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The Naughty New York Times Cartoon
Conservative commentators claim that a New York Times cartoon was offensive to a certain group. Like my videos? Support me at ...
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  1. Anon[351] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Actually, Trump is more like a blind dog.

  2. anon[579] • Disclaimer says:

    “One of the outstanding features of the Mueller report was its portrait of Donald Trump’s presidency, in which the orders and directives he gives are routinely ignored by his own White House staff and cabinet members. In some instances, his lack of follow-up or his later acceptance of a contrary suggestion may indicate that his previous orders were more like a Nixonian outburst. In many of the cited cases, especially those involving White House counsel Don McGahn, administration officials drag their feet until the president changes his mind, or simply ignore his orders.”
    National Review

    But his subordinates never refuse to oblige Israel and never ignore Trump on Isarel. The dog leads Trump with staff in tow where the dog wants them go .

  3. Once again, these problems can be traced back to the cucked Western male.

    I have to give Trump credit on allowing Israel to secure its borders. I’m glad he gave Jerusalem to Israel. I’ve been to Jerusalem and would not want Muslims to get part of the city for some Palestinian state. Bibi’s annexation of the Golan Heights was a no-brainer. I’m glad Assad is still in power, but he will not be able to attack Israel. He needs to make peace with Israel and start rebuilding Syria. Bibi’s next move will be in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria). I hope this happens. Bethlehem and Nazareth are in the West Bank. Under Muslim Palestianian rule, the Palestinian Christians have been attacked and driven out. When Bibi annexes the West Bank, the Christians will be able to go back to Bethlehem and Nazareth. Israel is defining its borders. Previous administrations did not do any of these things because there was always a fear of what the “Arab street” would do. The Arab street is doing nothing, at least in Israel. How about what’s going on in Western Europe? The cucks there aren’t doing anything to defend Europeans.

    I actually can’t criticize Israel right now. They are doing what we in the West should be doing.

    Meanwhile, Trump is not defining our southern border (although we do have a definite border). We are being invaded so we have a right to shoot any invaders. I’m not seeing any Gaza-like situations on our border. Why? Because of the cucked Western male, specifically that of the GOP variety.

    Here’s another interesting thing that happened. It’s not exactly related to the cartoon but it does involve Western male cuckery.

    The IRS recently recognized the Satanic Temple as a religious organization. What happens from now on will be fascinating. The Satanic Temple is comprised of degenerate Democrats. They gave a speech in Michigan: They claim to be atheists, but atheism is cuckery. There are three questions that every person must ask himself: Whence did I come? Why am I here? Where do I go when I die? Atheists are too cucked to deal with questions like these. Other questions like why are there poor and rich people, why is there war, why are some people not nice, are things most people want to discuss. With atheists, you cannot have these discussions because it will lead to questions about IQ and its relation to race. Why are there different races? Why are Caucasoids the smartest, followed by the Mongoloids and Negroids? Who actually created people and why do we see the differences in attractiveness of the races? The Satanist will run away in fear. They seem to want free sex. Fine, you can have that. They want abortions. There will always be states that provide abortion. They want gay marriage. No. Homosexual marriage is an oxymoron. Satanists are materialists so they follow nature. Biology shows that homosexuality is degenerate. They babble about free choice, but they would never allow someone like me to exercise her freedom of choice.

    Big picture, the cucks are not going to help us. We’ve seen very little action by the GOP on Silicon Valley censorship. We will prevail over the censorship, but it will be without GOP assistance. Deep down, the cucks want censorship because they can’t handle the debates. Here is a Catholic cuck who wants censorship:

    He babbles about not articulating unthinkables. Unthinkables will always be articulated in some form and we must be ready to deal with them. To him, it is unthinkable that a Western woman would not accept black/Asian priests-popes and publicly state this. To him it is unthinkable that beliefs cannot change biology. Cucks like these are very dangerous. Whether from the “right” or “left,” we must be aware of Catholic cucks and Satanic cucks. They are the enemy.

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