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Theresa May's Graveyard Dance
Britain supports South Africa's land reform programme provided it is carried out legally. Like my videos? If so, support me at -
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  1. Dubya Bush did a stupid in Africa when he was president. These people are degenerates. At least we voted Trump in. The English cucks are doing nothing to save their country. The same goes with Germany. Merkel was re-elected as chancellor.

    Trump tweeted about the farmers in South Africa a couple of days ago and said he would look into possible moves against the South African government. We now have the results of this tweet that drove the MSM and cucks insane.

    The whites will still have to leave South Africa. The demographics are completely against them. But at least this will buy them time and they will get money for their move.

  2. Liza says:

    It’s pronounced apart-ate.

  3. Dan035 says:

    Just in case not everyone knows, apartheid is an Afrikaans word that translates directly to the English work “separateness”. (Afrikaans is the language of South African whites of mainly Dutch/French heritage, as well as the Malaysian/Dutch mixed-race people from the Cape Town area).

    The policy of apartheid was to create a “constellation of states” in the greater South Africa. I.e., a group of independent homelands populated, respectively, by the various tribes and ethnic groups living in the greater South Africa. For example, there was Transkei and Ciskei for the Xhosas, KwaZulu Natal for the Zulus, etc.

    The idea was that each group would be an independent nation state for all practical purposes, where self-determination was guaranteed.

    Apartheid was not designed to suppress and be nasty to blacks, as the MSM would have one believe. It was all about self-determination and the preservation of national identities and cultures. In particular, that of the whites, who obviously developed the policy.

    In practice it didn’t work well, mainly due to the overwhelming political and economic pressure from outside and within the country. And also for demographic and geographical reasons: the whites were severely outnumbered, even at the height of apartheid. And the white areas were spread throughout the whole of greater South Africa, rather than being a single, compact, more easily-managed territory.

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