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Lesson of the 1956 Uprising to the Modern Right
What can modern right wing dissidents learn from the failed 1956 Hungarian uprising? Like my videos? Support me at
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A British woman was caught on video complaining about immigrants. She was later arrested. So it goes....

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  1. rickremco says:

    Great video, Ramz.
    Glad to hear you made up with Richard Spencer and that you liked Irving’s book on the 1956 Hungarian uprising.

  2. Bring a friend to the Revolution and you’ve doubled your power. Get someone to purchase an AR-15 and then schedule a Project Appleseed ( outing to properly use those semi-auto rifles. There’s power in numbers, and NOTHING causes unease in TPTB than more ARs in new private hands.

  3. Alfa158 says:

    That is a good video.
    Here is the thing the oppressors in power are missing about the “crushing” of the alt-right. Did it cause any members of the movement to stop being alt-right? No, it only angered them and made them more determined. It may have black pilled some of them, but the crucial thing is it did NOT blue pill them. Will it convince potential new members of the movement to go back to the herd? No, it only tore off the mask and made it obvious how evil the power structure is and their determination to crush Whites. This wholesale attack will turn back the ideological tide, it will only focus and strengthen the will of the resistance, and bring the various factions closer together.
    I agree with Ramz, ideas can’t be killed, lies don’t change reality, and this is the fire that feeds the new growth.

  4. Miro23 says:

    Nice video – with an interesting comment on fashionability.

    It’s true that the left still take it for granted that they’re the fashion leaders.

    They have been since 1964 when Ken Kesey and his “Merry Pranksters” set out on their road trip/Acid Tests in their psychedelic bus.

    However, there is a problem. Kesey died 17 years ago, Cher is 71, Jane Fonda is 81, Mick Jagger is 75, and they don’t generate the same buzz as they used to. The whole thing just feels old and tired – the rock music, the long hair, multi-cult. , drugs, free sex, Che Guevara, counter-culture with the sad straggly grey hair, scruffy blue jeans & sandals – the Hippy pensioner package.

    And, their politics as just as old and tired.

  5. I believe anyone born after 1957 will see the changes that are needed in the West. We have Eastern Europe as an example. We broke through on immigration with Trump’s election and we must continue to advance our cause. Focus on IQ and its relation to race. State that the West is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim. Focus on Islamic terrorism and point out how Eastern Europe and Japan are safe because they do not have blacks/other types of Asians/Muslims in their country. Focus on crime rates and point out that if we did not have blacks or at least segregated them to one state in the USA our crime rate would decline dramatically. Tell Christians that if they cannot state that Islam is a Christian heresy and that modern day Jews are not related to the Jews of the Old Testament, their Christianity is meaningless. Focus on a new church for the West. The Roman Catholic Church is unacceptable because black/Asian priests-popes are unacceptable in the West. Tell Zioevangizers that modern day Jews have no covenant with God and are not the chosen. However, voice support for Israel because that is where all Jews belong. They have their nation. We must have our nations.
    Forget about communism, fascism, Nazism. Hitler is so 20th century. There is no right or left, only the West. Keep boycotting anything multi-cult, i.e., Starbucks, sports, movies.

  6. George says:

    I have had cards denied while traveling. That might not happen as much with the ‘chip’ cards. I had to call the # on the back of the card and the call center workers asked me what I bought the past month to prove I was me. It was weird that some south asian call center worker was looking through my purchases for the past few months. What if there was something embarrassing.

  7. Svigor says:

    “Not Hungarian Christians”? Why whatever do you mean? Hungarian Muslims? Hungarian Buddhists? Hungarian Hari Krishnas? Hungarian Christian Scientists?

    Oh, wait, I know; you mean “Hungarian” JEWS. The JEWS at G**gle don’t want you criticizing JEWS the way JEWS have made a national sport of criticizing Whites. Gotcha.

  8. Uncle Sam says:

    The great paradox of communism and the former communist countries is that with the exception of Poland and possibly the Czech republic most of the people in the other former communist countries say they had it better under communism than under the current neoliberal capitalistic system. These people call the system they had lived under “socialism” not communism. Even in Poland 35% of the people say they had it better under socialism. A substantial number in the Czech republic feel the same way.

    According to public opinion polls, 72% of Hungarians say they had it better under communism. You will find similar majorities in the remaining former communist countries. For proof, all you have to do is google the following “nostalgia for communism, former communist countries”. You can use other search engines as well.

    This is not an endorsement of communism, but rather an attempt to put things into a historically objective account of what happened and what is happening. Of course, the western media would never tell their audiences these facts.

    I think that national socialism or a close approximation of it would be a better alternative to neoliberal capitalism. It worked very well in Germany and the Italian version was not that bad.

  9. Floda says:

    In 1956 my family had only lived in Australia for 3 years, we left Germany for this sunny country. The Olympic Games were held in Melbourne and we lived in a caretaker’s cottage on a magnificent country estate about 35 Miles North, in Mt Macedon.

    The estate had a large convict built house, its Jewish owners were hardly ever there, during the Games the owners allowed the East German Cycling team to billet in the house. I was 11 years old and very impressed by the German bicycles, I could lift one up with just one finger.

    The team of young men was chaperoned by an older Hungarian Jewish man, my father and he became good friends as both had served in the German Army during the war. How the devil a Hungarian Jew got to be in charge of a team of German boys never crossed my mind in those days, but my father understood it very well. Years later this fellow turned up in Melbourne as the Consul for East Germany to Victoria (One State in OZ)

    I still remember the vicious and bloody fight between the Russian and Hungarian Olympic Water polo teams which happened during the games after Russia intervened and saved their essentially Jewish dominated communist government which had effectively been overthrown by a magnificent, almost spontaneous revolt by native Hungarians.

    When Merkel invited over a million Muslims into Germany I realized we are in a race war with the same Elites and Merkel and the criminals around her are using the migrants as a weapon to destroy German and all Europe’s ethnicity. When an unseen entity is secretly purchasing 100,000 pre-paid Belgian Sim Cards at a time and every one of these savages has a smart phone, we KNOW we are in a race war and so far, we are losing.

    The Hungarian revolt against a HATED elite is the perfect blueprint for an uprising today. They started by setting snipers up to off people coming or going into the Budapest Radio Building which housed the Government and Secret Police HQ. It worked beautifully, the Government called the Army for help but the Soldiers handed out weapons to the Hungarians. In a matter of weeks a goodly number of their HOSTILE elites were fertilizer, they won.

    The same would happen today. Someone recently said that there was not a single Berlin Policeman who DID NOT vote for the AFD Party in last years elections. They’re at the front line, they see what we’re up against. JFK’s immortal words: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

    The hardest part of a journey is the first step.

  10. conatus says:

    We were in Budapest at the Sofitel on Oct. 23 2017 and you could see the celebrants of the Revolution marching on the other side of the river with torches or lights on the other side and then onto the Chain Bridge. It was rainy and cool that day, we went out but by that time, all we really noticed were all the padlocks on the bridge.
    Great point about the similarity with show trials. In Charlottesville. I read the Antifa all got bail but the five Altright guys were denied bail and are awaiting sentencing. This is even after the independent law firm(Hunton and Williams) issued a 220 page report criticizing the city’s conduct during the protest.
    Another great point is the idea if it was not Charlottesville, it would have been someplace else. Any right wing event with the word ‘white’ in it would have been enough for the powers that be to create a highly publicized faux outrage. The main point being YT is not allowed to organize politically….ever ever ever. Thus the idea to get across is if anyone organizes YT they must be crushed and de-societized.
    Their seed will be sere, etiolated, and withered because their credit card no longer works.

  11. Svigor says:

    Conatus, if you’d asked me beforehand if I thought UTR was a good idea, I’d have said “no.” I think it’s putting the cart before the horse. We should be out back pumping iron and getting swole, not out talking trash. When we do start talking trash, it should be because we’re so big and swole that we know we’re gonna crush the left.

    I guess what I’m saying is, there’s organizing, and there’s organizing, and street protests are among the last kinds we should be rolling out. Precisely because we don’t have a muscular legal framework in place to help out the kids being put through show trials, precisely because we don’t have the media share to fight a propaganda war over what happened at UTR, etc.

    I think Charlottesville is a good illustration of my point. If we had actually been at the point as a society that UTR made sense, there would have been another UTR a week or two later. And another one a month after that, then another…

    That said, there was value in having it demonstrated very obviously that the regime is racist against Whites and will happily oppress them in ways they never opposed, say, the CR movement.

  12. @attilathehen

    The Zioevangizers you despise include the Jew St. Paul who wrote much of the Jew Testament, sucked dick as a mohel on his young traveling companion (Acts 16:3), and wrote ZOG’s foreign policy:

    Jews first.” (Romans 1:16)

    “For if the Gentiles have shared in the Jews’ spiritual blessings, they owe it to the Jews to share with them their material blessings.” (Romans 15:27)

    Blacks were recruited early into globalist Christianity (Acts 8:26-40) and quickly rose to leadership roles. “Among the prophets and teachers of the church at Antioch of Syria were…Simeon (called the black man)…” (Acts 13:1)

    You might want to reconsider the nationalist efficacy of a religion that demands you abandon your own blood and soil as the Rabbi Jesus taught in Luke 14:26 and Matthew 19:27-30.

    Christianity is decidedly globalist, for “all nations,” as the Rabbi Jesus stated in the Globalist Commission in Matthew 28:19.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  13. @Floda

    You have seen a great deal in your life and have great awareness. I am much younger but I grew up with many Eastern Europeans whose grandparents and parents suffered in World War II and post-WWII communism. I am an American whose family never had problems like these. I was very lucky to grow up with these Eastern Europeans because it helped me to think about the world. The problems are in Western Europe, specifically England, France, Germany and Sweden. Ironically, Eastern Europe is fine. The attempt to implement the Kalergi-Hooten plan is underway, but it can be reversed. Here in the USA it has already started. Electing Trump was the first step. Whites are boycotting black dominated sports and entertainment. The Roman Catholic Church is closing down. The globalists did not expect this so this is why we are seeing nonsense like white privilege and male privilege. The first steps have been taken and the journey has begun.

  14. @Echoes of History

    The Orthodox Church with its racial/ethnic churches will the new church of the West. Present day Christianity has been taken over by globalists. The Bible speaks about nations. We will have national churches.

    • Replies: @Echoes of History
  15. @attilathehen

    The church hasn’t been “taken over” by globalist, it was started by globalists Jews.

    The Rabbi Jesus proclaimed the Globalist Commission at the end of Matthew 28.

    The Jew Paul proclaimed his Jewish deity “hath made of one blood all nations of men.” (Acts 17:26) The globalist motto “We all bleed red!” is straight out of the Jew Testament.

    If Orthodoxy has adapted a globalist religion a more nationalist bent, that is admirable, but it goes against the original intent. Problem is, the original intent is now published, and people can read it. Christianity worked best in Europe with illiterate peasants. When you claim you’ll have national churches, you have to studiously ignore the fact that Negroes were early recruits into Christianity (Acts 8:26-40) and quickly rose to leadership roles (Acts 13:1).

    And do consider Matthew Heimbach’s excommunication from Orthodoxy for being a nationalist. Your claim about nationalist Orthodoxy is a joke.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  16. Miro23 says:

    I still remember the vicious and bloody fight between the Russian and Hungarian Olympic Water polo teams which happened during the games after Russia intervened and saved their essentially Jewish dominated communist government which had effectively been overthrown by a magnificent, almost spontaneous revolt by native Hungarians.

    Hungarians also have a memory the second Bolshevik state to be established (after Russia) in Hungary in 1919, led Béla Kun (Cohn) with its radical all Jewish leadership. They organized the murderous Red Terror against ethnic Hungarians, with Kun later fleeing to join the Bolsheviks in the Crimea (1920) where he led (and personally participated) in the gruesome murder of 50.000 White Russian prisoners who had surrendered in return for amnesty.

    Cecile Tormay gave an account of events from a Hungarian Nationalist perspective:

    An Outlaw’s Diary: Revolution, Cecile Tormay, London, Phillip & Allan Co 1923

    May there survive in my book that which perishes with us: the honour of a most unfortunate generation of a people that has been sentenced to death. May those who come after us see what tortures our oppressed and humiliated race suffered silently during the year of its trial. May An Outlaw’s Diary be the diary of our sufferings. When I wrote it my desire was to meet in its pages those who were my brethren in common pain; and through it 1 would remain in communion with them even to the time which neither they nor I will ever see – the coming of the new Hungarian spring.

  17. @Echoes of History

    Yes, I know about the universality of Christianity and the church. When the church started, the world was a small place in that it had not been traveled and mapped. It started in the then Caucasian Middle East and moved to Europe. There may have been an odd black here or there, but nothing like today. Also, we cannot remove 2000 years of Christian history from Europe. Christianity is intertwined in Europe so this is why I state we need a church for the West. Christian theology works very well with natural law. I do not need religion to argue against polygamy, gay marriage, most divorce and most abortion. The cucks can’t make these arguments. The Bible is not just religious. It has history, philosophy, poetry, literature, anthropology. A well-educated person needs to read the Bible. The Jews from 2000 years ago are not the same Jews of today’s Jewry. Only the Sephardic Jews have a slight link to the Jews of the Old Testament. Now that the world has been settle, races have been delineated. There are only 3 racial groups: Caucasoids, Mongoloids, Negroids. The West is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim so these groups will be excluded. They must have their own churches. Christianity, European paganism are natural faiths for Caucasians. My favorite RCC saint is St. Mary Magadalene and my favorite false goddess is Venus – St. MM’s pagan counterpart.

    As to Matt Heimbach. He is a brave man. When he and the TWP marched in San Jose in 2016, this was a turning point for the alt-right. However, he is a neo-Nazi and these people have serious problems. I listened to some of Heimbach’s podcasts and he fervently wants a strong man, an authoritarian to lead nations. His rants against capitalism and usury were nonsense. This is insanity. He liked countries like Iran and North Korea. These are horrible countries. The neo-Nazis never the mention the best example of a modern day neo-Nazi country, Japan. It is a homogeneous country, its economy is mixed free market with some state guidance and it is a democracy. They don’t need an authoritarian dictator. The Japanese are free to travel and they welcome tourists. Hitler is so 20th century. The American Orthodox church is just starting so they don’t have a grasp of the nationalism issue. The European Orthodox churches do have an understanding of nationalism. The American Orthodox churches will change.

    • Replies: @Echoes of History
  18. @attilathehen

    Your plan of whites versus everyone else is just crazy. How many whites would go along with it? And I’m not talking about Jews. No Christians would go along with it. Suppose blacks have lower IQs. So what? Does that mean turn the country over to the Jews and Asians, who have higher IQs? Racism is not only offensive, it’s incredibly dumb. The Alt Right has a reasonable point to make about the vilification and marginalization of low-to-middle class white people and the dangers of massive immigration and the role of Jewish influence in fostering these trends, but it has no positive vision for the country other than the ridiculous one of setting up a white ethnostate where people run around dressed like Vikings and freeload off their normie parents.

    As for boycotting Starbucks, do you think they would care or that they need the business? Starbucks has tens of millions of customers. Boycotts of national businesses work under two circumstances: 1) there are millions of people boycotting; or 2) the boycotters are businesses that control millions of dollars in sales.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  19. @Floda

    I applaud the intention to rebel against an elite bent on destroying the nation, but it seems autistic to blame the Muslims, just as it seems crazy to blame American blacks for their weaponization by American elites. Anyway, is there any mystery as to how the Muslims got their smart phones? I would guess there is some government program to help refugees, right?

  20. @jack daniels

    First, Jew and Asians do not have higher IQs than Caucasians. I am for the West and have defined it as to what it is not: black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim. Read Ricardo Duchesne’s book: The Uniqueness of Western Civilization. It shows that Jews had nothing to do with the development of the West. The fact that you have the erroneous ideas about IQ regarding Asians/Jews shows your lack of knowledge. I have stated that the Roman Catholic Church is collapsing in the West. It will be almost gone from the USA by 2020. USA Protestantism has collapsed. What is racist about my comments? I am stating facts. Again, something is wrong with you, i.e., you cannot deal with reality. The alt-right encompasses many groups and idea. Yes, the idea of people dressed as Vikings is nutty to me (if they want to do it at home, fine), but we know who does not belong. Deportation, repatriation, segregation will be enforced. We know which racial groups commit the most crimes. Also, I have no problems with American Indians and Eskimos. They are small in number, and the USA has absorbed many words from their languages. They are a part of our history. Christian Arabs from Syria and Lebanon are fine. They are small in number and assimilate easily. The Caucasians of Latin America assimilate. If people want to live in a multi-culti state, California is place they need to be. But, people vote with their feet. Boycotts work. Look at what’s happened to the NFL/NBA. You sound like a cuck who drinks too much Jack Daniels.

  21. @attilathehen

    You’re really dancing around the issues, and avoiding facing them. What you euphemistically call “universality” is the very globalism you purport to dislike. You have a contradiction you need to resolve.

    Priests cornholing altar boys has been a long 2000 year tradition too. By your light, such a long tradition can no longer be dispensed, because tradition. Gay marriage is now a tradition in Western Society, so now we can’t change, because tradition? Islam is now a tradition in Londonistan. Can’t change that, because tradition!

    In actuality, your depiction of Christian influence in Europe is overwrought, because you’re an apologist for it. My Nordic ancestors not so long ago called Globalist Jesus the Hvítakristr, the cowardly, effeminate Lily-Livered Christ.

    They fought against Christianity in the Northern Crusades up to 1350, then they rebelled in 1517 as Protestants. And fought hard to preserve their Protesting of Christianity. In actuality, Christianity ruled Europe for less than 200 years. Not so much a tradition, is it?

    No matter how long, it’s Globalist influence has been disastrous to Europe. Your position that the corrosive “Jews First” (Romans 1:16) desert cult is necessary is laughable.

    And look at you go into attack mode against a nationalist. Mighty Christian of ya.

    You’ll always stand with the Magic Jew over a brother, because that is exactly what the magic Jew Jesus commanded of you, to abandon blood and soil (Luke 14:26, Matthew 19:27-30) for a fantasy belief system about the afterlife. You’ve sold out to Jacob for a mess of pottage.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  22. “My Nordic ancestors not so long ago called Globalist Jesus the Hvítakristr, the cowardly, effeminate Lily-Livered Christ.” You are cowardly, effeminate, lily-livered pagan. If you live in Sweden, are you out trying to convert Swedes to their pagan past so they can stop the invasion of blacks/Asians/Muslims? If you are, please provide links. If you live in the USA, Minnesota is a very Nordic state. Do you go to Minnesota and evangelize to your Volk so that they can get rid of the Somali Muslims in the state? If yes, please provide links.

    There are four men who created the West: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Jesus. You have a problem with Christianity that transcends the Jews and its universalism. I am living in 2018. I was not around through the 2000 years of the West and Christianity. I do know that my ancestors believed and died for the faith. I have a duty to them to preserve the best of what they passed down to me. Up until the early 1960s, people did not travel much and had little contact with other countries. Europe and the USA ruled the world. Everything changed in 1968. It is now my duty to reevaluate Christianity in light of the now settled and mapped world. I can see that a universal church does not work. The world must be divided into 3 parts: Caucasian, Mongoloid, Negroid. This is happening now. I have no problems with European pagans. Many pagan beliefs anticipated the coming of Christ. I also don’t need any religion to argue against gay marriage, polygamy, most divorce and most abortion. The Orthodox churches do not have problems with issues like these.
    The problem in the West is the Caucasian cuck RCC male who accepts black/Asian priests-popes, the Zioevangizer male who believes Jews are the chosen, and the gentile Freemason male who believes in universal brotherhood. These evil creatures are being unmasked and their cowardice is out in the open. Trump’s election is the turning point for the West.

    • Replies: @Echoes of History
    , @Truth
  23. @Echoes of History

    What you euphemistically call “universality” is the very globalism you purport to dislike.

    So the universality of, say, female pregnancy is just another globalist myth, not applicable to all peoples at all times. Damn those Vaticrats for spreading it.

    But you can relax. Your Nordic cousins are clearly rejecting Christianity and reclaiming their Viking heritage.

    • Replies: @Echoes of History
  24. @Reg Cæsar

    Said the degenerate whose strongest desire is to be a boy lover Bride of Christ. Enjoy consummating that marriage, because you’ll be getting zero straight nookie in your angelic Jewish utopia.

  25. @attilathehen

    Speaking of cowards, why are you too cowardly to actually reply to me? The “reply” button is so easy. Hoping I wouldn’t see it, pusscake?

    It’s rather hilarious that you mock Whites for their failures just like any degenerate SJW from New York City would. Does that get you off? That’s where you’re from, right?

    If you have a problem with Nigers being in in Christianity or in Christian leadership, you have a problem with Biblical Christianity.

    Acts 13:1 “Now in the church at Antioch there were prophets and teachers: Barnabas, Simeon called Niger [the black man]…”

    If you have a problem with the Zioevangizer male who believes Jews are the chosen, you have a problem with Biblical Christianity.

    Romans 1:16 “…Jews first…”

    If you have a problem with universal brotherhood, you have a problem with Biblical Christianity, which teaches the “we all bleed red” meme.

    Acts 17:26 “And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth…”

    You have some contradictions to resolve, Jew worshipper, if you’re not a coward.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  26. @Echoes of History

    I did reply to you. There must have been a computer issue because I noticed your name did not appear. It wasn’t because I’m a coward. A p***sy, wanker like you has some nerve calling someone a coward. You have stated that you are doing nothing to save the West. You are also a functional illiterate because I have consistently stated I do not support black/Asian priests-popes and that’s why I left the RCC. Your problem is with Jesus and not anyone else. You are mostly likely an incel. If so, this works out for us.
    We don’t need useless bread gobblers like you reproducing.

    • Replies: @Echoes of History
  27. @attilathehen

    Me an incel? No, liar, I’m married, with kids. Projecting that you’re unable to get any pussy, are you? Or just blowing up emotionally as a way of avoiding arguing about the subject at hand? That’s pretty feminine of you.

    “You have stated that you are doing nothing to save the West.”

    Liar, again. Is all you can do is lie? Seems so. Which is typical of idiots who worship Jews. Your lying because the noble lie, one you imagine is for a good cause, is encouraged in the Jew Testament.

    “For if the truth of God hath more abounded by MY LIE unto his glory, why yet am I also adjudged a sinner?” – St. Paul, Romans 3:7

  28. Truth says:

    There are four men who created the West: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Jesus.

    You’re giving three Deist homos a lot of credit here mentioning them in the same sentence as the son of God.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  29. @Truth

    The first 3 were not homo.

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