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Former Spy Details Israel’s Main Motive Behind Epstein’s Sexual Blackmail Operation
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MintPress speaks with Ari Ben-Menashe, a former Israeli spy who worked closely with Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, as part of their work with Israeli military intelligence and had frequent encounters with Jeffrey Epstein.

MONTREAL — In recent weeks, renewed attention has been brought to the allegations that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking and sexual blackmail operation was run on behalf of Israeli military intelligence. Those claims revolve around statements made by a former Israeli military intelligence official turned public relations consultant Ari Ben-Menashe, whose allegations regarding the Epstein scandal were reported by MintPress this past October.

Ben-Menashe’s claims related to Epstein first surfaced in an interview between Ben-Menashe and Zev Shalev of the independent news outlet, Narativ. As detailed in a MintPress summary and commentary of that interview, Ben-Menashe claimed to have seen Jeffrey Epstein in the office of Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, several times in the 1980s.

At the time, Ben-Menashe was in close contact with Robert Maxwell regarding their mutual work with Israeli military intelligence. Maxwell, in addition to heading a media empire and being a one-time member of U.K. parliament, was a longtime operative for Israeli intelligence, so much so that his 1991 funeral was attended by no less than six serving and former heads of Israeli intelligence as well as several high-ranking Israeli politicians and prime ministers.

Maxwell is alleged to have recruited Jeffrey Epstein for Israeli intelligence and later introduced Epstein to Ben-Menashe and another operative, Nicholas Davies. Epstein was introduced to Ben-Menashe as having been pre-approved by leading figures in Israel’s military intelligence directorate, known as Aman.

MintPress recently conducted its own interview with Mr. Ben-Menashe as part of an ongoing investigation on the life and connections of the now-infamous Jeffrey Epstein.

Part of that interview is provided below with relevant commentary, particularly regarding claims related to the relationship between Epstein and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Epstein’s trip to Tel Aviv immediately prior to his first arrest, and the reasons for Israeli military intelligence’s interest in orchestrating and financing a major sexual blackmail operation targeting top U.S. politicians.

“Israel Requested that Epstein Target Clinton”

MintPress News first asked Ben-Menashe about Robert Maxwell, a known asset and operative for Israeli intelligence, having recruited Jeffrey Epstein. Ben-Menashe confirmed this to MintPress and also noted that, after their initial meeting, Epstein was frequently present in Maxwell’s office in London.

During the 1980s, as MintPress previously reported, Epstein claimed to have been an intelligence operative and so-called “bounty hunter” in the world of shadow finance. During this time, he was known to have developed close relationships with several British arms dealers, particularly Sir Douglas Leese. Thus, Epstein appeared to frequently be traveling between the Middle East and London, which is also supported by Epstein’s now-infamous Austrian passport which he was believed to have carried during this period of time.

Ben-Menashe told MintPress that he had not only met Epstein after Epstein had been recently recruited by Israeli military intelligence, but had seen him on several occasions thereafter as Epstein “used to be in [Robert Maxwell’s] office [in London] quite often” and would arrive there between trips to and from Israel.

In addition, Ben-Menashe revealed his understanding of why Epstein was eventually shepherded into acting as a professional sexual blackmailer on behalf of Israeli military intelligence. Per Ben-Menashe, there were concerns among Israeli intelligence figures that, following the Reagan Era, a new president would push for Israel to make peace with the Palestinians, something those officials sought to avoid by any means necessary.

ABM | Here’s the thing… Mr. Carter… as in President Carter… the Israelis feared that Mr. Clinton, when he was campaigning for President, will be a repeat of Mr. Carter. He wanted to press them for peace with the Palestinians and all that stuff. They feared… Clinton wasn’t that… but they feared he was that… And I think Mr. Epstein was sent early on to catch up with President Clinton.

MintPress News (MPN) | Well, that’s interesting because the first year Clinton was in office, Epstein was already attending donor dinners at the White House and making White House visits as well.

ABM | Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. I believe his biggest client was Mr. Clinton catch, or catch, or whatever, and he had a few other congressmen and what not but Clinton was, was his biggest catch.

Thus, Ben-Menashe argues, when Bill Clinton’s candidacy in the 1992 U.S. Presidential election became clear, efforts were made to target him via sexual blackmail and Jeffrey Epstein was chosen for that purpose. Bill Clinton was eventually blackmailed by the state of Israel and his administration was also targeted by Israeli espionage as part of the “Mega” spy scandal. Epstein’s involvement in the Clinton administration and his visits to the White House date back to Clinton’s first year in office. More information on the Epstein-Clinton relationship can be found in this MintPress report.

In addition, MintPress also asked Ben-Menashe if he was aware of Ghislaine Maxwell being directly involved with her father’s intelligence-related activities prior to his death in 1991. Ben-Menashe noted that Ghislaine accompanied her father so frequently, including on a now-infamous 1989 party on Maxwell’s yacht where Donald Trump and several key figures in the PROMIS software scandal were in attendance, that she was involved in his intelligence-related activities to some extent. However, he stopped short of saying how involved she was or what she has specifically been involved in prior to her father’s death.

When did Epstein really meet Ehud Barak?

One of the more controversial ties between Epstein and powerful politicians is that between Epstein and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Barak has claimed to have only met Epstein in 2002 and, from that point on, their relationship was very public, with Barak frequently visiting and even spending the night at residences owned by Epstein, including apartments where he housed the underage girls that he exploited. Barak also visited Epstein’s now-infamous island and recruited him to help fund the Israeli intelligence-connected company, Carbyne911.

However, there appear to be indications that Epstein and Barak may have met much earlier than Barak has since claimed. Given that Ben-Menashe claimed to have learned of Epstein’s recruitment by Israeli military intelligence in the 1980s, MintPress asked if one of the people involved in his recruitment was Ehud Barak. Barak served as head of Israel’s military intelligence directorate, Aman, from April 1983 to January 1986.

Ben-Menashe could not recall the exact year when he first became aware of Epstein’s recruitment by Israeli military intelligence but stated that it was “most likely” during Ehud Barak’s tenure as the head of Aman. Yet, even if Epstein’s recruitment did not take place while Barak headed Aman, it is highly likely — per Ben-Menashe — that Epstein had met Barak during this time because “Robert Maxwell became buddies with Ehud Barak…and he [Robert Maxwell] probably introduced them, the young man [Epstein] to Mr. Barak” if the two were not already acquainted.

Since the Epstein scandal broke, Ehud Barak has insisted that he did not meet Epstein until the year 2002 and claimed that the two had been introduced by former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres. Ben-Menashe dismissed the possibility that this claim was true, emphatically stating that he was “sure they had met before” and that he did not believe that their first meeting was in 2002.

Epstein’s 2008 Trip to Tel Aviv

Just a few months before he was sentenced to prison for the first time in June 2008, Jeffrey Epstein had made a sudden visit to the Israeli capital of Tel Aviv. In April of that year, the Palm Beach Daily News reported that Epstein was staying at the Tel Aviv Hilton and quoted an Epstein spokesman as saying that he was “spending Passover, meeting with Israeli research scientists, and taking a tour of military bases.”

Sometime prior to Epstein’s sentencing on June 30 of that year, Alexander Acosta –then-U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida– signed off on a lenient sentence for Epstein who was charged with soliciting sex from a minor. That legal arrangement has since been nicknamed the “sweetheart deal.” Acosta later told Trump transition officials prior to his nomination for Secretary of Labor that his decision to approve the “sweetheart deal” came after he had been told to back off in the Epstein case because Epstein “belonged to intelligence.”

Though Acosta did not specify from whom he had received this information, former CIA agent Phil Giraldi has made a convincing case that they originated from Epstein’s then-lawyer Alan Dershowitz, a close associate of Epstein with ties to high-ranking Israeli politicians, and Barry Krischer, then-Florida State Attorney for Palm Beach who recently received an award from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for his “outstanding contribution to the legal profession and to the community at large.”

As detailed in a previous MintPress report on Epstein’s ties to Israel published this past August, the ADL’s long-time top funders have close ties to Epstein and his sexual blackmail network, particularly the Bronfman family of Seagrams fame.

Ben-Menashe told MintPress that Epstein’s 2008 Tel Aviv visit was likely “blowing smoke” and involved Epstein “trying to make himself important maybe not to get arrested” and “hoping that the Israelis would help him.” He then added that “At the time they probably did” help Epstein, but added that “the second time around [i.e. 2019], well…it would be a harder sell.”

Feature photo | A graphic shows Ari Ben-Menashe, left, and Jeffery Epstein, right. Credit | Claudio Cabrera

(Republished from Mint Press News by permission of author or representative)
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  1. JimDandy says:

    I eagerly await the hasbara hilarity parade.

  2. Now why would a former Israeli spook spill the beans on his own agency? Aren’t these people sworn to secrecy or wouldn’t they be at risk of prosecution or worse for saying that stuff? What are his motivations? This might be disinformation.

  3. Miro23 says:

    This a story just keeps running. It’s so obvious that the FBI won’t do their job – Prince Andrew is sending her emails and they still can’t find her??

    An explosive new report has asserted that deceased sex criminal Jeffery Epstein and his alleged ‘madame’ Ghislaine Maxwell were foreign intelligence ‘assets’, and that she is currently hiding in a safehouse in Israel.

  4. The 4 stages of Jeffrey Epstein awareness

  5. Al Liguori says: • Website

    Would a “former” Israeli spy tell the truth? Would he really “moser” another Jew?

    See: the deadly code of silence, mesirah • moser

    (((They))) weave a tangled web.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  6. Why? To induce a feeling of helplessness, and to shepherd the mind from seeking radical solutions like 1492.

  7. @The seventh shape

    This might be disinformation

    Almost infinitely more likely is that MintPress News has been conned by some schlemiel doing a ‘I iz totally a ex-MOSSAD‘ LARP as part of a typical ‘after the fact’ grift.

    There are always people like that – they hawk themselves around every time something interesting happens, especially in situations where fact-checking is hard. If it comes off they can get a few months’ worth of free meals, and maybe a few grand in cash.

    The rush to get ‘scoops’ is no different now, than it has ever been: arguably timelines for fact-checking are even more truncated and incentives are tilted in an even worse way.

    Let’s say some guy with crinkly hair and a Heeb accent shows up and seems to know what he’s talking about.

    Whichever media outlet takes notice, has to take a pointed bet – but it’s pointed in favour of running it before the facts are in, not the other way around.

    There’s little or no downside to being wrong: whether or not the guy’s eventually shown to be full of shit, if the story ‘bites’ MintPress get a fuckton of traffic, international exposure, and what-not. They ‘go viral’ as the kiddies say.

    If the dude gets exposed later as a Walter Mitty fantasist, they don’t have to give back the revenue from clicks on ads.

    Oh sure, whoever fell for it will get some snide ‘tsk tsk‘ on Twitter from ‘proper’ journalists (who never ever ever ever fall for fantasists – cough Ahmed Chalabi cough)… maybe the NYT pays an intern \$30 to write a couple hundred words talking smack at MintPress and other ‘amateurs’.

    That’s all over in a couple of new cycles. The system only has a vestigial memory, and a tiny attention span (with TIKTOK infecting young minds, audience attention spans will drop further).

    Think of Rolling Stone‘s faceplant a year or so back: how many seconds does it take you to think of what the actual issue was?

    More to the point, how much permanent reputational damage was done to the US media collectively following the fake-WMD shit?

    This story has ‘grifter’ written in its DNA: who had heard of this dude before any potential contradictory voices went to ground?

    Nobody, that’s who.

    And there you have it.

  8. @Kratoklastes

    Very good. And the “grifter’s” story could well be close to the truth as interested readers might guess it, so that should extend its half life.

  9. Sean says:

    Ehud Barak was caught by the paparazzi predictably staking out Epstein’s Manhattan mansion in 2016 and photographed entering it while wearing a scarf around his face. He was quoted this year incorrectly saying Epstein’s charges did not mention minors. It was pathetic. I don’t think Military Intelligence is concerned with such things as agents of influence and obtaining compromising material on prominent people in other countries. That would be Mossad, which might have its own reason for wanting Barak implicated in an Epstein’s honeytrap admittedly .

    Barak also visited Epstein’s now-infamous island and recruited him to help fund the Israeli intelligence-connected company, Carbyne911.

    If you are working for someone they pay you, not the other way about. It would be consistent with Mossad using \$Epstain to try and discredit Barak.

    Acosta later told Trump transition officials prior to his nomination for Secretary of Labor that his decision to approve the “sweetheart deal” came after he had been told to back off in the Epstein case because Epstein “belonged to intelligence.”…originated from Epstein’s then-lawyer Alan Dershowitz…

    Difficult to know what this hearsay means. Maybe they did not ask Acosta who told him that. Trump’s people would be concerned mainly with anything that could come back to implicate Trump, as he once hung out with Epstein.

    It is unlikely Acosta would admit taking on trust from a defence lawyer information that led to the reduction of charges against the lawyer’s client. Much more likely Acosta said or implied that FBI or other US government officials informed him Epstein was some kind of (friendly) secret agent. We will never know, because Acosta has refused to discuss the matter and I expect that is because he lied when talking to Trump officials and is not going to get into a perjury trap. In the aftermath of the Michael Jackson acquittal, a state would be reluctant to go up against someone with Epstein’s resources. The presence of Dershowitz doubtless further intimidated the prosecution. It is not a great result for a super-rich man to end up pleading guilty to sex offences against a minor serious enough for prison time. Especially as it made him a sitting duck for a slam dunk Federal prosecution that would put him behind bars for the rest of his life.

    In 2008 Epstein pleaded guilty to procuring an underage girl for prostitution and of soliciting a prostitute. He was sentenced to 13 months, and did 4 months of that in the prison 24/7. If the charges had been dropped and Epstein had been able to go back to living his dream surrounded by celebrities, top scientists and beautiful women such as Morgan Fairchild and the former Ms Sweden married to Glenn Dubin then I would be more inclined to think some shadowy influence far beyond what a a super rich man could summon up was exerted . But what actually happened was Epstein was locked up, disgraced, humiliated and began to be ostracised.

    WHAT year was the Jeffrey Epstein invite?

    I don’t remember; it was probably ‘08 or ‘09, if I’m guessing. It was certainly after I moved to Caltech, which was in 2006.

    How come you declined?

    There was a bunch of reasons. The person who arranged for me to be invited was Al Seckel, who was just another sort of disreputable person. The whole thing seemed disreputable from start to finish, so I didn’t want to have anything to do with it. Life is too short. I have other things to do.

    Trump has given Israel everything they want and will no doubt give them even more in future. What is in it for Israel to embarrass Trump by killing Epstein in a Federal prison? Why was there even an Federal investigation of Epstein? Moreover, why was Acosta offered such a high profile job by the Trump administration, that was not protecting Trump or Epstein, because it led to the bad publicity, Acosta resigning, and Epstein being the subject of a face saving federal prosecution.

    • Replies: @lysias
    , @Alden
  10. anon[680] • Disclaimer says:

    I stopped reading after ‘stein’. The ‘Ep’ portion is no better.

  11. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    My questions are, how many other Epstein managed Mossad Honey Pot ops are still out there and running without interference from any police/law enforcement agencies?

    And, how many of those young girls that Epstein had spirited away to his Orgy Island, broke down mentally due to all the drugs and liquor they were given in order to make them easier for dirty old men to rape, how many of them committed suicide or were killed by Jeff’s buddies, then dropped into the Caribbean Sea to get rid of the evidence?

    Is that why Jeffy had that concrete truck shipped to his island this past year, so he could bury the bodies under tons of concrete?

    • Agree: Alfred
  12. Whitney Webb has done some great work on Epstein. I just find it hard to believe a retired Mossad agent would offer up something on a ” blackmail” operation that still would have some life left to it. Seems more like a misdirection now that Epstein saga has taken a Frankenstein turn with the news of his involvement with MIT research and Bill Gates.

    • Replies: @artichoke
    , @lysias
  13. Anonymous[220] • Disclaimer says:
    @Al Liguori

    What relevant and non-redundant evidence does ABM provide to MiniPress? I don’t see any. The probability is that ABM is no more revealing the method behind Epstein than Rita Katz is about ISIS. In the absence of substantial evidence, there’s a fifty-fifty chance ABM is throwing a red herring into the blogosphere to discredit valid research and divert attention from the actual players behind the blackmail scheme, right here in the US, namely Mega and its many operatives. Of course they’re coordinated with Israel, but in this case it may be the Mega crime syndicate that uses Mossad et al’s services rather than the other way around.

    • Replies: @BannedHipster
  14. Elite Jews have corrupted this nation and have most of the government blackmailed into submission and this is why Israel and traitors in the ZUS government were able to get away their joint attack on the WTC on 911 and to drive America into destroying the mideast for Israel and their greater Israel agenda.

    Zionists are destroying America!

  15. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:

    The modern (((West))) has got to be the embodiment of clown world. George Orwell’s 1984 is probably much milder than the shit we’re getting these days.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  16. lysias says:

    Israel had plenty of interest in arranging for Epstein’s extraction from prison.

  17. aandrews says:
    @The seventh shape

    Maybe mouths are being shut and his is on the to-do list of mouths to be shut and he really can’t get into the concept of hanging-up in a state-of-the-art prison cell that is hanging-up-proof.

  18. Yeah sure CIA rolls out Ben-Menashe whenever one of their deniable ops stinks up the place too bad. BM did them the same favor for Iran/Contra. I’m surprised they didn’t use him for Sandusky’s prostitots. We all remember how Freeh said his probe hit the wall in the wink wink White House. Then his car zoomed around in Vermont cause it had Boston brakes and steering for some reason so he got the hint and shut up and the Bush family brought the cherry business back in-house

    Craig Spence was asshole buddies with Don Gregg. Reeve Whitson, Jolly West, and Sidney Gottlieb were all over Manson’s pedo kompromat op – Tom O’Neill burned the shit out of them, if they were wogs and it was NSA contact-chaining them like that, they would all be pink mist from drones. After the Finders in-house prototype, the CIA Playpens were all more or less arm’s-length.

    So point taken, if the point is CIA delegated it this time, after getting caught at it like thirty times. They delegate a lot, but they make sure it all gets done.

  19. MLK says:
    @The seventh shape

    High level conspiracies are not puzzles that can be solved. Indeed, as so many of the commenters here demonstrate in Pavlovian fashion, they become an exercise in exploiting bias confirmation.

    Though timing is often a tell. What I’m getting at is that whomever wanted Epstein dead, wanted it done in this manner — after charges were resuscitated by SDNY; and he serendipitously flew into Teterboro Airport looking like he had been pulled from the bunker Saddam had been hiding in and then renditioned.

  20. GMC says:

    Epstein himself , said he thought himself as a scientist type and he did meet with many of them throughout the years. There is much more to Epstein than just screwin young girls and boys – and honey trapping stupid politicians and generals – I’m betting. We the Peasants, have no idea what the black operations, scientific research, medical research or underground/ under the table dealings are. But there has been trillions spent on them and I’m betting he knew/knows a lot of it. He and Maxwell are untouchables – hell the USG is just as Evil and they seem to untouchable – too.

  21. @The seventh shape

    “This might be disinformation.”

    A wilderness of mirrors.

    • Replies: @Sean
  22. @Brabantian

    AG Bill Barr rushed into the fray a few weeks back and stated he’d viewed the surveillance footage of the area around Jeff’s cell and found no anomalies. This is the guy we trust to bring accountability to Comey and Brennan.

    • LOL: Twodees Partain
  23. @Wee Willie Winkie

    “Craig Spence was asshole buddies with Don Gregg.”

    Donald Gregg, one of George H.W. Bush’s longtime CIA cronies. Wasn’t it Spence who satisfied H.W.’s craving for black teen boys? Spence ran his compromise operation out of a Kalorama mansion throughout the 1980s and early 90s. He ended up dead in a Boston hotel room. Another suicide.

  24. @Kratoklastes

    If this is disinformation, I doubt it is free-lance operation by an independent “grifter”. On that, you and I disagree.

    To the contrary, if this is disinformation (and it probably is), then it is of the “limited hang-out” sort: an intelligence agency leaks a partial truth – one that has already been guessed at by intelligent observers! – coupled with provable lies in hopes that the whole thing will then blow up and be exposed.

    “Limited hang-outs” have long been a favored technique of intelligence agencies in the U.S., the U.K., and Israel.

    The partial truth (in this case, Epstein was as asset for Israeli military intelligence – duh! Gee, who knew?) is then buried when the “grifter” is burned. The larger truth (Epstein was a key Mossad asset in the Israel Lobby’s arsenal to control U.S. foreign policy, aid to Israel, no settlement with the Palestinians, etc.) is then discredited in the eyes of intelligent, but less informed readers in the U.S.

    Grifter was a liar, therefore nothing to see at all here!

    (Except that the “grifter” was working for the Israelis all along, and did his job perfectly!)

  25. artichoke says:
    @Old and grumpy

    He or his backers seem to have taken over MIT. The MIT president is still in office after having admitted not only to taking money from Epstein after his conviction, but covering that up when the question arose more strongly on Epstein’s second arrest.

    • Replies: @lysias
  26. Sean says:

    “Wilderness of mirrors” being from the poem beloved by JJ Angleton. Funnily enough Angleton’s main media booster and author of a controversial JFK assassination book, Edward Jay Epstein, (no relation) said old Jeffrey was a compulsive liar who said he flew to talk with Vladimir Putin once a month.

    Jeff’s suicide counselor in Federal jail (a Jew who was in for underreporting his income from an escort advertising business) spent a lot of time with him and said he did not get the impression Jeffrey was particularly intelligent, or that he knew anything about how an escort business was run. Edward Jay Epstein used to hang out with James Goldsmith, so he is probabally pretty good at judging billionaire types, and he said Jeffrey’s lying did not seem calculated.

    Jeffrey Epstein was only a would-be Master of the Universe when I first met him in 1987, at movie producer Coco Brown’s annual Halloween party in New York. I was standing with Isabel Goldsmith, the eldest daughter of the financier Jimmy Goldsmith, when Epstein and his brother, Mark, joined us. “A surfeit of Epsteins,” Isabel remarked. It turned out she had once met Epstein in London.

    The next day Epstein called me and said there was something he would like to talk to me about. We met for tea at the Mayfair Hotel on 65th Street the following Thursday. He asked at the outset if I would be interested in writing a story about his business for my monthly “Wall Street Babylon” column in Manhattan, inc. magazine. At this point, all I knew about him was that he was an acquaintance of Isabel Goldsmith’s.

    After providing free lodging and travel Jeffrey cut off contact with Edward’ Jay’s after the requested article didn’t namem bit described someone with dubious business practices who was so obviously a thinly disguised Jeffrey that the Securities and Exchange Commission were all over him. What kind of an idiot asks a journalist to write about him then tells him stuff that is going to get the authorities investigating him?

    Ghislaine accompanied her father so frequently, … However, he stopped short of saying how involved she was or what she has specifically been involved in prior to her father’s death.

    Ghislaine (French gentile mother like James Goldsmith) became clinically depressed after her father’s death. Petronella Wyatt whose Hungarian mother almost ended Boris Johnson’s career by announcing to the British press that Boris had to told her daughter to abort their unborn child ) had some interesting things to say about Ghislaine The-night-Ghislaine-tried-public-sex-lesson.html
    It was clear to me that the sons had suffered, but it must have been hell for Ghislaine, the youngest of Maxwell’s seven surviving children and the most devoted to him. He was no longer there to protect her from the barbs of London life

    Eric Magoulis said ” BIZARRELY, Maxwell believed that I could get KGB Moscow Center to release satellite photos that showed the murder on his yacht of her father.”

    That is two journalists with excellent intelligence service contacts who think Ghislaine (daughter of a massive embezzler who took up with another massive embezzler) and Jeffery were a couple of fools lost in a fantasy world. I’m not following them down the rabbit hole.

  27. lysias says:
    @Old and grumpy

    If you read Ben Menashe’s Wikipedia entry, you will see that Ben Menashe felt betrayed by Israel for being hung out to dry over Iran-Contra and that ever since he has been revealing secrets about Israel and Mossad. Gordon Thomas and Seymour Hersh have taken him very seriously.

    • Replies: @Popeye
  28. Alden says:

    Very perceptive and sensible post. Congratulations!!

  29. lysias says:

    And Harvard is holding onto the money Epstein donated to them.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  30. macilrae says:

    I had taken most of this for granted even before Epstein reached such prominence; and a great deal more besides in the same vein. There must be an army of people like him at work and an enormous infrastructure to support it – nobody is free from scrutiny.

  31. Alfred says:

    Many years ago, in the 1980’s, I had a beautiful Iranian girlfriend. She was really exotic with green eyes and honey-blond hair. She did not look European but one could not guess where she was from.

    Once, she went shopping at the boutiques below what was the Hotel Concorde La Fayette in Paris

    Hyatt Regency Paris Étoile

    Afterwards, she went for a coffee in the hotel. She was approached by another exotic girl who did not look European but who was darker. This girl turned out to be Israeli. She confided to my girlfriend that she was working for Israeli intelligence. She was a prostitute who specialized in entrapping wealthy Arabs. She wanted to know if the Iranian girl was interested in joining her. 🙂

    BTW, the father of the Persian girl had been a professor of Law at Tehran University and a Supreme Court judge under the Shah.

    What I am getting at is that there are literally hundreds of girls and boys doing these sort of jobs for the various intelligence services. I suspect that pretty well all important politicians have been recorded misbehaving at some time or another.

    I think it is time to scrap the existing system and to bring in Direct Democracy as in Switzerland

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
    , @Vastator
  32. lysias says:

    Not only have the site’s hasbarists been quick to cast doubt on this reporting, but they’ve even enlisted tag teams to support the hasbarists. The reporting must really disturb them. Which leads me to conclude that it is true.

    • Agree: BannedHipster
  33. That British tabloids are openly suggesting Ghislaine Maxwell is being protected by Israel represents a sea-change in the taboo of discussing Ashkenazi and Zionist power.

    Social media censorship isn’t going to help and Trump’s ham-handed attempt to dismantle the First Amendment when it comes to discussing Israel, Palestine and BDS is just drawing more and more attention to core problems.

    Trump’s sell-out of his base is just going to make whatever comes next even worse for them.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  34. @Anonymous

    it may be the Mega crime syndicate that uses Mossad et al’s services rather than the other way around.

    Sure, Israelis often complain about overseas Zionist Jews interfering. There’s also the Netanyahu vs. Barak factional fighting.

    But it’s nice how the “dual citizenship” trope – declared “anti-semitism” by the Trump administration – is being exposed as the obvious truth everyone has always known for thousands of years.

    They call “dual citizen” a “trope” because people say it all the time. People say it all the time because it’s true.

    The Ashkenazi organized crime ring, the Mishpucka, including the likes of Les Wexner and the Bronfman brothers, and their overseas allies in Israel, are getting exposed more and more everyday.

    You go around raping little girls and people start getting mad. It makes no difference how many Israeli college students they pay twelve shekels an hour to blow smoke online in the comment sections, the secret’s out.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  35. @Alfred

    I suspect that pretty well all important politicians have been recorded misbehaving at some time or another.

    I suspect one of their techniques is to trap young people who are future “prospects” and then recruit/groom them as future candidates for political office.

    The military/intelligence community and elite universities would be excellent sources for such “prospects”.

    Presumably this approach is part of the toolkit for all intelligence agencies in “Democracies”.

  36. I do not accept the word blackmail re Epstein.

    Blackmaileees do not socialise with each other at a private island owned by the blackmailer.

    Epstein was pimping child slaves to pervs.

    • Replies: @lysias
  37. CanSpeccy says:

    That the media never mentions it, strongly suggests that the third possibility corresponds with the truth.

  38. jsigur says:
    @The seventh shape

    clearly we are being entertained This stuff should be marketed to the MSM where readers might walk away with their mouths open in stunned reaction

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  39. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    A puzzling feature of the Epstein story is how British intelligence could have allowed Prince Andrew to consort with Epstein, a Mossad blackmailer.

    Clearly it was their duty to warn Andrew off — unless, that is, Andrew was working with Epstein as Britain’s MI6 contact.

    Perhaps not unconnected is the fact that the Heads of both Britain’s domestic and foreign intelligence agencies “stepped down” the other day, discredited, perhaps for exposing a member of the Royal Family to public humiliation. Certainly, one could expect the Queen to demand their dismissal, and BJ would likely have been glad to accede to such a request, which provided the opportunity to appoint his own men to those key positions.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @lysias
    , @BannedHipster
  40. lysias says:
    @Gordon Pratt

    Carrot and stick. The pervs were given to understand that compromising themselves would be a way to advance their careers. The stick — the threat of revelation if they did something that the conspirators did not like — may not have been emphasized. But it was always there in the background.

    Is that blackmail? I don’t know.

  41. lysias says:

    Does that mean that Boris Johnson has not only the legal authority but also the actual power to demand the resignations of the heads of MI5 and MI6?

    Something else that got no publicity: the head of GCHQ resigned days after Trump’s inauguration.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  42. Agent76 says:

    Nov 15, 2019 Epstein Updates: The Prince, The President, The Brother And The Meme!!!

    Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself according to his brother, the president of Syria and millions of meme fans who are taking the suicide conspiracy to all new levels reaching a peak as the BBC is set to release a “no holds barred” interview with Prince Andrew of the Royal Family about his ties to the infamous pedophile.

  43. CanSpeccy says: • Website
    @The seventh shape

    Now why would a former Israeli spook spill the beans on his own agency?

    To provide cover for US intel and MI6?

    These agencies were certainly aware of Epstein’s business (as Trump was, as he made clear in 2015 comments about Epstein) and in on the game in some way.

    Either that or they are totally useless, allowing a foreign agent, operating openly in America, to compromise a large swath of the American leadership, from President Clinton on down.

  44. Vastator says:

    Direct democracy = majority rules. Extremely bad idea.

    • Replies: @lysias
  45. AWM says:

    “Maxwell – the ‘red’ the feds failed to nail”

    “For years, Maxwell was accorded favoured status in the Soviet Union as he frequently travelled back and forth through the Iron Curtain. From the late 1940s, he was in regular contact with Soviet leaders and the KGB.

    He was secretly paid by the KGB to publish 50,000 copies of a series of fawning biographies of communist leaders, although he duped them about the number that were actually printed.

    In the mid-1950s, he had begun to translate and publish the work of Soviet scientists in journals which were sold to libraries and research institutions throughout the west. The Soviets had given him exclusive rights and he made millions.”

  46. @CanSpeccy

    A puzzling feature of the Epstein story is how British intelligence could have allowed Prince Andrew to consort with Epstein, a Mossad blackmailer.

    Clearly it was their duty to warn Andrew off — unless, that is, Andrew was working with Epstein as Britain’s MI6 contact.

    Vicky Ward – married to a top MI6 official – was the first to “out” Jeffrey Epstein in the 2002 Vanity Fair article, “The Talented Mr. Epstein.” Although the most salacious allegations were censored from the article by the editor, it was still pretty easy to “read between the lines.”

    What might Mossad and/or CIA be pressuring the UK about at the time? In 2002, a year after 9/11 and a year before the Iraq war? To ask the question answers it.

    • Agree: the grand wazoo
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @utu
  47. Nothing news. Nothing the informed public isn’t already aware of. Now, if this bloke wants to say where Epstein is residing right now, then that would be news. It is ignorant to presume Epstein’s last arrest came as a surprise to him. When indictments or an impending arrest is eminent someone knows and someone tells the target. A Jew can not be deported from Israel. So here’s why didn’t he stay in Israel, and the reason he allowed himself to be busted. It was the only way to kill the investigation, the rumors. So, the entire thing, the arrest, the publicity, the drama of his suicide, is the final act and the burial of the Epstein saga, it was all scripted. And, the show goes on.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  48. lysias says:

    Representative “democracy” = corrupt elite rules.

    We have had a chance to see how bad that is.

  49. @Al Liguori

    I often wonder just how many “former” intelligence agents are actually inactive. IMO, it’s safer to conclude that a spook is always a spook. It ain’t as if the tales they have to tell have any real effect on anything other than the people who love to see themselves as being in the know after reading the articles written by the spooks.

  50. Iris says:
    @The seventh shape

    Now why would a former Israeli spook spill the beans on his own agency?

    To warn American officials that Mossad can spill even more beans than just on Clinton so they have to stay put?

    A bit like Ghislaine Maxwell taunting them by being “randomly” photographed with a book entitled “Secret Lives and Death of CIA operatives” in hand?

  51. A ray of light in the Epstein case is that once you fall out of favor with Israeli intelligence, you really fall out of favor. We can hope that Epstein was extracted alive and worked over until he gave up all his secrets, then his body was dumped in the river.

  52. @Wee Willie Winkie

    OK…… but you ain’t supposed to know all this.

  53. Yeah, right. It’s all Mossad all the time.

    Israeli spooks gave legal protection to Epstein in the USA, so Acosta “had to” back off. They could do this because they are persuasive followers of Dale Carnegie. Mossad then had Epstein murdered so he could not implicate Israeli intelligence–who, we’re to believe “owned him”. Mossad got access to and controlled prison guards, cameras, cellmate arrangements and other ops in prison, to murder Epstein, by boning up again on Carnegie and layering on smooth talk, making sure to address their targets in Justice and bureau of prisons by their names, asking after their wives and kids, their hobbies, and so forth.

    The poor FBI is underfunded and understaffed and Knew Nothing of Mossad’s nefarious activities. The idea of its involvement or pre-knowledge of the blackmail op is stinkin’ thinkin’.

    The very notion that the FBI might have committed murder to cover its tracks is beyond comprehension. So is the idea of their protecting Epstein from federal punishment, of intruding to deep within the federal prison system to commit murder.

    Mossad was behind JFK’s and Oswald’s assassinations too.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @Sean
    , @Twodees Partain
  54. @jsigur

    ‘MSM readers’ is a term that conjures up the image of a dullard whose mouth hangs open all the time. It would be hard to tell their natural expression from their stunned jaw-drop reaction.

  55. Done it now

  56. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Technically, the head of MI6 is appointed by the Foreign Secretary and the head of MI5 by the Home Secretary, but in reality neither minister is likely to act without prior consultation with the Prime Minister. The head of GCHQ is also appointed nominally by the Foreign Secretary.

  57. Hibernian says:
    @the grand wazoo

    A Jew can not be deported from Israel.

    Meyer Lansky was either deported or denied permision to enter.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  58. Popeye says:

    But he can’t reveal too much..or any…with damaging implications…lest he end up a stiff corpse courtesy of a hit which Mossad is quite expert

  59. Alfred says:

    Trump’s sell-out of his base is just going to make whatever comes next even worse for them.

    By giving the Israelis what they want, he is speeding up their demise. He is making it obvious who is controlling him and all other politicians, judges, bureaucracy, security people and soldiers.

    • Agree: Iris
  60. Alfred says:

    I suspect one of their techniques is to trap young people who are future “prospects” and then recruit/groom them as future candidates for political office.

    Yes. It is an old idea. That is what a Rhodes Scholarship is all about. Bill Clinton was one, for example.

    List of Rhodes Scholars

    I recently read a novel by a Spanish author about a woman who married a half-Spanish, half-British spy. Sorry, I forgot the name of the author. He was recruited by British Intelligence at Oxford. They framed him for a fake murder. After training, they used him as an assassin. Very plausible.

  61. Sean says:
    @Mark Humphrey

    Trump seems to respond to every domestic problem he has by doing something for Israel. He obviously thinks the Israel lobby have a mysterious power to influence and persuade.

    • Replies: @Mark Humphrey
  62. annamaria says:

    The same scum that has been dirtying the name of Assange has been mute on Epstein’s exploits: “Jeffrey Epstein, where did his money come from? Mossad? CIA?” by Steve Brown:

    What the political class really wants to hide is the Federal Reserve’s bail-out for a child abuse sex criminal to the tune of \$6,7 billion with US taxpayer funds. …

    Where did Jeffrey Epstein’s money come from? And why no media search for the origin of his finances? Why no inquiry into Bill Clinton’s long term relation with Epstein? …

    The rich and powerful were attracted to Epstein because Epstein knew how to move large sums of money in ways that seemed private and safe… but most of all to avoid taxes. … The wealthy and powerful game the financial system just like Epstein did.

  63. annamaria says:

    “The Ashkenazi organized crime ring, the Mishpucka, including the likes of Les Wexner and the Bronfman brothers, and their overseas allies in Israel, are getting exposed more and more every day.”
    — Expect to hear wild waling by the suffers from “antisemitism”. The level of brainwashing of Jewish children is stunning. The Jews have been conditioned from infancy to reject any criticism of other Jews, even when presented with undeniable facts; they are conditioned to be cognitively blind towards the crimes of ziocons and zionists. They are cognitively crippled.

    • Replies: @Gast
  64. @Justvisiting

    If you think about it the numbers don’f stack up How many charming, not too old, high IQ agents do you think the typical intelligence service has to sift through thousands of bright students even with some rules of thumb to concentrate their searches?

  65. @BannedHipster

    Or MI6 .may have decided that Prince Andrew was such a fool that he couldn’t even be trusted with a straightforward warning. Instead MI6 may have had someone get close enough to Andrew to pick up lots of Epstein related information.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  66. Gast says:

    What would you would say about the minds of Whites if the minds of jews are “cognitively crippled”? They are trapped in a genocidal machine and are not able to detect their condition, let alone identify the perpetrators.

    You comment reeks of Stockholm syndrome. “Those poor jews who are genociding us without the tiniest remorse. They must have been brainwashed to behave in such cruel manner. Let’s pray to sweet Jesus that he has mercy with them”. All right, someone has been brainwashed here. But it is not the jews…

  67. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    I suspect one of their techniques is to trap young people who are future “prospects” and then recruit/groom them as future candidates for political office.

    Tony Blair seems like he might have been a candidate for such a program. In a bit of possibly blackmail worthy trouble at Fettes College, the private boarding school he attended. Not too bright to be impossible to control. Immensely vain and endlessly driven to seek the lime light.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  68. CanSpeccy says: • Website
    @Wizard of Oz

    I should think that when MI6 gives someone a serious talking to, they likely pay attention.

    Apparently they so warned Ted Heath about his inclination to cruise washrooms in the vicinity of Parliament where the Russians were said to have located agents on the look out for blackmailable MP’s. Likewise, I suspect Prince Andrew would have taken note of a serious warning about Epstein from MI6.

    In general, the security services seeks to recruit from members of the ruling class. After all the security services are there to serve the state, which is merely another term for the ruling class. Who then more trustworthy in the defense of the state than a member of the ruling class. For that reason, I would say it is much more likely that Andrew was providing some kind of liaison between British intelligence and Epstein’s Mossad operation, than that he was a mere Epstein/Mossad dupe.

    Naturally, if that were the case, Andrew cannot, in his own defense, blab about his role as a spy, but the fact that he has been humiliated has surely made the Queen mad. Hence, I bet, the firing, I mean simultaneous voluntary departure, of the heads of MI5 and MI6.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  69. CanSpeccy says:

    And in that connection, did you know that Boris Johnson’s father was directly connected with MI6?

  70. Alden says:

    Presidents Johnson and Nixon gave the resident in the US jews and Israel everything they wanted.

    civil rights for all but Whites 64,

    unlimited non White immigration 65 ,

    Philadelphia Plan 67,

    ordering US Air Force based in Spain to turn back from rescuing the liberty,

    affirmative action 68, ( direct orders from Satan)

    creation of affirmative action Hispanic race 70 by Nixon executive order

    sending US troops on the ground plus navy and air support to win the1973 war for Israel.

    And the Jews rewarded Johnson and Nixon by destroying them.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  71. utu says:

    Good point. We should look back when Epstein was delivering actionable goods.

  72. @Sean

    The Dems say Trump appeases Putin; maybe Putin had Epstein murdered, just to show Trump true power. FBI is rife with Russian agents and counter agents.

    Hillary and Bill have stories to hide; maybe Hill-Bill pulled a Vince Foster on Epstein by calling out old favors from political allies, like Web Hubble.

    Nancy Pelosi dislikes Trump and may have used her influence with the FBI to do in Epstein, before he could tarnish the Dems with a election approaching.

    Of course, the simplest explanation is FBI has plenty to hide; if FBI knew, and it must have known, those folks are as bad as Epstein. FBI is worse than Epstein if they protected his operation, so it could blackmail and coerce support from pols and bureaucrats, in the tradition of J Edgar Hoover.

    The simplest is most compelling…Occam’s Razor.

  73. @CanSpeccy

    Plausible indeed though making the Queen cross wouldn’t be sufficient reason for getting rid of heads of MI6 and MI5 unless they were near retirement or, maybe, they were regarded as having shown very poor judgment – and why would that be?

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  74. @CanSpeccy

    Naughty. Your standards are better than an irrelevant “directly connected with MI6” when the Telegraph article on Stanley Johnson’s autobiography has this to say of early 1960s events:

    After six months of training as a new recruit he was offered a job at World Bank and decided to turn his back on his new career as a spy amid concerns that his “incompetence might have cost people their lives”.

    Still a bit of gossip is better than a lot of UR inaccuracies.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  75. @CanSpeccy

    Sorry, quite literally you were connecting to the idea of recruiting young hopefuls. My answer to that, already given, is that intelligence services couldn’t find enough clever charming people to do all the sifting and filtering.

  76. CanSpeccy says: • Website
    @Wizard of Oz

    … making the Queen cross wouldn’t be sufficient reason for getting rid of heads of MI6 and MI5 unless they were near retirement or, maybe, they were regarded as having shown very poor judgment – and why would that be?

    “Unless they had shown poor judgement.”


    It is the fundamental role of the intelligence services today, as in the day they were founded during the reign of Elizabeth I, to protect the monarchy, the embodiment of the state. The embarrassment of Andrew as the result of his connection with Epstein is hugely damaging to the monarchy and thus represents a catastrophic failure of the intelligence services.

    If Prince Andrew associated with Epstein merely for personal gratification, then the intelligence services, which could not have been unaware of the Prince’s activities, had an absolute duty to give him such a warning as would have proved an effective deterrent.

    If Andrew was acting for the intelligence services, then clearly the operation was ill-conceived. Either way, the Queen can be assumed to have expressed extreme displeasure amounting to a demand for those responsible to be fired.

    If one considers, further, that Boris Johnson appears intent on modeling himself in many ways on Winston Churchill, and that Winston Churchill was among the prime ministers of whom the Queen was apparently most fond, it is no stretch to assume that Her Majesty’s wish relating to the intelligence service heads would have been Johnson’s command.

    And in any case, firing the idiots seems the only sensible thing to do, pour encouragez les autres, should they have any idea of doing to Johnson what the US intelligence services has been attempting to do to Trump.

  77. CanSpeccy says: • Website
    @Wizard of Oz

    Re: Stanley Johnson and the intelligence service.

    After six months of training as a new recruit he was offered a job at World Bank and decided to turn his back on his new career as a spy…

    I know nothing about intelligence matters, but I understood that no one who worked for the intelligence services ever ceased to do so, whatever the formal relationship or lack thereof.

    Certainly it would seem obviously useful to the intelligence services to release some of their agents into the wild, where they can engage freely in academia, business, government, etc., while serving as the eyes and ears, and if necessary arms and legs, of intelligence.

  78. @Mark Humphrey

    “The poor FBI is underfunded and understaffed and Knew Nothing of Mossad’s nefarious activities. ”

    That is a delusional statement, but it’s consistent with the rest of your reasoning. Mossad obviously operates in the US with impunity, but assuming that US intelligence agencies are being duped is a false conclusion. Mossad simply could not operate here at all without the collusion of the FBI, CIA, NSA, et al.

  79. @Hibernian

    “Meyer Lansky was either deported or denied permision to enter.”

    Good point. Lansky was not only a jew, he was a naturalized American jew who had been very supportive of Israel, financially at least, but also possibly supportive of Irgun’s operations in the US in other ways.

  80. Michelle says:

    Really??? Sure, I believe you. Not. No layman can get to the bottom of this situation nor make heads nor tails of it. I can’t believe you, nor your supposed “Source”, anymore than I can believe the mainstream American media or the American intelligence, or any foreign media and intelligence sources. This story is a clusterf+\$k of enormous proportions and we will never know the entire truth.

  81. annamaria says:

    PayPal boss is upset by comments on Epstein affair:

    TruNews’ founder and host Rick Wiles accused PayPal CEO Daniel Schulman, a left-wing Jewish entrepreneur, of punishing the Christian broadcaster for its hard-hitting reports on Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell:

    ‘PayPal abruptly closed our account on the morning of January 3, 2020. TruNews’ report on January 2 was titled ‘Ghislaine Maxwell: Which spy agency is hiding her?’

    Our newscast focused on her [Ghislaine’s] father’s long-time service to Israel’s intelligence agencies, how she was Jeffrey Epstein’s handler for Mossad, and how Epstein’s team video-recorded influential American men having sex with underage girls who had been recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell.’

    PayPal also abruptly closed on the same day the account of Bless an Orphan; a non-profit Christian ministry founded by Wiles’ daughter Karissa Washburn. The Florida-based organization rescues children in South America who were kidnapped or sold into sex trafficking.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  82. Anonymous[182] • Disclaimer says:

    Walker couldn’t have been a “neurosurgeon” because she went to work for Epstein immediately after medical school, i.e. without serving a residency or declaring a specialty, i.e. she never had the opportunity to learn neurosurgery.

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