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How the Legal System Is Used to Silence Speech
Like my videos? Support me at Jacob Goodwin was found guilty this evening of malicious wounding in the DeAndre Harris ...
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  1. Ramzpaul videos the needed dose of sanity & reality.

  2. Good points. I agree with you on this Neo-Nazi stupidity. First, I don’t care about (((Mike Enoch))). Jews cannot be involved in any movements to save the West. The way we need to frame the argument is to argue for the West. But first, we must define what the West is not: it is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim. (((Enoch))) controls many of these Neo-Nazis. He’s always mentioned on the Daily Stormer. I read the Stormer daily because they do provide some interesting information, but with (((Enoch))) involved in it, the site is compromised. National socialism will never get a foothold in the USA. Also, to get a movement really going we need to focus on the West first, then nations. The Eastern Europeans have already done this. Victor Orban has shown the way. In Western European, there will have to be repatriation and deportation of many people. It can be done. I give Richard Spencer a great deal of credit for his bravery. He doesn’t seem to be enthralled with national socialism, so he can make progress for the movement. The problem we have comes from universal brotherhood. This evil, oxymoronic idea is what is destroying the West. I believe there is a great deal of freedom of speech in the USA. Trump’s victory is a testament to this. The Charlottesville event was bizarre on so many levels. I feel bad for Mr. Goodwin. You are correct that he was there for altruistic reasons. Thank you for his info. We have to continue boycotting anything multi-culti. Football, basketball, and baseball are gone. We have to put pressure on the Roman Catholic Church and the Zioevangizers. They are the main culprits behind our problems. If an RCCer tries to convert you, just tell them that the communion wafer does not work. If a Zioevangizer tries to convert you, just tell them present Jews no longer have a covenant with God and are not the chosen. Voice support for Israel because Jews need a homeland in order to not be in the West. The Orthodox church with its racial/ethnic churches is the best way for the West. I know many like to blame the Jews, but it is Christian cucks who give them their power. The cuck RINOs are another problem. Also, always bring up IQ first. If you start with race differences, people will not listen. I always use IQ with people I know and this helps them to start thinking differently about what needs to be done for the West. Much of this Neo-Nazi nonsense is backed by Jews and the USA government. Focus on the West, the type of people who comprise it, and IQ and things will begin to change.

    • Replies: @Weaver1
  3. Weaver1 says:

    Vox Day gave the best rebuttal on NS: It is associated with mass murder. Vox is too classically liberal, but he’s correct to reject the NS label.

    Many of those advocating for “NS” portray it as any economic system designed to serve the people within that polity. That is just not true. That definition then paints the NS label on any movement that opposes exploitation by an elite.

    It’s a toxic label that only some of German descent like.

    Socialism concentrates wealth and power in the hands of an elite, destroying smaller units and traditions. It then requires trust. I prefer small businesses, a large middle class, decentralisation. That’s why I prefer “distributism” and “third position” labels, which are not code for NS. Classical political science and the reactionary Southern Agrarians also have value.

    Daily Stormer appears to me as RamzPaul has labeled it: False flag and uneducated. It seems intended to make ethnonationalists into a Hollywood “America History X” stereotype.

    It’s the fake opponent the SPLC and ADL always wanted.

    Richard Spencer, RamzPaul (except on universal basic income), Jared Taylor, Sam Francis, Nick Griffin, James Edwards, Pat Buchanan: There are good nationalists. And they needn’t like each other, needn’t get along.

    You can have a mix of radicals and civilised moderates (like Coulter and Buchanan), but Daily Stormer isn’t simply “radical”. The problem is it’s counterproductive.

    “Is it good for Europeans?” No.

    Regarding “universal brotherhood”: Christianity can have universal brotherhood yet still preserve nations. Dr. Fleming wrote how he takes into account all the compartments of spaceship Earth. We’re in this together, but we needn’t become a single polity.

    The East Orthodox tend to be fine with intermarriage, btw. They don’t advocate for pure nations.

    A major problem the world is facing is the complete loss of identity and meaning. We’re “progressing” beyond the ability to define, anything. So, nationalism, tradition and faith become necessary for basic sanity.

    The white Left is like a virus that can expand and destroy others, but it could never sustain a civilisation. So, in a sense, it isn’t even alive. It tears down the West, hoping to pave the way for something “better”.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  4. Weaver1 says:


    regarding the problem with the legal system:

    Partly this is due to multiculturalism, yes. But I suspect it is also due to the need for a large middle class.

    I’ve had others ask me why a middle class is so important today when historically we had large wealth gaps and much worse poverty. Well, I suspect past gaps also created disharmony and abuse, but today we have a new problem: Poor whites are placed together with poor guest workers, poor illegals, poor recent immigrants, and other dangers. So, the poor really struggle today. When someone gets angry at whites, it’s poor whites who tend to become the targets of that rage.

    This happens while the wealthy and upper middle vote for more immigrants, more guest workers, more bad trade, more wasteful war. They live in oblivion: wasting money, worsening the plight of the poor, destroying America’s future.

    In the past it might have been legal for poor whites to set up a community that was only for law abiding whites, who could identity as being white, come together around a common culture. Today, that is banned.

    So, perhaps wealth gaps wouldn’t be as important were it legal to exclude others.

    Also, in the past whites, rich and poor, seemed to work together, identify together, against Amerindians and blacks. I’m not saying this is right, but there was a common unifier.

    I know we used to have “mixed” neighborhoods in the sense that rich and poor more commonly lived together, even if all white. Today, we don’t have that. Today it’s dangerous for the wealthy to live near the poor. Everyone might be strangers in communities today; but the anonymous, transient rich cluster together while the poor get pushed elsewhere.

    It leads to a perception that we’re not at all one nation but rather in a sort of class war.

    Additionally, there is the perception that many do not truly earn their wealth. For example, after the Iraq War was declared, a defence contractor held a $10 million Bat Mitzvah. That creates the perception that the guy did not at all earn his money. It’s like a scam.

    If we had a more decentralised system, then people could work for their money within a fair system, where the government wasn’t picking winners and losers.

    A common culture matters, but I just wish to argue that there’s more to it.

  5. @Weaver1

    Good points. I still read the Stormer because there are some good articles and podcasts. Anglin is funny, and he does point out things that are happening on an international level that our press does not report. He had an article today where Duterte, the Philippines president, wants Asians to form their own group of Asian nations who will help one another. This is excellent. This forces the West to deal with its own nations. Africa will have to have its own league. Concerning national socialism, China is now a national socialist country. People have to get over the commie nonsense. There is no more communism. It’s only the cucks in the West who go on about this but do not challenge the idiot commie believers in the West. China’s president wants China to produce goods and services by and for the Chinese. They are now the other “n” word. There are no more international commie movements. The world will divide into its natural areas: Asia for Asians, blacks for Africa, Caucasians for the West. The Orthodox churches do not oppose intermarriage, but they do not promote. Since the churches are racial/ethnic, this is a good way for the races to be separated. The papacy will have to be dealt with. Since the Roman Catholic Church is now predominantly black/Asian, the papacy will have to be moved to the Congo or the Philippines. We cannot have blacks/Asians making pilgrimages to Rome. I left the RCC because I don’t accept black/Asian priests-popes. Jews can have no say in Western political affairs. They have Israel. We will have to tell Muslims that Israel is here to stay. The Middle East is a genetic wasteland, but these Muslims will have to accept this. You are correct in that we need a stable middle class. We can decentralize the federal government by getting rid of many departments. The number one to go is the Department of Education. Education is a state and local matter. The problem why some states don’t want to deal with these issues is because they have too many illegals or blacks. Blacks will have to get their own state. Mississippi is the best one.

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