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Toronto and Guilt
Like my vids? Support me at - The 'diverse' city of Toronto looks to have experienced some enrichment. (The details are still coming out, it could just be an...
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5 Comments to "Toronto and Guilt"
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  1. Svigor says:

    I think talking of the right of peoples to exist is largely a waste, because people have the right to forgo their rights, which implies that peoples do, too. I.e., that it’s okay for a people to choose suicide. I disagree. We should no more let nations commit suicide than we let deranged people commit suicide.

  2. conatus says:

    I would speculate a lot of factors play into Western suicide. The long withdrawing roar of faith, the severity of living a scientific life, no magic, but what starts it all is just boredom .
    Jonathan Haidt has some vids of him talking(just in passing) about how we are naturally a religious animal not a scientific animal. I would add is is this recent(last 300 years) lurch into an uncomfortable scientific world which asks us to live a Weltanschauung based on rational science rather than magical religion is what powers this Western suicidal impulse.
    There is that Chesterton line too about if you don’t believe in God you will believe in anything.
    I see it as Westerners are adrift without a religion and they latch onto the Social Justice Utopia as sold to them in college as their new panacea/religion. Check out Excellent Sheep by William Deresiewicz(also the Solomon Asch experiments on Conformity) for the process by which this selling occurs.

    They believe this ‘We are all one” new world will create a new Utopia here on earth and everything will be perfect. Magic.

    I would also add this: never underestimate boredom as a motivating factor in human self destruction. Western societies were well off, orderly and bored so they unconsciously threw away pragmatism for unattainable Utopia(Erewhon) but were unaware of how much their own boredom was powering their self righteousness.
    Doesn’t it happen to all successful cultures? Get rich. Get bored. Get lazy and hedonistic.

  3. So it wasn’t a Muslim, it was a white man who hated women. Your slur was wrong.

    • Replies: @BenKenobi
  4. BenKenobi says:
    @John Gilberts

    Armenians aren’t White. Spare me any permutations of the word “caucasoid” you’re about to use.

    We’ve already got enough ‘swarth’ in the pan White race. The wogs start at Turkey. Everyone else goes back.

    Especially you, Mr. One-Comment-History.

    • Replies: @Svigor
  5. Svigor says:

    I love how people whose feelings towards Whites range from indifferent to hostile think they get to tell pro-Whites who the Whites are; like it’s any fucking business of theirs?

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