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NAFTA - the Art of the Deal
Trump announced a new trade deal with Mexico. What can we learn from Trump's negotiating style?
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  1. This is good. However, despite this and Trump’s 4-D chess moves on North Korea, we still don’t have our 3-D orange wall on the southern border.

    • Replies: @maxsnafu
  2. maxsnafu says:

    A wall would be nice but only if E-Verify is mandated nation wide.

  3. Nafta would have helped mexico even more except just as fast as manufacturing started opening in mexico then China opened up. U.S. Wages replaced by mexican labor found even cheaper lower dirt wages in china. Either way U.S. workers lost; either way U.S. Corporations won. Me xico just got some collateral damage as U.S. Food imports flooded mexico forcing farmers out of business. If China hadnt opened up mexico would be doing well and not feeling sorry for U.S. Workers. Nor now do I; so go home!

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