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The Thai Cave Rescue
British divers help to save Thai boys stuck in a cave.
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  1. Liza says:

    A good video; I was actually waiting for someone to say all this. About the rescuers, I think there were some Asians there, too, though. But in any case it was probably all-white-invented technology that ended up saving the day.

  2. Mac says:

    You forgot (((Elon Musks))) sub also used in the movie. I liked the way the Thais handled the media, basically f off and mind your own business.

  3. Luek says:

    Nope! Mexico didn’t send any rescuers, nor black Africa, or Iran and not even Israel. Only white rescuers from traditionally white nations.
    Of course the same pattern can be seen in the current illegal alien onslaught from Latin America. These desperate undocumented migrants sneak and slide into the US a country mostly governed by white people. Mexico isn’t taking in any of these desperate migrants, or Argentina, or Bolivia, or beautiful Costa Rica, nor Chile, or Paraguay and Uruguay, nor Brazil, or Ecuador and not even post Castro Cuba. Only the sappy US gets the honor. Time for this to change since the US has an over riding duty to promote the best interests of its citizens and not be the rescue mission for Latin America. Time for other countries to step up to the plate rather than the US.

  4. Patricio says:

    Immigration should be limited to single females between the ages of 15-35.

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