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The Comprehensive Strategy Dance
Support my videos at- The Neocons demand a "comprehensive strategy" which seems to include staying in Syria and fighting Iran.
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  1. Weaver1 says:

    My comprehensive strategy: Bring the troops home. B) And cut the military!

    We need to get the government to stay out of as much as possible while retaining a large middle class. The market needn’t be worshiped (no libertarian seances), but generally the government needs to exit out of our lives, exit out of foreign affairs.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  2. FKA Max says: • Website

    The “Comprehensive Strategy” talking point reminds me of “Gleichschaltung” .

    B) And cut the military!

    There is a problem with cutting the military, which Mr. Unz recently commented on:

    My impression is that nearly all of America’s volunteer servicemen are joining because they can’t find jobs after high school or can’t afford college or want an inside track to a well-paid government job.

    The U.S. military is basically the right-wing/Republican version of the social welfare state:

    Jennifer Mittelstadt is a political historian of the United States and an associate professor at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Her latest book is The Rise of the Military Welfare State (2015).

    Welfare’s last stand
    Long in retreat in the US, the welfare state found a haven in an unlikely place – the military, where it thrived for decades

    Over the past four decades in the United States, as the country has slashed its welfare state and employers gutted traditional job benefits, growing numbers of people, especially from the working class, grasped for a new safety net – the military. Everyone recognises that the US armed forces have become a global colossus. But few know that, along with bases and bombs, the US military constructed its own massive welfare state. In the waning decades of the 20th century, with US prosperity in decline, more than 10 million active‑duty personnel and their tens of millions of family members turned to the military for economic and social security.
    But Reagan did more than bankroll the military welfare state. He leveraged his support of military welfare to attack the civilian welfare state. The most obvious example concerned the revival and reinvention of the GI Bill. Though previously used as an education programme to reward veterans for service, Reagan brandished the new GI Bill as a weapon against higher-education assistance for civilians – the student loans and grants so many Americans had come to depend on. Reagan and his team cast these programmes as ‘benefits [given] to those who were not serving their country’, and thus undeserved. Reagan officials decried the shiftlessness of civilian college students as they cut aid to higher education. And they praised the sacrifice of young soldiers as they signed on to the new GI Bill.

    Reagan also protected the military welfare state by aligning it with the Christian right.
    Why should civilians care about the military welfare state? The conversion of more military benefits to fully free-market models will not bode well for most Americans. If even the troops, whose symbolic status in US politics as a sacrosanct class can have their benefits outsourced and privatised, what chance do social programmes protecting civilians have?

    RamzPaul did a video on the subject:

    This is a video response to Gavin’s video concerning welfare. Gavin claims welfare is bullshit. But much of work is really just welfare created by the government.

    RAMZPAUL: Work is bullsh*t.

  3. Agreeing with most of the points RZP makes, dissenting on just a few:

    1. It is far more important to Saudi interests that the US keep the swords unhilted with Iran, than it is to Israeli interests, and the funny thing is the Saudis don’t even pretend that this isn’t so
    2. I realize that for a lot of folks once that anti-Semitic virus strikes its ner-impossible to cure with antibiotics, chemo- or radiation therapy, but just so that we don’t get ourselves into trouble it at least pays to take a deep breath, force – brute-force – 10 minutes of cognitive, Devil’s Advocate counter-hypothesis and look at alternatives because what would happen if you acted out on the anti-Semitic hypothesis, struck, succeeded, and then found out after the fact … “oops! Wrong?! It wasn’t the Zionists, oh shoot!”
    3. With that in mind…
    4. The Saudis, and the non-Shia Gulf, in general, has, ehem, trillionaires … quite a few, they are good about not advertising it, but it’s fer-real … you think you know real money, no: that’s real money and they got it; you imagine the “banker” conspiracy … you might be right that it’s a conspiracy, at least in the sense that they are coordinated, and none of us are in their club, and they probably can get talking points out to elected officials who are in their pockets

    5. It is in the interest of the Saudis, and the other Gulf trillionaires, to both isolate Iran and get the price of petroleum back up
    6. All of this stuff … kinda does that
    7. And it helps fracking too … maybe check around local, among the gentile elite, and see whose got investments in fracking, and what they’ve Tweeted lately
    8. Oh, and all-in-all, kinda helps Russia too to have the tensions high, but not too high, seeing as they have a petroleum economy too and that probably matters more to their decision makers than any of the BS the Saker on over their spouts interminably

  4. @FKA Max

    Concerning the cited video: Amen, Amen, Amen.

    Readers, go straight to 1:15

    “..somewhere in some cube there’s some girl she’s sitting there and she’s doing a PowerPoint presentation on ‘how to better leverage synergy to create a winning environment at Northrup’ … and you don’t want to call her ‘being on welfare’, but she is: ON welfare.”


    This, is, true.

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