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So You Want to Move to Hungary?
Like my vids? Support me at - An informal review of the process to become an American expat. Disclaimer - This is NOT legal ...
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  1. Germans follow strict rules? Not when it comes to black/Asian/Muslim illegal invaders.

  2. Weaver1 says:

    Excellent video, ty.

    If persecution against whites increases, this sort of info will become important.

    I’d love to see more in depth guides on how people make their money, other than the usual “work for single employer” strategy.

    The lead developer (or former developer) of the Monero cryptocurrency is a South African white:

    I just find it incredible how a South African white could be so successful.

  3. Cornell says:

    I came here expecting to see RP commentary on the Tommy Robinson situation not a lecture on being an American expat in Hungry.

  4. I know Hungary is smarter about asylum seekers but if you got there as an American, couldn’t as a another method, could one seek asylum? Either make something up the way central Americans do here or use fear of antifa as your application. Next up collect benefits. Maybe pick germany as your asylum gambit, get your money and just stay in Hungary??

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