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Is It Too Late for Sweden?
Immigrants Commit 84 Percent Of All Rapes In Sweden—Migrants Commit Two-Thirds.
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  1. Joe Wong says:

    This guy is so intoxicated with cold war ideology; he can’t help linking any problem to communism. He was yapping away the dark skinned people invading White women’s wombs in Sweden and the West, and out of blue he took a nasty wreck on the communism with cold war rhetoric at the end of the video, it makes people wonder is there any true in what he said leading to the communist bashing.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  2. @Joe Wong

    You no comprende English too good. “Joe Wong,” Chinese I presume? Do you live in China? RamZ is talking about the black/Asian/Muslim invasion of Western Europe. There are 3 races: Caucasoids, Mongoloids, Negroids. Caucasoids are first in IQ, Mongoloids second, Negroids third. The darker the skin, the lower the IQ, the higher the crime rates. Degenerate Western European nations like Germany, France, England and Sweden are possessed by the evil idea that Asians/blacks/Muslims can assimilate into European nations. They cannot, but evil leaders like May, Merkel, Macron are forcing their nations to accept these invaders. RamZ is comparing this to how when the Soviet Union existed, it used fences to keep in their populations who were not happy with communist rule. The Berlin Wall is the most famous example of this. Ramz is making the case that like communism, diversity cannot be forced upon a homogeneous nation. If people want to live with diversity, they can live in Brazil.

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