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Milo vs. Lauren
Milo alleges corruption within Lauren Southern's organization. Like ...
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3 Comments to "Milo vs. Lauren"
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  1. This commentary completely misses the whole point of Milo’s accusations. The point is that, according to Milo, Lauren took part in de-platforming and de-monitizing other alt-right figures; that she knew about the frauds and lies that were going on with Ezra and Tommy and didn’t care. Whether that’s true or not, Lauren admits she met with Hope-not-Hate, the left wing front group. Why would they meet with her? And finally, there is the content of the “Borderless” film which basically ignores the effects of mass immigration on Europeans and makes victims out of economic migrants. Why this successful penetration of the right, by the left, is disparaged by you is hard to understand. They won this one, believe me.

    • Replies: @Lauren's Pimp
  2. The reason we have to deal with degenerates like (((Milo))) and (((Lauren))) is because of the cucked Western male – who is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim/gay.

    This squabble between (((Milo))) and (((Lauren))) is (((Milo’s))) attempt to get back in the good graces of cucks. (((Milo))) and (((Lauren))) are not Western. They belong in Israel.

    Lauren always struck me as an odd bird. She was definitely fronted and promoted by (((Ezra Levant))). She started “her work” when she was 19. She will soon be 24. Nothing she has done is new. We know about the immigration crisis in the West. We know about the plight of white South African farmers. Here is a weird article by one of the cucks at VDare: In the article, Kirkpatrick states that few others can fill her “unique space.” Kirkpatrick is an idiot. There is nothing “unique” about Lauren. She is average in intelligence and appearance.

    It’s been known for several years that she’s Jewish and dates non-white males. There are pictures on the internet. Paul Kersey, Jared Taylor’s sidecuck, defended her on a podcast and said people should ignore what was said about her. This sounds like what Chris Coumo about it being illegal for people to read Wikileaks.

    I don’t think all of her money came just from white beta cucks. There were other supporters. The fact that Kersey and Kirkpatrick (VDare and AmRen writers – websites controlled by Jews) defended her shows this.

    (((Milo))) is a degenerate grifter who is busy trying to get as much cash as he can. There are many stories about his financial situation. Even though his mother is Jewish, he was raised Roman Catholic and he is running around defending the traditional morality of the RCC. Catholic cucks are falling for his nonsense. Earlier this year he was interviewed by Michael Voris of the trad Catholic website ChurchMilitant. Voris is a negrophiliac, “ex-homo” (he is not at all Jewish) who interviewed Milo about the homo Mafia in the RCC:

    Milo had some interesting comments about male and female homosexuality, but he will not change his life style. He is “married” to a black guy, the “love” of his life. What is interesting is Voris’s reactions to Milo’s refusal to change his ways. It reminded me of W. Somerset Maugham’s short story “Rain.” Homosexuals cannot be part of any political movements to save the West.

    RamZ, you are correct in that experienced people are needed to represent our political views. However, we have many problems. Take Ann Coulter and an impressive resume. She was very good on immigration, but she has virtually disappeared. I know part of it is because of Trump. I’m trying to be patient with Trump because of all the people who are against him, especially the cuck GOP RINOS. Let’s see what happens with the Mexican tariff episode. Coulter is a negrophiliac. She has realized that our movement will go beyond illegal immigration. Blacks have to get their own state. They are our worst problem. Coulter has sided with the groids.

    Finally, there is one person who has been condemned and ignored by the cucks – Katie McHugh. She was fired from Breitbart in 2017 for her “inflammatory” tweet about how there would be no deadly terror attacks in the U.K. if Muslims didn’t live there. Why is this truth inflammatory? The cucks threw her under the bus. I’ve recently read some items about her health and financial problems. Her writings about VDare and others were wrong. She thinks Brimelow, Kirkpatrick, Kersey are a bunch of racists. McHugh doesn’t realize they are controlled by Jews. More cucks defended the 14 year-old Soph than defended Katie McHugh. McHugh was an actual journalist.

    I saw this phrase on anothe website:


  3. @Ezven Kalivoda

    What did they win? They haven’t really achieved anything here and I don’t see any lasting damage. It’s just a bit of drama that will soon be forgotten.

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