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The Danger of Hysteria
A little longer video than normal than explores the dangers of acting in a hysterical manner. This includes everything from Twitter outrage mobs to the Prime ...
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  1. Liza says:

    Men are generally more rational, are they? Maybe you could explain to me what’s rational about dumping an older wife for someone many years younger (a babe unscarred by childbearing and the travails of family life), a woman who gave you a stable base in life and the appearance of normalcy so that you could go out in the world and make a big success of yourself. Because, up until recently, that was almost standard behavior for more than a few “men”.

    Now the shoe’s on the other foot and you men are being dumped.

    • Replies: @Luek
  2. Luek says:

    The Prime Minister of New Zealand wearing a silly hijab in sympathy with the Muslim asylum seekers who were killed is a misplaced apology. Muslims see the world as Muslim or non-Muslim or Infidels. Infidels are viewed by Muslims as one step lower than cockroaches. Not many realize this. So the infidel Prime Minister wearing a hijab in sympathy isn’t aware that the Muslims she is apologizing to would not even pee on her if her stupid hijab caught on fire. Maybe there are enough good New Zealanders who will turn her out in the next election and send the Muslim asylum seekers home.

  3. I’m going to look at the hysteria problem from a Western perspective. The flip-side of Western female hysteria is Western male cuckery.

    Where are the Western New Zealand Christian males? When the PM dodged the hijab,
    announced speech restrictions and started gun control, where were these males? My Aussie hero, Fraser Anning, who wrote a statement about the Muslim problem, has been censured. He is the only Western male I know of who spoke forcefully.

    Then there is Germany. Mad Merkel opened her borders to about 1 million black/Asian/Muslim
    hordes several years ago. She is still in power. What have the German males done to save their
    country? Sweden is another disaster. What are Swedish males doing to save their country?
    In France, the yellow vests keep protesting. However, their protests are accomplishing nothing
    because no one can state that it is black/Asians/Muslims/Jews who are causing their problems.
    This is the perfect opportunity for a real French male to take a stand and state what needs to be done. I have not seen a male come forward.

    In order to deal with Western female hysteria, we need to deal with Western male cuckery first.

  4. Luek says:

    Wives too often get complacent and turn into unbearable entitled bitches. Healthy men dump these predators when they can.

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