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How an Israeli Spy-Linked Tech Firm Gained Access to the US Gov’t’s Most Classified Networks
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Graphic by Claudio Cabrera

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Through its main investors, SoftBank and Lockheed Martin, Cybereason not only has ties to the Trump administration but has its software running on some of the U.S. government’s most classified and secretive networks.

If the networks of the U.S. military, the U.S. intelligence community and a slew of other U.S. federal agencies were running the software of a company with deep ties, not only to foreign companies with a history of espionage against the U.S. but also foreign military intelligence, it would — at the very least — garner substantial media attention. Yet, no media reports to date have noted that such a scenario exists on a massive scale and that the company making such software recently simulated the cancellation of the 2020 election and the declaration of martial law in the United States.

Earlier this month, MintPress News reported on the simulations for the U.S. 2020 election organized by the company Cybereason, a firm led by former members of Israel’s military intelligence Unit 8200 and advised by former top and current officials in both Israeli military intelligence and the CIA. Those simulations, attended by federal officials from the FBI, DHS and the U.S. Secret Service, ended in disaster, with the elections ultimately canceled and martial law declared due to the chaos created by a group of hackers led by Cybereason employees.

The first installment of this three part series delved deeply into Cybereason’s ties to the intelligence community of Israel and also other agencies, including the CIA, as well as the fact that Cybereason stood to gain little financially from the simulations given that their software could not have prevented the attacks waged against the U.S.’ electoral infrastructure in the exercise.

Also noted was the fact that Cybereason software could be potentially used as a backdoor by unauthorized actors, a possibility strengthened by the fact that the company’s co-founders all previously worked for firms that have a history of placing backdoors into U.S. telecommunications and electronic infrastructure as well as aggressive espionage targeting U.S. federal agencies.

The latter issue is crucial in the context of this installment of this exclusive MintPress series, as Cybereason’s main investors turned partners have integrated Cybereason’s software into their product offerings. This means that the clients of these Cybereason partner companies, the U.S. intelligence community and military among them, are now part of Cybereason’s network of more than 6 million endpoints that this private company constantly monitors using a combination of staff comprised largely of former intelligence operatives and an AI algorithm first developed by Israeli military intelligence.

Cybereason, thus far, has disclosed the following groups as lead investors in the company: Charles River Ventures (CRV), Spark Capital, Lockheed Martin and SoftBank. Charles River Ventures (CRV) was among the first to invest in Cybereason and has been frequently investing in other Israeli tech start-ups that were founded by former members of the elite Israeli military intelligence Unit 8200 over the last few years. Spark Capital, based in California, appears to have followed CRV’s interest in Cybereason since the venture capitalist who co-founded Spark and led its investment in Cybereason is a former CRV partner who still has close ties to the firm.

While CRV and Spark Capital seem like just the type of investors a company like Cybereason would attract given their clear interest in similar tech start-ups coming out of Israel’s cyber sector, Cybereason’s other lead investors — Lockheed Martin and SoftBank — deserve much more attention and scrutiny.

Cybereason widely used by US Government, thanks to Lockheed

“A match made in heaven,” trumpeted Forbes at the news of the Lockheed Martin-Cybereason partnership, first forged in 2015. The partnership involved not only Lockheed Martin becoming a major investor in the cybersecurity company but also in Lockheed Martin becoming the largest conduit providing Cybereason’s software to U.S. federal and military agencies.

Indeed, as Forbes noted at the time, not only did Lockheed invest in the company, it decided to integrate Cybereason’s software completely into its product portfolio, resulting in a “model of both using Cybereason internally, and selling it to both public and private customers.”

Cybereason CEO and former offensive hacker for Israeli military intelligence — Lior Div — said the following of the partnership:

Lockheed Martin invested in Cybereason’s protection system after they compared our solution against a dozen others from the top industry players. The US firm was so impressed with the results they got from Cybereason that they began offering it to their own customers – among them most of the top Fortune 100 companies, and the US federal government. Cybereason is now the security system recommended by LM to its customers for protection from a wide (sic) malware and hack attacks.”

Rich Mahler, then-director of Commercial Cyber Services at Lockheed Martin, told Defense Daily that the company’s decision to invest in Cybereason, internally use its software, and include the technology as part of Lockheed Martin’s cyber solutions portfolio were all “independent business decisions but were all coordinated and timed with the transaction.”

How independent each of those decisions actually was is unclear, especially given the timing of Lockheed Martin’s investment in Cybereason, whose close and troubling ties to Israeli intelligence as well as the CIA were noted in the previous installment of this investigative series. Indeed, about a year prior to their investment in the Israeli military intelligence-linked Cybereason, Lockheed Martin opened an office in Beersheba, Israel, where the IDF has its “cyberhub”. The office is focused not on the sales of armaments, but instead on technology.

Marilyn Hewson, Lockheed Martin’s CEO, said the following during her speech that inaugurated the company’s Beersheba office:

The consolidation of IDF Technical Units to new bases in the Negev Desert region is an important transformation of Israel’s information technology capability…We understand the challenges of this move. Which is why we are investing in the facilities and people that will ensure we are prepared to support for these critical projects. By locating our new office in the capital of the Negev we are well positioned to work closely with our Israeli partners and stand ready to: accelerate project execution, reduce program risk and share our technical expertise by training and developing in-country talent.”

Beersheba not only houses the IDF’s technology campus, but also the Israel National Cyber Directorate, which reports directly to Israel’s Prime Minister, as well as a high-tech corporate park that mostly houses tech companies with ties to Israel’s military intelligence apparatus. The area has been cited in several media reports as a visible indicator of the public-private merger between Israeli technology companies, many of them started by Unit 8200 alumni, and the Israeli government and its intelligence services. Lockheed Martin quickly became a key fixture in the Beersheba-based cyberhub.

Not long before Lockheed began exploring the possibility of opening an office in Beersheba, the company was hacked by individuals who used tokens tied to the company, RSA Security, whose founders have ties to Israel’s defense establishment and which is now owned by Dell, a company also deeply tied to the Israeli government and tech sector. The hack, perpetrated by still unknown actors, may have sparked Lockheed’s subsequent interest in Israel’s cybersecurity sector.

Soon after opening its Beersheba office, Lockheed Martin created its Israel subsidiary, Lockheed Martin Israel. Unlike many of the company’s other subsidiaries, this one is focused exclusively on “cybersecurity, enterprise information technology, data centers, mobile, analytics and cloud” as opposed to the manufacture and design of armaments.

Marillyn Hewson, center, poses with Israeli gov. officials at the opening of Lockheed Martin’s facility in Beersheba. Photo | Diego Mittleberg
Marillyn Hewson, center, poses with Israeli gov. officials at the opening of Lockheed Martin’s facility in Beersheba. Photo | Diego Mittleberg

Haden Land, then-vice president of research and technology for Lockheed Martin, told the Wall Street Journal that the creation of the subsidiary was largely aimed at securing contracts with the IDF and that the company’s Israel subsidiary would soon be seeking partnership and investments in pursuit of that end. Land oversaw the local roll-out of the company’s Israel subsidiary while concurrently meeting with Israeli government officials. According to the Journal, Land “oversees all of Lockheed Martin’s information-systems businesses, including defense and civilian commercial units” for the United States and elsewhere.

Just a few months later, Lockheed Martin partnered and invested in Cybereason, suggesting that Lockheed’s decision to do so was aimed at securing closer ties with the IDF. This further suggests that Cybereason still maintains close ties to Israeli military intelligence, a point expounded upon in great detail in the previous installment of this series.

Thus, it appears that not only does Lockheed Martin use Cybereason’s software on its own devices and on those it manages for its private and public sector clients, but it also decided to use the company’s software in this way out of a desire to more closely collaborate with the Israeli military in matters related to technology and cybersecurity.

The cozy ties between Lockheed Martin, one of the U.S. government’s largest private contractors, and the IDF set off alarm bells, then and now, for those concerned with U.S. national security. Such concern makes it important to look at the extent of Cybereason’s use by federal and military agencies in the United States through their contracting of Lockheed Martin’s Information Technology (IT) division. This is especially important considering Israeli military intelligence’s history of using espionage, blackmail and private tech companies against the U.S. government, as detailed here.

While the exact number of U.S. federal and military agencies using Cybereason’s software is unknown, it is widespread, with Lockheed Martin’s IT division as the conduit. Indeed, Lockheed Martin was the number one IT solutions provider to the U.S. federal government up until its IT division was spun off and merged with Leidos Holdings. As a consequence, Leidos is now the largest IT provider to the U.S. government and is also directly partnered with Cybereason in the same way Lockheed Martin was. Even after its IT division was spun off, Lockheed Martin continues to use Cybereason’s software in its cybersecurity work for the Pentagon and still maintains a stake in the company.

The Leidos-Lockheed Martin IT hybrid provides a litany of services to the U.S. military and U.S. intelligence. As investigative journalist Tim Shorrock noted for The Nation, the company does “everything from analyzing signals for the NSA to tracking down suspected enemy fighters for US Special Forces in the Middle East and Africa” and, following its merger with Lockheed and consequential partnership with Cybereason, became “the largest of five corporations that together employ nearly 80 percent of the private-sector employees contracted to work for US spy and surveillance agencies.” Shorrock also notes that these private-sector contractors now dominate the mammoth U.S. surveillance apparatus, many of them working for Leidos and — by extension — using Cybereason’s software.

Leidos’ exclusive use of Cybereason software for cybersecurity is also relevant for the U.S. military since Leidos runs a number of sensitive systems for the Pentagon, including its recently inked contract to manage the entire military telecommunications infrastructure for Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). In addition to maintaining the military telecom network, Cybereason is also directly partnered with World Wide Technologies (WWT) as of this past October. WWT manages cybersecurity for the U.S. Army, maintains DISA’s firewalls and data storage as well as the U.S. Air Force’s biometric identification system. WWT also manages contracts for NASA, itself a frequent target of Israeli government espionage, and the U.S. Navy. WWT’s partnership is similar to the Lockheed/Leidos partnership in that Cybereason’s software is now completely integrated into its portfolio, giving the company full access to the devices on all of these highly classified networks.

Many of these new partnerships with Cybereason, including its partnership with WWT, followed claims made by members of Israel’s Unit 8200 in 2017 that the popular antivirus software of Kaspersky Labs contained a backdoor for Russian intelligence, thereby compromising U.S. systems. The Wall Street Journal was the first to report on the alleged backdoor but did not mention the involvement of Unit 8200 in identifying it, a fact revealed by the New York Times a week later.

Notably, none of the evidence Unit 8200 used to blame Kaspersky has been made public and Kaspersky noted that it was actually Israeli hackers that had been discovered planting backdoors into its platform prior to the accusation levied against Kaspersky by Unit 8200. As the New York Times noted:

Investigators later discovered that the Israeli hackers had implanted multiple back doors into Kaspersky’s systems, employing sophisticated tools to steal passwords, take screenshots, and vacuum up emails and documents.”

Unit 8200’s claims ultimately led the U.S. government to abandon Kaspersky’s products entirely in 2018, allowing companies like Cybereason (with its own close ties to Unit 8200) to fill the void. Indeed, the very agencies that banned Kaspersky now use cybersecurity software that employs Cybereason’s EDR system. No flags have been raised about Cybereason’s own collaboration with the very foreign intelligence service that first pointed the finger at Kaspersky and that previously sold software with backdoors to sensitive U.S. facilities.

SoftBank, Cybereason and the Vision Fund

While its entry into the U.S. market and U.S. government networks is substantial, Cybereason’s software is also run throughout the world on a massive scale through partnerships that have seen it enter into Latin American and European markets in major ways in just the last few months. It has also seen its software become prominent in Asia following a partnership with the company Trustwave. Much of this rapid expansion followed a major injection of cash courtesy of one of the company’s biggest clients and now its largest investor, Japan’s SoftBank.

SoftBank first invested in Cybereason in 2015, the same year Lockheed Martin initially invested and partnered with the firm. It was also the year that SoftBank announced its intention to invest in Israeli tech start-ups. SoftBank first injected \$50 million into Cybereason, followed by an additional \$100 million in 2017 and \$200 million last August. SoftBank’s investments account for most of the money raised by the company since it was founded in 2012 (\$350 million out of \$400 million total).

Cybereason CEO Lior Div speaks at a SoftBank event in Japan, July 21, 2017. Photo | Cybereason
Cybereason CEO Lior Div speaks at a SoftBank event in Japan, July 21, 2017. Photo | Cybereason

Prior to investing, Softbank was a client of Cybereason, which Ken Miyauchi, president of SoftBank, noted when making the following statement after Softbank’s initial investment in Cybereason:

SoftBank works to obtain cutting edge technology and outstanding business models to lead the Information Revolution. Our deployment of the Cybereason platform internally gave us firsthand knowledge of the value it provides, and led to our decision to invest. I’m confident Cybereason and SoftBank’s new product offering will bring a new level of security to Japanese organizations.”

SoftBank — one of Japan’s largest telecommunications companies — not only began to deploy Cybereason internally but directly partnered with it after investing, much like Lockheed Martin had done around the same time. This partnership resulted in SoftBank and Cybereason creating a joint venture in Japan and Cybereason creating partnerships with other tech companies acquired by SoftBank, including the U.K.’s Arm, which specializes in making chips and management platforms for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

SoftBank’s interest in Cybereason is significant, particularly in light of Cybereason’s interest in the 2020 U.S. election, given that SoftBank has significant ties to key allies of President Trump and even the president himself.

Indeed, SoftBank’s Masayoshi Son was among the first wave of international business leaders who sought to woo then-president-elect Trump soon after the 2016 election. Son first visited Trump Tower in December 2016 and announced, with Trump by his side in the building’s lobby, that SoftBank would invest \$50 billion in the U.S. and create 50,000 jobs. Trump subsequently claimed on Twitter that Son had only decided to make this investment because Trump had won the election.

Son told reporters at the time that the investment would come from a \$100 billion fund that would be created in partnership with Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund as well as other investors. “I just came to celebrate his new job. I said, ‘This is great. The US will become great again,’” Son said, according to reports.

Then, in March of 2017, Son sent top SoftBank executives to meet with senior members of Trump’s economic team and, according to the New York Times, “the SoftBank executives said that because of a lack of advanced digital investments, the competitiveness of the United States economy was at risk. And the executives made the case, quite strongly, that Mr. Son was committed to playing a major role in addressing this issue through a spate of job-creating investments.” Many of SoftBank’s investments and acquisitions in the U.S. since then have focused mainly on artificial intelligence and technology with military applications, such as “killer robot” firm Boston Dynamics, suggesting Son’s interest lies more in dominating futuristic military-industrial technologies than creating jobs for the average American.

After their initial meeting, Trump and Son met again a year later in June 2018, with Trump stating that “His [Son’s] \$50 billion turned out to be \$72 billion so far, he’s not finished yet.” Several media reports have claimed that Son’s moves since Trump’s election have sought to “curry favor” with the President.

Through the creation of this fund alongside the Saudis, SoftBank has since become increasingly intertwined with Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman (MBS), a key ally of President Trump in the Middle East known for his authoritarian crackdowns on Saudi elites and dissidents alike. The ties between Saudi Arabia and SoftBank became ever tighter when MBS took the reins in the oil kingdom and after SoftBank announced the launch of the Vision Fund in 2016. SoftBank’s Vision Fund is a vehicle for investing in hi-tech companies and start-ups and its largest shareholder is the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia. Notably, Son decided to launch the Vision Fund in Riyadh during President Trump’s first official visit to the Gulf Kingdom.

Masayoshi Son, left, signs a deal related to the Vision Fund with Bin Salman in March 2018. Photo | SPA
Masayoshi Son, left, signs a deal related to the Vision Fund with Bin Salman in March 2018. Photo | SPA

In addition, the Mubadala Investment Company, a government fund of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), gave \$15 billion to the Vision Fund. UAE leadership also share close ties to the Trump administration and MBS in Saudi Arabia.

As a consequence, SoftBank’s Vision Fund is majority funded by two Middle Eastern authoritarian governments with close ties to the U.S. government, specifically the Trump administration. In addition, both countries have enjoyed the rapid growth and normalization of ties with the state of Israel in recent years, particularly following the rise of current Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman and Jared Kushner’s rise to prominence in his father-in-law’s administration. Other investments in the Vision Fund have come from Apple, Qualcomm and Oracle’s Larry Ellison, all tech companies with strong ties to Israel’s government.

The Saudi and Emirati governments’ links to the Vision Fund are so obvious that even mainstream outlets like the New York Times have described them as a “front for Saudi Arabia and perhaps other countries in the Middle East.”

SoftBank also enjoys close ties to Jared Kushner, with Fortress Investment Group lending \$57 million to Kushner Companies in October 2017 while it was under contract to be acquired by SoftBank. As Barron’s noted at the time:

When SoftBank Group bought Fortress Investment Group last year, the Japanese company was buying access to a corps of seasoned investors. What SoftBank also got is a financial tie to the family of President Donald Trump’s senior advisor and son-in-law, Jared Kushner.”

According to The Real Deal, Kushner Companies obtained the financing from Fortress only after its attempts to obtain funding through the EB-5 visa program for a specific real estate venture were abandoned after the U.S. Attorney and the Securities and Exchange Commission began to investigate how Kushner Companies used the EB-5 investor visa program. A key factor in the opening of that investigation was Kushner Companies’ representatives touting Jared Kushner’s position at the White House when talking to prospective investors and lenders.

SoftBank also recently came to the aid of a friend of Jared Kushner, former CEO of WeWork Adam Neumann. Neumann made shocking claims about his ties to both Kushner and Saudi Arabia’s MBS, even asserting that he had worked with both in creating Kushner’s long-awaited and controversial Middle East “peace plan” and claimed that he, Kushner and MBS would together “save the world.” Neumann previously called Kushner his “mentor.” MBS has also discussed on several occasions his close ties with Kushner and U.S. media reports have noted the frequent correspondence between the two “princelings.”

Notably, SoftBank invested in Neumann’s WeWork using money from the Saudi-dominated Vision Fund and later went on to essentially bail the company out after its IPO collapse and Neumann was pushed out. SoftBank’s founder, Masayoshi Son, had an odd yet very close relationship with Neumann, perhaps explaining why Neumann was allowed to walk with \$1.7 billion after bringing WeWork to the brink of collapse. Notably, nearly half of SoftBank’s approximately \$47 billion investments in the U.S. economy since Trump’s election, went to acquiring and then bailing out WeWork. It is unlikely that such a disastrous investment resulted in the level of job creation that Son had promised Trump in 2016.

Given that it is Cybereason’s top investor and shareholder by a large margin, SoftBank’s ties to the Trump administration and key allies of that administration are significant in light of Cybereason’s odd interest in 2020 U.S. election scenarios that end with the cancellation of this year’s upcoming presidential election. It goes without saying that the cancellation of the election would mean a continuation of the Trump administration until new elections would take place.

Furthermore, with Cybereason’s close and enduring ties to Israeli military intelligence now well-documented, it is worth asking if Israeli military intelligence would consider intervening in 2020 if the still-to-be-decided Democratic contender was strongly opposed to Israeli government policy, particularly Israel’s military occupation of Palestine. This is especially worth considering given revelations that sexual blackmailer and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who targeted prominent U.S. politicians, mostly Democrats, was in the employ of Israeli military intelligence.

Notably, Cybereason’s doomsday election scenarios involved the weaponization of deep fakes, self-driving cars and the hacking Internet of Things devices, with all of those technologies being pioneered and perfected — not by Russia, China or Iran — but by companies directly tied to Israeli intelligence, much like Cybereason itself. These companies, their technology and Cybereason’s own work creating the narrative that U.S. rival states seek to undermine the U.S. election in this way, will all be discussed in the conclusion of MintPress’ series on Cybereason and its outsized interest in the U.S. democratic process.

(Republished from Mint Press News by permission of author or representative)
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  1. In the great hysteria that was manufactured at the close of the 20th Century — the Y2K freak show — the US government, our utility companies and their infrastructure, and countless other entities in and out of government — engaged the services of programmers from everywhere to deal with this ‘problem’ that was going to kill us all.

    Among those involved in a lot of that programming — involving sensitive and highly classified government and other computer installations — were many ‘programmers’ from israel. I remember thinking at the time that this was their golden opportunity to back door all sorts of time bombs into our strategic systems … and I cannot believe that they didn’t (once again) shove it up our ass.

    It’s who they are … it’s what they do … the parasite that will USe their host to a point just shy of our destruction … only so that they can keep on sticking it to US.

  2. @Anthony Aaron

    I cingratulate you on your imagination but can you not extend it to imagine what would have happened by now if Israelis had inserted malware in the systems they were meant to fix. At least half a dozen books with some plausible though fantasised relayion to reality and several TV or video productions. And if there have not been such phenomena might it not be because some pretty smart software people (maybe Israelis) had been empliyed to find the malware and back the prosection of the perpetrators – who settled for plea bargains?

  3. gotmituns says:

    the hell with the Israelis…

  4. beware of geeks bearing grift.

    • LOL: AnonStarter
  5. GMC says:

    Great article – The last paragraph says it all – “Notably, Cybereason’s doomsday election scenarios involved the weaponization of deep fakes, self-driving cars and the hacking Internet of Things devices, with all of those technologies being pioneered and perfected — not by Russia, China or Iran — but by companies directly tied to Israeli intelligence, much like Cybereason itself. These companies, their technology and Cybereason’s own work creating the narrative that U.S. rival states seek to undermine the U.S. election in this way, will all be discussed in the conclusion of MintPress’ series on Cybereason and its outsized interest in the U.S. democratic process. ” They can hack into Airplanes, Radar systems, Communication systems, Defense systems – as the probably did – recently in Iran. No airplane, train, nuclear power plant, missile silo, electric grid, Dam, and other high tech mechanisms are safe from these psychos .

  6. Parfois1 says:

    It’s amazing what is going on under the surface and the extent and depth of the incestuous relationship between the US and Israel to the point where Usrael is the proper description of this depraved cohabitation.

    The US had lost its innocence long ago, perhaps in the 1860s, or when it developed the forked tongue, but now it is definitively in bed with Satan in hell and the offspring is this monstrous abortion we see today roaming the world and trampling on everything that makes a human being moral superior to an amoeba.

    And the Usraelis keep on bleating: “It’s the Bolsheviks”, or “the Russians”, or the “Islamic Terrorists” and the ones pointing a finger at the little excrescence from Sodom and Gomorrah do nothing but wail their impotence. Maybe a real holocaust might purify the Earth from such pestilence.

    • Replies: @sally
  7. Crazy Horse says: • Website
    @Anthony Aaron

    You were right. They hijacked both FAA and NORADs networks on 9/11 and made sure that they couldn’t respond to the attack.

    They’re already inside the Department of Hebrew Security. That scenario Whitney is writing about is probably their plan if the publics’ opposition to fighting Israel’s wars mores to critical mass.

    • Agree: Alden, the grand wazoo
  8. AZ says:

    USA is a vassal state of Israel. When trump says AMERICA FIRST means ISRAEL FIRST !!!

  9. Jewish Power treats white people like Palestinians in the West Bank. Palestinians have water cut off to them. Whites have financial services cut off to them.
    We all gotta bail out the banks, but banks can discriminate against us. And of course, the state shuts down BDS.

    Welcome to White Nakba.

    • Agree: Based Inquisitor
  10. Anonymous[363] • Disclaimer says:

    These articles are very sobering. It just seems to be a race to who takes control of the 1984 state.

  11.”Computer scientists say they have strong evidence [2016] election was rigged “:
    “Wisconsin , Michigan and Pennsylvania were potentially manipulated according to prominent computer scientists …” and they were not manipulated by Russian hackers . Whitney Webb’s article gives support to the contention that Israeli tech firms could have manipulated computer systems to throw the 2016 election to Trump . See : “Russiagate becomes Israelgate ” By Philip Giraldi
    for other ways Israel colluded with the Trump campaign .

  12. This means that the clients of these Cybereason partner companies, the U.S. intelligence community and military among them, are now part of Cybereason’s network of more than 6 million endpoints that this private company constantly monitors using a combination of staff comprised largely of former intelligence operatives and an AI algorithm first developed by Israeli military intelligence.

    There’s that magical number again.

  13. Truth3 says:

    More treachery.

    Documenting their crimes will one day help to render justice. Keep it up.

  14. Israel has control of the ZUS government and every one of the 17 so called intelligence agencies and so have had access to everything the ZUS government has, read the book By Way of Deception by Victor Ostrovsky and the book Blood in the Water by Joan Mellen, America is an Israeli colony, and the main thing is the zionists own the FED their ATM machine.

    Books can be had on

  15. Can anyone name even 3 benefits to “partnering” with Izrail?

    Shouldn’t Canada be our Most Important Ally?

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  16. Derer says:

    The American federal civil service is infested with disloyal people – pro-Israel fanatics – to the level that hiring Christian Americans need affirmative action in order to restore the 50’s balance. The arrogance of sending Ed Snowden to gallows while covering-up “friendly” spies crimes says a lot. Trump son in law is in conflict of interest in the ME affairs.

    • Replies: @Alden
  17. kikz says:

    IR has had their arms up to the shoulder in our telecoms systems since at least the early 90’s.

  18. Anon[200] • Disclaimer says:

    This much has been clear since Trump’s first visit out of the country as POTUS:

    Netanyahu is the real POTUS, Trump and Pence run a puppet regime.

    CIA is a division of Mossad, the head of CIA reports to the head of Mossad.

    All the talk of draining the swamp is just campaign fodder. Trump and Pence *are* the swamp.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  19. Che Guava says:

    The Softbank part (in part) is eye-opening for me. I know that it is not really a Japanese company, but run by a Korean.

    I had no idea that they have so much investment in bad things.

    Lokheed-Martin, of course I would expect it.

    It makes me think;What, if any, is Softbank’s inyestment in Sth. Knrea?

    As with Sony, many years ago, one of the big tebh.companies is now run by Jews.

  20. @Anon

    Agree, and MI6 controls both the Mossad and the CIA and MI6 is controlled by the Rothschilds.

  21. Omegabooks [AKA "Anon"] says:

    Uh….Noahide’s coming?

    You’re up, ZioShills…behead me, I dare you. Watch out for mountain lions. And bears, too.

  22. Not long before Lockheed began exploring the possibility of opening an office in Beersheba, the company was hacked by individuals who used tokens tied to the company, RSA Security, whose founders have ties to Israel’s defense establishment and which is now owned by Dell, a company also deeply tied to the Israeli government and tech sector. The hack, perpetrated by still unknown actors, may have sparked Lockheed’s subsequent interest in Israel’s cybersecurity sector.

    And there you have it. Hack someone and then offer them protection against your own hack. Classic mafia tactics from the criminal terror state of Israel.

    All this bugging and hacking of America’s government and infrastructure seems to be aimed, in part, at preventing a purge of Jews from America. They don’t want to suffer the same fate they did in the USSR, where they took over the country, gutted it, killed (or at least thought they did) all of their intellectual competition, but in the end, lost control and were purged by Stalin. These people are the descendants of those same Bolsheviks, and they have long memories. My guess is that all this cyber espionage is aimed mainly at two things: facilitating false-flag terror attacks and assassinations, and surveilling powerbrokers to prevent another purge.

  23. bjondo says:

    add from tru news: Israeli spies run drills:


  24. Alden says:

    I’ve always believed that’s why affirmative action laws were passed.

    The ostensible reason was an alternative to welfare make work program for first blacks, then other non Whites.

    The actual reason was to bypass the existing selection process to hire only hard left ant American anti White activists.

    Main requirement for most non tech federal jobs is “ 2 years applicable experience”

    Applicable experience being active in the college communist, socialist gay lesbian tranny black Hispanic Asian environmental animal rights whatever radical clubs. Then a couple years in Tides Soros MacArthur Woods and other radical foundation front groups.

  25. We can read and talk all day about what’s supposedly happening versus what should be happening. The bottom line is this nation of ours is owned and operated by ORGANIZED CRIME. How else can any reasonable person explain zero arrests on 911. The day when our President was reading children’s books to 5 year old’s, and our military, with our famous NORAD computers, we were told were hacked, and that same day a dozen war games were in action leaving our air defenses naked over the east coast. In any real nation military commanders would be arrested, court martialed and executed. But in the USA. They all got promoted, the media refused to discuss the matter, and now they’re setting us up for martial law in 2020. Remember folks these masonic Satanists always tip their hand by giving a narrative of what’s about to happen. It eases their conscience and it gives them an: “I told you so moment”.
    So, remember I told you so.

  26. @Anthony Aaron

    I remeber saying to any one who would listen thet the entire Y2K fiasco was total bullshit, and we, the public swallowed it. Imagine? Who the hell programed computers that could not recognize that the number 2000 follow2s 1999. An amazing amount of tax money went somewhere to some people. My 1980’s Commador worked just fine.

  27. sally says:

    This is how I see. it.

    The forked tongue is in the constitution itself.. <= instituted in 1789, the constitution cut the governed people in America off from their own government, it made the governed into spectators and it made the governed unwitting contributors to the wishes of those few elected puppets that so faithfully serve the mobsters ( corporations, banksters, and privateers).

    Article I of the Articles of Confederation says the Stile of this Confederacy shall be “the United States of America.” It lasted (1776-1789); John Hanson was the first of 8 Presidents of the United States of America before George Washington. It was the Articles of confederation Government that defeated the British and led America out of British Colonial Imperialism. But that first The United States of America, government was regime changed, in 1789.. and the British and French Mobsters were once again in control of America.


    America’s first post British colonial democratic government was regime changed 1789 into a Republic and called the United States of America.. It allowed the masses to vote on members of the house, but the governed people in America were not allowed to vote on who would be the Senators of the President of the Vice President.

    Those in control of the USA set things in motion to force Americans into world world I.
    The year was 1913 and two amendments were ratified and two laws were passed that forced those governed by the USA to pay in taxes the money the war effort in Europe needed to defeat Germany and to deprive the Ottoman of their oil.

    Taxation was amended. The original version of Article I section 9, paragraph 4, read =No Capitation or other direct, taxes shall be laid, unless in Proportion to the Census or Enumeration herein before directed to be taken<=until it was amended in 1913. The 16th amendment amended the No capitation or other direct taxes rule to say "The Congress shall have the power to lay and collect axes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration”. <=those 17th amendment words sound like the words of angry people. < == such angry words were necessary if the constitution was going to become the Shepard that herded Americans into world war I and allowed those in control of the USA to support the Mobsters in their war in Europe.

    Selection of Senators changed from state legislatures to man in the street. because the man in the street’s vote could be engineered as needed by the technology of propaganda. . Article I, Section 3, paragraph one :.. two Senators from each State, chosen by the Legislature thereof was changed by the 17th amendment (1913) to read: …two Senators from each State, elected by the people thereof.

    even today,

    Article II says the people (the governed) are not entitled to vote for the President or the Vice president. Never amended Article II, says in many words, that the electoral college, not the people, elect both the President and the Vice President. <= voters do not believe their vote for President and VP does not count.

    The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 privatized the public monopoly government had on money to private bankers.

    The Income Tax Act of 1913 allowed the USA to guarantee repayment on all loans the Private Banker Cartel ( Federal Reserve) might loan to the mobster controlled nations in Europe, inching to get into WWI beginning in 1913. So effectively governed Americans were forced by operation of their own Constitution to pay the full cost of WWI.

    But it is not what is going on between the USA and Israel, its how the administration has used the power, might and resources of those two nations to force other nations to bow down. Still its not Israel, its not really the puppets in charge of the nation states that answer to the mobsters.. its the hidden, unseen mobsters. Many puppets operate out of either the USA or Israel but they have a significant presence everywhere.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  28. @Sick of Orcs

    Wouldn’t Switzerland be better?
    Less war-mongering than Canada.

  29. @Anthony Aaron

    I’m pretty sure US software professionals were also hired all over the world to prevent the impending fictitious mayhem called Y2K. Not just Israelis. All kinds of people went to all kinds of other countries to “prevent Y2K disasters”, and it was probably one big international trojan-code party. Software professionals raked in a lot of money.

  30. Hmmm, the most technologically advanced country in the world, the country that brought us Apple, Microsoft, and others, can’t seem to find a tech security firm, or for those that love government largesse, a tech unit within government, to keep our most critical agencies safe and hack/trapdoor free??????!!!!

    I call major BShite, outright revolution at the outset would never work here, at least not a few decades ago, but if you gain control of the tech system and govt systems, there is nothing that we will be able to do when the official takeover happens. We have so many traitors to our country, be vigilant and try to do something in your own sphere.

  31. The ZUS is infested with zionists and they control every facet of the ZUS government and have the American people fighting wars of destruction for Israel in the middle east.

  32. Danvil says:

    Maybe the company should be called, “CyberTreason” in honor of the fifth column
    traitors-dual-citizens in America.

  33. bjondo says:

    So proud of herself.

    Don’t she and her ilk understand
    they are traitors and belong in
    special Guantanamo cages
    hanging upside down like bats …


    While hanging, they can show us how to live off bugs.
    Big bugs eating smaller bugs.

    To elaborate #31, the highest of high tech
    countries needs a shitty, thief, beggar country
    to provide software, hardware, ideas???

    Israel provides what it has stolen.

    I can understand going to Israel for
    meanness, cruelty, coldblooded killing, evil.

    Not for science, technology, security.


  34. Hibernian says:

    The Articles of Confederation were established in 1781. From 1776 to 1781 we were governed by the Continental Congress.

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