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What Happened in Virginia?
Like my videos? Want access to classic videos? Support me at - Despite the hysteria from the media, the Richmond, Virginia ...
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  1. I have different ideas about this rally. This rally was the calm before the storm. Again, our problems are caused by cucked Western males but they are going to have to uncuck themselves pretty soon.

    I think the media were shocked at how quickly people rallied for gun rights. I saw the (((Daily Stormer’s))) pictures of some of the participants but these were very different from other pictures I have seen. On other websites, I saw people who were the original founding stock of the country protesting. These people were in good shape. I’ve also read that some of the santuary areas in Virginia want to break from Virginia and join West Virginia. This will cause Virginia to lose electoral votes. California, New York and Illinois are losing electoral votes this year because of their policies. It doesn’t matter what laws the Virginia legislature passes about gun control. These are unconstitutional. Trump is reshaping the judiciary. Of course, this is not en0ugh. Repatration and segregation are needed.

    As the blue states collapse, blacks, illegals, Asians, and Muslims will try to settle in red states. These groups cannot produce functioning economies because they are parasites, so they will need new hosts. It will be up to Western males to start repatriating and deporting these people. This will start to happen later this year and accelerate. Heritage Americans want these people out of America.

    One of the good things about this rally was it exposed more cucks and grifters. Richard Spencer is yesterday’s news. Jared Taylor and the other AmRen cucks were AWOL. VDare got everything wrong as usual.

    Cuckservative institutions are collapsing. The RCC is collapsing even faster than expected. Christian Zionist churches are losing members. Cucks can no longer use Cuckstianity or cuckservatisim as an excuse for universal brotherhood. The Orthodox Church with its racial/ethnic churches that will be the church of the West. Eastern Europe is fine because it is mostly Orthodox Christian. Japan is fine because they have the intelligence to see what is going on in the West and they have taken measures to safeguard their nation.

    The anti-abortion movement has caused the Establishment to worry. This is why blue states like Virginia, New York, Illinois and California legalized infanticide. Everyone is pretty sure that Roe v. Wade will be overturned.

    I’m still calling the election for Trump. Despite everything thing he’s been through, he has accomplished some things on immigration. It is the cucked, RINO GOP congress critters who are the problem. 2020 is Year Zero. The fun has started. It will be a blast after November 4, 2020.

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