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Huffpost - Anatomy of a Smear
HuffPost recently smeared me in an article that contained a statement of fact that was 100% false. The purpose of the article was to pressure Twitter to ban ...
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  1. Huffpo’s smear of you shows that the “left” and the “right” in America have lost control. They are trying to but will not be able to silence you. 2020 is Year Zero.

    I’ve been noticing many interesting things. The “right” has dropped its mask. As I have constantly stated there is no right and left. There is only the fight to save the West. The West is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim.

    Ann Coulter’s last column was some blather about Thurgood Marshall being better than MLK Jr. – Marshall and MLK are not Western males, they are black. Nothing they did was of any importance to the West. Coulter is a negrophiliac, just like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Now that more horrible things about MLK are being printed, Coulter is showing where her loyalties are. I’ve constantly stated that Coulter is good only on immigration. She’s mad at Trump because he has done little to solve the immigration crisis. As I stated before, she has the money and fame to start a political movement to get rid of the GOP cuck RINOs in the Congress so that we can get something done in immigration. She has pretty much disappeared. I knew she would because she will not defend the West and do what needs to be done. Nationalists won big in Europe and they are talking about repatriation. No GOP politician is talking about this. Also, American blacks cause the most problems in the USA. This is why I have constantly stated that we need to give them their own state. This can and must be done.

    The Christian Zionists have dropped their masks. The leadership is composed of practicing Kabbalists and they will do whatever is necessary to get the third temple rebuilt. The temple will never be rebuilt. I support Israel because that’s where Jews belong. We need to get rid of dual citizenship. This will get rid of the Jewish problem in the West. We have to collapse the Christian Zionist churches in the USA. Fortunately, they are closing quickly. I will attach 2 short youtubes that show the insanity of these people. Nothing they talk about has anything to do with true Christianity. Part 1 Part 2

    The Roman Catholic Church is now the enemy of the West. Evil Pope Frannie’s reaction to the nationalist wins is further proof that the RCC must be collapsed. There will always be Catholic churches, which is fine, but the theology will have to be taught with a new perspective. Mitumba E. Michael Jones is now running around spouting more unbelievable nonsense. Mitumba EMJ is correct in saying that the term white nationalist should not be used. This is why I state that I’m a Western nationalist. He claims that America consists of three groups: Protestants, Catholics, and Jews. He now thinks we will have to include Muslims. He stated this on his most recent podcast. (45 min. mark). This is incredibly evil and shows what happens to a man when his insane anti-Semitism drives him to use whatever group he can to counter the Jews. As I have constantly stated, the West is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim. The good news is that since homosexuals have taken over the RCC, there will be very little left of the RCC. The Orthodox Church will be the church of the West.

    AmRen, Vdare, and many other groups and individuals have now been exposed as controlled opposition. If a Westerner cannot say that the West is best and what the West is not, do not waste time with him.

    There is not going to be a civil war. The wall on the southern border will be built. Repatriation and separation will happen. Biology will be first, beliefs second. I do not need religion to argue against gay marriage, polygamy, most divorce, abortion, even some birth control. If you understand biology and IQ, moral standards will arise. Aristotle’s Golden Mean is a good value system –

    It is both the “right” and “left” who are against us.

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