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The Caravan - Extremely Dangerous to Our Democracy
The mainstream media claims that Russian citizens positing memes on social media is "extremely dangerous to our democracy." But what about the people who ...
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  1. ariadna says:

    Great suggestion but don’t ask me to hold my breath.
    Refusing to pretend that the Israelis are a nation that has nothing to with Americans that “happen to be Jews”, the very concept of global “organized jewry,” is the sin of all sins, the …. I can’t say it, it’s the worst of the nomina odiosa, I can’t write it, it’s too scary.
    Wait, I’ll steady my hand and try again… there it goes: a n t i — s e m i t i s m.

  2. And who are the groups behind the Jews? The Zioevangizers and Roman Catholic Church. If we want to make Israel toe the line, we need to deal with the above groups. The RCC is the biggest human-trafficking institution on the planet. They are working with Soros in Europe to import Muslims/blacks/Asians and they are big amnesty supporters in the USA. There is a huge homosexual priest scandal going on in the RCC right now. The Chicago cardinal Blaise Cupich set up a seminary – Casa Jesus – and would import gay priests from Latin America. Pure degeneracy and madness.

    The Zioevangizer churches need to be collapsed and their stupid theology about modern day Jews being the chosen is wrong. I do support Israel because all Jews need to move there. But until we crack down on the RCC and Zioevangizers, we will not solve our problems.

    However, Trump is the one who is ultimately responsible for what happens on our border. If he does not act like a commander-in-chief should, these invasions will continue throughout his presidency.

  3. When one is a teen living with parents one learns that to have access to a car or other rights usully requires some level of compliance to ones parents. To openly declare I’m going to take the car and go out drinking would not result in favorable reacation, the opposite.

    Bizzarely, now for the second time this year a large caravan of invaders is coming to the US. At the same time the US has a President who would appear to be not receptive to such an invasion. It is as if despite trump and because of trump we are going to hit you in your face with an onslaught. The teen grabbing the parents car keys and driving away and doing the same the next week. It defies logic. What is going on?

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