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2020 Election Chaos Being Used to Set Stage for the Final Technocratic Push
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Joining me today is Whitney Webb to discuss her recent article on the chilling 2020 election predictions being made by TIP, and how it all seems to be yet again feeding into the same, seemingly all-encompassing, technocratic agenda.

Video Link


(Republished from The Last American Vagabond by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2020 Election, Conspiracy Theories 
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  1. Members of TIP include Donna Brazil and Bill Kristol. Why is this crap even considered as anything other than propaganda!

  2. Anonymous[307] • Disclaimer says:

    When your IQ is sufficiently low, everyone ~15 points higher than you looks the same. Thus, you can non-ironically call people like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, who think TI-84 is a fighter jet, “technocrats.” They’re smarter than you, and so are those guys in lab coats, so what’s the difference, really?

  3. Renoman says:

    An hour and 4 minutes are you joking, summarize or off to the round file fool.

  4. Thanks Unz Review. Whitney Webb interviewed is much easier to digest than her written prose. And worth an hour for sure.

  5. Tom Verso says:

    As per usual, Ms. Webb demonstrates that she is not a journalist, but an intellectually challenging social scientist.

    She does not write/speak to the morning coffee crowd. One must approach her publications with a very clear head and a willingness to pause from time to time to reread/listen in order to grasp the implications of the enormous factual basis she provides in support of her thesis.

    Interestingly and understandably her Unz postings get relatively few comments compared to the voluminous comments on the more pop-journalistic postings; indicative of the intellectual challenge she posits

    More to the point of this piece, TIP is beginning to conjure a lot of media interest. For example, the very informative and intellectually mature podcast “The Duran” did an uncharacteristic hour long piece on the same subject.

    Significantly, indicative of the increasing interest and conspiracy theory going mainstream, Wikipedia has a TIP article.

    Perhaps most importantly, the incomprehensible rich Jeff Bezo’s Washington Post’s TIP coverage, implies that the Super Rich are cutting to the chase, and are about to flat out create the government/economy that they want.

    While many other writers and podcasters ’tisk-tisk’ lamenting the loss of Democracy, rambling on about loss of ‘rights’ and -isms (liberalism, fascism, socialism, etc.); Ms. Webb’s podcast/article provides voluminous evidence about MEN (white men) who measure their wealth in three figure billions who are no longer interested in playing the ‘illusion of democracy’ game.

  6. eD says:

    For people who don’t want to dive into an hour long video presentation, the Paul Craig Roberts article just posted on says the exact same thing:

    PCR again is not enabling comments, so you could read the PCR article and then come here to comment on it. I’ve sat through the hour long presentation, and the only thing in it that is not in the other article, which has links to supporting material, is Whitney Webb’s concern that the masters are planning to use advanced cybertech to turn everyone into robots (in the interview this is discussed after 30 minutes in), granted an important topic but maybe something that should have been saved for a separate video or interview.

  7. the dems won’t need to steal the Zionist Uniparty fake-“election”. All indications now are that

    1) Drumpf will not carry any state he did not carry in 2016, and

    2) will lose Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania. G’bye,

    Drumpf. And good riddance. As to meta-conspiracy, just

    don’t allow the to stick a Jew-flu vaccine into you,

    and you’ll be fine.

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