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Richard Spencer Appears on CNN
Richard Spencer responds to Trump's tweets on CNN. This results in the usual political theater between CNN (the Left), mainstream GOP and the nationalists.
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  1. I have to give E. Michael Jones for saying the smartest thing ever: do not identify as a white nationalist because when you do, you’re finished. This is why I say that I’m a Western nationalist. Then I define what the West is not – it is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim.

    There’s a lot going on but, big picture, Richard Spencer is irrelevant. Even though there is no one who we can call a leader for an American nationalist movement right now, one will arise because 2020 is Year Zero.

    I’ll start with the “Squad.” We are seeing biology in action with the Squad. This is why I always say, biology first, beliefs second. Pressley and Omar are dark-skinned blacks. AOC is an octoroon and Tlaib is about 1/16th black. They are not Western women. They know they are black and see San Fran Gran Nan Pelosi as a “Becky.” They are the true representatives of the Democratic party. Becky Pelosi is 79 years old so she can croak at any time. Once she’s gone, the Democratic party will split apart along racial/religious lines. I hear the cuck GOP RINOs babbling about the socialism and communism these black mommies supposedly believe in. This is nonsense. It’s about getting blacks whatever they can get from Caucasian Americans. This is why blacks need their own state. Blacks are not Western and are not part of the USA. Ann Coulter was babbling about Omar being the one who could go back to her country. Coulter babbled that Pressley is a descendant of slaves and an American. Ann Coulter better realize that to these negresses she is a Becky. Coulter better realize that she and Pelosi are on team Becky and that the Squad should really be called the Black Mommies team. The obese windbag, Oprah Winfrey, is on the Black Mommies team, as is Stacey Abrams. Beckys are all Western women (as a reminder, Asian females are not Western).

    Then there is the religion issue. Omar and Tlaib are Muslims. Islam is not Western. Islam is a Christian heresy. Roman Catholics and Christian Zionists are doing the most damage to the West. If you’re a Catholic, you must accept black/Asian priests-popes. They are haram in the West. Christian Zionists and their insane rapture theory and belief that present day Jews are the chosen are preventing us from dealing with the JQ. Catholics and Christian Zionists are always babbling about the Abrahamic faiths. Abrahamics faith is an oxymoron, like Judeo-Christian. The good news is that these churches are collapsing. People are converting to the Orthodox Church. This is good because the Orthodox Church is very strict about its doctrine and practices. Since the churches are racial/ethnic, and the hierarchy is not as rigid as that of the RCC, degeneracies like homosexual priests and nuns can be dealt with swiftly. The RCC has been taken over by homo priests and the new trinity is homos/groids/gloids. There is a black American slave up for sainthood right now. The RCC now has affirmative action sainthood. I heard some cucked Catholic males babbling about how there are only 3 American female saints and no American male saints. These cucked Caucasian Catholic males are rooting for the black Augustus Tolton to be the first American male saint. And, of course, being black is the icing on the cake. Imagine a black male as a national saint of the United States. Pure degeneracy and madness.

    Whoever will help the West will also have to state that the West is the best. Jared Taylor is irrevelant because when he starts babbling about IQ he starts by saying that Northeast Asians and Jews are smarter than whites. They are not and had nothing to do with the West’s development. He, Peter Brimelow and others have been outed for the Jew-controlled cucks they are.

    Vox Day made an interesting statement that anyone who came to America after 1965 should be sent back. America is an extension of Europe so we need to send back Chinese, East Indians, Jews, non-American blacks back first. American blacks will have their own state. Caucasian Latin Americans who came here legally and have assimilated are not a problem. I met 2 white Venezuelan doctors who told me they will never return to Venezuela. They are kosher. We need to help Lebanese, Syrian and Iraqi Christians. No Muslims should be let into the USA. American Indians, Eskimos, Hawaiians are not an issue.

    Racial purity is a dead-end. Insane anti-Semites will have to be banned from any nationalist movement. IQ and its relation to race will be have to be taught. Who and what is Western will have to be taught. That the West is the best will have to be taught in schools. These are achievable goals. We have to deal with the cucked Western male first. Then we can proceed.

  2. EMJ is a nice man, good on the JQ, bad on race.
    RS is very bright and an engaging speaker.
    Ann Coulter is quite brilliant and a huge asset.
    JT is a great man even if he cucks on the JQ.

    Nobody is perfect. There is no point in punching right. In fact, I still like Matt Heimbach and I don’t care if he’s a motherfucker. He’s just a kid after all.

    “Anti-semites” are not insane. Criticism of jewish influence is a necessary part of any action plan to help white people, since jewish subversion is the primary cause of white decline.

    (I’ll grant that criticism of jews does not actually qualify as “anti-semitism” in my book,
    but jews believe that any criticism of jews should be punished by death)

    Ramz is a national treasure but he was a bit harsh on RS.

    RS spoke the truth about Trump. Trump says what the base wants to hear, then he does nothing.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  3. @Robert Dolan

    “…jewish subversion is the primary cause of white decline.” No. White decline is caused by the cucked Western male who believes in universal brotherhood and church.

    Are you a Catholic? If not, you don’t understand what EMJ is saying. His insanity on Jews and the Roman Catholic Church leads to his inanity on race.

    Ann Coulter is only good on immigration, but that’s it. I don’t know if you’ve heard her speak about black Americans. She’s always babbling that we owe blacks because of slavery. She has stated that we have to be careful what we say around them because of slavery. She will not deal with the JQ or race realism.

    Matt Heimbach is a nut case. He’s always babbling about National Socialism and Hitler. These are non-starters for any Western nationalist movement. He’s out of prison and trying to get back to his national socialist work. He’s a nut case when it comes to Jews.

    Richard Spencer did have a point about Trump, but Spencer isn’t doing anything for the nationalist movement. He talks a lot but that’s it. EMJ is correct that when you talk about white identity, you’re done. Spencer refuses to learn this.

    Jared Taylor is yesterday’s news.

    Describe “Jewish influence.” I don’t succumb or believe in “Jewish influence” because I know who and what the Jew is. Cucked Western males like EMJ are always babbling about Jews controlling the media and invading the RCC. They refuse to start their own media sites. If they had some media sites, they would be free to talk about race realism and the JQ. But, they won’t do this because they are cucks. Look at how cucked the GOP RINOs are about tech censorship.

    Fortunately, in spite of Western male cuckery, alternative media sites are being established and there will be no excuse for the Western male to not address the JQ and race realism.

    RamZ’s videos are very good.

  4. RamZ, what’s up with the Casper the Friendly Ghost background? I don’t want to over think this. Thanks.

  5. Question seems that nobody is asking:

    Who made Richard Spencer the spokesman for white people?

    I certainly didn’t. He should never be allowed anywhere near the levers of power. But it’s clear that CNN and their ilk find him perfect for their purposes…why is that?

    He’s never had a real job, fancies himself some kind of American Hitler. I saw him try to debate Charles Barkley and some other black dude and he looked like a puffy pink tit. He’s not the leader we need.

  6. conatus says:

    Is Richard Spencer a ‘supremacist’ ? I don’t think so, it is just part of the usual definition expansion when it comes to our media. “Racism’ expands to being merely noticing racial differences form patterns. ‘White nationalism’ becomes ‘white supremacy’, and ‘supremacy’ gets more clicks as we race down the brainstem to be more outrageous. This is a customary media originated conflation when the Press talks about white nationalists.
    Spencer in the past has said that Asians get better SAT scores and Blacks rule the boards at the NBA and in other athletic pursuits yet the press insists on using this supremacist tag to besmirch the Alt-right.
    All other groups organize? Why the exception? You can be brown in public, that is fine, that is praised. La Raza, translated as ‘the Race,’ is an ‘activist’ organization, but not a racist one. Huh? You can be young and brown, La Mecha the Hispanic student body org’s motto is “Por La Raza todo, Fuera de La Raza nada”, which is often translated as “For the Race, everything, outside the Race, nothing.” Sounds kind of threatening? They are ‘activists’ not ‘supremacists.’
    You can be black in public. Gawd forbid we talk of the Black organizations the Black Lives Matter crowd or CAIR, the Muslim organizations all striving to get a piece of American pie and Oh! also…by the by “Let’s limit any kind of talk by the sans-color crowd.”
    But just try being pale in public. Debate is shut down, people’s brains choke on the Crimethink and we have articles like this. Is it supremacy they want or equality to organize like every other group?

    I am mystified, like Harvard Law Professor Randall Kennedy, who, from a 1997 Atlantic article, ‘My Race Problem-and Ours.’ said this about Whites organizing as a race.
    “I find it difficult to accept that it is wrong for whites to mobilize themselves on a racial basis solely for purposes of white advancement but morally permissible for blacks to mobilize themselves on a racial basis solely for purposes of black advancement.”

    All Spencer has ever done is try to organize Candy-Ass Whites into an effective lobbying group but he got too successful and was transmogrified into the bete noire of American culture, the Immanuel Goldstein of 2019.

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