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Bats, Gene Editing and Bioweapons: Recent Darpa Experiments Raise Concerns Amid Coronavirus Outbreak
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DARPA recently spent millions on research involving bats and coronaviruses, as well as gene editing “bioweapons” prior to the recent coronavirus outbreak. Now, “strategic allies” of the agency have been chosen to develop a genetic material-based vaccine to halt the potential epidemic.

WASHINGTON D.C. – In recent weeks, concern over the emergence of a novel coronavirus in China has grown exponentially as media, experts and government officials around the world have openly worried that this new disease has the potential to develop into a global pandemic.

As concerns about the future of the ongoing outbreak have grown, so too have the number of theories speculating about the outbreak’s origin, many of which blame a variety of state actors and/or controversial billionaires. This has inevitably led to efforts to clamp down on “misinformation” related to the coronavirus outbreak from both mainstream media outlets and major social media platforms.

However, while many of these theories are clearly speculative, there is also verifiable evidence regarding the recent interest of one controversial U.S. government agency in novel coronaviruses, specifically those transmitted from bats to humans. That agency, the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), began spending millions on such research in 2018 and some of those Pentagon-funded studies were conducted at known U.S. military bioweapons labs bordering China and resulted in the discovery of dozens of new coronavirus strains as recently as last April. Furthermore, the ties of the Pentagon’s main biodefense lab to a virology institute in Wuhan, China — where the current outbreak is believed to have begun — have been unreported in English language media thus far.

While it remains entirely unknown as to what caused the outbreak, the details of DARPA’s and the Pentagon’s recent experimentation are clearly in the public interest, especially considering that the very companies recently chosen to develop a vaccine to combat the coronavirus outbreak are themselves strategic allies of DARPA. Not only that, but these DARPA-backed companies are developing controversial DNA and mRNA vaccines for this particular coronavirus strain, a category of vaccine that has never previously been approved for human use in the United States.

Yet, as fears of the pandemic potential of coronavirus grow, these vaccines are set to be rushed to market for public use, making it important for the public to be aware of DARPA’s recent experiments on coronaviruses, bats and gene editing technologies and their broader implications.

Examining the Recent Wuhan-Bioweapon Narrative

As the coronavirus outbreak has come to dominate headlines in recent weeks, several media outlets have promoted claims that the reported epicenter of the outbreak in Wuhan, China was also the site of laboratories allegedly linked to a Chinese government biowarfare program.

However, upon further examination of the sourcing for this serious claim, these supposed links between the outbreak and an alleged Chinese bioweapons program have come from two highly dubious sources.

For instance, the first outlet to report on this claim was Radio Free Asia, the U.S.-government funded media outlet targeting Asian audiences that used to be run covertly by the CIA and named by the New York Times as a key part in the agency’s “worldwide propaganda network.” Though it is no longer run directly by the CIA, it is now managed by the government-funded Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), which answers directly to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who was CIA director immediately prior to his current post at the head of the State Department.

In other words, Radio Free Asia and other BBG-managed media outlets are legal outlets for U.S. government propaganda. Notably, the long-standing ban on the domestic use of U.S. government propaganda on U.S. citizens was lifted in 2013, with the official justification of allowing the government to “effectively communicate in a credible way” and to better combat “al-Qaeda’s and other violent extremists’ influence.”

Returning to the subject at hand, Radio Free Asia’s recent report on the alleged origins of the outbreak being linked to a Chinese state-linked virology center cited only Ren Ruihong, the former head of the medical assistance department at the Chinese Red Cross, for that claim. Ruihong has been cited as an expert in several Radio Free Asia reports on disease outbreaks in China, but has not been cited as an expert by any other English-language media outlet.

Ruihong told Radio Free Asia that:

“It’s a new type of mutant coronavirus.They haven’t made public the genetic sequence, because it is highly contagious…Genetic engineering technology has gotten to such a point now, and Wuhan is home to a viral research center that is under the aegis of the China Academy of Sciences, which is the highest level of research facility in China.”

Though Ruihong did not directly say that the Chinese government was making a bioweapon at the Wuhan facility, she did imply that genetic experiments at the facility may have resulted in the creation of this new “mutant coronavirus” at the center of the outbreak.

With Radio Free Asia and its single source having speculated about Chinese government links to the creation of the new coronavirus, the Washington Times soon took it much farther in a report titled “Virus-hit Wuhan has two laboratories linked to Chinese bio-warfare program.” That article, much like Radio Free Asia’s earlier report, cites a single source for that claim, former Israeli military intelligence biowarfare specialist Dany Shoham.

Yet, upon reading the article, Shoham does not even directly make the claim cited in the article’s headline, as he only told the Washington Times that: “Certain laboratories in the [Wuhan] institute have probably been engaged, in terms of research and development, in Chinese [biological weapons], at least collaterally, yet not as a principal facility of the Chinese BW alignment (emphasis added).”

While Shoham’s claims are clearly speculative, it is telling that the Washington Times would bother to cite him at all, especially given the key role he played in promoting false claims that the 2001 Anthrax attacks was the work of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. Shoham’s assertions about Iraq’s government and weaponized Anthrax, which were used to bolster the case for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, have since been proven completely false, as Iraq was found to have neither the chemical or biological “weapons of mass destruction” that “experts” like Shoham had claimed.

Beyond Shoham’s own history of making suspect claims, it is also worth noting that Shoham’s previous employer, Israeli military intelligence, has a troubling past with bioweapons. For instance, in the late 1990s, it was reported by several outlets that Israel was in the process of developing a genetic bioweapon that would target Arabs, specifically Iraqis, but leave Israeli Jews unaffected.

Given the dubious past of Shoham and the clearly speculative nature of both his claims and those made in the Radio Free Asia report, one passage in the Washington Times article is particularly telling about why these claims have recently surfaced:

“One ominous sign, said a U.S. official, is that the false rumors since the outbreak began several weeks ago have begun circulating on the Chinese Internet claiming the virus is part of a U.S. conspiracy to spread germ weapons. That could indicate China is preparing propaganda outlets to counter future charges the new virus escaped from one of Wuhan’s civilian or defense research laboratories (emphasis added).”

However, as seen in that very article, accusations that the coronavirus escaped from a Chinese-state-linked laboratory is hardly a future charge as both the Washington Times and Radio Free Asia have already been making that claim. Instead, what this passage suggests is that the reports in both Radio Free Asia and the Washington Times were responses to the claims circulating within China that the outbreak is linked to a “U.S. conspiracy to spread germ weapons.”

Though most English-language media outlets to date have not examined such a possibility, there is considerable supporting evidence that deserves to be examined. For instance, not only was the U.S. military, including its controversial research arm — the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), recently funding studies in and near China that discovered new, mutant coronaviruses originating from bats, but the Pentagon also became recently concerned about the potential use of bats as bioweapons.

Bats as Bioweapons

As the ongoing coronavirus outbreak centered in China has spread to other countries and been blamed for a growing number of deaths, a consensus has emerged that this particular virus, currently classified as a “novel [i.e. new] coronavirus,” is believed to have originated in bats and was transmitted to humans in Wuhan, China via a seafood market that also traded exotic animals. So-called “wet” markets, like the one in Wuhan, were previously blamed for past deadly coronavirus outbreaks in China, such as the 2003 outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

In addition, one preliminary study on the coronavirus responsible for the current outbreak found that the receptor, Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), is not only the same as that used by the SARS coronavirus, but that East Asians present a much higher ratio of lung cells that express that receptor than the other ethnicities (Caucasian and African-American) included in the study. However, such findings are preliminary and the sample size is too small to draw any definitive conclusions from that preliminary data.

Two years ago, media reports began discussing the Pentagon’s sudden concern that bats could be used as biological weapons, particularly in spreading coronaviruses and other deadly diseases. The Washington Post asserted that the Pentagon’s interest in investigating the potential use of bats to spread weaponized and deadly diseases was because of alleged Russian efforts to do the same. However, those claims regarding this Russian interest in using bats as bioweapons date back to the 1980s when the Soviet Union engaged in covert research involving the Marburg virus, research that did not even involve bats and which ended with the Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991.

Like much of the Pentagon’s controversial research programs, the bats as bioweapons research has been framed as defensive, despite the fact that no imminent threat involving bat-propagated bioweapons has been acknowledged. However, independent scientists have recently accused the Pentagon, particularly its research arm DARPA, of claiming to be engaged in research it says is “defensive” but is actually “offensive.”

The most recent example of this involved DARPA’s “Insect Allies” program, which officially “aims to protect the U.S. agricultural food supply by delivering protective genes to plants via insects, which are responsible for the transmission of most plant viruses” and to ensure “food security in the event of a major threat,” according to both DARPA and media reports.

However, a group of well-respected, independent scientists revealed in a scathing analysis of the program that, far from a “defensive” research project, the Insect Allies program was aimed at creating and delivering “new class of biological weapon.” The scientists, writing in the journal Science and led by Richard Guy Reeves, from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Germany, warned that DARPA’s program — which uses insects as the vehicle for as horizontal environmental genetic alteration agents (HEGAAS) — revealed “an intention to develop a means of delivery of HEGAAs for offensive purposes (emphasis added).”

Whatever the real motivation behind the Pentagon’s sudden and recent concern about bats being used as a vehicle for bioweapons, the U.S. military has spent millions of dollars over the past several years funding research on bats, the deadly viruses they can harbor — including coronaviruses — and how those viruses are transmitted from bats to humans.

For instance, DARPA spent \$10 million on one project in 2018 “to unravel the complex causes of bat-borne viruses that have recently made the jump to humans, causing concern among global health officials.” Another research project backed by both DARPA and NIH saw researchers at Colorado State University examine the coronavirus that causes Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in bats and camels “to understand the role of these hosts in transmitting disease to humans.” Other U.S. military-funded studies, discussed in detail later in this report, discovered several new strains of novel coronaviruses carried by bats, both within China and in countries bordering China.

Many of these recent research projects are related to DARPA’s Preventing Emerging Pathogenic Threats, or PREEMPT program, which was officially announced in April 2018. PREEMPT focuses specifically on animal reservoirs of disease, specifically bats, and DARPA even noted in its press release in the program that it “is aware of biosafety and biosecurity sensitivities that could arise” due to the nature of the research.

DARPA’s announcement for PREEMPT came just a few months after the U.S. government decided to controversially end a moratorium on so-called “gain-of-function” studies involving dangerous pathogens. VICE News explained “gain-of-function” studies as follows:

“Known as ‘gain-of-function’ studies, this type of research is ostensibly about trying to stay one step ahead of nature. By making super-viruses that are more pathogenic and easily transmissible, scientists are able to study the way these viruses may evolve and how genetic changes affect the way a virus interacts with its host. Using this information, the scientists can try to pre-empt the natural emergence of these traits by developing antiviral medications that are capable of staving off a pandemic (emphasis added).”

In addition, while both DARPA’s PREEMPT program and the Pentagon’s open interest in bats as bioweapons were announced in 2018, the U.S. military — specifically the Department of Defense’s Cooperative Threat Reduction Program — began funding research involving bats and deadly pathogens, including the coronaviruses MERS and SARS, a year prior in 2017. One of those studies focused on “Bat-Borne Zoonotic Disease Emergence in Western Asia” and involved the Lugar Center in Georgia, identified by former Georgian government officials, the Russian government and independent, investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva as a covert U.S. bioweapons lab.

It is also important to point out the fact that the U.S. military’s key laboratories involving the study of deadly pathogens, including coronaviruses, Ebola and others, was suddenly shut down last July after the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified major “biosafety lapses” at the facility.

The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) facility at Fort Detrick, Maryland — the U.S. military’s lead laboratory for “biological defense” research since the late 1960s — was forced to halt all research it was conducting with a series of deadly pathogens after the CDC found that it lacked “sufficient systems in place to decontaminate wastewater” from its highest-security labs and failure of staff to follow safety procedures, among other lapses. The facility contains both level 3 and level 4 biosafety labs. While it is unknown if experiments involving coronaviruses were ongoing at the time, USAMRIID has recently been involved in research borne out of the Pentagon’s recent concern about the use of bats as bioweapons.

The decision to shut down USAMRIID garnered surprisingly little media coverage, as did the CDC’s surprising decision to allow the troubled facility to “partially resume” research late last November even though the facility was and is still not at “full operational capability.” The USAMRIID’s problematic record of safety at such facilities is of particular concern in light of the recent coronavirus outbreak in China. As this report will soon reveal, this is because USAMRIID has a decades-old and close partnership with the University of Wuhan’s Institute of Medical Virology, which is located in the epicenter of the current outbreak.

The Pentagon in Wuhan?

Beyond the U.S. military’s recent expenditures on and interest in the use of bats of bioweapons, it is also worth examining the recent studies the military has funded regarding bats and “novel coronaviruses,” such as that behind the recent outbreak, that have taken place within or in close proximity to China.

For instance, one study conducted in Southern China in 2018 resulted in the discovery of 89 new “novel bat coronavirus” strains that use the same receptor as the coronavirus known as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). That study was jointly funded by the Chinese government’s Ministry of Science and Technology, USAID — an organization long alleged to be a front for U.S. intelligence, and the U.S. National Institute of Health — which has collaborated with both the CIA and the Pentagon on infectious disease and bioweapons research.

The authors of the study also sequenced the complete genomes for two of those strains and also noted that existing MERS vaccines would be ineffective in targeting these viruses, leading them to suggest that one should be developed in advance. This did not occur.

Another U.S. government-funded study that discovered still more new strains of “novel bat coronavirus” was published just last year. Titled “Discovery and Characterization of Novel Bat Coronavirus Lineages from Kazakhstan,” focused on “the bat fauna of central Asia, which link China to eastern Europe” and the novel bat coronavirus lineages discovered during the study were found to be “closely related to bat coronaviruses from China, France, Spain, and South Africa, suggesting that co-circulation of coronaviruses is common in multiple bat species with overlapping geographical distributions.” In other words, the coronaviruses discovered in this study were identified in bat populations that migrate between China and Kazakhstan, among other countries, and is closely related to bat coronaviruses in several countries, including China.

The study was entirely funded by the U.S. Department of Defense, specifically the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) as part of a project investigating coronaviruses similar to MERS, such as the aforementioned 2018 study. Yet, beyond the funding of this 2019 study, the institutions involved in conducting this study are also worth noting given their own close ties to the U.S. military and government.

The study’s authors are affiliated with either the Kazakhstan-based Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems and/or Duke University. The Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems, though officially a part of Kazakhstan’s National Center for Biotechnology, has received millions from the U.S. government, most of it coming from the Pentagon’s Cooperative Threat Reduction Program. It is the Kazakhstan government’s official depository of “highly dangerous animal and bird infections, with a collection of 278 pathogenic strains of 46 infectious diseases.” It is part of a network of Pentagon-funded “bioweapons labs” throughout the Central Asian country, which borders both of the U.S.’ top rival states — China and Russia.

Duke University’s involvement with this study is also interesting given that Duke is a key partner of DARPA’s Pandemic Prevention Platform (P3) program, which officially aims “to dramatically accelerate discovery, integration, pre-clinical testing, and manufacturing of medical countermeasures against infectious diseases.” The first step of the Duke/DARPA program involves the discovery of potentially threatening viruses and “develop[ing] methods to support viral propagation, so that virus can be used for downstream studies.”

Duke University is also jointly partnered with China’s Wuhan University, which is based in the city where the current coronavirus outbreak began, which resulted in the opening of the China-based Duke Kunshan University (DKU) in 2018. Notably, China’s Wuhan University — in addition to its partnership with Duke — also includes a multi-lab Institute of Medical Virology that has worked closely with the US Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases since the 1980s, according to its website. As previously noted, the USAMRIID facility in the U.S. was shut down last July for failures to abide by biosafety and proper waste disposal procedures, but was allowed to partially resume some experiments late last November.

The Pentagon’s Dark History of Germ Warfare

The U.S. military has a troubling past of having used disease as a weapon during times of war. One example involved the U.S.’ use of germ warfare during the Korean War, when it targeted both North Korea and China by dropping diseased insects and voles carrying a variety of pathogens — including bubonic plague and hemorrhagic fever — from planes in the middle of the night. Despite the mountain of evidence and the testimony of U.S. soldiers involved in that program, the U.S. government and military denied the claims and ordered the destruction of relevant documentation.

In the post World War II era, other examples of U.S. research aimed at developing biological weapons have emerged, some of which have recently received media attention. One such example occurred this past July, when the U.S. House of Representatives demanded information from the U.S. military on its past efforts to weaponize insects and Lyme disease between 1950 and 1975.

The U.S. has claimed that it has not pursued offensive biological weapons since 1969 and this has been further supported by the U.S.’ ratification of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC), which went into effect in 1975. However, there is extensive evidence that the U.S. has continued to covertly research and develop such weapons in the years since, much of it conducted abroad and outsourced to private companies, yet still funded by the U.S. military. Several investigators, including Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, have documented how the U.S. produces deadly viruses, bacteria and other toxins at facilities outside of the U.S. — many of them in Eastern Europe, Africa and South Asia — in clear violation of the BWC.

Aside from the military’s own research, the controversial neoconservative think tank, the now defunct Project for a New American Century (PNAC), openly promoted the use of a race-specific genetically modified bioweapon as a “politically useful tool.” In what is arguably the think tank’s most controversial document, titled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses,” there are a few passages that openly discuss the utility of bioweapons, including the following sentences:

“…combat likely will take place in new dimensions: in space, “cyber-space,” and perhaps the world of microbes…advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.”

Though numerous members of PNAC were prominent in the George W. Bush administration, many of its more controversial members have again risen to political prominence in the Trump administration.

Several years after “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” was published, the U.S. Air Force published a document entitled “Biotechnology: Genetically Engineered Pathogens,” which contains the following passage:

“The JASON group, composed of academic scientists, served as technical advisers to the U. S. government. Their study generated six broad classes of genetically engineered pathogens that could pose serious threats to society. These include but are not limited to binary biological weapons, designer genes, gene therapy as a weapon, stealth viruses, host-swapping diseases, and designer diseases (emphasis added).”

Concerns about Pentagon experiments with biological weapons have garnered renewed media attention, particularly after it was revealed in 2017 that DARPA was the top funder of the controversial “gene drive” technology, which has the power to permanently alter the genetics of entire populations while targeting others for extinction. At least two of DARPA’s studies using this controversial technology were classified and “focused on the potential military application of gene drive technology and use of gene drives in agriculture,” according to media reports.

The revelation came after an organization called the ETC Group obtained over 1,000 emails on the military’s interest in the technology as part of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Co-director of the ETC Group Jim Thomas said that this technology may be used as a biological weapon:

“Gene drives are a powerful and dangerous new technology and potential biological weapons could have disastrous impacts on peace, food security and the environment, especially if misused, The fact that gene drive development is now being primarily funded and structured by the US military raises alarming questions about this entire field.”

Though the exact motivation behind the military’s interest in such technology is unknown, the Pentagon has been open about the fact that it is devoting much of its resources towards the containment of what it considers the two greatest threats to U.S. military hegemony: Russia and China. China has been cited as the greatest threat of the two by several Pentagon officials, including John Rood, the Pentagon’s top adviser for defense policy, who described China as the greatest threat to “our way of life in the United States” at the Aspen Security Forum last July.

Since the Pentagon began “redesigning” its policies and research towards a “long war” with Russia and China, the Russian military has accused the U.S. military of harvesting DNA from Russians as part of a covert bioweapon program, a charge that the Pentagon has adamantly denied. Major General Igor Kirillov, the head of the Russian military’s radiation, chemical and biological protection unit who made these claims, also asserted that the U.S. was developing such weapons in close proximity to Russian and Chinese borders.

China has also accused the U.S. military of harvesting DNA from Chinese citizens with ill intentions, such as when 200,000 Chinese farmers were used in 12 genetic experiments without informed consent. Those experiments had been conducted by Harvard researchers as part of a U.S. government-funded project.

Darpa and Its Partners Chosen to Develop Coronavirus Vaccine

Last Thursday, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) announced that it would fund three separate programs in order to promote the development of a vaccine for the new coronavirus responsible for the current outbreak.

CEPI — which describes itself as “a partnership of public, private, philanthropic and civil organizations that will finance and co-ordinate the development of vaccines against high priority public health threats” — was founded in 2017 by the governments of Norway and India along with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Its massive funding and close connections to public, private and non-profit organizations have positioned it to be able to finance the rapid creation of vaccines and widely distribute them.

CEPI’s recent announcement revealed that it would fund two pharmaceutical companies — Inovio Pharmaceuticals and Moderna Inc. — as well as Australia’s University of Queensland, which became a partner of CEPI early last year. Notably, the two pharmaceutical companies chosen have close ties to and/or strategic partnerships with DARPA and are developing vaccines that controversially involve genetic material and/or gene editing. The University of Queensland also has ties to DARPA, but those ties are not related to the university’s biotechnology research, but instead engineering and missile development.

For instance, the top funders of Inovio Pharmaceuticals include both DARPA and the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and the company has received millions in dollars in grants from DARPA, including a \$45 million grant to develop a vaccine for Ebola. Inovio specializes in the creation of DNA immunotherapies and DNA vaccines, which contain genetically engineered DNA that causes the cells of the recipient to produce an antigen and can permanently alter a person’s DNA. Inovio previously developed a DNA vaccine for the Zika virus, but — to date — no DNA vaccine has been approved for use in humans in the United States. Inovio was also recently awarded over \$8 million from the U.S. military to develop a small, portable intradermal device for delivering DNA vaccines jointly developed by Inovio and USAMRIID.

However, the CEPI grant to combat coronavirus may change that, as it specifically funds Inovio’s efforts to continue developing its DNA vaccine for the coronavirus that causes MERS. Inovio’s MERS vaccine program began in 2018 in partnership with CEPI in a deal worth \$56 million. The vaccine currently under development uses “Inovio’s DNA Medicines platform to deliver optimized synthetic antigenic genes into cells, where they are translated into protein antigens that activate an individual’s immune system” and the program is partnered with U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) and the NIH, among others. That program is currently undergoing testing in the Middle East.

Inovio’s collaboration with the U.S. military in regards to DNA vaccines is nothing new, as their past efforts to develop a DNA vaccine for both Ebola and Marburg virus were also part of what Inovio’s CEO Dr. Joseph Kim called its “active biodefense program” that has “garnered multiple grants from the Department of Defense, Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), and other government agencies.”

CEPI’s interest in increasing its support to this MERS-specific program seems at odds with its claim that doing so will combat the current coronavirus outbreak, since MERS and the novel coronavirus in question are not analogous and treatments for certain coronaviruses have been shown to be ineffective against other strains.

It is also worth noting that Inovio Pharmaceuticals was the only company selected by CEPI with direct access to the Chinese pharmaceutical market through its partnership with China’s ApolloBio Corp., which currently has an exclusive license to sell Inovio-made DNA immunotherapy products to Chinese customers.

The second pharmaceutical company that was selected by CEPI to develop a vaccine for the new coronavirus is Moderna Inc., which will develop a vaccine for the novel coronavirus of concern in collaboration with the U.S. NIH and which will be funded entirely by CEPI. The vaccine in question, as opposed to Inovio’s DNA vaccine, will be a messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine. Though different than a DNA vaccine, mRNA vaccines still use genetic material “to direct the body’s cells to produce intracellular, membrane or secreted proteins.”

Moderna’s mRNA treatments, including its mRNA vaccines, were largely developed using a \$25 million grant from DARPA and it often touts is strategic alliance with DARPA in press releases. Moderna’s past and ongoing research efforts have included developing mRNA vaccines tailored to an individual’s unique DNA as well as an unsuccessful effort to create a mRNA vaccine for the Zika Virus, which was funded by the U.S. government.

Both DNA and mRNA vaccines involve the introduction of foreign and engineered genetic material into a person’s cells and past studies have found that such vaccines “possess significant unpredictability and a number of inherent harmful potential hazards” and that “there is inadequate knowledge to define either the probability of unintended events or the consequences of genetic modifications.” Nonetheless, the climate of fear surrounding the coronavirus outbreak could be enough for the public and private sector to develop and distribute such controversial treatments due to fear about the epidemic potential of the current outbreak.

However, the therapies being developed by Inovio, Modern and the University of Queensland are in alignment with DARPA’s objectives regarding gene editing and vaccine technology. For instance, in 2015, DARPA geneticist Col. Daniel Wattendorf described how the agency was investigating a “new method of vaccine production [that] would involve giving the body instructions for making certain antibodies. Because the body would be its own bioreactor, the vaccine could be produced much faster than traditional methods and the result would be a higher level of protection.”

According to media reports on Wattendorf’s statements at the time, the vaccine would be developed as follows:

“Scientists would harvest viral antibodies from someone who has recovered from a disease such as flu or Ebola. After testing the antibodies’ ability to neutralize viruses in a petri dish, they would isolate the most effective one, determine the genes needed to make that antibody, and then encode many copies of those genes into a circular snippet of genetic material — either DNA or RNA, that the person’s body would then use as a cookbook to assemble the antibody.”

Though Wattendorf asserted that the effects of those vaccines wouldn’t be permanent, DARPA has since been promoting permanent gene modifications as a means of protecting U.S. troops from biological weapons and infectious disease. “Why is DARPA doing this? [To] protect a soldier on the battlefield from chemical weapons and biological weapons by controlling their genome — having the genome produce proteins that would automatically protect the soldier from the inside out,” then-DARPA director Steve Walker (now with Lockheed Martin) said this past September of the project, known as “Safe Genes.”


Research conducted by the Pentagon, and DARPA specifically, has continually raised concerns, not just in the field of bioweapons and biotechnology, but also in the fields of nanotechnology, robotics and several others. DARPA, for instance, has been developing a series of unsettling research projects that ranges from microchips that can create and delete memories from the human brain to voting machine software that is rife with problems.

Now, as fear regarding the current coronavirus outbreak begins to peak, companies with direct ties to DARPA have been tasked with developing its vaccine, the long-term human and environmental impacts of which are unknown and will remain unknown by the time the vaccine is expected to go to market in a few weeks time.

Furthermore, DARPA and the Pentagon’s past history with bioweapons and their more recent experiments on genetic alteration and extinction technologies as well as bats and coronaviruses in proximity to China have been largely left out of the narrative, despite the information being publicly available. Also left out of the media narrative have been the direct ties of both the USAMRIID and DARPA-partnered Duke University to the city of Wuhan, including its Institute of Medical Virology.

Though much about the origins of the coronavirus outbreak remains unknown, the U.S. military’s ties to the aforementioned research studies and research institutions are worth detailing as such research — while justified in the name of “national security” — has the frightening potential to result in unintended, yet world-altering consequences. The lack of transparency about this research, such as DARPA’s decision to classify its controversial genetic extinction research and the technology’s use as a weapon of war, compounds these concerns. While it is important to avoid reckless speculation as much as possible, it is the opinion of this author that the information in this report is in the public interest and that readers should use this information to reach their own conclusions about the topics discussed herein.

(Republished from The Last American Vagabond by permission of author or representative)
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    It seems the Chinese 250 nukes are no longer a strong enough deterrent. They need to build more, enough to make USA, EU, and Israel completely green.

    Then we will all be safe.

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  5. Kiwi 1 says:

    Interesting and thought provoking article. Queensland University is in Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland. Also in Brisbane is the suburb of Hendra, where the Hendra virus was first identified. It too appears to be transmitted by bats to animals and humans.

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    Israel has a long and well documented record of using bio-weapons against the British, Syrians, Egyptians and of course the Palestinian civilian population in 1947 and 1948, see Traces of Poison,

  8. @clickkid

    Intro set to the tune of “Imagine” by John Lennon? No thank you!

    • LOL: Old and grumpy
  9. @clickkid

    Going well until Roswell, aliens, magic powers, and the almighty Yada von Yada come to save the world. Call the warden!

    • Agree: Jett Rucker
  10. Anon[250] • Disclaimer says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Herro G0rfree Loberrt. Much happy U make CCP strong! through U good work!

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  11. Another great article by Whitney Webb, thank you. After reading the article I am now more inclined to believe some of the rumors suggesting that the Wuhan Coronavirus was possibly leaked from a biological research lab in Wuhan. Especially after reading about the direct ties of USAMRIID and DARPA-partnered Duke University to the Institute of Medical Virology in Wuhan.

    Also, I read that patient zero was diagnosed on Dec. 1 long before the Chinese official statements of Dec. 31 and the fact that patient zero had no contact with the wet market that was supposed to be the origin of the virus. Of course it’s still early and a great deal of confusion but as someone famously said” “All governments lie”.

    • Agree: Jett Rucker
    • Replies: @Herald
    , @KommentPassin'
  12. Anonymous[289] • Disclaimer says:

    Thank you for this info, really scary unfortunately the powers to be are mad for power and will do anything to get it.

    • Replies: @massenet
  13. Sulu says:

    Interesting article. The timing of the outbreak, just before the Chinese new year when they travel all over the country, does make one suspect this could indeed be a bio weapon.

    It would be more to the point to know for certain whether or not any white people have been infected by this particular pathogen or if its victims have all been Asians. The mainstream media seems to omit this fact and by omission pretend it is a trivial detail.

    I have two degrees, one of which is in science, but sadly it is not in biology, so I feel myself ill prepared to draw conclusions from this article. I would be interested to hear from commenters that are educated on the subject. If the virus exclusively or overwhelmingly targets Asians is this indeed conclusive evidence of a bio weapon? Or is this simply normal behavior of viruses in the wild?

  14. johnwho says:

    Science fiction.
    But here is a site which will explain a lot about the Wuchu virus. It is not writen by no count conspricacy theorists but it does give a lot of the details you may wish to learn:

    • Replies: @anon
  15. @Kiwi 1

    And the funny part is that the goyim pay \$100+ to Mossad sayamin Anne Wojcicki of genomics company 23andMe for the privilege of having their DNA sequenced and used as part of Israeli ethnic bioweapons program.

    To add insult to injury, these test kits sell like hotcakes on Christmas, a festival celebrating the birth of a man Jews eventually killed!

    • Agree: the grand wazoo
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Jett Rucker
  16. onebornfree says: • Website

    “Scientists have just found HIV (AIDS) virus-like insertions in the 2019-nCov virus”

    Regards, onebornfree

  17. Herald says:
    @Chet Roman

    “All governments lie”.

    But some lie more than others.

  18. The timing of the attack/outbreak is spine chillingly diabolic, launch the virus just prior to the biggest annual migration move of the year akin to launching a bio-weapon prior to the Haj and have almost every Muslim country in the world infected. If someone wanted to get China on its knees using a bio-weapon this was the perfect way to do it using the perfect City Wuhan to do it Since they also have probably a bio weapons lab themselves and the perps have the best plausible deniability excuse in the world – Doh!! look at your own lab first. And connect this to that Macabre coincidence the USM had an unnatural &and perverse interest in Corona Viruses for a quite some time!!

    The other possibilities are an safety lapse in the facility very possible given the appalling safety standards in China or some Chinese Dr. Evil(like the anthrax case). In any case China is facing a disaster, more than 50 million people are in lock down, they are literally bolting doors &and locking people in their houses, Most industry has come to a complete halt, the world is quarantining them, countries after countries are officially banning them and the others are doing it unofficially. Today another city 800 km from Ground Zero got brutally sealed & shutoff, prosperous modern cities are turning into walled off Leper colonies overnight. Worse today it was discovered that our little fiend transmits through feces as well!! That diabolical little shit. It was also revealed that certain SARs virus had transmitted itself thru aerosolized feces. I think it is also very significant because the Chinese have such appalling toilet habits, in public toilets even in restaurants they don’t flush the used paper they throw it into a bin, disgusting &and a possible behavioural vector for the virus to ride on.

    Kudos to Whitney for writing such a well researched and pleasurable read, he beautifully brought up the case for a conspiracy theory and left it that, he never came across as a crackpot like Godfree did when he wrote about this yesterday.

    Emergency announcement

    Alt-right please urgently go an support Andrew Anglin, one of the greatest stylists in the English Language today, utterly vile & wickedly funny and he’s invented the genre of meme writing through which he has captured the absurdity of contemporary Weimerica brilliantly. I’ve would have given him a Pulitzer. Alt-right if you can’t support Andrew probably your greatest assets what kind of a movement are you

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @Bert
    , @lloyd
  19. Anonymous[159] • Disclaimer says:
    @Just passing through

    Stephen Lendman has written persuasively about Israel’s bio weapons lab, its human experiments in S Africa and the ME causing mind-bending horrors, and its work on lethal, ethnic-directed diseases. In Australia about 10 years ago, a Israeli in Chasid garb bizarrely claiming immunity from search as a registered Arboriginal in Queensland, arriving directly from Israel, was intercepted clearing customs in Sydney with bagfuls of heavily rust-infected fruit tree leaves, which he absurdly claimed was for cooking. The overlooked threat is to the US’ food supply, according to a USDA study, which is only a week or so deep with beef. Crop and livestock pandemics might be easily spread from enclaves around the country considered off limits to law enforcement, and such an attack would take this country down nearly as fast as bombing our cities. You’d think the fairly recent hoof and mouth pandemic in England and France should serve as a taste of what’s possible.

  20. anon[341] • Disclaimer says:

    Anthrax was weaponized in 2001 to a level where this could be mailed in powder form. American labs have since then improved the capacity of delivery through multiple other vehicles . The weaponized anthrax was hijacked by Zionist 5 th columnist in 2001 to force USA get into war. Cornavirus has now been perfected . The threat will hang on China and other countries for foreseeable future.

    Wasn’t America blaming Syria of gas attack while same time it was actively promoting supplying and protecting White Helmets’ s foray into using chlorine gas?

    America has been recently promoting risk and the awareness of the fake video and potential impact of it from abuse by rogue country like Russia ,China,Iran, and terrorists. The truth is that America has been perfecting production of fake video for years .

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @Ber
  21. @Sulu

    It would be more to the point to know for certain whether or not any white people have been infected by this particular pathogen or if its victims have all been Asians. The mainstream media seems to omit this fact and by omission pretend it is a trivial detail.

    Europeans have already been infected but remained healthy. For instance, a 33-year old man from Bavaria got infected by a Chinese woman, who had family ties to Wuhan, while she was on a brief business trip to Munich. He was then said to have transmitted the virus to other people from the region, who worked at the same company. They are now in quarantine, under observation at a clinic in Munich.

    Here is a brief report from Reuters from the end of last month, without many details:

    It is not difficult to find additional information in English using a search engine, using basic keywords.

    Here is a good source from worlometer with the latest updates, according to which the median age of deaths is 75:

    The corporate media are probably under orders to downplay the issue in order to avoid causing panic in the population, given that surgical masks have sold out everywhere a while ago already. This tactic is how the ebola outbreak in the US was dealt with in the previous administration. As soon as there were no more reports in the media, the problem no longer existed in the minds of the people.

    • Replies: @Sulu
    , @Mefobills
  22. anon[341] • Disclaimer says:

    H1N1 data is mystical. Was it pushed under the carpet? Death rate infectivity and origins were not connected by media and government.

  23. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    That Harvard professor/ researcher who was arrested last week for providing clandestine aid to the PRC, Charles Lieber, brags on his web page his ‘association’ with several dodgy groups, including DARPA.

    The Deep State knows it has to keep the petro-dollar on top, if it wants to keep control of the world, or at least the West. They can’t have uppity nations like China and Russia backing their currency with gold instead of bullets, so they must be contained.

    If anyone out there doesn’t think the psychos running and ruining this nation wouldn’t release some pathogen in China to derail that nation’s economy, then you haven’t been paying attention since 9/11.

  24. Bill Gates and Soros and the CIA and MI6 and the Mossad and the CDC and the WHO etc., all at work creating new ways to cull the herd, however the culling should start at the top of the pyramid.

  25. I’ve read a far more interesting theory that this live virus was made to become the basis for a super vaccine. Apparently all SARS vaccines have been met with failure and death. So one up SARS by making a cold virus with HIV built in. Then they did control testing on a few unsuspecting patients, and oops a pandemic begins.

    No clue what is true. Team evil definitely wants to cull the human herd. Pentagon outsourcing bioweapon research to a potential “enemy” is either stupid or incredibly diabolical. Perhaps giving the wealthy of Long Island ticks with Lyme disease was too much guilt for the Pentagon. So next best thing, give China money and a hot bug. What I do suspect is by the CCP’s reaction, they were in on it. Isn’t globalism grand?

    • Replies: @Alfred
  26. Interesting piece.

    I had never heard about the 12 genetic experiments (drawing blood) conducted in Anhui, China by Harvard researchers.

  27. Agent76 says:

    Jun 26, 2019 Engineering the Human-Machine Partnership

    This talk by Dr. Brian Pierce, Director of DARPA’s Information Innovation Office, focuses on the engineering of AI systems so as to achieve a beneficial partnership between humans and machines.

    NOVEMBER 2018 The Pentagon’s Push to Program Soldiers’ Brains

    The military wants future super-soldiers to control robots with their thoughts.

    9/28/2015 DARPA is testing implanting chips in soldiers’ brains

    DARPA responded to a request from Fusion that “brain-neural interfaces” have not yet been implanted in soldiers, though test devices have been implanted in the brains of volunteers already undergoing brain surgery. We’ve changed the headline to reflect that implantation of chips in soldiers’ brains has not happened yet.

    April 2013 The White House announced the BRAIN initiative in

    Today, the initiative is supported by several federal agencies as well as dozens of technology firms, academic institutions, scientists and other key contributors to the field of neuroscience. DARPA is supporting the BRAIN initiative through a number of programs. DARPA anticipates investing up to \$60 million in the NESD program over four years. NESD is part of a broader portfolio of programs within DARPA that support President Obama’s brain initiative. For more information about DARPA’s work in that domain, please visit:

  28. Big Daddy says:

    Proof of the lab invention of Corona virus is in. It has the artificially placed gene sequence “P-ShuttleSN.”

    On another note, Lyme Disease first occurred in Lyme, CT, USA. What was right across the Long Island Sound from Lyme? Fort Dietrich, the U. S. Army Biological and Germ Warfare Lab. It is now closed. Possibly some scientist could look to see if the above gene sequence is in its DNA?

    • Replies: @bjondo
  29. Republic says:

    Dr Francis Boyle: Wuhan Coronavirus is an Offensive Biological Warfare Weapon

    Since 9/11 US has spent over 100 billion on biological warfare

    • Agree: Agent76
    • Thanks: Alfred
  30. Anon[291] • Disclaimer says:
    @Crazy Horse

    The arrest (and its timing) of Charles Lieber, Harvard chemistry department chair, now makes more sense. It is all about his connection with the lab in Wuhan and ensuring his silence a federal case with a de facto gag order.

    I’m not sure the Chinese are savvy enough to deal with the covert war they are in. Or even realize the nature and extent of this covert war. The arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou and the orchestrated unrest in Hong Kong gave China just a little taste of it. But it’s ramping up, obviously. The West/globalists seek to undermine the Chinese economy and social stability. The West is planning on using Islamic proxy warriors and start a jihad in Xinjiang.

    The official Deep State/globalist propaganda has all but said this.

    In China, every day is Kristallnacht

    By Fred Hiatt
    Washington Post Editorial page editor
    November 3, 2019

    CT Jewish Ledger
    January 28, 2020

    Senior Saudi leader and Muslim religious leaders visit Auschwitz

    Why Does No One Care That China Is Ethnically Cleansing Uyghar Muslims?

    CJ Werleman
    February 26, 2019


    China Cables: ‘The largest incarceration of a minority since the Holocaust’

    The Irish Times
    Colm Keena
    Nov 24, 2019


    Uyghur Genocide: The “Muslim Holocaust” in China

    DECEMBER 10 ,2019


    So amusing The Forward would be concerned about the mistreatment and “ethnic cleansing” of Muslims in China.

    Deep State/globalist have now equated China with Nazi Germany. Next step they will destroy China and subjugate the Chinese people. That’s why all the elites’ children are learning Mandarin, because one day they will be administrators when the globalist empire rules China.

    • Replies: @Bert
    , @barr
    , @Anonymous
    , @Mefobills
  31. El Dato says:

    Not bad.

    How can such articles be written so fast? Are these claims all really well-sourced?

    Also, these DNA helixes in stock images are ridiculous. They look as if they were composed of millions of polystyrene balls. Might as well depict just the string representation.

    BTW, I still have the hardcover from a book written during the Last Great Concern, in 1996, when Ebola became newspaper viral and a movie with Dustin Hoffman was made (directed by Wolfgang Petersen, LOLZ)

    • Replies: @Crazy Horse
  32. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:

    I knew this was biologically engineered.

    Just watch the video below on event 201 where they model this exact scenario. Something this big, America needs to coordinate with the rest of the world on how they should act going forward.

    Keep in mind that China is refusing help from America. Why do you think that is? They know it came from a bio warfare lab and it was targetted against China.

    Right now, China is experiencing Avian Outbreak that is targetting their chickens and an Anfrican outbreak that is targetting their pork. No way this is a coincidence.

    This is incredibly dangerous, as China has tons of stem graduates. They could easily just make a virus that targets white people in retaliation.

    China would be fools to just give billions of people an experimental vaccine from the west. No doubt this vaccine will do more damage than good.

    • Agree: Godfree Roberts, Alfred
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  33. Anon[295] • Disclaimer says:
    @Greg Bacon

    I think this connection should be researched thoroughly.

  34. @clickkid

    I rushed through the article to come to the comment section to post this same video. But I’m glad to find that you got the first spot with this. Good job! Everyone needs to see this.

    We are living in weird times. First it was 9/11, then the Fukushima nuclear disaster, then this Wuhan Coronavirus, each becoming progressively harder to believe, but oh so possible and, quite incredibly, passing the gut-feeling test.

  35. Wait until the bug comes back to bite the developers in the arse!

  36. Bert says:
    @Just passing through

    Why don’t all nations just execute people who advocate for mass killing. You show your true TROLL colors.

  37. Bert says:

    “The West/globalists seek to undermine the Chinese economy and social stability.”

    The rise of China from a peasant nation to a modern nation was the linchpin of globalization, and was supported by the West. You can’t think straight.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Anon
    , @Jake
  38. Eagle Eye says:

    The timing of the outbreak, just before the Chinese new year …

    Sometimes, a coincidence is just a coincidence, even where warfare is involved.. The key fact is that flu-type infections are vastly more prevalent during the winter months than during the rest of the year.

    Even assuming that the virus was released maliciously or accidentally either by China or some other power (one can construct various 4D chess scenarios), the primary fact is that it would spread more readily during the winter months, and might not even be noticed if occurring at low intensity during the rest of the year. Of course, China itself and any adversary would be well aware of the custom of Chinese New Year and attendant flows of hundreds of millions of people all across the country. An intentional perpetrator would have regarded this as a bonus, but the key consideration is simply the onset of the colder season.

    With a currently-reported initial discovery on December 1, 2019, we are not seeing anything very suspicious in terms of timing. It is very difficult to diagnose diseases retrospectively, especially where the symptoms are just generic flu symptoms that could have been caused by numerous other strains. AIDS infections appear to have occurred at low frequency back in the 1950s and possibly earlier.

    Malicious release by factions within the Chinese power structure itself is entirely conceivable. The epidemic is seriously hurting the economy and making Xi Jinping’s ruling group look bad. The crisis opens the door to a possible coup by a rival group.

  39. Delta G says:

    Reality Check!!

    There has never been a successful bioweapon attack. Yes the US Army gave blankets to the Native Americans which were contaminated with smallpox and the Native Americans had no immunity and it was devastating but I doubt they knew what they were doing.

    This is an example of DARPA. DARPA has lots of hair brained idiotic ideas and requests for all kinds of things, most of which are impossible to create. Oh sure there is a 1 in a Trillion/Trillion chance it could be done but “Highly Unlikely” is most likely. Nature may create a deadly pandemic virus or bacteria but no laboratory has been able to do it. Also, without exception, most DARPA funded work is conducted by the Equivalent of Boeing Rejects. Dumber than dirt. Clowns at best.

    Its based on the DOD / Pentagon good ol’ buddy system where I will lie for you if you lie for me. Gee do you think that they can make a Bio-weapon when can’t make a new plan the flies (F-35) or a new destroyer that can actually go to sea (Littoral Combat Ship). These are 2 relatively simple Engineering Tasks where all the physics, chemistry etc etc are known. The vast majority of Biology is still a mystery even Genetics.

    Don’t believe for an instant that Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering is something that is easily accomplished or creates a stable new life form. It does not.

    While I do believe our Government and its Military Branches have many nefarious individuals in their employ, none of them are very capable. The Manhattan Project was a Physics, Chemistry Project where 99% of the knowledge was available at the time of its inception. Just needed an unlimited budget and willing workers.

    The US Government has been dismantling Science for the last 30 years. Knowing the DNA sequence is fairly useless but to the lay person its been made to be the answer to everything. What do you expect with Francis Collins who is still the Director of the NIH and responsible for the waste of money to sequence the Human Genome. Of course its important (Not Really). Know one knows how to read it. Just marketing bullshit, like something from DARPA and the Pentagon. It’s like the new I-Phone. Whoopee doo!!!

    I do know something about this as I spent my professional life as a Biomedical Research Scientist, have a Ph.D. in Biology and was promoted to Full Professor 27 years ago when I was 40 years old. I have discovered multiple Human Genes, sequenced them and used Genetic Engineering to create Genetically Modified Bacteria, Eucaryotic Cells and Mice. Many of these discoveries resulted in multiple US and International Patents, some of which are the foundation for a biotech company currently work multi billions of dollars which has revolutionary drug therapies none of which are based on Genetics or the DNA sequence of my discoveries or Patents.

    So Whitney don’t be fooled by what might be coming out of a lab. It’s not likely to be the Andromeda Strain.

  40. Anonymous[394] • Disclaimer says:


    Anglos truly are the most evil people on this planet.

    This video shows exactly what is happening. Everything from the Iran War to the China Flu.

    White people reading this are fools if they think this won’t affect them.

    • Replies: @anon
  41. Anonymous[394] • Disclaimer says:

    Sure, but China was not supposed to grow to the point where they could threaten the west.

    They were supposed to become an industrialized peasant nation, not a modern one.

    • Replies: @Bert
    , @Parfois1
  42. barr says:

    At risk of losing their Israeli citizenship in ‘deal of the century,’ these Arabs are feeling betrayed.

    Esawi Freige served in the Israeli parliament for six years as a member of the left-wing Meretz party. Yet under U.S. President Donald Trump’s “deal of the century,” he could eventually be stripped of his Israeli citizenship.—

    Didn’t Trump impose sanctions on Myanmar ? That map will shrink more until the green becomes empty of Arab .

  43. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:

    You forgot Jews. Anglos and Jews are partners in crime. It’s a shame the Holohoax never actually happened.

    • Replies: @Kim
  44. @Kiwi 1

    The modern equivalent of the Rabbi poisoning the town well. If something works, ((( they))) stick with it

  45. @Eagle Eye

    That’s more likely in a Roman governance nation, where rival factions are the norm.

    In Confucian China, with its consensus-driven policy-making process, trust in government makes rival factions pretty much impossible.

    • Replies: @Eagle Eye
  46. @Delta G

    Even 70 years ago, building upon the excellent work of the Japanese biowarfare group, USAF biological attacks killed Koreans and Chinese.

    Today, our biowarfare techniques are much better developed, DNA can be targeted at the individual level, and we have had abundant opportunities to practice on Cubans and others.

    The Coronavirus attack, if it is such, will do less damage than one day of flu, but it must still be considered highly successful in its disruptive effects and harm to China’s reputation.

    • Agree: Ber
  47. @Anonymous

    So as well as making them sick they want to starve them too by infecting their pigs, chicken, what next? Keep us updated.

    • Replies: @Ber
  48. Anonymous[394] • Disclaimer says:
    @Delta G

    Fake news,

    The US used bioweapons on Korea. They used bioweapons on Guatemalans is black US soldiers.

    The US used agent orange against Vietnam, which isn’t a bioweapon but it shows how reckless the US is in using biologic weapons.

  49. Anonymous[394] • Disclaimer says:
    @Eagle Eye

    There are too many coincidences here.

    China being attacked simultaneously with Avian Flu in their chickens, African Flu on their pork, and now Corona Virus which selects for Chinese people.

    Plus you have Bill Gates pandemic simulation before the event.

    This cannot be summed up as a coincidence.

    • Replies: @Eagle Eye
    , @Desert Fox
  50. Anon[291] • Disclaimer says:

    The rise of China from a peasant nation to a modern nation was the linchpin of globalization, and was supported by the West. You can’t think straight.

    Are you dumb, new to UR, or simply hasbara?? I presume the last.

    Globalist is not synonymous with globalization, and, FTR, globalism is not synonymous with globalization. The latter simply refers to the forces and/or dynamics of change in globalism.

    But let that go. And let’s set aside your vincible ignorance as well. Here’s a primer on globalists and their agenda:

    The Globalist Plan to take-down the whole World

    By Preston James, Ph.D

    … The Agenda of these Globalists is to establish a NWO System as a tyranny run by them…

    The core Globalist leaders (you can count on two hands) have been rolling out an occult inter-generational age-old plan to take complete control over the whole World…

    The Globalists’ operating methods are based on careful, systematic efforts to create Chaos in every existing nation and society in order to break down the old natural order…

    • Replies: @Bert
  51. Agent76 says:

    Feb 26, 2017 Bill Gates Just Warned a New Bioweapon Will Wipe Out 30 Million

  52. Eagle Eye says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    In Confucian China, with its consensus-driven policy-making process, trust in government makes rival factions pretty much impossible.

    Purported support for the government among the hoi polloi does not mean that brutal factional infighting cannot occur at the top.

    For one thing, the Bo Xilai incident a few years back showed that there are indeed different factions jostling for power at the top of the party and military hierarchies. In fact, it is impossible to imagine how a system would work where such factions did NOT exist to some extent at the top.

    Moreover, it is difficult to credit the extremely high figure of government support among the general population shown in the graph. The alleged figure of 78% of Chinese claiming to believe that their government works for everyone’s benefit is dubious for several reasons.

    First, China remains a totalitarian country with strict control of any anti-government statement, and universal electronic surveillance and censorship of which all Chinese are keenly aware. In the circumstances, it is surprising that 32% of respondents did NOT express full confidence in their government’s benevolence.

    Second, China has seen dramatic economic growth over the past 4 decades. Many Chinese over, say 40 will equate economic improvements with the conclusion that their government “works for everyone’s benefit.” At the same time, ordinary Chinese are well aware of the breathtaking corruption perpetrated by the party elite at all levels.

    • Replies: @Godfree Roberts
  53. Mefobills says:

    Herro G0rfree Loberrt. Much happy U make CCP strong! through U good work!

    You should attack Godfree using logic and convince us with your unimpeachable argument.

    People that use ad-homiems are low level and should be banned.

    Maybe somebody here thinks you are cute and maybe you are trying for a laugh? Who knows. You are also insulting Chinese people, many of whom are advanced humans. Their language didn’t develop for the R and they substitute with an L sound. Ha Ha

    Why don’t you take a hike. You are at a low level.

    I’m surprised UNZ moderators are allowing something like this, as it drags the conversation down to the low level you intended.

    • Agree: follyofwar
  54. Agent76 says:

    Feb 3, 2020 China Is “The Central Threat”: Pompeo | Coronavirus Doctors Targeted!

    China is tackling the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak by arresting doctors and using drones to yell at old ladies.

    • Agree: ivan
  55. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:

    A virus targeting blacks would make violent crime disappear overnight.

  56. Bert says:

    Blinded by your tinfoil hat, you miss the point: If the fewer than ten Globalist leaders had any real control, they would not have permitted the rise of a superpower like modern China.

    One question: Are the fewer than ten Globalist leaders all Ashkenazi, or are some of them from another solar system?

  57. Mefobills says:

    Your argument squares with Whitney Webb (the author).

    East Asians present a much higher ratio of lung cells that express that receptor than the other ethnicities (Caucasian and African-American) included in the study.

    Europeans have already been infected but remained healthy.

    The press is steeped in neo-liberal globo-homo dogma that all the races are “equal.” Since they cling to the dogma like a religion, then don’t expect them to be rational. Also, their paymasters tend to be Jews, so they won’t go against the hand that feeds.

    There are differences in the races, but there is also significant overlap. Think of it like a Venn Diagram.

    Infection ratios will like be different, but I would be willing to bet that it spreads through white and “other non asian” populations; again – it will be a ratio difference based on race differences.

    • Replies: @Just passing through
  58. Xw says:

    This article is strange.

    It doesn’t seem to be an unprejudiced appraisal of the entire factual matrix.

    Why is there no examination or even reference to the Chinese who were removed from the BSL-4 Laboratory in Canada?

    Why is there no examination or even reference to the Chinese nationals who were members of the PLA who were arrested or removed from positions in American institutions?

    Why is there no examination or even reference to the fact Chinese claimed in 2014 the first engineering of a Corona-Virus using human, bat, and civet admixtures based around the ACE-2 Protein pathway?

    Why is there no mention of the Thousand Talents program and the theft of American proprietary information and proprietary materials?

    Why is there no mention of very clear western casualties that have occurred due to this Chinese bio-weapon already? Kids in Utah, police officers in Georgia, young men in Santa Clara in California.

    There is a mention of ‘neo-cons’, why is there no reference to specific gene-bank companies the Chinese have been working with based out of Israel or the Ivy League? Why isn’t Israel mentioned?

    Why is there no real mention of the Ivy League? The Lieber Group?

    How would it be possible in China of all places, for the Pentagon to operate independently in Wuhan? That incongruity is just elided. If the Pentagon, USAID and Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology were working together on CoronaVirus strains, who is China somehow miraculously exculpated? Why were they working together? Why would they work together?

    If Duke University was in Wuhan, how are the Chinese not responsible for that either?

    China is a total surveillance state, overtly, at every level. How is it possible for these ostensibly American institutions to be present in Wuhan where it a) isn’t to the advantage of the Chinese and b) the Chinese aren’t surveilling everything they do?

    What have been China’s relationships with various members of the pre-Trump administrations in the United States?

    What was Facebook doing with China? What was Building 8 doing in China? What did the Jews who owned Building 8 seek to provide China as consideration for market entry into China?

    Why did George Soros have an office in Wuhan?

    Why no mention of Hillary Clinton or Dianne Feinstein’s relations with China?

    What is/was Google Dragon?

    Why were all these Chinese systems being imported into the United States? And US systems and data being exported to China?

    It’s a good article. It just runs the old tired tropes of cohesive nation-states and misses out vast amounts of data that complicate the picture.

    What phone companies had deals with Facebook?


    • Agree: Poco
    • Replies: @Parfois1
    , @denk
    , @denk
  59. Bert says:

    Which of the fewer than ten Globalist leaders was asleep at the switch and let the Chinese become modern? Was he demoted to a sub-leader for that screwup? I certainly hope so.

    • Replies: @anon
  60. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:

    Thats your own fault stupid Yank. You insisted on meddling in Asia since the early 20th century and provoked Japan into war, destroying Japan and creating the Chinese Frankenstein. You should’ve let Japan have its empire instead of embargoing and trying to destroy the only healthy nation in Asia.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  61. Jake says:

    That is true the same way it is true that the West arranged for successful Revolution in Russia and even backed the Bolsheviks with small fortunes.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
    , @Bert
  62. Mefobills says:
    @Greg Bacon

    The Deep State knows it has to keep the petro-dollar on top, if it wants to keep control of the world, or at least the West. They can’t have uppity nations like China and Russia backing their currency with gold instead of bullets, so they must be contained


    China issues Yuan’s at debt from both its State Banks and the lower tier private banks within its system.

    Russian central bank still operates under BIS Basel Rules.

    When Russia and China buy gold, it is for the specific purpose of shoring up FX (Foreign Exchange) which is usually based on dollars.

    The Gold play is to insulate their national debt based currencies from exchange rate fluctuations by storing gold. Russia is buying up all of their mined gold, which allows them to emit more Rubles, to then buy more Russian gold. This is in alignment with Basel Rules.

    So, lets please stop with the Gold nonsense. Metal isn’t money. Scientific and Legal money fluxes in accord with Goods and Services.

    Post Bretton Woods, the WORLD TRADING GOLD STANDARD, used gold to match goods in transit (trading of services and goods outside of a nation’s borders). This gold standard was pretty reasonable, as it then signaled to adjust exchange rates of a nation’s money.

    You may recall, during the mercantile era of Gold, nations would war with each other to recover said gold lost in imbalanced trade. The mercantile era would roughly coincide with Britain’s Colonial Era. Going way back in time, the Greeks warred with the Persians because of interest on gold, and then they had to go to war to recover it.

    Why war in mercantile era? Because internal to an economy, nation’s had bank credit riding on top of their gold in a fractional reserve ratio. So, loss of gold to international trade imbalance, amplified losses of purchasing power internal to National economy.

    You can make gold work, for example in the gold trading standard – which ultimately failed in Nixon’s closing of the gold window, or humans can pull heads out of rectum, and figure out that money = law.

    If humans want to ignore this iron law of economics, and take rents and usury on one another, that is a different story, and there is no god=gold.

    This miss-identification of metal as money is a big problem, and shows how low humans are in their understanding of money.

    I for one, welcome our new AI overlords, as they will have the mental digits to understand things average sheeple people cannot. Maybe humanity, if it continues on its dysgenic cycle of lowered IQ and violence, is doomed for the ash pile.

    • Replies: @clickkid
  63. Crazy Horse says: • Website
    @El Dato

    Good point. Seems they caved during the East India Company’s Opium Wars and who’s banner the US Government still proudly waves with minor alterations of course.

    Never read the book but have seen the movie several times. Good action flick requires the usual suspension of disbelief. Another one in the same genre is a little known gem starring Burt Lancaster as the evil officer from WHO called the Cassandra Crossing:

    Don’t let the low rating fool you. Many on IMDB rating movies are brain washed morons. I mean who else would give a rating of 7.5 for United 93?

    Don’t know that much about plagues like the ones that raged through Europe and the Americas that wiped out the Aztec Civilization but from what little I know the former was a matter of hygiene and the mistaken belief that cats were plague carrier when in fact it was the rats they were killing and the latter was because it is what is known as a virgin soil epidemic.

    I doubt if anything like that is likely to occur again unless the planet is infected by an extraterrestrial bug like the one in the Andromeda Strain. Again another good movie. Also there’s been cases of bubonic plague reported but they’ve had little effect on the population in general because the local health departments are pretty hep on handling them rapidly these days.

    The Spanish Flue was quite tragic and traumatic but that was mild compared to the two earlier ones mentioned as far as fatality rates. 20 million out of population 2 billion is shocking but still mild compared to a 70 to 90% fatality rate.

    Yeah I totally agree with you on the total hypocrisy of the West “defending” more like using the Uighurs while totally ignoring the genocide in their own back yard being carried out by their “greatest ally”.

    Personally I think this whole thing with China will have the unintended consequence of hurling it into Russia’s geopolitical orbit. China is not the China of the 19th Century and has an economic weapon that they can use on the West once they realize what’s going on that could totally devastate the financial markets as we know them. In other words a nuclear option that could take down the WB, IMF and destroy the Bretton Woods Agreement probably taking out the Fed and the City of London which would be doing us all a favor really except maybe 1% 🙂

  64. Eagle Eye says:

    It is quite possible that the confluence of these infections does indicate planned action by one or more actors.

    My point is much narrower – assuming intentional causation, Chinese New Year as such is unlikely to have been a determinative factor. Put more simply, a bio-warfare strategy would have been designed around the colder season as a whole, not specifically around the date of Chinese New Year. Thus, for purposes of analysis and surmising who may have done what, the date of Chinese New Year should best be ignored as it is more likely to be noise.

    Moreover, it is important to remember that the infection may have (been) started much earlier than the currently known date of December 1, 2019. Back then, the new type of infection was unknown, and even now, it would not be easy for a layperson to distinguish a coronavirus infection from other flu strains. Quite a few individuals may have been infected much earlier, suffered a bout of the flu, and then recovered without significant ill effects, without having started an ongoing chains of infection.

    • Replies: @Godfree Roberts
  65. Mefobills says:

    Which of the fewer than ten Globalist leaders was asleep at the switch and let the Chinese become modern?

    The West is run by globo-homo, which in turn is finance capital.

    The “owners” of finance capital are hidden oligarchs who maneuver the polity.

    They saw China post 1995 as a large market of reasonably high IQ people, who were not in debt.

    China swept their communist era debt into the trash-can in a jubilee of sorts, in order to get preferred trading status, which Bill Clinton as a dutiful CFR agent allowed. Then it was off to the races by screwing over Mexico and using China labor instead. (The subsequent mexinvasion is a knock on effect of this Clinton era maneuver.)

    The banksters, who actually believe their own propaganda, believe that bank Capital is always over labor, and Capital is fungible (meaning it can go wherever to make gains.)

    Why do you think wall street green-mailed American captains of industry, to then get the China price? Industry in the U.S. was forced to leave by various trickery from the finance class, to then get some of that sweet sweet Chinese wage arbitrage. It is basically a sophisticated form of Usury – a word that is normed out of our consciousness.

    The finance over-class is actually Jewish, it is no longer WASP. Jews actually believe their false nostrums about money and economy. Jews are not part of the logos, but instead are on the wrong side of history – to our ever lasting detriment.

    I’ve explained elsewhere here at Unz review, how China is now running the American system of economy, which predates the Jewish takeover in 1912, which converted U.S. to finance capitalist and now money controlled democracy (no longer a political controlled republic).

    The U.S (and also Western) brain is parasitized, and the parasite itself believes its own falsehoods.

    China played the game well, and continues to play well – meanwhile the overlord class is over-reacting and freaking out. Everything the overlord Jewish finance class thinks it knows is being exposed as a false-hood and false economy.

  66. @Mefobills

    To be fair, the number of non-Chinese cases detected have been very low and thus it is not possible yet to determine the lethality of the virus on different races, although there is no doubt such a discrepancy will exist as Anthrax was more effective against non-Caucasians. Also the virus is killing the old and weak, so if it really spreads in the West, then we should start seeing lots of dead old white folk, the demographic that usually die from flu every winter anyways.

    The media usually shy away from mentioning race differences in mental capacity. I think almost everyone is aware of physical difference, the most obvious being skin colour.

  67. Anonymous[121] • Disclaimer says:

    The arrest (and its timing) of Charles Lieber, Harvard chemistry department chair, now makes more sense. It is all about his connection with the lab in Wuhan and ensuring his silence a federal case with a de facto gag order.

    Can you elaborate on this? Which federal case are they trying to make him silent about? And what kind of information would they be trying to silence from Lieber?

    • Replies: @Godfree Roberts
  68. Mefobills says:

    Thats your own fault stupid Yank. You insisted on meddling in Asia since the early 20th century and provoked Japan into war, destroying Japan and creating the Chinese Frankenstein. You should’ve let Japan have its empire instead of embargoing and trying to destroy the only healthy nation in Asia

    Do I need to repeat that the parasite controls the American brain?

    The Parasite’s former headquarters was the City of London. Before it was London, the parasite was lodged in Amsterdam.

    Before Amsterdam, you can trace it back to its locations in Spain, and before that Israel.

    I don’t blame English, or Dutch, or Australian’s who have been swept up in this false identification of money. Humans are controlled by prices and money, and the money itself makes people do things they should not.

    The Jewish Sassoons were behind pushing Opium on the Chinese; this so they could “balance trade” as they were in imbalance relative to China.

    We can play this blame game, but it is mostly ideological, where humans are caught up in demonstrable falsehoods that make them and whole nations malfunction. Also, there is the weakness of promoting the worst types of humans into the political structure. Is the West getting its best and brightest into the political arena? Is the West even controlled by politicians, or is controlled behind the scenes by string pullers who are backed with money and power interests?

    • Replies: @anon
  69. Anon[567] • Disclaimer says:
    @Just passing through

    China prefers to send its old weak and disabled to the US to glom off our SSI free Medicare Medicaid combo for the indigent, food banks, free Lyft city van service and free bus passes food stamps, free Meals on Wheels Food Banks and priority on senior housing while American old people are homeless because they can’t afford the rising rents.

    • Replies: @Anon
  70. clickkid says:

    The two main functions of money are:

    1. Store of wealth
    2. Means of exchange.

    China and Russia (and others) have the first function in mind. As the present dollar-centred monetary system dies , they are relying on gold to transfer value to the new paradigm. Gold will never be ameans of exchange again as it was under the Gold Standard.

    If China had continued to accumulate US debt, as it did from 2001 to 2013, then it would not be coming under such sustained attack. As it is, China has abandoned support for the present dollar-centric system. On a net basis it now refuses to save the IOUs of the United States.

    2013 – China stops accumulating US treasuries, announces Belt and Road
    2014 – China surpasses US in size of exonomy (purchasing power parity)

    Negligible domestic savings and declining foreign demand mean that the Fed is now monetizing US debt. We are in the endgame. This attack on China, if that is what it is, is a sign of that and a sign of desperation. Indeed, it could serve to accelerate events.

    Debtors can get rather frustrated when their creditors refuse to extend credit any further.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Mefobills
  71. Hempus says:

    During the heights of the aids hysteria I worked as a breathing therapist and realized that people who made an hiv antibody test and it was hiv positive they had often pneumonia a month after made the test. The main problem is the fear created by having a deadly virus. This fear affects the breathing, especially the breathing musculature. Watching the breathing results often in breathlessness… and then they try to breath deeper. At the end this creates a high static energy level and permanent contracted breathing muscles and the impossibility to open the lungs easily. It’s a devils circle!

    Beeing tested “positive” means not that you “have” the virus… It means just that your immunity system created already the antibodies. So you don’t need any vaccination to create the antibodies.

    Nobel price winner Kary Mullins the founder of PCR technique… the father of all antibody tests gave an intereating view to all this tests with patent rights. Just remember how many billions are made by big pharma with the aids fraud.

    This is terror war and symbolically one the real ten menaces as long the chosen people have not established greater Israel promised to them by the almighty God.
    Instead of Egyptian ” Pharao” insert the goy resistance.
    The murder of the resistance leading general Soleimani, the deal of the century, and the Corona virus is a pre taste of the most evil plot awaiting humanity

    • Replies: @TKK
  72. clickkid says:

    Anyone interested in China’s massive accumulation of gold (state and private sector) over the last few years should look at Koos Jansen’s work:

    Those who’ve got the gold make the rules.

  73. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m well aware of that. But one can’t sympathize with Anglo-Americans when they have proven to be philo-Semitic zombies destroying the world on behalf of (((them))). Anglo-Americans will be loyal to the parasites until the end of time, and they deserve all the bad things that will happen to them.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  74. clickkid says:

    The question of whether or not East Asians are more susceptible than others to the effects of this Virus, hinges on the number of ACE2 receptor cells in the lungs, to which nCov attaches itself.

    Well – look at this table:

    There we have it folks.

  75. Rubicon says:
    @Crazy Horse

    When it comes to the US Hegemony, (the\$\$/Military System), we remain very, very skeptical. More than likely, the US has their hands in this, but only history will verify this.

    • Replies: @Crazy Horse
  76. @Eagle Eye

    the Bo Xilai incident a few years back showed that there are indeed different factions jostling for power at the top of the party and military hierarchies. Not really. In 1985 Bo Xilai, son of a Revolutionary Immortal and Xi Jinping’s schoolmate, ignored his father’s pleas to stay out of politics, “You know nothing of the sufferings of ordinary people and just want to capitalize on my name.” Xilai cultivated a charismatic image, was named one of Time’s Most Influential People, rose rapidly to provincial governor and publicly campaigned for a cabinet position. But, as conservative scholar Cheng Li[1] said at the time, “Nobody really trusts him. A lot of people are scared of him, including several princelings who are supposed to be his power base.” Michael Wines[2] wrote that, though he possessed prodigious charisma and deep intelligence, “He possessed a studied indifference to the wrecked lives that littered his path to power…Mr. Bo’s ruthlessness stood out.” With the help of Justice Minister Zhou Yongkang, Bo had even wiretapped President Hu.

    Despite internal resistance, Vice Premier Wu Yi, the nation’s highest woman official, demanded an open investigation and a 2012 trial revealed that Bo owned expensive properties around the world and that his wife had murdered a British agent. They were jailed for life and joined a long line of disgraced elites like the grandson of China’s Head of State and founder of the Red Army, Zhu De, who was executed for rape, and Yan Jianhong, wife of Guizhou’s powerful Party Secretary, who was executed for corruption.

    Bo, a high-functioning sociopath, was a Western darling but was never a candidate for national leadership.

    China remains a totalitarian country with strict control of any anti-government statement, and universal electronic surveillance and censorship of which all Chinese are keenly aware. China is far less totalitarian than the US. Where else but in an totalitarian country does the leader have the sole power to:
    * Declare war. Frequently.
    * Issue 300,000 national security letters (administrative subpoenas with gag orders that enjoin recipients from ever divulging they’ve been served);
    * Control information at all times under his National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions.
    * Torture, kidnap and kill anyone, anywhere, at will.
    * Secretly ban 50,000 citizens from flying–and refusing to explain why.
    * Imprison 2,000,000 citizens without trial.
    * Execute 1,000 citizens each year prior to arrest.
    * Kill 1,000 foreign civilians every day since 1951
    * Massacre its own men, women and children for their beliefs
    * Assassinate its own citizens abroad, for their beliefs.
    * What leader saw his country’s military dropping 26,171 bombs in one year?

    Many Chinese over, say 40 will equate economic improvements with the conclusion that their government “works for everyone’s benefit.” In a multivariate regression analysis when other factors such as age, education, gender, income, religiosity, and geographic location are taken into consideration, government responsiveness played the single most significant role in promoting regime support in China. Existing studies typically attribute the high level of government support to three things: economic growth, media control, and cultural values. According to these studies, the Chinese are happy with their government because (1) their economic conditions have improved during China’s period of rapid growth; (2) they are brainwashed by the government-controlled media, which always presents a rosy picture of the country; and (3) the Confucian cultural values make people respect political hierarchy and avoid challenging authority.

    Yet when these three factors are compared with government responsiveness in the same regression model, the latter continues to show the strongest impact in promoting regime support.

    ordinary Chinese are well aware of the breathtaking corruption perpetrated by the party elite at all levels. How do ordinary Chinese become aware of this breathtaking corruption? Where do they find the evidence? Next year, every Chinese will own a home and have a job, plenty of food, education, safe streets, health insurance, a pensions, and old age care.

    By then, 300,000,000 urban Chinese will have more net worth and disposable income than the average American, their mothers and infants will be less likely to die in childbirth, their children will graduate from high school three years ahead of American kids and live longer, healthier lives and there will be more drug addicts, suicides and executions, more homeless, poor, hungry and imprisoned people in America than in China.

    Does that look like a country run by breathtakingly corrupt people?

    [1] Profile: Bo Xilai. September, 2013. BBC
    [2] In Rise and Fall of China’s Bo Xilai, an Arc of Ruthlessness. By MICHAEL WINES. MAY 6, 2012. NYT

    • Agree: clickkid
    • Replies: @Parfois1
  77. Anon[212] • Disclaimer says:

    Money is created and destroyed everyday. How then is it a store of wealth? The value of money also goes to zero under other conditions. Money is not a store of wealth, and never has been. The ‘store of value’ myth is propaganda of Austrians, it is a wish fulfillment concept.

    Credit (money) is created for specific uses, and then it is destroyed, it disappears. When you pay off your mortgage or car debt, the money disappears.

    • Agree: Mefobills
    • Replies: @clickkid
  78. @Eagle Eye

    Let’s elaborate on that idea:

    1. The US is engaged in a broad-spectrum attack on China’s economy and reputation.

    2. The US Army has employed bioweapons for 70 years.

    3. 300 US Army personnel visit Wuhan two weeks prior to the first confirmed Coronavirus diagnosis.

    4. Wuhan is the travel hub for central China.

    5. Chinese New Year sees the largest human migration on earth, ever…

    See where this is going?

    • Replies: @clickkid
  79. @Anonymous

    Lieber was teaching the Chinese how to detect viruses.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Anon
  80. Anon[323] • Disclaimer says:

    You’re a liar, Alden. You don’t back up any of your claims with statistics. You just make claims driven by motivated reasoning:

  81. Anonymous[146] • Disclaimer says:
    @Godfree Roberts


    Lieber was a chemist. But what does chemistry have to do with virology?

    Lieber wasn’t an ordinary chemist. He was a chemist who worked on nanomaterials and nanoelectronics.

    Ok. So what do nanomaterials and nanoelectronics have to do with virology?

    Lieber worked on nanomaterials and nanoelectronics that detect viruses and pathogens released during biological weapons attacks.

    Two of the world’s biggest threats may someday be reduced by wires thousands of times thinner than a hair but capable of detecting a single virus. The specter of worldwide viral epidemics is always with us, so detecting them quickly offers the possibility of saving thousands of lives. The pathogens also can be stealthy biological weapons, making their positive detection a vital national defense requirement.

    “We want to find a single virus before it finds you,” says Charles Lieber, Hyman Professor of Chemistry at Harvard University. Tests recently completed in his laboratory show that these unimaginably thin nanowires can sense and distinguish between viruses that cause flu, measles, and eye infections. Lieber believes future versions will be able to spot HIV, Ebola, SARS, West Nile, hepatitis, bird flu, and other dangerous viruses.

    • Thanks: Godfree Roberts, Alfred
    • Replies: @Anon
  82. I watched a video by a guy who has worked in China 10 years. He is a Korean waiting it out in Thailand.
    Important facts:
    1. The head of Wuhan Province tried to contain this virus without talking to Beijing.
    2.Only after it became glaringly obvious they were swamped did he phone.
    3. Beijing dithered before issuing instructions.

    Wuhan was not quarantined in a timely manner. Locals knew there was an epidemic of virulent flu that produced deadly pneumonia. People with money jumped on planes and flew anywhere but Wuhan. 10, 000 here, 10, 000 there. Not only out of China but within China. Over 2 million left Wuhan in 7 days before they shut the city down. Based on this Shanghai could be overwhelmed in 2-3 weeks.
    Also, the numbers are a lie. On January 27th a Chinese nurse stated that 90,000 were infected. She kept a mask and Hazmat suit on to prevent the regime from identifying her. Western virologists have independently stated numbers between 75-100k infected in the last 2 days.
    People were turned away in Wuhan after the 20,000 bed hospital system was overwhelmed. They went home. Due to this, the fatality rate will be higher as will the transfer rate. The gov’t began cremating 24.7 to hide the death count and prevent societal breakdown. The real death count from Wuhan could be 2-3,000 and the overall total death rate in Chinas (so far) could be 4,000 or more. We don’t know because the gov’t of China is lying through their teeth. Estimates of 100,000 infected and 5,000 dead at this point in time is most likely closer to the real number but may still be conservative.
    I have watched this very closely because I have seen nothing but lies, disinfo and apathy from western propaganda sources.
    Scary: the virii shows up in spit at 10^8 /ml in a recovered patient in Germany. This has to be studied further but it is possible that people are still contagious post recovery. Not likely but possible. The mean of 5.2 days but up to 12 as asymptomatic has let this flu spread like fire. The Ro factor is anywhere from 2-4.
    There are a lot of undefineds and unknowns. This doesn’t change the fact that government and media have, largely, failed to admit the depth of this; it is now a pandemic. Don’t kid yourself. This is not just another flu.
    No one in China has antibodies for this. The death toll over there is going to be at least 10,000, possibly 50,000. I say this based on the number truly infected, virulence, how few cycles have passed, the Chinese are overwhelmed and will be until May,etc. This is an educated guess based on what I’ve gathered so far.
    The Chinese have had to pump 200B \$ into their economy. It will affect world supply chains. If/when the U.S. economy is affected it will be a perfect hat to hang Trump’s hat on, ie. ‘not to blame’.
    It is too soon to say definitively but this thing has bio-weapon written all over it.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  83. clickkid says:

    Stop using the word ‘money’. There is ‘currency’ and there is ‘wealth’.

    Currency (means of exchange) cannot be a store of wealth over long periods because debt is denominated in currency – and debtors always want easy money. See present low and negative interest rates. Savers on the other hand want hard money which holds value. There is thus a conflict of interest between savers and debtors, meaning that it is unwise to save in the means of exchange.


    Since the Genoa conference of 1922, but especially after Bretton Woods in 1944, the Dollar was as good as Gold – 35 Dollars was a certificate for an ounce of gold. Following the default of the United States on its Gold obligations to its international creditors in 1971, the US has consistently had large budget deficits and large trade deficits, which are essentially two sides of the same coin. It was able to do this without suffering the collapse of the dollar because the trading nations of the world continued to hold dollars (in the form of treasuries) as a store of wealth. They were prepared to do this because otherwise international trade would have collapsed without a means of payment. That is, their holding of dollars as reserves in the form of treasuries prevented the dollar from adjusting downwards, as it should have done in response to the trade deficit. This is the real reason that the US has lost manufacturing jobs.

    In the 80s amd the 90s it was primarily Europe and Japan which supported the Dollar in this way. Following the introduction of the Euro, the Eurozone stopped accumulating treasuries on a net Basis. The slack was taken up by China after 2001 – until 2013. Now, with insufficient domestic savings and foreigners increasingly unwilling to lend to the US government, the US faces hyperinflation in the not too distant future.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  84. Anonymous[200] • Disclaimer says:

    At best, given dual-use function research, all you can say is that Lieber was assisting China with Viruses. You have no basis to say Lieber was only teaching them how to ‘detect’ viruses.

    Lieber will be revealing what he knew and knows. It seems very unlikely that his involvement fits with your prescription.

    China created the first publicly claimed engineered human/animal admixture corona virus sample years and years ago, well before the Wuhan facility was established.

    The Indians understand China.

    General Chi Haotian was talking about wiping clean western Lebensraum for China back in 2003.

    “—Comrade Mao Zedong taught us that we must have a resolute and correct political orientation. What is our key, correct orientation? It is to solve the issue of America.”

    —”Only countries like the United States, Canada and Australia have the vast land to serve our need for mass colonization.”

    —”In the long run, the relationship of China and the United States is one of a life-and-death struggle.”

    —”We must put up with America; we must conceal our ultimate goals, hide our capabilities and await the opportunity.”

    —”In the past years we have seized the opportunity to master weapons of this kind [i.e. biological]. We are capable of achieving our purpose of ‘cleaning up’ America all of a sudden. When Comrade Xiaoping was still with us, the Party Central Committee had the perspicacity to make the right decision not to develop aircraft carrier groups and focus instead on developing lethal weapons that can eliminate mass populations of the enemy country.”

    —”This yellow land [i.e. China] has reached the limit of its capacity.”

    —”Here some people may want to ask me: what about the several millions of our compatriots in the United States? They may ask: aren’t we against Chinese killing other Chinese? These comrades are too pedantic; they are not pragmatic enough. If we had insisted on the principle that the Chinese should not kill other Chinese, would we have liberated China?”

    There is a very clear set of datapoints showing China’s involvement in the appropriation of this virus, starting in Saudi-Arabia, then Canada with Chinese nationals engaged in theft and espionage, and obtaining human to human transmission, alongside ancillary research with Corona-Viruses going back a decade that explain the form of the present virus.

    Then you have a BSL-4 facility that looked like it had all the safety and salinity of your average Sears Mall building in New York.

    “One Mountain does not allow two Tigers to live together”

    India is now seeking to investigate Wuhan.

    The Russians took General Chi’s speech seriously.

    It would be a real shame if Chinese incompetence or Chinese cadres working with western criminal Deep State elements caused this. Is China a monolith?

    Xi has killed hundreds of thousands of Tigers and Flies – so the claims about typical Commie universal cohesion are as tiresome and stupid as always.

    At the very least, Chinese national penetration in western institutions is going to have to be revised. How hilarious is it to spin treason and sedition and crimes against humanity as ‘helping China to detect their own viruses’.

    Can the Sino-philes please answer, if this was all a nefarious plot by ‘le Evile Amerikan’, why were those facilities permitted on Chinese soil , in the first place?

    Isolation and characterization of a bat SARS-like coronavirus that uses the ACE2 receptor

    Most importantly, we report the first recorded isolation of a live SL-CoV (bat SL-CoV-WIV1) from bat faecal samples in Vero E6 cells, which has typical coronavirus morphology, 99.9% sequence identity to Rs3367 and uses ACE2 from humans, civets and Chinese horseshoe bats for cell entry.

    That paper is from a 2013 Issue of Nature magazine. Chinese authors, in China.

    Stop lying and acting as though the ACE-2 factor is evidence of Asian targeting. That’s what the Chinese used way back in 2013 to create their first Corona Virus sample.

    Everyone around the world knows this. It was a controversial event. The same way everyone knows about what China has been doing with CRISPR in humans.

    Chinese researchers, in China, were the first to publicly declare they had created a Corona Virus sample using human/animal chimera hybrid in Nature Magazine way back in 2013-2014.

    Unless the authors of that paper were all working for the CIA or the evil western space aliens, the available evidence does not allow the inference you are making, ClickKid.

    A conflict between Asians and non-Asians serves only the eternal mediators. People gesturing darkly at the ACE-2 issue should be less cretinous and contemptible towards the evidence.

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Kim
    , @denk
    , @barr
    , @denk
    , @TT
  85. @Greg Bacon

    Mr. Bacon,
    I agree. I want more evidence, though it is possible that may not see the light of day, before I condemn the DeepState-MIC but I had them as the lead suspect.
    Particularly suspicious was the portrayal of this disease coming from bat’s. This was, imho, used to elicit the disgust response in the West. Then the emphasis on the Wuhan level 4 facility. So much lying and manipulation, so little time.
    The kicker was Pomparse pointing to China as the big enemy.
    I don’t buy it. China doesn’t have imperial ambitions. America has and continues to have them. China can barely run their own country. They do, however, desperately want to do business wherever they can so they don’t overdegrade their environment. Plus, they want Iranian oil and gas. They need it to keep their economy humming and not overly depend on other suppliers (Russian and KSA). Worst of all, China has that overabundance of unmarried surplus males that they need to keep working and busy.
    I think the regime knows going to war could collapse the government. They seem risk averse and bureaucratic. Doesn’t spell warhawk to me.

    • Replies: @TT
  86. gavishti says:

    Quite agree, a recent article in Global Times states –
    ‘The novel coronavirus has 96% concordance with a bat-borne coronavirus’ : officials from Hubei. Moreover, ‘The coronavirus can survive for five days maximum on smooth surfaces under suitable circumstances’ : experts from China’s Health Commission.

    The question arises as to what constitutes the rest of the 4% of the RNA ? There have been some studies, which were later refuted and withdrawn under extreme pressure. Yet the questions which arise are :-
    1. Is it a Chimeric binary virus ?
    2. Does it predominantly affect ACE-ll genotypes?
    3. Does it have spike HIV-1 protein ?
    4. Does it have amino acid identity with pangolin metagenomic dataset ?

    I would add this following link for your perusal –

  87. Mefobills says:

    The two main functions of money are:

    1. Store of wealth
    2. Means of exchange.


    Standard Wisdom…. and wrong.

    You can always exit money and own real assets. This is what the “owner” class does, and then they push their real assets in price, or use tricks to push their “finance paper” also called assets as part of the hypnotism.

    Those that hold or own capital, always escape money to then store real productive assets.

    It is only labor, which cannot acquire enough capital, to then escape… this is when money’s “store of wealth” function is important.

    Also, money today is bank credit. Bank credit is a tax on the future. Bank credit comes into being with the “hope” that it can be paid back out of future wealth production.

    Equity money would be a different kind of money, usually issued debt free, and then becomes savings. That type of money would then represent equity, or already created wealth.

    Money’s ultimate purpose is to mediate transactions… it divides down at the moment of transaction to allow the “deal” to go forward.

  88. clickkid says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    I would add to that the increasingly compelling evidence – see my post no. 80 – that East Asians are particularly susceptible to this virus and its effects.

  89. Mefobills says:

    I’m well aware of that. But one can’t sympathize with Anglo-Americans when they have proven to be philo-Semitic zombies destroying the world on behalf of (((them))). Anglo-Americans will be loyal to the parasites until the end of time, and they deserve all the bad things that will happen to them.

    You are blaming the victims… an infantile position to take.

    Do you also blame rape victims and side with the rapist?

    • Replies: @Daniel.I
  90. Mefobills says:

    Deep State/globalist have now equated China with Nazi Germany.

    The “finance capital class” which is international globalists attacked NSDAP Germany. Nazi is term made up by a Russian Jew, as an epithet on Germans.

    Germany was running List’s industrial economic system. List in turn, learned economic lessons from America – especially Henry Carey.

    So, tension is between the Usurers, and those who are for the “powers of production.”

    The Usurers, especially finance capitalists becoming a Plutocracy, are malformed people who have no problem causing paroxysms of death… they don’t mind destroying other’s wealth in order to become owners.

    The Deep State Globo-Homo’s actually off-shored the jobs to China, in order to take wage arbitrage. These same owners are realizing that China did not bow and become their workshop, to then make their capital “grow.” In other words, the Western (((owners))) are realizing the China is playing a sophisticated game of rope-a-dope.

    The trigger for globo-homo types, also called Davos man, was when China’s 2025 plan became known.

    Also, China did not, and has not released control over their state banks, despite the demands of “Trumps trade deal.”

    The Communist Chinese are not stupid, only very high IQ people are promoted into Chinese leadership.

    • Replies: @Kim
  91. Ber says:

    Those people involved in this are nothing but the seeds of the devil.

    “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

    King James Version (KJV)

    • Replies: @KA
    , @DaveE
  92. Anon[635] • Disclaimer says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Lieber also worked for DARPA.

    If this was a US bioweapon attack, it’s not clear if Lieber’s work helped the US launch the attack, or if he just helped China detect the attack.

  93. Ber says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Attack on crops?

    • Replies: @TT
  94. Anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    Wow, that is crazy. It’s also crazy that Deep State didn’t scrub this stuff from the Harvard website.

    The federal arrest/charge provides a de facto gag order silencing Lieber. So now we know his work in the nanotechnology field developing technology to detect certain strains of viruses and their origin, along with his scientific cooperation with China, was the reason he was charged with essentially a reporting technicality.

    Lieber was charged was 18 U.S. Code Section 1001, the same charge Martha Stewart, Gen. Michael Flynn, and Roger Stone were charged with. A process crime.

    Lieber must still be in a state of shock over his FBI arrest for essentially a technicality. Especially when I am certain— based on my background and experience in national security investigations— that Lieber received guidance from the personnel security office as to what needed to be listed. And my guess is that he was probably more fastidious that 99% of all people in both listing what was required and responding fully to all inquires made to him.

    This naive Jewish nerd Lieber had no idea about Deep State psychopaths lurking behind the scenes. And his scientific interests and pursuits have embroiled him in Kafka-esque nightmare.

    • Replies: @denk
  95. Kim says:

    the US Army gave blankets to the Native Americans which were contaminated with smallpox

    I have the impression that this is a myth. Pasteur was not the originator of the germ theory but it was his work in the 1860s-1870s that convinced people. I wonder if the US Army – are we talking the 1880s here, because that was late in the Indian extermination game – was up to date with Pasteur’s work when they handed out blankets?

    I have heard the same meme with regard to Indians, smallpox, and colonists of the 18th C. Is that also true?

  96. utu says:

    I read the speech of General Chi Haotian and it feels that it is fake, psyop or prank but it contains many interesting tidbits like this one:
    The Secret Speech of General Chi Haotian

    “Of the research done on genetic weapons throughout the world, Israel is the most advanced. Their genetic weapons are designed to target Arabs and protect the Israelis. But even they have not reached the stage of actual deployment. We have cooperated with Israel on some research. Perhaps we can introduce some of the technologies used to protect Israelis and remold these technologies to protect the yellow people. But their technologies are not mature yet, and it is difficult for us to surpass them in a few years. If it has to be five or ten years before some breakthrough can be achieved in genetic weapons, we cannot afford to wait any longer.”

  97. Nor is Corona like the previous epidemics. You don’t smash China, shut down 60 million people in lockdown, stop the economy – and thus the West’s economy in the long run – “only” to sell vaccines. This is much greater, regardless of the degree of real danger of the virus:

    Bottom line is: Corona is the world’s biggest problem-response solution so far: 1. virus = 2. fear = 3. population control.

    Corona is the new 9/11 – or at least the first phase of it …..

    “Only three months ago, the John Hopkins, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum (a hive of self-proclaimed globalists) organized a” pandemic simulation “called” Event 201 “OFFICIAL CHANNEL FOR THE CORONA EXERCISE LAST YEAR : that focused specifically on Coronavirus, not Ebola or swine flu or even bird flu – but CORONAVIRUS. The simulation was about the spread of Coronavirus in South America, where animals were blamed for humans being infected ( of pigs) The conclusion of this exercise was that the national governments were nowhere prepared to score 40 out of 100 on their contingency scale, the simulation predicted over 65 million deaths worldwide.

    Event 201 played out almost exactly as in China today. Some very sincere or maybe rather stupid people have argued that this type of thing is “normal” and claim that we are “lucky” that the elites have run simulations beforehand to “save us” from a coronavirus outbreak. I argue that event 201 was not a simaltion, but a war exercise to study the possible outcomes of an event that globalists already knew was coming. Disregard the fact that, before almost every major crisis and terrorist attack in the last few decades, authorities ran simulations of how the exact event took place just before it happened; does anyone really think Event 201 is pure coincidence? ”

    UPDATE: The 9 scientists have withdrawn their paper (“Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag”), but their analysis is still valid according to many researchers and Ph.D’s: it is NOT natural, that HIV-1, GP120 is inserted (neutralizes T cell production). This part of the Coronavirus IS intentionally inserted – bio weapons or not:

    Coronavirus discussion with caller by Dr Paul Cottrell

    People are banned and attacked for mentioning this retracted paper. Zero Hedge published it, then they got their Twitter account deleted.


    If one does not know about Biological-chemical experiments against populations through the ages – certified by officially declassified government documents – it is clear that one is at risk of cognitive dissonance ….

    Many are now in cognitive dissonance, just as they were immediately after 9/11. It took time to de-program itself from the bias of normalcy bias and cognitive dissonance, and only after thorough analysis of many aspects. There is a difference between fear and facts. Many people confuse the facts with their own fear-reaction and throw the baby out with the bathing water … they switch verbs and subjects because of their own cognitive dissonance / fear __- what have you, and think the description is ‘hysterical’ because they don’t can relate to what is described. Have they examined the many aspects of Corona? NO! Still, they run on their Polyanna knee-jerk jerk reaction … like many educationally damage-educated doctors …

    90% of conspiranauts are not on the beat with Coronavirus …. yet …

    02.02.2020 Thailand ‘cures’ coronavirus with anti-HIV drug cocktail in 48 hours

    AGAIN: It is not Corona that is the most dangerous, but financial contagion, not least the perception mangement and social engineering it leads to: cover for economic collapse and population control, and introduction of SDR (world currency, Special Drawing Rights) and cashless society, acceptance of Minority Report control, ban on right to assembly (contagion, real or not), etc. -apart from the coming vaccine itself.

    Now I do not know how dangerous it is – China suppresses information. If you buy the premise, again – it’s useless to compare it with previous fraud epidemics and fear campaigns, because the rate of infection is greater (R0) than ordinary flu, and we do not know the true R0 yet, but China’s behavior suggests total panic. In addition the long incubation and being without symptoms is also a gamechanger

    Chris Martenson’s last update 12 hours ago:

    Coronavirus Continues Spreading Fast – How Bad Will It Get?

    But again: Corona is not the most dangerous, but financial contagion is, not least the perception mangement and social engineering it leads to.

    UK teacher claims he beat coronavirus with ‘hot whiskey and honey’

    Soon there is a shortage of selected products in the West (even according to WSJ and Fortune) with the hopeless chain of fragile interdependence, not least that so many things have been ousourced to China…….the global supply chain will be broken from next month, from then on it will become much more obvious.

    I said from day one that people should prep longlasting food also….

    Another trail , even though the sample is preliminary: ACE2 receptors and Corona (Asian men have at least 5 times as many than Caucasians) which make Asian men much more receptible to Coronavirus, thus morality rate…

    • Replies: @9/11 Inside job
  98. Kim says:

    China was brought back into the international trading system as part of a response to peak cheap oil.

    This is the same reason that we have had since the late 1960s a massive expansion of credit – world debt today of \$255 trillion on 2% GDP – and the end of the gold standard.

    Between 1920 and 1970, the average price of a barrel of oil in 2016 USD was \$24. Nowadays it fluctuates between two and three times as much. In 2008 it got to \$140.

    China was brought on line for the same reasons that credit was massively expanded as wages were depressed – in order to support demand that was being killed by the rising costs of oil extraction. As the availability of cheap conventional decreased and more expensive or lower quality oils had to be used – deep sea drilling and fracking oils for example – the share of oil profits that remained for governments and consumers fell and fell.

    It was hoped that cheap Chinese goods/manufacturing, Chinese demand, and massive expansion of debt would hold off the any fatal damage that the end of cheap oil would do to the world economy. And it has worked. Of course wages have fallen since the 1970s. The USA and European family and communities are deep in debt and falling apart, unable to maintain their parents’ lifestyle. But the entire thing has not crashed. So the scheme has worked well to this point.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  99. Kim says:

    ”Only countries like the United States, Canada and Australia have the vast land to serve our need for mass colonization.”

    If he thinks they are going to be able to place many people in a mass colonization of Australia, he should consult a map. The place is a huge desert bordered by an also huge arid zone with a couple of coastal green patches. Rainfall is pitful. Soil depth is minimal.

    And then there are the snakes, crocs and spiders. Better plan might be to colonize the moon.

    • Replies: @Parfois1
  100. barr says:

    There is a reason that one needs to look outside the box guarded by 6 walls -CNN Fox,NYT MSNBC Talk Radio , WSJ to find truth -any truth regarding China or NK or any member of the “rogue” countries .
    In case of NK-the box is South Korean daily the Chosun Ilbo.
    We have German box, Israeli box ,and BBC for Britain.

  101. Mefobills says:

    Stop using the word ‘money’. There is ‘currency’ and there is ‘wealth’.

    You need to stop confusing people with your confusion.


    Money is a generic term today, and there are different kinds of money. When people think of money they think of purchasing power.

    Money is general demand, pay to the bearer. It is also good for settling debts, which is a legal construct.

    Currency is an older term in history, and it comes from “make current” or to flow, to circulate.

    Wealth is another term. You can be wealthy in non-monetary terms.

    and debtors always want easy money.

    Think carefully on this:

    1) Is creditor over debtor?
    2) Is lender over borrower?

    The power relation is not debtor over creditor, and never has been. OK, maybe the U.S. as a debtor nation having power over others is the first example in history, but not on an individual level.

    You must be a confused Austrian Lolbertarian?

    The dollar was not good as gold post Bretton Woods. That is more hypnosis. The Bretton Woods conference established dollar as reserve because the U.S. had most of the worlds gold at the time, and people still thought that gold was money. This was an overhang of fractional reserve banking, where gold was put into reserve status of banks.

    Further, post Bretton, gold trading standard was put into place, which marked EXTERNAL TRADE in gold. I cannot think of any examples post Bretton woods, where an economy used gold internally.

    They were prepared to do this because otherwise international trade would have collapsed without a means of payment.

    And how did Germany consumate trade without dollars or gold? They used Schachts trading banks.

    I could go on, but you get the idea. You have been had – and have learned a perverted type of economics that has no bearing on reality. I detect lolbertarianism – which is a Jewish head fake, and hypnotizes people with bad concepts.

    • Replies: @Kapyong
    , @Anon
  102. Mefobills says:

    China was brought back into the international trading system as part of a response to peak cheap oil.

    There are a lot of moving parts, and oil is part of it. For example, China imports raw material on its West Coast by Ship, and exports finished goods by Ship.

    The cost of fuel and shipping is factored into production and transportation costs. Finished goods then acquire a price and are sold into Western Markets.

    When you can buy a Chinese made wood table in North Carolina, for cheaper than that produced on U.S. local economy, then you know something is afoot.

    That perversion in economics is more than just oil, it is also rigging of currencies via the exchange rate mechanism.

    China has no surplus natural sources of wood, and North Carolina is a wood furniture making center.

  103. Anonymous[394] • Disclaimer says:

    There are also receptor sites that are specific to white people. And if the Chinese choose to retaliate, they can tailor a virus that disproportionately targets these receptors.

    This is the beginning of the dirtiest war in history.

    • Replies: @No
  104. No says:

    That’s why it’s important to state the facts.

    China isolated and engineered an ACE-2 pathway CoronaVirus with animal/human parts in 2013.

    China had a sample of a Corona-Virus that they created, and publicly advertised as evidence of their research prowess, in 2013.

    So it is quite possible that in the course of trying to create a vaccination for the SARS virus or something else a sample was released into the wild.

    It is also possible that Deep State agents, Neo-Cons and Zionists are trying to repeat on an epic scale the Syrian false flag. Who benefits from China and the United States mauling each other and the world economy?

    A One World Government that could rule over whatever remains after the conflict is over.

    George Soro’s fingerprints is all over this event. It is particularly likely given the seismic financial/monetary changes that have been in development and started to be implemented worldwide. They are world altering.

    Soros hates Trump. He hates China. He hates all nationalism. The people who he represents as a public face would like nothing more then to see a conflict between their two primary targets for subversion and destruction. If the public debtors can’t recall their debt evidently they’ll seek to destroy the debtees.

    Accusations about the United States have to take into account that basic reality.

    If China had engineered hybrid samples of CoronaVirus as far back as 2014, how many more samples and iterative samples could they have engineered by 2019? Who might have been able to get a hold of them? Simply saying that it was the ‘Americans’ without differentiating who and what ‘Americans’ are or aren’t, and not accounting for huge masses of evidence of Chinese development is incorrect.

    There has been all manner of subversion happening in both China and the United States that Xi and Trump have taken measures to eliminate or mitigate. That is also a relevant factor.

    In the United States there has already been a 12% increase in Influenza Like Illness, with many sudden deaths of our own young white people.

    New York has been hit. California has been hit. The South has been hit. Texas has been hit. There are already many many deaths, they just haven’t been attributed to the Corona-Virus.

    This is the worst ‘flu’ season in United States’ history. After the previous year which also the worst in 40 years, with strangely virulent strains killing 80,000 Americans.

    Remember, the Chinese C-Virus event actually started in December, arguably the end of November.

    And now we’ve had the SuperBowl.

    This is January 2020.

    A number of these cases will be unacknowledged C-Virus.

    The United States just had it’s first increase in life expectancy and real wages under Trump in decades. China as everyone here has observed has been going from strength to strength.

    Who gains by seeing China and the United States fight? Neither of those two parties.

    66% of the White male population will have the same ACE-2 profile as Asians. By March there are going to be enough dead white people, who are already an endangered species, to satisfy even the most hateful white hating Jew or Person of Colour.

    What the fuck is the point in destroying the world economy when both Trump and Xi’s political and arguably personal survival depends on economic growth and prosperity?

    This has all the usual hallmarks of our good respective good friends of the Menorah, and/or the ancient finance clans in Europe/London who have been steadily rolled back making a high stakes attempt to re-erect their desired international order.

    Perfidious Disraeli and the J Congress doing what they always do when they feel under pressure. Fomenting war and appointing enemies that remove focus from themselves.

    The Deep State is real in both China and the United States.

    There can’t be a war between China and the United States.

  105. Parfois1 says:

    Sure, but China was not supposed to grow to the point where they could threaten the west.

    That answer came to mind and it explains partly why China was chosen to become the factory of the world – but no more than that, a factory. Don’t know much how the capitalist West hoped or planned to control China’s development and modernization in all sectors, including the direction of the political structure. Godfree Roberts might throw some light into that.

    Instead, it became a science powerhouse as well as the factory and, as we know, to country or even a regional power was allowed to emerge as a threat to the US hegemony, as commanded by the Project for a New American Century.

    Something didn’t quite work out as planned.

    • Agree: Mefobills
  106. Parfois1 says:

    It’s a good article. It just runs the old tired tropes of cohesive nation-states and misses out vast amounts of data that complicate the picture.

    One could easily answer your numerous question one by one. But I’ll attempt a single one to answer them all: Whitney Webb, does not know everything. She made a valiant and through piece of hard work to help us understand what is going on behind the almost impervious curtain erected by the US government agencies and the accomplice MSM whose duty it is to keep the people informed, not lied to.

    Nevertheless a reasonable reader can see that she has explained details how the DARPA, CIA, Pentagon, USAID, etc. work. They set up a complex web of corporate entities to fund universities and research labs so that the recipients of funding don’t have a clue where the money comes from. They also spread widely the research projects so that each researcher contributes only a little segment of the whole project and has no clue about the whole picture. This is basic stuff.

    Now, that you know so much, why don’t you emulate WW and do a little bit to fill in the picture she painstakingly started.

  107. Pft says:

    Lot of good points in this article.

    Reading some of the comments it seems those entertaining a conspiracy overlook China as a possible participant. Perhaps fooled by the fake wrestling we have seen that relating to the trade war with a deal coincidentally being reached right before the Wuhan outbreak became a big story. Coincidence? Maybe.

    What could possibly motivate a government into attacking its own people? Perhaps to implement forced vaccinations that may help their aging overpopulation problem? Perhaps to distract a population growing uneasy with an economic down turn, growing personal debt, increasing inequality, etc? Maybe so as to blame the US to spark nationalistic support for the party elite? Perhaps Chinas refusal to accept US aid is to perpetuate the myth of a conspiracy that is US directed against China?

    As for the West , the benefits are obvious. Big Pharma sees an opportunity (Gilead Science-Rumsfelds Tamiflu company is trialing a new antiviral in Beijing). Vaccine developers at Big Pharma/NIH are hard at work, can mandatory vaccinations for travelers be far behind? Event 201 and Netflix “Pandemic “ documentary (released in January), both with neomalthusian Bill Gates connections /sponsorship, show this was something the elites had prepared for.

    That said, for all the hype this is still just a bad cold virus going around. The real damage will be from government actions, quarantines, travel bans, and forced vaccinations of a vaccine that wont be adequately tested for safety (none of them are).

  108. KA says:

    Indian military believes that the U.S. Center for Disease Control in Atlanta was involved in the 1994 plague in the Indian city of Surat which killed 52 people and close to a quarter of the city’s citizens fled the area for fear of being quarantined. Even the origin of 1994 plague is mired in controversy to this day.”

    R. Prasannan, the New Delhi Bureau Chief of The Week magazine, in his piece questioning whether Coronavirus was created in a lab wrote,

    During the 1994 plague outbreak in Surat and Beed, it was found that the germs had an extra protein ring which could only have been inserted artificially. Indian scientists had raised concerns about a US biowar experiment having gone awry. THE WEEK had carried reports giving details of germ war reseach being carried on in labs under the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta and about a newly developed germ detector being tested. The US embassy had denied the allegations. There were also reports that the Surat germ could have been developed in a lab in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  109. @clickkid

    911 IS the Catalyst to destroy this evil within.

    • Agree: NoseytheDuke
  110. bjondo says:
    @Big Daddy

    Ft Dietrich and Plum Island.

    Lyme, Ebola, West Nile, Aids….

    Only link I could find for this old article.


    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @bjondo
  111. Chinaman says:

    The fact that the Chinese government took the unprecedented action of locking down a whole city and basically shutting down the country suggest that they think it is a bioweapon but can’t admit it because it will cause widespread panic. It is zombie movie or resident evil in reality now.

    Is it a coincidence that this is happening in China with the ongoing trade war and HK riots? This is asymmetric warfare. There are some sick motherfuckers in the US government who will stop at nothing to impede China’s ascension.

    An eye for an eye. 20000 infected. Let’s put them on a plane to Mexico and then ask them to cross the border!

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  112. Parfois1 says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    You are very patient answering comments from people who are deeply resistant to knowledge that contradicts their worldview and whose aim is not to learn, but to repeat the tropes and memes that sustain their prejudices.

    I wonder sometimes if ignoring them is preferable to wasting time and effort; on the other hand I can see that a superior argument may help others who genuinely are here to learn about our world and its ways.

    Its gratifying that you are here and you deserve our respect and admiration for your work. Thanks.

    • Agree: Ber
    • LOL: TKK
    • Replies: @Eagle Eye
  113. DaveE says:

    You quote the King James Gospel of John, circa 1620 or so. Isn’t it “funny” how the newer “translations” of the NT seem to get more Jew-friendly, every year?

  114. Parfois1 says:

    If he thinks they are going to be able to place many people in a mass colonization of Australia, he should consult a map.

    Hasn’t it started already? I was there in 2005 and then again ten years later and the difference in the main cities was huge. You can travel on suburban trains where seeing a person of European descent is a rarity.

  115. TKK says:

    What do you mean the “aid’s fraud”?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  116. denk says:

    LIke I said previously,
    The comments on SARS2 ranges from..
    ignorant, stupid, willfully obtuse, in denial, to typical murkkan M,O…..blaming the victim.

    Too much B.S.. , too little time.

    To recap…

    pr[BSL4 LAB leak] = freak accident, meaning highly unlikely.

    Pr [bsl4 leak/ given that it occurs at a time of mass
    exodus , at Wuhan which is an economic powerhouse, a central hub of fast rail and international air link AND happens to be the site of a BSL4 LAB, when [[[they]]] have been mounting an intensive hybrid warfare on China since Trumps’ appointment….trade war blitzkrieg, Uighur and Tibet destabilisation, provocations in SCS,
    TW strairts, swine flu, SARS2 and now H7N9….]
    = practically zero.

    Ian Fleming says
    ‘I’d be damned if this isnt an enemy action’

    Who might that be ?

    who’ has been assaulting China by covert, covert wars since 1949, thats right, all of 70 years incessant attacks, including biowarfare during the Korean war, SARS1 ?

    Who’ has the motive ?
    This from the horse mouse….
    During the peak of HK riots,

    ‘What a beautiful sight to behold’

    Former senior adviser in the Trump and Bush administrations Christian Whiton,

    causing this crisis for the Chinese government … is good in the national interests of the US.””

    Who benefits, cui bono ?
    Again from the horse mouse,

    Wilbur Ross

    ‘This is a godsend to bring back our factories and revamp the entire supply chain’

    Then there’s the ultimate insult…
    ‘This is a Chinese FF’,some even hinted at a Jew/Chinese joint op.

    Imagine there’s a certified arsonist in JOhn’s neighborhood, he was caught red handed setting fire to John’s house , the attacks has been intensifying lately.

    John’s house caught fire last night.
    Any sane person would suspect the serial arsonist who hates John’s gut, only those with a sick mind would suggest that John would do this to himself, may be to claim insurance !

    USA is truly the land of idiots and sick mind.

    Ian Fleming
    Why else do you think they keep electing producing one psycho after another to run [[[their]]] country….???

    From the horse mouth…


    WE LIE, WE CHEAT AND WE ROBBED, Thats how we make a living folks,

    Mind you, the sob is actually bragging it, like its a badge of honor.

    sob is at it again…
    China is our central threat

    When I said,
    ‘dont blame others, its the people stupid’

    Many people protest indignantly, yet they keep coming
    back to vincdicate my assertion.

    Too much B.S.
    Too little time,.

    • Replies: @TT
  117. Alfred says:
    @Old and grumpy

    Part of the virus has something that HIV has in it. Agreed. But so do many other Coronaviruses. This is not something exclusive to HIV.

    It is like saying that humans have legs and so do elephants – therefore humans got their legs from elephants. 🙂

  118. denk says:

    The Indians understand China.

    How’s the smog in [[[Delhi]]] today…?

    [[[India]]] has been anglos jawans
    since time immerorial…

    [[[Eight nations alliance]]]


  119. denk says:

    he was charged with essentially a reporting technicality.

    If [[[they]]] wanna nail somebody, they could make a mountain outta a mothball, many times over…

    Exhibit Lee Wen Ho,

    WEN HO LEE / You Call This Justice? / Presumed guilty until proven innocent

  120. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    He raises a very good point that tests are for anti bodies not the virus. What if the virus is gone BECAUSE of the antibodies?

    Kary Mulis has written a lot about the total lack of a proven connection between ‘aids’ and hiv. Search for his name if you’re interested.

  121. denk says:

    Why no mention of Hillary Clinton or Dianne Feinstein’s relations with China?

    Clinton with his buddy Suharto who slaughtered almost the entire Chinese community in 1965 ?

    KIllary the enforcer who bludgeoned the [[[five liars]]] to flame the Chinese and Russia ?

  122. Bert says:

    The situations are not comparable at all. The U.S. intervened militarily in Russia during its civil war, and not on the side of the Reds. Financing of the Bolsheviks was through individual Jewish bankers and was not supported by U.S. diplomacy nor corporate leadership.,_Siberia.

    The decision to facilitate the modernization of China was embraced by the entire corporate leadership of the U.S. as well as the U.S. government.

  123. Daniel.I says:

    Or maybe the Anglos have been subjected to selective breeding for obedience for quite some time – and are by now incapable of resisting (((their))) programming.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  124. @Not-a-Number

    Drill before or at the time of false flag events , see: “The false flag formula-15 ways
    to detect a false flag operation” :
    “False flag formula #1-Drill at the same time or nearby time and place…[event 201?]
    False flag formula #2- Foreknowledge” :”Bill Gates predicted coronavirus outbreak, death of 33 million people ”
    33 million? Tom McKenney “33 Degrees of Deception: An Expose of Freemasonry”
    Is the coronavirus outbreak some sort of psyop? Problem, reaction, solution . Cui bono?

  125. Kapyong says:

    Hey Mefobills,

    “Money is a generic term today, and there are different kinds of money. When people think of money they think of purchasing power.”

    So, do you think (((they))) created Bitcoin ?

    On the one hand –
    it’s a new TYPE of money, mysteriously appearing again, just as the old system is looking shaky (anyone for ‘Diamond Bullion’ ?);

    But on the other –
    the creation of Bitcoins is NOT in their hands, but strictly limited by the algorithm, and de-centralised (and dominated by China.)

    There are some signs for optimism here and there, do you think this is one of them ?

    (BTW – Michael Bradley has quite interesting things to say about aggressive genes pushed out from the hills back then – thanks for the tip, will get his book.)

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  126. barr says:

    The Indians understand China. ”

    Rich diaspora Indians spread many ideas and innuendo about various countries not loved nor liked or simply hated by Diaspora Indian’s western friends. Pakistan Arab and China often feature on the lists .

    Both articles are nonsense and Derbyshire article on General Chi Haotian smacks of projection.

    America created bugs to derail the Iranian nuclear program with humongous consequences .
    Its ideologues talk of using DNA specific or protein specific bio weapons . It has tremendous and extensive bio programs conducted by military and intelligence

    It still did not disclose or actually investigate the Anthrax episode which has the mark of State-Private coordination to achieve political aims .

    USA did try to melt down Iranian centrifuge and cause cascade of secondary events It
    One person went to jail from NYT for disclosing the plan As it turned out the plan as left in the door of Iranian embassy was changed by the person at the last moment ( soy from Russia living in US and on US pay role) because the plan was not making sense to him .

    It is America who routinely talks of using nukes on non nuclear countries of returning the country to stone age and gleefully accept millions of death as price for abstract concept of democracy,freedom,and access to the market ( which is the primary objective as was the Papal bull for enslavement of Latin America in the name of abstract God )

  127. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:

    Yeah, the Chinese released this themselves on purpose is just stupid.

    Just listen to Wilbur Ross who this is going to force companies to bring their supply chain back to America. You think China did this on purpose?

    Only thing that makes sense in light of the other coincidences if the avaian flu, african flu, plus corona virus is an American release.

    • Replies: @denk
  128. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:

    What are the odds that this is accidentally released right at the worst time possible?


    This is intentionally released along with a swine and avian disease, plus Bill Gates prepares a pandemic simulation, plus 300 US soldiers visit Wuhan the week before it is released, plus all of the Pentagon ties to this bioweapon.

  129. Mefobills says:

    Or maybe the Anglos have been subjected to selective breeding for obedience for quite some time – and are by now incapable of resisting (((their))) programming.

    The programming is quite sophisticated, honed over thousands of years as evolutionary method.

    The “method” would like to take over the world. If I were you, I would stop blaming anglos, and start looking at the parasite with fear, because it has the potential to infect.

    Mammon, or Moloch is the god of money. The Chinese appear to me, to be a group of people easy for Mammon to infect. The only thing holding it back is high quality Chinese leadership.

    Remember the recent Chinese politician who had piles of gold in his house. He had been stealing from the commons, and converting his gains into gold. (He was punished.)

    Stop whistling past the graveyard and blaming Anglo’s for everything, it blinds you from reality.

    • Replies: @Daniel.I
    , @denk
  130. Mefobills says:

    So, do you think (((they))) created Bitcoin ?


    Part of what gives money currency is the use factor. If you have the only train company in town, and you issue tickets for your train, then your tickets have value by virtue of the train tracks, right of ways, the train station, and most importantly how far the train goes.


    What gives the dollar much of its currency (ability to flow and desirability) is that the money masters converted it to FRN’s, spread the reserve system world-wide through link ups, and then usurped governments.

    The tentacles and nodes of the world wide reserve system are being bypassed by Bitcoin.

    This bypassing and high security of Bitcoin is actually a threat to (((them))).

    That said, bitcoin is actually not money – money is law. Bitcoin is based on the false concept of gold… that money erupts out of the ground through mining.

    Bitcoin gets its “currency” by virtue of block-chain, and the rail-links that connect it worldwide. People who are monetarily illiterate confuse the system (the rail lines) with the trains (the money).

    I consider blockchain to be a good thing. The money master predators now use double entry ledgers and part of their game is to swap unlike kinds on and off the ledger. During the swap is when they take their usury.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  131. Anon[240] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, Mefobills!

    real wealth is food, clothing, shelter, real health care, etc. Silos full of grain. Universities. Roads, bridges, ports, etc.


    Financial wealth is claims on real wealth. Financial wealth is not wealth.

    The Austrian (and others) want to confuse real wealth and financial wealth.

    They don’t realize, or don’t want people to know, when debt is wiped out, the money (savings) are also wiped out. So they have a fantasy about money that can’t be wiped out, that is, ‘gold is money!’

    Money is created at the stroke of a pen. Money has no intrinsic value.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  132. Mefobills says:

    with the trains (the money).

    Sorry, confuse the tickets (money) with the infrastructure (trains, rail, lines, train stations).

    Bitcoin block-chain infrastructure piggy backed on networked computers, already in-place.

  133. Mefobills says:

    they don’t realize, or don’t want people to know, when debt is wiped out, the money (savings) are also wiped out. So they have a fantasy about money that can’t be wiped out, that is, ‘gold is money!’

    This is true for a debt based money system, where the money is hypothecated against debt instruments. What comes from nothing, returns to nothing.


    The gold-bugs do have something worth saying, only since they are monetarily illiterate, they don’t have the words.

    When gold erupts out of the ground, and then the king stamps the gold and turns it into money, it popped into being outside of a debt instrument. It is floating money. It came into being as seignior-age on the money supply.

    The money supply actually needs debt free “floating money” in the supply. Floating money is good for savings as it is not under time pressure to return to a debt ledger. Further it pays off debts in the same way as does banker debt created money. (The usurers always react violently if their credit is paid off with sovereign floating money.)

    So, the austrian bugs confuse gold with the money action.

    China forgives debt’s routinely. The former Yuan credit loses its debt association, and hence no longer is required to return to ledger for destruction. This means that some portion of the Yuan supply is floating money, and this money can be thought of as baseband.

    Baseband is like coal or nuclear power, it is at some level relative to the average transaction (GDP) of an economy.

    The real economy of the west does not have its private debts released, nor does it have much in the way of debt free money that channeled into labor’s savings. This is because the (((bad guys))) have usurped the money power for themselves, to then take perpetual rents – and fuel the activities of the tribe.

    By the way, China’s economy is permanently efficient because of their State Banks and release of debts. This means that wall street can take wage arbitrage on China forever, while China maneuvers to steal our patrimony.

    It is really a tragic situation, where the predators have us by our short hairs.

    • Replies: @Anon
  134. denk says:

    India is now seeking to investigate Wuhan

    [[[India]]] is helping the [[[west]]] agitprop to frame China.


  135. denk says:

    pft is a prick.

    I call him out many times at MOA.

  136. Anon[240] • Disclaimer says:

    Well, there is a time pressure, as inflation eats away at buying power. And that hand to hand money, that can be created without debt, will also suffer inflationary losses. And other losses. eg, The Russians/Soviets lost ~90% of their purchasing power in the devaluation of the ruble, in the agreement between Yeltsin and Bush. So the floating money has similar problems to all money, as you might say, ex nihilo, ad nihilo.

    So yes there is something in gold, and silver etc.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  137. @No

    This is going to cause massive economic shock(s) to the economies in the global system.

    Middle-East oil producers have to cut supply due to a drop in demand. Now they may very well go to war with each other to try to maintain market share. KSA needs 60\$/bl just to meet its budget. Iran needs to sell oil. Both just lost China. It will now get very ugly in the Straits of Hormuz. Japan just sent a destroyer.

    Corona will have serious knock on effects. It will change everything. Wait until Trump and others imposes martial law.
    In England, warehouse food workers noticed a change in supplies: tinned goods, pasta, powder milk, etc. They expect a logistic shock to the whole food supply system. That says a great deal.
    But wait, there will be more.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  138. Mefobills says:

    The Russians/Soviets lost ~90% of their purchasing power in the devaluation of the ruble, in the agreement between Yeltsin and Bush.

    The Soviet system. SYSTEM. See the train argument earlier.

    When the SYSTEM changed, so did the money, hence the devaluation. When the confederacy collapsed, so did their money. Money is law, and the law changed – or disappeared.

    Yeltsin had groups of people in his midst (Atlantacists) who wanted to link up to the west. Further, they wanted to profit through monetizing the Russian commons into dollars/euros. This monetization was through the attachment of dollar denominated debt instruments onto debt free Russian lands.

    Yeltsin was low IQ and possibly a dupe. There were other better ways to move away from communism. The way it was done was a disaster, as the Russian commons were privatized into the hands of Oligarchs… most of whom were the “international jew,” running their time worn scams.

    Even today, dual shitizens trying to steal from average Russians is a problem.

    • Replies: @Anon
  139. denk says:

    What is likely to be the subject of endless debate in the future is whether the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic caused the Second Great Depression by a quirk of fate (i.e. bad timing) or by intentional design (i.e. MIHOP = TPTB made it happen on purpose). The NWO globalist cabal knows that if they execute a controlled demolition of the GE&FS via the FED, they will be held responsible as never before. On the other hand, if they use this unfolding pandemic to trigger a market crash, they have an out … … … so they think. See PANDEMIConium: If January market trends, economic data and financials are any indication, 2020 is gonna get ugly—REAL UGLY!

    Crashing the market, write off the massive debt to China ???

  140. Mefobills says:

    This is going to cause massive economic shock(s) to the economies in the global system.

    All countries should be run in their national interests. This means being food independent, and economically independent to the extent possible. It also means sovereign national money to run your nation’s affairs.


    Economic autarky is a good thing. Nations that starve because they have to close their borders, will have to do a complete rethink about their false world view.

    It’s sad that common sense isn’t commonplace, while greed is. Nation states want to have some sort of advantage – to sell what they make onto the world market.

    If all you have is oil, then you want others dependent on your oil. So, it is then easy to get yourself into a situation where you are dependent on food and goods from other countries.

    China has little oil, so instead they should be building nuclear power plants (the French Strategy) and building heavily insulated and/or solar homes with government incentives. This would be a high priority and a strategic maneuver on the same scale as build out of military.

    Even the Chinese, as smart as they are, are not thinking correctly. Belt and Road is great, but those countries on the belt and road need to build up their independence simultaneously.

  141. Anon[240] • Disclaimer says:

    There was no need to write down the savings of Russians/Soviets. That was an arbitrary abuse of power. The Soviets did not lose in war. It was a destructive political decision by the Yeltsin bloc. The Confederacy collapsed, very different situation. The Soviets political leadership/mafia made bad decisions, for which there was no need, against the will and interests of the majority of Soviet citizens. Those bad decisions turned around to bite them, as the oligarchs have had severe downscale in power.

    But it does illustrate the point, that money/credit has no reliable value. The intrinsic value of money is zero.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  142. Daniel.I says:

    I’m merely pointing out that the Anglo has been serving as the Jew’s enforcer for quite a while.

    Therefore, I would say that (((their))) grip on the Anglo must be quite strong, and won’t be shaken easily (if at all).

    So what’s more likely – a world where the Anglo breaks free, or a world where the Anglo will attempt to destroy whoever the Jew wants destroyed ?

    You accuse others of being out of touch with reality.
    Now apply the same standard to yourself.

    • Agree: Ghan-buri-Ghan
    • Replies: @Mefobills
  143. Mefobills says:

    You accuse others of being out of touch with reality.
    Now apply the same standard to yourself.

    I’m not out of touch with your reality as stated above, I agree with it.

    I’m going to say it again, be wary of the parasite. The Chinese and others are not fully immune.

    Jacob Schiff did fund the Japanese, or helped maneuver them, to attack Russia in 1904.

    I also understand that NorthEast Asians do not suffer from pathological altruism as much as do whites, so there is the hope that they are biologically immune.

  144. Mefobills says:

    [Too much off-topic commenting on money/currency.]

    But it does illustrate the point, that money/credit has no reliable value. The intrinsic value of money is zero.

    I think I understand where you are coming from. The gold masters say that their “gold” has intrinsic value.


    I’m saying that money is a legal device that has to flux in relation to goods and services.
    If goods and services collapses (like Russia or the Confederacy) then what the money can buy collapses, and the money itself has lost purchasing power.

    Our (((friends)) being “internationalists” will shill for gold, because they can melt it down and escape to another country, to then make claims about its intrinsic value.

    Of course, to believe their claims, we have to overlook the 2000 year history of gold coins, where clipped coins circulated at par. It took 2000 years to figure out it was the kings stamp that made gold money, so listening to the tribe is a step backward for humans into ignorance.

    Money doesn’t have intrinsic value, I agree. It is a device for allowing trade, a creation of man.

    • Replies: @clickkid
  145. denk says:

    If I were you, I would stop blaming anglos,

    OTOH, I’d dont buy the meme that ..
    its always the Jews./Israel’ either.

    AFAIK, these are [[[CIA/MI6]]] all the way, some times in collaboration with RAW, or Jp intel [whats its name ?], increasingly with ASIO the [[[Oz]]] intel.
    [I only get to know ASIO cuz its open collaboration with [[[fukus]]] to slander China/Chinese in recent years]

    Latest revision..


    1950 Korean war,
    1959 Tibet,
    1962 Indo./sino war,
    1965 INdon genocide,
    1989 TAM,
    1998 Indon pogrom,
    1999 BOmbing of Chinese embassy in ex Yugo,
    2001 Hainan spy plane, Chinese pilot died.
    2003 SARS,
    2008 Tibet,
    2009 Xinjiang,
    2013 Bird flu, Asia pivot
    2014 Xinjiang, HK, Mh370
    2018 bird flu,
    2019 HK, Xinjiang, swine flu…
    2020 SARS Mk2, H5N1….

    For example, this was how [[[they]]] framed China and the ethnic Chinese in the 1965 genocide.

    MI6 provided the agitprop,

    From the horse mouth…
    ‘The fourth means of support was propaganda operations. On 5 October a “political adviser” at the British intelligence base in Singapore reported to the Foreign Office in London that: “we should not miss the present opportunity to use the situation to our advantage… I recommend that we should have no hesitation in doing what we can surreptitiously to blacken the PKI in the eyes of the army and the people of Indonesia”. The Foreign Office replied: “We certainly do not exclude any unattributable propaganda or psywar [psychological warfare] activities which would contribute to weakening the PKI permanently. We therefore agree with the [above] recommendation… Suitable propaganda themes might be… Chinese interference in particular arms shipments; PKI subverting Indonesia as agents of foreign communists

    The yanks planted ‘evidences’

    ‘U.S. officials were particularly interested in linking the September 30th plotters to Beijing. They helped to spread stories about China’s alleged involvement and reported on caches of weapons purportedly “discovered” by the Indonesian army with the hammer and sickle conveniently stamped on them. “We have bonanza chance to nail chicoms on disastrous events in Indonesia’

    Perhaps three million slaughtered, culling almost the entire Chinese community.

    Lately [[[Oz]]] is giving [[[UK]]] a good run for its money as the ‘lieutenant‘,

    [[[Steve Bannon: ]]]

    Australia is on ‘frontlines’ of economic war with China
    Australia is on the “frontlines” of an economic war with China, a “totalitarian mercantilist” regime that must be confronted
    This is not a trade war … Australia is at the frontlines of this. We’re in an economic war with China OK? Not a trade war,” Bannon said.

    China has been in a economic war with the west [1] and they are a totalitarian mercantilist system.
    I’m a hawk on China because eventually I believe that … if this regime is not confronted, bad things are going to happen, [SIC] and I think they have to be confronted now. I think Turnbull has been way too much of an appeaser, and I think that’s not going to turn out well … Australia is at the tip of the spear of this.

    The [[[Canucks]]] are also up to their eyeballs in this, re the kidnap of Meng, even the [[[Kiwis]]], whom I thought was the least hostile of the lot, are getting into the act.

    In the assault on China at least, it’s always been a [[[family]]] affair.

    [1] typical bandits crying out loud.

  146. clickkid says:

    Sure, money in its role as currency is a means to facilitate trade. The premier currency by far in our modern age has been the USD, which has also been used by non-US countries as a reserve. Since it is used as a reserve (not just as a means of payment) it has allowed the US an artificially high standard of living, at the cost of a gradual loss of manufacturing jobs. It also allows the US givernment to run much higher deficits than would otherwise be the case.

    China is at the forefront of those countries gradually distancing themselves from this arrangement. The accumulation of gold by the Silk Road countries is common knowledge. China’s decision to stop accumulating the debt of the US givernment in 2013 freed up that capital for investment in Belt and Road Projects.

    This is the threat which is undermining the power of the US government and its associated oligarchs. I think we can all agree that when entities – whether governments, individuals or others – recognize threats to their power, they tend to try and do something about them.

  147. johnwho says:

    I’d like to apologize to the author for my flippant comment about ‘Science fiction.’ Sorry, had a coupla beers and wasn’t really thinking at the time.
    Doesn’t mean I agree that America or American agents really started the virus in China. I don’t.

    • Replies: @clickkid
  148. A scientific report…

    … from the Kusuma School of Biological Sciences in New Delhi, India, proves the Coronavirus is a man-made bioweapon.

    • Replies: @last straw
  149. Coronavirus is now on cruise ships. At least they’re easy to quarantine, don’t let anyone off, and if they all catch it, just sink the ships.

  150. @Pft

    I’m not discounting the possibility that this was an accidental release from some Chinese lab, but it’s a very remote possibility.

    There is plenty of evidence about that the US has experimented on its own citizens, even exposing them during nuclear tests, so why should they be any more considerate with the Chinese? When the US starts behaving better with its own people, maybe then I can start believing that this wasn’t a deliberate bio-attack on PR China.

    • Agree: Antiwar7
    • Replies: @Jimny
  151. denk says:

    Let’s talk just a second here about the pork shortage, which was germ warfare by drones. Now you don’t hear this. You don’t read this in the United States media. But all over China media, it’s police (who) are arresting people and they’re picking up all these custom-made drones, that all these criminal elements have all over the nation. During the height of the Trump trade war, the drones were flying back and forth, spraying lethal viral agents to kill pigs. And this was during the height of the trade war. Each time an agreement was reached, the negotiation team from the U.S. placed more demands. Most of them were totally ridiculous and then they’d walk back from the table and things started pressuring China.

    Now, the idea that drones would spread a virus is intriguing. And I’m going to talk to you as a technology wonk. Think about it for a minute. It’s not just that drones were being used. Who designed and modified the drones? You’re telling me pig farmers all over the nation decided to modify a drone? Who manufactured and modified them? So, these are professionally modified drones. Somebody designed them. Somebody got on a CAD system, designed the parts, went to a factory, had the plastic parts professionally injection molded, people. That takes at least 30 weeks to do, OK on a short run. All right. They had to have special electronics installed. Well, you can probably do that in somebody’s basement. But nevertheless, how were the drones in the south of China identical to those in the west of China? Identical to those in the north of China? Identical to those in the east of China? Somebody flooded China and agents with these professionally manufactured viral spraying drones. How can the pig farmers get a hold of the exact viral agent? It’s not just the drones. (Do) the pig farmers know how to create viral agents to kill pigs? Did they say, oh, that pig died? I will go over and extract the viral agent from it and spray it over here. No. How did they do it? How did pig farmers even know how to handle viral agents? Do you? Do you know how to handle a viral vial of viral agent and put it in a spraying system? Do you mix it with water? Do you make it into an aerosol? How do you handle it? It’s a pig farmer! And how did they know how to design, build and construct viral spraying mechanisms. Do you know how to construct the viral spraying mechanism? I’m an aerospace engineer. I know. And even that, I’d have to sit down and look it up. It’s not common knowledge.

    Meanwhile, the United States media is not reporting on the drone use to decimate the pork industry. OK, so this event and suddenly the entire nation goes into lockdown. I have to ask: what’s going on?

  152. clickkid says:

    Do you agree that the US is challenged, or considers itself to be challenged, geopolitically by China?

    Do you agree that global power is a zerosum game – ie the more power China has the less power the US has?

    Do you agree that the US is technically capable of causing such an outbreak as we currently see?

    Do you agree that this outbreak tends to weaken China economically, and therefore geopolitically – and therefore tends to strengthen the position of the US compared to China?

    Do you agree that elites in the US, China or any other country tend to act amorally to maximize their own power.?

    If you agree with all of the above, then why, given that the US surely has the motive, the means and the opportunity to have committed this attack, would it not do so?

  153. Eagle Eye says:

    Read Godrey Roberts post above again, carefully. Then compare his lengthy statements with the concise, narrowly focused points made by Eagle Eye.

    Then ask yourself:

    (1a) Judging by his writings on this page, is Godfrey Roberts literate in Chinese?

    (1b) Would you give much weight to the opinions of an American in Paris who admits he can only read the International Herald Tribune but not Le Figaro, has never followed a conversation between two Frenchmen, and cannot understand TV news?

    (2) Eagle Eye said in effect that the cited 78% figure for Chinese who claim to believe that their government generally works for them cannot be taken at face value, and is based on a different social environment and historical traditions than the Western figures. Does Roberts’ reply actually challenge this narrow and technical point? Or does he effectively concede the point?

    (Having said this, Godrey Roberts makes many interesting and valuable points based on his careful reading of English-language materials. However, not having DIRECT access to and a feeling for original materials is vastly limiting in ways an illiterate author cannot always understand..)

    (3) Did Eagle Eye say or imply any value judgments whatever as to the relative merits and moral standing of the Chinese government vs. that of the U.S.?

  154. Tim too says:

    I remember a previous controversy about H5N1, research Ron Fouchier in Holland was creating potentially harmful viruses, to study aerial spread, and animal specificity. Gain of function experiments. That was back in 2011/12. Now research is back on track, 2019.

    “In December 2017, NIH lifted the funding pause and invited new GOF proposals…”

    This is a larger topic. …

  155. gavishti says:

    I would like to add the following post which is the first good news in this long conversation. Chinese Doctor’s have now filed a patent for a new treatment regime. I do hope that they successfully treat all the patient’s affected by this dreadful disease.

    • Replies: @Eagle Eye
  156. Eagle Eye says:

    … Chinese doctors have now filed a patent for a new treatment regime.

    Would be nice if true, but it’s kind of early to have completed research, reached an industrially workable idea, and drafted and filed the patent.

    Global Times is, of course, a semi-official organ of the CCP and as such under extreme pressure at present to pump out good news about the coronavirus situation.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  157. Jett Rucker says: • Website
    @Just passing through

    Do you care to use your language(s) correctly? I don’t speak Hebrew, but my understanding is that any one person who is a “helper” of Israel is a sayan, and two or more of these are sayanim.
    I don’t think there’s any such word as sayamin.
    Or maybe you don’t care about linguistic authenticity…

  158. Erebus says:
    @Eagle Eye

    Would be nice if true, but it’s kind of early to have completed research, reached an industrially workable idea, and drafted and filed the patent.

    It is damn fast, I’ll grant, but it depends on what they’ve patented, and what sort of patent they applied for.

    If you read the article, no new drug has been researched/developed/tested, and the patentability of their discovery isn’t a slam dunk. Actually, it’s doubtful.

    In any case, they needn’t have “drafted and filed (a formal) patent (application)” to establish a priority date and file an Intent to Apply. That can be done in a day with a bit of effort, and I’d wager that’s what they actually did.

    Specifically, the Wuhan Institute found that a concoction made of Remdesivir and Chloroquine is effective. Chloroquine has been around since the ’40s as a treatment for malaria, and Remdesivir is in Ph. 2/3 testing for its effectiveness against Ebola.

    Gilead Sciences, developer of Remdesivir has stated that it appears to be effective against corona viruses SARS and MERS, both of which are similar to 2019-nCov.

    As Wuhan, indeed all of China is now a giant laboratory where doubtless every lab is on a war footing, the chances of a fortuitous discovery are actually pretty good. Doctors in Bangkok have found concoctions of anti-viral medicines used to combat AIDS to be effective, and have successfully cured several of their cases.

    Tremendous resources being thrown into the battle, with 10,000s of researchers looking to make their name as the one that found the magic bullet. That the group that’s been at it the longest, and with the most skin in the game has apparently found one shouldn’t be all that surprising. That others will find other magic bullets in due course won’t surprise either.

  159. utu says:

    Have ‘real’ coronavirus death figures been leaked? Chinese conglomerate lists death toll at 24,589 but quickly changes to official numbers sparking wild conspiracy theories

  160. @CharlieSeattle

    A scientific report…

    … from the Kusuma School of Biological Sciences in New Delhi, India, proves the Coronavirus is a man-made bioweapon.

    That paper has been debunked and withdrawn as far as I know. On the other hand, Chinese researchers have pointed out that the genome of the new coronavirus is 96% identical to that of a bat coronavirus from the very beginning.

    • Replies:
    , @CanSpeccy
  161. bjondo says:

    MERS-specific program

    To help Israel target ME Arabs?

    …John Rood, the Pentagon’s top adviser for defense policy, who described China as the greatest threat to “our way of life in the United States” at the Aspen Security Forum…

    Who is “our”, John Rood?

    “Way of life” means what: Off shored jobs? Container homes?
    Unemployment from AI because of clueless, greedy boobs like yourself?
    Complete rainbow of the manufactured queerish?
    Total surveillance? Obedience to Israel?

    Who are these people?

    DC, Darpa, Wall St, Silicon Valley or China-Russia?

    China-Russia any day, every day.


  162. says:
    @last straw

    >> proves the Coronavirus is a man-made bioweapon.

    The DIY rebuttal of that paper.

    Here are the four insertions:


    These four insertions are protein sequences, that are encoded by a DNA sequence (which you may know uses molecular “letters” of A, G, C, and T to encode for proteins, which uses 20 molecular amino acid “letters”).

    You, dear reader, do not have to take anybody’s word for it that these letters are a coincidence – you can do the bioinformatics yourself!

    1. If you would go to: []
    2. Click on “Protein Blast”.
    3. Under where it says “Enter accession number”, you can paste any one of the four sequences above. take a look at the second (very short) sequence, “HKNNKS” you can see hundreds of perfectly identical matches, e.g.

    Description | Max Score | Total Score | Query Cover | E value | Per. Ident | Accession
    conserved Plasmodium protein, unknown function [Plasmodium malariae] | 22.3 | 66.8 | 100% | 7873 | 100.00% | SBT79988.1
    hypothetical protein TTHERM_01043320 [Tetrahymena thermophila SB210]| 22.3 | 22.3 | 100% | 7874| 100.00% | XP_001030678.2
    uncharacterized protein KIAA1109 isoform X1 [Sipha flava]| 22.3 | 22.3 | 100% | 7876 | 100.00% | XP_025405720.1

    “How likely was this result to have occurred by chance?”. It is called the E-value, or Expect Value – the number of times we’d expect to see this result purely by chance. As you can see here, many of the E-values listed on this page are greater than 7829 – so we’d have expected to see 7829 instances of matches like these completely by chance! This is not evidence for gene transfer or gene similarity – it’s simply a coincidence.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  163. denk says:

    Why no mention of Hillary Clinton or Dianne Feinstein’s relations with China?

    Is this some kind of joke , or more likely, misdirection ?

    Clinton ordered the bombing of Chinese embassy in Ex Yugo…

    KIllary is one of the most rabid wasp sinophobes in the [[[five liars]]], there’s a LOT more where they come from.

    But whats a nice girl like this doing in this swamp biz ?

    When she met [[[the family]]], ..
    A satanic wasp xtian fundies cult , embedded at the core of fukus deep state.

    Here’s a typical blood curdling session of the [[[fellowship]]],,


    “You guys,” David said, “are here to learn how to rule the world.”

    King David,” David Coe went on, “liked to do really, really bad things.” He chuckled. “Here’s this guy who slept with another man’s wife — Bathsheba, right? — and then basically murdered her husband. And this guy is one of our heroes.” David shook his head. “I mean, Jiminy Christmas, God likes this guy!

    You guys know about Genghis Khan?” he asked.

    “Genghis was a man with a vision. He conquered” — David stood on the couch under the map, tracing, with his hand, half the northern hemisphere — “nearly everything. He devastated nearly everything. His enemies? He beheaded them.

    Genghis Khan’s genius”, David went on, “lay in his understanding that there could be only one king. When Genghis entered a defeated city, he would call in the local headman. Conversion to the Khan’s cause was not an option, as Genghis was uninterested in halfhearted deputies. Instead, said David, Genghis would have the man stuffed into a crate, and over the crate’s surface would be spread a tablecloth, on which a wonderful meal would be arrayed.

    “And then, while the man suffocated, Genghis ate, and he didn’t even hear the man’s screams.”

    David stood on the couch, a finger in the air. “Do you know what that means?”

    To their credit, my brothers did not. Perhaps on account of my earlier insight, David turned to me. “I think so,” I said. “Out with the old, in with the new.”

    Yes, he nodded. “Christ’s parable of the wineskins. You can’t pour new into old.” One day, he continued, some monks from Europe show up in Genghis Khan’s court.

    Genghis welcomes them in the name of God. Says that in truth, they worship the same great Lord. Then why, the monks ask, must he conquer the world? “I don’t ask,”

    says Genghis. “I submit.”

    David returned to his chair. “We elect our leaders,” he said. “Jesus elects his.”

    He reached over and squeezed the arm of Pavel. “Isn’t that great?” David said.

    “That’s the way everything in life happens. If you’re a person known to be around Jesus, you can go and do anything. And that’s who you guys are. When you leave here, you’re not only going to know the value of Jesus, you’re going to know the people who rule the world. It’s about vision. Get your vision straight, then relate. Talk to the people who rule the world, and help them obey. Obey Him. If I obey Him myself, I help others do the same. You know why? Because I become a warning. We become a warning. We warn everybody that the future king is coming. Not just of this country or that but of the world.”

    Pence is another member of the ‘fellowship’, ever noticed the crazed look of Pence and Killary, like some kind of Mkultraed zombies.
    Gawd know how many of the wasp crazies are secret member of this satanic cult.

    These crazies believe after destroying the old world then they’d get to meet their creators via rapture.

    They also believe as long as they ‘inform’ their victims beforehand, its ok with their gawd so they can do any damn thing with no karma.

    Here’s an example of their ‘predictive programming’,


    Clinton warned about genetic bioweapon attacks from…AQ [SIC]

    What does empire watch rule 1 says…
    When [[[they]]] cries wolf, run for your life.

    China was hit by another devastating bird flu

  164. Jimny says:
    @Commentator Mike

    If one were to believe that this was a targeted release of the virus on China, then not only does China’s economy get blasted, but also Secretary Ross said that it will be good for the US economy. And like dominos falling, indirectly Iran suffers as China suffers ,as China does a lot of dealing with Iran. It’s a bit like hitting two birds with one stone. Just a thought.

  165. anonymous[422] • Disclaimer says:

    Going by this twitter account, It seems like there is a lot of crazy stuff going on in Wuhan in the last few days. Hopefully they can pull through and get this thing under control.

    • Troll: d dan
  166. utu says:

    Tencent may have accidentally leaked real data on Wuhan virus deaths

    Tencent briefly lists 154,023 infections and 24,589 deaths from Wuhan coronavirus

    Although some are chalking up the images to users tampering with their browsers, the 154,023 infections on Feb. 1 are remarkably close to the estimate predicted on that date by a scientific modeling study carried out by the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and published on the Lancet website. The study estimates the number of cases is much more given the 2.68 spread rate per case, the doubling of total infections every 6.4 days, and known travel patterns in China and worldwide.

    The study stated that by Jan. 25, there were likely already 75,815 people infected with the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in Wuhan. This number for January far exceeds the number of 28,000 given by the government on Feb. 6.
    Nowcasting and forecasting the potential domestic and international spread of the 2019-nCoV outbreak originating in Wuhan, China: a modelling study

    In our baseline scenario, we estimated that the basic reproductive number for 2019-nCoV was 2·68 (95% CrI 2·47–2·86) and that 75 815 individuals (95% CrI 37 304–130 330) have been infected in Wuhan as of Jan 25, 2020. The epidemic doubling time was 6·4 days (95% CrI 5·8–7·1). We estimated that in the baseline scenario, Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen had imported 461 (95% CrI 227–805), 113 (57–193), 98 (49–168), 111 (56–191), and 80 (40–139) infections from Wuhan, respectively. If the transmissibility of 2019-nCoV were similar everywhere domestically and over time, we inferred that epidemics are already growing exponentially in multiple major cities of China with a lag time behind the Wuhan outbreak of about 1–2 weeks.

    Another strange phenomenon that netizens have noticed is the mortality rate, as the government death tolls are routinely maintaining an exact percentile for days on end. Many noticed that in the early days of reporting, the government put the death rate at 3.1 percent.

    By late January, the government apparently decided to set the new official mortality rate at 2.1 percent. As can be seen in the image below, the mortality rate was kept at a precise 2.1 percent, regardless of the numbers from Jan. 30 to Feb. 3:

    • Replies: @clickkid
    , @denk
    , @last straw
  167. @Delta G

    The US govt was actually vaccinating Indians against smallpox. Smallpox was raging through them, heading west ward faster than the settlers could go. They didn’t all catch it off the settlers. Indians carried it most of the way.

    If govt people deliberately infected Indians with Smallpox, perhaps it was a covert operation or rogue elements?

    Many of the Indians did not trust the vaccinations, but many did.

    Isn’t this right?

  168. clickkid says:

    I don’t accept that argument.

    If you look at the numbers of infected in Hong Kong and Macao, which are basically in China and visited by massive numbers of Chinese tourists and businessmen, then we see a total of 34 people infected. If those higher figures you mentioned were true, then we would be seeing many more cases in HK and Macao.

    Remember these two territories are separately administered and compile their own figures.

    I am pretty sure that the numbers are higher than the official figures, but probably not by too much.

    There’s a propaganda war going on.

  169. bjondo says:

    Important only for other world receivers

    and future criminal courts.

    Ft Dietrich s/b Ft Detrick.

  170. denk says:

    FOR the uninitiated, FUKUS = fuck UK, US.

    Cai Ying Wen, [[[fukus]]] bitch in [[[TW]]], fall over herself to help in Aussie bush fire fight, rushing off 100000 face masks to [[[OZ]]] .

    Now that China is attacked by a fukus bioweapon, the bitch order an embargo of face mask to mainland.
    What a cunt. !

    OTOH, Wuhan’s sister city in Jp sent in loads of masks with the label 武汉加油. !

    Even tho [[[Jp]]] is on side with [[[the family]]], there’r some who empathise with China cuz they’r witnessing a re-run of how fukus did to them.

    ‘Many Chinese today may hate the Japanese, but they also know that America is doing to them today what America did to Japan before the Pearl Harbor attack.

    They may hate to openly admit this, but America is slowly trying to put a chokehold on China’s oil supplies by conquering Iraq, Libya, South Sudan and, soon, Iran.

    America is already stirring up trouble in South China Sea.

    By [embargoes and other economic sanctions], including oil-supply chokeholds, America has consistently been at the forefront of provoking and promoting war. After all these years, I wonder what underlying philosophy drives this war-loving culture.’

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  171. denk says:

    True to form, your ilks would question and deride any PRC statement, then quote [[[MSM, FLG, TW….]]] sources to slander China.

  172. Turk 152 says:

    While I have no problem believing that our intelligence agiencies could have released a bioweapon the question is did they.

    Unlike the US, the Chinese live next to animals, and encounter numerous situations on a daily basis in which they could be infected by them. I also understand from an Ivy League professor/scientist in biochem who is a close friend and has no reason to lie to me, that they looked at whether it could be a bioweapon and determined that it did not display the cell characteristics of a weapon. However, whether or not it is a weapon, this is very serious and we could be on the verge of an epidemic but dont have the data yet.

    Ms. Webb did an outstanding job exposing Epstein’s shadow relations, but this is not a political issue and she is not a PhD biochemist who can have her own authoritative thoughts on the molecular structure of bioweapons.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  173. @Turk 152

    she is not a PhD biochemist who can have her own authoritative thoughts on the molecular structure of bioweapons

    Does anthrax display this magic “molecular structure of a bioweapon”? Yet the world was assured by Colin Powell that anthrax is indeed a bioweapon and it was used as a casus belli to go to war against a small country in the Middle East that never launched an anthrax attack on America. So the US went to war on false pretenses while knowing that it was lying. Just be happy that China is not much more powerful to do to you what you have been doing to the world. At least they have more justification in claiming a bioattack than the US did with the deliberate anthrax lie against Iraq.

    • Replies: @Turk 152
  174. denk says:

    To recap…
    A timeline,


    William Cohen warned about ‘OTHERS using race specific bioweapons’ against the ‘free’ world.

    PNAC highlighted in its ‘to do list’,
    ‘Race specific bioweapon which can transform it from the arena of terrorism into a useful political tool’

    Many top microbiologists specialising in ‘gene manipulation and DNA sequecing’ were suicided or murdered

    SARS hit mainland China, HK, Singapore, TW, SEA Chinese communities, worldwide casualties exclusively Chinese !!!

    Chinese lawyer Tong Zeng recalled FUKUS and Jp collecting large samples of Chinese DNA during the 90’s, ostensibly for research.

    NIH sponsored scientist Ron Fouchier wanna publicize how to DIY weaponising H5N1

    Hillary warned about ‘danger of genetic bioweapons attack from AQ’ [SIC]

    CDC insiders predicted a pandemic crisis in the next year,

    ‘Gerstein made an alarming prediction during his presentation, stating that “we expect a pandemic by the end of 2013.” One must wonder how Gerstein could possibly pinpoint a timeline for a pandemic, which is generally seen to be the result of unpredictable microscopic events. Unless, perhaps, he has a hand in creating one.’

    China hit by H5N1 bird flu,

    NIH sponsored scientist Ron Fouchier publicised enhanced method of weaponising H5N1

    Jun 2017

    murkkan Scientists publicized their research on …
    weaponising H7N9

    How To Kill A Whole Lot Of People: Scripps Scientists Publish How They Made H7N9 Virus More Transmissible

    The scientists themselves who were conducting the specific research on how they made H7N9 virus increase its rate of human transmissions are already publicizing it.

    More than that, they are also studying specific strains from different locations on Earth, so that a gene, or race, specific attack can be made possible.

    The viruses being experimented upon “have been collected in at least 28 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.”

    China hit by H7N9
    almost wiping off its poultry industry.

    China hit by swine flu,
    Pig farms nation wide were sprayed with swine flu virus by armies of professionally modified drones. !

    China forced to buy pork from US again !

    2020 jAN
    Bill Gates warned about ‘global pandemic’.

    2020 Feb,
    China hit by SARS2, AND H5N1

  175. denk says:

    The real deep state ?

    I never heard of the family until about 45 mins. ago. I was surfing netflix and came across the mini-series. What I have read about this “family” scares the crap out of me!

    Meet The Family, a wasp xtian satanist cult embedded right at the core of murkkan power, who counts Ghengis Khan, KIng David, Suharto [Clinton’s our kind of guy] as its ‘heroes’.

    ‘In Donald Trump, The Family found their Wolf King, a man who will not lie down like a sheep. Rather, he is a biblical-style bully who represents the epitome of muscular Christianity by devouring the meek. Inserting their long-time soldier Mike Pence into the Trump orbit, The Family ensured this wolf would advance their capitalist Christian agenda.

    While the majority of leaders connected to this clan claim the Republican label, the series points to Bill and Hillary Clinton and other like-minded neoliberals who are connected to Coe and who praise the work of The Family. Included in this mix are progressive thought leaders who build their platforms and publishing deals based on their public veneer as a new kind of Christian, a warrior willing to do battle against those Bible believers who back a Trumpian theology.

    But as The Family demonstrates, these progressive Christians are equally complicit in supporting the structure that placed Trump into power. Anyone who participates in the National Prayer Breakfast, the Fellowships’ congressional prayer breakfasts, or some other Family-friendly gatherings cannot claim they are engaging in “bridge building.” In practice, they’re doing The Family’s business by continuing Vereide’s legacy, utilizing the name of Jesus to advance the interests of industry titans

    Trump, Pence, Clinton…

    Ghengis Khan,

    hillary suharto…

  176. Turk 152 says:
    @Commentator Mike

    But, Ms. Webb is establishing the narrative that there is a bioweapon. She is not refuting an establishment line, you cant turn on the stenographers at the MSM and see an endless discussion that the virus is a bioweapon so we need to bomb China to protect the Nebraska farmer.

  177. Frank Plummer – Canadian Scientist Key To Coronavirus Investigation Assassinated In Africa?
    By GreatGameIndia -February 6, 2020

    In a very strage turn of events, renowned scientist Frank Plummer who received Saudi SARS Coronavirus sample and was working on Coronavirus (HIV) vaccine in the Winnipeg based Canadian lab from where the virus was smuggled by Chinese Biowarfare agents and weaponized as revealed in GreatGameIndia investigation, has died in mysterious conditions. Frank Plummer was the key to the Chinese Biological Espionage case at Winnipeg’s National Microbiology Laboratory.

    According to CBC, Plummer, 67, was in Kenya, where he was a keynote speaker at the annual meeting of the University of Nairobi’s collaborative centre for research and training in HIV/AIDS/STIs.

    Dr. Larry Gelmon, who helped set up that meeting, said Plummer collapsed and was taken to hospital in Nairobi, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

    No confirmed cause of death has yet been released………

  178. @utu

    The cumulative number of confirmed cases are under-reported because it was under-reported in Wuhan in the early days of the outbreak. You don’t need an article in Lancet to see that. All you have to do is to compare the difference in mortality rates in Wuhan and the rest of China: about 4.9% in Wuhan and 0.17% in the rest of China. It seems to me that the most plausible explanation is that very mild and mild cases were massively under-reported in Wuhan in the first few weeks of the outbreak. Exaggerated mortality rate caused by under-reported cases is a common occurrence in epidemics. It’s not unique to this case. Does it matter at this point? Probably not anymore, because Wuhan has been in strict lock-down.

    By late January, the government apparently decided to set the new official mortality rate at 2.1 percent. As can be seen in the image below, the mortality rate was kept at a precise 2.1 percent, regardless of the numbers from Jan. 30 to Feb. 3:

    I’m not saying that the Chinese government is not making up numbers. It’s just that they had to make up several series of numbers on a daily basis. Someone somewhere would probably have already found out if they faked the numbers day in and day out.

    You can read the numbers yourself using google full-page translation:

    • Replies: @utu
  179. utu says:
    @last straw

    ‘We can’t stop’: Funeral worker says Wuhan cremating ‘at least 100’ bodies a day amid coronavirus outbreak

    Wuhan crematoriums ‘are burning bodies 24/7 to cope with extra workload during coronavirus outbreak

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @last straw
  180. Anonymous[164] • Disclaimer says:

    Almost all staff at each funeral home in Wuhan are fully equipped, and all Wuhan cremation chambers are working 24 hours,’ he said.

    Poor show. 100 bodies a day is only 36,500 per year. The Polish government should send over the ovens from Auschwitz, which managed over 1 million a year at peak!!!

    • Agree: Godfree Roberts, Alfred
  181. TT says:

    2003 SARS Infected 8k – 96% Chinese, Death 800 – 96% Chinese, the rest mainly Asian.

    2020 SARS2.0 aka 2019-nCov Infected 34.5k so far >99% Chinese, Death 723 100% Chinese.

    The only non Asian infected is a German, was reported to dev only mild symptoms & back to work within few days.

    MERS Infected & Death mainly Arabs.

    Ebola Africans. Zika Brazilian.

    Swine flu, H1N1, H5N1(deadly to Chinese too), devastated China poultry farms, but left West farms basically untouch.

    These viruses really have a preference of Chinese tofu, hate West ketchup & Indian curry. West are blaming Chinese wild food eating & bad hygien for all virus spreading.

    They should have visited Thailand’s most exotic street food, India & Philippines cities to see what is real bad hygienic hellholes & open sewage even all virus fear.

  182. TT says:
    @Just passing through

    Perhaps its Chinese different culture & value anchored on Confucianism, that emphasizes filial, gratitude, respect of elders, malevolent & humanity.

    All Chinese will revoke if gov is found immoral to allow such US style culling their parents, even its a highly economical way to rid off unproductive old folks that are using up much resources.

    In 2009 swine virus, US let it spread without action, resulting in many millions infected & 500k(?) deaths. Last year flu outbreak in US has 19M infected, 10k deaths resulted in US alone. Yet we won’t hear MSM-WHO-CDC shrieking Global Emergency to shut down all US flights & deny all Americans passport entry.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
  183. CanSpeccy says: • Website
    @last straw

    That paper has been debunked and withdrawn as far as I know.

    In that case, how come it’s still online?

    • Replies: @last straw
    , @last straw
  184. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Under where it says “Enter accession number”, you can paste any one of the four sequences above. take a look at the second (very short) sequence, “HKNNKS” you can see hundreds of perfectly identical matches

    Yes, but what is the probability of all four sequences combining in one protein and aligning together in the folded protein. I would guess the probability of that occurring by chance is negligible.

  185. @CanSpeccy

    In that case, how come it’s still online?

    Who knows?



    Breaking news: preliminary research in China indicates that a virus isolated from pangolins is 99% similar to the circulating virus. If true, this confirms the multi-source origin of the virus.

    • Replies: @clickkid
  186. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Even tho [[[Jp]]] is on side with [[[the family]]], there’r some who empathise with China cuz they’r witnessing a re-run of how fukus did to them.

    LOL. What what you call “the fukus” did to Japan was defeat Japan’s imperial ambitions, which at the time involved occupation of one third of China and the perpetration of numerous war crimes against the Chinese. In fact one of those warmongering American bastards, Joseph Stillwell, led the Chinese army during WWII, which freed China of Japanese occupation.

    By [embargoes and other economic sanctions], including oil-supply chokeholds, America has consistently been at the forefront of provoking and promoting war.

    America is acting as one would expect of the world’s sole super power — a status for which China strives, as reflected in the size of China’s military, which is almost twice as large in manpower as America’s, and China’s massive investments and rapid advances in weapons systems. For the same reason China seeks to evade US control of global trade by creating transEurasian distribution systems.

    And as for oil, the US is only too anxious to supply China, or anyone else. But the price has to be right. else much of the US oil industry will go bust — hence, naturally, the effort to shut in oil from countries hostile to the US. If you think China plays the game of realpolitik any less ruthlessly than the US, you must be very naive.

    • Replies: @denk
    , @denk
    , @denk
  187. @utu

    China’s death rate is about 7/1000. Wuhan has a population of 11 million. That’s 77,000 deaths a year, or 236 a day. So that’s the normal capacity for cremation in Wuhan, assuming all those who die are cremated in Wuhan. So far the epidemic has caused 545 additional deaths in Wuhan, with increasing deaths in recent days. So yes, the crematories are probably starting to get a little bit busy in recent days.

    • Replies: @utu
  188. CanSpeccy says: • Website
    @last straw

    Your claims would be more persuasive if you’d give us an argument, not a bunch of URLs.

    • Replies: @last straw
  189. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Who knows?

    Biorxiv says that the authors:

    intend to revise it in response to comments received from the research community on their technical approach and their interpretation of the results.

    Only a temporary withdrawal then. And in the meantime the original paper is still online, and therefore, in fact, unwithdrawn pending revision.

    So we’ll have to see whether they abandon their original conclusions or, what seems more likely, offer rebuttal of the criticism of their conclusions.

    • Replies: @last straw
  190. utu says:
    @last straw

    Authoritarian regimes always control information and manipulate. For this reason it is safe to assume that they are not telling and us the truth and thus the death rate from the epidemic is higher. But it is possible that you are correct.

    • Replies: @last straw
    , @Biff
  191. @Chet Roman

    Lol, nice try with the spin-doctoring and gaslighting. The entirety of Whitney’s article demonstrates that we should be directing our attention towards America/Pentagon/NATO/CIA and their cohorts.

    Yet you have the complete lack of shame in making a bald-faced assertion that the virus came from a lab in China. Quite the contrary, as all indications masterly expounded upon by Whitney clearly direct the finger at the U.S./West as the culprit that unleashed the virus.

    Lmao, what a joke.

  192. clickkid says:
    @last straw

    That 1% is what one can tweak. Don’t be misled by that 99% thing.

    Humans and chimpanzees are 96% the same.

    Different ethnic groups are well over 99% ‘the same’, but the differences are significant.

    • Replies: @last straw
  193. TT says:

    According to many Chinese reports, it was done decade ago, through Monsanto GMO seeds & weed killers. It has replaced much of China’s indigenous seeds, make a huge portion of China’s farm barren & dependent on GMO seeds, contaminated a huge swath of lands with China banned GMO seeds.

    After one Chinese celebrity exposed how carcinogenic is Monsanto GMO and the danger of China’s food supply in US hand went viral, China agriculture Minister who fast track all these untested GMOs program was arrested by Prez Xi.

    He was found to hold a high paying position in Monsanto. Chinese distributors of Monsanto also waged aggressive media war to smear that celebrity ringing alarm on GMO danger, and advocate China needs to embrace US GMOs import fully as best food supply security.

    Some of these imported GMO food were later found not even USFDA approved for human & wild animals consumption.

    Since, Prez Xi has advocated organic food while Premier Li is strangely promoting potatoes as Chinese staple food (may be for war created famine?). There are also huge water diversion project going on in Xinjiang, probably preparing for new virgin agriculture lands.

    Those US GMO soys are now only used for oil extraction & protein feed for the poultry only, not for human direct consumption.

    My China friend who once sold these Monsanto GMO seeds told, it was so toxic that the seeds suppose to soak inside stink Monsanto’s weed killers to sprout. The plants will then kill insects feeding on them without pesticide.

    Another food warfare was to bankrupt most of China’s soya farmers & cold pressed oil producers after US deliberately flood China mkt with below cost soya & oil(chemical extract & blended).

    US then buy up all these bankcrupted oil producing factories at dirt cost to gain near monopoly before hiking price by many folds.

    China was caught off guard & pay dearly. Now its trying to nurse back some local farmers with stock up for price stabilization. There are some diversification sourcing to Brazil too. Trumps is pushing US GMOs aggressively.

  194. TT says:

    George Soros had openly claimed China is a mortal threat to World. He also declared he had more interest to defeat China that the interest of US. And he advocate banned of Huawei esp 5G.

    Canada ex-Ambassador-to-China Michael Kovrig, a Hungarian like Soros, who was arrested by China under security threat, strangely took leave as Ambassador to work for Soros’s International Crisis Group in HK. He was active in smearing China and advocate banned of Huawei 5G.

    Soros is just a front man of the Jewish cabals who control US WH, Pentagon, FED dollar printing, Warstreet, London, MIC, and Fortune 1000 worth \$150T.

    China rise & advocating of multipolars world is threatening these cabals monopoly grip on World. They have great incentive to destroy China, even its a all out war with US.

    The Anglosaxons Mission.

    According to this 2010 interview, during 2005 deep states were discussing how to reduce 50% Global population for a start, and to ensure Chinese won’t be the race that lead the NWO.

    First is to have Israel(unwilling to sacrifice) provoke a limited nuclear war with Iran to drag in China. This allowed West to centralize power control by declaring emergency state. This some how not realize with Trumps assassination.

    Next is to launch a virus to let China catch a cold. And then start a nuclear war with China to reduce population by 50%.

    • Replies: @denk
    , @denk
    , @denk
  195. TT says:

    If you can study Chinese & its long history with all their old Scriptures, you can understand why Chinese are so adverse of wars.

    Even all their ancient strategists & advisors had historically advocated one single thing to all their emperors, “A day of war cost a thousand gold. All empire collapse because of expansionism wars. The vast barren border lands doesn’t even worth the resource to guard them.”

  196. TT says:

    Was the 2020 Wuhan Coronavirus an engineered biological attack on China by America for geopolitical advantage?


    It does seem farfetched, doesn’t it?

    That the United States will risk World War III, using nuclear weapons, by launching a coronavirus inside China during the 2020 Chinese New Year celebrations? But that is exactly the scenario that I fear has occurred.

    But this time, it’s really… really different.

    Mysterious pneumonia outbreak sickens dozens in China …
    China flu outbreak: Mystery Pneumonia illness symptoms …
    Is China Ground Zero for a Future Pandemic?

    However, what is different THIS TIME is that the virus is [1] new (not a strain of an existing virus), [2] extremely aggressive, [3] launched during the yearly Chinese migration, and [4] comes at the heels of a wide spectrum of American instigated attacks on China during the “Trump Trade Wars”.

    Swine flu was propagated by drones
    As strange was it seems, the complete collapse of the pig farm industry in China in 2019 was propagated by drones. This is why so many isolated pig farms became infected. “Criminal elements” were using drones to spray the pigs with flu to devastate the pork industry.

    This is the Swine-flu pandemic in 2019.

    Chinese Farmers: Criminals Are Using Drones to Infect Our Pigs
    Commercial pig farm in China jams drone signal to combat …
    Pig Farm In Trouble for Defenses Against Swine Fever …
    Chinese gangsters use drones to spread African swine fever …
    Have you ever heard of this?

    Sergei Kolesnikov, a member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, said the propagation of the SARS virus might well have been caused by leaking a combat virus grown in bacteriological weapons labs. According to a number of news reports, Kolesnikov claimed that the virus of atypical pneumonia (SARS) was a synthesis of two viruses (of measles and infectious parotiditis or mumps), the natural compound of which was impossible, that this mix could never appear in nature, stating, “This can be done only in a laboratory.”


    And Nikolai Filatov, the head of Moscow’s epidemiological services, was quoted in the Gazeta daily as stating he believed SARS was man-made because “there is no vaccine for this virus, its make-up is unclear, it has not been very widespread and the population is not immune to it.”

  197. TT says:

    The Pentagon Bio-weapons
    By Dilyana Gaytandzhieva – April 29, 2018
    US has long history of developing & field testing-using bioweapons globally. This is a very detailed timeline listing in many countries.


    The US Army regularly produces deadly viruses, bacteria and toxins in direct violation of the UN Convention on the prohibition of Biological Weapons. Hundreds of thousands of unwitting people are systematically exposed to dangerous pathogens and other incurable diseases.

    Bio warfare scientists using diplomatic cover test man-made viruses at Pentagon bio laboratories in 25 countries across the world. These US bio-laboratories are funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) under a \$ 2.1 billion military program– Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP), and are located in former Soviet Union countries such as Georgia and Ukraine, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.

    Pentagon contractors produce bio agents under diplomatic cover

    Biting Flies in Dagestan, Russia

    The Pentagon: How to kill 625,000 people for just \$0.29 cost per death

    Military Experiments with Tropical Mosquitoes and Ticks in Georgia

    Military bio-lab blamed for deadly CCHF outbreak in Afghanistan

    Why the Pentagon collects and studies bats

    Field tests with Biological Simulants (bacteria)

    Top Secret Research on Synthetic Viruses

    Details of Bioweapon tested on Ukraine, Georgia, Congo, Germany, Azerbaijan, Cameroon, Thailand, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Armenia, …of course Russia & China.

    Ethnic Bioweapons

    Ethnic biological weapon (biogenetic weapon) is a theoretical weapon that aims to primarily harm people of specific ethnicities, or genotypes.
    Although officially the research and development of ethnic bio-weapons have never been publicly confirmed, documents show that the US collects biological material from certain ethnic groups – Russians and Chinese.

    The US Air Force has been specifically collecting Russian RNA and synovial tissue samples, raising fears in Moscow of a covert US ethnic bio-weapons program.

    Apart from Russians, the US has been collecting biological material from both healthy and cancer patients in China. The National Cancer Institute has collected biological samples from 300 subjects from Linxian, Zhengzhou, and Chengdu in China. While another federal project, titled Serum Metabolic biomarkers discovery study of Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma in China, includes analysis of 349 serum samples which have been collected from Chinese patients.

    Tobacco Vaccines: How the Pentagon helped tobacco companies to profit from Ebola

  198. TT says:

    Race Specific Bio-Weapons


    BIOTERRORBIBLE.COM: As if written in a science-fiction novel, race specific bio-weapons are alleged to be a real. This type of advanced bio-weaponry would theoretically allow a government to ethnically cleanse a specific city, state or nation that exhibits a certain genotype. The fact that these race specific bio-weapons were publically disclosed indicates that the government behind these weapons wants the public to be aware of their existence prior to their use.

    Title: Genetic Engineering Biological “Ethnic” Weapons Loom On The Horizon
    Date: January 21, 1999
    Source: Reuters

    Abstract: Biological and genetic weapons designed to kill specific ethnic or racial groups are no longer the stuff of science
    fiction, British researchers said Thursday. A designer plague that would only kill Serbs or a toxin engineered to affect Israelis or Kurds does not exist yet but advances in biotechnology and the mapping of all human genes could be misused to develop lethal
    weapons within five to 10 years. Dr Vivienne Nathanson, the head of health policy research at the British Medical Association (BMA), said genetic information is already being used to enhance biological weapons.

    It would be a tragedy if in 10 years time the world faces the reality of genetically engineered and possibly genetically targeted weapons,” she told a news conference to launch a new book entitled “Biotechnology Weapons and Humanity.” “It is not technology and information that is available today, but it is becoming increasingly available. We do have a window of opportunity
    before weapons of that type are manufactured to make sure we have effective measures of prevention.”

    The tragedies have long started since 2003 SARS. Nations that have capability to retaliate like Russia & China, will one day counterstrike.

  199. denk says:

    An [[[anglo]]] ,of all people, questioning China’s military buildup , are you kidding me ?

    Even tho [[[five liars]]] have more than their fair share of sinophobes, Im not anti White, what I cant stand is stupid
    people, since there’r so many of them, I save some templates just for such occasions.

    ‘The funniest response has been alarm about China’s “military buildup.” I would say that if China did not engage in a military buildup after watching the United States go bomb and missile crazy during the past 70 years that it would be derelict in its duty.

  200. denk says:

    Long time no see !

    This one from my archive, written in 2012 just before the H5N1 hit China.

    LInk is dead so I post the text…


    Socio-Economics History Blog
    Socio-Economics & History CommentaryHome AboutWeaponized Bird Flu Research Published as Virus ‘Just mutations’ Away from Pandemic!

    Why would any sane person publish details about how to weaponize bird flu? We are not dealing with sane people. We are dealing with people infected by the blasphemous reality of the mentally ill: Satanism. We are dealing with Illuminists-Satanists who are out to execute their agenda for depopulation, genocide, fomenting chaos, diseases, deaths, violence …. to initiate hell on earth … to prepare the way for their fake messiah, the Anti-Christ, the bringer of false peace, the white horseman of Revelation 6. They want to use bio-weapons and even race specific Bird Flu in this coming Satanic World War 3.

    This act of publishing the detail how-to of airborne transmissible virulent Bird Flu is just for plausible deniability before the western Illuminati employs it. They will say it is an act of rogue terrorists and nothing to do with their MIC.

    • Replies: @TT
  201. TT says:

    LOL. One needs to be an real idiot to trust such stupid writing of CIA’s tool aka anti-China Falungong Epoch.

    After the June 4 riot was suppressed, we have been thinking about how to prevent China from peaceful evolution and how to maintain the Communist Party’s leadership. We thought it over and over but did not come up with any good ideas. If we do not have good ideas, China will inevitably change peacefully, and we will all become criminals in history.

    Yah, any peaceful evolution will make all CCP leaders criminals in history…ha..ha..ha..sound like Indian Sheriff Smith: halo pay up your tax by sending Apple gift card to New Delhi or we will arrest you….”

    First, if the United States is firm in blocking us, it is hard for us to do anything significant to Taiwan, Vietnam, India, or even Japan, [so] how much more living space can we get?

    China still has 2/3 land mass unused in sparsely populated Xinjiang & Tibet. Hydropower dams & tunneling FSR are converting vastly once non habitat area into well link accessible scenic agriculture/tourism spots. Even the 1/3 used region is still full of empty space if one ever visited China. So why would Chinese bother with more crowded tiny Vietnam & Jp. Then come the India is greatest joke, China will be bankrupted if to feed an exploding population breed like rabbits with no control(Churchill).

    It resembled more like Modi BJP Hindutva peppy talking, where growing 1380M Indians packed into 1/3 China land mass of no resources, highly polluted with collapsing economy, is fleeing in tens of millions to colonize US, Canada & Oz now.
    Imploding India with 1.6B poor population by 2030.

    India invaded every single neighbors to occupy their lands since independent 1947.

    India Weapon of Mass Migration endanger all nations.

    This is the most stupid of all CIA falungong Epoch propaganda:
    Incriminating Phone Calls: Doctors Admit to Live Harvesting of Falun Gong Adherents’ Organs in China

  202. denk says:

    This is a vital part of that 2012 archive I inadvertently truncated off earlier..

    Ex. British Military: The Illuminati Plans World War 3 in 18 – 24 Months!
    China will catch a Cold … During the nuclear ceasefire, there is planned to be a covert release of biological weapons. These will initially be targeted against the Chinese. As our source chillingly told us, “China will catch a cold”. Biological warfare will spread further, to the west. Infrastructure will be critically weakened. This is intended to be just the beginning. After this, a full nuclear exchange would be triggered: the “real” war, with widespread destruction and loss of life. Our source tells us that the planned population reduction through these combined means is 50%. He heard this figure stated in the meeting.


    In case you missed this…

    NIH sponsored scientist Ron Fouchier wanna publicize how to DIY weaponising H5N1

    Hillary warned about ‘danger of genetic bioweapons attack from AQ’ [SIC]

    CDC insiders predicted a pandemic crisis in the next year,

    ‘Gerstein made an alarming prediction during his presentation, stating that “we expect a pandemic by the end of 2013.” One must wonder how Gerstein could possibly pinpoint a timeline for a pandemic, which is generally seen to be the result of unpredictable microscopic events. Unless, perhaps, he has a hand in creating one.’

    China hit by H5N1 bird flu,


    To recap…
    NIH sponsored scientist wanna publish their research on DIY H5N1 weaponisation.

    Clinton, a member of ‘the family‘ , that satanist cult embedded in the deep state, warned of biowarfare from AQ, [SIC],

    CDC insiders ‘predicted’ global pandemic in 2013 !

    Then someone seemingly with insider info posted in his site,,,,….
    Satanists wanna start ww3 ,
    biowafare by bird flu,

    Then poof….
    China hit by H5N1 birdflu,

    It you ask me, this has ‘the family’s finger print all over it.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  203. utu says:

    Coronavirus mass arrests: Eighty-six people die of virus in a DAY in China as Beijing starts rounding up sufferers and videos show hazmat suit-clad goons dragging people from their homes while death toll hits 724

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  204. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Zero Hedge reports:

    China’s Foreign Ministry said this past week that as of noon on Thursday, 19 foreign nationals in the country had been confirmed to be infected with the Coronavirus,

    which, out of a population of 50,000 foreign nationals in China, means an infection rate of 0.00038%. Applied to the population of Chinese nationals, yields a total of half a million Chinese nationals already infected.

    Even if the population of foreign nationals in China is ten times that reported, an equivalent infection rate among Chinese nationals would be over 50,000, which is almost twice the rate China is currently reporting.

    However, if the number of foreign nationals in China totals a million or so, then the infection rate among foreign nationals would match that for Chinese nationals as reported by the Government of China.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @d dan
  205. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    So the visionary you quote incorrectly predicted WW III within 24 months from 2012. But despite being proved wrong, we’re to take them seriously?

    • Replies: @denk
  206. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Yes, dragging people to quarantine hospitals and blasting disinfectant from cannons look like the actions of frightened officials desperate to show that they are acting decisively, rather than effective control measures.

    More effective, one might think, would be all-channels public education on hygiene, plus door to door delivery of essential food supplies to save people the necessity risking their own health and that of others by going out to shop.

  207. denk says:

    trust you to miss the forest for the tree,
    he’s merely predicting

    CDC , Clinton the Family man, now those were insiders info,

    They also provided MESSAGE HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIDE with the Simpson cartoon.

    The satanists believe in Predictive Programming.

  208. denk says:

    the US is only too anxious to supply China, or anyone else. But the price has to be right. else much of the US oil industry will go bust — hence, naturally, the effort to shut in oil from countries hostile to the US

    YOu’ve the right not to do biz with Hua Wei, but you’ve no biz forcing the entire world to follow.

    You’r not obliged to sell oil to China, but attacking Iraq, Libya, Sudan etc to deprive China of oil supplies ‘?
    now thats beyond the pale.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  209. denk says:

    naturally, the effort to shut in oil from countries hostile to the US

    For bandits crying out loud .

    China is sooooo hostile to fukus LOL

    here’s the proof …

    1950 Korean war,
    1959 Tibet,
    1962 Indo./sino war,
    1965 INdon genocide,
    1989 TAM,
    1998 Indon pogrom,
    1999 BOmbing of Chinese embassy in ex Yugo,
    2001 Hainan spy plane, Chinese pilot died.
    2003 SARS,
    2008 Tibet,
    2009 Xinjiang,
    2013 Bird flu, Asia pivot
    2014 Xinjiang, HK, Mh370
    2018 bird flu,
    2019 HK, Xinjiang, swine flu…
    2020 SARS Mk2, H5N1

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  210. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Why not learn the history of your own country before attacking the country that liberated your country from the Japanese Empire.

    • Replies: @denk
  211. CanSpeccy says:

    YOu’ve the right not to do biz with Hua Wei, but you’ve no biz forcing the entire world to follow.

    That’s not how realpolitik works. Rights don’t come into it. Power is the determining factor, and China is Hell-bent on outflanking the US as both an industrial and military power.

    • Replies: @denk
  212. @CanSpeccy

    To put things in perspective:

    The burden of influenza disease in the United States can vary widely and is determined by a number of factors including the characteristics of circulating viruses, the timing of the season, how well the vaccine is working to protect against illness, and how many people got vaccinated. While the impact of flu varies, it places a substantial burden on the health of people in the United States each year.

    CDC estimates that influenza has resulted in between 9 million – 45 million illnesses, between 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010.

    What measures has US taken to reduce these deaths? At least PR China is doing something, and the measures they’re taking will probably also reduce transmission and deaths from the regular flu as well as those due to this coronavirus.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  213. niceland says:

    For those interested in the plague here is Research from hospital in Wuhan.


    Study Design and Participants

    This case series was approved by the institutional ethics board of Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University (No. 2020020). All consecutive patients with confirmed NCIP admitted to Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University from January 1 to January 28, 2020, were enrolled.

    As of February 3, 47 patients (34.1%) were discharged and 6 died (overall mortality, 4.3%), but the remaining patients are still hospitalized. Among those discharged alive (n = 47), the median hospital stay was 10 days (IQR, 7.0-14.0).

    So the verdict is still out for the remaining 85 – still hospitalized when the study was ended. It’s a bit scary that almost 30% of the patients come from the medical staff at the hospital!

    This guy should know a thing or two about these things. Vice Dean at Imperial College in London

    He is estimating 50.000 people infected per day in China and 5 days doubling time. And he points out it’s impossible to calculate the actual death rate. It takes the disease 2-3-4 weeks to kill people. So very low death-rate outside of China is of no comfort.

    This is something much more serious than the regular ‘flu’ like the MSM keeps telling us. Wherever it came from this thing is of real concern for the whole world.

  214. d dan says:

    “China’s Foreign Ministry said … 19 foreign nationals… had been confirmed to be infected… which, out of a population of 50,000 foreign nationals in China, means an infection rate of 0.00038%. ”

    Are you serious? You think there are only 50,000 foreign nationals in China?

    “Even if the population of foreign nationals in China is ten times that reported….”

    No, you are still off by a large amount even with your so-generous “Even if…” estimate. A quick google search will answer your question: there are about 1 million foreign residents in China. And we are not even counting tourists/visitors or people in transit – these people can get infected too. I suspect the number also does not include dual-citizenship people. So there are easily several million foreigners in China at any time.

    “… an equivalent infection rate among Chinese nationals would be over 50,000, which is almost twice the rate China is currently reporting.”

    That’s right. After correcting your garbage-in-garbage-out computation, are you going to argue/accept that China is “under” reporting or accurately reporting the numbers? No?

    p/s: Without a calculator, one glance at “19 out of 50,000” tells me it is not 0.00038%. Not even close. You are making so many silly mistakes, and yet have the audacity to challenge Chinese on numbers. LOL.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  215. @CanSpeccy

    Your claims would be more persuasive if you’d give us an argument, not a bunch of URLs.

    I wasn’t attempting to argue with you. I just wanted to provide some evidences so you could make your own judgement.

  216. @CanSpeccy

    Only a temporary withdrawal then. And in the meantime the original paper is still online, and therefore, in fact, unwithdrawn pending revision.

    So we’ll have to see whether they abandon their original conclusions or, what seems more likely, offer rebuttal of the criticism of their conclusions.

    Then why did the website make the announcement that the paper had been retracted? They could have just told us that the paper were waiting for revision and peer-review? There won’t be any arguments to be made. Either the paper provides sufficient evidences to support the authors’ hypothesis, or not. I doubt the authors can provide more evidences to support their theory in the future.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  217. @utu

    Authoritarian regimes always control information and manipulate. For this reason it is safe to assume that they are not telling and us the truth and thus the death rate from the epidemic is higher. But it is possible that you are correct.

    You are making unsubstantiated claims here.

  218. CanSpeccy says: • Website
    @d dan

    Are you serious? You think there are only 50,000 foreign nationals in China?

    I haven’t the slightest knowledge of how many foreign nationals there are in China, but before commenting, I did what you suggest, namely a quick Google search and read that:

    Huang Shiding of the Guangzhou Institute of Social Sciences estimates the number of permanent residents of foreign nationality (six months and above) to be around 50,000, of which some 20,000 are of African origin.

    Then, since it seemed to me that an estimate of 50,000 might be on the low side, I considered the case of half a million and of one million.

    As for your remark:

    p/s: Without a calculator, one glance at “19 out of 50,000” tells me it is not 0.00038%. Not even close. You are making so many silly mistakes

    0.00038 is the fraction, hence the predicted number of Chinese nationals will be, as I said, over half a million.

    • Replies: @d dan
  219. CanSpeccy says: • Website
    @last straw

    Then why did the website make the announcement that the paper had been retracted?

    Don’t ask me why they made a statement logically at odds with the fact that the full-text paper is, currently, still on line, which, in the normal acceptation of the term withdrawn, means that whatever they may say, it has not been withdrawn or retracted.

  220. @clickkid

    That 1% is what one can tweak. Don’t be misled by that 99% thing.

    Humans and chimpanzees are 96% the same.

    Different ethnic groups are well over 99% ‘the same’, but the differences are significant.

    None of these vindicate that Indian paper. If you read my link, you will see:

    Full-genome evolutionary analysis of the novel corona virus (2019-nCoV) rejects the hypothesis of emergence as a result of a recent recombination event

    – Evidence that the hypothesis of emergence of 2019-nCoV as a result of a recent recombination event is rejected.

    So much for conspiracy theories

  221. CanSpeccy says: • Website
    @Commentator Mike

    What measures has US taken to reduce these deaths? At least PR China is doing something, and the measures they’re taking will probably also reduce transmission and deaths from the regular flu as well as those due to this coronavirus.

    You think that the US should be wrestling the flu death toll to the ground by wrestling to the ground anyone with a running nose or a cough and dragging them to a quarantine hospital, while bombarding the shoppers on New York’s Fifth Avenue with carbolic acid spray?

    If China’s measures to control the enCo virus, then I congratulate them. Certainly I hope that they are successful. But there seems room to doubt whether some of the measures currently being taken are the most effective that could be taken.

    So far as the flu is concerned, much better, obviously, to encourage everyone to have a flu shot, which is what most Western governments do. But in any case a yearly US death toll of 12,000 to 61,000 from influenza seems rather slight relative to the total US death toll of 2.8 million each year.

  222. denk says:

    ‘US shut off oil to China cuz its hostile’


    forked tongue canspeccy change the goal post,

    ‘er, its just routine real politics

    LIke so….?
    ‘US-led military adventures in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and across sub-Saharan Africa are aimed at thwarting China’s economic expansion, especially because Chinese partnerships have been welcomed in such countries. The NATO-induced regime change last year in Libya alone is reckoned to have cost China billions of dollars in oil and infrastructure investments’

    very clever of you to call such dirty tactics merely real politics, typical of a forked tongue [[[five liar]]]

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  223. d dan says:

    I see. So, you are making mistakes after mistakes. Let me help me with the corrections:

    1. The wikipedia article you cited is out-of-date. It referenced a 2007 paper. China changes a lot in just a few years.

    2. The section of the article you extracted your figure is about “Africans in Guangzhou”, the capital city of the province of Guangdong. So, the number is not even at a provincial level, let alone the whole China.

    3. Just a few lines before, it states that “Estimates vary on the number of Africans living in Guangzhou: from 20,000 to over 200,000.” So your 50,000 is already on the lower end of the number of Africans in Guangzhou. Also, it clearly states that “official figures may be understated.”

    4. 19/50,000 = 0.00038 = 0.038%, not 0.00038%.

    5. 0.00038 is called a decimal, not a fraction. A fraction is like 3/4.

    As I said before, currently there are estimate of about 1 million foreigners in China, (not counting tourists and in transits). So, contrary to your intend, you computation actually support that China’s reported numbers are accurate.

    I know bashing China is fun. But you need to tighten up your research, language, logic and numbers.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  224. denk says:

    Why not YOU learn some history,..

    How the US set off Jp POW against the PLA after its puppet Chiang regime ‘lost China’ to the CCP.

    How the US cut a deal with unit 731 Jp war criminals , biowarfare data for exemption from prosecution, then lost no time in using that knowledge to launch biowarfare on the Korean/Chinese civilians.

    Some savior that

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  225. CanSpeccy says: • Website
    @d dan

    As I said before, currently there are estimate of about 1 million foreigners in China

    This you assert without any reference to an authority whatever. LOL.

    Furthermore, I offered three estimates of infection rate, including one based on one million foreign nationals in China. So what you moaning about?

    As for bashing China, far from it. But it is an obviously legitimate and important question whether or not the official figures on enCov infections announced by the Communist Party of China accurately reflect reality. Why can’t you deal with that issue instead going on about whether one is pro or anti Chinese?

    • Replies: @d dan
  226. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    How the US set off Jp POW against the PLA after its puppet Chiang regime ‘lost China’ to the CCP.

    Well obviously the US was opposed to the PLA. The PLA was in the service of those committed to global Communist revolution. Now China has turned from real Commie to nominal Commie, but actually Fascist, so the US is prepared to do business with China, but not to step aside for Chinese world domination: hence trade but also a contest for influence and military posturing.

    You idea that the world is black and white and the China is white is simply childish.

    • Replies: @denk
  227. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    ‘US shut off oil to China cuz its hostile’

    Why put that in quotes. You’re not quoting anyone but yourself. As for the rest, you seem to think that political discussion consists in an exchange of childish insults. Pfui. Until you grow up, you are not worth talking to.

  228. denk says:

    To recap…

    As early as 1947
    Nobel Prize-winning Australian microbiologist Sir Macfarlane Burnet secretly urged the Australian government in 1947 to develop bio-weapons for use against the ‘overpopulated countries of South-East asia.’


    In a 1947 meeting with the New Weapons and Equipment Development Committee, the group recommended that ‘the possibilities of an attack on the food supplies of S-E Asia and Indonesia using B.W. agents should be considered by a small study group.’ [0]

    His Royal Virus
    Reported by Deutsche Press Agentur (DPA)

    August, 1988
    Prince Phillips
    In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation. [1]

    The masons discussed a plan to depopulate China during a study group.
    By triggering a pandemic in China which’ll spread to the rest of the world so that China is blamed for its own demise.


    NIH sponsored scientist Ron Fouchier wanna publicize how to DIY weaponising H5N1

    Hillary of ‘The family’ warned about ‘danger of genetic bioweapons attack from AQ’ [SIC]

    CDC insiders predicted a pandemic crisis in the next year,

    someone referred to that free masons meeting in 2010.
    ‘Why would any sane person publish details about how to weaponize bird flu? We are not dealing with sane people.

    We are dealing with people infected by the blasphemous reality of the mentally ill: Satanism. We are dealing with Illuminists-Satanists who are out to execute their agenda for depopulation, genocide, fomenting chaos, diseases, deaths, violence …. to initiate hell on earth … to prepare the way for their fake messiah, the Anti-Christ, the bringer of false peace, the white horseman of Revelation
    6. They want to use bio-weapons and even race specific Bird Flu in this coming Satanic World War 3.

    This act of publishing the detail how-to of airborne transmissible virulent Bird Flu is just for plausible deniability before the western Illuminati employs it. They will say it is an act of rogue terrorists and nothing to do with their MIC.’ [from my archive]

    China hit by H5N1 bird flu,

    BIll Gates
    “the benefits (of vaccines) are there in terms of reducing sickness, reducing population growth.” He then adds that “it really allows society a chance to take care of itself [3]

    NIH sponsored scientist Ron Fouchier publicised enhanced method of weaponising H5N1

    Jun 2017

    murkkan Scientists publicized their research on …weaponising H7N9

    How To Kill A Whole Lot Of People: Scripps Scientists Publish How They Made H7N9 Virus More Transmissible

    The scientists themselves who were conducting the specific research on how they made H7N9 virus increase its rate of human transmissions are already publicizing it.

    More than that, they are also studying specific strains from different locations on Earth, so that a gene, or race, specific attack can be made possible.

    The viruses being experimented upon “have been collected in at least 28 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.”

    China hit by H7N9
    almost wiping off its poultry industry.

    China hit by swine flu,
    Pig farms nation wide were sprayed with swine flu virus by armies of professionally modified drones. !

    China forced to buy pork from US again !

    2020 jAN
    Bill Gates warned about ‘global pandemic’. during a ‘simulation of global pandemic’

    2020 Feb,
    China hit by SARS2, AND H5N1







  229. d dan says:

    “As I said before, currently there are estimate of about 1 million foreigners in China”

    “This you assert without any reference to an authority whatever. LOL.”

    1. “reference to an authority”, you mean like your misreading and misquoting of an outdated wikipedia article?

    2. In my previous post, I already told you it is very easy to google. See this:

    “According to the 2010 census, which for the first time included foreign residents, China currently has a foreign population of one million”

    or this one which says the number of foreigner employed in China in 2013 is 848,500 (Note: not counting even spouse or students):

    and many other sources. It is easy. Go ahead to convince yourself.

    “Furthermore, I offered three estimates of infection rate, including one based on one million foreign nationals in China. So what you moaning about?”

    Because all three estimates are gross underestimates by large margin. Again, as I said in my previous post, and I will say one LAST time, you have to include millions of tourists/in-transits or even illegals or maybe dual citizens, etc.

    “As for bashing China, far from it….”

    Ha ha, most readers can tell from your various posts. I don’t need to talk anymore.

    • Replies: @denk
    , @CanSpeccy
  230. TT says:

    Yes, long time no see. How’s everything? Was supposed to return last year to see how Indians have ruined Spore…but cancelled.

    But i gathered that Sg is doomed by millions of Indian criminals filing all its gov ranks from Prez down to all gov sector chiefs while Chinese jokers are installed for circus shows.

    You are still crusading against FUKUS evils tirelessly after 2 decades. My salutation.

    Thks for much useful info. China gov get so concern to lockup entire 1400M people movements, probably they knew something more serious than a flu like virus killing a few hundreds.

    It may be a real FUKUS-India Trojan horse to Chinese immune system for gradual unknowingly culling to avoid nuclear retaliation, or preparing for future sudden bioweapon attack to extinct entire Chinese race.


    Deadly Biological Agents, Deadly Vaccines, and Scientists Who Knew Too Much – Audio Tape

    Subtitle: Evidence that SARS is a man-made bio-weapon is fairly conclusive, while evidence that it is aimed at Orientals is inconclusive, though very interesting. “In my heart of hearts, I believe SARS is engineered to target Chinese…” [Medical Doctor]

    India seemed to have a hand with US, UK, Oz & Canada. The axis has conducted series of unusual Coronavirus activities & media wars against China on 2019-nCov since last year, and India is still making lot of aggressive charging after outbreak.

    • Replies: @denk
  231. denk says:


    1 FUKUS are run by a satanic cult,
    did you read ‘the family’ ?

    2 This current attack on China has ‘the family’ finger print all over it.
    Ditto SARS 2003, H5N1 2013, H7N9 2018 SWINE FLU 2019…H5N1 2020

    3 Current narrative seem to indicate a devious plot to implicate China.
    Re the so-called theft of bioweapon from Canada and the Jew professor arrested by FBI , allegedly for colluding with the Chinese in some nefarious proj

    given the numerous tell tale signs of a bio attack from fukus, The silence of whiteys is deafening,

    Silence indicates consent, or at least tacit acquiescence.

    I wonder where’s attilacunt , war mountain blair etc etc ?
    Wont be surprised they’r popping champagne now to celebrate.

    As for India , it has been fukus javans since time immemorial.

    A leopard will never change it spots

    Far from giving aids ,
    it has been abetting the [[[west]]] to slander China.

    In fact I heard it has stopped cotton exports to China !
    Indian hackers are reportedly attacking Chinese health institutes websites.

    • Agree: TT
  232. denk says:

    You idea that the world is black and white and the China is white is simply childish.

    sure, more evidence of Chinese duplicity…

    In a 2010 diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks, Johnnie Carson, U.S. assistant secretary for African Affairs, echoed Kerry’s concerns. In fact, Carson went so far as to classify China as a “very aggressive and pernicious economic competitor with no morals.”

    [hint] Have you people ever looked into a mirror ?

  233. denk says:
    @d dan

    canspeccy empitomise the best of forked tongue albions.

    IOW, talking to him is a waste of time,

  234. @denk

    Looks like a general chronology of 20 years of asymmetrical warfare against China.

    Might explain why I see so much ‘the Chinese are slobs’ comments all over the net. Lots of disinfo/misinfo and stupidity.
    Supposedly, the Chinese are much more hygienic than Africans and S. Asia. They may have made errors in design/execution of their sewage system re: flo rates, slope, etc. This problem of treating tp as trash rather than sewage is biting them in the ass right now (no pun intended).

    I’ve always noticed that Chinese can be very subtle thinkers. Not so great at certain types of creative thinking;they admit to that weakness. I’ve always admired the culture. They have a long tradition of meritocracy and will most likely become more responsive to their people as the nation feels more secure. The last 250 years of history has been pretty traumatic for China. i’m very sympathetic.
    While doctors, nurses and others are doing their respective jobs to contain this thing I’m certain that the MInSS, Army Intel, Navy intel, etc. are all digging in, working hard, sleeping little and drinking a lot of tea. They will figure this thing out.
    Just like the Iranians are being very subtle in exacting their revenge so will the Chinese. They won’t care if they eat it frozen.
    Bioweapon, possibly engineered to hit east asian genetics, seems extremely likely, On the balance of probabilities, factoring in cui bono and some technical aspects it is the Usual Suspects in DC/MIC/DeepState whatever you want to call it.

    I’m guessing it was stated like this:
    ” Who do these yellow n!gg3rs think they are? We wanted them to be our factory and they went and developed their whole economy and think they can compete with us? WITH US?They should be happy we don’t nuke them into the Stone Age”

    • Replies: @last straw
    , @denk
  235. @Tony Ryals

    Will this death be part of a trend?
    There were a number of deaths of microbiologists around 2000-03. Similar to nuclear physicists, there is a pattern of mysterious deaths that haunt these professions.

    Now, who is apt to use assassination as a foreign policy tool?

  236. @TT

    My understanding is that China wishes for internal stability, continued development of it’s economy and a stable world market.
    I don’t buy that China wants war.
    I think 30 years of recent history shows the number one danger to world peace is the corrupt DC-WallST-London-TelAviv nexus of power. Jews are a hostile elite in America; hostile to Americans and, in partnership with the MIC/DeepState, hostile to the rest of Humanity.
    This needs to end.
    International stability needs to be worked out at a negotiating table NOT through asymetrical warfare.
    Assassinating foreign leaders (Soleimani) and creating viral outbreaks in China (avian flu, swine flu and corona) are not the actions of sane men.

    • Replies: @TT
  237. TT says:

    The Anglosaxons Mission
    These cabal want to provoke Iran & China into retaliation for full nuclear war, to get rid 50% global population for a start. NWO aim is 500M lead by anglos.

    To avoid such global catastrophe, whites in US & Europe need to awake & revolt against these jews cartels that control their gov. They have to take back control like Chinese did, so that everyone can take care of own society real welfare without conflict.

  238. CanSpeccy says: • Website
    @d dan

    The Chinese Communist Party flacks here are as dumb, sour and mendacious as one another.

    But merely for the entertainment of it, here’s something to get ’em going:

    Coronavirus: the cost of China’s public health cover-up

    Which explains the reluctance folks have in believing anything the ChiComs (let alone their moronic flacks) have to say. It also explains why stuff like this:

    Exiled Chinese Billionaire Claims 1.5 Million Infected With Coronavirus, 50,000 Dead

    has some credibility.

    Let’s hope it’s not true, but if it’s not true, it will not be because the challenge of the bat flu was well handled by the Chinese authorities.

  239. clickkid says:

    Utter nonsense?

    HK and Macao are vitually part of China and have a total of 39 infected, with 1 dead, although they have received millions of Chinese visitors in the last 2 or 3 months. If so many people in China were infected, then the figures in HK and Macao would be higher.

    Note – HK and Macao figures are not issued by the Chinese authorities.

    Ignore Falung Gong propaganda.

  240. clickkid says:

    Here’s your billionaire – oh so credible

    “Guo Wengui (Chinese: 郭文贵; born 10 May 1970 (self claim)[2] or 5 October 1968[3]), also known under the names Guo Wen Gui, Guo Haoyun (Chinese: 郭浩云), and Miles Kwok,[4] is a Chinese billionaire businessman who later became a political activist and controls Beijing Zenith Holdings (via proxy people Li Lin and Jiang Yuehua),[5] and other assets.[6][7] At the peak of his career, he was 73rd among the richest in China. After falling out with members of the Communist Party leadership, Guo was accused of corruption and other misdeeds and forced to flee China. He fled to the United States in late 2014[8] after learning he was going to be arrested after allegations against him including bribing, kidnapping, money laundering, fraud and rape,[9] and is subsequently subject to an Interpol Red Notice.[better source needed][1][10]

    Despite Guo’s claims of being a whistle-blower, his statements were unable to be verified by newspapers such as The New York Times.[”

    You’ll have to do better than that.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  241. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    Supposedly, the Chinese are much more hygienic than Africans and S. Asia.

    Maybe temperature has a role in this. Overall China is colder than the India subcontinent and SE Asia. Furthermore, like the flu and SARS, this new outbreak also started in winter. Hopefully, like the flu season, the epidemic will subside by spring.

  242. @CanSpeccy

    Have you considered the cost of a flu season in the U.S.? This is only for this year:

    Now, the above is for year-after-year, and the new coronavirus may only be an one-off event.

    Considering how badly the U.S. bungled their management of the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, the whole world should be thankful to the Chinese government, overreaction or not:

  243. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Here’s your billionaire – oh so credible

    According to Wikipedia, via a ChiCom Internet troll. LOL.

    And here’s the man himself.

    So who are folks gonna believe?

    Looks to me that the trolls have not made the slam dunk for Commie propaganda that they intended. Instead they’ve confirmed what Guo Wengui says in the interview with Kyle Bass; namely, that in dealing with critics, character assassination is standard CCP operating procedure, sometimes followed by assassination of the literal kind.

    But here’s more to feed the trolls:

    Chinese military news agency discloses 2019-nCoV was product of lab: Guo Wengui

    • Replies: @utu
  244. CanSpeccy says:

    Considering how badly the U.S. bungled their management of the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, the whole world should be thankful to the Chinese government, overreaction or no

    The issue is not whether China “overreacted”, but whether (a) as alleged in the link I provided @ #247 (Coronavirus: the cost of China’s public health cover-up) , they underreacted, and (b) the consequences will be catastrophic.

    • Replies: @last straw
  245. @CanSpeccy

    Kyle Bass is a hedge fund manager who tried to short the Chinese yuan in the past several years and lost big time. He does have an ax to grind and I take anything he says about China with a huge pinch of salt.

    As for the new coronavirus, it’s way too early to tell whether it will be as bad as the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, which started in the U.S. and was so disastrously handled by the CDC and the U.S. government.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  246. utu says:

    “the trolls have not made the slam dunk…” – The quality of trolling on behalf of China as you can see here is very poor. I begin to wonder whether Chinese do not have what it takes to really challenge the Zio-American Empire. The soft power is always under appreciated in the authoritarian systems and usually it is directed only at its own people to justify government actions. That’s why it is crude. For this reason Nazi propaganda or Soviet propaganda and more recently Russian propaganda are very ineffective among foreign audiences but suffice for the true believers and supporters of the government. Chinese diaspora is large and they should be familiar how people minds work in the West so I would expect them doing a better job on behalf of China when trolling, doing damage control and propaganda but I do not see it.

    I have read somewhere that Goebbels was exasperated with his own propaganda and how ineffective it was to generate sympathy abroad for the victims of Allied bombings that once he wished he had some Jews working for him. The problem was however different. They were minimizing the effect of the bombings because for the internal consumption they as an organ of an authoritarian government were preoccupied only with beefing up their government image that its shit does not stink… so they could not show the full spectrum of damage and suffering.

    That’s why we get memes Germany stronk, Russia stronk, China stronk which you can see a lot here at Unz Review.

    • Troll: d dan
    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  247. CanSpeccy says: • Website
    @last straw

    Kyle Bass is a hedge fund manager who tried to short the Chinese yuan in the past several years and lost big time. He does have an ax to grind…

    You’re saying Bass is bad-mouthing China over the Bat flu because he lost a bundle on a currency bet? He’s surely not that nutty.

    But do I believe what he and Guo Wengui have to say about Chinese corruption? Of course not. But then I don’t disbelieve it, either. I bear it in mind and will check the claim if when I come across any relevant data.

    As for the new coronavirus, it’s way too early to tell whether it will be

    it’s certainly too early for the general public in N. America to tell how bad the the new virus will be. But that there are claims that it has been engineered as a bioweapon naturally creates concern as to whether it’s gonna kill us all.

    As for how badly the CDC and the US handled the the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, you may be right. But I don’t see why you bring it up. I need no persuading that US bureaucrats can be as inept as their Chinese counterparts, or that within the government sector technical judgments may be overridden by political decisions taken without the slightest comprehension of the relevant technical issues.

    • Replies: @last straw
  248. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    The quality of trolling on behalf of China as you can see here is very poor.

    Yes, and it’s a pity. It would be useful if they offered relevant arguments based on plausible evidence. It would then help everyone to reach a balanced point of view, and perhaps a respect for the Chinese position. But, instead …. LOL.

    • Replies: @Godfree Roberts
  249. denk says:

    I wonder what are they doing to the Haward professor, it has been awhile since his arrest.

    Wont be surprised [[[the bastards]]] are putting him through the wringer to force an ‘admission’ fingering the Chinese for some nefarious scheme.

    Like so…
    ‘If you co-operate, you’ll be out in a jiffy with a mild admonition, after all, this is just a procedural omission.
    Else we will keep piling up charges and you can expect to remain here for the rest of your life.’

  250. @CanSpeccy

    You asked how bad this new coronavirus could be. To put it into perspective, I gave you the example of the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, that’s how bad it could be. We were there, and it was not the end of the world.

  251. denk says:

    As noted, even [[[Jp]]] has offered spiritual and material support to China.

    [[[India]]], the neighbor next door, hasnt lifted a finger to help.

    It has been pushing the ‘Chinese spies theft of bioweapon’ meme,

    Indian hackers have been attacking Chinese health institutes and sending out virus infected emails with the Wuhan pandemic theme to lure the unsuspecting.

    ‘At the crucial juncture of fighting the coronavirus, if such APT attacks have nailed it, the consequence would be disastrous: China’s most advanced medical technology and data of our high-end medical equipment could be stolen and maliciously used. What’s worse, those hackers with evil intentions could create more fear related to the virus, and thus disturb the social order’

    Its no wonder that [[[India]]] and [[[fukus]]] are such a congenial pair.

    Birds of the same feather.

  252. @CanSpeccy

    It would be useful if they offered relevant arguments based on plausible evidence?

    Let’s start with the real story of the late Dr. Li:

    1. Li was a junior Ophthalmologist at a Wuhan hospital.

    2. Li overheard an unfounded rumor that SARS had broken out again.

    3. Li did not inform the CDC who, unbeknownst to him, were already investigating it.

    4. Instead, Li used social media to repeat the rumor to family and friends and they told their friends….

    5. Li was wrong professionally: it was not SARS, as he asserted in his tweets.

    6. Li was wrong legally: spreading rumors Publicly that are likely to cause panic is illegal.

    7. Li was not convicted of anything. After an hour of questioning the police concluded that he had merely acted irresponsibly and he was allowed to return to work.

    8. The US, which has been waging bio warfare on China since 1951, unleashed its media—the same media that lied about WMD.

    9. NONE of the media investigated the rumors.

    10. NONE of our media contacted the CDC.

    11. NONE of our media accurately reported Li’s encounter with the police.

    12. NONE of our media told the public that, worldwide, the outbreak will kill fewer people than die of ‘flu (a Coronavirus) in one day.

    Now let’s put this Coronavirus outbreak (one of hundreds, btw) in context:

    America’s 2009 H1N1 flu killed 18,449 cases that year and eventually killed 300,000, according to the final tallies in 2012 reported by the CDC.

    Were there anti-America attacks across the globe? Do you recall it took the US six months to declare a national emergency? Did any government from the onset in April 2009 through the end in April 2010, including the month of June, when H1N1 was declared an international emergency global pandemic, then send out a notice to its citizens that they should leave the United States? Close their borders to American travelers? Nope, not a peep.

    The U.S. H1N1 flu numbers were vastly underestimated and updated three years later, because that is the nature of such viral outbreaks which don’t care which country they started in. There is never enough man power, there are never enough test kits, there is never enough medicine or medical supplies. China is not trying to hide these hardships, they are well known, they are being reported on the news daily in China. There are always people who die, thousands of them whom we’ll never know if they actually died because of a particular virus. Those are the facts, not any problem unique to China’s healthcare system or government.

    Worldwide, China’s current outbreak will kill fewer people in 2019-2020 than regular flu kills every 24 hours.

  253. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    I said it would be useful if they (the defenders of the Chinese authorities) offered plausible arguments based on relevant evidence. In response you offer a twelve point statement which you call “the real story of the late Dr. Li”. Unfortunately, you provide no evidence for your account which conflicts in the main points with the account in the article (originally appearing in the Financial Times) to which I linked above.

    So you twelve points, even if correct, leave us no further ahead.

    However, your interpretation of events is highly misleading in one obvious respect. It ignores the fact that Dr. Li was correct in warning that there was a dangerous virus on the loose.

    Moreover, the implication that Dr. Li’s actions were irresponsible and were correctly suppressed by police seems obviously wrong in light of the way events have played out. In that connection, it is of interest to note that ten professors in Wuhan have criticized police action against Dr. Li Wenliang, which were in breach freedom of speech articles in the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China.

    In any the case, it is a fact that Dr. Li was punished for correctly giving warning that there was a virus on the loose which threatened a serious epidemic.

    As for your claim that “Worldwide, China’s current outbreak will kill fewer people in 2019-2020 than regular flu kills every 24 hours” that is mere unsupported speculation, and therefore of no interest whatever.

    • Troll: d dan, Godfree Roberts
  254. Biff says:

    Authoritarian regimes always control information and manipulate.

    I agree completely, so lets rate them on a scale of one to ten..

    Washington – 10

    Uzbekistan – 9

    Former Soviet Union – 8

    Ukraine – 8

    Israel – 7

    Russia – 4

    China – 4

  255. CanSpeccy says:

    Here’s a headline to fire up the ChiComm trolls:

    Guardian: Coronavirus ‘could infect 60% of global population if unchecked’

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  256. Anon[984] • Disclaimer says:

    “ While Shoham’s claims are clearly speculative, it is telling that the Washington Times would bother to cite him at all, especially given the key role he played in promoting false claims that the 2001 Anthrax attacks was the work of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. Shoham’s assertions about Iraq’s government and weaponized Anthrax, which were used to bolster the case for the 2003 invasion of “

    This guy should have been investigated to find out who else other than Philip Jack from the army laboratory was aware of Anthrax being mailed by an Egyptian scientist before the news was out . FBI questioned Phillip Jack but did not pursue him . They should have . Egyptian scientist shared with FBI how he was harassed by this rascal for years ( eventually tried to frame him without success . But that was not the story- his dud Jack know about mailing before the media knew and before the victims had received the letters?) . 2001 anthrax bioterrorism by Israeli agent was not investigated .

    • Replies: @MrTea
  257. The premeire lab in Canada for bioweapon research gave China samples of deadly viruses back in 2015. The website won’t enable me to link WUWT??? Article is from

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  258. CanSpeccy says:

    The premeire lab in Canada for bioweapon research gave China samples of deadly viruses back in 2015. The website won’t enable me to link WUWT??? Article is from

    The Website won’t enable you to link either because of a deep conspiracy to conceal the truth, or because Winnipeg is spelt, well, Winnipeg. Try this URL:

  259. lloyd says: • Website

    It should be noted again that Whitney Webb is female. Godfree is no crack pot although a bias for China. Communism in Asia has a different connotation than in the West. In Asia, they are really anti colonial land revolutions against their colonial eras. I realise Americans after a hundred years of anti communist propaganda have great difficulty recognising Communists might care about and have policies to benefit their people. In Shanxi Province which is western China, my grand parents in law are locked up in their apartment, only my grandmother is permitted for one hour every three days to leave the apartment and purchase food from the market. She can only do so after a medical examination, wear protective gear, and if she is over an hour late, she would not be permitted to return. Such a system of control is only possible because there is in China a market and a police post in every neighbourhood within a few kilometres. This coronavirus is contagious through human skin pores also which is why doctors are dying. However as noted, it seems to be uniquely contagiousn and to mortally infect only Chinese.

    • Troll: thetruth
  260. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    For instance, in the late 1990s, it was reported by several outlets that Israel was in the process of developing a genetic bioweapon that would target Arabs, specifically Iraqis, but leave Israeli Jews unaffected.

    Which program the Israelis dropped PDQ when they did DNA testing and found that nearly all the so-called Jews living in Israel, never had ancestors living in the ME, they came from either eastern Europe or western Russia.

    The USA has at least 6 bio-warfare labs near China– run byDefense Threat Reduction Agency–and I’m sure they’re doing G-d’s work.

    In 2013 a Chinese Air Force Colonel Dai Xu accused the US government of creating a new strain of bird flu now afflicting parts of China as a biological warfare attack. According to him, the American military released the H7N9 bird flu virus into China in an act of biological warfare. It has been reported that the source of Ebola virus in West Africa were US bio-warfare labs.

    The cynic in me wonders that if all that gold China has acquired has attracted the interest of a certain international bankster outfit?

  261. Congrats UNZ! You have garnered another prestigious title in the CIA inverse honours list. canspeccy is a longstanding JTRIG bot. JTRIG’s panic over Scottish self-determination sent him to yammer lamely at Craig Murray’s site. He followed Craig here, and now is propagating the Big Lie against other threats to CIA impunity and their British puppet rulers. Clearly US breaches of the BWC are touchy for CIA.

  262. massenet says:

    Webb summarizes others’ data and research in a long rambling regurgitation. Nothing new, just other’s research enumerated. Nothing new that’s not out there we havent read.
    No order to the data points or analysis. And as usual, she misses the most crucial point- probably bacause it was censored off the internet/ twitter before she got a chance to see it and incorporate it into her piece. Mangled mess of vaguely related, associative facts but no real coherent case made. Porton Down, France, Canada, Australia and even S Africa have WMD facilities that have done just as much in corona-bat development as the US. What does that prove? The most incriminating facts she seems unaware of. This particular hybrid goes back much further than 2018…

  263. Loup-Bouc says:

    Useful article, Ms. Webb.

    I encourage readers to read also these sources:
    * AND the sources that source cites
    * several Francis Boyle references posted here:

    How darkly ironic would be the U.S. citizenry painful, suffering decimation caused by the United States government’s criminal attempt of damaging China with a bioweapon a United States agency created contrary to international law and contrary to the law of the United States.

    • Troll: SBaker
  264. melpol says:

    One smart and clever angry biochemist loner could have produced the Coronavirus. Mad bombers get caught but a clever mad chemist would leave no traces of his evil doings. He could have added HIV and Black Plague cells into his wicked concoction. In medieval times there were thousands of Alchemists searching to synthetically produce Gold. It follows that in an angry world thousands of mad scientists are busy attempting to create the ultimate Bio-weapon. No man is an island and crazy Bio-weapon chemists should be spotted and reported.

  265. Tucker says:

    The Critchton book you are referring to was The Andromeda Strain.

  266. Sean says:

    Not directly through bats to humans, it is thought another species was the intermediary vector.

    A civet /ˈsɪvɪt/ is a small, lean, mostly nocturnal mammal native to tropical Asia and Africa, especially the tropical forests. The term civet applies to over a dozen different mammal species. Most of the species diversity is found in southeast Asia.

    Kopi luwak is a coffee that consists of partially digested coffee cherries, which have been eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus). … Asian palm civets are increasingly caught in the wild and traded for this purpose.

    Payback time.

    Revenge of the Civets
    Arinjay Banerjee, who studies coronaviruses at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. He notes that the SARS virus shared 99.8% of its genome with a civet coronavirus, which is why civets were considered the source

  267. MrTea says:

    Recall the US govt response to Anthrax was: (Mueller-headed) FBI fumbled around (story was W. Bush ribbing Mueller at cabinet meetings over it) until they horribly smeared “person of interest” Steven Hatfill who eventually won a \$5 million defamation suit–FBI never admitted mistake or apologized. Then they blamed the (dead) “crazy” scientist (why did a crazy guy have access to anthrax?). Later Amy Goodman on Democracy Now was the only media source I could find who gave a platform to a brave NIH researcher who stated the crazy guy only had access to “wet” anthrax” and the attacks were by dry weaponized material that went right through the pores in the envelopes. Not sure if the DN archives still have it this was at least 10 years back now. When the FBI has a press conference and proclaims “case closed” I assume it means “don’t ask me no questions” and go away.

  268. Is it possible that the extreme reaction to this new coronavirus (compared to the reaction to epidemics we’ve known about for years that kill and have killed way more people than COVID… but which are not causing the shutting down of entire cities) … is it possible that what is wanted from the extreme reaction that’s being elicited by coronavirus news is for zillions of people to be quarantined in millions of towns and cities?

    Maybe an effort is under way to change the way people have lived for thousands and thousands of years, so we no longer feel at home anywhere on our earth, and mostly stay in our separate shelters.

    Maybe this is another kind of operation like what the Y2K scare was, which intentional or not had the effect of motivating people around the world, who had no way of knowing the 9/11 attacks were being planned, to get their computer systems backed up for when 9/11 did happen.

    Maybe one reason for the current coronavirus effort is to have people mostly in quarantine for when some major upcoming secretly-planned surprise-disaster happens in the coming year or so.

    Here’s Whitney Webb’s well-supported report on plans to sabotage the 2020 election: It’s a joint Israeli/USA project, not just Israeli. Evil people of all kinds.

    (I can’t believe we are forced to be actually living and contending with all the insanity of what seems like a preposterous and dumb sci-fi novel.)

    • Replies: @Godfree Roberts
  269. I don’t know where else to post this comment.

    I think we’d be wise to consider the possibility that the endless onslaught of distressing, confusing, overwhelming information about unthinkably inhumane events is itself part of a massive intentional effort… a large-scale version of extensively studied group-psychology and brainwashing by means of “stress induction”



    …lessons in mental torture such as the ones in this training manual:

    …and the wide variety of mind-control techniques such as the ones described here:
    (be sure to look at the list of References there)

    …and rules and tactics of spreading disinformation online like these:

    etc. etc. etc.

    It appears everyone on the planet is currently being subjected to these long-studied and long-developed mental-torture tactics. Including the torturers themselves.

    I hope someone somewhere can publish a report about this. I hope it might change my mind about the idea that this could even be happening. If not that, then I hope a report could propose solutions for somehow ending it.

    It would give me some hope if I had a sense that a meme that helps people retain complete composure by making us aware that stress is being intentionally induced can replace the meme that we’re helpless victims of uncontrollable disaster and panic.

    I’d have more hope if I had a sense that people understand that intentional mass-mental-torture can be and might currently be another weapon. And that with pro-active awareness of this, we can dodge that particular bullet by recognizing it for what it is. Otherwise, if we’re unconscious that intentional global psy-ops could be or is happening, we can only react unconsciously, and ineffectively.

    • Replies: @Alter
  270. Alter says:

    Great article! Thank you.

  271. Alter says:

    I hope Julian Assange has not been a victim of this madness…

  272. @Delta G

    Thousands of American First Responders to the World Trade Center bombings were exposed to the nuclear radiation that emanated out of the Nuclear Demolition carried out by the USA Military Industrial Complex on 911.

    Nuclear radiation is a bioweapon, dweeb.


  273. @RelentlesslySeekingTruth

    “the extreme reaction to this new coronavirus compared to the reaction to epidemics we’ve known about for years that kill and have killed way more people than COVID…”??

    The extreme reaction was to the outbreak in China. Bad, bad China.

    The outbreak occurred in the city at the heart of–and just before–their biggest travel week, right after 300 of our soldiers had left the annual World Military Games in Wuhan. (As Ron Unz says, how would we react if 300 Chinese soldiers left Chicago just before a massive epidemic broke out over Thanksgiving?)

    My hypothesis is that Covid-19 surfaced in the USA in mid-2019 but, as with the H1N1 pandemic ten years ago, the flaccid CDC did not detect it for six months. Whether by accident or design, the virus got to Wuhan where it triggered China’s efficient post-SARS detection system.

    As soon as they raised the alarm we blamed them for the outbreak, vilified them in every medium on earth, and predicted their imminent doom, as we’ve been doing for 70 years. Blaming China for our mischief is SOP. We funded Tibetan and Uyghur separatists for decades then, when they started killing Chinese citizens, blamed China for ‘suppressing Democracy’. Hong Kong demonstrations ditto.

    But there’s a fly in our ointment: the Chinese know the truth. They probably have Covid-19 post-mortem (“brown liquid”) tissue samples smuggled out of the US:

    Jul 14, 2019: Chinese researcher escorted from infectious disease lab amid RCMP investigation. Public Health Agency of Canada describes it as a possible ‘policy breach,’ no risk to Canadian public.

    December, 2019. A Chinese medical researcher is arrested in Boston trying to take biological samples back to China. Zheng Zaosong, from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, confessed to taking material from a lab in Boston. FBI Special Agent Kara Spice found 21 wrapped vials containing a “brown liquid” that appeared to be “biological material”. Zheng’s roommate, also a researcher, told FBI agents that two labmates of Zheng had succeeded in getting specimens to China. [Not agricultural samples, or samples with IP value, just ‘biological samples’].

    March 12, 2020: CDC director Robert Redfield admits to a House Oversight Committee that some Americans who were originally diagnosed as dying from influenza tested positive for Covid-19 posthumously.

    Mar 13, 2020: Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Lijian Zhao demands, “When did patient zero begin in the US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might be the US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make your data public! The US owes us an explanation!”’

    The Chinese are threatening to reveal their evidence if CDC doesn’t come clean. Either way, we’re fucked.

    It does sound like the plot from a B sci-fi movie but then, the people who run our country resemble B movie actors.

    The rest of the timeline, including Trump’s disbanding of the US Pandemic Response Team in May, 2018, is here:

  274. @No

    The Deep State is real in both China and the United States.?

    No, there’s no hidden, unaccountable oligarchy in China. That’s one reason for its success. The Party is the oligarchy and everyone’s cool with that.

    In the US, as in most Roman-style republics, the oligarchy hides behind hired actors whom we call ‘politicians.’

  275. Delta G says:

    When I worked at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda beginning in 1979 there was a poster that another scientist had in their office. I saw it during the my interview for a position in the Lab I was hoping to get a Postdoctoral Fellowship in at the time. At the time it was the largest Biomedical Research Institution on Earth and had 10,000 employees and over 6000 of those had a Doctoral Degree in Science or Medicine. There were 4 Nobel Prize Winner working at the NIH at that time.

    The Quote on the Poster Was

    “Those of you who think you know everything are very annoying to those of us Who DO!”

    The virus came from Nature not a lab.

    • Replies: @interesting
    , @Curmudgeon
  276. It is still important that so many articles have been written regarding the use of bio-weapons.

    The idea is “in the air” in America and perhaps elsewhere.

    Its is part of the times with all the hared, hostilities, and aggressions of Trumpism.

    It signals danger.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  277. Everybody and his dog does research on possible future diseases and international cooperation is normal. That basic research is not suspicious but necessary. Yes, poor security could cause a release of a dangerous pathogen and that’s why the US CDC shut down a US research lab. Quite right and proper and to US credit. That doesn’t mean that any particular country is working on a bioweapon. I vaguely recall that it was a Netherlands lab that recreated the Spanish flu. So what? They were concerned that a flu with a similar death rate could re-evolve. It’s useful to know whether one or two or many mutations are necessary. That lets you know how likely an event it is and how much expense in preparation is justified. Of course there are risks in basic research and that’s why regulation is and should be imposed by authorities with scientific credentials like the CDC. [email protected]

  278. Seraphim says:
    @John Chuckman

    America had the first program for biological warfare in the world as it had the first program for nuclear warfare in the world. They openly brag about it and their primacy in the field, proof of the superior IQ, creativity, entrepeneurship, you name it, of the erh, ‘Whites’. All the other had to ‘steal’ their secrets!

  279. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    Also, the numbers are a lie. On January 27th a Chinese nurse stated that 90,000 were infected. She kept a mask and Hazmat suit on to prevent the regime from identifying her. Western virologists have independently stated numbers between 75-100k infected in the last 2 days.

    The only way that they would know who was infected, would be to test for it. Being “infected” means that you have contracted the virus. Contracting the virus does not mean that you are symptomatic, or that you will be. If you are symptomatic, you may, or may not die due to the effects of the virus.
    It is claimed millions died of measles in the 19th century. I had measles, as in was symptomatic, when in elementary school in the 1950s. So did a lot of other kids, likely a majority. No testing was available to determine who had contracted the virus. I know of no one who died or suffered any of the alleged horrible consequences, such as blindness or sterility. Anyone my age that I have asked about measles doesn’t know anyone, or heard of anyone, who died or suffer the alleged horrible consequences. In 1959, the claim was made that more people were dying from measles than polio. I know 6 people that had polio, and none knew anyone that died, despite being hospitalized for polio. Lung damage (sometimes severe) and limb damage to be sure.
    The reality is that testing for this virus has been done in unprecedented numbers, therefore the number of people recorded as having contracted the virus is higher. The number who are symptomatic and the number of deaths actually caused by the virus are within the parameters of a “bad” flu season. South Korea, Japan, and Iceland were the first to do so. The result are less than chilling.

  280. @Delta G

    Whether this version of a corona virus is natural or created aside, I find it interesting that the US has issued patents on corona virus. How can something that occurs in nature be patented?

    To rule out the possibility of it being created is really only an opinion, not a fact. As I have posted previously, Frank Plummer was not convinced SARS was the cause of the medical problems attributed to it.
    Plummer was part patent owner in 3 SARS inventions, all of which involved manipulations.

    All of the above aside, there is still no satisfactory explanation of how nature created, simultaneously, two different “Covid-19” viruses – one in Italy and one in China.
    Never say never.

  281. @Just passing through

    Please make sure to vote Democrat to rid the world of the narcissist-in-chief this voting season. This act will lift the burden from the shoulders of American taxpayers & American free shit-ers.

    P.S. I think nCov-19 is spreading in the Orange Oaf’s central nervous system.


  282. Joyti Goel says: • Website

    YOU MUST visit in which i have covered every single aspect of this crisis in one PDF – – this article has been referenced multiple times…

  283. It’s now almost November 2020 and how things have turned out since then.

    Orangutan Trump himself has been ass-reamed by the virus, and his Petpig Pompeo has been desperately and pathetically trying to make Asian nations into some sort of Asian NATO to contain China with zero success.

    Trump now looks set to lose by a significant margin, and his sycophant supporters r now falling over each other to distance themselves from the wreckage soon to come.

    China is mostly over the virus, and Chinese r going everywhere unmasked and enjoying their holidays by travelling all over China, while it gets worse and worse in the US.

    Whether it was a deliberate biowarfare attack on China that failed pathetically and bounced back onto the US, or was simply just an incompetent escape of the virus from USAMRIID that later infected the world, I think we’ll never know. Maybe it was, as many scientists now believe, a pandemic that arose from nature as many others have in the past, in all parts of the globe.

    And so it goes. I’d like to thank Ms.Whitney Webb for her extremely informative articles on this topic and also Ron Unz for giving her a platform for exposure. Well done.

    • Agree: Mary Marianne
  284. Interesting information in this article. I think the nationalist bickering about what country did what is a little naive. In my mind, the effects of the coronavirus should be studied through the lens of “qui bono?”. The answer is of course, the oligarchs and technocrats of China, and the oligarchs and technocrats of the United States. To what extent Trump is working with them, I don’t know, though I think it would be a hell of a stretch to say everything he’s done to bring their ire is a show. But then again maybe not.

    There was propaganda coming, purportedly from China, early in the (reported) COVID-19 outbreak that showed horrific videos of Chinese people expiring from this dangerous virus – seizing and falling on the ground, throwing up black liquid, and more. Astroturfed threads on a forum that will not be named began to show up concerning coronavirus – this was in January of 2020. These threads were made professionally, and shilled professionally. Somebody wanted COVID-19 in the public’s mind before the news was even talking about it.

    My current theory, which is a common one, is that parts of the government of the US and the government of China worked together to rid the US government of Donald Trump. The idea that Trump would be unaware of what his own government was doing is not surprising – they didn’t even tell him how many troops they’d left in Syria, and even admitted as much prior to him leaving office with no consequence. To say that Trump had no respect from the bureaucracies of Washington would be an understatement.

    Consider also the strange behavior of the Democrats prior to the lockdowns – they blasted Trump for closing travel from China, calling it xenophobic. They promoted “hug a chinese person” and “go to China town!” photo ops. This was after China had provided the information to the world concerning the nature of the virus. At first glance, this would seem to demonstrate their innocence – who would promote something like that knowing that the virus would spread? Indeed, maybe some of them were innocent and not in on the game. I’m fully willing to believe even Nancy Pelosi was not in on it, if my theory is correct (though she no doubt picked up on the importance of mail-in ballots).

    Perhaps spreading it was the point, because then they spent the rest of the year weakening voter integrity in every state they could and attacking Trump for the amount dead.

    Ron Unz makes the point that perhaps the US completely over-estimated their own preparedness to handle the virus, meaning for it to attack China.

    I don’t think this is true, for a few reasons. We have experienced new viruses before. We know how they spread, how they affect us. That is not to say we are good at handling them, as Ron has pointed out, but as bad as we are handling them (and we are), those in charge of the country have a pretty good idea of how bad we are at handling them. I think the virus was the perfect thing to use to aid in removing Trump precisely because we are bad at handling them, and that fact could be used against Trump.

    This theory is not watertight, and there are obvious problems with it. But in conclusion consider this:

    It’s very interesting that in January of 2020, Trump cannot lose – no poll suggests he can. The economy is doing great, the Democrats have nobody popular or charismatic enough to put into office, and the first part of the trade deal with China had just been completed (he has virtually no incentive to attack them with biological warfare).

    By the time we get to November, there is a pandemic, race riots and mail-in voting which Joe Biden uses to win the office despite losing 18/19 bellwether counties. Very interesting to me. This is a fact which is akin to Lee Harvey Oswald getting shot by Jack Ruby, a mobster ostensibly acting out of patriotism, or the suspicious trading on airline stocks that occurred prior to 9/11. I can’t ignore it, and I have to ask “Qui bono?”.

  285. T. says:

    Facebook will not allow me to share this link. WTF?

    • Replies: @T.
  286. T. says:

    Using Google as a search engine may prove futile.

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