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Alabama Senate Passes Bill Criminalizing Abortion, with No Exceptions for Rape & Incest
Alabama governor Kay Ivey has signed the US' strictest abortion law into effect, criminalizing the procedure even in cases of rape or incest and slapping ...
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  1. O no. Not this dumb issue again.

    Right and left are both too childish to understand it. Both are wrong.

    Making it illegal increases its incidence.

    Paying women to give birth reduces its incidence.

    Inarguable facts.

    I am reminded of the ID politics issue. In which right and left are also equally stupid.

    Be a racist, be an anti-racist, it matters not one iota, same dif, six o’ one, etc.

    All they want is you fighting. So keep up the good fight, true believers. And in the process kiss the ass of your owners, because that’s what you’re doing, racists and anti-racists all together in your perfect unity of stupidity.

  2. It will never stand. Know why? Because then where would the right and left find another so lucrative a wedge football issue? I promise you. It will never stand. So chill out. Either side.

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