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HEY IRELAND! NBC News: IQ Rates Are Dropping in Many Developed Countries
"An intelligence crisis could undermine our problem-solving capacities and dim the prospects of the global economy. "People are getting dumber. That's not a ...
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  1. Between pages 160 and 170 of Patrick’s 1972 book, The Myth of The Middle Class, he states that the ”new” upper middle class of America, who became rich selling to the federal government during WW II, started making ‘political, social, and economic changes’ to our society to make sure that others could not reach their plateau as easily as they did…on page 171 he concluded, “having a bachelor’s degree in the year he wrote his book (1972) didn’t ensure “financial success and economic security” or financial security and economic success”.

    I don’t remember the exact pairing of the four words he used.

    Other factors influencing IQ, IMHO:

    In the 23rd or 24th of February, 2004, the co-founder of a small insignificant Mom and Pop outfit took out a full page ad in a national paper..He stated that he was sick and tired of his small outfit being called “Benedict Arnold”; in the upper right-hand quadrant were two graphs. one showed the 1990 customers of his co-creation mainly in America, while the graph to its right showed (almost inversely) most of his outfit’s customers being overseas; he said that his company has to place its offices where its customers were.

    He went no to say on this full page that the education system of America had abandoned the country: he stated that,

    “at 4th grade level, any American student can compete successfully against any student from around the world…however, by 6th grade, they were falling behind…and by 8th grade, they are too far behind to catch up..(paraphrased)”

    However, what he didn’t have the guts to say was that between 5th or 6th grade and 8th grade in America, girls are taught that wriggling their half-naked bodies in front of a crowd of people is more important than calculus, geography, or health sciences…and boys are taught that dribbling, throwing or knocking a pig skin around a field, diamond or in a gymnasium is more important than electronics, heavy equipment operation, or astronomy (name your own fields of expertise here).

    Get rid of NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND, COMMON CORE, and Internet education (which is lowering student’s IQ almost as bad as the two; and teach something besides ‘entertaining the masses’ and ‘providing cheap labor for Mon and Pop businesses” as all the colleges in Springfield, MO all do.

    Give them the ability to look at all sides of a problem and come up with a new solution to whatever problem is presented to him or her.

    Kimble et al, Education and the New America, 1962 (halfway through the book) says that the only thing taught in the American educational system is “how great the local community is” and School in Capitalist America, Bowles and Gentis (1976 or 1977) says that “the only thing taught by poor man’s colleges and vo-tech centers is ‘how to take orders’ and only middle-class colleges actually each students ‘how to think’.

    The Joint Chiefs of Staff recently came out with a warning about the ‘quality of education’ in our public school system recently; don’t they realize is that the RICH only want people to learn how to take order…from themselves?!

    Patrick later said in my first reference that surveys by the University of California and University of Wisconsin, in the early 1960s, showed that American educator took the money from the upper and middle class and ‘gutted’ America’s great school system.

    By the way, the small ”Mom and Pop company” calls itself Intel Corporation. but my friend from AMD (American Micro Devices) says that Intel is just a “Mom and Pop outfit”; would my friend from AMD lie to me about Intel being nothing more than a “Mom and Pop outfit” anymore than (George) W. Bush would lie to me about ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in Iraq?

    Ask Lori Loughlin or Felicity Huffman, et al, if either any of them thinks there is anything ”wrong” with the American educational; system?!

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