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MAGA Grifters
Ashley StClair, a TPUSA leader, was caught on video mocking the wall and immigration. Was MAGA just a scam? Like my videos? Support me at ...
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2 Comments to "MAGA Grifters"
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  1. TPUSA was started by the cuck Charlie Kirk (the lover of Botswanian butt sex). His sidekick is the negress Candace Owen. Ashley St. Clair is just a kosher (((Lauren Southern))). She is average in intelligence and appearance.

    The good news is the grifters are getting exposed. 2020 is Year Zero. We need to follow the example of the Brexit party in England. England had two prominent parties – the Tories and Labour. They were routed by the Brexit Party in recent elections. Nigel Farage single-handedly created this party. We must do this in the USA.

    Identity politics is the way to go. Building the wall and giving blacks their own state should be the dominant issues. As we can see from what is going on with the Central Park 5, blacks and whites have nothing in common. Blacks are explicitly stating that they don’t care about the white man’s law and that the reason they commit crimes is because of racism. The obese windbag, Oprah Winfrey (OW), is promoting this nonsense. She is lumbering around in a tee showing the names of the Central Park 5. OW is busy working on getting her doppelganger – the big, black mommy Stacey Abrams – elected to a top government position, i.e., vice-president. Ann Coulter has written about the Central Park 5, but no one will care because Coulter is a Western woman. Coulter had better wake-up.

    As to Joan of Arc, we will have to look at Westerners like her from different perspectives. She was a great, brave woman. Mark Twain and George Bernard Shaw were fervent admirers and wrote about her. However, as a present day, ex-Catholic, I look at Joan of Arc from a different perspective. I am glad that she defeated the English. The English may not have realized it at that time, but that defeat paved the way for their future glory. The later win against the Spanish Armada was also a good thing. It is only because of the English Protestants and what they brought to the fledgling USA, that we were able to become the great nation we are today. Yes, I know there are problems, but we will overcome them. The French and Spanish Catholic reasons for coming to the New World were completely different from the English Protestants. We can see the messes they left in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Catholic Church she defended and fought for is not the same Catholic Church we have today. In Catholic schools, when the nuns and priests taught about the defeat of the Catholic Church at the hands of Protestants they were not happy. They never said anything anti-American, but I could see it in their faces. I was always secretly happy that the Protestants defeated the Catholics. I never understood why, until I got older and started studying and traveling to different parts of the world. The USA is unique among nations in history. I am glad I was born an American and owe everything I have to the USA. E. Michael Jones is correct that the Catholic Church helped Europe to develop. However, the Catholic Church only works in a European context. We must be grateful to all our Western heros and heroine, but realize that what we are fighting for is vastly different from what they fought.

  2. I have to make a correction to my comment. (((Ashley St. Clair))) is not kosher, she is haram. She will have to go Israel. She is not a Western woman.

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