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I Really Don't Care, Do u?
The mainstream media find that their usual shtick of emotional blackmail no longer is working.
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  1. Cool AF. Yeah, that was my take too. That jacket will be remembered and celebrated for a long, long time. I love how this is developing, with immigration being thrust into the spotlight (by our enemies!) just in time for the vital, historic midterm elections. Fingers crossed, but I think they are making an enormous mistake. On the other hand I don’t think they have a better move at this point. I’m starting to believe in 5-D chess after all. All we can really ask is that Trump holds fast to his principles on immigration and makes this the central issue of the midterms. Backed by his successes with the economy, trade and North Korea, we have a serious chance.

  2. Luek says:

    It can’t be over emphasized enough that the US is a sovereign nation and not the welfare dispensing community property of the 3rd world. The US has the obligation to promote the best interests of its citizens and letting the 3rd world flood our country with millions of illegal aliens though our unsecured borders is not promoting the best interests of Americans.

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