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An unedited glimpse of an American city in 2019. As we embrace diversity, everything is starting to look the same. Like my videos? Support me at ...
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  1. Liza says:

    Sweety, you sound just plain sad, as in about to cry. Me, too. I pray daily for a financial-economic-governmental collapse, a real sudden one. The social collapse has already happened. Anyone who says otherwise is blind or kind of thick.

    The part that rattles me the most is all those young men happily getting their legs blown off in the ME for “our freedoms”. They are so proud of themselves, at least the dingleberries we see on the television news. And now a whole new bunch are busy polishing their rifles for the next big one. I remember something called an antiwar crusade or peace movement. Today, it’s and I guess that’s it. Where is the marching in the streets. Maybe it is happening, but the media sure aren’t reporting it.

  2. RamZ, you can’t compare the USA to Europe in terms of architecture. We are a very young country. I went to school in Vienna and have traveled to Europe several times. The cathedrals, castles, ancient ruins – this is because Europe goes back thousands of years. One of the my favorite buildings is the Pantheon in Rome. It was completed in 126 A.D. Once a Roman pagan temple, it is now a Catholic church. I’ve been to Russia. I was in Moscow and walked around Red Square and went in St. Basil’s Cathedral. Here is a youtube about a Corpus Christi ceremony in Spain featuring Moss Men who helped to reconquer Spain from the Muslims: I spent Holy Week in Seville – an incredible experience. As a Catholic raised in a Protestant country, I can see that Protestants have very few ceremonies, processions like these. Only Catholics and Orthodox Christians have these ancient rituals and traditions. Here are some articles and youtubes about ancient Greek pagan rituals:

    In America, the eastern part of the country does have old buildings, churches, quaint towns. Keep in mind that west of the Mississippi, there are very few old buildings. We were still fighting our Indian Wars until the early part of the 20th century. It wasn’t until after World War II ended that there was a mass migration out West. American architecture is beautiful and interesting and we have many examples of this in the post-WWII era. Our population was still under 300 million. The USA is a very large country with low population density. But what happened to create the areas you describe in your youtube? The 1960s. Here is an interesting article that details what has happened in the past 50 years that caused white flight from the cities to many previously undeveloped parts of the country:

    Great cities like Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland were destroyed by the invading blacks. As I constantly state, blacks must have their own state. There can be no civilization, beauty, art with blacks. The same is true with Asians but they are recent arrivals and will be sent back to their countries. The places you describe were built quickly to accomodate the whites who fled the big cities. It is difficult for there to be mom and pop stores, restaurants because of the great distances west of the Mississippi. It is easier for the big franchises to conduct business in these areas.

    As to the churches, which should always be the important buildings in any community, we have to deal with the Christian Zionists and Catholics. Christians Zionists are inhibiting true churches to take root because of their stupid rapture theology. Why build a church if you’re going to float away in a cloud? The Catholic churches are closing because of the illegals from Latin America.

    There is only one way to bring back the beauty of our country. Certain groups will need to be repatriated, segregated.

  3. Interestingly, you see none of this is downtown San Francisco – a local ordinance bans these kind of corporations (of course, so long as you can step around the sidewalk-pooping junkies…).

    Britain is much the same way. Hard to tell pedestrianized town centers apart. Luton? Stevenage? Braintree? Oldham? All the same FTSE-100 megacorps like Tesco, Boots, Barclays…

    What’s the solution? Hard to say long-term, but a good start is boycotting the Walmarts in favor of small mom-n-pop places that provide good quality.

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