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All Roads Lead to Dark Winter
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During the presidency of George H.W. Bush in the early 1990s, something disturbing unfolded at the U.S.’ top biological warfare research facility at Fort Detrick, Maryland. Specimens of highly contagious and deadly pathogens – anthrax and ebola among them – had disappeared from the lab, at a time when lab workers and rival scientists had been accused of targeted sexual and ethnic harassment and several disgruntled researchers had left as a result.

In addition to missing samples of anthrax, ebola, hanta virus and a variant of AIDS, two of the missing specimens had been labeled “unknown” – “an Army euphemism for classified research whose subject was secret,” according to reports. The vast majority of the specimens lost were never found and an Army spokesperson would later claim that it was “likely some were simply thrown out with the trash.”

An internal Army inquiry in 1992 would reveal that one employee, Lt. Col. Philip Zack, had been caught on camera secretly entering the lab to conduct “unauthorized research, apparently involving anthrax,” the Hartford Courant would later report. Despite this, Zack would continue to do infectious disease research for pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and would collaborate with the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) throughout the 1990s.

The Courant had also noted that: “A numerical counter on a piece of lab equipment had been rolled back to hide work done by the mystery researcher [later revealed to be Zack], who left the misspelled label ‘antrax’ in the machine’s electronic memory.” The Courant’s report further detailed the extremely lax security controls and chaotic disorganization that then characterized the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) lab in Fort Detrick.

This same lab would, a decade later, be officially labeled as the source of the anthrax spores responsible for the 2001 anthrax attacks, attacks which are also officially said to have been the work of a “deranged” USAMRIID researcher, despite initially having been blamed on Saddam Hussein and Iraq by top government officials and mainstream media. Those attacks killed 5 Americans and sickened 17.

Yet, as the investigation into the 2001 anthrax attacks unfolded, accusations from major U.S. newspapers soon emerged that the FBI was deliberately sabotaging the probe to protect the Anthrax attacker and that the CIA and U.S. military intelligence had refused to cooperate with the investigation. The FBI did not officially close their investigation into the 2001 anthrax attacks, nicknamed “Amerithrax,” until 2010 and aspects of that investigation still remain classified.

More recently, this past July, the same Fort Detrick lab would be shut down by the CDC, after it was found that researchers “did not maintain an accurate or current inventory” for toxins and “failed to safeguard against unauthorized access to select agents.” The closure of the lab for its numerous breaches of biosafety protocols would be hidden from Congress and the facility would controversially be partially reopened last November before all of the identified biosafety issues were resolved.

The same day that the lab was controversially allowed to partially reopen, which was the result of heavy lobbying from the Pentagon, local news outlets reported that the lab had suffered “two breaches of containment” last year, though the nature of those breaches and the pathogens involved were redacted in the inspection findings report obtained by the Frederick News Post. Notably, USAMRIID has, since the 1980s, worked closely with virologists and virology labs in Wuhan, China, where the first epicenter of the current novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases emerged. The Chinese government has since alleged that the virus had been brought to China by members of the U.S. military, members of which attended the World Military Games in the country last October.

Such similarities among these Fort Detrick lab breaches, from the early 1990s to 2001 to the present, may be nothing more than unfortunate coincidences that are the result of a stubborn federal government and military that have repeatedly refused to enforce the necessary stringent safety precautions on the nation’s top biological warfare laboratory.

Yet, upon examining not only these biosafety incidents at Fort Detrick, but the 2001 Anthrax attacks and the current Covid-19 outbreak, another odd commonality stands out — high-level war games exercise took place in June 2001 that eerily predicted not only the Anthrax attacks, but also the initial government narrative of those attacks and much, much more.

That June 2001 exercise, known as “Dark Winter,” also predicted many aspects of government pandemic response that would later re-emerge in last October’s simulation “Event 201,” which predicted a global pandemic caused by a novel Coronavirus just months before the Covid-19 outbreak. In addition, the U.S. government would lead its own multi-part series of pandemic simulations, called “Crimson Contagion,” that would also predict aspects of the Covid-19 outbreak and government response.

Upon further investigation, key leaders of both Event 201 and Crimson Contagion, not only have deep and longstanding ties to U.S. Intelligence and the U.S. Department of Defense, they were all previously involved in that same June 2001 exercise, Dark Winter. Some of these same individuals would also play a role in the FBI’s “sabotaged” investigation into the subsequent Anthrax attacks and are now handling major aspects of the U.S. government’s response to the Covid-19 crisis. One of those individuals, Robert Kadlec, was recently put in charge of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) entire Covid-19 response efforts, despite the fact that he was recently and directly responsible for actions that needlessly infected Americans with Covid-19.

Other major players in Dark Winter are now key drivers behind the “biodefense” mass surveillance programs currently being promoted as a technological solution to Covid-19’s spread, despite evidence that such programs actually worsen pandemic outbreaks. Others still have close connections to the insider trading that recently occurred among a select group of U.S. Senators regarding the economic impact of Covid-19 and are set to personally profit from lucrative contracts to develop not just one, but the majority, of experimental Covid-19 treatments and vaccines currently under development by U.S. companies.

This investigative series, entitled “Engineering Contagion: Amerithrax, Coronavirus and the Rise of the Biotech-Industrial Complex,” will examine these disturbing parallels between the 2001 anthrax attacks and the current scandals and “solutions” of the Covid-19 crisis as well as the simulations that eerily preceded both events. By tracing key actors in Dark Winter from 2001 to the present, it is also possible to trace the corruption that has lurked behind U.S. “biodefense” and pandemic preparedness efforts for decades and which now is rearing its ugly head as pandemic panic distracts the American and global public from the fundamentally untrustworthy, and frankly dangerous, individuals who are in control of the U.S. government’s and corporate America’s response.

Given their involvement in Dark Winter and, more recently, Event 201 and Crimson Contagion, this series seeks to explore the possibility that, just like the 2001 anthrax attacks, government insiders had foreknowledge of the Covid-19 crisis on a scale that, thus far, has gone unreported and that those same insiders are now manipulating the government’s response and public panic in order to reap record profits and gain unprecedented power for themselves and control over people’s lives.


In late June 2001, the U.S. military was preparing for a “Dark Winter.” At Andrews Air Force Base in Camp Springs, Maryland, several Congressmen, a former CIA director, a former FBI director, government insiders and privileged members of the press met to conduct a biowarfare simulation that would precede both the September 11 attacks and the 2001 Anthrax attacks by a matter of months. It specifically simulated the deliberate introduction of smallpox to the American public by a hostile actor.

The simulation was a collaborative effort led by the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies (part of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security) in collaboration with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the Analytic Services (ANSER) Institute for Homeland Security and the Oklahoma National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism. The concept, design and script of the simulation were created by Tara O’Toole and Thomas Inglesby of the Johns Hopkins Center along with Randy Larsen and Mark DeMier of ANSER. The full script of the exercise can be read here.

The name for the exercise derives from a statement made by Robert Kadlec, who participated in the script created for the exercise, when he states that the lack of smallpox vaccines for the U.S. populace means that “it could be a very dark winter for America.” Kadlec, a veteran of the George W. Bush administration and a former lobbyist for military intelligence/intelligence contractors, is now leading HHS’ Covid-19 response and led the Trump administration’s 2019 “Crimson Contagion” exercises, which simulated a crippling pandemic influenza outbreak in the U.S. that had first originated in China. Kadlec’s professional history, his decades-old obsession with apocalyptic bioweapon attack scenarios and the Crimson Contagion exercises themselves are the subject of Part III of this series.

The Dark Winter exercise began with a briefing on the geopolitical context of the exercise, which included intelligence suggesting that China had intentionally introduced Foot and Mouth disease in Taiwan for economic and political advantage; that Al-Qaeda was seeking to purchase biological pathogens once weaponized by the Soviet Union; and that Saddam Hussein of Iraq had recruited former biowarfare specialists from the Soviet Union and was importing materials to create biological weapons. It further notes that a majority of Americans had opposed a planned deployment of U.S. soldiers to the Middle East, which was also opposed by Iraq, China and Russia. The script also asserts that the soldiers were being deployed to counter and potentially engage the Iraqi military. Later, as the exercise unfolds, many of those Americans once skeptical about this troop deployment soon begin calling for “revenge.”

Amid this backdrop, news suddenly breaks that smallpox, a disease long eradicated in the U.S. and globally, appears to have broken out in the state of Oklahoma. The participants in Dark Winter, representing the National Security Council, quickly deduce that smallpox has been deliberately introduced and that this is the result of a “bioterrorist attack on the United States.” The assumption is made that the attack is “related to decisions we may make to deploy troops to the Mid-East.”

Not unlike what is unfolding currently with the Covid-19 crisis, in Dark Winter, there is no means of rapid diagnosis for smallpox, no treatments available and no surge capacity in the healthcare system. The outbreak quickly spreads to numerous other U.S. states and throughout the world. Hospitals in the U.S. soon face “desperate situations” as “tens of thousands of ill or anxious persons seek care.” This is compounded by “grossly inadequate supplies” and “insufficient isolation rooms,” among other complications.

Since this exercise occurred in June 2001, the heavy hinting that Saddam Hussein-led Iraq and Al Qaeda are the main suspects is notable. Indeed, at one point in one of the fictional news reports used in the exercise, the reporter states that “Iraq might have provided the technology behind the attacks to terrorist groups based in Afghanistan.” Such claims that Iraq’s government was linked to Al Qaeda in Afghanistan would re-emerge months later in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, and would be heavily promoted by several Dark Winter participants such as former CIA Director James Woolsey, who would later swear under oath that Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11. It would, of course, later emerge that Iraq’s connections to Al Qaeda and the 9/11 attacks were nonexistent as well as the fact that Iraq did not possess biological weapons or other “weapons of mass destruction.”

Notably, this insertion into one of the Dark Winter news clips was not the only part of the exercise that sought to link Saddam Hussein and Iraq to biological weapons. For instance, during the exercise, satellite imaging showed that a “suspected bioresearch facility” in Iraq appeared to be expanding an “exclusionary zone” in order to limit civilian activity near the facility as well as a “possible quarantine” area in the same area as this facility. Previously in the exercise, Iraq was one of three countries, along with Iran and North Korea, who were “repeatedly rumored” to have illicitly obtained Soviet smallpox cultures from defecting scientists and Iraq was alleged to have offered employment to a leading smallpox scientist who had worked on the Soviet bioweapons program.

Then, at the end of the exercise, a “prominent Iraqi defector” emerges who claims Iraq had arranged the bioweapons attack “through intermediaries,” which is deemed “highly credible” even though “there is no forensic evidence to support this claim.” Iraq officially denies the accusation, but vows to target the U.S. in “highly damaging ways” if the U.S. “takes action against Iraq.” It is thus unsurprising that, as will be shown later in this report, key participants in Dark Winter would heavily promote the narrative that Iraq was to blame for the 2001 Anthrax attacks. Other participants, including Robert Kadlec, would then become involved in the FBI’s “sabotaged” investigation once the Bureau began to focus on a domestic, as opposed to an international source.

In addition, as part of Dark Winter, mainstream media outlets, including the New York Times and others, were sent anonymous letters that threatened renewed attacks on the U.S., including anthrax attacks, if the U.S. did not withdraw its troops from the Middle East. In this simulation, those letters contained “a genetic fingerprint of the smallpox strain matching the fingerprint of the strain causing the current epidemic.” During the Anthrax attacks that would occur just a few months after Dark Winter, Judith Miller – who participated in Dark Winter – and other U.S. reporters would receive threatening letters with a white powder presumed to be Anthrax. In Miller’s case, the powder turned out to be harmless.

Other aspects of Dark Winter appear more notable now than ever, particularly in light of recent pandemic simulations that were conducted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (Event 201) and the Trump administration (Crimson Contagion) in 2019, as well as the federal government’s current options for responding to Covid-19.

For instance, Dark Winter warns of “dangerous misinformation” spreading online selling “unverified” cures and making similarly “unverified” claims, all of which are deemed as posing a threat to public safety. Such concerns over online misinformation/disinformation and narrative control have recently surfaced in connection with the current Covid-19 crisis. Notable, however, is the fact that the “Event 201” simulation held last October, which simulated a global pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus, also greatly emphasized concerns about such misinformation/disinformation and suggested increased social media censorship and “limited internet shutdowns” to combat the issue. That simulation was co-hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, which is currently led by Dark Winter co-author Thomas Inglesby.

Dark Winter further discusses the suppression and removal of civil liberties, such as the possibility of the President to invoke “The Insurrection Act”, which would allow the military to act as law enforcement upon request by a State governor, as well as the possibility of “martial rule.” The Dark Winter script also discusses how options for martial rule “include, but are not limited to, prohibition of free assembly, national travel ban, quarantine of certain areas, suspension of the writ of habeas corpus [i.e. arrest without due process], and/or military trials in the event that the court system becomes dysfunctional.”

The exercise later includes “credible allegations” that those deemed “suspicious for smallpox” by authorities were illegally arrested or detained and that these arrests largely targeted low income individuals or ethnic minorities. In terms of current events, it is worth pointing out that U.S. Attorney General William Barr and the Department of Justice he leads have recently requested new “emergency powers” that are allegedly related to the current Covid-19 outbreak. That request specifically references the ability to indefinitely detain Americans without right to a free trial.


After examining Dark Winter, it then becomes important to examine the events the exercise seemingly predicted, namely the 2001 anthrax attacks. This is particularly crucial for two reasons: first, that the source of the anthrax was later traced to a domestic source, allegedly the USAMRIID lab in Fort Detrick; and second, the mode of attack and the initial narrative of those attacks were straight out of the Dark Winter playbook. Furthermore, key players in the government response to the anthrax attacks, including those with apparent foreknowledge of the attacks, as well as those who sought (falsely) to link those attacks to Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda were also participants in Dark Winter.

Weeks before the first Anthrax case would be discovered, on the evening of September 11, 2001, then-Vice President Dick Cheney’s staff was told to start taking injections of the antibiotic Cipro in order to prevent Anthrax infection. In addition, at least one member of the press, journalist Richard Cohen – then at the Washington Post – had also been told to take Cipro soon after September 11 after receiving a tip “in a roundabout way from a high government official.” Who exactly in the Bush administration and in the Beltway began taking Cipro weeks prior to the anthrax attacks and for how long? Unfortunately, the answer to that question remains unanswered. Yet, it has since been revealed that the person who had told these officials to take Cipro was none other than Dark Winter participant Jerome Hauer, who had previously served for nearly 8 years at the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC), which oversees the USAMRIID lab at Fort Detrick.

Hauer, on September 11, 2001, was the managing director of Kroll Inc., a private intelligence and security company informally known as the “CIA of Wall Street,” a company that French intelligence had accused of acting as a front for the actual CIA. Kroll Inc., at the time of the attacks was responsible for security at the World Trade Center complex, yet Hauer was conveniently not present at his World Trade Center office on the day of the attacks, instead appearing on cable news. More on the series of “conveniences” that have followed Hauer throughout his career, especially over the course of 2001, and the massive amounts of money he stands to make off of the current Covid-19 epidemic will be discussed in detail in Part II of this series.

Then, on September 12, Donald Kagan of the neoconservative think tank the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), whose members populated key posts in the Bush administration, made an odd comment (for the time, anyway) about the September 11 attacks and anthrax. Speaking on Washington DC radio, Kagan – after suggesting that the U.S. should invade Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine in retaliation for September 11 – asks “What would have happened if they had anthrax on that plane?” That same day, James Woolsey, himself a PNAC member and also a Dark Winter participant, claimed that Iraq was to blame for September 11 during a cable news interview.

A week later, another PNAC member and advisor to the Bush White House– Richard Perle – told CNN that the next terror attack is likely to involve “chemical or biological weapons.” Soon after, Jerome Hauer re-emerges, claiming that the government now has a “new sense of urgency” regarding bioterrorist threats and asserts that “Osama Bin Laden wants to acquire these [biological] agents and we know he has links to Saddam and Saddam Hussein has them.” Of course, Saddam Hussein did not actually possess these biological weapons, although he did during the fictional Dark Winter exercise in which Hauer had actively participated. Just days after Hauer made these bold claims, ABC News reported that the alleged 9/11 hijackers may have intended to modify crop dusters to disperse Anthrax.

All of this took place several days before the first anthrax victim, photojournalist Bob Stevens, would even begin to show symptoms and over a week before doctors would even begin to suspect that his condition had been caused by anthrax poisoning.

On October 2, as Stevens’ health began to rapidly deteriorate, a new book co-written by journalist Judith Miller of the New York Times was released. Entitled “Germs: Biological Weapons and America’s Secret War,” the book asserted that the U.S. faced an unprecedented bioterrorism threat from terrorist groups like Al Qaeda. It further alleged that such groups may have teamed up with countries such as Iraq and Russia. Miller, who had participated in Dark Winter months prior, had conducted numerous interviews with senior White House officials for the book, particularly Dick Cheney’s chief of staff I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby.

Libby, although he had not personally attended Dark Winter, was greatly impacted by the exercise when he learned of it, so much so that he had personally arranged for Cheney to watch the video of the entire Dark Winter exercise on September 20, 2001. Cheney took the contents of Dark Winter to the National Security Council the very next day. It would later be reported in New York magazine that, “a few days after 9/11,” the principal authors of Dark Winter – Randall Larsen, Tara O’Toole and Thomas Inglesby – would personally meet with Cheney and members of the administration’s national security staff about the exercise.

Larsen, who worked closely with Robert Kadlec throughout the 1990s, allegedly smuggled a test tube of weaponized Bacillus globigii, “almost genetically identical to anthrax,” into the meeting, according to that report. It is unclear when this meeting took place in relation to when Cheney had watched the video of the Dark Winter exercise.

The same day that Miller’s “Germs” was released, October 2, another odd occurrence took place. A former scientist at the USAMRIID lab at Fort Detrick, Dr. Ayaad Assaad, received a call from the FBI after someone who intimately knew Assaad’s work history and career in great detail (and who also claimed to have previously worked with Assaad) had anonymously accused him of being a “potential biological terrorist” with a deep-seated hatred of the U.S. government. At the time the letter was received by the FBI, neither the public nor the FBI were aware of any anthrax cases. Assaad, who was then working for the Environmental Protection Agency, told the FBI that he believed he was being framed by former co-workers. The FBI deemed this to be credible and never contacted Assaad in connection with the case again.

It later emerged in the Hartford Courant that Assaad had been the target of extensive harassment by a clique of co-workers at the USAMRIID lab in the early 1990s. One of those co-workers who had harassed Assaad would leave the lab disgruntled as a result of the controversy over Assaad’s harassment allegations. He would later return to the lab to conduct unauthorized, late night research on anthrax and be tied to several missing specimens of anthrax and other pathogens – Lt. Col. Philip Zack.

Zack, in 2001, was working for the U.S. biotechnology company Gilead Sciences. Though he first began working for Gilead in 1999, he was “handpicked” in 2001 to lead the establishment of “a new Project Management Department in conjunction with a complete restructure of R&D [Research and Development].” Donald Rumsfeld, another member of PNAC, became the chairman of Gilead Sciences in 1997 and he served as chairman of that company up until he became George W. Bush’s Secretary of Defense in early 2001.

Rumsfeld would later announce on September 10, 2001 that \$2.3 trillion had gone “missing” from the Pentagon’s budget. The Pentagon’s accounting office, whose staff was attempting to locate these missing trillions, would be destroyed on September 11, 2001. Though planes being flown into the Pentagon would later be described by government officials as “unimaginable” and “unthinkable” after the attacks, a simulation of planes being flown into the Pentagon had been conducted less than a year prior to September 11.


On October 4, 2001, Bob Stevens’ anthrax poisoning diagnosis was made known to the FBI and CDC and the public was then informed via a press conference. The second anthrax case was declared soon after and was a co-worker of Stevens’, who had worked for the Florida-based newspaper, the Sun.

A day later, White House officials began to immediately pressure then-FBI Director Robert Mueller to prove that the anthrax attacks were linked to Al Qaeda, despite there being no evidence to make such a link. “They really wanted to blame somebody in the Middle East,” a then-senior FBI official would later tell the New York Daily News of the meetings.

Over the next few weeks, suspicious letters containing fine, white powder were sent to well-known American journalists, including NBC’s Tom Brokaw and The New York Times’ Judith Miller, though the powder in the letter addressed to Miller was found to be harmless. Notably, Miller and other New York Times journalists wrote a total of 27 articles specifically about anthrax and its potential use as a bioweapon between September 12, 2001 and the day before Stevens was diagnosed with anthrax poisoning.

Letters containing anthrax were also received by Senators Tom Daschle, Russ Feingold and Patrick Leahy, all of whom were – at the time – preventing the US Patriot Act from quickly passing through the Senate and who were resisting administration attempts to ram the legislation through with little to no debate. Several of the letters included the date “9-11-01” and the phrases “Death to America, Death to Israel, Allah is great” in neatly-printed block letters.

Soon after, a suspicious letter was found in the office of then-Congressman and current Vice President Mike Pence. Media Roots noted the following about Pence’s subsequent press conference in a 2018 podcast that examined the timeline of the 2001 anthrax attacks:

“…Mike Pence, who once hosted an AM talk show describing himself as ‘Rush Limbaugh on decaf,’ conducts a press conference outside the Capitol proclaiming revenge and biblical style justice to whoever conducted the anthrax attacks. His family–with news cameras in tow–gets tested for anthrax at the hospital after it is allegedly found in his office.

No news outlets questioned his grandstanding or odd performance of going to the hospital with his family, and unlike Senators Daschle and Leahy in their press appearances, Mike Pence alluded to the anthrax letters being connected to the larger ‘war on terror.’”

As public panic swelled, more letters continued to be found, not just in the United States but around the world, with anthrax and/or hoax letters being found in Japan, Kenya, Israel, China and Australia, among others. Simultaneously, efforts to link the anthrax attacks to Saddam Hussein and Iraq began to emerge and quickly grew in intensity and number.

The media push to link the attacks to Iraq began first with The Guardian and then was followed by U.S. media outlets like The Wall Street Journal. Those early reports cited unnamed “American investigators” and defense officials and largely centered on the false claim that alleged 9/11 mastermind Mohammad Atta had met with an Iraqi diplomat in Prague in late 2000 as well as similarly false allegations that members of Al Qaeda had recently obtained vials of anthrax in the Czech Republic.

A key person in disseminating that false Prague story was Dark Winter participant and PNAC member James Woolsey. It was also revealed in late October 2001 that Woolsey was serving as the personal emissary of Paul Wolfowitz, Iraq War “architect” and then-Deputy Secretary of Defense, in “investigating Iraqi involvement in the September 11 attacks and anthrax outbreaks.”

Beyond the Pentagon, foreign “experts” soon began to assert that there was a link between the anthrax attacks and Iraq, including former Israeli military intelligence officer Dany Shoham. Shoham recently resurfaced this past January after claiming that Covid-19 was developed by the Chinese government as a bioweapon.

These assertions were soon followed by a report from ABC News’ Brian Ross, who (again falsely) claimed that some of the anthrax used in the attacks had contained bentonite. Ross claimed that bentonite “is a trademark of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein’s biological weapons program” and that “only one country, Iraq, has used bentonite to produce biological weapons.” Ross asserted this information had come from three “well-placed but separate sources,” which later grew to four. Yet, no tests conducted during the Anthrax investigation ever found any bentonite at all, meaning the story was an invention from the very start. ABC and Brian Ross never retracted the story.

Glenn Greenwald, then writing at Salon, would state the following about Ross’ sources in 2008:

“Ross’ allegedly four separate sources had to have some specific knowledge of the tests conducted and, if they were really “well-placed,” one would presume that meant they had some connection to the laboratory where the tests were conducted — Ft. Detrick. That means that the same Government lab where the anthrax attacks themselves came from was the same place where the false reports originated that blamed those attacks on Iraq.

It’s extremely possible — one could say highly likely — that the same people responsible for perpetrating the attacks were the ones who fed the false reports to the public, through ABC News, that Saddam was behind them. What we know for certain — as a result of the letters accompanying the anthrax — is that whoever perpetrated the attacks wanted the public to believe they were sent by foreign Muslims. Feeding claims to ABC News designed to link Saddam to those attacks would, for obvious reasons, promote the goal of the anthrax attacker(s).”

Soon, media reports began noting the contradictory messaging of the U.S. government with regards to the anthrax attacks, messaging which has striking parallels to the Trump administration’s messaging on Covid-19. In one such report, written by Matthew Engel for The Guardian, states:

“Those in charge have compounded the problems by sending out confused messages. Was the anthrax weapons-grade or not? Should Americans be alarmed or relaxed? Has President Bush himself been tested? The signals keep changing. Mr. Thompson suggested early on that Bob Stevens, the first anthrax victim, might have drunk from an infected stream.”

During the 2001 anthrax attacks, there was no shortage of contradictory actions either, such as the government’s failure to mandate that postal workers take Cipro or even take the simplest precautions even though members of the Bush administration had been taking Cipro weeks before the anthrax attacks were known to the FBI and the public. Even worse, the Bush administration waited an extremely long time to close post offices for anthrax testing, waiting until numerous postal workers had already become infected and some had already died. In addition, Ernesto Blanco – a Florida mail room worker who later recovered from Anthrax poisoning – and his family were left confused about the refusal of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to diagnose him with anthrax poisoning while he was in dire condition. Blanco’s family later claimed that his diagnosis had been kept a secret for political reasons.


The contradictory response of the Bush administration to the anthrax attacks and the panic that ensued was also paralleled by an equally contradictory sensor system, one which had been installed just a few months before the anthrax attacks in thirty cities throughout the U.S. despite a dubious record of accuracy.

Just as the fictional scenarios proposed in Dark Winter were being written, American scientists were developing a sensor system for the detection of anthrax and botulinum toxin called BASIS (Biological Aerosol Sentry and Information Systems). Months before anthrax would cause extreme panic and target American Senators, scientists from Los Alamos and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory were testing the biological sensing device at the Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, inside the Special Programs Division of what was once the site of the U.S. biological weapons program and where anthrax samples used at Fort Detrick are often produced.

It is worth noting that Dugway, not unlike Fort Detrick, has a longstanding issues with biosafety lapses that have resulted in numerous mishaps, such as their accidental shipment of live anthrax over 70 times to 86 different labs throughout the world from 2005-2015. Independent analyses conducted after the FBI closed its investigation into the attacks have suggested that Dugway may have been the source of the anthrax used in the attacks, as opposed to Fort Detrick.

Returning to BASIS, the results of the tests conducted on this new sensor system in 2001 showed that it was highly prone to generating false positives and was, therefore, worthless beyond the ability to “induce the very panic and social disruption it is intended to thwart“, according to the Livermore Laboratory, which nevertheless marketed BASIS as a tool to “guard the air we breathe.” Vice President Cheney, following his September 2001 briefing on Dark Winter, decided to install the system in the White House.

Days after Senator Tom Daschle’s press conference that revealed he had been targeted by the anthrax attacker, President Bush was in Shanghai attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit when he received a call from Dick Cheney on Airforce Two. Cheney delivered a chilling message — the President and Secretaries Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell, who were with Bush in China, might have been exposed to the ultra-lethal botulinum toxin at the White House.

BASIS had returned two positive results for the deadly neurotoxin and – if the tests held true – three of the U.S.’ highest ranking officials were “toast.” Yet, once again, BASIS had lived up to its reputation as a great panic-inducing mechanism when the supposed botulinum toxin hits were determined to have been false positives. Apparently, this “unintended” feature was a real selling point, as proven by George W. Bush’s subsequent deployment of the system in thirty cities throughout the country under the auspices of the newly-minted Department of Homeland Security as part of a program called Bio-Watch.

Given the events described, it is noteworthy that BASIS relies on the CDC’s Laboratory Response Network (LRN) to identify the biological agents trapped by its sensors. The 150 state and local laboratories that make up the LRN use a polymerase chain reaction (PCR-based) analysis, which is ill-equipped to detect the aforementioned botulinum toxin. In addition, the Bio-Watch program is plagued by bureaucratic and logistical problems, which further undermine any potential public health benefits.

DHS was fully aware of the program’s limitations from the start and issued requests for proposals (RFPs) for the development of autonomous sensor technology that would eliminate the need for manual sample collection. The Bioagent Autonomous Networked Detector (BAND) program was then initiated by HSARPA (Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency) in September of 2003 and, in 2008, awarded a multi-year contract for its development to MicroFluidic Systems, Inc., a company founded by Allen Northrup. Northup is also co-founder of Cepheid, a diagnostic testing company that received FDA approval for a 45-minute Covid-19 test less than two weeks ago.

In tandem with the development of BASIS shortly before 9/11 and the 2001 anthrax attacks, DARPA was sponsoring a surveillance program to collect data on U.S. citizens without their knowledge or consent by using their medical records. The ostensible purpose of that program was to develop algorithms that could detect a bioweapons attack based on real-time data input. The Bio-Event Advanced Leading Indicator Recognition Technology, or Bio-ALIRT, is at the heart of what Dark Winter co-author, Dr. Tara O’Toole, calls the “information supply chain.”

“We need to have a disciplined flow of information during epidemics that goes to the people who need to know what they need to know,” O’Toole recently told Ira Pastor in an interview. “That’s different from this cosmic surveillance system, that captures all the possible information all the time and tells us, in advance when an epidemic is coming. We need a supply chain of information to manage the epidemic.” O’Toole, who now works for the CIA’s venture capital arm In-Q-Tel, and her longstanding promotion of mass surveillance in the name of “public health” will be discussed in a subsequent installment of this series.

DARPA’s partners in this Orwellian endeavor were, perhaps unsurprisingly, recurring actors in the arena of biological attack simulations, from Johns Hopkins to the University of Pittsburgh – the Biosecurity centers of which were both previously run by O’Toole – and defense industry giants, General Dynamics and IBM.

Hovering over these draconian innovations floats the overarching narrative, which the 2001 anthrax attacks were supposed to activate in popular consciousness. Though the attacks would be pinned on USAMRIID scientist Bruce Ivins, the highly questionable investigative and prosecutorial methods employed in Ivins’ case, not to mention his timely pre-trial suicide, may instead offer clues regarding a botched false flag operation that had originally been designed to bolster the creation of a new geopolitical chessboard pitting the U.S. against its same perpetual enemies.


From its earliest moments, the FBI’s “Amerithrax” investigation into the 2001 anthrax attacks was clearly botched, sabotaged and even farcical. For instance, the letter sent to Dr. Ayaad Assaad would obviously have been a clear starting point for any honest investigation, as whoever wrote it had obvious foreknowledge of the attacks, connections to USAMRIID and was attempting to frame someone else for a crime that – at the time it was sent – had yet to be committed. Yet, The Hartford Courant noted in late 2001 that “the FBI is not tracking the source of the anonymous letter, despite its curious timing, coming a matter of days before the existence of anthrax-laced mail became known.” Why would the FBI not be interested in who wrote that letter, when it presents a clear lead on someone who, at the very least, knew a bioterrorism attack would soon take place and that the attacker’s profile would fit that of Assaad (i.e. Muslim and a former USAMRIID scientist).

In addition, in the early days of the investigation on October 12, 2001 – just one week after the attacks had claimed their first victim, the FBI called the University of Iowa and demanded that they destroy their entire database on the Ames strain of anthrax, the strain that would later be revealed to have been the very strain used in the attacks.

Both the FBI and the university officially claimed that the database’s destruction was ordered in order to prevent its potential use by terrorists in the future and was thus a “precaution,” despite greatly hampering the capacity of the investigation to determine the origins of the anthrax used in the attacks. Dr. Francis Boyle, an American law professor who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, later asserted that the FBI’s decision to order the destruction of the Ames strain database was an “obstruction of justice, a federal crime,” adding that “…That collection should have been preserved and protected as evidence. That’s the DNA, the fingerprints right there.”

Can the destruction of the Ames strain database and the decision to not pursue any leads related to the anonymous letter framing Dr. Assaad be written off as merely “missteps” made in the earliest and arguably most crucial days of the investigation? The fact that the Bush administration, as previously mentioned, was strongly pressuring then-FBI Director Robert Mueller to find a connection to “someone in the Middle East” at the same time these decision were made instead suggests that the investigation was highly politicized and manipulated by top government officials from the very beginning.

The FBI investigation continued to be marred by similarly obstructive actions. For instance, the anthrax sample that was in the envelope addressed to Senator Patrick Leahy had been found to contain traces of human DNA, a crucial finding that the FBI laboratory deliberately concealed from the agency’s own investigators. The FBI lab then declined to search for a match to this human DNA sample, despite the fact that doing so would – in all probability – lead to the actual attacker.

Due to all the obstruction and deliberate sabotage that took place, the investigation progressed slowly as crucial clues were ignored or outright discarded, apparently in order to keep FBI investigators off of the real trail. After coming under political and media pressure at least name a suspect, the FBI began to focus on former USAMRIID researcher Stephen Hatfill.

Despite lacking any good reason to pursue Hatfill, the FBI – accompanied by TV crews – raided Hatfill’s apartment in biohazard suits and then-Attorney General John Ashcroft later publicly named him a “person of interest” in the case. The FBI pressured Hatfill’s then-employer to fire him and refused to clear his name years after the Bureau knew full well that he had no connection to the crime. Hatfill first sued the government in 2003 and the Department of Justice settled with Hatfill five years later, paying him \$4.6 million in damages.

Though it was eventually settled, Hatfill’s lawsuit initially resulted in some odd claims from FBI investigators, with Richard Lambert – the FBI official in charge of the Amerithrax investigation, claiming that the lawsuit “could jeopardize the probe and expose national secrets related to U.S. bioweapons defense measures.” He also claimed it would “make public the vulnerabilities and capabilities of U.S. government installations to bioweapons attacks and expose sensitive intelligence collection sources and methods.” Lambert would later file a federal whistleblower lawsuit where he accused the Bureau’s Washington field office and FBI headquarters of having “greatly obstructed and impeded the investigation.”

The Department of Justice, which oversees the FBI, would make a similar argument when Maureen Stevens, the wife of the first anthrax victim Bob Stevens, sued the federal government over the lax security measures in place at the USAMRIID lab where the anthrax used in the attacks was alleged to have originated. Stevens’ lawyer said the lawsuit was also filed due to “the government’s stonewalling tactics,” which included “taking months to turn over an autopsy report, denying them access to DNA tests and even denying them money from the Sept. 11 Victims Compensation Fund.” Citing “national security concerns,” federal attorneys sought to delay Stevens’ lawsuit, arguing that the litigation “would pose a significant risk of disclosing classified or sensitive information relating to the acquisition, development and use of weapons of mass destruction such as anthrax.”

In 2008, soon after Hatfill was cleared and the lawsuit with him settled, the FBI began to focus on another USAMRIID researcher, Dr. Bruce E. Ivins. Ivins, who had previously helped the FBI analyze the anthrax used in the letters sent to politicians, journalists and others, was aggressively targeted by the FBI through aggressive surveillance and what can only be described as extreme harassment.

As Glenn Greenwald noted in Salon in 2008, “the FBI investigation was so heavy-handed that it actually entailed showing gruesome photographs of the anthrax victims to Ivins’ adult children, telling them that their father is the one who did that, while trying to entice them to turn on him with promises of a reward.” It was also revealed that addiction counselor Jean Duley, whose restraining order against Ivins was used by the media as “proof” that he was deranged and a likely “lone wolf” terrorist, had actually been egged on by none other than the FBI to seek that very restraining order.

The FBI, as it ramped up its targeting of Ivins, leaked much of its evidence to media outlets, which – for the most part – uncritically reported it. However, it eventually became clear that the case was shoddy and would never hold up in court as it was built on circumstantial evidence and questionable scientific analyses.

It was then announced on July 29, 2008 that Ivins, whose life and career had been left in ruins by the FBI’s aggressive tactics, had committed suicide just as the federal government was set to charge him as the sole culprit behind the Anthrax attacks. Few chose to question the suicide narrative despite there being legitimate reasons to do so, such as the lack of a suicide note at the scene and the fact that no autopsy was ever performed on Ivins’ corpse.

Former FBI agent Richard Lambert’s whistleblower lawsuit would later reveal that the FBI had intentionally withheld a “wealth” of evidence that proved Ivins’ innocence and further charged that the DOJ and FBI had “crafted an elaborate perception management campaign to bolster their assertion of Ivins’ guilt” that included “press conferences and highly selective evidentiary presentations which were replete with material omissions.”

After Ivins’ suicide, questions continued to arise regarding the FBI’s case against the deceased scientist, with several journalists and even Senator Patrick Leahy – who had been sent an Anthrax letter – insisting that the FBI’s case against Ivins, particularly the charge that he had acted alone, was implausible. A former co-worker of Ivins and one of the country’s top biowarfare experts, Richard Spertzel, asserted in The Wall Street Journal that Ivins couldn’t have been the culprit because Ivins did not know how to make anthrax of the quality used in the attacks as only 4-5 people in the entire country, Spertzel being one of them, knew how to do so. Spertzel asserted that one of those 4-5 people would have needed at least a year as well as a full lab and a staff dedicate to the task in order to produce the Anthrax used.

In an attempt to mollify mounting criticism, Mueller announced in September 2008 that a panel from the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) would independently review the FBI’s “smoking gun” scientific analyses that had led them to accuse Ivins. However, the FBI abruptly closed the case in 2010, well before the panel could conclude its review, and stood by its controversial assertion that Ivins had acted as a “lone wolf” and that anthrax from a flask in Ivins’ lab was “conclusively identified as the parent material to the anthrax powder used in the mailings.”

When the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) did release its review of the FBI’s scientific findings a year later in 2011, it found that the Bureau’s “smoking gun” scientific evidence against Ivins was actually very inconclusive and they also identified several still, unresolved issues with the FBI’s analyses for which the Bureau could not provide an explanation.

However, because Ivins had died before the FBI’s scientific case could go to trial, the FBI’s claims would never be challenged in court. David Relman, vice chairman of the National Academy study committee, later told ProPublica that Ivins’ trial would have been the only way the FBI’s claims “could have been weighed and challenged by experts.”

The NAS study was not the only independent report that challenged the FBI’s case against Ivins after his apparent suicide. In 2014, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released its own analysis of the FBI investigation and concluded that the FBI’s approach lacked consistency, adequate standards and precision. The GAO report ultimately supported the NAS’ conclusion that the scientific evidence did not definitely prove Ivins to be the culprit.

The conclusions of both the NAS and GAO reports show that the FBI’s “smoking gun” against Ivins – its scientific analyses – were hardly a smoking gun as they were just as circumstantial as the rest of the Bureau’s evidence against the scientist. This, of course, makes the timing of the FBI’s decision to close the case, a year before any independent analysis of its evidence against Ivins could be completed, significant.


Key players in Dark Winter would also end up playing a role in the FBI Amerithrax investigation and Bush administration efforts to link them to a foreign, rather than a domestic, source. For instance, as increasingly desperate efforts were made to link the anthrax attacks to Al Qaeda in early 2002, an “independent” team from the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies argued that the anthrax attackers were linked to Al Qaeda, citing a diagnosis made by a Florida doctor in June 2001 that alleged 9/11 hijacker Ahmed al-Haznawi had a skin lesion that was “consistent with cutaneous anthrax.”

Yet, this team from Johns Hopkins was – in reality — far from independent, as it was led by Dark Winter co-authors Tara O’Toole and Thomas Inglesby. However, their association with Dark Winter and their September 2001 meeting with Dick Cheney went unmentioned as media outlets ran with O’Toole and Inglesby’s assertion that al-Haznawi’s allegedly anthrax-related lesion “raises the possibility that the hijackers were handling anthrax and were the perpetrators of the anthrax letter attacks.” Other scientists and analysts as well as the FBI challenged and rejected their claims.

Another Dark Winter figure involved in the Amerithrax case was current Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Robert Kadlec, who became an adviser on biological warfare to the Rumsfeld-led Pentagon in the days after 9/11. Kadlec’s official biography states that he “contributed to the FBI investigation of the anthrax letter attacks,” though it’s unclear exactly what those contributions were, beyond having met at least once with scientists at Fort Detrick in November 2001. Whatever his contributions were, Kadlec has long been an emphatic supporter of the official narrative regarding Bruce Ivins, who he has referred to as a “deranged scientist” and the sole culprit behind the attacks. Kadlec has also used the official narrative about Ivins to assert that bioweapons have been “democratized,” which he argues means that weaponized pathogens can be wielded by essentially anyone with “a few thousand dollars” and enough time on their hands.

Notably, Kadlec isn’t the only key figure in the current U.S. government response to Covid-19 to have ties to the botched FBI investigation as current HHS Secretary Alex Azar was also involved in the FBI investigation. In addition, Azar stated at a White House press briefing in 2018 that he had been “personally involved in much of managing the response [to the anthrax attacks]” as then-General counsel to HHS.

Yet, given that the FBI investigation into the anthrax attacks and the government response to them were so disastrous and heavily criticized by independent and mainstream media alike, it is surprising that Azar and Kadlec would so proudly tout their involvement in that fiasco, especially considering that the scientific analyses used in that investigation were fatally flawed and, by all indications, led to the death of an innocent man.

While such credentials in a “normal” world would be grounds for exclusion from public service, they apparently have the opposite effect when it comes to post-2001 HHS policy and U.S. biodefense policy, which – especially following 2001 – has championed the interests and profits of corporate pharmaceutical companies and the apocalyptic vision of bioweapons held by war hawks and perpetual Cold Warriors. This latter category, of course, includes members of the now-defunct PNAC, who infamously referred to racially-targeted bioweapons as a “politically useful tool” in a now infamous 2000 document, and their ideological descendants.

As the next installment of this series will show, Dark Winter participant and 2001 anthrax attack insider Jerome Hauer epitomizes this merging of perpetual hawkishness and corporate pharmaceutical interests, as he has long held (and continues to occupy) key board positions of the very pharmaceutical company that not only sold tens of millions of anthrax vaccine doses to HHS following the 2001 anthrax attacks, but is now a partner in the development of the majority of vaccines, drugs and experimental treatments currently under development in the United States for the treatment of Covid-19.

(Republished from The Last American Vagabond by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Lt. Col. Philip Zack, had been caught on camera secretly entering the lab to conduct “unauthorized research, apparently involving anthrax,”

    Weird. I always heard it was Dov Zakheim that was caught on camera entering the lab…Hmmmm

    • Replies: @lloyd
    , @lloyd
    , @mcohen
  2. There exists an authentic virus that they have characterized as COVID-19. The virus may be more contagious than the average influenza. Maybe it’s somewhat more dangerous to those with conditions that might contribute to death. Whatever the biological details might be, it is being used as cover for the latest looting operation.

    It’s just the latest looting operation. Sure, they want control of societies. But ultimately money is control. So the money is the priority, short term.

    It’s difficult to understand what they ultimately do with this looted global wealth. Perhaps they enjoy impoverishing strangers. It’s possible they simply enjoy watching human suffering. Do they run out of some expensive commodities that motivate them to execute the next looting operation? Is it caviar? Never seemed that compelling to me.

    I do wish there were moral men with guns that could put an end to this.

  3. Jon Orton says:

    Ciprofloxacin is an antibiotic to be avoided if at all possible as it’s associated with disabling and sometimes irreversible serious reactions, including tendinitis and tendon rupture, peripheral neuropathy, and central nervous system effects.

    In fairness to those who prescribed it in the early 2000’s, the studies demonstrating the side effects have only been carried out over the past ten to twelve years

    • Replies: @Anon
  4. Anon[171] • Disclaimer says:

    Phillip Zack, whom there is no google image of (funny that, no?), is the epitome of a guy that obviously loves another country more than his own.
    It appears some folks at the FBI who were supposed to look into the missing materials out of Ft. Detrick also love another country more than their own.

    Just think, a theft of anthrax was arranged. The spores were sent to Democratic anti-Iraq war congessmen to scare them into voting for War legislation, and for the icing on the cake, the thefts were blamed on a couple of innocent patrotic researchers at that lab. One researcher ultimately committed suicide, so the FBI could declare case closed and pin it on him, shaming his memory.

    My God, how many at that lab and the FBI were in on it? Zack surely didn’t steal those spores wothout being assured that he was going to be allowed to get away with it. Its as if the preeminent domestic law enforcement agency in this country can prearrange for certain crimes to happen, be blamed on an innocent party, and memory-holed.

    It feels like we are one of those old Soviet satellite states that the KGB used to boss around from behind-the-scenes in the 60s and 70s, despite our huge military.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Paul Jolliffe
  5. annamaria says:

    War Profiteers Unite! – The battle cry of the ZUSA’s deciders.

    Agree that the “biosafety incidents at Fort Detrick” and the current Covid-19 outbreak are most likely related. One only needs to see the smugly smiling Fauci, a profiteer in charge of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, no less. See the spectacular unpreparedness of the US population at large for any kind of epidemics.

    Robert Kadlec, was recently put in charge of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) entire Covid-19 response efforts, despite the fact that he was recently and directly responsible for actions that needlessly infected Americans with Covid-19.

    The Biotech-Industrial-Surveillance Complex indeed:

    We need a supply chain of information to manage the epidemic.” O’Toole, who now works for the CIA’s venture capital arm In-Q-Tel, and her longstanding promotion of mass surveillance in the name of “public health”…

    Meanwhile, the sanctimonious UK government has been sadistically murdering Assange:

    The max security Belmarsh prison, where the WikiLeaks founder is being kept pending extradition to the US, has just reported its first death from the disease. … Assange’s lawyers also have lost all contact with their client for about three weeks at this point…

    “Dick Cheney” has become a name-marker for a super-devious traitor. He is a walking cadaver of a human.

  6. What a load of crap……we don’t experience reality


  7. Well done. It connects all the dots the MSM dare not mention. There’s no better proof that American journalism hasn’t really died. It has just gone off shore and under cover. This presentation also suggests there is a lively “subversive” faction inside the imperial deep state. Where else could such wealth of detail come, if not from from insiders who are still inside?

    • Replies: @jo6pac
    , @Jefferson Temple
  8. jo6pac says:

    Yes, a great of dot connecting. Look for other articals by WW.

  9. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    The FBI did not officially close their investigation into the 2001 anthrax attacks, nicknamed “Amerithrax,” until 2010 and aspects of that investigation still remain classified.

    Furthermore, when the FBI realized that the anthrax used was the US made ‘AMES” variety, they also destroyed the evidence samples.

    Several weeks ago, the FBI said it had no objection to the destruction of a collection of anthrax samples at Iowa State University. But some scientists involved in the investigation now say that collection may have contained genetic clues valuable to the criminal inquiry

    Splendid investigative work by the ‘Usual Suspects’ that helped with the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag.
    Then the Feds pretend to wonder why people don’t trust them.

    One more item from that time, you might remember this lab!

    Although the scientists could not conclusively link RMR-1029 to the mailings until early 2007, by 2004, tests pointed to the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick as the source of the spores.

    The only consolation is that according to Dante, in his “Divine Comedy,” traitors get the hottest circle in Hell.

  10. while very informative, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that the medical/industrial complex and the media have hyped this infection beyond all comprehension.

    these kind of stories are great, but just add more fodder for media to demonize.

  11. This is a NWO/OWG operation to drive we goyim into a hell on earth by our satanic zionist masters using the fear and hysteria that they are so skilled at producing and the satanic zionist bastards are even going to nano chip the sheep and then cull the herd.

    • Agree: Agent76, Trinity
    • Replies: @Agent76
  12. Anonymous[776] • Disclaimer says:

    Amazing piece of research, of drawing correct conclusions from the evidence, which is what I’d like to comment upon regarding Fox News and Conservatism Inc’s being inexcusably and morally culpable for allowing the deep state to get away with the COVID Plannedemic as a direct result of their continuous cover up of 9/11.

    Because the conservative movement largely bases it claim to legitimacy on adhering to true epistemic principles, exposing mainstream, neocon conservatism’s blatant suppression of those principles may promote their erasure from influence in the not too distant future, except as humorous examples of kosher-certified useful idiots. As a quick review, National Review has been proved a Jewish front from its inception, quite successfully linking the native conservatism of our culture with support for Wall Street as representative of free market capitalism, but mostly with Israel. First Things we’ve learned, has a similar dark history. All the American this or that (such as A. Conservative, A. Thinker, A. Spectator) serve, as Fox News does, to encapsulate the Israel-first meme, variously within flag-waving jingoism, shtick Country Western music, themes drawn from our founding fathers, and bathing the biblical-grade mass murder of tens of thousands of innocent Arabs from the sky by incineration in the hues of Christian “just war” text-proofing or damnable logic chopping. These aren’t so much evil men with evil intentions as they’re exemplars of the everyday banality of evil.

    More than any players that I’m aware of—and I heard Sean Hannity wave away evidence with the “conspiracy theory” magic wand just last night—these frauds dismiss ordinary language reasoning and well-established formal, scientific and legal principles regarding the examination of evidence and throw it all out the window on the grounds it’s “conspiracy theory.” One thousand years of Western Civilization’s hard won advances in reasoning to correct conclusions in the face of evidence that by its very nature falls short of certainty, and out the window it all goes if it might implicate their kosher paymasters. When they can’t wave away the evidence they demand the impossibility of certainty or nothing. They routinely mock those presenting real evidence, as Sean Hannity did last night, by calling the ideas “conspiracy theory” and the presenters “nut jobs.”

    The point is that, while Whitney Webb will present persuasive circumstantial evidence tying Israel and its fifth column’s execution of 9/11 (as the event that changed everything) to the overwhelmingly persuasive circumstantial evidence that this is a Plannedemic implicating many of the same players—for that reason Conservatism Inc and Fox News will once again cover up another conspiracy-in-fact by tarring it as “conspiracy theory,” figuring their audience will again respond to the CIA’s “conspiracy theory” catchphrase like it was the Queen of Diamonds card and immediately “understand everything,” such that the perfectly usable expression “conspiracy theory” becomes a diagnosis of mental illness or proof of treason. But maybe not this time as the frantic attempt to distance themselves from the panic they created in concert with their confederates at CNN should be obvious to all but the dullest of minds.

    • Thanks: St-Germain
    • Replies: @Parfois1
  13. I was a signatory to the Cambridge Working Group Gain of Function Call to Action headed up by Dr. Marc Lipsitch at Harvard in 2014 to stop BSL-3 & 4 laboratory research in Corona viruses. The CWG was successful in terms of stopping the research until Fort D was opened up again.

    Make sure to look closely at the CWG ‘Call to Action’ 2014. If you can’t find what I am referring to just email me and I’ll give you a copy.


    • Replies: @anon
    , @Greg Bacon
  14. anon[599] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert White


    Publications page has a lot of interesting links:

    • Thanks: annamaria
  15. Agent76 says:

    Apr 5, 2020 Thousands of doctors agree hydroxychloroquine is best treatment for coronavirus patients

    A new poll found thousands of doctors around the world have agreed that hydroxychloroquine is the best treatment for the coronavirus.


    Mar 31, 2020 More good news?

    Citizen reporters go & do what the media won’t!

    • Replies: @druid55
    , @TheTrumanShow
  16. Agent76 says:
    @Desert Fox

    This will work as confirmation of your post.

    Apr 6, 2020 Henry Kissinger & Bill Gates Call For Mass Vaccination & Global Governance

    The global population living in western countries have been taught for more than a generation to live in a constant state of fear ever since 9/11.

  17. Anon[164] • Disclaimer says:

    Whitney Webb’s articles would benefit greatly from an editor that pushed the word count down, and forced her to make shorter, clearer arguments.

    In a world of academics and advisors pushing their ideas on decision-makers, any crisis on Earth short of the Second Coming has been the subject of papers and scenario-planning exercises. An honest question: what are the concrete arguments that this particular pandemic is intentional?

    @ “but is now a partner in the development of the majority of vaccines, drugs and experimental treatments currently under development in the United States for the treatment of Covid-19.”

    Should the profiteers, having foresight, not have anticipated the correct roll-out of tests/treatments? They have already lost millions in sales, and probably future market share.

    • Disagree: Jefferson Temple
    • Replies: @Saml
    , @Greg Bacon
    , @Tom Verso
  18. @Agent76

    Thanks , we Americans need all the help we can get. I am of German heritage on both sides, and I used to wonder how the German people let Hitler and the nazis come to power, I no longer wonder, it is happening right before our eyes, right here in America.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  19. @Just another serf

    “It’s difficult to understand what they ultimately do with this looted global wealth. ”

    It’s possible that the wealth will be used to sweep up titles to properties. The scrap gold boom of 2010-12 already swept up much of the privately owned gold in decorative form. This looks like a move for total ownership of all property and valuables by a small minority of owners. Land/buildings are real property (unmovable wealth) and precious metals are portable property.

    Someone, it seems, wants it all.

    • Replies: @The Wild Geese Howard
  20. Meena says:

    Cipro and Anthrax – both prove insider knowledge and facilitation of 911. Philip Jack should have been investigated . “ Take Cipro” advice should have been subjected to grand jury .
    While rest of the country was in a shock ,those who knew it beforehand went into causing more havoc.

  21. Saml says:

    Yes, she could do a kind of summary of main points or an abstract at the beginning of the article. At the same time she needs an editor.

  22. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Whitney Webb’s articles would benefit greatly from an editor that pushed the word count down, and forced her to make shorter, clearer arguments.

    I agree. Not many will want to read an article the size of a mini-book. Ms. Webb needs to compact her punches and give it to the UNZ readers in 2,000 words or less. She’s an excellent investigator, now she needs to apply that talent to smaller articles.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  23. Jake says:

    The corruption and amoral brutality that define the ‘deep state’ of the Anglo-Zionist Empire are so horrific as to seem unfit even for wild spy fiction. Our leaders act on faith that while 1 murder is a tragedy, the murders of millions become statistics that allow us to turn away. Our leaders know that a bit corruption is easily understood and exposed, and that a lifetime of never ceasing corruption overwhelms the senses of average, decent people, thereby allowing the guilty to get away with it.

  24. skopros says:

    almost incredible… but the astounding cat’s-cradle of suspect links and incriminating associations drawn by the authors is much too controversial to be anything like coincidental. In the age of the web, if it resists more censorship than is being attempted today, maybe even the truth of 9-11 will finally emerge. The Webb enterprise doesn’t undertake the easy jobs, that’s for sure! So glad they’re around.

    • Agree: Erebus
    • Replies: @lloyd
  25. VK says:

    I have plenty of free time these days and so would be available as an editor for Whitney Webb articles.

  26. Nils says:

    It appears like Bush, Trump was left out of the dark on this operation.

    The operation concluded after Trump spent a great of time negotiating the trade deal with China. I would be surprised if he could be capable of this level of deception. It just doesn’t fit his personality.

  27. Shaman911 says:

    Read these;

    The first one is from 2 years ago is a mind bender and explains exactly whats going to be happening for the next 6 or 7 years.

  28. @Twodees Partain

    Someone, it seems, wants it all.

    This is what the current situation is really about.

    The current plan-demic is the perfect cover for a global bust-out and lockdown. It almost completely precludes the formation of movements like Occupy Wall Street because, as we were told with regard to 9/11, “…no one could have predicted….”

    As for the who, my best guess are folks like Soros and his ilk, who must wake up daily in fear of their own mortality.

  29. Mehen says:

    Absolutely superb article (if a little long)

    Looking forward to more.

  30. Alden says:

    “ smallpox, a disease long thought eradicated globally, ….. broke out in the state of Oklahoma”

    So much for the anti vaccination hysterical rich ladies and natural healing and immunity old codgers who believe everything they read on the internet.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
    , @lloyd
  31. @Just another serf

    I do wish there were moral men with guns that could put an end to this.

    Pretty sure there is a large supply of men with morality and guns. The resource needed is a spine.

    This bit in the article is a fantastic payoff.

    Notably, Kadlec isn’t the only key figure in the current U.S. government response to Covid-19 to have ties to the botched FBI investigation as current HHS Secretary Alex Azar was also involved in the FBI investigation.

    Applause for Whitney Webb.

  32. lloyd says: • Website

    I have the feeling you are hinting. at something. The article here is a bit too complex for my deplorable brain. But I did check very carefully for any mention of Israel. Not a word. Now I am not drawing any conclusions. Merely a note that Webb does not not mention Israel. One point I could make. How many of these guys mentioned here are followers of the Rapture? Since the publication of The Late Great Planet Earth in the late 1960s, that book has been spreading its apocalyptic message for generations. Its followers appear to gravitate to careers in the dark areas of Government. I recall noting the book week after week on Time magazines’s best seller list and wondering why Time magazine otherwise completely ignored it.

    • Replies: @freedom-cat
  33. lloyd says: • Website

    Actually Webb does mention Israel once as a recipient of “anthrax/ and or hoax letters” along side Kenya.

  34. Anon[567] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jon Orton

    Who funded the studies? There’s a 100 percent chance it was a pharmaceutical company that makes rival antibiotics to ciprofloxin.

    There’s positive and negative advertising.
    Positive My stuff if good. Negative Their stuff is bad.,

    Right now the company that manufactures Tramadol a pain killer is funding numerous studies that Tramadol’s rival Vicodin is addictive and kills thousands a year.

    Pillsbury Mills funded and publicized a study that eggs cause heart attacks. Noodle and rice producers funded and publicized studies that proved noodles rice bread and carbs weren’t fattening.

    As a result people started eating muffins and cereal for breakfast and noodles and rice for lunch and dinner

    Result, obesity.

    • Replies: @RodW
  35. mcohen says:

    First comment of the article and you hit your head on the nail.

    • Replies: @freedom-cat
  36. Wielgus says:

    A disease with approximately 30% lethality, far more than even the highest Covid-19 projections. Survivors of it in history are a roll call including Queen Elizabeth I of England, Mozart, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Stalin. Not a good disease to revive in these difficult times.

  37. lloyd says: • Website

    Webb becomes in public mind identified with the web on coronavirus issues. Odd what happens when one doubles a consonant from web to webb. I checked for web information on Whitney Webb. All I found was she lives in Chile and a photograph. She appears in the photograph like she is an American professor in a Woman Studies Department. Nothing I could find on Raul Diego at least in English.

    • Replies: @Hirflawdd
  38. Iva says:

    All reade lead to Gates, Fauci, Birx, Mark Dybul, Pence…. and few others , but Gates is a main mafia character. Gates said that he invested in vaccines factories and this is his best investment. There is so much conflict of interest among people surranding Trump, who are seting up policies that the hair stand up when you listen to this video.

  39. @Just another serf

    It’s possible they simply enjoy watching human suffering.

    David Lynch had those psychic-vampire creatures in “Twin Peaks“, who thrived on suffering. Their sustenance came from ‘garmonbozia‘ – sadness and psychic pain – which was often represented by creamed corn.

    I have no belief whatsoever in the supernatural, but I have posed this question before – if it was definitely proven that there is a parasitoid variant of homo sapiens that thrives on human misery, would anyone be surprised?

    Homo cheneyensis is as good a preliminary name as any: the humanoids who view the entire planet as one big garmonbozia farm as a wise man (me) said back in 2006.

    That comment is also the first one I can think of that indicated that my preferred method of reducing the population of Deltas, was to make them better off

    Folks like me aren’t the best mates of the ‘useless eaters’, but at least we would prefer to get rid of them through reduced reproduction rates rather than a decent outbreak of something nasty (or a big thermonuke bang). mmake people prosperous and they reduce their reproduction rates immediately – it’s a natural part of increased prosperity. But Homo Cheneyensis finds that irksome because it means that you have the possibility of neighbours that you didn’t go to school with.

    A few years later (2009),

    I have thought long, and I have thought hard. When I give my attention to a thing, I firmly believe that I have the wet-ware to form an unbiased estimator of the ‘right thing to do’. That is to say, I reckon that if torture was right, I would arrive at that conclusion by brute mental force. If slavery was just, the logic of it would not escape me.

    And one thing is clear to me – we are, at present, involved in a death match with the aforementioned homo cheneyensis: we will either rid the planet of their entire genotype (or cull them down to manageable numbers and prevent them from ever again holding power), or their grip on our pelf and geld will tighten until we are working three days in five for their benefit, rather than 1 day in two (as is currently the case).

    A little over 230 years ago, a group of men decided that the Cheneys of the day would not hold the reins of government anymore. When their venture finally won the day, one of them said “It would be thought a hard government that should tax its people one tenth part.”

  40. @Just another serf

    I thought Corona-19 was developed and released to end the cash economy and make the tiniest purchase an electronic transaction monitored by the secret police.

  41. @The Wild Geese Howard

    I’m old enough to remember when the response to some politician telling people that they would have to stay home would have been “STFU, pencil neck”. People today watch way too much TV. I call it the fear box. The whole purpose of TV is to stir fear in people.

    I don’t watch it, and haven’t since the September coup of ’01. People who watch TV are the most chicken hearted people you’ll see. There are lots of them on here, scared to death and willing to kiss the feet of any wannabe tyrant in office.

  42. @Agent76

    I would love to see Henry and Bill hanged back to back with both their necks in the same noose. The spectators could bet on which one stopped kicking first.

  43. Is COVFEFE proof of Trump’s foreknowledge of the Coronavirus plandemic/psyop ? Sean Spicer, Trump’s press secretary in May of 2017 , told everyone that the small assembly of letters “made sense to a small group of people” Trump implied it wasn’t a mistweet and it may be “something with deep meaning “see:”Trump’s still arguing that ‘covfefe tweet had ‘deep meaning’ and was not a ‘mistweet’”
    FeFe is a hydrogenase and has been used in processes for the creation of bactrium , RNA or viral strands . Interestingly COVID-19 has been described as a RNA virus .

    For some black humor on COVFEFE see : “The COVFEFE VIRUS (2020): MORE DANGEROUS THAN SARS and the CORONAVIRUS” :
    “…what makes this virus so unique is that it is spread by social media…”

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
    , @Mr. Anon
  44. Mehen says:

    Your David Lynch/garmonbozia speculation is not without precedent.

    Google Robert Monroe and “Loosh”

    And before him was Gnosticism and “Archons”

    • Replies: @Meimou
  45. @Morton's toes

    Pretty sure there is a large supply of men with morality and guns. The resource needed is a spine.

    No one wants to be the first one in the pool.

    I believe this is because, even though life is very boring, things are still too easy in the West.

  46. Dark Winter becomes Dark Spring(2020) for Americans as, under the Coronavirus Relief Act, the PRIVATE FEDERAL RESERVE and Blackrock Finance essentially took over the United States Treasury, see : “BlackRock Megacorporation Finance Firm just took over the US Treasury and The Federal Reserve “

  47. @Desert Fox

    Hitler loved Germanic people, thought highly of them, and wanted to help them, enrich them rather than banks, and preserve and spread their language and culture — eventually, unfortunately, at the violent expense of other peoples.

    By contrast, the rulers of the USA obviously feel hatred or callous indifference towards the American populace, perhaps especially the founding and core European-American populations.

    This is potentially worse than National Socialism for the majority people of the country, both in intent and of course in the technologies now available to surveill, indoctrinate, control, and harm us.

  48. @Kratoklastes

    I have no belief whatsoever in the supernatural, but I have posed this question before – if it was definitely proven that there is a parasitoid variant of homo sapiens that thrives on human misery, would anyone be surprised?


    We already have the precedent of the Marquis de Sade, from whom we derived the words sadism and sadist.

    Yes, the good Marquis was quite focused on the sexual realm, but it is entirely possible that there are sadists among us that are focused on the psychic and spiritual realms.

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  49. 8600 words and the authors haven’t really said anything. I’ve heard people say some profound things about the pandemic and the “Government” in about 10 seconds. Made perfect sense.

    • Troll: Mehen
  50. lloyd says: • Website

    The smallpox break out was a Pentagon simulation. There has been a vaccination for smallpox for about a hundred years and officially it has been eradicated They should have imagined the incurable common cold creating a strain several times more severe and about twice as contagious.

  51. Pft says:

    Webb is certainly a breath of fresh air on this subject. Funny how all these surprise attacks have simulations and exercises relating yo them that are run before or during said attacks.

  52. Cyrano says:

    When it’s all said and done, maybe someone will write a book: “The little virus that could”.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I refuse to live in a world without democracy. If, when all this passes, the democracy remains intact – I would say – it was wort it.

    Maybe it’s time to bring one superpositive person from the past – Madeleine Albright – and ask her a modified version of the question that she answered so successfully a while ago: “Ms. Albright, if the Corona virus results in millions of deaths, but democracy – a delicate flower that it is – somehow survives – would you say that it was worth it”. I bet that the positive person that she is, she will answer “yes” and put things really into perspective.

  53. bjondo says:

    Read a few sentences. Whitney usually great.
    Maybe off on dates and president?

    W not HW and 2001-2002 not 90s.

    I could be wrong. Memory terrible.

    5 dancing shlomos

  54. Greg Bacon says: • Website
    @Morton's toes

    Bill Gates is in this Covid hysteria up to his ears.

    Laura Birx, daughter of that clown Deb Birx that has been blubbering during WH pressers, is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Deputy Director, Strategy, Planning and Management, Agricultural Development.
    The same foundation that wants to vaccinate everyone with something, which if it is like Windows software, will be buggy and full of back-doors.

    • Replies: @bjondo
  55. Skeptikal says:

    “The simulation was a collaborative effort led by the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies (part of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security) in collaboration with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the Analytic Services (ANSER) Institute for Homeland Security”

    I thought the Department of Homeland Security—and the first use of the terms “the Homeland” and “Homeland Security”—was after 9/11.

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  56. bjondo says:
    @Greg Bacon

    Good find.

    5 dancing shlomos

  57. @Agent76

    Agree with druid55’s reply. This reads like a TV commercial. “I’m Joe Isuzu, and you’ve got my word on it!”

  58. @The Wild Geese Howard

    The current plan-demic is the perfect cover for a global bust-out and lockdown. It almost completely precludes the formation of movements like Occupy Wall Street

    Resistance is futile because any “gathering”of five people is an illegal assembly per my state’s “emergency order” which nobody has gone to court to challenge, futile there also because due process is de facto suspended because there are no longer any courts in session due to the “emergency” which is entirely fictional because there are no signs of any disease affecting anyone.

    The Constitution says that nobody be tried for capital crimes unless indicted by grand jury, but grand juries are not meeting. And that thing about having a right to a trial by jury of one’s peers for any civil suit involving damages greater than \$20, well don’t hold your breath waiting for it. There are no open court hearings and no juries whatsoever. This is martial law!

    With everyone thrown out of work and small and medium-sized businesses destroyed by an illegal shutdown order from the Governor, she’s immune to lawsuit and the state revenues from taxes will be crashing and so of course they can’t have any gatherings of people seeking redress from the wrongs inflicted by a very small minority of the super-rich devil worshipers who rule this world and get pleasure from offering ritual sacrifices of goyim to their Molech, etc.

    • Replies: @9/11 Inside job
    , @Trinity
  59. @St-Germain

    I was thinking the same. Whitney Webb puts a LOT of great stuff out and has to be a skilled and tireless researcher. But, it seems that she must also have sources in high places.

  60. Just remember, this is all China’s fault! None of this would be happening if not for those evil communists!

    Most Americans will believe it and repeat it like the programmed bots they are trained from birth to be. Just like after 9/11. Sad!

    Your country not being prepared, and not being able to respond, having outsourced all its production to foreign lands to make an extra nickle, has nothing to do with capitalism. Hospitals not having the gear they need was definitely not caused by putting profit over peoples lives. The fact that millions of people are afraid to even walk into a hospital for fear of bankruptcy is definitely not making the spread of the virus worse, and is for sure not caused a capitalist healthcare racket.

    No no, this is all the fault of China and communism!

    I think they released this thing to cover for the inevitable economic collapse, once again, caused by the greed built into the system. The petrodollar racket that sustains global capitalism and the empire is under attack. Also a convenient way to keep the angry goyims off the streets wearing their yellow vests. Just like last time, all the problems that caused it will be made worse by the response. More monopolization, more police state, more corporate control of “our” govt, if thats even possible. We live in Hell, I’m convinced more of it every day. Voting certainly won’t fix this.

    • Agree: Parfois1
    • Replies: @Cyrano
  61. Tom Verso says:

    Disclaimer, Saml, and Greg Bacon must not be familiar with the work of Ron Unz.

    When it comes to word count Ms. Webb is small potatoes compared to Mr. Unz.

    There is a difference between journalistic writing and social scientific writing. The latter is more difficult to write and more challenging to read. Webb and Unz do not write for the morning coffee reader.

    • LOL: Twodees Partain
  62. @The Wild Geese Howard

    Yes, they’re called Satanists. I used to ridicule this very idea years and years ago but it makes perfect sense now.

    There is a Brit on YouTube, Shaun Attwood, who looks at the dark underbelly of the elite. Recently he interviewed a guy named Wilford Wong on the Satanism subject. Check it out. Satan doesn’t even have to be real. Some people are willing to do horrific things just for an idea in their minds.

    • Replies: @DH
  63. vot tak says:

    The smoke accumulating from all these smoking guns is making it rather hard to breathe. Excellent work by Webb and Diego.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  64. @Skeptikal

    From their website it looks like the institute for homeland security is an NGO. Not part of DHS.

  65. Cyrano says:

    Just remember, this is all China’s fault! None of this would be happening if not for those evil communists!

    “Tyranny” builds character, “democracy” is for p**sies.

  66. Thomasina says:

    Whitney Webb and Raul Diego – excellent, excellent work! You have followed the clues, connected the dots, and have left a fantastic historical record of what transpired. Thank you.

    Sounds like a pack of psychopaths have found each other (like finds like), and they have infiltrated the highest levels of the U.S. government. Look at the lives they destroy, lives they would lose no sleep over. No empathy, no remorse, cold and calculated, deceitful, manipulative.

    A large task force singularly devoted to taking them out is about the only way to stop these people.

  67. @9/11 Inside job

    Since you brought this up…..I had never done a web search for that word until now. I had seen the strange tweet discussed and made into funny photo memes, but a search done just now turned up some really bizarre things, including one from wikipedia:

    In case you meant to post a link:

    Apparently, I need more REM sleep. 😉

    • Thanks: 9/11 Inside job
  68. Parfois1 says:

    These aren’t so much evil men with evil intentions as they’re exemplars of the everyday banality of evil.

    Indeed, evil has become “normalized” as the default position of a ruling class confident of untrammeled power and immunity from prosecution for their crimes, all in the name of national interest, national security, defence of democracy and other highfalutin patriotic slogans. It is so sickening to the point one almost wishes a true deadly pandemic amongst the elites administered through their de rigueur champagne and caviar fare laced with the Vollum strain produced by Fort Detrick … with compliments.

  69. Erebus says:
    @vot tak

    If anybody can, Whitney Webb could maybe get to the bottom of the ABCnews article your Sputnik link on Saker’s thread linked to. It blows everything up.

    The US Govt had intelligence in Nov, maybe earlier, that there’s a dangerous epidemic developing in Wuhan and was regularly briefed on developments all through December at the highest levels.

    I downloaded it because I can’t believe it’ll be up for long.

    I’ll thank you for that here as well.

    • Thanks: vot tak
    • Replies: @Johan Meyer
    , @anonymous
  70. @David riskanalyst

    I have tried to get the ACLU in my state to file suit to rescind our Governor’s unlawful Executive Orders which are based on a lie that there is a medical emergency . Are we going to lockdown the country every time there is an outbreak of the seasonal flu which generally runs in the Northern hemisphere from October through April. So far the ACLU seems reluctant to sue , is it because they have received considerable funding from the Rockefeller Foundation and George Soros?
    Interestingly Azar signed the proclamation from HHS that there was a medical emergency, he is listed as a lobbyist for the PHARMACEUTICAL industry !

    • Agree: anarchyst
  71. Hirflawdd says:

    If that’s all you’ve found then you’re not very good at searching.

    • Replies: @lloyd
  72. @Erebus

    Intelligence services may come to know of an epidemic in a flu-like disease before the medical establishment does (human intelligence), because many people who have flu will simply tough it out rather than go to a doctor, even when such services are available, both because it is a bother to go to a doctor (who might not be able to help in any case—it is a virus so antibiotics are useless), and because clinics in recent years have discouraged (on good epidemiological grounds—avoid infecting other patients in the waiting room) getting medical attention for “just the flu.”

    If in fact the virus was spread willfully, the perps would have had the above considerations in mind. Only that China, in the wake of the SARS epidemic was one of the few societies that could detect the new virus using primarily medical science methods. This also suggests that internal spying on the population (which occurs in every country) is not very focused in China.

    Countries could do well in the future by having well-thought out policies on disease, such as encouraging people to report symptoms of diseases suffered, and whether or not medical attention was sought.

    Also, the attacks on China and such states that have good relationships with China without US blessings has a long history, e.g. Serbia and the bombing of the Chinese embassy, and the US attack on its own former client state Zaire/DRC, first asking Rwanda under Habyarimana to serve as base, then getting Uganda to invade Rwanda when Habyarimana declined, so that both could be used.

    The Ugandans, under Ugandan chief of military intelligence Kagame, fresh from an IMET junket at Ft Leavenworth, killed by their own estimate 1-2 million baHutu, e.g. bashing their skills in with hoes, throwing grenades into homes, et cetera. The big piles of (bashed in) skulls are of baHutu, not baTúutsi. (The official HRW propaganda involves baHutu killing 800k-1M2 of Rwanda’s 600k baTúutsi, leaving 400k-500k alive. How many baTúutsi did the Ugandans kill?)

    Thus the US got client state control over DRC coltan (very important source of tantalum important for high end electronic devices, especially tantalum capacitors). The coltan is mined by child slave labour, with the radioactive rare earth wastes of mining dumped into rivers. The coltan is then smuggled over the Rwandan controlled border and sold from Kigali. The DRC government has no control, as the Rwandan government runs multiple insurgencies in DRC; compare with Turkey in Syria.

    • Replies: @Johan Meyer
  73. @Johan Meyer

    Forgot to add: Zaire/DRC had been getting friendly with China prior to the US asking Habyarimana to let Rwanda serve as a base for invasion of Zaire/DRC.

    • Replies: @Christophe GJ
  74. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    The article is still there, but has been updated to report Wednesday evening’s summary Pentagon denial. The theme is that the Trump administration was dismissive of the warnings, etc.

    With a dumbed down populace, what stray critical thinkers like you observe to be temporally awkward if not incompatible with the anti-China narrative can safely be repurposed to fire up Team Blue for the next Most Important Election Ever.

    This has been a very informative and entertaining thread, hasn’t it? I guess Bombercommand, the Maryland/Virginia border sentry, must have been called up.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  75. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Sorry, I conflated this article with Mr. Roberts’ “Last Man Standing,” where Bombercommand has gone AWOL.

    I also neglected to thank Erebus for gathering and sharing information. I don’t know the who, what, where, when, or why about this. But I do know that the Establishment can’t be trusted to be forthcoming.

  76. Trinity says:
    @David riskanalyst

    “plan-demic,” hahaha. Yep, that is EXACTLY what it is.

  77. Trinity says:

    All Roads Lead to (((The Usual Suspects.))))

    There I fixed the title for ya.

  78. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    The establishment is still blind as a bat and blundering around, nor does it want to do anything else. Political reality is the only reality there is, right?

    Here are two major things the establishment has wrong:

    1) R0 range is {3.8, 8.9} (95% confidence interval)
    2) Perhaps half of the people who have contracted COVID-19 have no symptoms or attribute their symptoms to other diseases.
    (both from URL:

    Given the above, only either

    (a) real time monitoring population for infections / microorganism ecology coupled with selective quarantine or

    (b) permanent quarantine

    (c) herd immunity

    would prevent re-emergence COVID-1. S. Korea chose something like (a), but it isn’t clear that they could continue this effort indefinitely.

    It isn’t clear that (c) herd immunity is possible. Apparently a fairly high fraction of COVID-1 survivors have _no_ COVID-1 related antibodies in their system. In any case, with an R0 given in (a), COVID-1 could survive in a population that was about 85% infected (as did Smallpox).

    In the face of this, there is _no_ administrative effort in mass testing, at least in the United States (

    Party’s over. The Bureaucratic State has finally reduced itself to immobility.

  79. annamaria says:

    The guys who “love another country more than their own” would not be able to do even a scintilla of harm if not the local scum like Cheney, Morell, Mueller, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell, Obama, Clintons, and such.

    The rotting empire is preparing to strike: “Standing on the Precipice of Martial Law,” by Matthew Ehret:

    General O’Shaughnessy currently doubles as the head of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and has devoted his past 14 months to the promotion of a military confrontation over the Arctic which he has described as “the new frontline of our homeland defense” against Russia and China who are “determined to exploit the region’s economic and strategic potential”.

    … NORTHCOM interfaces closely with the deep state by hosting personnel from the FBI, CIA, NSA and Defense Intelligence Agency in its headquarters and is responsible for the protection of the President, Vice President and Secretary of State.

    …on March 28 that O’Shawnessy has ordered teams of “essential staff” deep into vast bunkers 650 meters below the surface in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado to “wait out the COVID-19 crisis”. Announcing this secretive mission, the General tweeted “Our dedicated professionals of the NORAD and NORTHCOM Command and control watch have left their homes, said goodbye to their families and are isolated from everyone to ensure they can stand watch each and every day to defend our homeland.”

    Other military personnel have been banned from travelling and commanded to stay near their bases ready for action and as of March 30, over 14,600 National Guard forces have been deployed to all 50 states. Although they cannot currently engage in policing due to the 1878 US Posse Comitatus Act, Martial Law would render that provision null and void. …

    This author doesn’t believe it to be a coincidence that patriotic voices who would typically be opposed to such a Martial Law agenda have been taken out of public life due to chaos emerging from the Coronavirus with Senator Ron Paul’s March 22 COVID-19 diagnosis forcing him into quarantine and the politically naive Tulsi Gabbard’s dropping out of the presidential race in order “to be prepared for the national guard duties”. It isn’t very hard to imagine a COVID-19 diagnosis, real or fabricated to take the President and other members of the government out of office at a moment’s notice.

  80. The missing part of the 2001 story is the Toxler letter. It’s a bit cryptic (hint hint) but my analysis shows it refers to Haym Solomon – financier of the the American Revolution who was effectively dumped by Robert Morris.

    The “broken promis?”

  81. Mr. Anon says:
    @9/11 Inside job


    Well, the COV part is easy. When I looked up FEFE as an acronym, among others, I found these two:

    FEFE: F*** Everything, F*** Everyone

    which pretty well describes the response to the pandemic


    FEFE: Fresh Exotics For Everyone (think Wuhan wet market)

  82. Meimou says:

    Your David Lynch/garmonbozia speculation is not without precedent.

    Google Robert Monroe and “Loosh”

    And before him was Gnosticism and “Archons”

    This certainly took me down a fascinating rabbit hole. I just ordered Monroes books.

    You may find this interesting
    Twin Peaks actually explained(No, Really)

    • Replies: @Mehen
  83. Good review of the timeline and background of the anthrax attacks and the FBI’s “investigation” of them, but the repeated us of the term “anthrax poisoning” is rather odd.

    “Poisoning” (or intoxication) is a clinical syndrome produced by exposure to a preformed toxin via ingestion/ inhalation/ other route. Some bacterial diseases can be accurately characterized as “poisoning” — such as botulism and staphlococcal food poisoning — but anthrax is not one of them.

    Anthrax is an infection — the result of an invasion by living microorganisms which then multiply within the human body. Anthrax does, of course, produce highly lethal toxins during the course of its growth in the human body, but is not a “poisoning” per se. Similarly, Corynebacterium diphtheriae relies on the production of a toxin during the course of the infection for much of its virulence, but it would be incorrect to refer to the resultant disease as “diphtheria poisoning.” Tangentially-related fun fact — diphtheria toxin is only produced by strains of C. diphtheriae that are themselves infected with a particular phage (virus). The structural gene for the toxin is encoded in the DNA of the virus, and is incorporated into the bacterial genome as a result of infection.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  84. Mehen says:

    Thanks for the video. I love David Lynch and will check it out.

    Btw, one other esoteric thinker proposing this paradigm is Carlos Castaneda with his “Predators”

    I have read none of the books by the aforementioned authors apart from research I’ve done online. For the Castaneda angle I just snatched the following article randomly off Google and haven’t vetted it.

    As I read, it amuses me how the vocabulary and theorizing from ostensibly New Agey woo-woo types overlaps in many ways certain…*ahem*…(((concerns))) that some at UR have…

  85. Mehen says:

    Can’t believe there aren’t more comments on this article. 🙁

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  86. ziggurat says:

    This is a really good article, which makes a good case that the post-911 Anthrax attacks were a false flag attack.

    But at the same time, it just seems hard for me to believe that the main actors were mainly motivated (and continue to be mainly motivated) by profiting off the prevention and cure of the diseases they’re creating (including COVID-19).

    However, I can see a motivation for a false flag attack for the Iraq War, by zionist zealots. Also, the media loves a war. (I recall at the start of the Iraq War, CNN had a news ticker that read “America’s New War”, as if in celebration.)

    But if the purpose of the Anthrax attacks was to bolster support for the Iraq War, I don’t think they served well for that. The main factor was the specter of a “mushroom cloud” being the smoking gun. Also, perhaps equally important, was the conflating of 9/11 with Saddam Hussein. When people talked of WMD, they were worried mainly about nuclear weapons, not bio/chemo weapons.

    I recall watching a good Frontline episode, where it mentioned that the Bush administration was at Camp David, debating about whether to attack Afghanistan first or Iraq first. They wanted to attack Iraq first, but thought it would be a hard political sale. And the lead up to the Iraq war was lengthy, with lots of opposition. If the media had been more of a watch dog, instead of a lap dog, it may not have happened.

  87. @mcohen

    Well, I was hoping someone else might have heard about that. It’s become very hard to locate old articles from almost 20 years ago. You’re making assumptions again…. 🙁

  88. @lloyd

    Islam and Judaism both have branches, too, that are Messianic.

  89. hopefully says:

    thank you very much for this new excellent research!
    some complementary information from an interview with a german doctor who has been researching the anthrax attacks and their background (german interview with a german description)

  90. @Johan Meyer

    Forgot to add: Zaire/DRC had been getting friendly with China prior to the US asking Habyarimana to let Rwanda serve as a base for invasion of Zaire/DRC.

    Yes you’re right. It ‘s a bit off-topic. It hasn’t been covered by the press like it deserved. The genocide in Rwanda. If Unz lives up to its reputation of truth – telling site, they should issue an article someday on this subject.

    The french army was wrongly accused of genocide complicity because it coincidently found itself on the way of bigger and meaner players. And much more greedy and reckless too… And the shooting of the abwyarimana plane… So closely resembling false flag attack of the same kind by the US / mossad / CIA deep state. Like an air of “déjà vu”… The access to mineral ressources is relevant here, not a phantasm (like sometimes for oil). 5 to 8 MILLIONS deaths. .An horrible tragedyThe canadian journalist Judi Rever and Charles Onana smeared as conspiracy theorists. Ugly…

    At some point if your people cease to exist there is maybe the risk that your soul is imprisoned forever because there is nothing new to reach for in the universe. It has been cornered. No new friendly soul.
    So you git to stand up against your oppressors. It applies to a lot of cases

    • Replies: @Johan Meyer
  91. @DH

    Yes, the devils are flesh and blood and they’ve been very busy.

  92. Quintus says:

    Whitney Webb has become one of the very best independent journalists out there. Amazing work. God bless her.

    I just wanted to draw attention to one of the many gems she points out: Thomas Inglesby, Dark Winter co-organizer, re-rearing his ugly head at Event 201. He can be seen in this video by Spiro Skouras. Looking at his calm demeanor and MD credentials, one wouldn’t have guessed he is either a psychopath, a venal whore, dangerous ideologue, or a mix of all of the above:

    The conspiracy is real.

  93. RodW says:

    This is purely circumstantial and anecdotal, but after I took cipro for knocking in the pipes, I experienced ruptured tendons doing things I’ve always done before I took cipro without damage (lifting heavy things, walking long distances). I am growing old which may be relevant, but the timing seemed significant.

  94. @James Forrestal

    The term “anthrax poisoning” makes sense if one views the word “poisoning” in the form of a verb. Poisoning someone is deliberately introducing something deadly into his body without his knowledge.

  95. @Mehen

    I think it’s possible that relatively fewer readers here will spend the time reading an article as long as this one. That could account for the smaller volume of comments. I read Whitney’s articles when the subject matter is of interest, though I don’t always have time to read a long article as soon as I see it.

    Adding her to my list of Patreon beneficiaries gave me email notifications of new articles, so I’ve sometimes already read an article at Mint Press before I notice it posted here. This one is very informative, and I read it in one visit.

  96. @Christophe GJ

    As my comment is OT (Rwanda), I shall use the more tag.


    Ed Herman and David Peterson’s “Enduring Lies” (Largely built upon Christopher Black’s discoveries in the Military II trial).

    Then again, Christopher Black’s articles themselves are quite accessible.

    His closing argument in the Military II trial has been worked into a play:

    Louise Arbour Unindicted War Criminal (with Ed Herman):

    The Dallaire Genocide Fax: A Fabrication:

    Who Killed Agathe?

  97. @Anon

    Here is an easily available image of Dr. Phillip Zack:

  98. Americanist says: • Website

    What do all the names mentioned in this great article have in common but also were not exposed for having the same common connection? From the article:
    “Robert Kadlec, was recently put in charge of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) entire Covid-19 response efforts, despite the fact that he was recently and directly responsible for actions that needlessly infected Americans with Covid-19.”
    “The concept, design and script of the simulation were created by Tara O’Toole and…”
    “…several Dark Winter participants such as former CIA Director James Woolsey, who…”
    “Judith Miller – who participated in Dark Winter – and other U.S. reporters would receive threatening letters with a white powder presumed to be Anthrax.”
    “In addition, at least one member of the press, journalist Richard Cohen – then at the Washington Post – had also been told to take Cipro…”
    “…for the book, particularly Dick Cheney’s chief of staff I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby.”
    Other names mentioned in that piece are Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Tom Brokaw, Sen. Tom Daschle, Paul Wolfowitz,

    What do they all have in common? They are all members of the CFR! Council on Foreign Relations. That anti-american globalist, global governance promoting, sell out our national sovereignty to international institutions, especially the United Nations which they created.

  99. MatrixMan says:

    If one is looking for corruption – look no further than your government.

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