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Response to Charles M. Blow
My video response to Charles M. Blow's NY Times article concerning demographics and immigrations.
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  1. Alfa158 says:

    There is a completely rational reason that many non-Whites like Blow oppose the idea of Whites having their own nations. If Whites are allowed to do that then they might cluster in those nations and severely restrict access for non-Whites. Blow knows that nations with lots of Whites are islands of prosperity, safety, freedom and civilization and people like him are terrified of being cut off from those things. They know Asians aren’t going to let them into their countries, and they can’t create those nice places to live on their own. Look at the 7 billion people on earth today. What is the highest ambition for a huge percentage of them? Living somewhere with lots of White people. We are half a century and trillions of dollars into our great social experiment and increasingly people know either consciously or unconsciously that Amos ‘n Andy World is probably not achievable.
    Blow should be more concerned with the diminishing numbers of Whites than he seems to be. We have reached peak Whiteness and there will be fewer and fewer of this precious natural resource to go around and sustain the Magic Dirt areas. As the black school kid said when asked by an exasperated teacher what would happen if all the White people disappeared tomorrow: “We screwed!”.

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