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Soph and Happy Homelands
Some thoughts concerning Soph's appearance on Happy Homelands. Her interview can be found here. Like my videos? Support ...
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  1. Yes, anyone less than 18 years old cannot be allowed to express political views so publicly.

    Here’s the bigger problem – the cucked Western male. I will link to an article written by the cucks at the Takimag website. They hail Soph as a genius, particularly because of her youtube about Islam. And they slam the Jooooo Bernstein. Bernstein was wrong to dox Soph, but Talia Levin was right in saying that her parents should be held accountable for Soph. Parents are responsible for their children until the children turn 18. Soph is not qualified to talk about Islam. When I was her age, and in a Catholic school, the nuns were teaching us about the different religious beliefs around the world and how they were all false, except for Roman Catholicism. A person needs a theological background to refute the claims of false religions. Soph has none of this. Also, there are adult Christians who should be saying what Soph is saying. Mr. Taki at Takimag is a fanboy of the Catholic Conservative Party member of parliament Jacob Rees-Mogg. Here is what this devout Catholic cuck stated about Islam:
    “Anti-Islamic comments have no place in society.” That a devout Catholic would say something this staggeringly stupid and cowardly shows the crisis we face with the cucked Western male. Any traditional Christian, regardless of denomination, has to be opposed to Islam because Muslims reject Jesus as the Savior and the only way of salvation. By stating that Muslims are theologically wrong about what they believe about Jesus, well, this is an anti-Islamic statement. Tough.

    Yes, people can change. San Fran Gran Nan Pelosi is the perfect example of a woman who has completely degenerated. First, I want to divide Americans into 2 groups: those born in 1945 and before, and those born in 1946 and after. I keep seeing labels like Boomer, Gen XYZ, Millenials thrown around. Forget about those labels. It has now been shown that Americans born from 1946 and after have been subjected to psychological warfare, mind control – you’ve seen the youtubes going around the Internet. E. Michael Jones always says that he was a guinea pig in a social experiment. He was born in 1948.

    Nancy Pelosi was born in 1940. She was born in an America that was 90% white. She was born and raised in the traditional Latin Roman Catholic Church. She married, had five children, has many grandchildren, and has a stable, happy marriage. Yet, what she believes today is so opposite of what the pre-Vatican II RCC taught her, it would be fascinating to hear her tell how she arrived at her present day beliefs. She says to goes to Mass. Fine. But she believes in gay marriage, infanticide, open borders, removing Confederate statues, etc. If it’s a nutty left-wing idea, she’s for it. She also remembers a Democratic party that never believed in such nonsense.

    These are the things that need to be discussed.

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