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The Gay Wonk Cries Out in Pain
as he advocates assaulting political opponents. Carlos Maza (aka Gay Wonk) gets his feelings hurt from something Steven Crowder said. YouTube responds by ...
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  1. I blame these problems on the cucked Western male who is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim/gay.

    Mr. Maza is Jewish. There are no liberal, conservative, American, European, Hispanic Jews. There are only Jews. Jews belong in Israel. This is why I support Israel. We have to get rid of dual citizenship. This will solve our Jewish problem.

    We have these problems because the cucked Western male cannot deal with reality. I know this sounds illogical because according to many things I read, males are more logical and realistic than females. I’ll give a couple of examples.

    E. Michael Jones just gave an interview wherein he refuses to deal with the reality of IQ: – start at the 20 min mark.

    Styx666 is good on internet freedom and the Second Amendment. However, his libertarian beliefs blind him to the reality of IQ and its relation to race. Here is is talking abou the Venezuelan refugees:

    He believes that these Venezuelans will fight against socialism in the USA. He is insane. He’s made several youtubes about Venezuela and believes that capitalism will solve its problems. No.

    I speak and read Spanish and German so I can follow their news in their languages. Latin American is hetereogenous. Some countries are majority white but most are majority black or Indian. I don’t have a problem with Caucasian Latin Americans coming to the USA. What the USA is accepting are the low IQ Indian/black groups. They are nothing but trouble and are looking for welfare handouts. Last year I met 2 white Venezuelan doctors who said they had left the country forever. They were studying for their medical boards. I had no problem with them because they will contribute to the USA. I have more in common with them than I do with black Americans who have been here since the 1700s. I have more in common with Lebanese and Syrian Christians than I do with “Chinese-Americans.” I have more in common with American Indians than East Indians. We can only accept people compatible with the West. Styx666 lives in Vermont, a state state which is over 95% white and its largest minority is composed of several American Indian tribes. He lives in a very nice state. I live in an area vibrating with diversity. Libertarians are so addled by their drugs and homo rights that they have no clue about reality.

    Brazil’s Bolosonaro can do nothing for Brazil. Southern Brazil is capitalistic, but that’s because most white Brazilians live in the south. Most blacks live in the north and that’s why there is no economic development. Most of Latin America is a shithole because of its people. The white elites are doing everything they can to send their wretched masses to the USA because this will allow them to enjoy their lives. Rich whites live very well in Latin America.

    I have contrasted two completely different men and yet they share the same insane belief – that IQ/race have nothing to do with the development of a country. One thinks the RCC raises IQ and is the way. The other believes capitalism is the way. No. Biology is first, beliefs second.

    We will win the war the against censorship.

  2. Ragno says:

    I wish there was a button I could push that would deliver a short but sharp electric shock every time yet another Internet brainiac began their ‘argument’ by claiming that some gentile they despise is Jewish (secretly or otherwise).

    They’re going to call us morons regardless. Could we please stop volunteering – just once? This way they can’t respond to real arguments by quoting your posts.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  3. @Ragno

    It does make a difference if they are Jewish and hiding it.

    (((Stefan Molyneux))) is Jewish but is now trying to say that he had a step-grandmother who was Jewish. He is a liar.

    (((Lauren Southern))) is Jewish but will not acknowledge this. She dates non-white males.

    (((Mike Cernovich))) said he was a Christian but he is Jewish and married to a Muslim Iranian woman.

    (((Milo Yiannpoulos))) is Jewish (his mother is Jewish) but was raised Roman Catholic. Right now he’s emphasizing his Catholic side, but when he’s done fleecing the gullible goyim, he will revert back to his Jewish side. He is “married” to a black guy.

    I’m not someone who believes just become someone says something degenerate they are Jewish. EMJ blames everything on the Jews. This is wrong. However, Jews are not Western and cannot have a say in Western affairs. This is important because cucks are always trying to include Jews as a Western group.

    Also, gentiles who say that Jews are the smartest tribe ever are another problem. Jared Taylor of AmRen is always babbling that Northeast Asians and Jews are smarter than whites. The are not and had nothing to do with the development of Western civilization. He is not Jewish, but he is controlled by Jews.

    Peter Brimelow at VDare is a semitophile and really believes that present day Jews are the chosen and the smartest tribe ever. He is a gentile who lets himself be led by Jews.

    The JQ has to be analyzed not just because of the Jews, but from gentiles who believe that Jews are the chosen and should be allowed in the West.

    Christian Zionists are a problem because they believe that Jews are the chosen.

    Gentile involvement with Jews, i.e., marriage, is another problem.

    If someone is incorrectly labelled Jewish, the person who stated this should correct this error.

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