loca. Get more rest. You sound tired.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  374. Alden says:
    @Mr Anatta

    So Mexicans resent the the words United States if America. Boo boo. If you don’t clean up Mexico soon the entire country will be de populated because Mexicans have fled to the USA to make a living and escape common criminals and the criminal government.

    Now I understand why you’re commenting here. You aren’t defending Maxwell. You’re just using her guilty verdict to attack America in general.

    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
  375. Alden says:

    Pimping is illegal.
    Maxwell was charged with pimping.
    Maxwell was found guilty of pimping.

    And there’s nothing you can do about it. Your opinions do not matter.

    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
  376. Pimping is illegal.

    No it is not.

    Maxwell was charged with pimping.

    No she was not.

    Maxwell was found guilty of pimping.

    No she was not.

    And there’s nothing you can do about it. Your opinions do not matter.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  377. @restless94110

    Your vicious, mendacious and depraved defence of the procuress and villainous slander of her victims, goes beyond mere hasbara trolling and misogyny. I’m beginning to suspect that you may be in the same line of business.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @restless94110
  378. @Mr Anatta

    Standard hasbara tactic-deny the undeniable. VERY Talmudic, too.

    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
  379. @mulga mumblebrain

    I’m beginning to suspect that you are clinically insane.
    And? So what?
    You be you. Be nuttier than your grandma’s fruitcake (which you throw out the 2nd floor window onto the roof so that the birds can pick at it).
    In your sentence of shame the following is true:
    1. No one knows what is vicious about speaking the truth.;
    2. No one knows what is mendacious about speaking the truth;
    3. No one knows what is depraved about speaking the truth;
    4. No one knows what a procures is. The word does not exist in the English language. Give us the word in Hebrew? Or Swahili? or Chinese?
    5. As a Jew agent, could you explain what is hasbara trolling? Or perhaps you could just post a picture of yourself as the definition of a hasbara troll?
    6. Would you be able to say what is misogynist about the American system of justice? The system that has been working well for like 500 years? Explain why you want to dismantle it and what it is you want to replace it with.
    7. I’m beginning to suspect that you are stupider than I was originally beginning to suspect. You appear to not be able to think. At all.

    Answer all of the above and we’ll talk. If you can’t answer the above? You have proved very clearly that you are a sub-human moron.

    So, boobie? Which is it? Answer the questions? Or be tagged correctly as a sub-human moron,

    It is up to you. Time to come clean, loca. Focus. You can do it.

    • Agree: Mr Anatta
    • Replies: @Alden
  380. Mr Anatta says:

    If i am ‘only here’ to attack ‘USA’ in general why would i bother stating that i am staunchly anti U.K royalty like i did???.

    And the article above is about a court case that was held in USA and so dont you think it is probable that my comments would be about that place and trust me Kaz if a similar trial happened where I live I would also me highly critical of the corrupt to the core legal system here that I have first hand experience of!.

    Quit your wild assumptions about someone you have never met as it just shows your immaturity.

    And now after remembering after seeing that photo again of about 5 young woman on Epstein Island where they all look like sexually mature fully mammary gland endowed and happy go lucky young adults i am even more convinced that Maxwell has been wrongly imprisoned as per the laws of nature and remeber Kaz,the camera never lies,unlike the mouth of a former teen masseur/prostitute out for an easy \$\$\$ without the need to open her legs.

    Honestly you need to get out in the third world more and spend some time away from the tourist ghettos(where all the hubots end up to meet their own) ,where no one gives a hoot about a young woman of about 14-15 carrying her baby around…..and your country is highly developed.?…hahahahahahaha.

    • Replies: @Alden
  381. Mr Anatta says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Deny the undeniable?.

    What,you mean denying that group photo on Epstein island showing about five twelve year old non mammary gland endowed girls?.

    Heh heh heh heh.

    It can be so entertaining dealing with online pre-programmed hubots like Mulgey that take for granted what they are told by deeply sleeping idiots in grey wigs ,or not grey wigs as the case may be.

  382. Alden says:
    @Mr Anatta

    Pimping is illegal.
    Maxwell was convicted of pimping.

    And there’s nothing you can do about it.

    • Replies: @David In TN
    , @Mr Anatta
  383. @Alden


    As mentioned a few days ago, the sentencing hearing for Rashaun Weaver, the third suspect in the December 2019 Tessa Majors murder was held today, January 19.

    Weaver was sentenced to “14 years to Life,” which he had pleaded guilty to a few months ago. The reason the defendants pleaded without going to trial was the murder was captured on surveillance video.

    • Thanks: Alden
  384. Alden says:

    Not 500 years 256 years ago the legal system became American rather than British colonial you ignoramus .

    And 500 years ago both pimping and prostitution were illegal in England.

    Pimping is illegal
    Maxwell was convicted of pimping

    And there’s nothing you can do about it.

  385. Mr Anatta says:

    I didn’t say that there was anything I can do about it and I am just commenting here on how Maxwell was imprisoned against the natural world order,where adulthood always begins with sexual maturity and its why so many teenagers rebel, because its about time their highly ignorant to nature hubotic parents started treating them like adults, instead of children.

    • Replies: @Alden
  386. @Alden

    Not 500 years 256 years ago the legal system became American rather than British colonial you ignoramus .

    Hey sub-human moron. When I say American justice that included English Common Law. Reasoning things out is not in your abilities.

    Pimping is illegal
    Maxwell was convicted of pimping

    No crime of that name on the books, therefore Maxwell wasn’t convicted of something that doesn’t exist.

    And 500 years ago both pimping and prostitution were illegal in England.

    LOL, and that’s why there were no prostitutes back then? Sub-human morons want to Karen the behaviours of others. Yet there always will be pimps and prostitutes.

    And there’s notthing you can do about it,

  387. @Alden

    Just realized you were actually trying to address my question about American justice all 500 years of it.

    Karen, you seem to think I was talking about the law against prostitution. Nope.

    As a moron you could be understood to not understand that I was talking about statutes of limitations, innocent until proven guilty and other traditions that are being destroyed by crazed Karens who think they can prevent the common human behavior of females joyously selling sex for money. They think girls that had sex for money are “victims” because these Karens live their lives as constant victims.

    You didn’t address the question. Why do you want to replace our justice system and what do you want to replace it with?

    • Replies: @Alden
  388. Alden says:

    Pimping is illegal
    Maxwell was proven guilty of pimping

    Maxwell was presumed innocent all during the trial. Until the jury voted her guilty of pimping.

    That’s all.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  389. Alden says:
    @Mr Anatta

    The fact that you routinely have sex with child prostitutes as soon as they first menstruate age 11 or 12 does not make it legal in either the United States or Mexico. How does it work?

    The mothers sign the girls up with a pimp when they’re 10? And then watch like a hawk for their first menstruation? And 8 or 10 days later the 11 or 12 year old is delivered to you to use ?

    • Replies: @restless94110
  390. @Alden

    Maxwell was presumed innocent all during the trial. Until the jury voted her guilty of pimping.

    In sex cases, a large bunch of old women are permitted to give she said this she did this phony evidence from 30 years ago. This spits on the innocent until proven guilty. It attacks fundamental Americn and English Common law.

    Why do you want to take down our centuries-old system of justice, Karen? What do you want to replace it with and why?

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  391. @Alden

    What an imagination!!

    Not only do you have poor Mr. Anatta flying all over the world, you have mothers all over the world who get up every morning and–between making breakfast and getting the kids ready for school–they sign away their daughters to evil non-existent pimps!

    Wow, you should be in pictures! Horror pictures.

    It is almost entertaining to see such blatant hysterical insanity on display.

    One final question: are the girls shipped by UPS or FedEx “to use?” DHL?

    • Replies: @Alden
  392. A sex trafficking operation, working for decades, with hundreds of young girls recruited and moved about to service Epstine’s Jewish friends, and sundry goy stooges, or blackmail victims, and this slithering heap of hasbara chutzpah and faeces says it never happened. Greater hatred has no God Upon the Earth than for the shiksas.

  393. @restless94110

    Your type of hasbara troll inevitably gets more shrill and hate-crazed as it gets refuted , as the Evil and hatred simply cannot be contained. Are you for real, or are you some sort of Judeophobe trying to portray Judeofascists as pure Evil? Your procuress heroine is found GUILTY by a jury, and you rave that this refutes the presumption of innocence? You don’t mind going barking mad in public, or do you believe that ALL Jews, ALL the time are ‘innocent’ and NEVER guilty of ANYTHING?

    • Replies: @restless94110
    , @Mr Anatta
  394. @mulga mumblebrain

    You forgot to answer my questions, moron. You skipped that letter.You forgot to address the questions of your last name-calling comment and just repeat the same name-calling comments again. you are never guilty of any ability to be logical and able to reason. Stalin had a lot of people declared guilty, too. Does that mean anything? Yes. It means that you can indict a ham sandwich. Is that a good thing for a justice system?

    You know a lot about Jews for some reason. More than I care to know. These are just random observations about your curious form of what you might call (but no one else calls) thinking. I don’t have the slightest idea what you are saying except to note that it looks to be about 90% name calling and 10% of questionable half formed thought. No one can call it “reasoning.”

    You know what your uncle Saul said though. You should’ve never left the kibbutz. Your children are there. They need you. We don’t. So you’re being released to go back to tending to the children and the fields. And when Alden and her evil pimps show up to get you to sign away your eldest to a life of messaging rich men for money (the plane is waiting to taxi across the runway)? Be sure to take your 15% finder’s fee.

  395. Alden says:

    Mr. Anatta lives in a country where 11 year old girls are often sold by their parents to perverted rapists like him. You, being a pimp yourself has lots of customers like him.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  396. Alden says:

    When Maxwell was charged with pimping yes she was presumed innocent until proven guilty. Presumed innocent. Not actually innocent in reality. Presumed innocent.

    And then after more than a year of preliminary hearings and the trial and testimony from many witnesses the trial jury found Maxwell guilty of pimping.

    Check the definition of presumed. You see a person opening the door of a car and driving away. You presume the driver owns the car. But maybe the driver just borrowed the car. You’re such a moron you don’t even know what presume or presumption means

    For instance; because of your immoral and obscene sexual desires for 12 year old girls I “ presume” you are a man.

    It’s just a presumption. But you could be a perverted and especially nasty lesbian woman.

    Your hero Maxwell was convicted of pimping and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  397. Alden says:
    @Mr Anatta

    Your comments reveal that much of your experience has consisted of sex with underage girls. And babies you’re proud of fathering but don’t support. 14 15 year old girls carrying your babies they bore at 13 or 14. Set up a harem for them and support them and your babies.

  398. @Alden

    Your problem is you believe tabloid magazines.

    But let’s look closely at what you are saying. So that you might finally come to actually think for once in your life, we will use an analogy.

    Analogy (nothing about this is true in any form): It is 1820. I run a plantation. I go to the market and I buy a slave. What happens next? I just spent money. I want to keep that investment healthy and productive. I’m not buying the slave for a few hours. That slave is treasured and nurtured. Just like any other member of my plantation–animal or human.

    In the paragraph above:
    1. change 1820 to 2020
    2. change plantation to household.
    3. add sex before all the slave words in the paragraph.

    In other words, Karen, if poor Mr. Anatta actually did buy a slave? She’d have a real good life. Which is no doubt why her parents sold her.

    So you are screaming about something that no one cares about as if you think it is shocking or something. Here’s what you must do. Move to whatever that country is and go to every household in that country shaming the citizens of that country for being less moral than you are. House to house, Karen.

    Come on, girl, do your part to end the customs and practices of another people!!! Drop everything. This is your true calling.

    Let us all know if you ever come back. Busybody Karens like you don’t get a very warm reception, but you do what you are compelled to do.

    I am sure that most of what I am saying via analogy has gone right over your head. You don’t understand anything at all unless it’s a 1st world issue and of concern to middle aged cat ladies.

    But it was worth a shot.

    • Agree: Mr Anatta
    • Replies: @Alden
  399. Alden says:

    Pimping is illegal in the United States.
    Maxwell was convicted of pimping.

    Whether you like it or not. The law is the law

    • Replies: @restless94110
  400. Mr Anatta says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Jesus Mary mother of Christ Mulgy you are so obsessed about all things Jewish that i am starting to wonder if you are one of those self hating Jews and if you are projecting here about previous sexual crimes against children?.

    Sore back perhaps?.

    Fffffffffffucking freezing here by the way Mulgy and i wish that global warming would hurry up.

    • LOL: restless94110
  401. @Alden

    Where is the word “pimping” in the law? Give me the Penal Code Number. Thanks.

    Oh and this just in. The law is an ass.

    • Replies: @Alden
  402. Alden says:

    It’s in the Penal Code of every American state and territory. It’s the law. You, a pimp don’t like the law because you make your living as a pimp. But it is the law.

  403. @Alden

    In other words, you admit I am correct. I didn’t ask you about the penal code in every state or territory. Maxwell was charged under Federal Statute.

    Since you can’t find a Federal Penal Code with the word pimping in it, my next question would have been: name the Penal Codes of the 2 charges she was convicted of (the 3 conspiracy charges are bullshit and just doubling up on the 3 real charges, 1 of which she was acquitted on).

    1. Name the Federal Penal Code that has the word pimping in it.
    2. Name the two Federal Penal Codes of the charges she was convicted of.

    In other words, Karen, if you say “it is the law,” what is the specific law?

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  404. Alden says:

    18 USC section 2422

  405. @Alden

    Thought I would share with you this new information that just came in:

    Conrad Black got it right in his column: “Four anonymous witnesses, after a silence of many years, encouraged by the prosecutors, who authorized substantial amounts of money for them from the Epstein Defense Fund if they would testify and advised them that if they did testify, they could get more from that fund.” Talk about enticement by eager prosecutors to make their names, as opposed to supposedly blind justice.


    Ditto for Prince Braindead. That Giuffre woman is on record bragging to a friend how she slept with him in London. After twenty years she now claims she was forced to do it and wants money.

    This is EXACTLY what I thought it was. Shame on you, you moron.

    • Thanks: Mr Anatta
    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  406. Elsa G. says:

    “There are pedophiles in Ukraine’s high offices,” said President Yushchenko”

    ”In early October 2009, supporters of ‘the frontrunner’ in the Ukraine elections, ex-premier Viktor Yanukovich, alleged that members of Prime Minster Yulia Tymoshenko’s competing party were implicated in a child abuse case at a kids’ summer camp in Crimea.”


    ”Yalta in the Crimea is where Hillary and Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, David Petraeus, Mario Monti, Shimon Peres and others met in September 2013.

    Coincidentally, this was just before the Azov-Film child porn bust took place in Toronto. ”



    ”According to Silvija Germek:”

    ”1. The Russian Israeli mafia is run by Jews from Russia, the Ukraine and Lithuania.”

    ”Their bases include Russia and parts of the former Soviet Empire such as the Ukraine, Kosovo, Moldova, Ossetia and Poland.”

    ”2. Reportedly the Russian Israeli mafia is involved in the child sex trade, including snuff films.”

    ”3. Toronto is a major global child porn and child sex slavery hub. ”

    ”4. Toronto has always been known as ‘Disneyland for pedophiles’. ”

    ”Reportedly, child abusers occupy many positions within Toronto’s police, political system and academia.”

    ”5. The author James Kincaid, who spoke recently in Toronto, has adorned his books with the photography of Sally Mann. ”

    ”In some of her photos, “the doll-like dreamy facial expressions of her children are reminiscent of programmed mind control.”

    ”Azov Films, based in Toronto, sold ‘child porn’ films to customers worldwide.”

    ”Azov Films ‘was closed down in 2011’.

    As a child, Vladik appeared in the ‘naturist’ or ‘soft-porn’ films produced by Azov-Films.

    Azov-Films reportedly produced child porn.

    Azov-Films’ headquarters was in Toronto Canada, but its films were made in Crimea, Russia and Romania, by people including Igor Rusanov.


    Brian Way and his mother Sandra Waslov, of Staford VA USA, were the owners of and

    ‘Way was jailed in 2011.

    ‘Sandra Waslov, who is reportedly Jewish, remained at large.’

    On 14 November 2013, Police in Canada announced that 348 people had been arrested and nearly 400 children rescued during their three-year investigation into Azov-Films and child pornography.

    Police in Canada say 348 people have been arrested and nearly 400 children rescued

    “Rusanov … turned much of his ‘business’ into sex-tourism for wealthy vip-pedophiles.”

    ”Could Azov-Films have been used by a certain security service to blackmail top people?”

    Azov-Films sold DVDs and streamed videos of naked children.

    Azov Films said its films were “naturist” and legal in Canada and the US.

    The films were sold in 94 countries.

    In Canada 108 arrests were made, with another 76 in the US and 164 in other countries during the investigation codenamed Project Spade.

    Doctors, school teachers, foster carers and priests are among those detained.

    Police in Canada say 348 people have been arrested and nearly 400 children rescued

    Among the countries involved in the investigation were Australia, Spain, Mexico, South Africa, Norway, Greece and the Republic of Ireland.

    “Officers located hundreds of thousands of images and videos detailing horrific sexual acts against very young children – some of the worst they have ever viewed.”

    According to the police, a pre-school teacher has pleaded guilty to producing child pornography while teaching in Japan.

    Vladik from the Crimea.

    Vladik Shibanov was killed in a car ‘accident’ on October 20, 2009.

    As a child, Vladik appeared in the ‘naturist’ or ‘soft-porn’ films produced by Azov-Films.

    Azov-Films’ headquarters were in Toronto Canada, but its films were made in Crimea, Russia and Romania.

    Новости — Азов-Фильмз или “куда смотрит Астахов” Translate this page

    Azov films

    “Vladik was sexually abused by the maker of the Azov films Zverozub aka Igor Rusanov.”

    “Vladik actually did appear in 2 short porno movies when he turned 18 produced by Rusanov.

    “The founder of Azov films was starting a hardcore adult gay site featuring Vladik and other former Azov stars.”

    Igor Rusanov has been associate professor of tourism at Tauric National University in the Ukraine.

    Rusanov headed the “Scout” movement of the Crimea.

    “Rusanov … turned much of his ‘business’ into sex-tourism for wealthy vip-pedophiles.”

    Новости — Азов-Фильмз или “куда смотрит Астахов” Translate this page

    On 3 August 2011, it was reported that Rusanov had been arrested,

    Crimean university lecturer delivered boys sex tourists and rented porn

    “Ukrainian police arrested a teacher from Simferopol, who for at least five years had been filming and selling porn involving Crimean boys.

    “The educator is suspected of organizing sex tours to the Crimea, during which pedophiles from abroad were provided with children…

    “Some time ago Rusanov became involved in an international criminal business to create porn for gay pedophiles…

    “Many of the victims were members of the Scout Movement or summer camps organized by Rusanov…

    “In fairness, we note that most of the video filmed by Igor Rusanov is Naturism…

    September 2009 the delegation of the Royal College of Defence Studies in Simferopol, Crimea. Igor Rusanov is from Simferopol

    “In October 2009, Vladik Shibanov died in a car near Alushta, which left a lot of questions from investigators…

    “Vlad appeared in two short porn films…

    “According to some reports, the FBI is actively interested in Rusanov…

    “Azov Films had 20 different language versions…”

    Igor Rusanov, from the Ukraine, made most of the ‘child porn’ for Azov-Films.

    After university, Rusanov was in the Soviet military studying “covert command and control, secrecy and encrypted communication.

    “He graduated with honors and had the highest form of access to state secrets.”

    Igor Rusanov.

    In other words, Rusanov was most likely a spy.

    Rusanov spent some time in the Soviet Union.

    In 1991, the Ukraine became independent.

    Sandra Waslov, from Stafford, in Virginia in the USA, was listed as Vice President of 4p5p Inc., the Canadian corporation that owned Azov-Films, FKA, and

    According to researcher Silvija Germek, Stafford, in Virginia, is the location of one of the busiest airports for the CIA.

    Sandra Waslov is the mother of Brian Way, AKA Steve, the joint owner of the Azov Films firm.

    On September 3, 2012, the U.S. Embassy Office of Defense Cooperation conducted a ribbon cutting ceremony at school #14 in downtown Simferopol, Crimea. The school was recently renovated under a Humanitarian Assistance Program of the U.S. European Command.

    The photographer whom Way used in the Crimea region of the Ukraine was Igor Rusanov, AKA Zverozub., from Simferopol.

    Several of the boys Rusanov filmed for Azov have testified in court that Rusanov had sex with them.

    Allegedly Azov Films may have links to the ‘Russian Israeli mafia’ which allegedly has links to the CIA and its friends.

  407. Mr Anatta says:

    Anyone that understands how the corrupt U.S justice system/U.S prison industrial complex works already knows about the ‘extremely high likelihood of truth’ of what is alleged in that first paragraph that you presented.

    If needed i will only be responding to you now here restless because I am completely done with dumb and dumber,aka Karen and mulga no brain.

    And as to that second paragraph,that smile of Virginia’s in that very famous pic taken in London tells us all we need to know about how she most definitely wasn’t forced in to doing anything.

    And glad to come across another like you,who’s eyes aren’t wide shut.

    • Thanks: restless94110
  408. @restless94110

    Conrad Black, ANOTHER Zionazi and sayan-are you joking Moshe? You take the goyim for eejits, don’t you. Maxwell is MOSSAD royalty, working with Epstine on a MOSSAd sexual blackmail operation, so every loathsome hasbara bug has been mobilised to lie and slander. You are one of the vilest of the lot, with a rank misogyny of particular virulence.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  409. @restless94110

    One is pretty used to hasbara invertebrates like you making excuses for Israeli mass child-murder in Gaza, and the torture and killing of children in the West Bank, so the sight of a centipede like you making apologias for paedophilia, sex trafficking and MOSSAD sexual blackmailing, and vilifying the victims, does not surprise. Evil scum doing Evil things is par for your course.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  410. @mulga mumblebrain

    More from Conrad Black:

    But the legal status of women of the age of consent, who voluntarily returned, were never victims of physical coercion and remained silent for over a decade until incentivized from the Epstein Defense Fund being used by prosecutors as a slush fund to convict Ms. Maxwell to generate larger payments out of the same fund, would be unfair to Ghislaine Maxwell and to the legitimate heirs of Epstein’s estate.

    As I’ve written before here and elsewhere, the United States has five percent of the world’s population and 25 percent of its incarcerated people, and an average of nine times as many incarcerated people per capita as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and the UK.

    In federal indictments the conviction rate is approximately 98 percent, 95 percent without a trial, because the chances of a successful defense are so minimal, chiefly because of the prosecutors’ ability to manipulate the plea bargain system to suborn or extort evidence that is immunized from charges of perjury.

    The fallacy of ad hominem, moron, is that calling the person making the argument names DOES NOT make their argument false.

    Meaning that it doesn’t matter what names you call Conrad, your Uncle Saul, or the leader of your kibbutz. The only relevant question is: is what they say true.

    That would apply to me or to anyone to whom you call a name. It doesn’t matter at all, moron. Only if what is said is true. If you have something to argue about what is being said, argue it. Otherwise, STFU. Tend to the fields and the children.

    • Agree: Mr Anatta
    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
  411. @mulga mumblebrain

    The issue is: there is no such a thing as pimping in Federal law. If you can refute that, then do so. Otherwise, who cares what names you call? This is just another example of females unable to reason.

    Oh, and one other thing: there was no paedophilia in the Epstein matter. as Wikipedia states:

    Ephebophilia is the primary sexual interest in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19.[1] The term was originally used in the late 19th to mid-20th century.[1]

    ,,,to refer to the sexual preference for mid-to-late adolescents, hebephilia to refer to the sexual preference for earlier pubescent individuals, and pedophilia to refer to the primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children.[1][2]

    Again, you’re flapping your gums, squawking like a demented cockatoo on meth. Always wrong, unable to think straight or at all. Best you leave the thinking to others, MM.

    • Agree: Mr Anatta
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
    , @Alden
  412. Mr Anatta says:

    Mulgy can only respond hysterically with wild finger pointing because Mulgy can’t argue back against blatant truth when the nitty gritty is starting to be exposed.

    For sure Mr Black must have a pretty good understanding of the really nasty U.S justice system/U.S prison industrial complex that Maxwell has become a victim of and its good to know some are exposing it for what it really is.

    • Agree: restless94110
  413. @restless94110

    Again with the apologies for paedophilia and sex trafficking. You are a very good Zionazi, restless. A parody, really, of its Talmudic roots.

  414. Again with the apologies for paedophilia and sex trafficking. You are a very good Zionazi, restless. A parody, really, of its Talmudic roots.

    Again with no apologies for spewing complete fantasy (your twin fetishes of paedofilia and sex trafficking). You are a very good hasbara troll, Mumbleeatenbrain; A parody really of its (your pronouns must be it and it’s it, the San Francisco Treat!) Balsamic (vinegar) roots.

    There. Fixed it for ya.

    You know I was thinking of you a few hours ago. I was going to compare you to the Mummy: it takes a while but eventually the ancient mummy re-animates and comes out to terrorize us all.

    Perhaps your office in Tel Aviv has changed their hours? Of maybe you really are the mummy. Whatever it is that you are: zombie, mummy, your grandma’s fruitcake. It doesn’t matter. You post your little heart out. It’s so entertaining to see a Karen self-destruct.

    • Replies: @Alden
  415. @The Real World

    It’s all over the place. I’ve uncovered a huge psyop within the murder mystery community.

  416. Alden says:

    18 USC section 2422

    You’re so ignorant you don’t even know what USC is.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  417. Alden says:

    Why are you displaying your ignorance of USC? Why are you ranting and raving your arguments and comments on this site instead of arguing with the judge and jury that convicted Maxwell?

    We commenters had nothing to do with the entire Maxwell Epstein saga. Why bother us with your ignorance? We get it. You and MR Anat prefer 10 to 14 year old prostitutes provided by your local pimp. You’ll grudgingly accept a 15 to 17 year old . Anyone over 18, no way.

    Your physical specifications reject normal female bodies. Maximum height 5 ft. maximum weight, 85 pounds. Bra sizes 30 AA narrow small hips. Only fair skin and blonde to medium brown accepted. Big eyes regular features small pretty nose tapering jaw only. On a scale of 1 to 10, the prettiness evaluation must be 8 .

    Dream on you dirty old men restless and ananatti It took Maxwell Epstein tens of millions of dollars private planes private helicopters even their own submarine!! 5 mansions valued at a minimum almost half a billion, plus the backing and help of the Israel government.

    So dream on you dirty old men. All you can do is look at your 10-14 porn models while fantasizing you’re a client of Maxwell Epstein

    • Replies: @restless94110
  418. @Alden

    Why are you displaying your ignorance of USC?

    What is USC?

    Why are you ranting and raving your arguments and comments on this site instead of arguing with the judge and jury that convicted Maxwell?

    No one is ranting and raving about anything, Karen. And…..why would I argue with a judge somewhere? And least of all a jury? What would I argue with them about? Karen? Are you so out of touch with reality? Yes, you are.

    We commenters had nothing to do with the entire Maxwell Epstein saga.

    So, why do you keep commenting if you don’t care?

    . Why bother us with your ignorance?

    Obviously for the same reason you bother us with yours, little Karen.

    We get it. You and MR Anat prefer 10 to 14 year old prostitutes provided by your local pimp.

    You get “it?” Someone has a different very rational opinion than you and you get that they prefer 14 year old prostitutes? Oh. and more? Our local pimp provides them to us? And this is because we have a different opinion than you? Who is our local pimp Karen? Your father? You seem to think that accusing those who disagree with you of “preferring” 14 year old prostitutes is a great rebuttal. Why, Karen? Why do you talk about 14 year old prostitutes all day and all night? No one else does. Except you. And who pray tell is our local pimp? Is it your mom? I mean we certainly don’t have the slightest idea what you are on about. You seem to think that throwing “scare words” like pimp is supposed to end the dialog.

    It doesn’t, you filthy pig. Hang your head in shame, you hussy

    You’ll grudgingly accept a 15 to 17 year old . Anyone over 18, no way.

    Are you seriously claiming to know my dating preferences? And how would you ascertain them? Are you stalking my apartment? What are you fucking talking about, whore? Why would you impugn someone you do not know? Solely because they disagree with you.

    Your physical specifications reject normal female bodies.

    My physical specifications????? You claim to know what my physical specifications are for…..what? Again, how would you know anything like that, whore of Satan Alden. The answer is simple: you just made up your nasty nonsense. What kind of person would make shit up like that?

    Then you go into this utterly deluded description of your dream girl. No normal human being chooses their partners/mates in that way. You appear to have your tape measure out so that you can check out potential candidates. I know of no one who does such a thing. But you do such a thing.

    Dream on you dirty old men restless and ananatti

    What are we dreaming on about? Dreaming on implies that we are somehow frustrated about something. Instead the ranting of a lunatic (you) causes us no frustration at all.

    It took Maxwell Epstein tens of millions of dollars private planes private helicopters even their own submarine!! 5 mansions valued at a minimum almost half a billion, plus the backing and help of the Israel government.

    So the Maxwell trial was about 3 charges, one of which she was acquitted of. None of what you wrote was in her trial and none of it is proven or is relevant to anything. I recommend you get in the Epstein submarine and dive baby dive and never come back to surface ever.

    So dream on you dirty old men. All you can do is look at your 10-14 porn models while fantasizing you’re a client of Maxwell Epstein

    Again, what are we supposed to be dreaming on about? Why would all we could do would be to look at the porn models on your computer? Why would that be of interest or would that make any point about anything to you or us or anyone? Why would we fantasize we are clients of a woman who knew Epstein 30 years ago and was living quietly in New England in her old age? What would be the point of wanting to be a client of someone who is sitting quietly in some obscure mansion in the middle of nowhere?

    So you see how insanely stupid you are? You will say anything about anything Karen Alden. Is it that you are childless and alone now in your 40s? What is the genesis that you fantasize endlessly about 14 year old prostitutes that have nothing at all to do with the Maxwell trial?

    Your Tourette’s Syndrome comments are so bizarre, I felt a need to respond. It’s the nuttiest screed I’ve read in many a year.

    But to summarize my reaction to the entirety of your comment: What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

    No one and I mean no one knows.

    • Agree: Mr Anatta
  419. @Alden

    Hmm, I see that the statute states that someone (Maxwell) “persuaded” some girl to be a prostitute. But that can never be proven. As I stated before, it’s obvious that any prostitution was done by the girl with the rich man in a private room. Maxwell had nothing to do with it.

    Thus the statute is meaningless, since it does not apply to this case.

    And a bunch of old ladies claiming that 30 years ago something different happened does not mean something different happened. It just means that the old bags who were young decades ago now want some money and are willing to say anything about anybody in order to get their payday.

    Where is the taped audio of Maxwell saying: I. Want.. You. Girl. To. Be. A. Prostitute?

    The only thing they had was some old crones said something happened. That was the trial.

    That proves the Statute, Karen? In what universe?

    It proves nothing. This was a show trial and justice was not served.

    And that statute is still not pimping!

    • Agree: Mr Anatta
  420. Anon[401] • Disclaimer says:
    @Emerging Majority

    Blinken was raised by none other than Samuel Pisar. Robert Maxwell‘s consiligere. This means Blinken and Ghislaine know each other well.

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