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Styxhexenhammer666 and Cassandra Fairbanks
It is the hottest time of the year, so we are proud to have a couple of the hottest social media personalities on this week's Happy Homelands.
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  1. RamZ, Styx, you guys have to give up on Ron and Rand Paul. These 2 idiots are nothing but trouble. Ron Paul does not believe in the state of Israel. He wants the land returned to the Arabs. He doesn’t say where the Jews would go. I support Israel because that is where all Jews belong. There should be no Jews in the West, and if there are some, they cannot have citizenship or voting rights. Rand Paul is a total cuck. He wore a tee shirt that said he is a Detroit Republican. What an idiotic oxymoronic thing. He is a coward. He ran away from some illegals a couple of years ago. Steve King stayed and dealt with them.

    Cassandra stated she is now a practicing Catholic. If she accepts black/Asian priests-popes, this is a big problem. Cuck pope Frannie is behind the black/Muslim/Asian of Western Europe. I was a cradle Catholic who left the RCC because I don’t acceptl black/Asian priests-popes. I am still a Christian, unaffiliated with any church right now.

  2. @attilathehen

    Ron Paul does not believe in the state of Israel

    Sounds more like logic derived from historical literacy, rather than idiocy. That Rothschild terror state is not the same Biblical land of Israel.

    He wants the land returned to the Arabs.

    And the problem with returning things to the people they were stolen from is….?

    He doesn’t say where the Jews would go.

    How about Madagascar? I think I’ve heard that suggestion floated somewhere before. Although maybe some further isolated island or an altogether artificial island prison somewhere would be better at this point.


    I support Israel because that is where all Jews belong.

    According to….. The Jews who invaded with the British military under the Balfour Decalration and initiated 70 years of flagrant war crimes, genocide, displacement, and warmongering with other nations in the ME?
    Have you considered that calling it ‘Israel’ was really just a ploy to win the support of the mentally feeble? That it really has nothing at all to do with the long defunct Israel from ages past?

    There should be no Jews in the West, and if there are some, they cannot have citizenship or voting rights.

    Well at least we agree on something. Though I’d happily settle for amending the Constitution to make persecution of whites and advocating for or working towards the tribal interests of any other demographic a severely punishable crime. I really have no desire to see the Ron Unzes of the world persecuted when they already do so much more for my civilization’s preservation than I do. And unlike Africans they actually CAN assimilate flawlessly, both visually and behaviorally, if they manage to abandon their Jewish tribalism.

    Rand Paul is a total cuck.

    As opposed to your borderline Zionist cheer leading here? He’s no Adolf, but at least he stands with Trump and defends him in the media even when most of the actual cuckservatives don’t. Credit where credits due.

    He wore a tee shirt that said he is a Detroit Republican.

    Are you suggesting Republicans don’t exist in areas they don’t control politically?

    He is a coward. He ran away from some illegals a couple of years ago.

    Considering how much damage he took just from being tackled on the lawn by his neighbor, it was probably prudent thinking to avoid a pack of illegals. They probably weren’t trying to run him down for his autograph.

    Steve King stayed and dealt with them.

    And what did that accomplish, big picture? Nothing, right? That’s because you can’t reason with soldiers of demographic replacement. They know what they are, you should too. The only message they will ever understand is one delivered with force.

    Cassandra stated she is now a practicing Catholic.

    Hmm, well, that’s a choice. Not one I’d make but I don’t really know anything about her. Though at a cursory glance she seems the type to flip flop in her beliefs pretty easily. That’s pretty normal for women. Inherently empathetic creatures are easy to manipulate emotionally and they tend to favor the perceived underdog. It’s why they didn’t have and indeed shouldn’t be granted full agency in society. “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities” n all that.

    If she accepts black/Asian priests-popes, this is a big problem.

    Given that she was a Bernie supporter just 2 years ago, I’d say it’s a fairly safe bet that she does.

    Cuck pope Frannie is behind the black/Muslim/Asian of Western Europe.

    Well, he’s certainly complicit at least.

    I was a cradle Catholic who left the RCC because I don’t acceptl black/Asian priests-popes.

    Well, I suppose it’s a good thing you’re not anymore because the Reprobate Catholic Church hierarchy appears to be rotten from the ground up these days. As an institution I doubt it’s long for the world. At least in it’s current incarnation, without a serious fire and brimstone revival. All that’s really left for them at this point is to go redecorate by flipping all their crosses upside down to better reflect their current set of values.

    I am still a Christian, unaffiliated with any church right now.

    Being unaffiliated with any church is the real Christianity. Organized religion is something else. Go to church for community not God.

    With the exception of some pseudo-Judeo-Christian values you espouse, you seem to be pretty on the ball. But you might want to consider that stance on Israel. It’s not JUST a Jewish holy site and they lost that land for a good reason. It’s far too late for peaceful coexistence in the ME (if peaceful coexistence with a nation full of Jews who think gentiles exist to serve them is even possible to begin with). Anything even vaguely resembling regional peace will be predicated on the utter annihilation of either the Jews, or the Muslims they’ve spent the last 70 years mercilessly robbing and slaughtering. And that genocidal end result is effectively what Israel’s Oded Yinon Plan is already trying to achieve out there, using mostly gentile blood and treasure at that.

    So, relocating Jews is equal parts righteous and humane, really. Much better to transplant the more subversive population to somewhere isolated where they can be monitored to prevent them from engaging in their usual hobby of persecuting gentiles and otherwise left alone.

  3. “…you seem to be pretty on the ball. But you might want to consider that stance on Israel.” Thanks. As to Israel, no the “Jews” are staying where they are and Jews in the West will have to go there. I deal with the Muslims from two perspectives: first, Islam is a Christian heresy and churches need to start stating this. The pre-Vatican II RCC would state this. Cuck pope Frannie will not do this. For the past couple of years, at the Holy Thursday masses when it comes time to wash the feet of the disciples, Frannie has been smooching the stinky feet of blacks/Asians/Muslims. Put a fork in the RCC, it’s done. So, the “one true church” cannot make a statement about Islam. The second way I look at Muslims is biologically. I actually believe in biology first, beliefs second. Most Muslims are blacks/Asians. Asians are a second tier race, blacks are last. Most Muslims in the Middle East have an average IQ of 84 and about 90% have black ancestry. This biological degeneracy has to be dealt with first by the West stating to the “Muslims” that Israel is a reality and they will have to accept it. BTW, I don’t believe modern day Jews are the chosen. They are a miscegenated mixture who are propped up by the Zioevangizers. This support is because of the stupid Rapture theory the Zioevangizers preach. However, if some people want to be Jewish, fine, they can be Jewish in Israel. Also, I do want the Lebanese and Syrian Christians to have their own states. This is another issue that can be worked on.

    I am not happy that Orange Mister Softee has not starting building the fence. Trump at least changed the trajectory of everything. I’m looking at Kris Kobach and Steve King as future 2020 candidates. Steve King works hard to stop stupid amnesty ideas in Congress. Rand Paul wants legal status for 11 million illegals. Look at the people in the youtube. They would not have attacked him. They didn’t attack Steve King. Rand Paul is a wussy. Paul was attacked by a liberal neighbor with whom he had problems. He should have been smarter about this neighbor. Our problems in the West are caused by the Caucasian RCC/Zioevangizer males i.e., the GOP males. Once we deal with these cucks, we can do even more.

    Moving the “Jews” to Madacasgar? How would you do this and with what army? Average Israeli Jewish IQ is 93. They have an almost 10 point advantage over Muslims and will be able to deal with the Muslims. “Muslims” need to be told the truth about who and what they are. Right now there is stupid talk about attacking Iran. No. The average Iranian IQ is 84. All that needs to be done is for the regime to be collapsed. Except for the Arab Christians and the Israeli Jews, the Middle East is a genetic wasteland. We need to establish boundaries for Israel, help the Middle East Christians get their state and work on repatriating/segregating blacks/Asians/Muslims/Jews in the West.

    I’ve been to Israel. I went for Christmas celebrations and had a very nice time. As long as Christian sites are protected, we can work out solutions. But, again, first we must deal with the Caucasian RCC/Zioevangizer males.

  4. Weaver1 says:

    Supposedly “most” Jews in Israel today were there prior to the state’s creation. The truth of the matter, I couldn’t say. But the argument, the claim, is that “most” Jews predate at least the state’s founding.

    It’s noteworthy how the White Helmets are being resettled in Britain, Germany and Canada: The price of US/Western meddling in the MidEast.

    Rand Paul would greatly improve things. The US has very high annual legal immigration currently. It’s more a debate over what’s possible.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  5. @Weaver1

    There were Jews in Palestine. These were the Sephardic Jews. Then during and after WWII the Ashkenazi Jews moved to Palestine and created Israel. Again, fine, they have their state and Jews must move there and not have rights in the West.

    Yes, I saw this about the White Helmets. Again, blame the West for these problems. Trump has helped in the Middle East though.

    Rand Paul is p**sy who would totally cuck on everything. The reason some people have this bizarre fixation is because of Ron Paul’s stance on drugs. These people are libertarians. They babble about how legalizing drugs will solve many problems and that if people have more freedom they can make wise decisions. What a crock of feces. Most libertarians are sex/drug degenerates. They will not deal with the IQ issue and its relation to race differences. They go on about gay rights, but if people were truly free we would openly discuss the degeneracy of homos. Very few people want to be around them, so according to libertarian beliefs we could bar them from our communities. If we were truly free we would be able to talk openly about the inferiority of the Asian/black races and why they cannot be around higher IQ Caucasians. This will not happen because most libertarians are cucks. This libertarian nonsense is just a way to get people not to make judgments about anything.

    • Replies: @Weaver1
  6. I do get tired of your characterization of the media, FB or whatever as left. They are not left they are neoliberal…huge difference

  7. Weaver1 says:

    I don’t care about drugs currently, because I’m focused on the long term. In the ideal, I want drugs banned. I’d even be open to a ban on alcohol except that it’s been part of European culture for so long. I’ve never had trouble with alcohol, but it does appear harmful to some.

    Drugs covered, I like Rand Paul, because he’d audit the Federal Reserve (hopefully end it), break up the surveillance/police state, bring troops home, veto excessive defence spending bills, break up global trade, pick good judges, and hopefully change the system in other ways.

    It’s Congress that needs to be strong on immigration.

    Maybe once this economic bubble bursts, more Americans will want to reduce immigration, due to high unemployment and low wages. But I’m amazed at how stupid American voters are that many don’t believe immigration/guestworkers/ill aliens lower wages.

    But could Rand Paul even get elected? That’s the question. Many voters like their social security, might fear a cut. He would need to go a bit populist, like Trump, talk about higher wages, greater equality arising from a better market system.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  8. @Weaver1

    Big picture, Rand Paul is a wussy. He runs away. He does not think of the long term.

    Trump is picking good judges, bringing the troops home, breaking up global trade, wages are up. Trump is your Rand Paul candidate. You’re just another one of those nutcases who for some bizarre reason, worship the Pauls. The son is a chip of the old block – both cucks.

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