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The 22 Convention (The Art of the Grift)
Mansplaining convention coming to Orlando promises to 'Make Women Great Again'. How many women will be marks? What is the angle? Like my videos?
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  1. These are “alt-right” grifters.

    The sophist Jew (((Molyneux))) is one of the biggest grifters. His philosophy shtick has been exposed. He knows nothing about philosophy. He’s a Jew who believes that Northeast Asians and Jews are smarter than whites. He’s wrong. Western civilization was built by people who were not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim. He tries to pass himself off as a Christian. Here’s a youtube where he babbled about what he thinks Christmas is about. Please read my comment.

    (((Mike Cernovich))) is married to an Iranian Muslima. They are not Western. Here is what (((Cernovich))) tweeted about Islam and the West:

    I looked at the program online. It’s a multi-culti group of males. A mulatto with a white wife and quadroon offspring will be a speaker. The Western males are cucks. Nothing these males will babble about is of any importance.

    Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin are not conservative women. Ann Coulter only cares about groids. Malkin is Asian and married to a Jew. She is not a Western woman.

    We need to start Western, Christian nationalist parties. Expelling Muslims, Jews, Asians and giving blacks their own state will deal with the demographic problems we are having.

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