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MSNBC Caught Pushing Fake News
MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin was caught lying by omission in covering a racially charged story.
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  1. This sneaky maneuver by “Kyle Griffin” encapsulates the state of the so-called “media” in the U.S.A. right now. There is no point in trying to “reform” this mess. Peaceful disaggregation is what we need. Dr. Tom Woods is right: The city-state is the best possible mode of political organization. Christian civilization might have a chance in a loosely affiliated league of city-states.

    Whether you admit it or not, Griffin, Siskind, and their buddies are trying to kill you by inciting mob-violence against you. It is time to grow up and stop watching TV.

  2. There was some evening news broadcast last night (I think it was CBS) that made no effort to hide the race of the assailant. I almost couldn’t believe it. The reason, of course, is that they’ve been outflanked by the internet and can no longer get away with it.

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