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Should Immigration Policy be Based on Tears?
The Left is using emotional propaganda to manipulate women into supporting open borders.
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  1. Paddy! says:

    The sunflowers and jazz riff doesn’t fit the character of the RP show! He needs heavy metal thunder and fire breathing dragons! We need to overload a train with illegals and ship them back from whence they came!

  2. Don’t blame women. Trump signed an executive order about these families. He has totally cucked. He listened to his female HHS head. He said he will advise more later. Kris Kobach-Steve King 2020.

  3. We live in a Matriarchy. Next we will let every negro felon free from prison so his umpteen wailing sprogs won’t cry. Crying HURTS!

    Trump has women holding his sack for him and we suffer. It’s the same across Europe, Canada, anywhere women are in charge. There isn’t one female run government that isn’t self-destructing not just their nation, but their own genome.

  4. Emotions indeed. Craft images with the right slogan and it’s fish on the hook. Perhaps highlight should muslim men be alowed a 3rd and a 4th wife in the U.S. or Europe. Skip the aspect of 2nd go to the higher numbers for the right effect. Should blacks be allowed white slaves as payback? Should the property of elderly whites be confiscated to give to blm This should pull the equation back into some balance. Fear not it won’t give poc ideas they won’t have any way.

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