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Trump Surrenders
Trump announces he will reopen the government with no money for the wall. Like my videos? Support me at -
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3 Comments to "Trump Surrenders"
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  1. Trump cucked to San Fran Gran Nan. Ann Coulter is ripping him new ones on Twitter. He’s now between rocky Pelosi and hardcore Coulter. His “deal making skills” will not get him out of the hole he dug for himself.

  2. KRITIK says:

    This seems pretty accurate. Apart from Ramzpaul I always listen to the “Fash the Nation” podcast. It’s well produced and the presenters seem like good guys. Their “American Nationalist” position has become more and more stretched as Trump casts his populist/nationalist policies to the wind. They have been scrabbling around to find positives for the Dissident Right in the Trump Administration’s retreats and betrayals. I’ll be fascinated to hear how they tie themselves up in knots on their Sunday broadcast justifying their support for a President who has been completely hollowed out by the Neo-Cons and now has absolutely nothing to offer, no power and no future. McFeels and Halberstram need drop this charade and turn their gaze elsewhere.

  3. ANON[246] • Disclaimer says:

    If the “Wall” is built it would lead to other positive measures to defeat the invasion on the southern border. If the Wall is not built and is substituted by some Democratic horse shit the white community which built the god damn country will be history and displaced by the new demographics.

    The wall is like money. Money can’t buy everything which is true and the Wall can’t stop all the invaders but even though money can’t buy everything it can still buy a hell of a lot. And the Wall even though it can’t stop the invasion alone it can still stop a lot of the invaders. SO, BUILD THE WALL!

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