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2020: the Year We MUST Win - or Lose Everything!
A passionate plea for a renewed commitment to philosophy and freedom from Stefan Molyneux, Host of Freedomain - the largest and most popular philosophy ...
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  1. I used to listen to this clown. But he’s a reactionary weirdo. He blocked me on Twitter and banned me from his forum just in a reactionary way.

    This is the same IDIOT who really thought Donald the orange F-wit Trump was going to save anyone from anything. Must be because he lacked a dad and was raised by a mom with jewish stock.

    This piece of sh** is carrying water for Hong Kong muh freedom as well. You know ..the Hong Kong with:
    -constitutional govt
    -common law
    -no inheritence tax
    -single digit income tax
    -no dividend tax

    He sells some good ideas i guess. But his misses are inexcusable

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