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The Caravan Reaches America
Like my videos? Support me at - After a difficult, month long journey from Central America to the US-Mexico border, dozens of asylum-seeking migrants are vowing...
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  1. George says:

    Capitalism, that’s another theory? Are there any capitalist Jews or Jewish capitalists? Maybe it is the capitalist, not the Jewish part. (How about militarists?)

  2. A very thoughtful and even-handed video discussion. I wish I could put it on my facebook page, but I would be ritually crucified by religious zealots of the mainstream religion (not Christianity or Islam, but blank slate idolatry).

  3. TG says:

    Cheap Labor Uber Alles

    If these refugees from the overpopulated third world were trying to trespass onto the walled estates or private preserves of the rich and powerful, they would be met with large unsmiling police and, if needed, brutally kept out. Anyone actually caught trespassing would be arrested, even if that included pregnant women and small children with big eyes.

    If the refugees at the border were to threaten the least profits of the rich, they would be machine gunned and nary a tear shed, believe it.

    There are few things more disgusting than a rich person (and their spokespeople) pushing for policies that will make them richer at the expense of making everyone else poorer, and then claiming the moral high ground. No such person should be allowed to make a moral argument for massive third-world immigration unless they themselves are willing to make the same sacrifice that they demand that less well-off American make.

    Essentially nobody pushing a moral case for open borders has the standing to do so. They should be branded as selfish hypocrites, period.

  4. Trump cucked on this caravan. They are “processing” these illegals. A commentator on another website said that the illegals at the wall should have been pushed back with a water hose. Trump made some statement that he will shut down the government in September if he doesn’t get the wall. He just signed that enormous budget bill in March. The theory was that he could do what he wanted with the money so he would fund the wall. This has not happened. The USA RCC bishops are filing lawsuits against the Muslim ban. It is time for Kris Kobach-Steve King 2020. Bibi came out with his Iran nuke bomb nonsense so Trump will again intervene militarily in the Middle East. With John Bolton back, there will be another war. I give him credit for ending the Korea crisis and he has done what was needed to get the economy going. Fine, now it’s time for the wall. Jeff Sessions is another cuck who has done nothing. He has a daughter married to a Korean and Korean kids so Sessions flaunts them to show he’s not a racist. I read some article where Sessions is supposedly going to start handing out indictments for all stuff Comey, McCabe, etc. pulled on Trump. They done have nothing to the government officials in California who are complete defiance of federal laws regarding immigration. Also, the cucks are excited over Kanye West. The negrophiliac Rush Limbaugh was blabbing about Kanye quoting the black Thomas Sowell. He, Glen Beck, Ann Coulter will do anything for the negro. The evil Zioevangizers are preaching the end is near. The new Saudi ruler Prince bin Salman is now believed to be the anti-Christ. Complete madness!!! We were fortunate to get Trump, but it is time to look for the next GOP leader.

    RamZ, you are correct about IQ/race. The West is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim. These people do not belong in the West.

  5. Even if you believe all races are the same, there is still the matter of popular opinion to take into account. According to liberals, we are supposed to live in a democracy where the wishes of the majority are taken into account. Opinion polls consistently show most people in western countries want less immigration, yet liberal elites are bringing in more people anyway. And bringing in more immigrants from various parts of the world won’t necessarily change popular views on immigration. Britain now contains a pretty high percentage of non-whites, yet the majority of the population is still in favour of reducing immigration.

    Hence, we have a clash between liberalism and democracy, and liberals are favouring their own ideology over democracy. The moral issue here then, is what is more important, promoting liberal values or protecting democracy?

  6. Pat Boyle says:

    I think you are missing the big picture. I won’t live to see it but in a few years most Americans will look at the footage of those people sitting on top of the tall fence and see them as invaders. They will be struck with what good targets thy make. Easy to shoot.

    I remember my first year in college we had a student who had come to America as a refugee from the Hungarian Revolution. But these refugees are in no way similar. In a few years if there were Hungarians were on top of the fence we would shoot them too. Race isn’t the issue. Population is.

    In 1950 I learned in school that there were 2.5 billion people on earth. That was a new thing. There had never been that many before. But today the number has tripled. There are 7.5 billion people now. When there were 2.5B people we had produced Einstein, Mozart, and George Washington. So that means there were enough people to create civilization, culture and wealth and assure the continuance of the species. What have we gained by adding another five billion?

    All the projections show that Africa’s population is exploding. Those people will be sitting on some other wall somewhere clamoring to get in. The border guards will have all watched “Soylent Green”. They will shoot those who dumb enough to form silhouettes against the sky.

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