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Happy Homes - Spring Forward
Tiina and I now have a midweek show called “Happy Homes.” This is a shorter and more informal version of Happy Homelands. The scope of discussion will ...
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  1. “Men like to talk about ideas, women like to talk about people.”

    I’m a woman who talks not just about ideas for a Western, Christian nationalist movement, but who also presents solutions. Western males (who are not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim) just babble and scribble, but refuse to to implement solutions: i.e., repatriation, segregation. Western males refuse to deal with IQ and its relation to race. Western males refuse to state that the West is the best and define what the West is and is not. This means that certain groups will never belong, i.e., blacks/Asians/Jews/Muslims.

    Western women fall into two groups: conservative or liberal. However, both are not that different in the end. Western women refuse to deal with reality. Western men are supposed to explain reality to them, but they are not doing this.

    Ann Coulter is a perfect example of a useless conservative woman. She was good on immigration, but only because it hurt blacks. She is a negrophiliac. She has pretty much disappeared. We can see what she really likes. Coulter is a female cucked Western male.

    Michelle Malkin is not a Western woman. She writes well on immigration and other issues, but Western men and women should be writing articles like hers.

    As to patriarchy, again, I don’t care about non-Western patriarchy. In the West, Christianity has become a problem, but only because of its universality. The RCC accepts all races and that’s a big mistake. We need racial/ethnic churches like the Orthodox churches. The RCC imposes the worst kind of patriarchy because it would make a Western woman like me accept the authority of black/Asian priests-popes.

    IQ and race are important because we know that it was Caucasians who built the West. There are some fuzzy boundaries when it comes to race, but we know what a black or Asian person is. Latin Americans are hetereogenous so they will be handled differently. Jews have Israel. Asians have Asia. Christian Arabs are fine.

    Here is an example of where racial boundaries can be drawn. Justin Amash is one-half Palestinian Christian and one-half Syrian Christian. He is a Caucasian and a Western male. He was a GOP RINO. Then he was a libertarian. Now he is an independent. He is a nutty NeverTrumper. He is a perfect example of a cucked Western male.

    Rashida Tlaib is a Muslim Palestinian. She looks to have between 1/12 to 1/16 black ancestry. 90% of Muslim Palestinians have black ancestry and average IQ of 84. I’ve been to Israel and have seen the Palestinian Christians and Muslims. The difference is literally the difference between night and day.

    I remember reading that in the Old South, persons with less than 1/16th black ancestry could not be classified as black. The white genes had bleached the black genes and the person no longer had any black relatives. This was exceedingly rare so very few people jumped the color barrier. But this is an example of a fuzzy boundary. Tlaib is black. She looks and acts it.

  2. Liza says:

    The RCC imposes the worst kind of patriarchy because it would make a Western woman like me accept the authority of black/Asian priests-popes.

    Maybe the thought of someone called Polycarp Pengo (for example) becoming pope would curl your toes, but I’m still waiting for a high-up white RC churchman to say: Homosexuality [is] one of the most heinous sins on earth.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  3. @Liza

    Polycarp Pengo, Robert Sarah, Peter Turkson are a whoop of gorillas who should not be in the RCC. But, this is actually moot because diversity has collapsed the RCC. I left the RCC because I will not OSCULUM INFAME black/Asian priests-popes. I am still a Christian.

    As to the homos, they control the RCC. Don’t expect any Western (Caucasian) high-up churchman to condemn homosexuality. From what I have read, in America alone, at least 65% of the priests are homos, and 50% of the U.S. bishops are homo. Vatican City is a Boystown.

    I am opposed to the homosexual agenda not just from a Christian perspective, but also from a biological perspective. I am a biological materialist first, Christian second. Homosexuality is biological degeneracy so if the “gay gene” is found, gay fetuses must be aborted.

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