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Self Improvement Is Masturbation
Thoughts on Alex Trebec and the suicide rate of White men. Like my videos? Support me at -
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  1. Lliza says:

    Self-improvement. Alan Watts said that trying to improve yourself was like trying to raise yourself in the air by tugging at your own bootstraps. I guess this is what you mean?

    However, it is really not right to criticize people who want to maybe eat right and move around a little – that is not some neurotic idea about “self improvement”. Sitting in a stupid cubicle in front of a screen all day, sucking coffee to stay awake, will get anyone depressed even if they do have some larger sense of purpose. We are biological beings before anything else (out of the dust of the earth, etc.) and have to take care of our bodies. Perhaps improved brain function will result and lead us to find a purpose such as you describe. You aren’t going to be led to what you truly need for a meaningful life by being a slug living on junk day in and day out. Heck, if you work at the physical aspect of your life, doing meaningful physical labor as well as eating good food, why, you may even get goodlooking and fit enough to attract a suitable mate who you want to make kids with, and then you’ll have a purpose all right – a desire to fix your homeland for those offspring.

    About Alex Trebek, he is 78, and I thought he was a smart man (over & above his IQ type intelligence) – but then we hear his almost pugnacious determination to “beat” and “fight” his cancer (always those military/warlike images – have you noticed this?). I hope that he does some serious self reflection; that will cure him faster than the usual nasty cancer treatments.

    Well, I guess y’all now understand how the Indians felt when they got defeated by the Europeans and lost what they considered to be their lands. And why their purpose is now no greater than owning or working in casinos and/or getting drunk.

  2. Liza says:

    Yes, I get it – a fixation on physical health & beauty to the point of caring about nothing else but living longer is futile. But you are throwing out the baby with the bathwater, Ramz: having a purpose in life isn’t opposed to taking care of one’s health. You can experience both. Indeed, if you wish to be involved in a most difficult crusade, it is all the better for you that your health is looked after, to prevent burnout. If you are unwell, you’re no good to anyone.

    Dominique Venner certainly had a deep purpose, but he killed himself anyway. From wikipedia:

    According to the rector of Notre Dame de Paris, Venner left behind a letter for investigators. It was subsequently reported that Venner was suffering from a serious illness at the time of his suicide

    So, maybe good physical health and a deep purpose can go hand in hand.

  3. I feel bad for Alex Trebeck, but he is 78 years old. He’s had a good, long life. I hope there is a miracle (they do happen) and that he lives for many more years.

    Self-improvement is not necessarily onanistic as long as it serves a bigger purpose.
    Increasing one’s knowledge about Western history and its greatness and glory should be
    something people do all the time. As to diets, yes, it is better to avoid fad diets and just
    eat sensibly.

    As to a purpose. We have one – saving the West. Here is an interesting Mark Steyn article:

    When I was a Catholic, I went to some of these festivals in Europe. Not in Brussels, but in Austria, France, and Spain. Holy Week in Seville is incredible. My favorite saint has processions and festivals in the south of France. Vienna has beautiful Christmas festivals. I never saw anything like what Mr. Steyn wrote about.

    What is fascinating is the cowardliness of the mayor Christoph d’Haese. He babbled about freedom of speech, but this has nothing to do with freedom of speech. This is about dhimmitude. Now that the Muslims have cleansed Brussels of Jews, when is Mr. d’Haese going to cleanse Brussels of blacks/Muslims/Asians? When is he going to get rid of Brussel’s no-go zones. This is his purpose.

    We already have homelands – countries in Europe, the USA, some countries in Latin America, Australia, Canada.

    We know that the West is best and this is what must be taught in schools and universities.

    We know that repatriation and separation has to be done. We still have time on our side.

    Unfortunately, the Western male is a cuck. He will not be able to avoid what needs to be done.

    As we see what is going on in the Democratic party, the battle lines have been drawn.

    The Jews are not an issue. They have their homeland. The problem is the Western male who likes to use the Jews as the reason why nothing can get done. That excuse is gone. We know it is the Western male who is the main problem.

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