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It's Okay to be Nationalist
Trump fights nationalistphobia. Help to support independent thought.
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  1. Yes, it’s okay to be a nationalist. This is why I’m a Western nationalist. The West is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim. (((Amy))) can be all the Jewess she wants to be in Israel. She cannot be Joooooie in the West. It’s not kosher.

    The reason I use the term Western nationalist and then state who is not Western is because you will get cucks who blab about the West and how its values are applicable to all kinds of people. They believe in magic dirt. No. Only a Westerner can understand Western values. China is not Western and will never be Western. Africans will never be Western. How Asians/blacks/Jews and other non-Westerners want to rule their countries, that’s their business. I have no interest in what they do.

  2. pointing out her hypocrisy would probably be met with some anti-??? response label.

    In 1976 the US celebrated it’s bicentennial. It was a big deal at the time with lots of lead up to the actual date. There were many reflective looks back to the original colonies and the rebellion and formation of the new country, as let celebrate the birthday but in no shape or form did it incite, promote some new pro US nationalistic spirit. At best some whimper which quickly vanished after July 4th 1976. One would think the major event would reawaken some sense of spirit for who we were/are as people. – not so.

    Since 1976 any sense of Nationalism has been buried under the surge of team sports/logos all part of some new identity which has usurped what was once the realm of nationalism. The advent of trump has caused a fracture in that plan, a reawkening of that sense of nation/nationalism or to a least to question like a rip van winkle – “what has happened to us”

    An awakening is seen as dangerous to some groups.

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