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Soph - the Red Pill Teen
An article attacking Soph was published in Buzzfeed today. Soph is a 14 year old girl who makes politically incorrect comedies on YouTube. Below is a sample ...
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  1. Just when I thought the cucked Western male (who is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim) could not get any cuckier, he does.

    I just recently heard about Soph and watched a couple of youtubes. She is bright and precocious. I was like this when I was 14. However, what she says is fed to her by a cucked male – her father. Also, her dropping the f-bomb at 14 is not acceptable. Is she learning foreign languages? What is she studying? Her rantings are much too sophisticated for her age. She is reading from a script. Yes, I swore at 14, but never around adults. And adults did not swear around me. There were standards.

    I listened to the interview she did with Dankula. I know about Dankula’s problems, but this guy is trash. I was shocked as he dropped f-bombs in front of Soph. Dankula is in his 30s, much older than Soph. That a man his age should be speak to a child like this is beyond the pale. Again, I blame her cucked father, who I know was feeding her answers as she questioned Dankula. I remember when I was 14, I was always scared when I overheard older men swearing. This meant there was going to be some trouble. I knew it didn’t involve me, but it scared me. I never had to deal with whatever happened, but it made me aware of the huge chasm between a 14 year and men in their 30s.

    Soph talked about British politics with Dankula. No American 14 year old has this kind of knowledge about the politics of a foreign country. She asked Dankula about God. She is too young to deal with the God question. The God question lasts a lifetime. Dankula gave a standard, cucked atheist type response. He also babbled about anti-racisim. Soph also talked about her future and how it might be compromised because of her youtubes. There are laws stating that what a child does before the age of 17 is always private and off-limits. Unfortunately, her cucked father has exposed her to many problems in her future.

    I can relate to her because I was precocious, I had many opinions and beliefs, but I was still only 14 and needed to mature. As I was told, when you turn 18, you can do what you want, but until then, you have to follow some rules because I was still young and had not experienced life’s trials and tribulations. I accepted this and made sure I studied and started working to save money to be on my own. Very good advice. So far, my life has been very good.

    Soph mentioned a Talia Levin who wanted to doxx her father. Levin is wrong about doxxing, but she is correct in noticing that Soph’s father is a problem. I do agree that the boy Desmond should not be dancing in front homosexuals. What have the cucks down about this? I haven’t heard any GOP cuck take-up this issue in the Congress. The Catholic Church has been taken over by homos. Evil pope Frannie just released a document stating that the bishops will police themselves when it comes to dealing with the homo crisis in the Church. This means nothing will get done. Catholic cucks are not doing anything about this.

    Bernstein doesn’t like what Soph says, but why doesn’t an adult Western male state what she states?

    Soph’s large following is most likely composed of pervert cucks who get their jollies from hearing a 14 year old girl drop f-bombs. Her following is large enough to start a Western, American nationalist party. She is not the future. She is too young. What we have to deal with is the present. Let’s see what the cucked Western male will do.

    • Replies: @gruff
  2. @attilathehen

    You are shocked a 14 year old uses the ‘f” word while presumably OK with the perversions kids are being taught in school? I think you maybe a Tribal troll.
    We information-starved boomers could/can be sold anything – war, race replacement – anything.
    Go for it, Gen Z, you have nothing to lose!

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  3. @gruff

    So typeth a perfect example of a cucked Western male as he fights evil “boomers” from a keyboard in his basement.

    I doubt you live in an area vibrating with diversity as I do. I doubt you have any intellectual arguments against Jews, Muslims blacks, Asians. I have no doubt you will always blame Joooooz.

    Boomer? Defending a young girl is indicative of an age group? All you’ve done is show what you really like to look at on the internet. You will fight to the death for your kiddie porn.

    gruff? Change your name to Whimper.

    • Replies: @gruff
  4. @Adolf Honkler

    Adolph, you are a functional illiterate. I stated in paragraph 2 that I used the f-bomb, but not around adults. This is why you fell for the race replacement and wars.

    I am not okay with kids being taught perversion in schools. Even though I am a post-Vatican II cradle Catholic, my parents were able to find traditional Catholic schools that had standards. Have you ever heard about standards? Swearing was forbidden, so we teens just swore amongst ourselves.

    Today, kids are being taught perversions because of their cucked parents. I believe in biology first, then beliefs. I believe in IQ and its relation to race. Morality is based on biology. I do not need religion to argue against gay marriage, polygamy, most divorce and most abortion. I use natural law and biology. This causes a problem because it becomes noticeable that blacks/Asians do not have the intelligence or ability to create well-run, low-crime functioning, moral states, countries. We cannot teach about these things in schools because of Christianity and its universalism stop this. This is the problem. I do believe in God and Christianity is the best religion, but blacks/Asians must have their own churches.

    I live close to a small public middle school. The students are mostly white and I am impressed that when I see them around them they are polite and I rarely hear them swearing.

    You’re another voyeur, like gruff.

  5. PeterMX says:

    “no, there’s a reason and we’re seeing the reason right now”. Love it. It would be so joyful to see “Bernstein” and others like him have a backlash against them and have their personal lives and careers ruined like they do to others.

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