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The Narrative
How the elite and the media are shaping the narrative concerning Sri Lanka. Like my videos? Support me at -
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One Comment to "The Narrative"
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  1. I saw a youtube a couple of years ago that mentioned a government agency that gives the media their fake news talking points. Here is the original link: Broadcasting Board of Governors You will see that the new link is:

    I imagine most of the people working there are progressive, one-world government types, Democrats, socialists. It is no coincidence that Obummer, Hilligula and Jules Castor oil spout the same nonsense. But, again, as I constantly and consistently state — what is the Western male (who is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim) doing about this nonsense? We have the insane, anti-Semite Michael A. Hoffmann II giving a speech to black Muslims:

    Hoffman praises Calypso Louie. Calypso Louie recently claimed he is Jesus: Here is what Muslims believe about Mary:
    The insane, anti-Semite E. Michael Jones is always babbling about his trips to Iran and using logos to communicate with Muslims. These two Roman Catholic idiots think that forming an alliance with Muslims will deal with the Jewish problems. Ecce Western homo.

    Once again, let’s step back and look at the big picture. The number one problem in the world are Muslims. They must be deported from the West. China is exterminating its Muslims. Myanmar has dealt with its Muslim problem. India will be dealing with its Muslims next. Israel is securing its borders. The West Bank will be annexed and the Muslims will be kicked out. And, what are we doing in the West? Nothing.

    Sri Lanka’s Muslim population is slightly under 10%. It is a majority Buddhist country with Hindus being second in size. The rest are Christians and some animist believers. Less than 10% of the population is causing problems. They can be expelled.

    Notice how the Buddhists and Hindus had no problems with the Easter celebrations in Sri Lanka. This year Easter and Passover were in the same week. There were no Jews attacking Christians celebrating Easter in Israel. The Muslims who took credit for the attack said it was revenge for the Christchurch mosque attack (can’t believe I just typed these words). Why didn’t they attack New Zealand? Sri Lanka had nothing to with Christchurch and is not involved in the Middle East. I’ve seen the videos from the attacks. Innocent Christians in church, listening to their Easter Sunday sermon, dead in an instant. A Danish billionaire lost 3 of his 4 children. An American lost his only child.

    What can be done? Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain came up with a plan – the Reconquista. It worked. We need a Reconquista Plan for the West. We can come up with this plan.
    We can start sampling the plan on our southern border.

    However, we will first have to deal with the cucked Western male. This will be the tough part. Getting rid of the Muslims will be easy.

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