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Roseanne Barr and the NFL
Like my videos? Support me on Patreon for exclusive access. Roseanne Barr was fired by ABC for making an offensive tweet.
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  1. Weaver1 says:

    I guess that’s partly why the Left wants to ruin the US economy: then it can choose who gets to work, who doesn’t. If the economy is strong, then employees have the power, can just go elsewhere.

    Hopefully customers obtain some more-conservative options. What might happen is we come to be more independent, shopping from more expensive small businesses which later replace the corporate economy, since it fails under the high costs of political correctness and corruption.

    Being a bit oppressed could prove positive. Who knows?

    We can produce our own power, repair old cars, shop from small, local farmers, and we have old movies. If the corporate world comes to hate us, maybe we can just bypass it. The Amish build their own houses. A conservative was mocked for praising the Amish as the conservative model, but maybe there’s some value to (some) of the strategy.

    The Amish also get out of social security. Social security is very much against my religion, btw, but legally I can’t get out of it, that I’m aware of.

    That all means a lower quality of living, but the US is headed for serious inefficiency.

    I’ve noticed that at least some populists hate the notion of a “lower standard of living”, presumably because they have families to support. But the Amish get by. I guess partly they just work longer hours. It’s a fascinating topic to me.

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