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Should You Pay Reparations?
The question of reparations for black Americans was the subject of a fiery and emotional House Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday. Like my videos?
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  1. There won’t be any reparations to anyone. This is just more nonsense from the Democratic Party, which is comprised of non-whites, homosexuals, non-Christians and Jews. As usual, the cuck RINO GOP members were MIA.

    2020 is Year Zero. Western institutions are collapsing at a rapid rate – a very good thing. Diversity is destroying them. Western institutions can only be for Westerners – who are not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim. There will be a de facto separation of blacks to their own area, and illegal and legal immigrants will go back to their countries.

    Here is a youtube by the RCC cuck Nick Fuentes – At the 26 minute mark he starts babbling about women and gays. Gays cannot be in any movement to save the West. At the 28 minute mark, Fuentes starts babbling about naming female political philosophers in the past million years. He says the only political philosopher are feminists. What this cuck doesn’t understand is that Western male religious/ political beliefs of the past 2000 years are causing our present day problems.

    The Roman Catholic Church declares itself to be a universal church which must accept everyone. That’s a problem. I left the RCC because I don’t accept black/Asian priests-popes and will not OSCULUM INFAME them. Fuentes is a Catholic so he will have to accept black/Asian priests-popes. If blacks/Asians want to be Christian, they must have their own churches and countries.

    The Freemasons believe in universal brotherhood and are also behind the mass non-white migrations taking place in the West.

    These universal church and brotherhood beliefs are illogical and incompatible with biological realities, i.e., IQ/race and the biological composition of the West.

    I’m a woman presently working on a new biological, religious, political philosophy that can deal with reality. Will the cucked Western male be able to deal with it?

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