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Sweden's Vote
After a campaign dominated by debates over immigration, 17.6 per cent of the electorate opted for anti-immigrant party the Sweden Democrats, up from 12.9 per ...
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2 Comments to "Sweden's Vote"
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  1. Sorry Ramz, the West is best. The West is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim. If you are in one of these categories, you must go back to your homelands or be segregated.

    Jews are a racially mixed group so when they talk about “white supremacy” they are only talking about Caucasian Christians. They have Israel. Great. If they believe they are “superior,” (they are not and did not contribute anything to the creation and development of the West), fine. They can do their self-worship in Israel. Blacks/Asians/Muslims must also worship themselves in their countries or territories.

    I am a Western nationalist. When stated like this, it makes it easier to delineate who belongs and who does not.

  2. Anonymous[226] • Disclaimer says:

    The white world which makes up approximately only 10% of the earth’s population is really in some deep do. A situation mostly of its own making unfortunately. More whites are beginning to see this but of course will not admit it as that would be RACIST. It would be really swell if the situation could be remedied by simply electing it away or just signing a law correcting the problem. This racial situation has grown too big for simple and naïve solutions. Just ask the white minority in South Africa about the laws protecting them and assuring them of their right to a future and a future for their children.

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